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24th March 2020

London in lockdown “The Daily Telegraph” headlines “End of Freedom”; Covid19 has succeeded in creating panic, eliminating our liberties, and destroying the Western world’s economy; what path should the U.S. go down, a total lockdown to prevent the spread of Covid19 or lifting of some restraints and getting people back to work in less infected areas to prop up economic stability; 10 percent of Britain’s police are either home sick or self-quarantining; about a vaccine, Simon says he’d only consider taking it if President Trump personally vouches for it, otherwise no; Angela Merkel receives anti-pneumonia injection; different countries have different levels of restraints put on their people and ways of tracking down people possibly exposed to the virus; this unfortunate event may speed up the development of humanity by forcing them to see the truth.

Simon Park Hello it’s the 24th of March. It’s very interesting I suppose to look back on hindsight and say, oh well I was right. That doesn’t do us much good, but I did the podcast yesterday warning that, you know, it looked like the government in Great Britain were literally going to take some unprecedented steps and sort of saying to people well, let’s not give them the excuse to do it. The information that I was receiving at the time was literally the government was thinking about this, and obviously by the time that there was the statement, hopefully many of you saw at 8:30 p.m. British time, where the Prime Minister came out and said what he said.

Well I think what’s interesting is that I’d in my podcast said that never before in peacetime had the British people been so removed from their freedoms, and during the Second World War. I made the point about when the bombs were falling the British people were hidden in their houses and then came out, and that this whole potential lockdown was really sort of a martial law, but they won’t use that that word, and it was really a real attack on freedoms, and I’d said that the Labour Party seemed to be all for it, and they were at that time. Now I honestly don’t know if anyone was listening to me, and we stung anyone’s conscience, but there was a late debate after I’d done my podcast where suddenly the Labour Party was saying this is all wrong, and you know, we can’t be doing this, and et cetera, et cetera, and then just went and voted for it anyway. So I want to do the paper. If you’re in Britain you’re used to all this, but if you, because you’ve seen all the papers, but if you’re in another country, this might just be very interesting for you. This is the headline (holds up “The Daily Telegraph”) in the paper and says “End of freedom,” and it’s very interesting because that’s exactly what I was saying, that the last time we ever saw this was zero. In other words, it’s never happened before, even during wartime.

All right, let’s move on from that now. We’re all focusing on this disease and the outcome, but I want to really come back to why it was released in the first place. I keep on repeating it and I’m happy to repeat it, that it was not supposed to be released in China. If you were to look with a crystal ball twenty years ago, you would see it was released in China because that’s what was always going to happen on this timeline, but it was not intended by those who wanted this culture, this virus. It was no intention of releasing in China. It was to be released elsewhere. However, it’s still having the effect that those people wanted. It’s not about wiping out half the population because it’s not wiping out half the population, you know, there’s nothing like it. It’s just a very small percentage. Its whole purpose was to create panic, which it’s done very nicely, to take away liberties, which it’s doing, but ultimately, and the real goal was to destroy the Western world’s economy. Now it’s now so bad in the United States of America that President Trump is probably going to rein back on much of the lockdown that he put in. This is in danger, not his actions, but the actions of the virus in terms of its confidence affecting business people, huge investors, multicorporations, ordinary people, who buy the products. It’s in danger of collapsing the United States economy. That’s a huge statement, and those of you who have been very kind and, you know, stayed with me and watched me and found that on large what I say does actually come true. I am aware of what I just said, and that’s why it’s very important that President Trump reduces some of the constraints he’s got. It’s not my job to advise a president. I’m not a presidential adviser, but if I ever was, or I was, I would say to him release the constraints around the rest of the United States, but hammer down on Washington State, New York, you know, where it’s really really quite prevalent, where it’s quite bad. So where the virus is really quite difficult then keep that locked down but the rest of America get it back to work. It’s very important.

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I think that President Trump is working for the good of the United States Constitution. I have a personal great trust in the United States military, and I do believe that unless this is sorted out quite quickly, it’s going to damage the economy of the United states for not just the next year, but for 5–10–15 years, so although the medical professionals in the United States are urging this lockdown, my advice outside of the crucial areas, the very badly infected areas, is to get people back to work. Get people earning money, you know, that’s my take on it, because I am looking at the figures and I’ve been given the figures should I say, and I’m looking at the way it’s going and something needs to be done urgently. The Boeing Corporation were able to draw in on those monies and they’re now just closing. They’re just sending people home. They’re closing.

A virus because it’s unseen, it’s a bit like a stealthy terrorist and the community doesn’t see it coming. When it arrives, they don’t know where it’s going next, and this panic, this fear, [is] what causes the problem. If you have a war, your economy is actually stronger. That’s not crazy, because you’re making bombs and bullets and guns, and you know exactly where it is because there’s a map showing you the front line, how many tanks you lost today, how many tanks the enemy lost today, and that’s something that is understandable, but where something’s hidden and unknown, it creates a great deal of fear. It’s like a young child going into a dark room without a candle or without a flashlight, and you know, you can imagine everything’s in that dark room, so I honestly genuinely think that this is really important, because unless something is done quickly the global economy will collapse.

Now this was not designed by the White House. This isn’t a reset you don’t kill people if you’re a good person to create a reset. Good people don’t do that. Only negative people do that. Black hatted people, people with a satanic or an elite agenda would see deaths as a collateral damage because all they wanted to do was to destroy the chances of President Trump being reelected, destroy the economy of the United States because it is, rightly or wrongly, it’s the stabilizing force in the world, to weaken the military in the United States, to destroy the stocks and shares of the middle companies, and therefore make it an incredibly difficult environment for any country to project itself.

Now what’s really interesting here is that fascist states, or communist states will actually deal with this situation better because unlike a democracy, they don’t, as we say in Great Britain, we don’t pussyfoot around. They don’t hang around. China, we all were quite concerned when it occurred obviously, but now looking on it, because the Chinese acted in the way they did, they were able to isolate this virus in several cities, and they’ve actually got the better of it now and I’ve been sent information that the last of the emergency hospitals has been closed, and I’ve been given firsthand information that the wonderful nurses and doctors actually walked out of that without a mask on, and part of Wuhan, the city that first saw this outbreak, parts of it are going to be released from lockdown as next week, so what the Chinese did with their really strict measures was to isolate the disease in a number of cities and it didn’t spread throughout, but you can only do that if you’re in a totalitarian state, and you know, many people won’t like me saying it, but some people won’t, but China is a totalitarian state.

You can’t do that in the United states. You can’t do it in Britain. It’s not part of our culture and the difficulty is that this has allowed this virus to spread right across very quickly. We’ve seen pictures of people in buses and trains and subway tube network. I can’t believe it. I can’t believe people are so unaware of what is going to happen that they will squash themselves, 200 or so to a carriage, and then days later they wonder why they’ve all gone down sick. So as I said, that’s what’s caused the issue. Basically the government has said you’re not listening to us. You give us every excuse. We’re going to do it.

Now on one hand this lockdown might seem really good and for those of you in other countries listening to me today, the rules are here in Great Britain that only two people can go out at a time unless you’re in a family and you’ve got children and uncles and aunties and you live as a unit, but otherwise just two people out to be associating with. You’re allowed one walk or exercise a day. You’re allowed only to go out to the supermarkets, to the pharmacy, or to check on a vulnerable person. You are allowed to go to work and come back again, and that’s the way it’s been [11:18][handled] now, so it’s quite a shock for people who only a while back we’re listening to a very strange government statement, which was—this is about two or three weeks ago—saying I think it’d be good if lots of people in Britain got it because it would be what they called herd immunity, like the herd of buffalo or the herd of cattle. So you know, lots of people get it and they can all get, you know, resilient to it. Well that was, we always thought that was very strange, you know, herd immunity. Oh hello, do you want to say hello? Would you like to say hello? Your turn today, (Freya the dog) Freya’s turn. Freya’s turn, because oh great, and then somebody’s suddenly realized that in the process of that herd immunity the much-vaunted and much-loved Health Service in Great Britain would totally collapse, absolutely it would. Figures that are not being released, hello darling. Figures that are not being released, but I am prepared to tell you is that 10 percent of the entire police force are off sick in Great Britain, either self-isolating or with the virus, 10 percent. School teachers in those schools that are staying open for emergency workers, they’re absolutely struggling. So I’ve got to be very careful what I say, but the government has been disingenuous. It’s not actually told the public just how much this virus is spread, particularly in London and the Southeast, because on one hand they don’t want to fear people and frighten people, but then on the other hand they’re turning around and saying people aren’t listening to us, and I think it’s... what this has shown is that, and we perhaps noticed this during, those of you who’ve read history or remember alive that the Second World War, Britain’s not very good conveying the truth to its people. It either sugarcoats it or prefers not to tell them, that’s the big thing. I remember my grandfather used to say, you know, don’t tell, don’t tell people because they can’t cope with it, or they want a lie, you know, and give the complete different aspect, and I’ve always believed that you should just be honest, you know. You don’t need to sit there and give stark news with a very somber long face, you know, it’s the end of the world. You just need to report something and say this is the situation. These are the options we’ve got, and you know, let the public come up with some ideas, so it’s the economy that I’m really concerned about because the virus will go. Of course it will. The humanity is not gonna, you know, succumb to this. We’re not gonna roll over and die, and at some point humanity will evolve a defense, a resilience to it naturally. You won’t need a vaccine, but if the economy has been severely damaged or there won’t be those many jobs to go back to, you know, there won’t be that buoyancy that there was just two months ago, and that’s the concern. People can bounce back from a virus, but an economy can’t.

There were lots of questions, people wrote in about, I’d seem you know, I understand sometimes people just don’t always get what I’m saying and that’s probably because I’m not saying it in a way I want to or should do it, but people are saying, you know, you seem to think that the vaccine will be good. What I actually said was that if a vaccine... I was gonna shut the door. I wanted to very quickly talk about the, hello (to Freya), talk about this situation with the vaccine. I think I probably used language that wasn’t particularly clear. People seem to think that I was saying the vaccine was great, and you know, use it, and everything will be fine. What I actually said was if the vaccine comes out of Israel you need to be a little bit more cautious. If the vaccine comes from the United States and President Trump actually says he’s taken a personal interest in it, he knows the doctors, he’s looked into it, then I think what we’re being told is the white hats have taken control of that vaccine. That’s the point. That’s what I was saying. Normally I wouldn’t touch vaccines with a bargepole, but if we accept, and I certainly accept that this virus was part of an operation of a black hat run organization, that Trump’s good guys could not crowbar into, couldn’t get into it because it was off U.S. land. It was in China. Then those bad guys have that virus and they also have the antidote to it, but they’re not letting the white hats have that antidote.

It’s very interesting that Angela Merkel has received an injection for anti-pneumonia because much of the people who have died haven’t died straight from the first part of the virus, but from it going to the lungs and causing pneumonia, so it seems that a number of the elite around the world are being given or taking anti-pneumonia injections, so that I think tells us quite a lot about what’s happening at that end.

So I wanted to be clear about that. If President Trump comes out and personally vouches for the vaccine I would take it, but if he doesn’t, then I wouldn’t take it.

Right, other countries in the news. Many of the European countries are in the same position that we are, although maybe in Italy because of the very severe constrictions on people’s travel, the number of death rate and connections have gone down, so that’s really really important, that actually in Italy it’s beginning to slow, and in Spain it’s still going up. We have a situation I think where some of the other countries which are lagged behind, if they are clever, and they’ve watched how things have panned out, they will bring in a type of control system which is not too oppressive on people, and the one that I advocate is the one that a couple of countries are doing. They are literally interviewing everyone who might have the virus. Where did you go? What time did you go there? Who did you talk to, and they have a whole team of people, hundreds of people then going to identify and that’s actually been shown to be working, because if you can isolate the potential contacts within a matter of hours, then you can really do it. Now in China and other countries you’ve got the face recognition technology. They’ve been doing that with the app, so they have an app on the phone, and alerting everyone. For instance, let’s just make something up here. Let’s say that you have picked something up and you’re in a particular public place, or a metro or underground station. What those countries are doing is sending out an alert to everyone’s mobile phones saying don’t go to this place. Don’t go to this underground station. Don’t go to this bus station. Don’t go here, and that’s actually been working really effectively, but that’s a level of organization which in the Western world doesn’t really work. The only thing we seem to have in the Western world is the military, you know, intercepting and going onto your phone. So today in Great Britain everybody who had a cell phone, we got a message from the government saying stay indoors. Don’t go out, so that’s the type of level in many countries, but you know, it’s very easy to get a list of mobile phones and just send it. It’s another thing to have a team on the ground too, and the political will or the moral will to go out and hunt down, you know, where this virus could be.

So different countries, different cultures, different ways of doing it, and I’m really hopeful that when this all passes, and it will, it will pass, that people will look down and say what worked and what didn’t work, because until the black hats are totally smashed, until Satanism is consigned to the gutter, which is where it needs to be, these absolutely odd people will try again. Don’t think they won’t. They will. This worked so well in terms of the economy. It’s damaged the economy. Imagine, you know, if you said to a world leader I want you to do this. If you don’t I’ll release a virus. Now they’ve seen what can happen. It’s blackmail and the gloves are off, you know, under this cover of confusion both sides are at each other, but both sides are determined to keep it out of the public domain, and you know, how long can that last, for? There must be a journalist somewhere in the world who is not corrupt or frightened or blackmailed, who might be prepared to run with the story, but so far on this planet we’ve seen that the black hats seem to have an iron grip, and it’s only in the last few months literally that we’ve seen the forces of light begin to push back and make some successful gains, not just in the military but right across the board.

Sometimes it’s only a small chink of light that comes through. Sometimes it’s a brighter one, but if we were to look at the pattern, and if I look back to when I first started, you know, ten years ago now, this is a different world, and I don’t mean because of the virus. I mean because of the consciousness, because so many people now, even if they’re not fully, you know, awake listening to me or anyone else, but they’ve reached a point where they know something’s wrong about the world but they can’t put their finger on it. It’s a phrase I often use, so their higher self is telling them that this is just a joke. This is all just nonsense, but they’re still on the treadmill aren’t they, go to work hopefully, do the job, come home again. So changes are happening and I truly and honestly believe that although this is a very tragic thing that’s occurred it will actually speed up the development of humanity. Human consciousness cannot stagnate or fall back because of this. It will push forward, so many times, you know, we’ve seen black hats do something and it backfires on them, so what might have taken humanity three years or five years to reach a certain point, it does it in a matter of months because of what the bad people have done. It forces humanity to see the truth. So we’ve got many weeks I think of a situation that is totally alien to us. I’m using that word obviously with fun, totally alien to us, and you know, not just if you’re Connecting Consciousness. If you are in any club or any organization or any group then get on online. Talk to people. Use video conferencing. Use whatever you can while we still have, you know, social media. We still have the links and hopefully we will retain them, so use them. Make those connections. Follow the news. Try and keep yourself and others fully aware of what’s happening, and if you get anything interesting please share it. A number of Connecting Consciousness members have been telling me, hello darling, have been telling me what’s happening in other countries, and that’s very interesting and very helpful. You know there are a number of world leaders who suddenly seem to be changing their tune, so you know, let’s see where we go with it.

Thank you very much for listening. Thank you for keeping yourself safe, and remember what we don’t do. We don’t do panic and we don’t do fear. What we do is be alert to the news, hear the news, but we don’t do, you know, with sackcloth and ashes go around wailing and moaning. You know what we’re going to do is to understand what’s happening, get a grip on it, and make sure that when we come through the other end we’re very clear on what’s going on and hopefully we can use that to educate other people, so that if anything like this ever happens again, people are much more prepared for it. All right thanks a lot for your time. Gonna say goodbye. Do you want to say goodbye (to Freya)? Go on say goodbye. So you’re not a cat are you? As you look the dog tends not to be such a grabber of... you’re staring at me, look at the camera, grabber of headlines. The dog just wants to actually just sit quietly and just be a happy animal, whereas the cats of course wanted to steal everyone’s attention and they all vie for which is the best cat today, and then once they’ve caused absolute mayhem and havoc and knocked everything over, they just jump off and disappear into another room, whereas the dog will sit here very quietly. That’s because a dog is fifth dimensional and a cat is fourth dimensional.

All right, see you soon. Bye-bye.

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