Podcast: Recorded Saturday, May 9, 2020

with Rebecca Parkes

The ill-timed release of Covid-19 in China that was meant to be released and wreak havoc in the U.S. hasn’t gone quite as planned, so the bad guys have a new plan, a mandatory vaccine to be given to every human on the planet, probably best to avoid if you want to preserve your health and remain human; financial reset might come when governments decide not to pay back all the free money they are giving out; Questions: if we take the Microsoft 06 06 06 nanochip will we stay in the Luciferian construct forever; has Boris and the Queen been replaced; why is St. George Slaying the Dragon on 5G Bioshield sticks; what were the energy bands that attacked my heart chakra; was Covid-19 injected into people through the flu vaccine in the past year and triggered by 5G and/or some other means; did Britain get a more severe strain of the Covid-19 than other countries; is Boris going to force mandatory vaccinations on everyone in the UK; Miles Johnson talks about rainbow pictures with inverted colors when compared to the chakra colors and thousands of clapping hands at 8:00 o’clock p.m. in the UK, what is the meaning of this; do indictments really exist and are they being acted upon; will spaceships come and take us off Earth when Planet X does a flyby; what do you mean by acting when the time arrives and what can we do in the meantime; does the fact that Boris is promoting vaccines mean the black hats have control over him; have the white hats neutralized many black hats and/or organizations; Simon are you considering flying to the USA; how do developing countries fit into Cabal control; if a large group meditates together can we prevent 5G from working; what is the difference in intent between the Earth Alliance and the Federation; is the absence of Simon’s updates because he has been told to keep quiet; does alcohol affect your ability to connect with Source; is the fact that I’m living in a “smart” flat have anything to do with seeing crystalline large spiders running across my bedroom wall.

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