25 Jan 2013


Questions from the Hosts and Audience, January 20th, 2013

20 Jan 2013

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Alan James and Steven George are hosts on Irish independent radio, they refer to ‘TNS’ meaning Tir Na Saor, which is an independent radio station in Ireland. Simon appears only after many minutes have elapsed here. He is asked about his family bac...

Questions from Project Avalon: EMF protection

15 Jan 2013

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The crashed Malaysian plane, conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza, CERN, genetic manipulation, how to protect oneself from microwave technology, avoiding fluoride water, use of a worldwide digital network not to fry us but CONTROL us, transhumanism, and Simon...

Off-World Encounters

28 Dec 2012

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Mantids, Reptiles, and Hangers-on

1 Sep 2012

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Alien Intervention and Exo Politics Part 2 of 2

10 Aug 2012


Alien Intervention and Exo Politics Part 1 of 2

20 Jul 2012

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History of Simon’s grandfather’s and mother’s service in MI5 and MI6. His grandfather shared information about King Edward the VIII’s “abdication” from the throne, about Wallis Simpson, and about his visit with Joseph Stalin in an attempt t...

Interview: Planet X

20 May 2012

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Interview: ETs and Aliens, technology, Future

13 Apr 2012

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Simon gives a brief history of his childhood with his earth mom and ET mom, his political life as City Councillor in the UK, being taken aboard a ship, various methods of contact, and a description of the ship’s technology. He discusses the importance...

Interview: ETs, Aliens and Earth History

6 Apr 2012

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A Yorkshire councillor with bigger political aspirations claims he has had hundreds of encounters with aliens and even says he has a 9ft-tall green "mother". Councillor Simon Parkes, who was elected to Whitby Town Council in February as a Labour Party c...

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