Podcast: Recorded Saturday, August 17, 2019

17 Aug 2019

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News coverage of Jeffrey Epstein is not going away and the question is, is he or is he not still with us; did painting of Bill Clinton in the blue dress really happen or was it a figment of someone’s imagination, and is it a symbol of the type of rela...

Podcast: Recorded Friday, August 2, 2019

2 Aug 2019

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There has been talk about an attempted arrest of one of the Clintons, which may be due to information received either from Epstein or Assange; Jeffrey Epstein is a multimillionaire but has no businesses, so how did he achieve this status; more on the ne...

Podcast: Recorded Friday, July 5, 2019

5 Jul 2019

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The expected and hoped-for July 4th speech by President Trump didn’t happen; severity of submarine incident, which was not an accident, took front and center stage; small eclipse is part of our evolution; California earthquake 6.4 on Richter scale but...

Podcast: Recorded Saturday, June 15, 2019

15 Jun 2019

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The two-week window for something momentous to happen after President Trump’s visit to Britain was hijacked by an attempt to start World War III, thus only a minor player, the guy who cleaned up Hillary Clinton’s computer was arrested; causes of oil...

Important Positive Message on June 2, 2019

2 Jun 2019

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Update on President Trump’s visit to Great Britain and a two-week window of opportunity for actions be taken against the negative Satanic anti-human elements in our society, and for justice and truth to be given to the people.

Podcast: Recorded Saturday, May 25, 2019

25 May 2019

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Theresa May’s number two resigns, followed by Theresa May resigning; if Nigel Farage and the new anti-establishment, anti-European Brexit party secures 40 percent of the vote that could signal the beginning of a government shakeup/reform; President Tr...

Podcast: Recorded Saturday, May 10, 2019

10 May 2019

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The release of the redacted Mueller Report has Democrats fuming because they want to know who’s about to be indicted for participating in illegal activity allegedly authorized by President Obama against Trump; Attorney General Barr is now investigatin...

Podcast: Recorded Saturday, May 4, 2019

4 May 2019

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The official cause of the tragic Notre Dame fire is suspect; Mueller Report cleared President Trump but now Attorney General Barr is under attack, because he refused to release the unredacted version of the report; Inspector General’s report of illega...

Age of Truth TV Interview with Simon Parkes April 15, 2019

15 Apr 2019

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Lucas starts the interview by asking Simon to give a short summary of his family history, his contactee experience and his political career; discussion of Simon’s relationships with Mantid aliens: maternal, romantic, parenting; meeting and communicati...

Podcast: Recorded Friday, April 5, 2019

5 Apr 2019

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Simon tells us Planet X information he posted on April 1st was the real deal, not an April Fool’s prank; Sacha Stone’s 5G interview with Simon was quite exceptional with astonishing information revealed about the dangers of 5G to all living things; ...

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