Mantids, Reptiles, and Hangers-on

with Miles Johnston at the 1st Anamalous Mind Management Abductee Contactee Helpline Conference (AMMACH)

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A Lifetime of Contact: Mantids, Reptiles & Hangers On!

Lecture at the Inaugural Ammach Conference, Nottingham, East Mids, England, UK September 1st, 2012

Here is a presentation fully accompanied throughout with the speaker’s own text slides and illustrations. To have the best experience you may wish to view the film at the same time as reading the transcript. All slides had titles of their own, which have been reproduced in the transcript. A couple of big American UFO organisations gave Mr Parkes mixed experiences. He provided one of them with a tremendous quantity and quality of knowledge of non-human species, technology and craft, afforded by the experiences of his life. The degree of detail he provided apparently surprised the organisation, which in turn led to a fruitful relationship between them. He reveals ample detail of both his mother’s and grandfather’s secretive, formal, illustrious careers. He discusses his contact and communications with non-human beings, commencing from three months of age. Some memories surfaced only in later life, and are disclosed. Compared to his other shows, Mr Parkes casts few aspersions on others, so was gentlemanly and diplomatic on the day. This show provides rare, hard-to-find, extensive detail of those non-human (reptilian, mantid and feline) cultures that made him who he is in terms of genetic, cultural and psychological influences. These influences are strong in that they develop character, so that without them the individual’s character would have been different. We hear the story of an unwelcome photograph of his person pictured on a birthday card on sale only in the town where he resided, with a rather unflattering caption. Mr Parkes’ speech rate increases quickly as the lecture progresses, because there was a large amount of material to share with the floor in a short time. He and his friends were subject to a high-speed car crash, which is a sad ruthless tactic deployed by Illuminati factions to warn, vitiate or eliminate whistleblowers who need to impart crucial knowledge to mankind. You may find it amusing in parts. I happily enjoy a warm affinity with his temperament, ethos and societal and spiritual aspirations, thus making this show quite a joy to transcribe.

The Ammach Project

Simon Parkes: Hello everyone, good afternoon. It`s really wonderful to have the opportunity to talk with you today. I’m going to give a very quick introduction to myself. It always seems when someone who's a contactee or an abductee or an experiencer, you always feel under pressure, because if you're a whistleblower, you perhaps have a P45 or some documentation which showed where you worked. It doesn't mean what you said was true, but it means that you were in a likely position to see what you allege. Unfortunately when you're an experiencer, you can't prove it. So you the audience, if you don’t have experience or you're not a researcher, you are asked to believe what you're told. Very difficult, very difficult indeed. Okay. I'm actually a politician, I'm an elected Labour Councillor in Whitby. Moved to Whitby in 1999 with my wife. And I was a very prominent local politician in Hackney, and I threw away the chance to be a member of parliament because I didn't like the area I lived in, the violence, the filth. It was just too much. So we moved. And having said I won't get back involved in politics, I eventually did. So I'm an elected politician, and that's very difficult for the powers that be in how they would deal with me, because as an elected official, it means that I have positions of some responsibility and I must be credible, otherwise I couldn't hold office. So for someone to stand here and tell you his reality, does pose them with some problems. And later on during our talk together, I'll highlight some of the ways that they've hit back.

Okay. I've entitled it, ‘Mantids, Reptiles and Hangers On!’ The majority of the beings that I've encountered are mantid, reptilian, shadow beings and the feline species (the lion and the cat people). I'll very briefly touch on the greys, but they've come up already. Okay. I’m gonna divide this talk basically into three. Three is a very, very sacred number for the extraterrestrials, and so if it’s good enough for them it’s good enough for me. So part one, we’ll be looking at my human mother, I’ll explain why I call her that in a moment; and my grandfather. Part two, we’ll look at my early days and the beings that I've experienced; and part three, in later life, and perhaps what it means for me personally and maybe for a wider audience. Okay. I'm gonna have five minutes at the end for questions because it’s a small group and I would like some interaction with you if possible. Now then, Win Keech, yeah, Win Keech, on three occasions – there’s the magic number Win - talked about a three-word agency. I didn't know you were gonna do it Win, I didn’t remote view you. Do you know what that is? Anybody know what that building is without Win or anyone else who’s a researcher?

Floor: GCHQ.

SP: Nearly. The American version of it?

Floor: NSA?

SP: Yes, yes, it’s the NSA’s headquarters, and you can see it looks like a shopping centre or an airport. Look at the number of cars. Thousands and thousands of employees. And the black glass building, two of those floors are absolutely covered in ducts which covers super cooling liquid to keep the massive computers in a position where they don’t explode. So two of those floors are absolutely dedicated, the whole length of that building, to supercomputers. Every email that is sent in the world is logged there. It doesn't mean they read every email, but it means that they have the ability to do that. There are billions of phone calls, emails, any form of information, that’s where it’s looked at. Okay. I won’t ask if there’s anybody from MI5 or MI6 or NSA here today cos you wouldn’t identify yourselves would you? For those of you who are new to this, you might be surprised to actually realise that it’s a regular form of infiltration, right down to club level. They will attend clubs.

Frequency Of Contact

Okay, here we go. I often get asked, ‘How often do they visit you?’ A couple of people have spoken already, saying that you don’t always know when they come for you. Sometimes you remember immediately, as it’s taking place. Sometimes it may be an hour, a month; sometimes you don’t know. This is a little drawing I’ve done, and it’s, ‘Oh no, not you again, what do you want this time?’ Often, a grey will appear as an owl. Er, I really don’t like greys, I despise them. Sorry.

My Memories

Okay. My memories, like Chantelle’s, come back during the day. About 20 per cent of my memories have been from the moment they occurred from childhood, and I've coped with that through adolescence, and my twenties, my thirties, by rationalising them away, or pretending they didn’t exist, blanking them out of my mind. And I managed to do quite well with that, and coped quite well. As I approached my 50th birthday, a whole load of memories came back, usually sparked off by something on the radio, the television, or a bright colour or a sound. And what I'll do is I'll keep reams of paper and a pen, and I'll sit myself down, the memory will come back and I will immediately draw it down very roughly, very, very quickly before doing it a little bit better. I’m no artist. What we’ve got here is on the bottom corner, dated 26th of the 9th, 2010, is a very, very quick drawing that I would have done. I’m showing you how I do it, I cut it out in this case and stuck it, and there's the follow-up drawing. You can see, actually the follow-up drawing isn't accurate. It just shows how it changes. In the original drawing there's no legs. I’m assuming it did have legs, I don't remember them. So I popped the legs in. Also the neck is a lot longer on this being. Can you see alright? Great. But other than that it’s fairly accurate. So that’s how I've done it, I did it originally because I wanted to help myself to understand what was going on.

Before Ammach came on scene, there was absolutely no help apart from Dave Hodrien. In fact Dave Hodrien, was it 2009? 2007?

Floor: 2009.

SP: 2009. So my experiences started just before then. I went to an organisation called Bufora, and they weren’t very helpful at all. So I gave up on them, because I spoke to a very, very nice lady who was the researcher and based in Newcastle in the North-East, and she said to me, ‘Oh, UFOs aren’t real, it’s all religious stuff, it’s all supernatural, I don’t believe in them.’ And I said, ‘Well you're a researcher, you're supposed to be independent, yet you've already formed an opinion.’ So I didn't hear any more from her. I then thought about joining Mufon, and a lot of people said, ‘Well you won't get onto Mufon because they're for the Americas only’, which is true. I did actually contact Mufon, although someone said to me they're set up by an ex-director of the CIA. Frankly I didn't care, I just wanted to contact other people who had experiences. So I emailed, and the next day I got an email back saying, ‘Look I’m sorry, we have thousands of reports of coloured lights. We're not really interested.’ So I emailed back, ‘Are you interested in the beings that fly these craft?’ Within seven minutes I got an email back saying, ‘Can you describe them?’ To which I said, ‘I can do better than that, I can send you some drawings.’ So I scanned and emailed some drawings. Three-and-a-half minutes later an email came back from the director (Mufon’s broken into different groups, but there's an overall director), saying, ‘Thank you very much indeed, I’ve got your drawings, we would like to accept you.’ Now when you go onto David Hodrien’s or any other site, you have a password, you go onto a webpage and then you enter and you can have a blog, you can chat away. And I said to him, ‘Oh, that’s great. When will I be on?’ ‘Oh, you're on.’ ‘What do you mean, “I’m on”?’ ‘Oh it’s just kinda come through straight to your emails.’ I said, ‘Well, if it’s come through my emails…’, he said, ‘No, nobody else can read it, it’s all encrypted with the highest security.’ So I could do what we do on a monthly basis with David Hodrien and his group, actually on my emails. So they had some pretty high-tech equipment to enter my – it was BT, it’s not some cheap thing – enter it and set me all up in America by pressing a switch. I stayed there three months, I found them extremely helpful, they fell over backwards for me. They couldn't have done any more for me, they were really supportive. The managers of these groups were excellent towards me. I've got no problem with them. And I just left because I'd moved on, I was ready for something else.

Personal Confirmation?

I believe that what I know is true, I have no doubt; but you know, I’m savvy enough to realise that I can’t stand in front of a group of people and say, ‘Take my word for it.’ So I needed some personal proof myself. There's a guy called Phil Hoyle. I don’t talk to him now, and he was a researcher, and he was very keen on getting badges or logos or emblems from either alien spacecraft or the entities themselves. This is a missing time period in June 2010. I won’t touch on that, that’s a crystal being inside, but I’m gonna talk about the six males and one female. There's the female. She’s cute isn’t she?

Floor: How do you know she’s a female?

SP: How do I know that she's a female? Erm, I feel it. I feel it. She's also about that much shorter than the males, physically (gestures). On the right hand side is the badge – I couldn't remember all of it. The lead grey here, and they're being very respectful to this creature, because his resonance is so high, I don’t think that they can cope with it very easily. And he has a badge, and I did say badge on chest, it’s not complete. And I said, ‘Well I've got that. Shall I send it to you?’ And he was very, very keen to see that. And from a family in Sunderland – husband, wife, two children – there was that. And what Phil Hoyle said is, ‘You have seen this.’ And this, I’m just gonna go back to it now. And I actually agree with him, believe it or not. A backward question mark and the wavy line. I don't think that’s a badge saying who he belonged to – I was just chatting to Win – I think that that’s more about that being’s role or responsibility. And interestingly enough, it’s only, what, 45, 50 miles from where I live. So that was interesting. But it gave me the confidence to know that somebody else had seen something that I had seen.

Part One: My Grandfather, An MI6 Illuminati Grandfather

Alright. My grandfather, an extremely unusual gentleman. I didn't know what the word ‘Illuminati’ meant until three or four years ago. In 1979 when I was 20 or 21, my grandfather sat me down and banished his wife out of the room. And for two hours, he told me… And there's no record of him, unfortunately. So when he died, the vicar did a little sermon, and that’s the original letter, and it’s Reverend Colin **[Laverne]**, days before computers were widespread, this is 1979. And, I beg your pardon, 1993 is it? Cos he got the date wrong during the actual eulogy.

What Must We Not Say At The Funeral?

Okay, these were the notes that were made. My grandfather was a member of MI6, he was a prominent mason, and he in 1930, was given the OBE for some riot that he controlled in India. And it brought him to the attention of MI6, who recruited him. And this allowed him to travel all over the world. In 1936, Edward VIII had an affair with Wallis Simpson, and my grandfather told me that, ‘Whatever you've been told officially, is not true.’ What my grandfather told me was that Wallis Simpson was a, not a full spy for the Nazis, but she was supportive. She was having an affair with Von **[Ribbentrop]**, who was the ambassador of the British Embassy at the time, and passing documents across to the Nazis. And it was interesting that Special Branch brought this to the attention of the British government, and they said, ‘You can’t have this man as king because war is coming with Germany, we're re-arming and you cannot have this man as king, he's got to go.’ And the Prime Minister vacillated, didn't know what to do, and one of his aides suggested, ‘Why don’t we form a jury of twelve good men and true (all men in those days, I’m afraid), twelve good men and true, and they can decide whether the king stays or goes.’ My grandfather was one of those twelve, he was actually based in India, he received, I think, like a telegram or something like that. But it was in code, and he said to me, ‘You had to keep your messages really short, because they could so easily be broken.’ And the message said, ‘Should the King stay or go?’ And I said, ‘Well grandfather, what did you reply?’ And he said, ‘Go’. And I said, ‘What was the votes?’ ‘Ten voted for him to go, two voted for him to stay.’ And the King asked the Prime Minister whether he could go address the nation on the BBC, and he was told, ‘No, you can’t, you can’t do that. You can’t marry her, you're gonna go. And if you don’t abdicate, we will remove you through parliament.’ He had no choice but to go. And back then in those days, I just thought, ‘Wow, that’s my grandfather! Wow!’ Now of course, I realise that you don’t have that sort of power unless you are an Illuminati. You just don’t. And the joke is… I mean, he hated politicians, my grandfather. If he knew that I was a politician now, he would absolutely be furious. So here was a non-elected official making a decision on another non-elected official, whether he should stay or go! And you are the people that vote! And you have no say in it. And that’s the reality. That was 1936.

Okay. So my grandfather was a prominent mason, he had to buy himself out, because a journalist was sniffing very close to him in terms of his work with the government. My grandfather was given the MBE for work he did, he was given the CBE, that’s a Commander of the British Empire. He was offered a Knighthood which he turned down. He had a falling out with the powers that be, because he objected to something that Her Conservative Prime Minister was doing; and it was suggested that he leave his job and go and work for the United Nations, which he did. So in the 1950s he worked for the United Nations. And this note here - we've got the word ‘appointment’. ‘1930s handling of riot - awarded OBE + “appointment”’, because the family never mentioned MI6. You did not mention it, it was always known as, ‘The Appointment’. You did not talk about it. And in 1951 he was on the United Nations representing the British government, and then he came to Britain and he was given a golden handshake and (Win will be interested), he was asked what stocks and shares would he like. And he said, ‘Rolls Royce,’ and they said, ‘the motor car?’ and he said, ‘No, it’s got no future. The engine.’ So he got a huge number of stocks and shares in Rolls Royce engines, he went to **[Mapinweb’s]** in Regent St (one of the most expensive jewellers), and chose a beautiful solid silver tea, hot coffee service. And he was told, ‘You're not gonna get a pension because we do not want you tied to the British government. So you're gonna live off the income from your stocks and shares.’ That was my grandfather.

What He Told Me In 1979

So King Edward VIII, Stalin. In 1949 he was despatched to Stalin to find out what happened to Roswell. Yep, that’s absolutely right. Because Winston Churchill, who was a member of the Illuminati, had lost the general election in 1945, which absolutely shocked the Americans, and what was he replaced with? Not just somebody who wasn't a member of the Illuminati, but a socialist. So a lot of ties with Britain were cancelled. When the Roswell incident occurred, the Americans were not sharing much. So my grandfather was despatched to Stalin because they knew that Stalin would have the info on this. What my grandfather told me was that Stalin said, ‘Give me ten years and I will have infiltrated the CIA,’ which is about right. ‘Give me ten years and I will know what the CIA are doing.’ He refused to tell my grandfather anything about alien technology. As my grandfather left, he said, ‘I'll give you a present. The nearest thing to alien technology we have is a mineral called alexandrite. And he gave my grandfather a beautiful, beautiful bracelet for a woman in 18 carat gold, with this beautiful gem set in it. And he said, ‘This mineral, when under daylight, I think it glows blue. When you put it under artificial light, it turns green.’ And Stalin said to my grandfather, ‘That is the nearest to alien technology we've got. Give it to your mistress.’ My grandfather being a very solid gentleman said, ‘I don’t have a mistress, I'll give it to my wife.’ And grandma said, ‘Where’s it come from?’ And he said, ‘Well just before we murdered the Tsarina and the Tsar, we took all her jewellery off her. That’s one of the Tsarina’s jewellery.’ So my grandfather for you.


My grandfather told me that they hated JFK anyway. They hated JFK and the CIA. They hated JFK because they couldn't control him, and the alien agenda was the last straw. So he wasn't killed… He was murdered, he wasn't killed just because he was going to ask questions regarding the alien agenda; he was killed because they had just had enough of him. The American military wanted JFK out and they would go to no ends to remove him. And that was the very last President who stood up on his own two feet, because after that every president knew, if you buck the trend, that’s the route you go down. So they made a signal and they got what they wanted. My grandfather actually built a school for girls in Cheshire, as a mason, privately funded. And he fell out with the British government but he got the golden handshake and he worked at the United Nations. Okay. He had two children, a son and a daughter – my mother.

My Human Mother

The newspapers, some of the newspapers had great fun about Simon Parkes' mother is an alien. That’s not quite right, this creature did not give birth to me. It’s a term used. And I actually did some real trawling around on the Internet, very hard to find. But there's a guy who’d collated a number of children’s reports regarding the mantid, or mantis beings. I highlighted some of them. They are referred to as, ‘The Great Mother’. In 1990 a hypnosis session with a young girl called Cindy **[Tindle]**, she described an abduction by, ‘a bug wearing a wig, that makes her think, “It’s my Mum”, but it’s not my Mum’. David, in Carla Turner’s Into The Fringe, 1992, sees a mantis, and Carla suddenly has memories of seeing a giant grasshopper and insisting, ‘You're not my mother! You're not my mother!’ In a different letter, a child tells how she was taken up to a ‘life raft’, that’s how she described it, floating in the air and saw what she thought was her grandmother. But as she said, ‘I’m afraid it was just a great big bug.’ Okay, so for every ten children that the mantids approach pretending to be relatives, nine children are clever enough to see through it, and say, ‘No, you're not related to me.’ Unfortunately or fortunately, either I didn't see through it or I chose not to see through it, or I recognised something in this being that I connected with. So I refer to this creature as, ‘Mum’. As I grew up, this was very difficult when I was three and four years old, because I told people I had two mothers. The very first word, apparently, my human mother said I said was, ‘Daddy’, and I used to call my human mother, ‘Daddy’. And the reason for that was, well I have a mother. So you can’t be my mother, you must be my daddy. And I realised as I got older, it’s socially unacceptable to do that, you can’t say you've got two mothers, you have to shut your mouth and play the human game. But it didn't stop these creatures coming to me.

MI5, GF Redfern and Paul Dunlop

Okay, my mother. She worked at a patent office called GF Redfern & Co, which was in Brighton, East Sussex, on the London Road. And there was a guy there who was a freelance called Paul Dunlop. And Paul Dunlop would pop in and out of the office from time to time. And one day, Paul Dunlop and a gentleman all dressed in black, white shirt and black tie, turned up, rang the doorbell. I opened the door and Paul said, ‘Is your mother in?’ ‘Yeah she is,’ so I called for my mother and she came through and Paul said, ‘Oh Jean, this gentleman wants to ask you a few questions.’ And the gentleman took out a folded reef of papers, not very big, and then said to my Mum, ‘Sign these’ (gestures). So my mother, single parent, quite rightly said, ‘Well what are they?’ ‘Oh I’m not telling you. Just sign them.’ ‘No. I’m not signing something that I don't know.’ This argument went back and forth, and in the end, my mother said, ‘Well I’m gonna call the police’. This gentleman sat on the sofa and said, ‘Good. They'll make you sign it’. And it’s at that point that she realised this is extremely serious. And Paul said, ‘Oh, for God’s sake Jean, just sign the papers. Do you love your country?’ So she said, ‘Well of course I do’. ‘Do you want to earn two wages?’ ‘Two wages?’ ‘Yeah. You sign these papers and I will pay you every month. But and you'll still get your wages from GF Redfern. But you don't have to work there, you just go down at 3.30 every Friday, they're gonna give you the money. Now you're a single parent, you know…’, they didn't use those terms in those days. ‘… two wages would be really handy, wouldn't they?’ So my Mum signed it. Whereupon the man said, ‘You have just signed the Official Secrets Act. You have been cleared to an extremely high level. If you talk about today or any of the work you do with us, you will be found on a railway line. Then who will look after your son?’ With that, straight out of the door. So mother turned on Paul Dunlop, ‘Is this a joke?’ ‘No no, this is not a joke.’ He admitted that Paul Dunlop was not his real name. He spoke seven or eight languages, a hugely gifted man. He had his own private aeroplane, he had a Formula Two racing car. He had three or four MG cars, and as he said, ‘I took my name off a tyre’, ‘I took my name off a tyre’. His own words.

Crash Retrievals Of UFO

My mother’s job was to type out documents relating to crashed UFO craft. We're talking now from 1971 to 1979. Paul would turn up with documents in German. Win Keech has talked about Operation Paperclip. The Americans in particular, the British to a lesser extent, brought over as many Nazi scientists as they could, absolved them from their crimes of murdering people and allowed them to earn nice big wages and to staff the big corporations that are running the world today.

The Documents

And these documents were never white, they were cream-coloured paper, they were all in German, they had the German eagle on the top. No, they did not have a swastika on, that’s always a question that radio interviewers ask me, no swastikas at all; West German Republic. And in the top right hand corner would be in red ink, SECRET / TOP SECRET / VERY TOP SECRET and the special group, the purple group in purple, EXTREMELY TOP SECRET. And whenever we had an extremely top secret document, we would have, what was then the GPO, a British Telecom now, van parked 24 hours a day outside the house. And what happened was that my mother had the documents Paul Dunlop had translated from German into English on a spool of tape. She operated what’s called a dictophone, very old fashioned, you press the pedal, a sentence came out in English and she typed it. She worked at home and Saturdays and Sundays I wasn't at school, and at lunchtime she would leave the document out, go into the kitchen, make her food, make my food, come out, give me my food, she’d go back to the kitchen and in all the years, we never ate together. She would never eat with me. I know people find this very difficult. I did not have a normal upbringing. Okay, that’s just, they just don’t do the human stuff. And so I would go and read these documents, for an hour. And when I would hear her feet coming back up the hall and I would just walk away. For five or six years, that’s what I did, I read these documents. And they were relating to not just crashed craft, but the technologies that were inside them. So they would get a brief – ‘What is this?’, ‘What can you do with it?’, and ‘What timescale for the applications?’ And there would be blueprints, drawings, some of the documents might just be three pages, some might be ten, 15 pages thick. And it was power plants, a fantastic amount on the miniaturization of computers, energy weapons, time travel. It never said how the aircraft, the UFOs were brought down, it never said where they where crashed, it was just presenting with – these are the questions, and it was a very scientific paper. Most of it went over my head but a lot of it didn't.

Living In a Constant State of Security Alert

When Paul Dunlop arrived, he would discuss this with my mother, and researchers have said to me, ‘It’s very odd that you were never asked to leave the room’. And I would, as a small boy, a young boy, have been playing with, I dunno, my toys, my Scalectrix or whatever I had; and they would be discussing Roswell. They didn't call it Roswell, it wasn't called Roswell, well they didn't call it Roswell. And they would talk about weapons, Nazi scientists, and every time I would look round at them because they might say something interesting, he would smile at me. He would actually look at me and smile. And when my mother would go and make the coffee, he was an RAF pilot, he used to fly Lightnings, or as he called them ‘The Frightening’, and he would play! He would be the pilot, he would want me to be the co-pilot, and we'd get some chairs. And we would go chase the UFO. He would say, ‘Jinx left’, ‘Fire missile’, that’s how we'd play (gestures). And now I look back on it and I think, ‘My God, that’s really odd. That here’s a guy steeped in the highest levels of security, relating to me in this way,’ but at the time he was just a kind guy. I didn't have a father remember, he was being nice to me. So we lived in a constant state of security alert.

She Wants Out?

My mother would walk to work once a week to get her wages. A guy would walk to the park and he would tell her what day, what time. She had to take these documents that she’d typed. She’d get in a green Jaguar, give a password to the guy in the passenger seat, they would drive to Brighton Station. She would get out, walk to the London-bound platform. It cost 2p in those days to get a platform ticket. And she would have a copy of the Financial Times, with the document that she’d typed in it, she’d sit on the first bench by the beginning of the platform. It’s like James Bond: the guy, bowler hat, red carnation, briefcase, umbrella, a copy of the Financial Times under his arm. He’d come and sit next to her, and they would have some inane conversation in code, such as, ‘I think it’s raining in Littlehampton’, ‘Yes I know, but the train there is a stopping train.’ She would put her paper down, he would pick it up with the document, then he would put his paper down. He would go on the train to London, she would go back home. These names of these people, I’m not gonna give them, but their ranks, the lowest rank was Captain and the highest rank was a Full Colonel. So they were all military people. And she was told that, ‘You work for MI5. Well you don’t really, you work for the NSA, but we’re managing you.’ So my mother worked for the NSA of America.

Her Death – My ‘Sorry Money’

She wanted out, she became an alcoholic. She could not cope with what she was reading. It just blew her mind. She just couldn't cope and she couldn't talk to anyone. She was very loyal to this country. She didn't discuss it with anyone – nobody. And she was a wreck. And she went to her handler and she said, ‘I can't do this any more, I want out. You promised me you'd give me my old job back.’ And they did, they gave her her job back. She went back to work at GF Redfern and then two weeks later, she died. And I, I’m honest, I ran away from the situation, I couldn't cope with it. So after a year or so, I thought, ‘Well sod this, I’m gonna go to London.’ So a bit like Dick Whittington really, run away from that, no father, no mother, the only child, and that was it. The day before I left, I got an envelope pushed through the door with £2,000 in it, which was a lot back in 1979, I can tell you, in very used notes, and a little typed note which said, ‘Don’t look back, Dick Whittington.’ So that’s my sorry money for what they did to her, cos they killed her. They had no choice. She was a loose cannon to them, she knew stuff that could have blown the whole operation. So I understand why they did it, it doesn't mean I agree with it. But I understand that their protocol would have required that immediately. Okay, that’s enough of that.

My Early Memories

First Mantid Contact -1

My first memories. These are the memories that I remember, the very first one I've got: that [new slide]. I must be three months old, and two hands reaching down into my cot to lift me up. And all I can remember is, ‘That’s not my Mummy’s hands! Five, there should be five. There's four there, there's no thumb and they're green and pointy.’

First Mantid Contact -2

Second one. So it lifts me up, I've got no memory of the body at all. And it lifts me straight up, and I've put, ‘The sensation of being lifted up and strange hands around my middle’. It didn't hurt. And I look into this being’s eyes, and I don't think this being makes contact necessarily telepathically, I think it goes through the optic nerve. I think they connect directly to the optic nerve; your eyes join straight to your brain. And it just said, ‘I’m related to you. I won't hurt you.’ And all I remember is, like, falling down a well. Everything went black, and I was, if you can imagine falling backwards over a well (gestures). And that was all I remembered.


I can remember probably eight months, nine months old and I can sit up, and look above my head and I see lots of toys spinning – soldiers, trains, building blocks. And as I look, they change into beautiful, beautiful sharp shards, like you took a plate glass window and you smashed it, and then you coloured each piece of glass a bright colour. And then you tried to push them all together, but don’t let them touch, just push them together. And then holographically turn that into a ball and float that round your head. Three creatures, they're not exactly greys. They've got great bulges at the back of their heads, and their eyes have these strange lids. And this one on the right I've numbered 2, he telepathically says to me, ‘Look. Feel. Understand.’ And when they walk, and I've put this one here, walks like a robotic, snake-like way. Very weird way of walking. And again I’m probably not even one.

The Shadows – one

We've had some talk about the shadows, 1963, I’m three-and-a-half years old. And this thing walked straight through the wall. I don't know where my human mother is. And I think this is the first time I've seen them, and I’m absolutely terrified. I scream and scream and scream, and I run and I hide behind the sofa and I go into the foetal position. And all my life, I've had to lie about this in my mind, and I said, ‘I tell you what’s happened…’ Oh, sorry, I should have said that what happens is that this thing changes into a clown. That doesn't work. Then it changes into a policeman, that doesn't work, trying to reassure me. And when it changed into a clown, I got an image of a big top, lots of children, and all children laughing. But these ETs don’t get the connection that that’s funny, but the thing that walks through the wall doesn't work. And I could sense, somehow I was linked to this creature, I could sense that it was confused. It didn't understand why I was reacting. The policeman then was designed to calm me down and be safe because back in 1963, I think policemen were perhaps a little bit closer to the community than they are now. So what I thought was, ‘I tell you what's happened you know, Mum’s gone out for some cigarettes, I've got left alone, I’m wondering where my Mum is, I start screaming, the next-door neighbour calls a policeman, the policeman breaks the door in and the policeman comes in and rescues me. I’m happy with that.’ It didn't explain how it walked through the wall, it didn't explain how it turned into a clown. But that didn't matter – I had, I had to live this life on this planet, and these are the ways I coped. If I couldn't form some sort of twisted story to make it sound real, I would just push it out of the back of my mind and I wouldn't even consider it.

The Shadows – two

This is the second shadow. Okay on the left hand side – this is the same interaction – on the left hand side, I see him floating outside the window, and I open my arms out like this (gestures), this is part of the first key lock of the signal that I recognise who he is. He's not very good, he can't do it, he can just do that. But that’s good enough. That means that we see each other. He then floats through the window, the window doesn't smash, there's no wobble of the… nothing. He just comes straight through it, glides in, lands in front of me. And then he holds his hands upright like this. I do the same. Now things come back to people and after about a year after doing this drawing, I remembered that what happens was that a, like, an electric charge goes across from one of his arms to the other, and then he throws it to me, and I catch it. And this is, in human terms, think of a tumbler lock. This is a genetic tumbler lock. Nobody else can interact with me and no one else can interact with him on that. That’s a special lock that releases our abilities to communicate and work together. They didn't want anybody else coming to me. So this is a most advanced locking system. Okay. Normally I don’t see eyes, this is the first and only time that I ever saw eyes, and they were just, like, just discernible. And I never called him a shadow being, that's what you researchers call him. To me, he was always my smoke man, because he appeared to have this smoke that came off his body. But it never went up to the ceiling, it would just come up here and never dissipate. It was just continually growing off him. It was the most incredible experience. This being taught me some very interesting stuff, and sadly, while I was at school, my academic studies went right down the toilet; to the extent that I had a psychologist, I had special teachers to help me with my English and my maths. I had a teacher come on a Sunday to the house. For the three or four months that this being was interacting, my traditional skills were right down. But when he'd finished interacting, my reading age of seven became twelve. So it had been a huge pendulum swing back, and had advanced ahead. We don't have time to talk about what we did together, not today.

1971 Mantid Contact & Soul Agreement 1

Okay, 1971. This is one of the most important points for me, because I made an agreement with the mantid race: a soul agreement. Most people who have experiences have made an agreement. Unfortunately, you don't remember them. And it’s so disempowering when you get taken and you don't know why they take you. And it’s, it’s a very difficult situation. This is a spacecraft, it’s silver, no windows, no sound, travelling very slowly. I'd call for my friends Sharon **[Lindrum]**, Tammy **[Lindrum]**, Adrian Atkins, Chloe Atkins and Melissa Atkins from two doors down and we went over to the park. And we saw that for about ten or 15 minutes, and then as soon as it disappeared over the horizon I saw a very lovely old red biplane, with three huge cameras attached on struts to it. And I remember it coming over. I don't ever remember it going over the top of my head and I don't ever remember it going after the UFO. I didn't hear a voice, but the feeling I got was, ‘Don’t worry. We know they're here. We're filming them. Keep this secret.’ And we all walked back, we didn't play in the park, which was odd, and we walked back, and I said to the girls, ‘Oh, what do you think that was?’ ‘Oh, it was a shooting star.’ I said, ‘What about the red aeroplane?’ ‘What red aeroplane?’ ‘You know, the biplane, the one with the pilot?’ ‘I didn't see that.’ ‘Oh, what about the school that’s up there?’ ‘What school?’ ‘The school that’s up there.’ ‘There's no school up there.’ So I realised there was something very odd going on.

Mantid Contact & Soul Agreement 2: 1971 School in the air

2010, that memory came back to me in two or three chunks. Again we don't have time to go into all of it, I’m just going to quickly go through it. Literally, if you put an industrial vacuum cleaner on your chest, that's how it felt. I was on the ground and it was like a huge sucking sensation, and I was floated or pulled upwards. I don't remember passing through the wall of the ship, I've got no memory of that. But inside was a school. Now I've been in contact with Mary Rodwell, she was very interested because she's been talking to young children about their experiences in this school. She calls it, ‘The school in space’. I just called it, ‘The school in the air’, because I didn't think it was in space, I thought it was just a few feet up there. And this is the actual layout here. This is what your researchers would call a, ‘Nordic’, he's the schoolteacher. These are human females, they're sort of teaching assistants. And this is the young group. They've just been taken from the Earth, they're five or six years old, they're using pens and paper because they're transitional stage pupils. Once they pass the tests, they go here, and they have these discs they wear around their neck on a cord, and it’s called a personal educator device (a PED). And I asked this young girl, ‘What does it do?’ And she said, ‘It teaches us.’ And I said, ‘What does it teach you?’ And she was perplexed and said, ‘Everything.’ She is the pupil with responsibility. I asked her, ‘What's your name?’ ‘I am the pupil with responsibility.’ ‘Yes but what's your name?’ ‘I am the Pupil With Responsibility,’ that was her name. And she would work with the kids, through the groups, and she said, ‘Yeah but you're not coming to school here. You're going up. And I’m only going to wait with you until he comes for you.’

1971 – The Agreement With ‘Mum’

Okay, this is it. When I saw this being, I was quite upset. I felt a connection to it, but I didn't really know what it was. It came straight up to me. I know you can all read, but it’s very important to me so I’m just gonna read it out. He puts his two hands on my shoulders, they are very tall. And he says, ‘Would you like to be like us? To have knowledge and understanding, to see the future and know the past? To have power and…’ And at that point I’m so excited about knowing about the past that I just communicate, ‘Yes!’ because I really do want to know about the past, I’m fascinated by it. And then he immediately says, ‘Then come with me.’ Now I interrupted him. It doesn't matter where I interrupted him on his communication, whatever he didn't say is mine. That's the contract. So the finishing word there is, ‘authority’. To have power and authority. That was the end of the contract. But I didn't even need to get to the end of the contract, that’s what I wanted. And so I made a bargain with them, which I still stick with.

1971 Human Alien Hybrids

Okay. This was the same day, I think. I actually probably was there for two days, because I had to sleep and was given a metal bed to sleep on. And I was taken up a huge tower. This is under the Earth somewhere. I don't know whether it’s under the sea or under the Earth. It’s a huge cavernous place. And there were just hundreds and hundreds and hundreds, they're supposed to be little faces.

1971 ‘Look At All Those Creatures Down There!’

Hundreds of beings, and he stands there and he holds my arm, and he lifts me up almost so I’m on tiptoe. And I say, ‘Look at all those creatures down there.’ And these are all hybrids. And he says to me, ‘They're your people. They are your people. Show your people that you love them.’ And on saying that, he lifts my arm up, and I’m actually on tiptoe. I've been up and down this pole more times than a fireman!

1971 The Decision Making/Taking Deck

Okay. On the second day, I was taken to what appeared to be a bit like a control room, with a large chair, which I can only describe as like a dentist’s chair but much larger, and these plush seats that go round the side. I am not convinced that that’s a window looking out on the Earth. I think it’s more likely to be a viewing screen, putting up the Earth. But it gives the impression of a spaceship looking over the Earth. But we mustn’t always believe what we're shown.

1971 – All Assembled

And then the chairs are taken up by two tall greys and two small greys. I haven't bothered you with the way that the command structure on this craft is, but the two tall greys are principle operators. That's the P.O.P.s, the principle operator positions. The two little ones are secondary operator positions, so they're ranked in what they do. They're reptilian. He's the Keeper of the Room. They love jobs like that, they're very proud. If you had a toilet and you said to a reptilian, ‘Stand and guard this toilet’, it would be so proud. For 24 hours a day, it would stand there like that. It doesn't matter it’s a toilet, it’s a job, and it’s a very important job. And he was so pleased to show me round the room. Reptilians don’t have emotions as humans have, they have, they have feelings. They have some sort of feelings but they don't have emotions. And he'd been taught to smile for me, because these creatures can be hideous to humans if you're not used to them. And he had been taught to smile, and it was just a leering grin. And it was done to try to put me at my ease. Five humans in the corner – four men, one woman, all in white coats. The lead guy has even got a big biro in the top of his pocket. So I am absolutely convinced that the government works hand in hand with these creatures. And their machines are ancient. I can smell them, they're so hot. These bloody great big machines are like furniture, like chests of drawers, and they're hot and you can hear a fan going. And there are cables coming out of them. Look to the left, with all the superb high-tech equipment, no cables, no switches, nothing. Totally different. And for some reason, these humans were involved because I was there, and to this day I don't know what their job was.

Mary Rodwell is working with a young boy in Australia who is about eight years old, and he has mantid experiences. And he reported that he'd been lifted up in the air, in a happy way, and heard strange noises. And Mary said to me, ‘Have you ever heard anything of that?’ And I said, ‘Oh yes. That's what they do when they're very pleased with you.’ And I passed the test. These were all a series of tests. I passed the test, they lift you up and they make a high-pitched chirruping sound when they're very very pleased.

I've never been to Australia, and yet here's a boy, 2,500 miles away or whatever it is, who has had exactly the same experiences as me. And he says his soul isn't human, he's a mantid soul, and he is eight years old and he is convinced of that.

Trauma In My Life – Visits And Memories Activated

Okay, we're gonna move onto the reptilians. The reptilians had visited me when I was little, very little. I don't remember it, then they came back when I was in primary school and it brought it all back. Now on the left hand side that’s me in my first year at school, and on the right is one year later. That's when the reptilians came and said hello. And I said to my mother, ‘I don't want my hair like that, I want my hair different, I want to be a different person.’ I was always called alien at school, because of my eyes. My eyes are very, very almondy-like. And this is, this is the change, and Chantelle was, you know, extremely brave, and she talked about how she’d lost weight. The reptilians are a very, very difficult race to manage, a very difficult race to manage.

The Reptilians – ‘Dad’

I called that mantid ‘Mum’, and I was told to call the reptilian ‘Dad’. White, red eyes. Originally when I drew him, I drew very big wings, because that’s in my mind, what was so prevalent. But that’s not accurate, I want to be accurate. They're more like spines. They can't fly with these wings, these things they can flap ‘em, and move them. They can signal with them during rituals and ceremonies, but they can't do much else with them. Nobody ever asked me about their genitals. Everyone’s too embarrassed to ask about genitals. They keep them behind a flap of skin. Okay. And a very, very sour reply, ‘Are you happy?’ ‘I am pleased.’ That's about the most you'll get out of them.

I Honour The Culture – But I Don’t Agree To This Part Of It!

Okay, I honour the culture, I really do. But I don’t agree to this part of it. Difficult subject. I understand lots of people will take issue and won't agree with it, but this is my truth. Here I am as a small boy. The reptile on the left is my attendant. That's the easiest way that word would translate into English. It’s a combination of a nursemaid, a butler and a bodyguard all rolled into one. This creature doesn't love me. He has no feelings like that, but its job is to protect me and to look after me. He says, ‘Shine bright, O bright one’, they're always saying, ‘Shine bright, O bright one’. And I’m either shown an image, or I have actually been… And that's what I don't really want to think about, I have actually perhaps been in one of these ceremonies where they eat a young girl and we feast on sacrificial flesh. And on the right, the creature who wants me to call him Dad, says, ‘This is your world, your place in this world. This is your heritage and culture. What resides within also resides without.’ And that means, what lives inside the Earth is also genetically printed outside the Earth, that's the reptilian DNA. This is who you are, who you were and who you will be. Shine bright, O bright one.’ I reject that and I don’t… I honour the culture but I’m not gonna have any part of that.

The Reptilians – A Militaristic Way Of Life

It’s gonna be quite new to you, some of this. When you think of armies, you think of thousands of men or hundreds of thousands of men. Indeed the Russians in the second world war had something like 6,000,000 men on the field. The reptilians do not need anything like that. And that's why experiencers never really report weapons, because they don’t need weapons to control humans. Their minds are so evolved, they can do that. And anyway, reptilians are five, six, seven times stronger than the average man. So their armies can be quite small, they are phenomenal fighters. They're taking a bit of a pasting at the moment, but that’s because so many different groups have aligned against them. So very very briefly, one unit consists of 111 officers. When I say an ‘officer’, don’t think of it in human terms, think of it as a reptilian who has extra responsibilities. So there are 112 in a unit. You brigade six units together, you get that magic number of 666. But when you have the commanders together it’s 672. It’s normal to brigade units together, so you can brigade six units together for 4,032 and so on. These are the standards. They do not go into battle with these standards. They are purely kept for sacred rituals. White is the sacred colour, so the guy in the middle, gonna call him a guy, why not. The guy in the middle is the Keeper of the Sacred Standard; and I’m sorry, it is SS. The Sacred Standard. He has a white sash across his, cos white is the only colour that they honour. A white sash across, and the king and queen represented on top of a pole, the original king and queen. On the right hand side is a standard that would be used for a parent unit, so you would brigaded six small units together and put them into a parent unit and you have that. It’s normal to award valour when a unit is good in battle, or delivers its target. It can be given teeth. It can be given claws, and if it doesn't fulfil its target, those teeth can be taken out. And you do not understand the dishonour, if your standard has a tooth taken away from them. You cannot understand unless you've researched them or you've experienced reptiles, the huge, overarching dedication to ceremony and ritual. It is absolutely their way of life. And if you're really lucky, you get rubies in your dragon’s eye, to show how brave you've been.

The Reptilians – Ceremony & Ritual 1

Okay. When I was very little, maybe eight or nine years old, I can remember standing in a gymnasium, and the six or seven of us boys in a line, two humans in tracksuits with whistles, so it’s like a gym. And one of them says, ‘Want you to march like the reptilians. We know you can't do it, copy me.’ And he marches up and down, and he says, ‘You've gotta copy that.’ And on the ground there are white lines like a running track, where each boy is standing. And you follow the white line, and there's a line at the end where you stop. And he comes around behind us and touches our shoulders and says, ‘Boy one, boy two, boy three’ (gestures). So we're all numbered, and then he blows his whistle, ‘Boy one, off you go.’ So boy one tries to copy what he's just seen, gets to the end of the line, the guy blows his whistle and says, ‘Boy two’. And I’m looking at this, and I’m thinking, ‘This is rubbish, they just can't do it. That's not how they walk. That’s stupid. I’m going to do it my way.’ So when he comes to me and he blows the whistle, I do what I think is right. I get a quarter of the way down the line and the whistle goes and I think, ‘Er, right. I've obviously got myself in trouble here.’ He then comes over to me and he does not hold my hand. He actually puts his hand on the back of my back and pushes me like this, (gestures) ‘Come with me’, that's what he's doing, like this, ‘Come with me, come with me.’ He takes me over to the corner where two reptilians are standing in the corner. These ones are grey-black. No wings, about 7’ or so tall, and one of them says, ‘Lead your army’. And behind him is a group of six or seven reptilians, and I stand on the corner, and I just in my mind say, ‘Follow me.’ And I march. This isn't this drawing, this comes afterwards. And then these six follow me, and then the reptilian in my mind says, ‘Tell them to stop,’ not halt, just ‘Tell them to stop’. And I say, ‘Stop’. On doing that, the guy who was the gym guy, the PE instructor comes, not running (cos you can't run, if you run in front of a reptilian it will think you're gonna attack and it will kill you). So he's sort of walking very quickly, he comes over to me and he says, ‘Well done! Well done! Well done! You've brought honour on me, you've brought honour on us and you've brought honour on yourself.’ Now I don’t see it so much now, but he put his hand on my head and roughed my head up, like, ‘Ssshhhhh, good boy.’ The reptilian leans across, takes his arm at the wrist and lifts him straight up so he's literally off the floor, and says, ‘Ours. Not yours’, and puts the guy down. Okay, and he then puts his hand on my head and leads me away. And I don't have any more memory of that.

This is a separate memory, where I was collected and I saw a procession. This guy in the middle, he has what we would call a face full of thunder. You'll see about that in a minute. Each job, they have to project a certain feeling. So this guy at the front who’s a family member, he projects a certain face, this one projects a face, and the others project. So you have to project both mentally and physically, a set way of your authority. Okay. So this is the commander of the new unit, he's a family member, only family members can command. He has the correct facial expression, a face like thunder. The guy with the Double Standard has the serious face and the one at the back has a face full of pride and honour. And the ones at the rank and file are also projecting pride and honour. Look at the way I am standing. That’s me, very much to attention, the senior reptile has two children, a junior son and a senior son, and they're both Generals. This one’s in line for the Kingship once he hands it over. I know this is really hard for you to understand, those of you who have not seen this level and depth of interaction.

1965 – A Wedding – It Is Wrong To Smile During The Ritual!

Okay, 1965. I don't know how I’m doing for time. 1965, where my mother worked, one of her friends said she's getting married and would I be a page boy at the wedding? And she said, ‘Well I'll ask him’. And I was chatting to another experiencer saying that may seem odd, but she didn't make decisions for me, she had to ask me, and I said, ‘No, I’m not doing that.’ So they were very upset, the family, they came to the house and we struck a deal, I struck a deal with them. And if I did this, I would get a weekend in Butlins, Butlins Holiday Camp. I could have any clothes for the wedding I wanted. But the reason that I wanted to do it was I suddenly felt, this is good, because I was going to walk behind the bride, holding her train. And behind me would be two bridesmaids and to the right of me and the left of me would be audience. And it was a ceremony, it was a ritual; and I knew this is what I wanted. So again, this is gonna be very difficult for you as a five year old boy. And they said what did I want to dress? I said I wanted to dress like Hitler. Hitler! How does Hitler dress? And I didn't know the word for Liederhosen, but I drew it – short trousers, black stripe. And I said I want my hair that way as well, like Hitler. So we had a compromise on the hair, but we got the clothes. Back in those days, you always did a dry run for your weddings. They wouldn't do it now, it’s conveyor belt isn’t it. But back then, even the photographer turned up with no film in his camera and they did a rehearsal. And the vicar said to me, ‘Don’t stand so formally’, because I’m standing like that (gestures). ‘Don’t stand so formally’, and I said, ‘This is how you should stand during the ceremony. Copy me, copy me.’ And the Best Man turned to the father of the bride and said, ‘Ha ha ha, Simon Says!’ and then the photographer’s saying, ‘Smile little boy, smile for the pictures, the pretend pictures’, and I said, ‘It is wrong to smile during the ritual.’ And he turned to my human mother and said, ‘Well can't you make him smile?’ And she said, ‘If he chooses not to smile, I cannot make him.’ A face full of thunder. I’m standing at attention, I've got Hitler's clothes on and the bridesmaids are dreadfully embarrassed because they've asked me to smile, and I outrank them. In my mind I outrank them. They walk behind me. They can't be more important than me, because they're behind me. And this is the reptilian culture, okay. When Win Keech first met me, he said to me, ‘You have been around these beings for so long, you have taken on their personality. And then on another time, he said to me, ‘You have risen up through the ranks.’ And then on another occasion, he said to me, ‘They trust you. They really trust you.’ So here I am, obviously traumatized by what the reptilians did, let’s not get away from that. But I’m playing the role, because that's what I had to do when I was with them in their world.

A Face Full Of Thunder

A face full of thunder, there’s the face. I've even – look at the mouth, look at the mouth dipping down, I've even got the facial expressions. Okay, so that's the way they are. Okay, then the bride asked me to smile. She outranks me – I was behind her, she must be more important than me. So I would try a half-smile, I don't know how to smile, I couldn't smile. These beings don’t smile. Humans smile, but you know, I’m not connected with humanity. I only connected with them, so I don't know how to smile. So anyway, great relief, if I only got the page boy to smile, although it’s a bit of a half one.

It’s Wrong To Smile! But Okay To Show ‘Reptile Teeth’

Now then, this is at Butlins Holiday Camp. My Mum, my human Mum came up to me and said, ‘Smile!’ So what I've done is a reptilian grin. Okay. If you have an awful lot of reptilian genetics in you, or your soul is reptilian, and Arnold Schwarzegger is the great exponent of that, you will smile like that. If there's a female, a human female or largely human female who has a lot of alien reptilian genetics, that is quite sexy, okay. That's how they will see that, and a female with a lot of reptilian in her would smile back, if she liked a male. That's how you do it, it’s the teeth.

Recent Happenings

Okay, Recent happenings. Okay, the birthday card. Went to a shop called Card Factory. Dated, that’s February, so it’s late January, to buy some discounted wrapping paper. Standing in the middle of the shop, looked round and there was a birthday card, of course, with my picture on it. And I said to my wife, ‘Why is my picture on a birthday card?’ And she said, ‘What?’ And I said, ‘Why the f-u-c-k is my picture on a birthday card?’ So she looks at it and said, ‘Oh my God.’ I’m so shocked. I buy this card and I just walk straight home, it’s at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. At 6 o'clock in the afternoon I’m still sitting with this card, looking at this card. And I think, ‘This isn't right, I need to see my solicitor.’ So I went down to the solicitor and said, ‘I don't have any recollection of this, this is my picture on a birthday card. Where the hell has this come from?’ So I had a chat with Win Keech, and btw the three of us, we decided it was best to approach the card company themselves. And he said, ‘You've gotta go and buy their entire stock out, immediately.’ So I went in thinking, ‘Oh my God, it’s £1.39 a card. Supposing they've got thousands of them?’ So I said, ‘How many of these have you got?’ ‘Hang on, I'll go into the storehouse.’ ‘Oh God’. ‘Seven’. And I think, ‘They've sold them all!’ So I quickly bought the seven, and I phoned the Card Factory. The managing director, a really lovely man, good as his word, phoned me back, and he said, ‘I need to tell you that we've followed the law precisely. We bought this image from another company called Paperhouse. I'll give you the phone number for the managing director.’ I phoned the managing director. Pass it round [passes this newspaper article to the audience]. In this, there's a picture of me, because you might think, ‘Well how do I know that’s you? That’s taken a while back’, but inside there's a picture of me at the same time, and you can see. The managing director of Paperhouse, same thing, ‘I followed the law, I bought this from a company called Photolibrary. Mmm, you're gonna have a problem, they're in America.’ Fine. Emailed them, very unhelpful, and they said, ‘Well how do you prove that’s you in there?’ So I said, ‘Well I tell you what, I've got lots of election posters around that time, I know when that was, I remember the shirt, I remember the tie, and I've got round glasses on. I know what year that is. So I sent him all my Labour Party leaflets and posters and he said, ‘Oh right, okay, I've gotta take you seriously now’, he said, ‘The test question is, when was that pg taken?’ He said, ‘If you say you are who you are, you'll know from the clothing.’ And I said, ‘I tell you that’s 1997.’ And he said, ‘Ah, good enough, it’s 1996. Right, I'll have to investigate this.’ He goes and investigates it, he says, ‘Actually it can't be you, it was taken in America. It was taken in Texas and the photographer is a Jewish gentleman living in Texas. So I said, ‘Well are you telling me then, that’s not me in the picture?’ ‘Oh no, Mr Parkes, I’m not saying that’s not you in the picture. All I’m saying is the name I've got for that gentleman is not your name.’ ‘Okay, what are you gonna do about it?’ ‘Nothing because English law doesn't touch us. End of conversation.’

‘No Comment’ From Photolibrary

Right, so I thought I’m not having this, I’m gonna go to the Press. So I went to the newspapers, for the whole purpose of getting the Press to contact this company and put the heat on. And John **[Stoko]** who was the editor of Whitby Gazette phoned me and said, ‘We've been in touch. All they're giving us is, “No comment”.’ And he said, ‘Look, I've been a news man for many years, we've researched you, we know you're genuine’, he said, ‘when someone keeps saying no comment,’ he said, ‘I know who I prefer to believe. If you want this to go national, I can make that happen for you.’ And I said, ‘No, because there's security service association with this’, and he said, ‘Yeah, I'd probably agree with you. But if you change your mind let me know.’ However, I went back to the Card Factory and said, ‘I want these cards pulled. I've not agreed to them, and you know, you could have at least given me some royalties on it, the number you've sold. No money from it.’ Let's be very human about it and greedy, shall we. So he says, ‘Well we've pulled it anyway, but that’s not because you've complained.’ ‘Oh right.’ He said, ‘We've pulled it because it’s a test run, and we wanted to see how well it sold.’ So I said, ‘Okay, how many have you sold?’ Er, ‘How many did you print?’ rather. ‘Seven.’ I said, ‘You printed seven?’ I said, ‘I've bought seven.’ And he said, ‘Ah, you've bought our entire stock.’ I said, ‘And where did you sell these cards to test out how well they sold?’ ‘Oh,’ he said, ‘in your branch, in Whitby where you live.’ I said, ‘You've printed seven cards and you've put them in the store where I live?’ He said, ‘It’s a small world, isn't it?’ And that was the end of our conversation. I wish, if I had my time again, that when I stood in that store, I'd done this, cos there would have been somebody putting those cards in the carousel behind me (gestures). Or if I'd done that, I'd have seen the archetypal man in black with the old hat walking out that way. Okay. So there's evidence for you. If you want evidence, there it is, okay. There's the card for those of you that haven't yet got round to it. Who the hell would buy a birthday card that said that on it? So clearly, I’m in a car, somebody was next to me who’s been Photoshopped out, and a great big bear placed next to me, and only seven of these were made. Okay, let's move on. How are we for time Joanne?

Voice: Another five or ten minutes.

A Car Incident

SP: Ohh, okay, okay. I'm gonna chose my words very carefully now. I put a call out… I've got a lot of time for David Icke actually, he's a gentleman that I would, I would really love to meet David Icke. And I put a call out on his website saying, ‘Has anybody seen the reptiles?’ And I got lots of calls back. One of them stood out as extremely genuine. And I followed this up, and this young woman came over to Britain. Her father, a prominent mason in another country, a millionaire, a governor of a large city. And we had a three-way meeting with Win Keech. And driving back from that meeting, my car was rammed. Not an accident, 65mph, a car coming straight up on the left rammed straight into me. Because I’m a driving instructor by trade, I was able to control the car. My car was worth £6,000. The damage to it was £10,000. The guy who crashed into me, his car was completely and utterly destroyed, there was only one wheel left on his car. Our car was airborne, we turned left, we crashed on our side, I was knocked unconscious for a few seconds. We couldn't get out. Okay, for those of you who understand this stuff, you may not be surprised to learn that within seconds of the car crash, we were rescued from the car by off-duty soldiers, an off-duty doctor and an off-duty nurse, who pulled us out from that vehicle. The guy got straight out of the car and admitted it! And his exact words to me were, ‘I didn't mean to crash into you. I’m really sorry, I had no choice because of the stuff up ahead.’ That's what he said to me. But I thought about it afterwards – did he actually say to me, ‘I’m sorry I crashed into you. I didn't mean to. I had no choice because of the stuff in my head.’ The car that crashed into me was a company car. The logo on the car was, ‘ICU’. And if you google it, it belongs to an American company called ICU Incorporated, who specialise in sweeping for electronic bugs, following people and checking up on people. That was the vehicle that crashed into us. Fortunately there was a lorry driver behind who saw everything and reported it to the police. So I obviously have taken him to court and I've got compensation and the rest of it. Whoever it was didn't like the fact that the three of us had got together. And it was not aliens who did that. It was human – a human agency, and when this young woman went back to tell her Dad, his first words were, ‘Oh, satan cabal’, ‘satan cabal’. It was human agency. Okay we’re gonna rush through now, lightning stop, cos really my talk was gonna be a bit longer, but bit cut down.

Mantid Control Ship

On the left is me being taken by a creature I call Mum. On the right hand side is a mantid control ship.

Human Time Line Interception & Monitoring – Lower Deck

This is the lower deck of a mantid control ship, and you can see that there are groups of mantids sitting on chairs. I dunno how these chairs… They don’t… They float. There's no bars or legs holding these chairs up, they just hover. And the guys sitting on the chairs operate all the controls in this section here. The guys standing up, one, two, three; they operate all the controls here. These two guys here operate everything in that section. And what they're doing, they're not flying the ship – they are co-ordinate human timelines – abductions, contacts. You have no idea, the project management that is required for these guys to come down and see you at 35 milliseconds past 2 o'clock on the afternoon of a Friday. The work that is needed, because then they might be in Japan 20 minutes later, and then back to America. So this information goes… I've tried to show there's no sharp corners on these craft; it just curves, like that. So the information that they co-ordinate goes up.

Human Time Line Interception & Monitoring – Upper Deck

And this is the level above them. These guys here are receiving the information which has come from down there. These guys are piloting the ship, and they have viewing screens, and they're piloting. But I've tried to show the flowing lines here, the power supply that makes this craft fly. It’s absolutely vital that the craft can convey this energy around the outside of the ship. It’s that shape. And that's the commander’s chair and the lifting device that takes him up and down different floors.

Technologies - 1

You'll like this, I hope. You put your hand over what appears to be a solid piece of metal, a shape appears, it lifts up, floats up like that, and this device here allows the commander to observe the power plant. So diamonds, triangles, squares, oblongs all move across here, passing information. So you don't have to go and do a diagnostic of a power plant. That does it all, and then you just hold it out, and it drops straight back into the metal. It’s a morphing metal. **[Nytenol]** metal that you can read about is just pathetic. This is real stuff. Again here, hand over the console, two discs come up. I don't know whether you look into this and it imprints information, or whether when you put that in the console the information is imprinted. Gotta rush through it cos we're running out of time.

Technologies - 2

Transportation in tubes. You stand on a little disc and it flies you up. The little greys don’t travel on those, they have little trains, literally like think of a mineshaft where you have, you see all the trains, but they all run on a monorail. And the greys will sit in there, if you know about the underground bases, or those that are left.

Technologies - 3

Okay. I saw this on a ship, where a specimen got free, a bird. These things are really tall, and it’s comical, it’s like **[treebeard]**, waving its arms to catch it. You go and get a device, and somehow this device is not like a fan; it just draws… The bird’s not hurt at all. It draws the bird down and then they capture the specimen, and that’ll give you some idea of how they capture them on Earth. Fascinating.

Underground Base Tour - 1

Underground tour of a base. I was taken and shown humans naked, walking past a great bank of crystals. And this device here, which I couldn't look at is… Even when I tried to draw this, and I just couldn't. As the humans walk past, their bodies are, I dunno, scanned, by this crystal, it does something to them. And then the readings are given off here.

Underground Base Tour - 2

The humans then come out of a tunnel, and then they're met by this guy, who appears to have a medieval helmet on his head. And he's really tall and muscular. And these are first time humans, this is the very first time they've ever been here, and they've been scanned, they've obviously passed through the test and they're then being met. Okay, then Mum says, ‘Let me take you on a tour’, and I see we're underground, rough hewn brick walls with tanks and then these two are tall greys. God knows why that one’s upside-down. And I say, ‘Look, that one’s upside-down!’ Doesn't answer me, just says, ‘Come and see along here’. So we've got greys here and humans stored here on the right hand side. So three sections – one, two, three. We travel on the disc, we look at them. And I get lonely, so I seek out his hand, because that's the close relationship I have. And then I point out things that interest me. And we look, and we just look at them, and he shows me them.

Feline Species – Lion / Cat People

Okay. On the left hand side, from Mary Rodwell’s book Awakening, drawn by **[Jane]** **[Milligan]** **[Melchior]**, is a lion being. And on the right hand side, a lion being that I was shown on a viewing screen. Cat people are often shown with the big ears, that's what they project into your mind. The reality is their ears are just offset here. I’m not too displeased with that drawing. I think the head is more domed than a lion. And here he makes the sign of the pyramid and the Eye of Horus, because these beings had a great responsibility in building the Giza pyramid.

The Cat Queen

The Cat Queen, she visits me regularly. Those aren’t her real ears, that's just a cap she wears. She has a Seal of Office and a black cape. This is a female, this is her attendant and bodyguard. I’m gonna rush through.

[Missing Time] Continuity Glitch – 1

Freezing Time, Chantelle mentioned.

Continuity Glitch – 2

That’s my wife, goes into very slow motion, and you heard it from Chantelle first. Her exact words were, ‘Time stopped still, time was frozen’, and my wife just goes absolutely into slow motion. And this creature flies in and spins in the air, like that. And that is not how they look. This is this being’s projection into my mind. I’m a cat being, you're gonna see me as a cat, because that's how you expect to see me. And you like cats, so you'll like me.


I haven't even got time to talk about missing time now, we're running out of time.

Super Special Human Soldiers: SSHS

Please don’t get confused – super special human soldiers are not supersoldiers. Supersoldiers are genuinely very fit humans who have implants, have genetic alteration to them and are sometimes coached or schooled by extra-terrestrials. These are humans who are taken by extra-terrestrials to do a fighting job. And they have weapons because they're gonna fight other humanoids. That's why they're given weapons. I had the very great pleasure of meeting somebody who was one of these, and I drew this gun and I said, ‘I've got a real problem with this because I can't see a trigger, and I’m not gonna lie and put a trigger in’. I just don't know where the trigger is. And this should be a sight, because traditionally that's where humans mount sights on rifles. But it isn't, it’s a powerpack. ‘Oh yeah,’ he said, ‘when it’s full power it’s green. It’s a traffic light system. Yellow amber, red low power,’ and he said, ‘There isn't a trigger as such, you just squeeze here and the gun fires. And they wear almost like bicycle, er, motorbike helmets, and a tube goes down the throat. I won't have time to explain that now.

Tall Grey

Tall grey, this one came to visit me, beautiful blue eyes, blue deliberately, because blue has a very soporific effect on a human. You know, why do you think police cars have blue lights? Why do ambulances have blue lights? Blue is a colour that humans… When the reptilians were altering our human genetics, blue was a special colour, to calm you down, or to make you have respect. So he came to visit me, and he says, ‘You have no fear of me’, because he's used to people screaming and hitting him and shouting, and I say, ‘I have no fear of any of you. You have a very gentle face and lovely blue eyes. We're already friends,’ at which point, he leans forward so I can stroke his face. And he says, ‘It is as I was told about you.’

Are They Mine?

Are they mine? Walking along, mantid, two hybrid children, and I think to myself, ‘Oh, that was me when I was little, I used to hold a mantid’s hand.’ I still do. And we stop and we look and I've been shown them, I was shown them for a reason. five minutes?

Floor: **<inaudible>**

SP: Sure? We can stop if you want?

Floor: **<inaudible>**

SP: What’s The Job? – 1

Okay. Story board fashion, okay, on a mantid ship. I put my hand on the left shoulder of a mantid, the reptilians chip with agreement. The mantids carry a chip in their left shoulders, it’s with agreement (gestures). And as a human in their world, you can interface with the computers by touching the shoulder, if you are so, because you can feel the information through. And I say, ‘It’s busy today’, meaning downstairs on Earth. ‘Downstairs’, that's what they call it. ‘Down on Earth it’s busy today, there's a lot going on.’ And he says, ‘Yes, there's a lot in progress.’ Okay, and I say, ‘If I was in our family body,’ (I haven't even discussed that), ‘If I was in our family body, I could command here. I would get bored’, because he said, ‘Would you like to?’ ‘No, I'd get bored, being in one place too long. Well in our family body I wouldn't, I know that. But I wouldn't want to command up here for too long.’ And he always calls me, ‘The Adam’, and he says, ‘The Adam was not meant to be off the Earth for long periods.’

What’s The Job? – 2

And I say, ‘When will my task be concluded or finished?’ He says, ‘I cannot say.’ I say, ‘I wish to move on.’ And he says, ‘You agreed to do what you agreed to do.’ And I say, ‘Well I do not go back on that agreement, but neither do I wish to stay on the Earth forever. When my task is over, I wish to ascend.’ And he says very unhelpfully, the usual stock answer there. And then I get very cross and I call up a picture (you can mentally call up pictures on viewing screens when you're in that world). I pull up a picture of the Earth, and I say, ‘You know how hard it is. You've been there. All the humans, er, sorry, all the pain, the filth, the poverty, the violence, the lies. It’s so hard, so hard, so hard. And then here I sort of got really mad, I say, ‘I call out to the stars!’ I’m so furious of it all. And then I say, ‘Yet I know that the humans can evolve. They can change into the most wonderful and fantastic creation in the multiverse. And that must be seen through.’ And he says, ‘Well you're a part of that.’ And I say, ‘Well I am a part of the new beginning for the Earth’, and that was mentioned today. Somebody mentioned the New Earth. I am a part of the new beginning. Ooohhhhhhh. [sigh]’

What’s The Job? – 3

And he says, ‘Yes, that is as it should be.’ And I then have an in-joke, it’s not an in-joke, it’s an in-argument, and I say, ‘Okay, my body, well, our bodies but your souls!’ And he says, ‘No! Our bodies and our souls.’ And I say, ‘Okay. My people or our people? Your people, for without you there would be no vehicles for our souls.’ And then straight off the wall, I say, ‘You don’t show me enough love! I am lonely!’, to which he becomes terribly confused. They don't understand our human brain at all. I realise this confusion and he says, ‘How can this be? We visit you on a regular basis so that you'll never feel alone and you're always reminded of your family.’ And I say, ‘You're confused, I've confused you. I'll be strong for both of us.’ And he says, ‘You will’.

And Now For Something Completely Different

Didn't Win put something completely different? Who knows what that is? Of course it could be different shapes. That's what this person saw. I didn't draw this, this was drawn by somebody who sees jinn. This is what she saw, this woman, who was in the car with me that was crashed. This is the being that often visits her, it’s a jinn; in Eastern religion very well known. About that big (gestures).

Okay. End of talk, sorry. Any questions? What I'd like you to do if you have any views, questions or comments, that’s my email address. I’m very happy to take any emails from you. Probably can we squeeze in just one or two minutes of questions if there are any?

Voice: No problem.

Voice: We wanna hear everything, I’ll just…

SP: Of course.

Closing credits

A presentation with Simon Parkes – Ammach witness and experiencer

At the first Ammach Project conference, Nottingham, England

Introduced by Ammach Founder Joanne Summerscales

AMMACH Co-director, Tech Co-ordination, Facilities, Producer, Director, Lighting Design: Miles Johnston undergroundvideouk

AV: Abracadabra, Whitton, London

Title Music: Nick Ashron

PSTV SKY 191/192

An MJM Production

© Miles Johnston 2012 undergroundvideouk for The Ammach Project

Transcribed by NA February 27th 2020

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