Podcast: Recorded on 17th July 2020

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Connecting Consciousness Podcast with Simon Parkes

Recorded Saturday, July 17, 2020

Simon’s interview with Camelot TV has been taken off YouTube and Facebook; 5G bioshield company is taking legal action against the BBC for trashing their product and Simon’s name will appear as part of the action; Ghislaine Maxwell was denied bail; President Trump hires new campaign manager and makes former campaign manager his senior advisor; Britain and America are having issues with EU regarding gathering and sharing of security information; overreaction to virus is increasing worldwide; where does information we get from remote viewing and reverse speech come from; does the human face reflect the soul; do off-planet entities have faces; do you believe full truth disclosure with unsealed indictments/arrests will take place before the upcoming election; what can one do to help people who are resisting becoming awake; comments on individuals attempting to hijack CC for monetary purposes and/or recruit CC members into breakaway groups; all across the planet now people are being given an opportunity to choose truth; what is your opinion about an experience I had of waking up one night, seeing a spinning light on the wall out of which walked a female, being physically thrown to the floor, and later strange happenings began occurring in the house; please comment on the July 12th video saying Donald Trump has been arrested and a coup has taken place.

Simon Parkes: Hello and welcome to another Connecting Consciousness. It’s 17th of July, 2020, and we are just keeping track of a number of things that are occurring and happening and I’m sure, like ourselves, that, you know, you go from one day to the next and you think well what more can possibly happen, you know, what will it be now, and sometimes we’re not at all surprised and sometimes we are surprised, so I want to just look at some of the things that are occurring and try to understand perhaps how that might impact us.

So first of all, in no particular order, some of you did see the Camelot TV Interview that I did. That was two-and-a-half hours and there was a tremendous amount of interference. I mean they cancelled the first time. Several days later we did it, and there was more interference, but we soldiered on, and it was hard work, but it was enjoyable and it was done, and it was up for about four or five days, and it’s been removed from Facebook. It’s been removed from YouTube. It does exist but as a private video I understand, and so unfortunately you can’t see it anymore. I did write to Camelot TV asking what had happened, and unfortunately, we don’t appear to have had a reply, so what was accessible on the public domain isn’t anymore. It’s a private video, so might be an idea to write to them and say that, you know, you would like to have the ability to watch it if you so wish, and see if that gets any result. So I don’t know, I can’t speculate, but it was a shame because it was two-and-a-half hours. I thought it was a good interview. They thought it was a good interview. We seem to do well, but it’s not on the public domain. You know, and it’s rather worrying generally, you know, we talk about David Icke. Maybe we don’t talk about him enough, and you look how individual freedoms on certain topics are being reduced. There are certain things that we can’t say if we wish to have our videos up on Facebook or YouTube. There are certain topics that we just can’t really bring in because it will be closed down.

America is a federal government so what you can say in one state and have no problem, you might have a serious problem in another, and we saw that with Ted Mahr and his radio show which was based in Seattle, and that was basically he was kicked out and he’s had to run it in a much more open manager, a much more supportive manager in California. So perhaps in America it’s more about the individual, who he or she is and the state they’re in, whereas in Britain where it’s not a federal government one rule fits all, so I’m absolutely guaranteed if I talk about a certain subject, this will be pulled from YouTube and you won’t get a chance to see it. Here’s the dilemma. Do I tell you what I think and what I know, what’s happening for it to be pulled down within two to three minutes and never seen again, or do I have to just not do that, so at least we can get, you know, 90 percent, 95 percent of the show out, so Great Britain isn’t very great is it? It’s a very sad state of affairs where this country, which is supposed to be the mother of democracy is actually the worst situation in terms of control than the United States, and it’s very very serious, you know, we keep saying things are serious or this, that, and the other, and but I mean it. It really is because what’s the next stage? What do you do?

Let’s look at the 5G bioshield. That company had their bank account frozen. Fortunately, they’ve been able to take legal advice and I don’t mean, you know, a little tiny lawyer’s or solicitor’s backstreet. I’m talking about a very well-known respected legal firm who have given them an opinion, which is very helpful for them and they are gonna to take legal action against the BBC, and I was asked did I want my name to appear as part of that action and I’ve agreed, yes, and the reason I’ve agreed was that the radio show the BBC did, which they repeated, I was named in that and of course they weren’t very polite about me. They never are, but the BBC’s own guidelines, their own rules and regulations state that they must contact that individual for a quote, you know, we’re going to be talking about you on the radio show. We would like to give you the opportunity to make a comment. Well they didn’t. They didn’t do that. They made no effort to connect with me, so that breaks their own guidelines, so absolutely, and I hope that they get sued for a great deal of money, and that’s the battle that will be taking place, so the 5G bioshield company is taking legal action against the BBC and others, and they have a well-known respected law firm now who is basically telling them that in their opinion they’re going to win because of the manner in which this was all done. So obviously, you know, I’m not a member of the bioshield. I’m not a director. I’m not an employee, you know, but I promoted their product because I believed in it, and I still believe in it and I believe in the scientists behind it, and you know, very few people believe in the BBC. That’s the reality of it.

In fact two years ago when one of these opinion poll guys called to the house and he said what do you think of the BBC, and I said well I don’t really watch it very much, and he said, oh, he said that’s funny. He said I’ve been down your street and he said most people watch Al Jazeera, and he said there wasn’t a lot of trust for the BBC. Now that was just one guy in my street two years ago. Now those figures have got to go back to the BBC. They’ve got to know how they are, but maybe they don’t care. Maybe they’re funded by the government, so they really don’t care what people think about them, but nevertheless that’s a situation just to let you know that there is now a legal action going forward between the 5G bioshield company and the BBC, so that will be very interesting to watch that play out.

Okay on the international–national way it goes, we saw with Maxwell that she did not get her bail, and she’s been or held, not sure the American term, but here we call it remanding. I don’t know what the U.S. term is, but basically she’s going to be held while the case is built, and that of course gives the defense time to look at their defense, but it could upwards be of 12 months, and the information that I’ve been given is that this will not or probably won’t go to court before November 3rd, so it may well be after the election before any of this evidence comes out, which is a great shame because publicly I would like some of this stuff to actually come out, because I think it’s very important that the truth is known by everybody, but nevertheless the judge heard that Maxwell had tried to hide while in the custody of the FBI. She’d run from one room and hidden behind a box or something. She tried to hide the phone. She’d not given them access or told them about the monies the week before she was arrested. I can’t say she moved money, but somebody moved money to Swiss bank accounts and out to somewhere else and the FBI made the point that they have very diligently looked back and they cannot find that she’d worked in a paid job for 30 years. So she did not appear to have employment for 30 years, and yet she had upwards of 20 million dollars in the bank account. Now although you can’t make an allegation in court, unless you’ve got some evidence to back it up, the implication is that she’s been receiving money for something, and when you think about the work she did with Jeffrey Epstein, then one perhaps begins to understand what these payments of money were for when she didn’t have a regular job, so that I think is quite pivotal, but it will be a great shame if that evidence isn’t heard until months after the election.

In terms of the power play going on, people are getting a bit jumpy because Brad Parscale has been removed as Trump’s campaign manager and a new guy has been put in, but what I say to you is hold on, because if you look at the 2016 election, this is exactly what happened. In other words, the guy now running President Trump’s campaign is the same guy who ran it in 2016 and Brad Parscale is now the senior advisor to President Trump, so before all the established media jump on the bandwagon that, you know, that the Trump campaign is falling apart, it’s not. It’s doing exactly what it did in 2016. So it’s… that’s been planned. It isn’t an issue that they’re all, you know, shouting at each other.

In terms of what’s going on with China, it’s very clear situation now where a number of countries are being forced to decide whether they’re going to back China or not, and we see that the European Union so that’s the organization that Great Britain voted to leave for those of you who didn’t know, the European Union are taking the side of China. Of course they are, and they’re trying to make it very difficult for America and Great Britain to have an agreement regarding security, how information is shared, how information is gathered. There’s been a protocol in place for a number of years, and suddenly the European Union has decided it’s not going to play ball with the United States and with Great Britain leaving the European Union, it has implications for Britain. There’s no issue between Britain and America, but there is between those two countries and the European Union, and what I predict you will see is individual European countries making individual arrangements with both Great Britain and America, so you’ll have Strasbourg, this great huge white elephant of a money-sucking organization saying well this, this, and this, and then you’ll get countries like Spain or Italy or Germany saying yeah, but we will do this anyway, so it’s very interesting how I think we’re beginning to see the European Union breaking up, not as we expected, which was an economic breakup, but as a diplomatic/political breakup because it doesn’t matter who is the president of the United States, if you’re the head of a country and you’re sensible you do not upset the United States, because ultimately the end of the day it’s still debatable what the relationship between European countries and Russia is, and it’s very debatable what is the situation between European countries and China, and it’s the United states that has the clout and I don’t just mean ships and tanks and things like that. I’m talking about electronic espionage, the ability to reach into many countries, the numbers of, sheer numbers of agents on the ground, Europe couldn’t manage without America. That’s a fact, and we’ve seen that in many many years play out, and so you will see that whatever nonsense comes out from the mouthpiece of the European Union, countries will make separate arrangements.

In terms of this virus situation we are looking at a real overreaction now in many ways, and again it’s a topic that if we speak too negatively about, then you know, this program will be pulled, absolutely no question of it, so it’s a topic that how do we talk about, how do we talk about this topic now and be truthful but not have it pulled. I’m at a loss and you know one of the advantages I suppose of being in another country that isn’t as Draconian or Cabalistic or Illuminati, whatever word you want to use, it isn’t as controlled, means that you can be much more open, you know, if you listen to some commentators in some American states and they’re saying stuff that I would love to say, but can’t because I know, like David Icke, we would just be hammered, absolutely hammered, so you know, in some states in America the very Republican or Donald Trump leaning states you can talk free, absolutely free, as it used to be in this country five, ten, ten, ten–fifteen years ago, something like that, so that’s a very great concern, and it’s a very serious concern because it will mean, mark my words serious commentators either leaving Britain or toning down their material or just shutting up, and that’s the plan of the cabal, is to shut people up. They don’t want a counter country argument. They don’t want a contra view. They just simply want the one view and they will use the levers of power to ensure they get that. Now that’s terrible. It is really terrible. We pride ourselves you know, I could go out on the, in the park, the local park here and say what I want, and there would be no comeback on me because the police would say he’s not racist. He’s not sexist. He’s not inciting violence. He’s giving his opinion, his truth, and things that he’s been told, you know, that’s fine. They’ll walk away from it, but if I say the very same thing electronically, then those organizations who control that platform will take it down, although it’s not illegal, no judge or court in the land would say of me that’s illegal. You’ve acted illegally. It is the owners of these organizations who choose to do this. In other words, you go into a theater, the movies and there’s always a little sign that says the management reserves the right to ask you to leave. Okay, 99 times out of 100 they never do, but that’s the situation here. The management reserves the right to remove your voice form the public domain, and if anybody thinks that’s not going to happen or they think that it’s a joke, then you’ve living in another world, because this is creeping up on all of us and the speed of it is growing faster and faster, and I’m very concerned for this country and those of you who take an interest in it, I would be interested to see, to monitor the number of people who have a different view to that of the establishment, and over the coming months how many of them just suddenly disappear or tone down the rhetoric and don’t give the information, don’t give the truth. What’s the, what would be the point of doing this radio show if I was just going to tell you what the local newspaper told you?

So it’s quite serious and I do go back to what I was told by the person who said to me, you know, why don’t you come to America? That person said to me time to get you out of Dodge. Now at that time this is over a year ago, well I sort of smiled and thought what are you talking about? This is the mother of democracies. Well this person who’s high up obviously saw all this coming, obviously realized that there was a big movement afoot to stamp down on anybody bringing out a contra view.

You know, will David Icke ever be allowed to talk at large conferences again, you know, and not have them pulled at the last minute, you know, I remember with some sadness what happened in Australia where he got it all organized and they just took the Visa away. I think it was days before or hours before he was due to fly, you know, and that’s the power that the system has, and you know, in a free world you should be allowed to have your opinion and another person should be very respectful, listen to that opinion, and then calmly argue why they have a different opinion, but what’s happening in Great Britain is the plug has been pulled out so the audience can’t hear a different opinion. The audience will only as time goes by hear one opinion, which is the opinion that the elite want everyone to have. Now there are books called, you know, “1984,” and “A Brave New World,” and some of the books that H.G. Wells wrote and countless others who foretold of this happening, but of course we thought that would never happen in Britain. It is happening. All right, so over to Becky and we’ll have some questions.

Rebecca Parkes: Okay thank you. The first question, well actually there’s three. It’s from Malcolm in South Africa. You did a question and answer podcast or not podcast but Zoom meeting with the South African group this week as you’ve recently been doing with other countries, Connecting Consciousness members like India and Greece and others. Malcolm was unable to ask his question because his Wi-Fi was cut off, so here are his questions. My question involves remote viewing and reverse speech. These are both not related to our normal five senses. Where does this information come from? Various remote viewers such as Dick Allgire can be very accurate in their viewing. For example, Dick saw the empty cities as a result of Covid-19 lockdowns months before they actually happened. He also saw many craft sitting off planet. David Oates in Australia plays audio backwards. What you pick up in reverse can convey a totally different message from that which is being said normally going from positive to negative. Interestingly, many of those recordings that I have heard of Donald Trump convey the same message both ways.

SP: Right, so okay. Some people have the ability to, even if they stay in the body, to access time. Time, as everybody who listens to this show will know, is not linear. We can either portray it as a figure of eight or you can portray it as a loop. It doesn’t matter as long as we accept the fact that it comes back on itself and joins, so if like on a race track you can join, the cars can join a set point, but it’s considered to be part of the loop. It is possible for some people who have either the gift or have artificially had that done to them that they can access the future. Possibly Nostradamus was using the same sort of tool. Many many people can. Now when you remote view, you can remote view in this reality. You can remote view in different dimensions. You can remote view the present, the past, and the future. I think the hard thing is to be targeted, to say I want to, you know, remote view this location, and I want to remote view it in this time zone, so I don’t have a difficulty with that. That’s something that for thousands of years people even peoples with a very poor technical background, but a very strong spiritual background, some indigenous tribes, have been very very good at that, and we know that intelligence agencies particularly recruit people maybe at a very young age to work on that, and there have been a number of instances where children have been used in experiments.

Backwards, I think the Beatles, many of the other pop groups where the songs were written for them, if you play some of it backwards you get messages that come backwards, and that’s, you know, an external manipulation taking place. That’s fairly straightforward. That’s happened a great deal. You’ve got people who create cartoons and they will, you know, put in imagery into those cartoons that put forward their particular cult or their particular view, so that’s just the music industry not in its entirety, but just part of it. Where is this coming from? Well if this information exists in time and space and it does, then the ability, the hard part is the person reaching out to find the right thread of information that’s being carried and to not just find it, but to interpret it and understand it. You see so many people, so many people get information which appears not to be relevant to them. You know, it’s you know, it might be saying, you know, don’t go on the train and they think well I’m not gonna go on the train, I’ve nothing planned, or they’ll see things which mean nothing to them. That’s the point. The point is if you’re lucky enough to find something that you understand and is relevant to your time frame and they are very few and far between. Thank you.

RP: Okay, thank you, and the last part of his question is I have seen this on MeWePRO chats as well when you and Becky are settled in the U.S. and have the healing center up and running, would you be open to running online courses to input some of your vast knowledge and experience?

SP: One of the keys, so many of them you know, fingers crossed, toes crossed, to get up and running, but a media room where certainly we can do that. Do really keen that people are trained into, you know, aspects so for instance, you know, like a Reiki, for instance, we would get someone who was very skilled at Reiki to run Reiki courses. What you’re saying is a bit different from that. It’s about a resource working with people. I’ve got some ideas about how we open a network out, so the answer is yes, but I’m not clear in what a manner that would occur, but yes certainly, Thank you.

RP: Okay thank you. Remo from Italy and Estonia says Hello Simon and Becky, thanks for your courage and your untiring efforts in putting out the truth. Here is the question for you. What is the significance of the human face and does the face reflect the soul within us? I am aware that to you it is very important to have a picture of your clients or to see them on Skype in order to tell who they are in terms of their soul makeup. I’d appreciate if you could tell us a bit more about the connection between face and soul types and whether off-planet entities have faces. Thank you and blessings.

SP: If we look at the human group, the human group will always have a face. If we look at a humanoid group, there will always be a face of sorts. The soul in our bodies can dictate some information into the growing of the body. In other words, hopefully we will always have two eyes and two hands, so that shouldn’t really be changed, but as to whether we’re fat or thin, tall or short, the soul in the body will try to exert itself and say this is the ideal body shape, or this is the ideal way that this should be, and within the confines of a biological makeup, it will attempt to exert itself. So certain style groupings will actually be very similar physically, and yeah, I can’t do the work without seeing somebody, and in actual fact it’s not the face I look at, it’s the eyes, and that is why men in black wear sunglasses to stop people like me identifying them. That is why they wear sunglasses. There are two reasons why they wear sunglasses. I’m being absolutely technically accurate here. Some of them are hybrids, and therefore the eyes are much larger and don’t look right from a human perspective, so they wear the wrap around sunglasses, but in most cases these are only slightly altered humans with very normal-looking eyes, but they are activated, the soul is activated. They have capabilities above and beyond most humans, and if I was to look into their eyes I would see exactly who they were, so you know, they will wear sunglasses to prevent being identified by people who’ve got that sort of skill or gift, so it’s the eyes that will tell me the person, and I can do the same with photographs, but if a photograph is given to me of somebody who is twenty years old, I cannot project forward from that photograph. I can only go from the moment that photograph was taken and look backwards. Thank you, next question.

RP: Okay thank you. The next question is from Trent in Queensland, Australia. Hi Simon and Becky, thank you for all the wonderful work that you do for humanity. I’ve been following Simon for about five years now, started with the mass meditation for the CERN Hadron Collider. That piqued my interest. Ever since that time I’ve been following with great interest the radio show, podcasts and conferences, and all the information really resonates with me. My question is do you believe that full truth disclosure will be released to the mass public by the end of this year or by next year. I think it’s really important that the truth comes out, warts and all before the election. Do you see an eventual white hat takeover of the deep state mainstream media to allow full truth disclosure with all indictments becoming unsealed and arrests known to the public? I believe this is necessary to wake people up who are still sleeping. Some people just won’t believe things unless the TV tells them. Unfortunately, my family still refuse to believe anything I tell them about what’s going on and go into attack mode because, and become like the mainstream media mouthpiece. The brainwashing and programming has been so powerful and I realize more and more people are waking up which is fantastic, but this process will be accelerated by truth disclosure in all aspects that is broadcast worldwide. What are your thoughts on this please? Love and light to you both.

SP: Well first of all, thank you very much for taking the trouble to listen to me for five years and thank you for being interested in the situation with the Hadron Collider, possibly one of, one of the big things that Connecting Consciousness did for humanity. Hopefully there are others, and but I think that was a pivotal moment. You touch on so much with your question. Thank you. And you talk about human emotions because if you’re in a family and you have learned the truth and yet those that you love around you refuse point blank to engage with you, to believe with you, there’s a part of you that cannot be shared with them, and that’s about fear on their part. They’re fearful and you’re absolutely correct. This is an attack. They go into attack mode. They try to belittle you or be sarcastic or be vicious, because that is the way they’ve been programmed, and deep down inside some of them know it’s true, but their conscious mind is holding on to a reality frankly that’s not worth holding on to, but they hold on to it because it’s all they know, and they feel desperately safe with it, and I’m really sorry for you, because I know what that’s like. I’ve had situations in family where people are almost manically switched off, and they’re like zombies, and you cannot break through, so you can’t do it. So listen, just find people who do know the truth, and remember this, you’re not responsible for other people. Yes, in law someone’s 18 or just under 18, you are responsible for them. I know some states, you know, it’s a bit older, but we are not responsible for how a person’s soul is communicating or developing or understanding, and how that person’s conscious brain is dealing with it. You’ve got to walk away from these people. Don’t engage with them. If they just want to talk about the happy shopping moment in the shopping mall and this, that, just go with it. Go with it, just for peace of mind. There are so many couples at the present breaking up across the planet because one member has evolved, looks back at the other partner and thinks, there’s nothing compatible with this anymore, and this is meant to happen on the Earth, and it’s occurring. We can’t stop it, and we must choose where we are. You know, the dividing railroad lines, which side are you on?

Your question is very important because it’s here now three months to the election, sort of. I would hope that something is going to be released. I am hoping that, because I think it’s on a knife edge in terms of the election. People who are part of the Trump campaign seem to be absolutely gold standard convinced that he’s gonna win. Maybe the problem is because I was a politician. I had to produce leaflets. I had to go win votes, and I had to do that through three elections, so maybe I don’t take people for granted and I mean this disrespectfully to them. I’m saying I don’t take people for granted because I have been a politician. I have actually had to go out there and win those votes, and so I always think that you’ve got to do everything you can to put your truth across because, you know, when I was a politician I didn’t stand there and do a speech or meet people, and then walk away and say, you know, well I don’t care what they think about me. You know, I want people to be able to connect with who I really am, see who I really am, and I always say that the first vote, the first election you win isn’t too difficult because you can promise people anything you want. The key is the second election because then they’re judging you. They’re judging you on your response, on what you achieved, so when I was first elected that was exciting but it was okay, but what was more important was four years later when I had the reelection, and I came back in again. That was important, so the difficulty I think is that there is still an element of control that the president has no access to whatsoever, you know, and I am getting incredibly tired of people who tell me that ex-president Obama is dead and there’s a clone of him running around. Hillary Clinton is dead and there’s a clone of her running around, you know. No, they’re not dead. They may have clones but they’re not dead, and they’re very much there. To be truthful with everybody, and I mean it. If that was the stage we were at, half of the cabal would have collapsed and come down. That’s the point.

So the media is the big one. Look, I’ve talked about the effect it’s having on people like myself who are trying to get some truth out there, and they’re sort of taking President Trump’s communications and trying to do something with those, stop them, or alter them, or make it difficult. Yes, if I was President Trump, I’m not, but if I was, I think I would start to release information which he must have, which he must have, which would be like a seismic shock wave going off. Maybe he’s going to wait four weeks before the election and do it. In terms of the white hats taking control, that can only happen if the levers of power, the structure of power, is taken down. The white hats cannot take control of a structure if the structure is working against them. You know, you’d have to replace everybody in that structure, and that doesn’t look like it. It will look like the underground bases throughout the United States. I would suggest that 35 percent of them are now under white hat control. The vast majority are empty, so you could say no side controlled it, but there are still sizable bases that the negative forces are very much in control of.

If the world was painted as so many of us seem to think, then the media would not be doing what it’s doing. The media was doing what it’s doing because it believes that President Trump will lose the election and that Biden will become the president, and then everything goes back to the way it was pre-2016 except all of the plans they had rolling up to 2016 will be concertinaed in. What I mean is instead of rolling out their plans over four or five years, they will bring them in within the first six months, so the removal of the Second Amendment. Yes, absolutely. The cabal has now come to the opinion that the removing of the gun ownership from the United States is pivotal, absolutely pivotal, and it’s not really about the Democrats. It’s about the people behind them, you know, it’s much more than politics. It’s the people who control these governors, the people who control these politicians, so if Trump is not reelected, then the effect on the way of life in the U.S. will never again be the same. So the truthful answer is I just don’t know, but I can tell you that there are a number of options the president has, and the last option is the United States Military, and I can absolutely assure you that those who by and large control the U.S. Military will not stand idly by if the Constitution is going to be walked on. Thank you.

RP: Okay thank you. That actually was a very popular question. Lots of people had commented on that saying that they would like to hear what you say about that, and many people want the mainstream media to be sort of overruled so that the truth can come out, and also many have expressed their frustration at being unable to wake up their nearest and dearest, so thank you for that.

SP: Well it was… thank you Becky. I mean it was a, it was a powerful question because there are two elements of it which they’re not running together, but the guy has put them together, and so I had to try and answer them together.

I mean this point about, you know, people making a choice, we’ve got a very interesting situation in Connecting Consciousness in Britain. We have a group in one of the Midlands areas that I removed one of the guys from there because it came to my attention that he was attempting to steal, sounds quite a hard word, but he was attempting to take members from Connecting Consciousness and set up his own little, I think he’s calling it Expanding Consciousness, so he wasn’t capable to set up his own organization, but he wanted to steal people off Connecting Consciousness and take them to his organization, so I found out about that and got rid of him, and everyone was saying, oh he wasn’t going to do that, you know, you shouldn’t have done that. Well lo and behold, that’s exactly what he’s done. Is it the East Midlands?

RP: Yeah, uh-huh.

SP: So in the East Midlands we have a situation where this guy, is it Mike?

RP: Um-hum, yeah.

SP: Mike, yeah. Mike has set up what he’s calling Expanding Consciousness, so it’s nothing to do with Connecting Consciousness. It’s not part of my organization and clearly if people want to be a member of that, then that’s absolutely fine, but you can’t be a member of that and have been a member of Connecting Consciousness. So he’s not running with my blessing. He’s taken people, setting up his own group. My advice to him is recruit your own people. Don’t try and come on a ready-made group and take people from it, so you know, if you are in his group, just to let you know that it is not part of Connecting Consciousness. It’s nothing to do with me and I did remove him, and he’s just gone and done exactly what I predicted he would do, so that’s what’s happening over the planet, people are having to make a choice as to which narrative sounds or feels right to them. Do they think that this person is the truth or do they think that person’s the truth? Do, you know, while people are pulling down statues, what the bad guys are doing is slipping in laws and controlling people in another way, so they’ll put a great big firework display on. I’m talking metaphorically. They’ll put a big show on, and while everyone’s attention is on that, they’re doing something behind the scenes, and you know, rather than pull statues down, my advice to people is look at your own democracy in your own country and see how it’s being eroded. See how it’s being eroded. You know, if people don’t wake up to this particular aspect, they will wake up one morning to find that the freedoms that they had yesterday have all suddenly been taken away from them, and unfortunately, we do think that that can never happen, and you know, there are certain key names of billionaires, and if I now mention those names this will be taken down. That’s a fact. There are key names of key multibillionaires who we know, household names, if I say those names on this show this will be removed from YouTube, but if I was in Texas or Arizona or any of those states I could say that, and it wouldn’t be taken down, so you know, that’s where we’re at now with this, so please be aware that across the planet people are being given opportunities to choose. Thank you, next question.

RP: Okay thank you. Yeah, I just wanted to add regarding the situation in the East Midlands, I mean you had tried to have a dialogue with Mike and he was quite disingenuous with his response and it was that which, you know, because you don’t mind obviously people belonging to other groups and people can be part of all sorts of things.

SP: Of course.

RP: It was just the way that this was happening and the fact that some other quite high profile alternative speakers that we are connected with came to us and said this person says he’s part of this and is trying to recruit them, and they, every person has said they didn’t quite like the wording and the contact.

SP: Well we… what I can say is that, you know, I don’t like to, you know, people know that I’m generally don’t like to get into it because, you know, that’s not what I’m about, but… what I shouldn’t be about, but the fact is that, you know, it’s due fairness. I mean in Mike’s case, yes, I wrote him an email and said I want to discuss with you. I want to understand what’s going on because I’d had some complaints about what he was up to, and you’re right Becky, he was disingenuous, because he wrote back and he said that I won’t be on an email with you unless, you know, you bring in the people who are making these complaints about me, and they weren’t even invited. I wanted to have a private discussion with him, and he was doing everything he could to throw a smoke screen, and yeah, he’s emailed a number of high-profile people in the movement, you know, the spiritual movement who would literally just come back to us and said this guy’s emailed us. We know what’s going on and we’re not going to join his organization. We can see it’s a breakaway group. We see it doesn’t have the energy that you have Simon, and that you and Becky have brought to Connecting Consciousness, and you know, we’ve politely told him no, we’re not interested, and this happens.

We had it in America four or five years ago. There are individuals who wish to sell, I’m not joking, T-shirts to my members. They might have something that’s, you know, they just want the membership, and they want to sell it, and they want to make that profit for themselves. They become nice and rich. I have even somebody, you know, saying you know, they wanted to, you know, go on a foreign holiday, and if they were to sell things to my people like T-shirts and key rings and things, and I said absolutely not, but in most cases it’s people who have a huge ego, usually men, not exclusively, but usually men, a huge ego, and they want to show everyone how much they know, how clever they are, and they want to take a group, ready-made group, that meet on a regular date and all have friends and know each other, take that group and go off and start their own group up, because they couldn’t create their own group. They couldn’t do what I did and others have done, to start from zero. That’s how I started from zero. I had help. I had some very good help, volunteer help, and over years I built up an organization, and we’re gonna let someone just come in and walk in and take the people away because he doesn’t like the fact that I won’t, you know, play his game. No that’s not going to happen is it? So people will make a choice and those that go with him and happy with him that’s great. Have a lovely time. Enjoy yourself, but you’re not part of Connecting Consciousness, so yeah, well I do try. I just tell people to go. I try and have a discussion with them and there are plenty of people who are a Connecting Consciousness member and are a member of five or six other organizations, you know. Hell, I’ve got people in Connecting Consciousness that will be voting for Joe Biden. That’s fine. We’re not a political organization. I have my standpoint and my view, but if a CC member is very supportive of Joe Biden, that’s absolutely fine. I won’t get rid of that person. I might have a good debate with them, but I will never get to blows or anger, because if you’re a spiritual organization, you must be able to accept anyone as long as that person doesn’t mean harm to anyone else, and then they should be here. I mean you know, there are people who claim to be this, that, and the other, and this is fine for them as long as they care about humanity, they want humanity to evolve, then this is a great home for you. But if you, you know, you want to hurt somebody, then no, we don’t want you, so okay there we are. That was an interesting… is that washing dirty linen? No I don’t think it is. I think it’s about, I think it’s about saying that even in a spiritual organization everyone is being tested. Everyone is being given opportunities, doesn’t matter whether you’re on the production line making parts from motor car or whether you’re in a spiritual organization. Nobody really is exempt from the action and then the result, so we are faced with something, we make a choice, and then do we learn from that choice, and you know, that’s part of what we do on this planet, so I don’t go around saying, you know, this is really bad. This is really bad. I’ll say that that wasn’t good, but you know, it’s a choice that people are being given, and let’s see how many people wake up from it and how many people, you know, fall back into the pit, and that’s what happens, and you know, you can’t be responsible for people. You know, if you’ve got a brother or sister who you dearly love, you spend all your life with them, and maybe you care for them and you look after them, but they don’t get it. They just don’t get it. You’ve got to let go and wait for the time that they come to you and say, oh my God, you were right. They can’t do it yet, but something’s going to happen in their lifetime that’s going to so overturn their world, and if you can just wait patiently, don’t push it. Don’t start an argument. They will come to you and they will say this has happened. Now don’t say I told you so. Immediately get in there, support them, use education, send them links showing people to listen to on YouTube. That is if any of us are left to broadcast. Get them books or fashion books. Do whatever you can to support them and hold them in that critical period, but don’t push your views onto them, and if they don’t come to you, then they weren’t meant to. Let go. Just let go of it. Okay, thank you.

Before we go to the next question I want to thank everyone who has so kindly and generously donated. Thank you. It’s been wonderful. It keeps us going and we, you know, I haven’t got that job in America yet, you know, we’ve got our fingers and goes crossed. We survive on what we can do and those of you who care enough about what Becky and I and the organization stand for and you can support us and you support us, I’m very grateful to you. Thank you. All right we have another question?

RP: Yes we do. Now I was just running through them while you were talking. Okay so this one I think you’ve just mentioned it actually. It was about that your interview with Camelot TV was taken down and did you know about this, and yes you do.

SP: Yep. Yeah, I mean while you’re finding the next question I mean the thing is that it has been taken down, but it is on private viewing, so I guess you can only watch it if you have access to the code or whatever it is, but it for all intents and purposes, it is no longer available to the general public, and yes I have written and unfortunately there is no reply yet.

So before we go on to the next one we’re obviously very familiar with the new United States Space Force, but the space force is a public perception. In other words, it’s the image they want to show and I did have this badge. I did a, about five, six, seven, eight years ago, I did a thing on secret badges, and this is just unfortunately come off its cap (holds up a cap), but I’ll just take the badge off. This is quite interesting. Presumably this group will come under the space force, and it says “Don’t Ask! NOYFB” (none of your effing business), and of course there’s the moon and the question mark, and so that’s… I’ll have to push that back on, heat it back on, but that’s the sort of thing that will go on with the Space Force behind closed doors with Americans very very advanced in their badges. They have a badge for nearly everything, and that’s a genuine badge from a genuine Secret Deep Space Program, and clearly it’s the moon, so that’s to do with the work going on on the moon, and that’s an official badge, and I thought I’d just share it with you, so don’t expect to see that particular one when the president’s out on the podium introducing some of the space force pilots, but I just wanted to share that. We’ve got to have some humor. Right okay, we’ll do a couple more questions, and then probably we’re done for the day. Thank you.

RP: Okay so this question is from Thomas in Sweden who says I will try and make another try at this quest since this question did not come up in previous episodes. I’d really like to hear Simon’s opinion on this. I have a question about something that happened to me back in 1987. I was 22 years old. At the time I was living with my parents and two sisters. I had my room in the basement which was convenient with its own entrance. This particular night I was sleeping when I suddenly woke up. Just a strange feeling came over me like there was something wrong. I turned around. Since my face was facing the wall. Across the room on the stone wall there was a light. I would compare the light as the light you would get from Christmas tree lights inside a room. The light was in the form of a spinning circle about two meters in diameter. I can’t remember myself now, but after the incident my mother told me that I did say a female figure came out of the circle. Very quickly I got the feeling I should get out of the room. I get chills even today thinking about it. I got up out of the bed running towards the entrance of my room. There was no door, just drapes to separate my room from the rest of the basement area. Halfway to the drapes I was thrown to the floor. Something was pressing down my left leg to the floor and somewhere here my own memory is blanked out. The rest of what happened I’ve been told by my mother who heard my scream. She found me outside my room. I was white on my face and was pointing my finger into my room saying can’t you see. My left leg showed red scraping marks, probably from dragging myself out of the room, and I never slept in my room after that. A couple of days later in another room I suddenly woke up again and this time I saw a small figure sitting on top of my belly. I got a bad feeling about it, but then it was gone one second later. My memory about the figure is that it had the appearance of a baby, but there was a feeling of it that something [was] sinister about it. Can it have been a portal in the house? A lot of strange things happened there, like angelic singing in the kitchen, the toilet flushing by itself, and shadow figures walking around. Shortly after I moved out and have not experienced anything since then.

SP: Right, thank you very much. That’s really good and I’m glad that Becky read it out in its entirety. Thank you for giving as much detail as you could and thank you for sharing that. First of all, we get lots and lots of questions, and if your question is not answered, it is not because we go through it, and say well we’re not having that one. We’re not having that one. You know, we don’t, but if we get to America, I can assure you that we will have the facilities or the resources to deal with many more questions. I can’t ever promise you that every question, but we, if we get to the U.S., we’ll be able to do more questions, and yes, if you don’t get your questions asked, please send it back in and send it back in, and I’m glad you did, because just by chance it’s got pulled, and that’s a great one, and it needs an answer.

First of all I’m going to tell you that there are two separate entities here. The first one is completely different from the second one. You also mentioned the first one was female, and I think that’s really important. What we have is not a portal. You have a craft. You said it was several meters, but small enough to appear in a room. Colored lights like a Christmas tree, but you did not say whether those Christmas tree lights were switching off and on, whether they were blinking or whether they were still. You did not say whether it was like the sunlight coming through a tree onto a wall that gives that rippling or mottled effect, but nevertheless I think I’ve got what you’re saying. I think it’s a craft. The first one is a literally a physical craft that has come into your reality. These are crafts that hold one or two beings, that’s all. They operate between the mothership and the Earth or short-range portals. Remember that in portals you generally don’t have oxygen, so you do need something that’s a bit like an elevator. Imagine an elevator. That’s the best way to put it, between the Earth and somewhere else just to run you backwards and forwards. Think of it like that. Unfortunately, we don’t have any clear idea of the type of being, but you were stopped from escaping and the pressure was used. It wasn’t in your mind so much as physically, so your mind was told that your leg wasn’t going to work and then the physical pressure was placed on your leg, therefore it didn’t work, and you fell. I’d dearly like to talk to you at some point because I’m sure there’s a lot more in that head of yours that we could get out, not benign, because if it had been benign, it wouldn’t have done that to you, and whenever violence or physical force or making a prisoner is used, then it’s generally because they don’t value the human person and they’re just there for a job, do the job and go. So, I wouldn’t say this person was going to hurt you hurt you, but they would be on the slight scale of negative. They’re not going to do anything really bad, but they’re on the slight scale of negative.

The second one is an energy entity. It’s a demonic creature. We call him a cherubim, looks like a baby, but isn’t, feels… looks pretty, but feels bad, and it was on your stomach because it was trying to get inside your body. It’s interesting because of every twelve cases or ten cases that we get 90-odd percent of them are related to the individual and not the house. So in other words, it doesn’t matter where the person moves to, this is following them, but there are a very few occasions where there’s a power grid or you’re on a cemetery or a great battle was fought there or there was a natural disaster and lots of people died, and it is the local area and then the house was built it has a foundation, and if those foundations go into that land, it will take that energy up, so it sounds like that this was one of those cases where the house was acting as a trapped portal of time with whatever had occurred there it was drawing things into it, and you’re saying that when you left it didn’t follow you anymore, so it’s got to be that property, but you’ve given some really good information, and if when we can see more people, get the books open, I would love you to, if you possibly could, to make connection with me because I think that there will be more there. Don’t be frightened by it. There are an awful lot of people who are getting these visits.

The great thing about you is that you’re spiritual enough not to push it to the back of your head and say it never happened. You’re spiritual enough to say this teaches me that there is something out there beyond what I am taught in school. You see, there are lots of people, (coughs) excuse me, lots of people who see things like that and through fear absolutely refuse to believe it, so they had the golden opportunity to come to terms with something from another world, to understand that there are many more things outside of this life than most people understand, and they turn away from it, and they shut the door. It’s rather like a kid going into a dark room and you give them a flashlight and they say no thanks, I prefer the dark and they turn the flashlight off, because spiritual people once we put that flashlight on, why would you ever want to turn it off? You want to look in every corner. What’s behind there? Let’s move that. Let’s have a look at that, but these other people I’m afraid they just want the closed-inness. They don’t want to see. They don’t want to know, and you know, we can keep offering them the flashlight and every now and again someone will take it and come and join the happy crew of awake and aware, but there will always be a very sizable group of humans who in this time frame I’m sorry to say frankly are not moving, but you know, thank you for sharing that, and if any of you have had experiences like that, then at least you’re not alone. Okay, last question please Becky.

RP: Okay the last question is from Carolyn in the U.S.A., who said there was a video posted on July the 12th of Donald Trump being walked through a hospital. That’s in speech marks.

SP: Yeah.

RP: Surrounded by military. The video says he has been arrested and a coup has taken place. Can you comment on this please?

SP: Yeah I’m Donald Duck. I don’t make the money that Donald Duck makes, but I’m Donald Duck, and I’m not being rude about you, I’m talking about the lies that are being pushed out on the internet and they’re done very slickly and it’s a very valid question, and that’s why, you know, I didn’t say to Becky, oh don’t ask me that now when she was halfway through it. You know, you’re right to ask that question, and it gives us a very good point to show how people are deliberately either being paid to push this disinformation or they’re just hell-bent on bringing down the president. One minute Hillary Clinton’s arrested and then the next minute she’s a clone. Now Donald Trump is arrested. Maybe tomorrow someone will say he’s a clone. This is what we have to do. We have to look at all this information and we have to feel it with our heart and our soul and our higher self, as to what actually resonates, what makes sense.

The coup, the bad guys are not in a position to bring about a coup. That’s a very important point I want to tell everybody. They can’t do that. That’s why they want to kill him, kill the president. When they killed John F. Kennedy, they didn’t bring about a coup, they just killed him, because they can’t bring about a coup. All they can do is discredit or try and lose an election for that person, so I can absolutely totally tell you that President Trump is not arrested. There’s been no coup. He’s not a clone. He’s not a cyborg. He’s not a zombie, you know, he’s a man who took on this job because he actually believed that he’d had enough, and we were never in a position to do what he’s doing because we never had all the things fall in place for us, but he’s doing it, and he’s doing it in the best way he can with an army against him, and I mean that in terms of not military army, although there are some elements of that, but an army of insidious very nasty interconnected webs of power in which for the first time in a very long time a United States president has decided to bravely walk through and try and cut this web, and so thank you for bringing the question. It’s useful because it allows me to reflect back to the audience what is occurring on our social media.

So you know, the guy that is hated by the media, now the story is going out that he’s been arrested or cloned or a coup. If there had been a coup the media would stop attacking him straight away. The day that the established media stop attacking President Trump is the day that the evil people in the media have faced justice. That’s the only time it will stop. Thank you very much indeed for being very kind, because you have to be kind of be spiritual. If you’re nasty you’re not spiritual, so thank you for being kind. Thank you being patient. Thank you for not going crazy in this world, and I hope you’ve all got your masks because here in Great Britain on the 24th you’re gonna to have to wear a mask by law if you want to go into a shop to buy something, and we can’t always buy things online, so I do hope you have your mask. Otherwise they will not allow you into a shop, although I’ve been told that shops will be giving out free masks when they have them.

I haven’t worn them, you know, I don’t wear them, but if I’m required by law to wear them otherwise I can’t go in and buy food, I’m gonna have to do it aren’t I, because I’m going to have to go and buy bread and things like that. So just go with it, you know, what did Jesus say? Jesus said, you know, give unto Julius Caesar what is Julius Caesar’s. Give unto God what is God’s. In other words, jump through the hoops for the kings, but keep your spirituality strong for, you know, the real power that’s gonna win one day, so all I can say to you is don’t get too stressed by it all. It’s gonna play out. It’s part of the plan that was slated in and we will all choose what is right for us, and who we believe in, and I’m sure it’s going to get a hell of a more bumpy ride and a more crazy ride. I’m just very very very sad for freedom in Great Britain, because I never thought that I would see the day that free speech on the street was different from free speech electronically, because to me they’re all one, but clearly, they’re not. So, who owns the free speech of the airwaves can dictate who speaks, when they speak, how they speak, but if you speak out on the street, you may only get 20 or 30 people around you, so of course they’re not bothered by that are? They don’t want you reaching thousands. Anyway, lots of love to everyone and so from Becky and I thank you very much indeed for all your good work and keep doing it. Take care.

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