Recorded Saturday, July 4, 2020

with Ted Mahr on BBS Radio

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Out of This World on BBS Radio: Current Events

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Censorship is rampant in social and mainstream media; use of violence and criminal activity to intimidate and harm innocent citizens is the new normal in cities; local government officials are fining and/or arresting law-abiding citizens for trying to live their lives; mandatory mask wearing is an “in your face” form of control people are being forced to submit to; “powers that be” are quick to take videos down containing the voice of Q or a Q wannabe; Epstein associate, Ghislaine Maxwell, is arrested; U.S. military is ready to go into four major U.S. cities if things become uncontrollable; white guilt brainwashing is contributing to the lawless autonomous zones being set up in cities; far-left and many Democrats are calling for defunding the police; Governor Newsom’s mandatory mask laws have caused some people to quit their jobs; there is concern around the COVID-19 tests as to their accuracy, contamination, and actual cause of getting COVID-19; what advice do you have for people at this difficult time; mayors and governors of major cities have allowed Antifa and Black Lives Matter to destroy the whole business areas of their cities, so what does it take to get people to stand up; why are white people in 2020 being taught to feel guilty about something that happened in 1780, when most had nothing to do with the situation; Antifa is funded by George Soros and their monies go directly to the Democratic party and Joe Biden’s campaign; trend now is to positively discriminate against those who insist they are discriminated against paving the way for the granting of special privileges exclusive to this group; people must wake up and develop discernment to differentiate between falsehoods and truths.

[SIMON INTERVIEW on Ted’s new BBS radio show starts at 3:04]

Ted Mahr: And with that I’d like to welcome my good friend Simon to the show. Simon how are you doing today?

Simon Parkes: Hello Ted, lovely to be with you. Yeah I’m doing very well thank you, ticking along here. July the 4th of course, Independence Day, very important day perhaps not just the United States, but all the English-speaking world. Absolutely, absolutely.

TM: I have to tell you Simon you know I’ve never been in a time before when there has been so much censorship everywhere. It’s affected, of course, my broadcast in Bellevue, Seattle, Washington, and, but I’m grateful for the producers of this show that they don’t censor anything and they’re open, you know, to new ideas and the truth. You had a lot of posts on your website on, regarding censorship, Starbucks. Facebook has stopped, has pulled out from supporting Starbucks in an attempt to censor President Trump’s messages. Do you think this is going to get worse before it gets better Simon?

SP: I think it’s probably reached the peak. See Mark Zuckerberg had a meeting with Trump and they actually came to some sort of arrangement. This was a few weeks back.

TM: Uh-huh.

SP: And they reasonably got on okay, and it looks like Facebook wouldn’t censor the president in the same way that Twitter was censoring the president.

TM: I see.

SP: A lot of these cabal-controlled organizations then decided that they would put pressure on Mark Zuckerberg, and just withdraw funding from anything that he would have responsbility for, the whole point being to get all of social media to stop carrying the president’s message. In other words, just cut the president out of social media completely. That was the plan. Their object is if they withdraw all the funding, they hope that all these big social media giants who thus far have given, you know, news to the president will stop doing it. Will it get worse? Not on that side. That’s gone as far as it can go. What we will see is more violence on the streets and more action with the governors, lieutenant governors, the mayors. That’s where I think the cabal will use its influence.

TM: I’ve noticed in the Washington area where I’m from Simon, that the influence that these orders for masks and social distancing, they have very little effect in the rural areas. Outside Seattle, you go out to Eastern Washington, to rural areas, people don’t pay attention to the orders. They think it’s a joke. It’s the same in California. I’m in Northern California out in Mt Shasta, and there are masks around here, but most people think it’s a big joke here and they don’t really take it seriously. If you go to San Francisco, however, people do wear masks, a lot of masks, but out in the rural areas people don’t seem to pay attention too much.

SP: In the midterm elections, the cities voted predominantly for the Democrats and the rural areas voted predominantly for the Republicans.

TM: Um-hum.

SP: You’ll find of course Ted that people who are in the rural areas have a tradition of being more self-sufficient, don’t have to rely so much on a superstore or this or that. They have their local store, but they have become much more self-sufficient. Those of us who have lived in the big cities, and I’ve lived in London, a city of eight million people for twenty years, you are totally dependent on the infrastructure, the public transport system, the Metro, the bus service— great bus service in Britain in the big cities,—the healthcare system, everything is provided, which means that if it’s turned off the effect on the citizens is immediate, and I often talked about my grandmother. My grandmother would know how to cook anything and preserve anything. Now people go to a store and they want a meal they can cook in three minutes, and if you turned off their refrigerator, they wouldn’t know how to preserve anything, so people in the cities have become disempowered for survival. Those in the rural areas are more empowered for survival, and I think the difference is that it is just a natural reaction for people who are more self sufficient to be more suspicious, that sort of thing.

TM: Yes. Yeah I’ve noticed that too. That’s a very good comment Simon, and it’s the same here in Oregon too. I mean if you are in Portland you see everybody wearing masks, but you get outside of Portland in Oregon, nobody cares. Nobody really cares, and I think all their efforts to do this will fail. If wearing masks truely helped stop the virus, if there was a threat from the virus then I think most people would gladly go along with it, but they look at it as another political agenda to socially and politically muzzle us. I mean the whole thing commentates not being able to speak up, and I think that’s why a lot of people don’t take it too seriously.

SP: I was always more concerned about picking up a virus from hands, touching. I wear gloves if I go to the gas station to fill up. That’s when I’ll use gloves. Probably that’s just a sensible thing to do anyway isn’t it, but generally speaking, I think it’s the hand proteciton, and I have said this on your show before Ted. Remember when this all first kicked off in March the world leaders were told don’t shake hands. They were told to stand next to each other but don’t shake hands, and that was the reason that the Chinese, some of the true evidence that has come out was that this virus was by touch, and I saw a very interesting documentary done by genuine people in China showing an apartment block. There was an elevator, and to press the buttons on the elevator to go to the different floors, there was a little cup and in it were those little cocktail sticks, those little wooden spikes, and people would take a spike, press the button, and then put this into another… so they knew that it was really touch that was spreading this, and I think that there should be just as much power given to wearing gloves when you’re out...

TM: Sure.

SP: ...especially on the subway, the Metro. That’s when you should be wearing gloves, just as much as a mask. Gloves and a mask if you are going to go into a virus area, but masks on its own, I don’t understand the logic either.

TM: It’s a lot of people. They’ve got this fight or flight reponse, and there is so much fear in the mainstream media, that people are so full of fear that they do anything they’re told to do, including wear masks or not, so I… it’s unfortunate, and people don’t seem to think logically either Simon.

SP: I think for thousands of years the elite have told the ordinary people, like us, what to do and what not to do, and it’s ingrained in us. Why do you go to school? You go to school to be given orders, to be given instructions. You know why do police officers wear a uniform? Because it is to say this is the badge of rank of office that you have to respect. Why does a judge wear a certain type of gown?

TM: Right.

SP: Why do doctors wear white coats?

TM: Right.

SP: Everything is about a structure to give control. Some of it’s good. Some of it’s not good, so I’m not at all surprised that people do exactly as they are told.

TM: Well you can see the structures we’re wearing today Simon. I’ve got a regular shirt on and you do to, so...

SP: Well if I was to go to a meeting to talk about certain things, I would put a shirt and a tie on.

TM: Right.

SP: Because in certain circumstances, certain fields, you cannot be taken seriously. It’s less so in America, but it’s still probably in the U.S. If I was to turn up to a meeting and say to people I want you to judge me for what I am. Don’t judge me by the car I drive or the watch I wear or the clothes I wear, that causes those people to just automatically switch off.

TM: Right.

SP: Because they themselves are so programmed that even if they are good people that’s not my point, even if they are good, they are so programmed by the way it should be that unless you conform to the pattern that they’re used to, they won’t actually listen or believe what you’re telling them.

TM: You know, I yeah, I brought two ties down with me for this interview today and I forgot both in my car. They’re out in my car, so I’m….

SP: All right Ted, so I’m not going to take anything you say seriously then. You’re not wearing your tie.

TM: All right, well just cut me some slack this time. So you know, I did some research last night on the U.S. Constitution, and there’s actually an article in the Bill of Rights that says that Q’s voice cannot be played on the media in the United States on Facebook. Did you read that too, by the way?

SP: No I haven’t seen that.

TM: Just kidding, but your post was banned because you couldn’t play the voice of Q?

SP: What tends to happen is that the FBI have investigated a number of people claiming to be Q, not that they are claiming to be Q, but because they had documents on their website, and there was recently the one young man, there was a lot off hooha about whether he had the right to have these documents et cetera, et cetera, and I think that the problem is that the U.S. military supporting Trump around the Q program and then they handed it across to trusted civilian people, but unfortunately on the bandwagon of that there are a number of wannabes who have jumped up along side it...

TM: I see.

SP: ...and so now means that there’s a lot of interest from the cabal or the elite as to anybody claiming to be Q.

TM: I see.

SP: And, they’ll look for any excuse to take these videos down.

TM: Fascinating. Okay thank you. Thank you so much. It looks like things are keeping up or catching up with Jeffrey Epstein and his associate. Tell us a little bit more what happened to this Ghislaine. I heard several stories. One that she had gotten the virus and was hospitalized and they didn’t know whether she was going to make it or not, and then another post saying that she had been arrested. I mean you’ve got lots of stories going out there and what do you think the truth is Simon?

SP: The truth is that the good guys have known where she has been for weeks.

TM: Um-hum.

SP: But while the District Judge for the Southern part of New York refused to action it, they couldn’t do anything, so Bill Barr, William Barr, wrote to him and said that you are sacked, and as a sign of the arrogrance of the deep state the District Judge for the Southern part of New York said to Bill Barr, “You can’t sack me,” the arrogrance of it, and Bill Barr wrote back and said actually I will just remind you that you serve at the pleasure of the United States President, which is actually true, in which case he had to go because he suddenly realized when he checked the rules, oh yes, it is at the pleasure of the president, but he was so arrogrant and didn’t even know the law, and as I said on my own podcast, why should he bother with the law? The cabal don’t follow the law themselves. The law is there to inconvenience everyone else. It’s not there to inconvenience them, and so it must have been quite nasty for him to suddenly have the law read to him. Anyway, so when he was removed and the woman who is acting at the moment, she’s not been officially put in place, but she’s in the post. She was only in a few days and she signed the right document, and then Maxwell was arrested, know where she was all the time. I can absolutely confirm that she is arrested. She’s already appeared in court to give her name and address and details and I do not know whether she has been granted bail or not.

TM: Right.

SP: But I understand that she is in a safe location. They do not want another suicide taking place. That’s not really wanted, simply because this woman isn’t as high up as Epstein, but this woman can give some very interesting talk about the British Royal Family and certain other people who are not in the frame at the moment. So whether a deal can be done with her, a public deal so that she just gets a one or two year sentence, I don’t know, but she’s been arrested. That’s absolutely a fact. She doesn’t have the virus. She’s arrested. She’s already appeared in court, but I understand she’s in a safe location.

TM: Sure. A lot of the shutdown orders across the states, especially on the West Coast of the U.S. in Washington, Oregon, and California are perceived by the people here Simon as being invalid simply because there’s no legal basis for many of the orders and there’s no threat form the virus, very few threats. California governor Newsom came out with a press release last week saying that there were thousands of new cases, but many people here are questioning whether he is telling the truth and whether even the figures he is using are accurate.

SP: Right, Ted we honestly don’t know that, but what we do know is that it is not illegal because if the governor deems there to be a threat, whether there’s a threat or not, the governor has the right to do that. Now what happens is that if the president of the United States believes the governor is acting wrong, then under normal circumstances, and we’re nowhere near normal, but under normal circumstances there would be a standoff between the president and the governor, because the jurisdiction, the governor is the governor of his or her area. The president is the president. The president is not the governor and so in law it’s enshrined the governor has some very standalone powers, but the president can order the military into any part of America. That is his right. He can order the regular military into any location in the United States, including Hawaii, and the governor cannot prevent that. So that is the ace card that Trump has up his sleeve. The fact that he could put 5,000–6,000 troops into a location, that is the point that no other president would have dreamed of doing, but this president can and will do it if a governor operates in a way that begins to destroy that state.

TM: Actually he already has Simon.

SP: Well yes but they are what I would call nominal numbers. They’re not...

TM: Right.

SP: If I’m playing a game of cards with you, and I’ve got four cards that I’m hiding, I might show you one of them, and what he’s doing is he’s showing the governors one card, and saying look, it’s a picture card. So, if I’m showing you this picture card, some of these others are picture cards, so he’s playing a bit of roulette with these guys. So he has, your right Ted, but I’m talking about thousands of troops.

TM: Right.

SP: He could do… I’ve seen information that shows me that there are four key cities in the U.S. that the military is very happy to move in, and they’ve got about two hundred to two hundred and fifty thousand troops ready to go for four cities in the U.S. That’s why these governors have backed down and didn’t push it because they don’t want fifty thousand American troops who are loyal to the Consitution and not to some corrupt governor.

TM: I was told recently by a trusted source Simon that that’s the reason why Seattle now is disbanning the, letting the police in to clean up the CHAZ area.

SP: Yes, what happened was that you know that the fourteen-year-old was shot and the sixteen-year-old was shot.

TM: Right.

SP: And what they realized was they were losing the publicity battle amongst the white middle class. It’s the white Americans who felt terribly guilty about slavery, the white Americans who felt really bad about all of the issues that have happened to black people, and so well we’re reasonably happy to let this situation roll along because nobody wanted to be accused of being racist, and then when these kids were being murdered, the argument was lost and you’ve got running alongside that, it’s very interesting because the police chief there is a black woman, and I think that’s really interesting, and this black woman, police officer seeing that she was saying it’s lawless, and she even said don’t go there.

TM: Yeah, yeah.

SP: So you’ve got the head of the police force saying don’t go there, and you’ve got President Trump saying I will move regular troops actually physically in there, and so the governor pulled back. Now what’s happened is that’s not won the governor votes. That’s not done the governor any good because it didn’t follow through to show that his policy was working. He started a policy. Young kids got killed. It got cancelled.

TM: Right.

SP: So it makes the governor look weak.

TM: Right, right. There’s a total, there were a total of eight thousand people within that area of Seattle and the mayor herself said that there were four thousand police reports of serious crimes committed in that area, so one out of every two people experienced a crime, whether that be assault, rape, theft, burglary, whatever, and it was getting quite high, so I’m glad that it’s finally getting cleaned up now.

SP: Well I think, you know, come November the 3rd, I think that the Democrats, Joe Biden, should produce a poster saying vote for me and I’ll defund the police force, and you know, we won’t have any police officers. So why don’t the democrats follow through with this policy that they’ve tried in a number of places and actually go to the American electorate and be honest with them, and say, you know, we don’t believe in the police force. We don’t believe in it. We think that it should be free and easy, and why don’t the Democrats produce that? Why are they leaving it to the media to do all the dirty work for them? That’s what we’re seeing. The Democrats come up with a plan. The media go with it, and when it doesn’t work, it’s the media that quickly shuffles around, so I’ve never thought that we would see the situation in the United States. In the United States, the country that we all look up to, is being made to look the laughing stock. What’s this all about?

TM: Well didn’t Lord [Acton] say something in the 19th century that those who ignore the lessons of history are doomed to repeat its mistakes?

SP: Yes.

TM: And if you look at, I’m not comparing the United States in any way to Nazi Germany, but if you look at what Hitler did in 1933, he disbanded the police and that turned over to the SS, and so they had a new dictatorial regime come in, but the thing that troubles me, sure the police have problems, but I think they are needed, and if you get rid of them what do you replace them with?

SP: Well, I think, you know, I mean this is the point that under President Trump more black men and women have jobs than in any part of America’s history, so how do we square that with this argument that America’s government is racist? It doesn’t make sense.

TM: No.

SP: I think the answer is a proper mass education of the police force. That’s the first thing. Secondly, it’s not about taking money away. It’s about changing the way they restrain people. It’s about changing the way they operate. It’s not about saying to police you can’t do your job. It’s saying there are different ways. Now in Britain we went through this actually in the 1980s, and the laws and the way the police act with people in Britain was fundamentally changed, and the number of black people dying in British prisons was substantially reduced because of the ways. For instance, there are no neck choke holds of any sort allowed. British police are not allowed to put their arms around someone’s neck, because more people were dying from strangulation than anything else. So, that’s what needs to happen in America. It’s not about reducing the equipment or the money or the prestige or the morale, but saying that you are going to be retrained in how to restrain a violent criminal. We’re talking about man without a gun and without a knife.

TM: Right.

SP: Okay, so a man that doesn’t have a gun, that doesn’t have a knife defuse violence, okay? So how do we restrain them? Well seriously if I was in any position of responsibility, I would do an exchange with it between Britain and America, and say, you know, this is how we do it. I’m not talking about gun crimes. That’s completely different because Britain doesn’t have that sort of issue that you guys have.

TM: Sure.

SP: But in terms of unarmed people, there are certain ways that you can restrain them that will reduce this tension, and that’s the point, so what I’m saying is that if you don’t have police, you have a lawless society.

TM: Right.

SP: And if you have a lawless society and you have shops that sell products, you will expect those businesses to be robbed and burnt to the ground.

TM: Sure.

SP: You either have a police force or you don’t, and I think the vast majority of people will say we would rather have a police force.

TM: Oh absolutely, I agree with you Simon, absolutely. I’ve had some friends here in California who have had to quit their jobs because of Governor Newsom’s order regarding masks, and what advice might you give to people like that, Simon?

SP: What? To the governor?

TM: Yeah, the governor, yeah.

SP: You want me to give advice to the governor?

TM: No, no, no, no, no.

SP: [overtalk]

TM: Regarding his order for wearing masks. They refuse to wear masks. There’s a friend of mind, a librarian, for example.

SP: Right.

TM: And she said that under Governor Newsom’s orders she has to maintain six feet distance between her and little children she does for storytime readings every day after school, and which is ridiculous. And then she said that when the kids wear the mask they can get brain damage, long term, because it stops the oxygen.

SP: Of course, yeah they’re getting too much carbon dioxide, yeah.

TM: So if you’ve got an order from somebody like Newsom, that actually harms people’s health...

SP: No, my advice is to those members of staff is go sick.

TM: Go what?

SP: Go sick, go ill.

TM: Go sick, okay, call in sick yeah.

SP: Yeah, I mean I’m ill.

TM: Yeah.

SP: Because you could say that I wore the mask and it’s made me ill, so I’ve got an injury from work.

TM: Okay.

SP: It’s a work injury. You require me to wear a mask. I wore the mask, and it’s made me ill, so I’m taking time off from work.

TM: Okay.

SP: Not because I fell over on the sidewalk, not because I banged my head on the door of the car, but I wore a mask which I have to wear. It’s made me ill. I’m now going ill. Let me go to the doctor, and they say listen... I’ve had this mask on and now I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe, and I have it on five–six hours of the day and I’m getting dizzy and I can’t stand up properly.

TM: Right.

SP: That’s what you got to do.

TM: Okay, thank you. Good advice.

SP: What can they do? You… the governor told you to wear a mask. Yes sir, I wore a mask, and it made me ill, so now I need two weeks off on a holiday please.

TM: Yeah, or six months off.

SP: Don’t forget, you have to pay me as well because...

TM: That’s right.

SP: ...I’m ill because of the mask.

TM: That’s right.

SP: But don’t refuse to wear the mask because you just play into their hands.

TM: I see.

SP: Don’t say listen I’m not wearing that mask. It’s my right under the Admendments, the Constitution, because the governor has the right to ask that of you. That’s the point.

TM: It is. Okay.

SP: Okay, that’s just a, it’s helpful I hope.

TM: Okay, that’s very helpful, thank you. Thank you. I’ll tell my friend about that.

SP: Sure, fine.

TM: There has been a recurring story here in the United States that the COVID-19 tests themselves carry the virus and can infect people. In addition, many of the tests, the test itself is only 20 percent accurate with 80 percent false positives. In other words, the test itself is inaccurate. I’d love your comments on that as well.

SP: I think that the testing has improved dramatically now. The quality of the testing recently is much better, but I can confirm that a lot of the test units that came from China originally, why would you buy things from China for heaven’s sake, but anyway they all had to be trashed because they were just ineffective, so there’s been a real problem around these tests. Some of the tests are contaminated and some of them just don’t work. I think that what America is doing now is making its inhouse tests. You know, get the military involved. Get the military engineers involved. That’s what they need to do. Get them making it. Look how quickly those emergency hospitals were put up in my country...

TM: Oh yeah.

SP: ...and yours...

TM: Right, right.

SP: ...and it was the military that did it, so I would be going straight to the military and saying can you make me an electronic gadget like this please?

TM: Yeah.

SP: And that’s what I would do.

TM: Yeah, that makes for a lot of sense, absolutely. I’ve got a couple of questions in Simon. I’m sorry I don’t have access to my notes but I remember them now.

SP: Okay.

TM: And people are often facing difficult times right now, you know, a lot of things going on on the planet. Is it… what would you advise them? Hang in there, remain strong, know that good times are coming to the planet, that this will be over soon?

SP: Well it’s not particularly helpful but what I’m gonna say to you is the absolute truth, and that is this was always going to happen. It was always going to happen now, and oddly enough it needs to happen, because if I take.… Let’s take a little mouse. I’m not saying humanity is a mouse, although some people would agree with that, but let’s take a little mouse, and I build the mouse a lovely home, but the mouse refuses to go into the kitchen, okay? So if I prod the mouse, push it with a stick and I make it do things, or if I stop the mouse from doing something, I am giving the mouse the chance, not to learn—that’s a mistake in the new age—I’m giving the mouse the chance to make a decision. What is the mouse going to decide? What is it going to learn? What is it going to do? And, all these things that are happening on the Earth today are giving people the really hard in their face, you have to make a choice. How are you going to interpret what’s happening and what are you going to do? You might make learning lessons later, but at the moment it’s looking at everything that’s happening and saying do I go along with it? I think it’s right to kneel when the “Stars and Stripes” strike up? Is it right to do that or is it wrong to do that? And so people will make a choice and maybe when this is all played out they’ll learn from it. So no, people I’m saying hang in there because this is meant to happen and actually you’re very privileged, all of us, including myself, to be here to give our weight to which hopefully the good, but to whichever way we think we need to be, we’re here to register our voice. I mean you’re all gonna, you Americans are all gonna have a vote on November the 3rd. How lucky are you?

TM: Yeah.

SP: How lucky are you to have that opportunity to actually respond to the stick that’s been prodding you?

TM: Um-hum.

SP: The little mouse that’s been stuck with the stick. Well here’s a real chance to show have you learned anything from that? So no, this is a great time for everybody. Be strong. See it through. Stick to what you know is right, the values of the United States. It’s July the 4th.

TM: That’s right.

SP: You know we had a wonderful speech from, I think a wonderful speech from the president at Mt. Rushmore saying why America was the way it was and why people should be proud of it. I can’t believe, I’m sixty years old Ted and I look back, I’ve always been keen on America, and how proud everybody was, and now all of a sudden there’s this push to make you guilty of being Americans.

TM: Right.

SP: To feel bad about what America is.

TM: Right.

SP: And yet there are people I know historically who have come from many countries who turned up with nothing in their pockets, nothing...

TM: That’s right.

SP: ...and ended up having a house, a family, a car, and making it come good. They couldn’t have done it in any other country, couldn’t do it in Britain, but did it in America. Now that’s something to be proud of, not to be ashamed of, so I hope that the vast majority of American people just push all this into the gutter where it belongs frankly.

TM: I was talking to my friends Ben Franklin and Albert Einstein here a few weeks ago.

SP: Okay.

TM: And they said, they all said they would love to trade places with us. And I said, really, and they said yeah, we would because this is an exciting time in history.

SP: Yes.

TM: And it’s very rare for a planet to shift from third density to fifth density in a relatively short time.

SP: Yes.

TM: Originally Nostradamus back several decades ago said that we wouldn’t reach this point in our spiritual evolution until the year 2038. Well now it’s 2020. We’re 18 years ahead of a schedule, and it’s because of that mouse going into the kitchen and making the right decision...

SP: Yes.

TM: ...after being prodded so much, so we’re all making the right decision, and we should all pat ourselves on the back because of that, and I think it’s good for people to look through, and when they see things on the mass media, I’m not saying it’s all lies.

SP: Yes, of course.

TM: But a lot of it is falsehoods and they omit a lot of things. George Floyd for example, those two officers had fake badges on. They weren’t members of the Minneapolis Police Department. George Floyd himself, I spoke with his attorney three weeks ago. George Floyd died three years ago in Corpus Christi, Texas. He’s buried in Houston, Texas. The whole thing appears to be fake, completely fake. Many of the demonstrators in many of the cities for Black Lives Matter were bussed in, paid for by George Soros. The bricks that were thrown through many windows of many businesses were conveniently provided through Mr. Soros and Bill Gates, so you’ve got to look beyond what you see. The assassination of John F. Kennedy, it was more than just one person. It wasn’t a lone gunman, but we could go on, but there’s lots more going on beneath the surface, what you said earlier.

SP: I think what’s sad is that what we are witnessing now has been going on in many countries for years and years and it’s an indication of how low the elite hold the value of the ordinary people. To them the ordinary people are there to be manipulated, to be told what to do, to be pushed around, and I think that the humanity for these people is just a necessary evil. They look on the public as a necessary evil. Why are the public necessary? Because they get paid wages and their elite friends have some very big businesses, and their job is to take your money off you, and that’s the whole plan. So if you depopulated the planet, these big businesses would collapse. This is the problem for them because these big businesses have grown relying on the income from the population, and so while one group wants to reduce humanity another wants to just keep it, but control it, and that’s the group that’s in charge at the moment, which is keep the people but control them. And when President Trump was elected in 2016 all of their calculations went out the window. What we’re seeing now is an absolute vicious anger by the elite with real [elite]. Remember that not all elite are bad. There’s some very good elite, but from this rather rarefied evil elite who don’t like anybody reducing their control, and so this is how they are hitting out, and it’s got to be more favorable than a nuclear bomb. It’s gotta be more favorable than many other things.

TM: Sure, sure.

SP: But listen, this is happening to us for a reason, and if people want what they’re offering then they will decide that on November the 3rd. If they don’t want it they will vote opposite, so people will choose and when we evolve, we evolve from the third to the fifth. And why your friends are telling you in your special sessions why this is important, is that most planets go from the third to the fourth. That’s the normal route, third, fourth, but we’re missing out the fourth because all of the evil that we are fighting is coming from the fourth, and if we overcome it why would we need to go to the fourth, so it’s going to be a very sharp transition from the third to the fifth. And if you think that many of these evil people themselves part live or reside in the fourth dimension, when this Earth and its people move to the fifth, they’re out of a job. They’re out of a job because they’re not coming with us. So of course they’re fighting with every tooth and nail they can because they are staring at the end of their days. The shutters are going to come down on their shop, and of course they’ve got nothing to lose, so that’s why this is such an interesting time.

TM: You’ve just filled in a piece of the puzzle that I’ve wondered about for many years. Thank you Simon. What you just said just explained a lot of things in my own mind...

SP: About the third, fourth and fifth, okay, yeah.

TM: ...between the third, fourth and fifth. Yeah, yeah. I think it’s important for people, it’s just like a chess game right now to anticipate the other side’s moves.

SP: Yes.

TM: We talked about this last time but what do you think that they, if people are aware of what they might try next, they can anticipate it and hopefully deflect it, and what do you think they may try and how could people deflect it, and just be aware of it perhaps?

SP: I think that they have run out of options now. I think that (coughs) excuse me, I think the United States is a hair’s breath away from military intervention. I think that the argument that the army can’t come out because it would be against the Constitution, that argument isn’t holding anymore because people will say well if we don’t do it there won’t be a Constitution. So if the military believe they are upholding the Constitution, they’ll come out. If these crazy mob who are totally determined to overturn the values of the United States, if they push any further, they will bring a very strong response, so I don’t know whether they are prepared to do that. Maybe they’re crazy enough to do it. I don’t know, but honestly you guys are not far from regular soldiers on the streets semi-permanently for a number of weeks.

TM: I haven’t been to Sacramento, California recently. It’s only about two-and-a-half hours from where I am now at Mt. Shasta, but I’ve been told that the mayor of Sacramento simply let the rioters, Antifa and Black Lives Matter destroy much of the downtown. And I guess it comes to the point what’s, at what point will people stand up and say we need help, if… and this happened in other cities too, Minneapolis the same thing. They simply came in and let the rioters destroy a whole business area and now businesses are moving out of Minneapolis, and I was wondering the same thing with Seattle too with the Capitol Hill area, destroying buildings...

SP: The answer of course is that those people need to show the way they think when they vote because they don’t have to be violent men. They have to vote, so that’s how they will do it. Don’t worry. Rely on others who have a responsibility to protect you. They will make the decision when they have to go in, and you know, do what they need to do, but those people who have witnessed this tell others what you saw, not what television showed, what you saw and then when you come to cast your vote, you can then express yourself, and I’ll be very interested to see what happens to these governors and these mayors when they are up for reelection. Let’s see if the policies they have followed are popular with the majority. That’s what we’ll see.

TM: Okay interesting. Real quick question I had from a listener regarding Project Looking Glass. It was alien technology that the cabal or the negatives used sometime ago, maybe fifteen–twenty years ago to look into the future and they said at this point in history, maybe 2012, a little bit earlier, there would be a choice for humanity either to go on on a spiritual path and create a much better and happier planet or go off to nuclear war and conflict and destroy much of the planet. Clearly I think we’ve chosen the first path of spiritual evolution and I think, I’m quite, and Nostradamus, I’ve talked to him. He’s quite proud of humanity for making the right choices to do this because that’s… he’s still very optimistic about the future, and you have to look at the broader picture in spite of everything that’s going on now I think.

SP: If we’d chosen the other timeline...

TM: Right.

SP: America would not be seeing all of this difficulty. It’s because humanity has decided it wants to go to Source eventually. It wants to go back on the path of righteousness, that the evil ones who will be left behind are fighting to try to drag everyone down with them. So humanity made the choice and this other group, instead of trying to change and also come along, they are deciding they are going to be like that cartoon character that holds the end of the fender at the back of the car and tries to stop it as it is pulling away. That’s what we’ve got.

TM: Right, right.

SP: And we know what will happen. Either the car will go and the fender will be left behind. Something will happen, but that character will be left behind. That’s what’s gonna happen.

TM: Right, right. I was woken up about a week or two ago at 3:00 o’clock in the morning and from 3:00 o’clock by six U.S. presidents and also Ben Franklin, and they wanted me to have several shows on what they call saving the republic.

SP: Right.

TM: So my next hour will be on their, I’ve got about 20–25 pages of messages from them along with another psychic who is also in touch with the presidents. We’re going to be going over their next hour but they’re very proud of your work too Simon...

SP: Oh, thank you.

TM: ...for helping humanity and bringing out the truth, and there’s something very important during our last interview. You said when we were talking about the censorship on my own program in Seattle is that what’s wrong with telling the truth, and you’re right, there’s nothing wrong with telling the truth, but people at home in my area, many of them unfortunately try to be what’s called “politically correct,” and it’s silly really because if you know something is true, why not let the truth stand on its own? It’s silly, you know, this is a time of truth.

SP: Because it’s convention Ted. The problem is that if you control the universities, you control the education, that’s the key fundamental point and you control the media, then you can run an agenda through twenty-odd years that of course it follows federal wishes but teaches that you’re guilty of this or you’re guilty of that. I mean look, in 1776 and thereafter you guys threw the British out. Okay, that’s a fact. But the Brits don’t go around saying we’re terribly guilty. We’re terribly sorry that we oppressed you, you know.

TM: Right, right.

SP: Because you’re predominantly white and we’re predominantly white. But when you look at the British and the history with slavery in many countries, but let’s just talk about the British, then it’s a point that when do you say I in 2020 am guilty for what happened in say 1750, or 1780. What point do you say I need to go round and be very guilty of this? Surely what you do is you build in rules and laws that make sure that that can never happen again, but you don’t go round with a great weight on your head saying I’m guilty. Surely what you do is you say we are like Adolf Hitler, we’ll never let that happen again. We need to ensure that, but if you always go around saying, you know, I’m guilty of this. I’m guilty of that when you haven’t been guilty of it.

TM: Um-hum.

SP: That is not to express the human condition. How will you be happy? How will you be joyous? You always have to go around being guilty, so that’s what’s being taught. What’s being taught is that the flag of the United States is somehow some imperialistic and it was always the British that were colonialists, the British and imperialists. You know, but looking at those things like certain bars of music, certain statutes, saying that that somehow represents an America which is evil. Now does that mean that everybody who has served their country, who has lived in America, are they all part of that? Should they all be guilty? Should they think the whole American dream is a lie?

TM: Right.

SP: This is fundamental nonsense.

TM: Right.

SP: And so what I’m saying to your audience is that you are being manipulated by a very clever small elite group who don’t eat in the same restaurants as you do. They don’t drink the same drink that you do. They certainly don’t drive the same car that you drive. They are completely disassociated from you, yet they pretend to speak for the ordinary man and woman in the street and it is a con. It is a “Wizard of Oz” hiding behind the curtain projecting a voice. That’s what this is all about. It’s a game.

TM: Yeah, yeah. I couldn’t agree with you more. I couldn’t agree with you more.

SP: Well that’s the truth. That’s it. I’m speaking the truth and we can do it on your radio show because, you know, and you’ve never said anything that was illegal. I’ve never said anything that was illegal, and to shut down a radio station because hey listen you’re saying things I don’t like, because they don’t match my political opinion. Well where’s free speech? What’s America all about?

TM: Yeah that’s true. That’s true. That’s not the country I grew up in.

SP: No, nor the country I read about in my schoolbooks in this country. We read about America, you know, in the 1960s and ’70s the school books painted a picture of America. I’d like to take one of those books in a time machine, go back and get one and come back now and look at it and say well this can’t be America. This isn’t the country in my book.

TM: Right.

SP: Something’s very wrong Ted, very wrong indeed.

TM: Yeah, oh yeah, absolutely, and I see that actually. Yeah I see that, but I thank you so much for helping people, you know, become awake. If you look at the finances of Black Lives Matter for example, and Antifa is funded by George Soros.

SP: Yes.

TM: But Antifa or Black Lives Matter actually, all of the monies they get in goes directly to the Democratic party, goes directly to Joe Biden’s campaign. It did go to Hillary’s campaign but she’s kind of out of it now, but it does go to Biden’s campaign, so you have to see, you have to follow the money to see what is this really about and who’s benefitting from that, you know, I mean all lives matter for that matter.

SP: Yes.

TM: Black lives matter. Asian lives matter. Native American lives matter. All of our lives matter. Nobody is going to disagree with that, but are we being manipulated to, instead of creating a harmonious society based upon love and respect are we instead being [created] to create a violent society where people are killed, and buildings, and things are destroyed over a bunch of nonsense, over a fake event. It doesn’t make sense personally.

SP: Well there’s a very famous saying isn’t there that we are all equal, but some of us are more equal than others. And the message that the American people are being given is that because of traditional racism, which of course has been there in America, the argument is what they need to do now is positively discriminate for these groups, but not just in terms of making sure that there’s enough going into university or hospital admissions, but actually to start changing the way we value. So there’s a very interesting case of the couple who came out on their doorstep and he had a gun because he was concerned about these mobs, and now the governor wants to take him to court. That’ll be a very interesting battle.

TM: Oh really, interesting.

SP: Yes, yeah absolutely. So, you know, it’s political manipulation and some people, some, a small number, are so small minded that they don’t realize they’re being politically manipulated, and they’re the little mouse that quite happily goes along when you prod it with a stick. It’ll do what its masters want. Fortunately the human condition, the consciousness of humanity is special and will see through lies, and I think that in the weeks ahead to come this whole campaign to disempower the American people will fall apart. That’s what I think.

TM: You know often people will tell you one or two sentences Simon you’ll remember for a long time, and in 2014 I had a lady named Susan Miller, a famous astrologist from New York City on my show.

SP: Okay.

TM: And she said, I asked her about the future and she said Ted this is a time of truth, that things that are true will become self-evident as being true, and those that are false even though they’re paraded as true initially will shown to be false, and I think this will happen too. That, you know, all this stuff will be, people will realize that we are being manipulated. We’re not being told the truth.

SP: I absolutely agree. I remember seeing a documentary, the end of the Second World War when the Americans, predominantly the Americans had liberated a number of the concentration camps where Jewish people were being killed and Romanis or Gypsies were being killed, and just about everyone who wasn’t a member of the Nazi party was being killed, and they forced people from town, they forced them, which isn’t democratic but that’s what they did.

TM: Right.

SP: To walk through this camp, because what the commanding officer said, and I can’t remember which camp it was now. All I know he said if we don’t do this, if we just pour concrete in here, in fifty year’s time they will all deny it. So what we’re gonna do he said we’re gonna march, I don’t think he got permission from anyone else. We’ll march the people from the town through it so he said you tell your children and their grandchildren that this is what happened and for many of them they had ten years or plus of this Nazi government and they were not aware of it.

TM: Um-hum.

SP: I think some were aware of it, but the ones on this video, it’s an old 8 mm film, showed they weren’t. They’d lived blissfully within a stone’s throw of this camp, never asked the right questions, never bothered to look, and when they were shown it, the sudden, the truth hit them, and it wasn’t so much the shock of what they’d seen, it was the shock that they’d been lied to for so long, and they must have asked themselves why did I never see the truth? And I think that’s what this will do. It will make people say will I see the truth? When will I see the truth, and why did these clever people manage to hoodwink me so long? That’s what will come of it.

TM: That was in Dachau outside Munich.

SP: Ah right, okay.

TM: Yeah, yeah, I’ve been there, yeah, and...

SP: Right.

TM: …people remember that, yeah, yeah.

SP: Right.

TM: I’ll never forget the time I was in Kiev in the Ukraine in the old Soviet Union in 1983 and I met some students from a local high school and they were very interested about America, and I said have you heard about the Korean airline being shot down and all this other stuff, and they said oh no, our goverment would never do anything like that, and it was interesting because they were also asleep. Many during the Soviet times about what was happening, really happening in their own country, and I think it’s the same truth today too, but people are waking up and that’s the good news Simon, and we really do have a beautiful bright future ahead of us but the caveat is we have to make the right choices, you know. We have to make the right choices.

SP: Yes we have to put a bit of effort in.

TM: Right.

SP: We have to realize that we can’t just expect it all to happen. We have to put some intention into it and to make our voice heard, and as long as enough people do that, there’ll be no question. We will get there in the end and I’ve always said that Ted, as have you.

TM: Right.

SP: That yes, but it’s a bumpy road.

TM: Right, right. Absolutely, Absolutely. Well I hope sometime Simon you can come to Mt. Shasta and I’ll show you around and introduce you to the Pleiadian Commander here and take a ride in the spaceship and meet the Sasquatch.

SP: Ted thank you but my first call when we relocate to the U.S. is going to be the Grand Canyon. I have always wanted to ride on a donkey down to the Grand Canyon. That’s, that’s I’ve made it, and when I’ve done that I’ve made it.

TM: Right. All right, well the Grand Canyon is very it’s like an hour away or a half-hour away from the Hopi Reservation, so you must meet my friends there.

SP: I want to.

TM: Yeah, and on the road up to the Grand Canyon there is a whole bunch of Native Americans. They sell all kinds of beautiful arts and crafts. You must stop and….

SP: Well there would be, I mean I’m a rock hound.

TM: Okay.

SP: But Becky would love any of the wonderful clothes or items that the native people have made. She would love that. I certainly would want to take lots of photographs of the Grand Canyon.

TM: I have a friend in eastern Washington who has access to 50 acres worth of fossils and crystals, so if you’re interested, that’s where I’ve been spending my time recently is going over to see him.

SP: Well see that’s something I’ve already signed up for. Where do I write Ted?

TM: I’ll just take you over. I mean I stood on this one bluff and there was nothing but crystals and fossils all over, petrified wood everywhere, and he said Ted, you’ve helped me out a lot. Just take whatever you want. I looked at him, I said really.

SP: How very kind. Well I would settle for just one fossil, one fossil would do me.

TM: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well I can send you one if you like, a nice one if you wish, so...

SP: I’d love it, yes please, I mean or you hang on to it, and when we get to the U.S. you can give it to me, so you know, we’ll work something out.

TM: Okay, all right, all right. Sending a big chunk of petrified wood can be expensive but anyway.

SP: Yeah, don’t do it Ted. The tax would be horrendous.

TM: I can just see customs at London Heathrow scratching their heads saying what do we do with this anyway?

SP: Oh they’ll know me. They’re opening my stuff all the time Ted.

TM: Oh okay.

SP: It arrives with a tape around it. You know, we have, when they open it they have they’re called border forces or border force and they tape it. They always open all of my stuff. They have done for years.

TM: Uh-huh.

SP: Yeah.

TM: Oh my goodness.

SP: I remember once something, and in the early days they used to do it so that you couldn’t tell they’d opened it. Now they don’t care. It’s interesting, so there was a time when they’d go carefully and reseal it. Now they don’t. They don’t even bother. They just put it into a plastic slip envelope. You know, we opened it, put a sticker on it.

TM: I see. I see. Well it’s nice to know that people care enough about you to do that, so...

SP: I don’t know they care. I don’t know they care. I think they just want to know, watch me, and know what I’m doing. Some people care, and I’m very grateful for that care. It’s very important to me.

TM: Right, right.

SP: It’s nice to know that there are good people out there Ted.

TM: Oh absolutely, there’s a lot of good people, and there’s more good people than bad certainly.

SP: That’s true.

TM: And if, and if anybody wants to know what I’m doing now I’m talking to you and having a cup of coffee, so....

SP: Well that’s fine. You see you can make coffee. If you had said you were having a cup of tea, I’d be very worried for you Ted, because Americans are not very good at making tea. When I get out there I’m going to run tea-making courses. I’m going to show you guys how to make proper tea, and you can teach me how to make coffee because I’m lousy, but I’m British.

TM: Okay.

SP: That’s fine. I’m not expected to make good coffee.

TM: Okay that’s great. That’s great.

SP: Listen we need to wrap it up because it’s the hour and I know that you always like to do it for one hour, so listen it’s lovely Ted. Well done on your new show.

TM: Oh thank you.

SP: And it’s great that you’re in Mt. Shasta and I’ll tell you what the quality is fantastic. You know usually we get cut off or interrupted, but this has been a really good quality, so whoever is helping you, I don’t know his name, but he’s obviously a bit of a good guy.

TM: Admiral Halisouris. He’s commander of the two million Pleiadian ships around the planet right now. He’s helping.

SP: Okay, but there’s somebody a little bit more human helping you as well.

TM: Doug and [Dawn] at my station in BBS Radio.

SP: Right and they’re doing a great job. That’s why it’s working so well. There you go.

TM: Yeah, yeah.

SP: So let’s not give this to the Pleiadians this time. Let’s give it to someone [1:00:28][unintellitible], right.

TM: Okay, all right. All right, all right. Well actually yeah, they’re great people and they’re helping with this so I...

SP: Yeah, yeah, they definitely are. Listen God bless to everyone and no doubt catch you soon, yeah?

TM: All right Simon have a wonderful evening my friend. Great to talk to you, cheers.

SP: And you too my friend. Take care, bye-bye.

TM: All right, bye-bye. Bye. [Simon interview ends at 1:00:45 1st hour]

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