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Friday, April 17, 2020

Questions: Is Bill Gates a clone; was the coronavirus spread in Europe by infected visitors from China or another virus released by the black hats; will the same evil entities release a new virus in the fall; do you see the present virus threat ending soon; is there a financial incentive for adjusting the number of deaths from this virus; is heavy-handed tactics of Merkel’s government assaulting and forcibly committing a German lawyer to a psychiatric hospital for criticizing lockdown going too far; an ’80s mystery novel by Dean Koontz, “The Eyes of Darkness,” is basically the reality we are now facing, coincidence? many state governors are shutting down all small businesses but letting big box stores stay open, so how is this stopping the spread of the virus; total shutdown is causing many civil rights violations with little legal action; are children being rescued; will any of these child rescues be made public; did President Trump turn over his power to FEMA; how can we evolve as a species when we turn a blind eye to people living homeless on our streets; is there a cure for the virus the medical establishment and/or governments have but are withholding; President Trump rejects Bill Gates’ vision of mandatory vaccination of every human on the planet; what was the agenda of the April 4th Points of Light worldwide meditation; what happened to Maeve Kennedy Townsend McKean’s son; why did President Trump cut funding to the WHO; is Bill Gates in jail; was the Pope’s recent appearance a hologram and is the real Pope in jail; when will Prime Minister Boris Johnson be back to work; 2020 is the year of choice.


Ted Mahr: Now I’d like to bring on my good friend Simon. Simon, how are you today?

Simon Parkes: Hello Ted, I’m doing very well thank you.

TM: Oh good, oh good. My goodness Simon there’s so much going on isn’t there? Incredible amount of things that are happening at the moment.

SP: Yes it’s sometimes difficult to keep up with it Ted.

TM: Yeah.

SP: You sort of look at the news or you check things out and then ten minutes later something else has happened.

TM: Sure, sure. Well, I’ve got a bunch of questions from listeners. I’ve also have gone over your blog post. I wanted to tell you that I had a hard time getting on your blog post here. There’s probably so many people logging on to it Simon, it’s hard to get, accommodate everybody, but what would you, I mean there’s lots of different ways I could go Simon, but what would you like to talk about first?

SP: I think probably to be truthful Ted if you have got any questions from the audience, from the listeners, I think it’s always nice because then at least some of them get their questions answered. I don’t know if we’ve had a chance to sort of get any questions in from anybody.

TM: Yeah, I have one, two, three, four, five, six, seven I think.

SP: Lucky number Ted.

TM: I’ve got seven, and I think there actually might be eight actually. I think there’s one that escaped somewhere. Well anyway that’s the, the first one I’ll start off is Jill in Montana. This is not a joke question. She’s serious. She’s a psychic and she says is Bill Gates a clone? I’m a psychic and my sources tell me that the real Bill Gates was cloned years ago and is on Mars helping with the Secret Space Program. Not even his wife realizes it. Any comments? Just curious if you might have heard anything about that?

SP: I can’t be specific. What I can tell you is that the cloning process of Bill Gates was undertaken, but I cannot know whether we’re looking at the real one or a clone. There are a number of key characters where they’ll make copies simply because if the original is taken out, then they can wheel the copy out, but without actually, you know, being in the same room as him I couldn’t tell you, but what I can tell you is there are definitely reproductions of him, but I don’t know whether that’s the reproduction that’s active at the moment.

TM: I see. Okay, all right. Okay, good, good. This is a question from John in Canada, beautiful Vancouver, Canada. He says after the accidental release of the coronavirus in Wuhan, was the virus spread in Europe by infected visitors from China or was it another strain of the virus deliberately released by the black hats?

SP: It was actually transmitted by people who left one country to another, but there was a separate strain of the virus active in Iran.

TM: Oh.

SP: So it’s a definite virus in China, a separate strain in Iran, but it was literally people traveling from one country to another that brought it across. The difficulty I think was that the more virulent strain was actually in Iran and that more virulent strain got into Italy. So, that is why the death rate in Italy has been quite high.

TM: I see, interesting. I’ve got a question for you Simon. I’ve been meditating and my guides tell me that the virus will drop as quickly it came up, of course of the last couple of months, but then after that they see there will be an attempt by these negative entities, the same ones who created the virus, to release another virus, possibly release another virus this fall, September timeframe, October at the latest, but that’ll be stopped. It will not be, will not cause harm. I know that’s kind of a sensitive issue, probably, but was wondering if you have heard anything about that?

SP: Yes, the real question for us I think is what happens in the next six weeks. In other words, if this, it’s not so much a hidden war now. It’s a fairly open war between the Trump administration and some of the most evil people on the planet. If that is completed in anything like a good fashion, then there will not be a second release of the virus.

TM: I see. Okay, all right. Okay. I have a question from Joseph in Long Island. I really like Joseph. He’s a friend of mine, and he was asking about the, I guess one of the questions that sprung up, do you see the virus also ending soon, the threat soon?

SP: Well, I do believe that the virus has what we would call a clock. In other words, it’s time-limited and this is acted on by sunlight. As we get into the summer months, then that will actually activate the clock and the virus will disappear almost as quickly as it arrived. There is no coincidence in the U.S., although some parts of Texas do have it bad, but if you look at Arizona, Texas, Australia, if you look at the numbers of infections as a proportion of the populations of those states or country in Australia’s case, it’s very small. And the reality is that in areas with bright sunlight the virus isn’t doing very well. It’s doing well in areas that are cooler, or where people congregate in large areas or clubs or bars, or dance halls. It’s actually outside in the fresh air, shall we say, in the bright sunshine in the semi-desert area the virus is very quickly destroyed. So what we’ll see I think as we go into for a northern hemisphere, we go into the summertime here, the virus will very quickly be destroyed.

TM: Okay, well that’s good news. Thank you for sharing that. Bob in beautiful Vancouver, Canada sent me a message about the numbers they are using for the amount of death and fatalities from the virus. He said that the statistics, oh I can send you the link to it after the show if you like Simon, but he said that the number of people dying from the virus, actually its total numbers with everything else for the flu season is 2000 people less than it has been the average for the last four years, and he suspects that the actual numbers they are using for the virus are widely overblown, and I’ve also heard reports that regular flu death and people who die from flu here in North America and around the world yearly too are being combined with the coronavirus because doctors actually have a financial incentive to list if a patient dies, they list that they died from the virus. Have you heard much about that?

SP: Yeah, absolutely for sure. No question of it. The difficulty that we have is in all countries have had many years to work out how many people get born, how many babies get born you know.

TM: Sure.

SP: And how many people die a year, and they have an average and then they build their services around that figure. It’s a bit like the fire department. The fire department know how many fire fighters they need and how many trucks they need because over the last thirty, forty, fifty years, they have a really clear idea of how many fires they are going to get. Now when this virus took hold it did increase the numbers of people dying. Now the system is very finely tuned. You’ve only gotta have a couple of more thousand deaths and it throws the system into great difficulty because it can’t cope with it. Now what the person’s asking the question there is an observation that’s quite right.

TM: Um-hum.

SP: There are two things here. First of all there is a financial incentive.

TM: Right.

SP: To inflate as a virus death, but there are also those people who are working for the dark side who are pushing the fact that they want to build up this huge number of deaths because they want to add to the fear factor.

TM: Right.

SP: My view is quite strong, that people are dying from the virus, but not in the way that it’s being portrayed, so in other words, you know, more people will die of other things, but when we add all the deaths together, it’s too much for the system. In Great Britain they’ve had to ask the fire fighters to start moving the bodies about because the facilities can’t cope. That’s not because a hundred thousand people have died and they’re swamped. It’s simply because a few thousand more have crushed the system, and so it’s right. There are a number of people lying or falsifying to say that someone’s died of the virus when they haven’t, but we still need to be aware that people are dying of the virus.

TM: Right, right. I don’t think it’s any different than some physicians unfortunately in the United States engage in Medicare fraud where they overbill the government for treatments they never did or procedures they never did, and so some doctors unfortunately have been using the virus apparently as a way to make extra money and claiming that the deaths from the virus occurred when they hadn’t, and it wasn’t the main cause of death. Here’s a question from Ulrich outside of Frankfort, Germany. There was a, you probably heard about it, Beate Bahner, B-A-H-N-E-R. The headline is “Top Medical Lawyer Forcibly Committed to Psychiatric Hospital for Criticizing the Coronavirus Lockdown Law on Germany.” Apparently she was severely beaten up and the German government, Merkel’s government was very heavy handed on demonstrators. Do you think they are going overboard with its treatment of people protesting against the shutdown and should this decrease after the virus goes away? Do you think they’ll keep these restrictions in place?

SP: Well from their perspective, no they didn’t go overboard because they absolutely want, this is the negative Cabal, they absolutely want countries and states secured, locked down, almost martial law. They want people not to be able to come out. They want to keep this fear factor going, but more importantly they want to destroy the economy. Now you’ve got, in America you’ve got a number of states which are not wanting to come out of their lockdown, and you’ve got two states that have got Republican governors, but all the rest have got Democrats governors. You can’t include places like New York and New Jersey because they really are badly hit.

TM: Right.

SP: So they’ve gotta stay like that, but there are a number of states where frankly there’s no need to have this lockdown.

TM: Right.

SP: Now what I think we’ll see in Great Britain, and I give you as an example is that the lockdown will be released so that businesses can be opened, but we will still be expected to follow the social distancing. In other words, so all the stores will be open. All the offices will be open, but you won’t be able to sit next to somebody close. I think that’s gonna get [19:03][unintelligible], so they’re going to say you’ve gotta be six feet away from somebody, but you can go back to work. That’s I think what I guess Trump’s looking for because he knows that the Cabal want America bankrupt.

TM: Right.

SP: If he can keep America working, then he can defeat the Cabal. So what the Cabal want, everyone drawing unemployment from the labor office. They want Social Security to break the bank, and that’s, if you think back weeks ago now when we spoke, I said and I’m on record as saying that this virus doesn’t kill very many people, but it’s incredibly infectious.

TM: Right.

SP: And its core project was to destroy the economy of the United States and to get rid of President Trump. That’s what it was all about.

TM: Sure. Right. Yeah, that makes sense. I mean in a negative way it makes sense. I did read the book. I can send you, get you a copy if you want it, Dean Koontz’s book called “The Eyes of Darkness,” and in that book he talks about a virus developed by the Chinese called the Wuhan 400, which is extremely contagious and it kills people, very virulent form that is released accidentally, and it’s a mystery book, but I read the book and that was released back in ’84 and I’ve heard that the Cabal or whatever you want to call them, the negative elements, they like to tell people ahead of time what they are going to do before they do it. I don’t know whether, the author claimed that he just wrote the book. I know I’ve seen his interviews, but it’s too uncanny that this thing be called the Wuhan virus that’s very virulent and it kills people back ’84, and now we’ve got something, you know, close to the real thing.

SP: Well there are two possibilities here that I can see. One is that an individual is paid to write a book and given a story line and they print it, or somebody gets a download of information because they get a glimpse into the future. But either way, there’s absolutely no chance that that was just a coincidence. Somebody got hold of advanced information, and you’re right again Ted that the way these people, the Cabal is that they have to alert you in a very covert way what their plans are. Now normally they use Hollywood. They will use a Hollywood film or cartoon to get that message out there and see how it goes. But, you see, the Cabal have two aces up their sleeve. One was the virus or a virus, and the other is what we call a dirty bomb, a nuclear a low yield, a very low yield nuclear weapon for containment contamination. Now the problem with the bomb is that it contaminates everything.

TM: Right.

SP: But the point about the virus is that it is quite clean, so I think the Cabal went for the virus because it was a clean way of attacking the economy.

TM: Sure.

SP: Use a bomb, you know, it can get out of hand, so these are weapons that they’ve had, they’ve planned them before they even had the technology. So you could go back a hundred years and you could find a book, talking about a virus. Well it means that people had created this idea but hadn’t got the science. Soon as the science caught up with the idea, they could then launch the attack, and the reason the launched the attack was because 2020, this year, is the year of make or break for many many things, and this virus was released in the end or middle end, third week of November. Don’t believe what the World Health Organization tells you. I know for a fact that it was released on the third week of November in 2019 to have the effect in 2020. This is the year of decision. That’s why it’s happened now and not last year, two, three, four, five years ago. It happened so it would have its effect into this year.

TM: Right, right. Where I live in Washington state outside Seattle, our governor, Governor Inslee, they’ve argued that large groups are the problem, but it doesn’t make sense what they’ve done to shut down all businesses. They’ve shut down all the small businesses across the state, and the unfortunate part is like if large groups are the problem, then shouldn’t they have closed the Walmarts of the states of America and the large big box stores instead of the little “Mom and Pop” little grocery, little smaller businesses like with maybe like two or three people in them, which theoretically aren’t a problem, but yet I shudder to think, I think, I think… I don’t know how many of these businesses will be coming back. You know a lot of businesses just get by. They’re independent, but I hope they’ll be able to survive this.

SP: Well this is the difference between the Federal government and the governors, because, you know, can’t fail but to be aware that Trump was very reluctant to close corporate America down, whereas some of the governors were already, you know, doing it and going overboard.

TM: Right.

SP: It’s all very well for a governor and an office to make these decisions, but there are husbands and wives, brothers and sisters, families and their sons and daughters who work in a business which might have been there since the West was won, and you know, you cannot destroy people’s livelihoods.

TM: Right.

SP: And then be no consequences. There will be consequences.

TM: Sure, sure, sure.

SP: So it’s where we go with it Ted, but I honestly think that people will be quite resilient and will come back.

TM: Well and I’m going to have a special program when this thing, the shutdown is lifted, just on small business. I’m going to give all the businesses they want as much free promotions on my show as possible so we can get America moving again, get the world moving again and to help them out. The other thing too is many governors have, I know the governor of New Jersey has criminalized being out. If you’re not a so-called essential worker in New Jersey, you can be charged with a misdemeanor, disorderly conduct and fined up a thousand dollars. Back in my area in Seattle, our governor, Inslee, banned recreational, all recreational fishing two weeks ago, as if a guy in a boat two miles from shore from everybody else would be a threat to spreading the virus. It doesn’t make sense. He’s also closed all the parks so people can’t get out. I mean it’s going to come to a point where he’ll be, I think he’ll be forced to get, to open up the state again. So anyway, I don’t know what it’s like… can you get, are you similar restrictions in the UK Simon where you are?

SP: I’ll answer that in a minute but I’ll give you a bit more information Ted. In the state you just referred to it is as you said, quite rightly, it’s illegal to go fishing, but it is not illegal to go out in a canoe. That’s absolutely the truth if you [can] believe it. We have different names for them, I think canoe or kayak, it is perfectly legal to take a canoe out in that state but it is not legal to go in a boat and do fishing. So I understand from my sources that people have been fishing from boats, and then they’ve hung a sign on the boat saying this is a canoe. That just shows you what’s going on. No, this is Great Britain, and we don’t have a central government, so in other words, we have a national government and a national government makes laws, but all of the smaller areas have to follow. We don’t have this separate autonomy and what we’re allowed to do, we are now allowed to go out more than once a day. We are allowed to drive to a place to walk, and we’re allowed to go out and have a picnic if we want providing that the amount of time we take sitting down is less than the amount of time we’re walking. So we’ve got quite an open, book if you like, but we must keep six feet away from everyone that’s not a member of our family.

TM: I see. I see. Does that include pets as well? If your dog comes up and jumps on you would that be, could you be subject to a fine and an arrest?

SP: No, not at all. This is Great Britain. That doesn’t happen.

TM: Just kidding.

SP: Oh right. We did have a couple of situations where a local police force got very excited and did start to try and fine people. You know, they were looking through people’s shopping baskets, and saying well you know, you’ve come all this way to a supermarket and you’ve just bought chocolate. That’s not really essential is it? So we have what we call a Home Officer Minister who is the politician in charge of all of the police areas, and they’ve actually said to the police you’ve got to stop doing that, and let people buy what they want, and so we’ve had a very gentle response in this country, much less draconian than is taking place in France or Germany or Italy or Spain.

TM: Interesting. I saw a post the other day where the governor of Michigan had banned the purchase of U.S. flags. I don’t understand her reasoning. I guess it’s related to the virus but I don’t know why, but anyway she’s… there was a huge protest against her yesterday in Lansing, Michigan, the capital of Michigan, so I think people are getting rather tired.

SP: Well surely under the Constitution a citizen can go to buy a flag, and if they are prevented from that I would have thought there would have been a ton of lawyers happy to take the governor on.

TM: I see so many civil rights violations with this shutdown and I’m surprised not more attorneys have jumped into the fray, but I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t see much legal action happening, a few things, but really not much, but I hope people wake up soon. I don’t agree with the total shutdown. I really don’t.

SP: No, the longer, I mean fair enough for places like New Jersey I don’t have a problem with that because it’s serious, but where there’s a state with a very few cases who are operating the same very severe lockdown, that state, and I’m not being melodramatic here. People know me. I don’t get melodramatic, but that governor in that state is pushing his people toward not just civil disobedience but a civil action.

TM: Right.

SP: Not civil war, but civil action, and I think that if governor’s wish to be reelected they need to think very carefully.

TM: Right. Right. I agree with you. I’m getting some more questions in. I’m reading them. Okay this, is… there’s a bunch of questions that just came in, Elizabeth in Westport, Washington asks is it really true that kids are being rescued?

SP: Yes absolutely it is. Don’t expect to see that on Prime-Time Television.

TM: Right, right. I guess the corollary question to that would be will it become public?

SP: You just dropped out Ted.

TM: Yeah, will this become public?

SP: Right. Thanks for coming back. Your signal went. Probably someone was just a bit too curious to listen to us. I think the answer is it will if there’s been a very covert battle for it in Italy. It’s not surprising because it’s where the Vatican is. That’s I understand has been reasonably successful.

TM: Right.

SP: But the real battle you know is in mainland U.S. It’s the main continent. It’s where you are, and if that battle is anything like half decent, as we say, then you will find the truth coming out. If the good guys don’t push back as much as they hope, then it won’t come out. There’s one of the key issues for your listeners, twofold, there’s only two things that matter here, and you know what they are? That’s the media and Hollywood.

TM: Sure.

SP: Now if the media and Hollywood take a hit, then I think that you’ll find that the unmentionable, the unthinkable happens and facts are begun to be released through the mainstream, but it means that Hollywood has to be judged and it means that, you know, the media have to be judged, and if those two empires can be brought back into the realm of democracy, then yes, the truth is going to be out there bigtime.

TM: I think that raises the issue too, and I thank you so much for coming on my show, always coming on my show Simon, because your viewpoint and my program as well gives people an alternative where I try to, where we both try to ferret out the truth and tell people what’s really going on. We don’t have agendas, I just tell, you know, both of us tell what we see, as we see it. In Iowa, people don’t realize this, but I’ve heard in Iowa there is no shutdown there, and life goes on normally. I’ve also heard that the governors of Texas and Nebraska are considering lifting the shutdown now as we speak, so there’s a lot of people wondering what’s going on and I think this shutdown will help hopefully wake them up. I have a question from Bonnie in Minnesota who asks I just learned that POTUS Trump gave his power to FEMA. They control the country, not President Trump. Are we still on track with the light being in control of winning this battle?

SP: I’m not sure about that. What your audience will be aware of is the Great Seal of Office has on a number of occasions been taken away from behind President Trump when he’s done some of his presentations or conferences, and that should have created a lot more interest than it has done. I just want to put it clear that when the Great Seal of Office is behind the elected officer, the president, then the elected officer, the president, is speaking as a controlled person of the system. When the Seal of the Office is removed, then President Trump is actually speaking as an ordinary America citizen. So when the Seal of Office is removed, it allows the president in a democratic way, shall we say, to start taking actions that he wouldn’t normally be allowed to take, so that’s been said. Secondly, to say is that ever since 2016, the government of the United States of America has been a military government built around the Constitution. There’s no way the president will give his powers away to anybody.

TM: Okay.

SP: A group of military men brought in President Trump to save America. Let’s be absolutely blunt about this.

TM: Okay.

SP: To save America, they’re not about to give those powers away to anybody.

TM: Um-hum. Wow, okay. Thank you. Thank you so much Simon for explaining that. I have a question from a gentleman, Thaddeus, I think he’s from Los Angeles. I’m not sure, and he says Simon thanks for all your wonderful hard work and dedication to the truth. My question is this. How can, or how can we evolve as a species with the homeless population currently on the planet, especially in some of the richest most industrialized nations? For example, the homeless camp right near San Francisco is now visible from outer space with people living in parking lots and in garages, and some of these people have jobs, go to school, and have kids et cetera, and your comments on that.

SP: Right Ted. It’s a problem with the United States because I’m afraid the American people have been sold a lie. Many countries have been sold a lie, but the American vision is that it’s perfectly acceptable to have ten percent of your population in the gutter because that’s when, you know, we are successful and we look down on these people in the gutter and we think I’ve got to keep working. I’ve got to keep going because if I don’t I could fall in the gutter. So it’s a control system. Now what’s happened with this virus across many countries, homeless people have been given temporary accommodations because they want to get them off the streets, so why is it that a country can do this under the virus situation and as soon as the virus situation goes, it’s going to put them back on the streets.

TM: Right.

SP: It’s showing a lack of evolvement. It’s the lack of humanity, and basically until humanity challenges the power of money, until humanity says that a person is more valuable than a dollar bill, there won’t be any change until that happens. As long as money comes first, then the person who has put the question forth is absolutely right, that’s about the situation we’ve got, but if we can get some sort of change that means we have a better perception of what money is, and then we can have proper life. I mean let’s just quickly go on. Look at all the black kids in prison.

TM: Yeah.

SP: Look at all the black kids shooting each other.

TM: Right.

SP: This is part of a system where these people are being manipulated, because you know, your country, which I’ve got the greatest respect for, something like thirty-five percent now of all manufacturing within that country, U.S., is made in prison, or made with prisoners.

TM: Oh my God.

SP: It’s huge and in fact remember the pictures. Did you see the pictures of the coffins being laid in the island? Did you see those pictures?

TM: I saw the pictures, yeah, I did.

SP: Do you know that they were prisoners burying them with police guards.

TM: Oh my gosh.

SP: You see if you look at the drone pictures and you can get some enlargements you’ll see cops around the edge standing back and then the guys actually doing it are, I can tell you, are prisoners or inmates, I think the word you use, inmates from a prison. So people don’t actually understand that that is a massive labor force. It’s a massive eonomy. You know black people aren’t picking cotton anymore. I’m being absolutely serious here, so when that system dropped out, the elite, the Cabal, had to find another way of slaves.

TM: Right.

SP: And having paid slaves and semi-paid slaves. So in order to get the truth and a real real change, we have to completely turn the system on its head. I’m hoping that President Trump can do that.

TM: Right. Yeah I hope so too. I hope so too Simon, and what you’ve told me now points out an interesting corollary is that during the ’30s and ’40s with the Nazis in Germany, they of course had concentration camps which was free labor to the Cabal, to the industrialists in Germany and this is not, maybe it’s too harsh to say this but it’s maybe both kind of the same principle, free labor, that they use to exploit people for their own ends and for manufacturing but yeah, I hope it changes. I hope it changes. I’ve got a question from [39:50][inaudible] from South Africa. He asks about the… he writes this question about do you think the medical establishment, the medical fraternity, is not sharing that they have solutions for the virus and remedies but they haven’t been sharing it, and corollary to that, do you think governments around the world actually have solutions for the coronavirus that they have not, they’ve intentionally been withholding?

SP: Right. The people who have the solution for it are the people who created it in the first place. You do not run a one-way street in your biological weapons laboratory as you are running a number of diseases, you are also running the antidote to them. You always do that just in case there is an accidental release, because you can’t have the Cabal being infected by its own weapons. Now what we’ve got on the planet at the moment is just a handful of people aware of the… there isn’t a cure that the good guys have got, but the good guys have got a number of things that help immensely. Now when the British Prime Minister became very ill and was sent to the emergency unit, President Trump immediately, they arrived at 3:00 o’clock in the morning British time the next day, sent over representatives with a range of drugs which were not available in any other country except America. And so Boris, the British Prime Minister, his doctors were given these drugs that the American system had, and that’s why Boris is back on his feet now, so [although] most countries don’t have it, and the only reason that the U.S. has it is because when this virus was released in the third week of November, 2019, they gave the white hats a few weeks to get something together before it hit. Now I think that the president has announced that he’s got twenty-eight million doses of a drug which has great benefit. Unfortunately, the American pharmaceutical industry is fighting it of course.

TM: Um-hum. Of course, yeah.

SP: But as President Trump said, you should take this because you’ve got nothing to lose. If you are dying of this virus, you’ve got nothing to lose.

TM: That’s true.

SP: So what I’m saying to you is the only people who’ve got the cure are the people who created it in the first place, and I can definitely tell you that it was not any of the intelligence agencies in America. So the CIA doesn’t have a cure for it. The NSA doesn’t have a cure for it. None of those guys have got it. The people who’ve got the cure for it are a Cabalistic group.

TM: Interesting, all right. Well, and I’m glad we started with people’s questions first because we are already three-quarters of the way through the show and it took us that long to answer all the questions, so we got them all answered Simon, and that’s wonderful unless one comes in in the next few minutes. I wanted to ask you a few followup questions though. You had on your website that Trump, that President Trump had rejected Bill Gates’ vision. Mr. Gates wants to have all of us vaccinated, and this relates to vaccinations of course and the shutdown to continue indefinitely, and he also, Trump also wants to get everything back to normal as quickly as possible is the president’s wish, and I know that a lot of people I think are feeling the same way. Is that true also in Britain too, that people want to get back to normal as soon as possible?

SP: No, no I don’t think that’s the case here. I think people have been so frightened in Great Britain that recent polling that’s taken place has shown that it will have to be released very gently because humanity in this, you see we’re an island Ted. We’re a very small island. We’re very different from other countries. At the moment people are terrified of being close to anyone, so what’s gonna happen is that it’s going to have to be done gently in terms of distancing because at the moment people are recoiling. They are jumping. If you are walking down the sidewalk and someone comes up to you, they automatically leap as it were into the road. So there’s a great fear in Great Britain about getting too close to somebody, so the fear machine has been working overtime here, and I think it will be quite difficult, so a businessman or a businesswoman, they want their business up and running tomorrow.

TM: Right.

SP: Ordinary people, they are, they want to go back to normality, but they just psychologically don’t know how they’re going to cope going into a room full of people.

TM: Right, right, right. Okay All right, well hopefully things will get back to normal, not only in the UK, but also here and Canada as well as all around the world. I think people, I hope so anyway. I wanted to get to another interesting point. There’s an organization called the Points of Light who organized a worldwide meditation for April 4th, and I saw the advertisements, the posts on Facebook for it, and what I thought was interesting Simon is they never listed who’s behind it, and then I saw your, and then I ran across a video on it and also saw your post about the same people who organized George Bush’s Million Points of Light initiative to promote the New World Order was the same ones who did this April 4th meditation. Do you think they were trying to stop the ascension and hijack lightworkers?

SP: I can’t be sure of that. What I can be sure of is that their promotional video was incredibly slick and ditsy, and I’m always suspicious of that because that means a lot of money has been thrown into it. Now lightworkers, spiritual people, we don’t have money. That’s why we are, you know, no disrespect to bankers. We’re not bankers, and we believe in a better way, and so we couldn’t produce something as ditsy and as fantastic as that. So when you see really professionally produced videos, then that means a lot of money behind it. Well that isn’t going to be a spiritual person. That’s going to be a person who’s got an agenda, so I just leave that thought with your audience.

TM: Right I looked up, I went to their website and looked up their purpose and the purpose is, it’s one line. It said the United Nations sustainable development goals provided through the unified approach to solving our urgent problems and toward building an inclusive sustainable future for all, and that’s from their website, and that begs to question Agenda 21 or Agenda 30, which of course we know that’s to force people from the rural areas into the cities where they can be controlled. But anyway thank you for making people aware of that because Million Points of Light was never explained on their post and I always kind of wondered what was going on. The recent drowning of Maeve Kennedy Townsend found in canoeing in the water canoeing with her young son. Any further developments on that? Have the police been able to investigate it yet or have information on her son?

SP: On one of my updates I said someone slipped up. Someone needs to pay for this.

TM: Right.

SP: There is no excuse for something happening to a child. I can’t remember how old the boy was. Was he ten years old?

TM: Eight.

SP: Eight years old. There is no excuse for that. I don’t understand… I understand the circumstances around his mother, but I don’t understand the circumstances around the boy, and that’s one of the big issues I’ve got. I don’t understand why that’s happened to the boy.

TM: Um-hum. Yeah, I just… let’s say a moment of prayers for the son that he be found. His body hasn’t been found. My guides tell me he was kidnapped. I don’t know where they are keeping him but there’s a lot more to this story than meets the eye. That’s the other message I got. We’ve got about eight minutes left and I wanted to ask you about President Trump’s cut of funding for the WHO organization as well as I think he had another post on Taiwan turning against it saying it sat on the information on the virus which could have helped the world, and [49:01][inaudible]

SP: Ted, Ted you’re breaking up terribly. I can’t really hear you. Can you just repeat that please?

TM: Oh sure, yeah President Trump cut the funding and also the Taiwan government turned against the WHO saying that it sat on the information on the coronavirus which could have helped the world.

SP: Right. Well President Trump did a very powerful presentation, and he gave his reasons why. Of course the evil elite and the majority of the media didn’t want to cover that, but the reality was that the WHO, the World Health Organization has lied and has just literally done what China wanted, and I don’t understand it because the United States gives between four hundred and five hundred million dollars a year to the World Health Organization, and China gives forty million. You’d think that if you gave the lion’s share then you’d report to the boss, but they’re not doing that, so there’s again another nasty agenda here with the World Health Organization. President Trump has seen through that, knows the truth. He’s pulling the plug on that and I’m really glad that he is.

TM: Well that’s good, that’s good. What do you think of the director?

SP: Well I, if anybody ever gets the chance to interview the director, please ask them to tell you what medical qualifications he has.

TM: Hum.

SP: Seriously I mean it. Ask him, if ever you get the chance, just prove what medical qualifications you’ve got. You’ll be surprised to find he has none.

TM: Hum. Okay, thanks. Thanks, that’s very interesting. I’ve heard, another question came in. Is Bill Gates in jail?

SP: No. No he’s not. He is the richest man on the planet. I guess Queen Elizabeth II is the richest woman on the planet.

TM: Right.

SP: Now he is the richest person on the planet. He will be the very last one to go down.

TM: Okay, okay. Thank you. Thank you. There was a video I saw on the internet a couple days ago on that. It was a video of the Pope in the Vatican appearing in this window. I don’t know if you saw it or not. I can send it to you Simon if you want, where he gives a speech and then he turns his back and suddenly he disappears, and people watching it thought he was just a hologram and I’ve heard reports that the Pope is in jail too. I don’t know if it’s true or not but I had to ask.

SP: Okay, my information is that he’s not in jail.

TM: Okay.

SP: There are several possibilities for this. Some of them are, they’re not conspiratorial but they’re interesting. If a leader, a big leader is seriously ill you have to present that leader, and I never understood why they didn’t do it with Hillary Clinton, but basically you can project an image of that person through a window, and if you know that it’s going to be filmed or an audience is going to watch it so that you can, you know, give the impression that the person is still at home because that’s a very real method that’s used from time to time. The other possibility is rather more exciting shall we say, or more exotic, is that if a person is not really a human, is another form of creature, they have the ability to leave this reality from time to time, then you will see that person disappear in space [52:59][unintelligible].

TM: Interesting, interesting. Well I hope the tyranny behind it disappears [and] will come out soon. On behalf of all my listeners around the world, I’m so glad that your Prime Minister is out of the hospital and he is better. Do you know when he will be completely healed? Any word on that?

SP: I’m being told that it will be Wednesday to Thursday of the week coming. He’ll be back to work.

TM: Oh wonderful, wonderful. Simon we’ve got about a minute-and-a-half left, and I want to give you the rest of the time to wrap up your wonderful interview today.

SP: Thank you. I think what we will do is basically say 2020 is the year of choice for humanity to if this great game, I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but this great game that’s unravelling in front of us and for people to perhaps find inner strength and see through all of this trickery that’s occurring and to understand that we need a completely different way of life. We need a completely different valuing, who we are and what we stand for and hoping that never again will humanity be the same. In other words when we come through this, and we will come through this, our values will be changed for the better. I hope we will never again be suckered or duped by the ridiculous things that have happened in the past, so I think this is a very exciting time for us.

TM: Thank you so much Simon. I always enjoy talking to you and it’s always fun because I know that you have a heart of gold and you want the best for humanity, and with that, all my listeners, thank you for coming on today Simon. Thanks again so much for sharing your wisdom with us.

SP: God bless. Take care, bye-bye.

TM: Thank you Simon so much, bye-bye. Bye. That was my good friend Simon Parkes from England.

[Simon Interview Ends 55:00, Hour One]

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