Podcast: Recorded Friday, October 11, 2019

with Rebecca Parkes



Connecting Consciousness Podcast: News, Questions & Answers

Recorded Friday, October 11, 2019

Illegal and unconstitutional impeachment fiasco against President Trump rages on; Trump manages to get Chinese to relinquish its stranglehold on our Long Beach, CA container port; missile attack on Iranian oil tanker is a form of payback; Trump orders troop pull out from Syria; FBI speaks with the Royal Family about Prince Andrew; 9/11 truth probably not coming out as Trump’s administration is in a battle for survival; the fact 5G has/is being rolled without regard to devastating effects it will have on human health means elite are still in control; 5G Bioshield in the shape of a USB stick soon to be released to protect against 5G; Questions: Who is reading our mind on Facebook; mind reading technology is being rolled out that can read the top surface of your brain cortex; Pilgrims Society of Great Britain and it relationship to USA; is there a relationship between solar bodies and our chakras; sun’s increasing frequency is causing all planets in our solar system to warm; do we create more from our heart or our mind; are there any alien races who want to help us simply because they feel empathy toward us; how does one stop ongoing interaction resulting from alien abduction and programming; why are aliens extracting DNA from abductees and can they damage or destroy the soul; will Trump’s exposé of the media hurt the economy; gratitude is expressed to Simon for his October 7 news update; etheric implants, their location, and their purpose.

Simon Parkes: Hello and welcome to another Connecting Consciousness. It’s the 11th of October. Hopefully this might get out for Sunday of Andy’s got the time and able to do it, and I’m very grateful to him and his assistant for making it all happen.

Well I’m sure that everyone has been looking at the news and you’ve, it’s not been lost on you what’s going on, and it is quite interesting that I can remember casting my mind back to just a few hours after President Trump had taken, you know, the seat of office. He was sworn in and the media was already talking about time to impeach Trump. Literally, you know, he’d just been in not even a day in office, so nobody can be surprised that this impeachment attempt is being made, and least of all the president. Clearly he’s been expecting it and living it for the last three-plus years, but it is important because it’s the final throw of an organization that has tried fair means or foul to either stop the president or derail him or get rid of him. And it is very bizarre that this particular effort is through a democratic means. The impeachment process is a political constitutional democratic means, rather than, you know, being rammed off the road or having a missile fired at you, or shot at you. So that I suppose is a bit more pleasant for him than any of the other ones we’ve mentioned, but nevertheless it’s a real indicator of the true desperation, and I’m like many of you, I get rather fed up with commentators telling us that the economy is about to crash every moment, every day.

I think that, you know, I was reporting that particularly between 2015 and 2016 when it really was on the verge, but people are still you know talking about it and it’s been talked about for a long time and I have said look it’s not so much a crash in the true sense of the word. It’s more a readjustment and we are very close to another readjustment and people say well surely in 2008 with the Lehman Brothers crash that was that was the big one, and I said no it wasn’t, because that was controlled and planned and organized and it was to hit in a certain way, but what’s brewing now is very different. It is not controlled in the same way and will have a remarkably different effect. A readjustment of how money is moved, a readjustment of how we value money, but it’s really a playoff between say the Chinese and the Americans and how interesting in California, Long Beach, though it hasn’t been reported very widely, President Trump has just forced the Chinese authorities to put up for sale the big Port Authority at Long Beach which is in California. Not it’s profit but its turnover is something like a hundred and seventy-eight billion dollars a year. That’s its turnover. It’s quite a big port. It’s a huge port in terms of its turnover and the reason the president Trump used all of his good offices to force the Chinese to sell this was simply because the Chinese control all of the containers in ships and these big ports that the Chinese have been buying up in particular under Obama, these are all container ports, ports to deal with containers. You have a stranglehold on a country if you own the actual places that will unload the containers and you have a huge say in the containers themselves, then you politically don’t need to fire a shot. You can really have an effect, and what present Trump’s done through the administration of course is to ensure that this has gone up for sale and I believe an Australian company has bought it. Now America is very close to Australia politically and militarily as part of a friendship group, Five Eyes, so that’s very good news for the American administration, but that is not being reported in the news. It’s because the, what do you want to call them the Cabal or the deep state or the elite whatever name, you know, you choose to use, this was part of their pressure that they could bring to bear on President Trump, so with the removal of that, that’s just another little important point that’s, you know, worth of taking note of there.

The other things to report obviously the potential missile attacks on the Iranian oil tankers. Nobody should be any doubt this is payback, and as I put on the site, it’s most likely America working through Israel, and I’m not sure at this stage whether these missiles have been fired from a boat or whether they’ve come from some other location. If we look at the damage that the other tankers had they were small holes, and we know it to be tit-for-tat because the damage on these tankers should also be small, so missile warhead with a very small altered warhead that’s quite, you know, not very explosive. Some other method of doing it maybe a solid shot projectile, but it’s not designed I shouldn’t think to sink the tankers. It’s just a payback. So that’s playing out as well, and it was always going to occur after the Iranians had released the British tanker, which they were holding. That was their bargaining chip, so let’s see where that goes now.

America’s pull out from Syria: President Trump, for non-Americans, President Trump, one of his big platforms for election in 2016 was he didn’t want to be embroiled in any more wars, and that was one of his planks of his campaign is that he did not want to do that anymore. He wanted to get out, so again politically we shouldn’t be surprised that he’s doing everything he can to extricate American troops from war zones, which he didn’t you know, he didn’t put those troops in there. He found himself as president with a number of countries where American troops were actively engaged, so that’s him just following through on his his point there.

I did put a message out a little while ago. It’s still very relevant that the FBI spoke, we say the Royal Family of course we mean the Queen or the Queen’s representative, but the FBI had a reasonably short conversation with the Royal Family saying that they were investigating individuals who were associated with Prince Andrew and they were just letting the Royal Family know that there could be some more revelations, you know, down the pipe. I would expect them to keep a lid on whatever comes out. I don’t have that much confidence that something as difficult as that could, you know, be allowed to rock the Royal Family.

And I get a lot of people asking me, you know, why doesn’t President Trump, you know, go the truth on 9/11, and all the other points. The harsh reality is that if the official government of the United States was to be truthful about 9/11 it would not only severely impact the economy of the United States, but it would and I’m not over exaggerating here, it would destroy the diplomatic influence that America wheels throughout the world, because how could any American administration go to any other country if the truth were let out and then tell them what they thought they should do, because that country would turn around and say well don’t you dare lecture us. You know, you’re the country that did all this. Don’t you tell us how to run it. So there’s this battle between wanting to bring the truth out, and being at the helm of a ship. You see if you’re not in power, if you’re not elected or have office, then you can shout and scream, you know, we need the truth. We need the truth, and when you get into the position, you have to be absolutely unique to be able to say to heck with everything I’m going to tell the truth. So I don’t think we’re going to get the level of truth that perhaps we’d all hoped for, wished for, anytime soon, not because Trump or those around him want to sit on it for the same reasons that the very evil people did, but simply because they are up to their eyes in a battle of survival. The attempt to impeach him isn’t going to go very far, but the very fact that the system is turning against him, the last thing he wants is to be fighting multiple battles on multiple fronts, and perhaps that’s what this is all about as well. So don’t expect any real truth on any of the things we passionately believe anytime soon. Do I think they’ll come out? Yes I really do. If President Trump gets in for another four years, then that is the time we’re most likely to hear the real important stuff coming out into public, but not while the deep state, a fashionable word, not while they are so powerful still. And they are, and again I personally am a little bit tired of certain commentators telling us that the deep state is on its knees and it’s destroyed and you know and we’ve won and everything’s okay, and everytime, you know, it’s the same story. What I’ve said consistently is they are weakened but they’re not finished. No way are they finished.

Let’s look at 5G. 5G was rolled out across much of the globe in a way that we have never seen any other product pushed out without any questions. I can’t think really of any other product that has taken off without any questions or any due diligence or any medical input. It’s just happened, and that tells me that those people who have controlled the planet for a very long time are still there. They’re still there. They’re still very much in control and so let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Definitely there is a great advancement. Definitely human consciousness is rising and definitely there are leaders throughout the world now who are trying to change the way they rule and the values, but make no mistake the other side is still very active, are still very powerful. So changes are there but, you know, don’t think that you can relax or let your guard down because it’s still very much the battle going on. When we look at 5G we understand the consequences of allowing something to envelop the planet that has not been fully tested. You saw the video that Sacha Stone had put out all showing, you know, American lawmakers when asked about 5G basically shrugging their shoulders and saying well I’ve been told it’s okay, and direct questions what independent medical tests have been done and the response, none. None. And that’s the state we’ve got on this planet in the Western world where politicians are so used to being told what to say and what to do, that when we get a bit of a maverick like Boris Johnson or President Trump who don’t act in the same polished way that we would expect an Obama or whoever else, we immediately think that they’re a bit kooky and a bit bit crazy, but actually what it tells us is that they’re not under the same control as the other guys. The very fact that they’re a bit eccentric, the very fact that they act the way they do means that the influence that others have on them is not as great and they’re not as controlled, and here’s your yardstick. If the newspapers are attacking you, then you must be doing something right. If the newspapers are right behind you and supporting you, then you are part of the status quo. You’re part of the group. Now generally speaking good people get attacked and regularly and bad people don’t get attacked because if you’re here to prop up the system, keep the status quo alive, then you will be supported by that very system. If you’re here to ask questions and prod with the stick, the system will try and contain you, push you out, and the more you fight back the more it pushes, and you know, there have been a lot of alternative medicine specialists who just committed suicide, so the extent that even unawake and unaware people must begin to question. So look things are moving but please don’t be taken in by commentators telling you that it’s all over, needn’t bother shouting, it’s all been done. They’re on their knees. They’re not. They’re absolutely not, and actually what they’re trying to do is to hunker down, try and weather the storm, and then change the name, change the color of the box, and then change the label, and come back and try again. So let’s be very aware that the battle is still on and is going. All right, so that’s what I want to talk to you about. Basically on the 5G we have been in conversation with Sacha Stone and we have been in conversations with representatives of the scientists who have created a, looks like a USB stick coming from Russia. It was originally designed to assist people when the Chernobyl nuclear reactor exploded many years ago now and the Russian military wanted some form of protection when they went into the radiation field, and people laugh and joke about the Russians, but actually their scientists are pretty damn good, pretty good, and they came up with a very interesting piece of technology that repulsed the radiation waves. That’s astounding. Now that’s tweak’d over the many years since Chernobyl and this is a device which looks to be pretty effective at preventing the harmful side of 5G. Connecting Consciousness, the organization that I founded, has been approached and it’s been agreed that we will be a distributor for these I’m gonna call them defense. They’re called a bioshield. I think that’s what Sacha is calling them, the bioshield, 5G Bioshield. I’ll just call them a defense stick which are very portable and we can use them. Now there’s a very important question here, is that why would be elite you want to cover the world in 5G? Why would they let anyone distribute something that was going to work against it, and here’s the answer. It’s shocking, but it’s the truth, and here’s the answer. Anybody who is awake and aware enough to recognize the dangers of 5G, obtains a defense mechanism against that, as far as the elite, the Cabal, the Illuminati, whatever you want, as far as they’re concerned those people have won the right to live. They’ve won the right to save themselves. All of the unawakened unaware people, what the illuminati refer to as the quote “useless eaters,” if they don’t see the danger of 5G, if they don’t invest in these defense mechanisms, and as far as the elite are concerned they are the very ones they want to rid off the planet. That is why this defense against the 5G is going to be released and let out simply because there is a proportion of people who have shown that they are in tune with the truth and [19:17][unintelligible], that’s the elites point of view have won the right to protect themselves because this cabal, this elite, these Illuminati, they have children. They’re going to be bathed with the same 5G waves that I’m going to be bathed with, that the cats are, the dog, et cetera, et cetera, so they have exactly the same technology but it’ll looked differently. So they’ve got them. The children will have them. The nannies will have them. The chauffeur will have them. The pilot of their private jet will have one, and all we’re doing is saying right, well here we are, and for those of you who want to have that protection, you know, we will be in a position to distribute them and we’re not ready yet, but I’ll make obviously the full announcements. That’s why I’m not going to be taken out. That’s why Sacha is not going to be taken out. We’re not going to be killed for this, because the elite have said okay, well this percentage, it will only be a small percentage unfortunately, we’ll let them have the defense, and that’s an incredible concept, but that’s actually the truth here.

All right, okay, so listen that’s my update, my news. Oh and I am sorry that we are behind, (noise) that’s the dog. I’m sorry we are behind with our podcasts and I have, and so has Becky and others been working on other things which are just as important. I know how much these podcasts, how important they are to me and to you, but I’m not always in the position to be able to do them, so thank you for your patience. All right Becky over to you for the questions please.

Rebecca Parkes: Okay thank you. The first question is from Paula in Greece who says who is reading our minds on Facebook? Is it AI? On my phone it has read my mind three times on three separate occasions and I know I didn’t tell anyone about what I was thinking. The publicity appeared on my iPhone and it freaked me out and a few seconds after Simon was talking about a hooded cloaked Grey’s rusty color and the person not remembering their childhood and the bed passing through the ceiling, this happened to me and my hair stood up on end on my body while Simon explained of child abduction, where I have no memory or pain et cetera. I also have memories of being taken on a ship with ETs, but I hardly have any childhood memories, so have I been abducted?

SP: Thank you. What is quite shocking, the number of abductions that have occurred, even those people who have researched, it tends to be an unbalanced group because someone doing research will predominantly be contacted I suppose or come across groups, but there’s a huge number of people who just don’t remember anything at all and those that do who don’t want to come forward for very understandable reasons, and so we get a small group which is not representative. The representative fact is much larger and whilst many people do have their memories, the vast majority do not, certainly until they reach the age of somewhere between usually between 45 and 55. That’s when traditionally your body, your brain, your soul is in a more comfortable position and ready to face what has been locked away in that closet of your mind for so long. There are people who never get their memories back and of course they will miss out on past lifetime memories as well. So that’s the first thing there. The, what was the first sorry, what was the…

RP: The main question was what is it that’s actually mind-reading people’s minds when…

SP: There are two questions, you know I just can’t remember them. On the face of it, we, as a human race, can fully accept under this technological age that our cell phone, our mobile phone can listen to us. Most people will accept that and they’ll accept that something or someone is listening to us and then that will be relayed somewhere else, sold basically and then that information sent to some retailer or manufacturer who will then say okay number 27 at Caseshire Avenue, they were talking about how bad their bed was this morning, so I tell you what we’ll do. The next time they go on Facebook we’ll stick an advert for our sleepy mattresses and we’ll see if we can sell them a new mattress, and we accept that because we know that’s just what happens in this commercial world. Harder to accept that it still does that, your cell phone still does that even when it’s turned off, but it does. Remember three years ago I talked about Samsung televisions and these Samsung televisions have an instruction manual, a guarantee, something like 144 pages long, deliberately, so that nobody really is going to go through 144 pages. You know what you do, you just say I accept and you click it. I did go through 144 pages and indeed on about page 141 it actually says that this television set will listen to your conversations it actually says it will listen to your conversations and it’s part of the contract and if you don’t want this television to listen to your conversations take your television back and get a refund. It actually says that. Now other advice on other sites are... and don’t talk within six feet, don’t talk within 12 feet of your television or your cell phone, or if you’re going to have a private conversation don’t talk around your cell phone. So that’s hard to accept. What’s really difficult to accept is that there is technology that can to a certain extent read the top surface of your cortex, the top surface of your brain, and I have to tell you that that technology is now being rolled out. Those of you who have studied or had alien experiences you know full well that aliens from the fourth dimension or higher speak to you telepathically and they can read your mind. There are some humans on this planet who can read minds as well. So it’s not just aliens. Well the CIA, the Russians, and the Chinese, and a number of other countries have spent vast amounts of money attempting to deliver this as a working military option. So what happens in major countries like America is that when they have this technology they bottle it up nicely for the military, and then they say maybe we can sell an aspect of this to the corporations. Don’t please for one minute think that the Shockley diode of what we now would call the transistor, don’t for one minute think that that came from the experiments of the Germans were doing of the very early diodes in 1944. That Shockley diode, that transistor was directly sourced from the concept of the Roswell crash in 1947. It is no coincidence that the vacuum tube, what we would call in England the valve, which was invented around about 1880, 1888, and was used in radio sets, televisions of course later. We went through to two wars, two major world wars, first war and second war and the valve was the principal device in all radio communications. Now you think that a war with all the money that’s pushed around would push up the technology and in many ways it does, but the human mind was not able to find an alternative to the valve, the vacuum tube, so we went through the first war and in the 1930s and early ’40s police cars had radio sets and the radio sets were huge in the police cars because the valves get very hot and they need a space around them. So what happens in 1947 is that the Roswell spaceship or craft, two of them crash. Within six months of that crash Bell Laboratories announces it has a transistor. So in the same way this ability to read people’s minds is an enhancement of technology which has come from somewhere else, and has been sold to the corporations and has a fantastic way for a corporation to know what you’re thinking before you even think it, and to provide you with something to purchase. Now before anybody says well this is 1984, George Orwell, you know, we’re on the verge, you know, of being taken over, let me remind you that in China they already have face technology for their cameras and it’s an absolutely true story that a guy crossed the road where he shouldn’t have done. In America and other countries it is called jaywalking. In Great Britain we don’t have that law. It’s not advisable to cross, you know, three feet away from a crossing, but it’s not illegal in Great Britain, but in other countries it is, and China is one of them, and this guy did some jaywalking and literally before he got the other side of the pavement the face recognition camera had taken his face, gone to his bank account and taken out the fine before he even arrived on the other side. In China there’s no real cash. Everyone has an electronic bank account and the state has access to your bank account. I bet most people didn’t know that. So in China you can go to someone’s bank account, take money out, you don’t have a court case, you don’t have to call them, you just do it. Now that’s occurring in China now, so, you know, 1984 is already here. Okay thanks for that question. Thank you.

RP: Okay thank you and I just wanted to say yeah there’s noise in the background. The dog is chasing the kitten and if there’s any crinkling of one microphone it’s just because I…

SP: It’s not your knitting then?

RP: No I’m not, but there’s a kitten and the dog playing.

SP: Well let them play and that’s fine.

RP: Yeah okay next question is by Debs in the UK who says, Hi Becky and Simon, we often hear about the special relationship that exists between the USA and the UK. Is it because of the Pilgrims Society of Great Britain and the Pilgrims of the USA formed in 1902 and currently presided over by Marshal of Royal Air Force Lord Stirrup in the UK and Chairman Mrs. Diane Simpson in the US?

SP: That is certainly one of the aspects that have cemented the special relationship. You go right back to the war of independence when the crown technically lost, the British crown technically lost the war, so that the Americans gained their country, but financially, economically, and politically, the British crown still had a huge control over America, and where the British crown, be it a king or a queen, has this direct connection with New Zealand, Australia, to a lesser extent Canada, the United States what we called the old colonies, there already was a special relationship and that’s why Five Eyes, the ability of these countries to interconnect their spy, an electronic spy equipment, it’s just an expression of that, though when you have a special relationship, then you build on it and so it’s done through family ties, through money, through bonds, not bonds as in money, but bonds as in blood bonds, and so what you’ve got is a wide range of associations which could never have come about unless those two countries initially were considered one. So the answer is yes, but please don’t see that as the start of a special relationship. It goes right back. Thank you.

RP: Okay thank you. Timeless One has sent quite a lot of questions so they’ve said Hello Simon, I have a few questions that tie together. Is it true that the sun represents our solar system crown chakra? If this is true does that make Earth the third rock of the sun a heart chakra? Do we create more from our hearts than our minds?

SP: Okay can I just take one question at a time? Otherwise I’m gonna sort of at the end of it say what was the first question? It’s not as crazy as perhaps some people would think, and we do have to be very careful with chakras. Chakras are part of us and if we can take control of them and we can work with them then they are very helpful adjunct to moving between a physical and a nonphysical world. The problem is that some of these chakras can be accessed or attacked by energies from other dimensions.

Now there is a strong link between the planets and our chakras. That’s partly what astrology is about, partly, where we could associate a certain part of our makeup with a particular planet. So it’s no coincidence that, you know, the moon is associated with feminine and Mars as the God of War et cetera. et cetera, so there is. It’s not a massive connection but certainly within the overall plan of how things work. It is connected, so that’s my answer for that one.

RP: Okay I can see how you’ve taken it like that but I think this person is saying is it true that the sun represents our solar system’s crown chakra and if this is true does that make the Earth the third rock of the sun the heart chakra of the solar system?

SP: Right, every solar system has two suns. There’s the sun that we perceive with our eyes because the light frequency, you know, we are designed to see that and another sun which our eyes are not designed to see, so there are... each solar system has two suns. Each solar system has the sun that we see, which is the one that provides the radiant energy. It is that that’s causing global warming, and I was just chatting to someone only the other day, say that the climate extinction big campaign that’s being kicked off is actually being funded by a billionaire. What a surprise. A billionaire is funding the climate change or climate extinction demonstrations, obviously part of the Cabal, part of the elite. The whole climate change is because the frequency of the sun is acting on all of the planets in the solar system and raising the vibration. If you would look at video or films of the sun 30–40 years ago it was a very yellowy light. The sun’s light now is more of a white yellow light because its frequency is changing and becoming higher, so our planets are heating from the inside. Now we can’t necessarily say that the sun is the top chakra and the Earth is the heart chakra. We could certainly say that the Earth is perhaps the heart of the solar system in the sense that it provides so much obvious... (cat appears) oh hello come and say hello. This is Tahnee, [say] hello Tahnee. The Earth provides is the mother shall we say and provides the home for all the life here, but I would be very cautious to start trying to proportion each planet into a chakra, thank you.

RP: Okay another important question out of this is do we create more from our heart than our mind, making emotion the power point through the ether instead of intelligent mental activity?

SP: Right it’s a remarkable question. It depends on the individual. An unawake and unaware person, no it’s the mind, but if you are, you know, spiritually evolving and changing, then frankly it is a combination of the heart and the soul. The soul will generally try to communicate through the mind, but the heart is something separate. So you can produce perhaps more love from your heart than you could from your mind, so I think there’s very much truth in that statement. Yes I agree with that.

RP: I was actually reading a book I can’t remember what it was called now but it’s about where the mind is quite linear in the sense and it can only think of one thing at a time, but the heart has an emotional intelligence which is very holistic so it can think and feel in sort of every direction, so it can hold many thoughts and feelings at once and it radiates out in many directions, so making it more powerful than the mind in many circumstances.

SP: That’s not surprising because the mind is designed to do many things and the heart is really designed to do one thing so it would be more likely that the heart would.... Isn’t that the book that actually said that the heart contained many more not nerve endings…

RP: It does. It has it has very many nerve endings. I think it’s called the Radiant Heart and I’ll try and find, we’ll get a reference to it because it’s a wonderful book.

SP: I’m familiar with that so I’ll go along with that, no problem.

RP: Okay. Okay I think we’ll leave it at that for these questions because we want to be move on to other people’s questions as well. Okay, so Marcel says Hi Becky and Simon, I have a question about the aliens that have been involved with designing Homo sapiens sapiens. It seems to me that most of these alien races have invested a lot of energy and time in shaping us and therefore have some kind of self-interest in aiding us or controlling us, but are there any alien races who want to help us just because they feel empathy without any self-interest? Thanks for an interesting show.

SP: Yeah good question. Yes, so for instance Pleiadians, Andromedans, Arcturus, fifth dimensional Lyrans, sixth dimension. These these races do not artificially alter humanity because their very high rules wouldn’t allow them to do that, so they’re a group that are here aiding simply because we are part of the human family. We’re humanoid, but we are human, so we can directly trace connections, so we do have connections, but none of those races that I’ve mentioned were attempting to artificially alter humanity for gain. Sometimes these beings would realize that humanity was on a dead end and so they might do something to try and help that through, but at no point were those groups that I’ve named looking to control the human race, whereas there are a number of other races who specifically were interested in controlling humanity and so their alterations were purely designed to manipulate and control, so the answer is yes.

RP: Okay thank you. Anthony says Hi Simon, I was taken against my will during a dream about five years ago and placed under a very aggressive and abusive type of mind control programming. I have not had a dream in the last five years except if it was a controlled one given to me by my handlers or abusers. Over the past year I have woken up completely and I’m now able to discern exactly what is going on at all times as I can hear everything going on around me at all times. Today I know who is responsible, but I lack the skills of someone like yourself to free myself completely from this. I would greatly appreciate your help and support.

SP: Well you have to book a session with me then. All I can tell you is that it sadly is more common than you would think, and there is a real difficulty in discerning between what is a dream, what is I mean just an ordinary dream, and what is a dream that is actually a video playing out, something that happened to you five years or ten years ago, or indeed something that’s happening to you immediately, and part of the understanding is to work out who’s behind it, why they’re behind it, why are they, you know, chose you, and then you can then start to look at how you prevent that, but you have to have all of the ammunition, for want of a better word, to build up the picture because if it’s not done properly then your mind can suffer damage, but yes book an appointment and I’ll be very happy to talk to you.

RP: Okay thank you. We’ve got another alien abduction question now.

SP: We don’t get enough of them… questions not abductions.

RP: No maybe there was something on YouTube that’s prompted all this. From Sydney has said Hi Simon and Becky, thank you both for the light to shine for all to see. I would like Simon’s thoughts on the abduction phenomenon. From my own research it appears certain entities are claiming DNA from abductees to form hybrids or/and clones and the soul of Homo sapiens sapiens seems to be of great interest to them. Can they damage or even destroy it, and do all alien races have souls or are some clones without souls?

SP: Right okay this is something that the American military worked out in the 1950s. It’s one of the norm of their secres. You know what was it all about, and anybody who researches and has interviewed enough people will form his or her own opinion, which will take you down that road. The only thing I can add to that is that if you look at who’s doing the abductions, it is coming from what we call the lower fourth by and large. Those who have a heart center wouldn’t dream of doing it. So the question is why are they doing it? They’re doing it because humanity is scheduled, hooray, we’re scheduled to go to the fifth dimension, and there are a number of very nasty groups that have been blocked from going to the fifth dimension and they would like to hold on to our shirt tails, and as we go up into the fifth dimension the plan is that we take them with [us]. Now the problem for them is that that’s not going to work, because if you are of a lower fourth dimension and you are not raising your vibration, you can’t do it. The best analogy I can give you is a bus or a tram and you grab hold of the back of the bus and tram and you think well this bus and tram will take me, you know the cartoon where the trams are shooting along and the person’s hanging and their legs are kicking behind. The thing is this bus and this tram is going to go so fast and this bus, which is the Earth, is not going to want these and it’s going to start shaking and [shuttering] and it’s going to drop or lose these hangers on, these interlopers, so the plan has always been on the alien side to try to create the perfect match between physical and energy, so that, you know, they can move up. It’s not going to happen because you would have to be God. You’d have to be Source, the Great Creator and quite [45:21][unintelligible] these aliens still don’t understand God. They haven’t worked it out yet, so if they haven’t worked it out, they haven’t cracked it, and they never will, because they’re not destined to do that. Now there are other aliens that are involved in this genetic stuff and they don’t want that ascension, but they want to experience life in the third dimension. So there’s a lot of this work that goes on so that they can either go into a cloned body or a human body and you know that soul from that person does an exchange. That person’s soul goes into one of their bodies and then they experience each other’s life for however long and then they swap back again, so there’s not just one reason why. The evil reason this is the first one I gave you, but there are plenty of other interesting reasons why certain very intelligent aliens are a part of this program because they want to experiment for experiments sake. But of course what that does is it gives humanity an artificial trajectory. It puts us on an artificial road, and as I say to some of my clients that this world that we live in is like walking into a kindergarten with five-year-old children who are all on the floor playing with guns because technologically the human race is ahead of where it should be, but emotionally, spiritually it is behind where it should be. So this is terrible imbalance between a very high technological capability and a very low spirituality. I’m talking about, you know, the majority of people here, and that is because humanity has been tinkered with and altered to create this quest for technology. That’s [what] AI is all about, but the spiritual side, the creatures who have been doing this alterations, they’re not spiritual themselves, so they don’t see the value of it. This is the very reason why they’re stuck in the lower fourth because if they were[n’t], they would say we need to increase man and woman’s ability for compassion or the ability to love and understand, et cetera et cetera, but they don’t, because they’re into material understanding. So that is why the human race is where it is because it has not been allowed to develop naturally, and you know that’s why there are so many emotional breakdowns. That’s why it’s so difficult to survive. (dog appears) hello, because the working... say hello. Come and say hello. This is Freya. Hello darling, good girl. [48:20][unintelligible] ...if the world [unintelligible]... if you went back a few hundred years and saw how the people lived and worked in their own way… and how much happier people were, and how artificial (to Freya: do you want to get down darling) (crash–she’s fine) it is, and that’s the problem, that most people don’t know any different. You know, go back a hundred years in this country in Great Britain and the average age was so low. Go back two hundred years and, you know, I was talking about it to some family members just a few days ago that not that long ago a guy would turn up to clean your chimney and put a seven-year-old kid to climb the chimney to clean and there were six- and seven-year-old kids working in factories, so spiritually and emotionally in the last hundred years we have moved forward quite substantially but the technological advancement is outstripping that, and that’s the problem we’ve got. Until the value of this emotional understanding is really rewarded then we are going to have this imbalance, so that’s was a good question.

So now’s the time to say a very big thank you to everyone who’s, you know, been able to give some financial support with the donations, so here’s a list. I want to thank Valerie, Sharon, Pascal, Vita, or Vitae, Kiss, Laura, Martha, John, Elizabeth, George, Little Workhouse, David, Margaret, Leslie, Keith, Janice, Bjorn, Charlotte Ingan, Deborah, Get Real, Rhoda, Uma, Oliver, Jeff, Candice, Frederick, Adelia, Maria, Louise, Jackie, Natalie, Fred, Angela, Nina, John, Gunda, Chris, Amanda, Patap, Eric, Good Mundo, Stephan, a special thanks to Kim. Thank you Kim that was incredibly generous of you. You know, many people have old cars. I mean it’s no big deal, but my old car really needed something and so the money you’ve helped really will keep me on the road, and I appreciate that. Manuel, Jorgetta, Martin, Jo Ann, Richard, nearly finished there, Lisa, and Matthew. If your name is not on the list it’s not because I couldn’t be bothered. It just I wasn’t able to find you on the list, so maybe hopefully if we have missed you, try and get you next time, and thank you ever so much for everyone who’s supported and helped. It keeps me going, keeps the project going, you know, that’s what it’s all about. So thank you. Questions? I suppose we’ve got 10 minutes or so left I think.

RP: Okay. Patti asks do you feel that Trump’s plan to expose media politicians et cetera next month will cause the economy to take a dive?

SP: It’s an interesting question because it’s linked. You’re absolutely right that he’s determined to show the connection between the media or large parts of the media and these sort of deep state guys or organizations and how the two are working hand-in-glove. The bad guys don’t want a recession that they can’t make money out of. The good guys don’t want a recession. (full stop) Because we’ve got, you know, one year till the elections, and if there was to be a recession now, then you know, all bets are off as to who would win the election. I think much much more likely to bring a controlled financial disaster would be the arresting of key Cabal or deep state individuals. That would most likely cause it. That’s their, you know, they pull the plug out and sink everything, so I think that that would be it. I think what we’ve got basically is the good guy saying don’t sink the boat or we will arrest you for pedophilia, and the bad guy saying you know, don’t do this or we’ll pull the plug out. So both sides are threatening each other and then one side inches forward and then the other side inches forward, and it’s this tug-of-war between the two, so the answer is no. I don’t think that would bring about a crash, but I think the key arrests of certain individuals that would cause it to happen, okay.

RP: Okay thanks. The next one’s not a question but someone, Kazia, just wanted to say I don’t have any other way of sending my deep gratitude to Simon for his 15-minute updates today, October the 7th. I’ve known things were critical but it’s been very hard to get clear information via the internet about what is occurring. Of course it’s about the freedom of America, but also the freedom of the planet. The sad thing is that so many people I know whom are liberals would be glad to see President Trump go and have no idea of the dark backstory behind so much of what is occurring here in America and all over the world, blinded as they are by the brainwashing of the mainstream media.

SP: Well your eyes are open aren’t they? Recently President Trump held a campaign rally in Minnesota and the stadium, I’m not sure it’s capacity but they safely could manage about 20,000. I think it could hold more but so the security service around Trump are probably saying you know we need to have certain areas we can cover, so probably 20,000 is the maximum. Well he did this talk [Minnesota] and it was filled to capacity in the figure that they could have which is 20,000. There was another 25,000 people outside watching it on big screens. That’s 45,000 people to attend a political rally. Now in the Western world can anybody think of a political meeting that attracts those sort of figures? I mean President Trump regularly gets between ten and fifteen thousand people to attend his campaign rallies, and that’s unheard of. I know America always had those big figures, but this is incredible. So we do have to ask the question the reporting from the media which you know says that President Trump is hated et cetera, et cetera. It’s unlikely that he would pull in those large numbers unless he had a reasonably strong a rockbed of support. Now in relation to the military, we must remember that all of in Great Britain, where the military swear an allegiance to the crown, but in America it’s to the president who is the commander in chief, except in the Marines who swear a Constitution. It’s the Constitution they swear to, and so if an individual or a group of individuals were to fear that the Constitution was in danger of being toppled that’s what would cause the military to come out on the streets, and this is the point. It’s not about President Trump. It’s about the office that he holds at the president of the United States and its relationship to the Constitution. So there are a large number of military individuals who are quite prepared to go out onto the streets of New York, Los Angeles, Washington, if they felt that the Constitution was in danger of being dismantled and President Trump was on record of saying to people I, and I’m quoting I think something along the lines of I’m the only thing that stands between you and you keeping the Second Amendment. So it’s very clear I think to a number of people that if Trump wasn’t there, some of these elements, particularly the gun issue would be done so that America would actually lose the right to carry arms. This is quite an important point for the military clearly, so I think that if the situation becomes too inflamed, things that have been taking place behind closed doors will suddenly start to take place in plain view, and the question is who is going to push the dice that bit further to cause that. At the moment both sides are playing within a framework, but the I’ve always noticed in the past that whenever the Cabal have done something, the military is very quickly responding back, so we’ll see. Thank you.

RP: Okay thank you and the last question of today is from Beatrice who says thank you Simon, Becky for your loving work. My question is about a thing you mentioned in the Deeper Truth Conference 2018. I was shocked when you talked about an etheric implant that an alien puts in the left shoulder of a human. Many years ago I was sitting in an armchair half-asleep, the atmosphere changed and an entity etheric white light stood at my back left side, put his hand on my left shoulder. I felt so much panic two days later, half asleep again, my body was thrown out at [high speed], I don’t know where, but I felt so scared that I made the strongest resistance to get out and it stopped. I felt exhausted for several days. Could you please share something about this?

SP: Well it’s not clear from what you’ve written that that was the implant being put in. It’s much more likely that it was being activated. A number of genuine abductees or contactees experiencers who’ve done drawings of their experiences, and without actually realizing it will often show them and an entity with its hand on their left shoulder, and if you look it’s always, nearly always the left hand shoulder. I can’t say a hundred-percent but it’s jolly nearly, and you know this is not in, you know, books generally. It’s not in YouTube, and so when a person is drawing that, it tells me anyway that they’re genuine. Obviously I’ve given that secret away now, but there are plenty of others, but it’s always a left shoulder, and also humans in a group will instinctively who’ve been part of that, will instinctively put their hands on somebody’s left shoulder even if that doesn’t contain an implant. That implant is not actually designed to hurt you. It’s to communicate between the piece of technology and the individual. There was one, unfortunately I can’t remember person’s name because it was just quickly looking at it some years ago, but the picture was of a person sitting at her computer or the alien at the computer and the hand on the left shoulder and the sort of caption was that the person was able to understand what was happening because of this connection. The implants don’t have to be put there by reptilians, but the implants are probably made by reptilians. The reptilians not only are very advanced geneticists, they are incredibly advanced with nanotechnology. This is one of the problems with AI, but nanotech and so a lot of races that are not aligned with the reptilians will have traded and have that, those chips. There’s not enough information to help you I’m afraid with what you’ve written. The out of your, pulling out of your body will have nothing to do with the chip or potential chip on the left shoulder. That is a totally different thing. The hand on the shoulder tells me that you have been regularly visited by this entity or entities and that chip has been in your shoulder for many many years and for some reason you’ve remembered this particular connection and you’re beginning to remember things which previously you haven’t remembered. So I believe there’s a very big backstory here and I would welcome the chance to have a chat with you, ask you some more questions, get some more insight, and then perhaps I can, you know, give you some more help. Thank you very much.

Thank you to everybody and once again I am so sorry that the podcasts were not on time as we would all like. You know unfortunately or fortunately, you know, I don’t reside in a, you know, in a mansion with lots of servants and I can pick and choose when I do my podcasts. You know like all of us, you know, I have to survive. We have to get by and I’m also, you know, I attend lots of meetings, meetings have some positive hopefully reaction for what’s happening around us today. I’m trying to plan for the future, you know, the business with 5G. That is taking up some of our time. There are many things, so you know Becky and I have to get together to grab the time to do a podcast, and you know, it’s not as easy as it might be, so I want to thank everyone. Thank you for your patience and lots of love to everybody. Bye-bye.

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