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Out of This World Radio 1150: Current Events, Questions & Answers

Friday, February 14, 2020

This was a prerecorded podcast as Ted was visiting various spiritual sites in Peru this week; the signal Pelosi sent to Republicans by ripping up State of the Union speech; the Iowa caucus debacle; coronavirus, a biological weapon, and the various woes it presents throughout the world; see Simon’s website for information on ordering the 5G Bioshield; UK exits the EU January 31, 2020 without incident, might other countries follow suit; both the French and Canadians appear to be unhappy with their leaders and would like change; discussion of museum exhibit of hybrid-human extraterrestrial skulls in Peru; images in the Nazca Lines and archeological exhibit of more skulls; is Planet X a threat; why does Britain need anti-submarine aircraft; will the desperate Cabal try anything at this point to reach their destructive goals; U.S. political news and predictions; the result of the consciousness of humanity evolving has caused the elite to lose control over “we the people”; discussion of control mechanisms EU placed on UK; what effect will Brexit have on the imports from Republic of Ireland into the UK since they remained a part of the EU.


Ted Mahr: I’d like to now play this amazing interview I did with my good friend Simon Parkes in England a few days ago when I was in Peru. I hope you enjoy it. Hello friends, I’m in Paracas, a beautiful city called Paracas, Peru on the coast of Peru here, and I’m with my tour group here. We’ve had such a wonderful time here in Peru and Simon, through the miracle of technology and Skype is on the line now. We’re going to be doing a prerecord for my next radio show. Simon how are you doing today?

Simon Parkes: Very well, thank you Ted. It’s wonderful to be able to talk to you and your group in what is really a very spiritual location. That’s the thing with you Ted, you always choose these rather exotic but spiritual places to travel to.

TM: Well I believe in having fun in life and so anyway, and it’s been amazing really. Did you, I know you’ve been busy today. I sent you pictures of the stargate that we went to at the southern end of Lake Titicaca called Amaru Muru, and when we walked up to this stargate Simon, we could literally hear a whole chorus of young children and adults singing to us, most beautiful vocals and music but...

SP: Wow.

TM: We kept, we kept thinking that we would see a whole bunch of people walking out from behind this big rock and nobody showed up, and we realized after about a half hour that they were in another dimension and they had come from the Hollow Earth.

SP: Wow.

TM: And while we were there, Tom tell Simon what happened when you put your hands on the rock.

TOM: Well it was an unusual experience. It was very new to me, this whole situation because we did as we approached the rock, there was really no one else there. It was near dusk. You know, our driver had brought us there and suddenly we heard this singing and it seemed almost as if there was someone you know maybe fifteen–twenty feet away, but we had actually walked around, you know, the perimeter there and there was no one there, and so that was quite... it was a different experience, but the gate itself where the entrance on the face of the stone itself, when I placed both hands on that and closed my eyes I began to actually, it, the stone became transparent which was very unusual. I could see the veins inside the rock, the way the rock was formed, and you know, just for a few moments because I was kind of startled by that, but I was surprised that I would have such a, you know, intense experience not really being initiated to a, you know, the whole stargate concept. It was rather new for me.

TM: Yeah. Several people, Simon, we put our hands on the rocks around the stargate and the rocks started moving and it felt like jelly, and then I got the message if we were to have stayed there that night we likely would have walked into the Hollow Earth, but we had to get back. There was a rainstorm coming, but when I go back in May I’m going to plan at least one or maybe two nights there camping out at the stargate so...

TOM: It got dark and we weren’t able to really stay any longer. Our driver, you know, really he hadn’t anticipated that kind of experience and it was dark. It was clearly, you know, dark and [07:59][unintelligible] it was very close to the Bolivian border.

TM: And you know Simon, you’re welcome to come anytime you like with me. I’ll be going next at the end of May.

SP: Well of course it would require me moving to America. We’ll have to see what happens later.

TM: Yes absolutely, absolutely Simon, absolutely, absolutely. Well my goodness there’s all kinds of things going on. Brexit happened a couple of days ago when we were traveling here in Peru, and then President Trump of course gave his State of the Union Address and Nancy Pelosi basically ripped up the speech that he was given, and all kinds of things are going, the coronavirus is happening in China. Some say it’s genetically engineered to create havoc and harm people across the planet. I’ll let you choose... I’ve got a whole bunch of things to talk about today Simon, but I’ll let you start off the program with whatever you’d like to talk about.

SP: Okay, well that’s very kind of you. You mentioned about the State of the Union Address. Of course President Trump had hoped to have been acquitted by then but the Democrats managed to drag it out. The ripping up of the speech has been misunderstood and misinterpreted. Most commentators think that the House Speaker ripped up the speech because she was sort of cross. The reality is that ever since I would say a couple of years what the Republicans have done is given the speech beforehand to their opponents, but then President Trump has talked about something completely different that wasn’t on the speech. So it got to a point now where by ripping up the speech what she’s saying is in coded messages I’m not going to get caught like that again, so it wasn’t that she was ripping up his speech because she was ripping up his words, she was doing it because she was sending a signal to the Republicans I don’t believe in what you’re doing now, so that was that. We don’t doubt that President Trump will be acquitted. What’s more interesting is the caucus in Iowa. The results look like Bernie Sanders or the new guy might just, you know, get more delegates, more votes than we thought Joe Biden, so that is quite interesting, so that’s something aside.

Let’s look at the coronavirus.

TM: Sure.

SP: I did a week ago put on the website, that I posted something like I don’t know 45 pages of the patent, which shows that the United States held the patent on the coronavirus. Some people thinking it’s Canada. The difficulty, the confusion here is this Serco, the company which has offices in Canada is sort of managing that, so it is a U.S. held patent on the coronavirus. That I think tells us everything that we clearly understand. I think that the death rate is much higher than is being let on. You know the Chinese bussed in 350,000 nurses and doctors from all over China. Now the alleged death figures they’re giving is about 500 people dead. You know you wouldn’t bus in over a quarter of a million medical staff, so, and they built two field hospitals in ten days flat. Now that tells us that the situation there is far more serious than they are letting on. I don’t think the Western world is lying. I don’t think that the information that has been given out is less. If you can hear bangs and crashes in the background, that’s the white cat, which has just decided that he wants to pull down everything that I so neatly stacked up. So that’s a pretty tricky situation. What were the other topics that you thought might be of interest to your audience?

TM: Well, I know that this is probably off track a little bit but I’m getting a psychic message from your white cat saying that would really need some help, would like to get some help on finding some mice. If you could maybe go on all fours with the kitty cat tomorrow and help, you know, help him find some little morsels to eat that would be great. But anyway, I’m getting that from the cat so... anyway that’s why he’s acting...

SP: Okay.

TM: So...

SP: Well they’re house cats so I suppose I’ll have to open a little bag of treats.

TM: Yeah absolutely, that’s what I’m getting. You can bribe the kitty cat with treats and I’m sure that the cat will calm down, will calm down and so.

SP: Okay.

TM: I’ve gotten a lot of emails from listeners around the world saying that all kinds of conspiracy theories about where the coronavirus came from and how it was allegedly patented by Bill Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation and they also say in the same breath and the same email that they also have the vaccinations for it too. Do you think this is a way for population control? I mean why this virus and why now in China do you think?

SP: Well I don’t think this one is about population control at all, and that’s not what this is about.

TM: Okay.

SP: I know it can seem that way but the point is that the greatest threat to the United States of America in 2020 is not Russia, it’s China, not because Chinese tanks are going to come crashing across, it’s simply because of the control of the economy. And the best way to fundamentally damage a country’s economy is to put it into lockdown because of a virus. The latest news is that Hong Kong, which is part of China but is ruled by British laws, although it does belong to China have actually closed their borders with China. Now that’s a big step.

TM: Wow.

SP: So that’s what we’re going to see. We’re going to see countries absolutely sealing the border and this will have a huge detrimental effect on Chinese economy, so this time next year when the Chinese report their annual turnover, they will have taken a significant hit. So I don’t think it’s about reduction of people. I think it’s a political weapon to weaken the economy of China.

TM: I see, okay. Well as always you always give a very interesting and unique perspective on things Simon. Thanks so much for sharing that. There were two more things on your website I’d love to go over briefly with respect to the virus. The U.S. embassy staff has been evacuated from the worst hit region in China and they are going to spend two weeks in an aircraft hangar before being allowed out and the second thing is that Australia is putting its evacuees on Christmas Island twelve hundred miles off the coast of the mainland. Is that still going on now, they’re still containing people?

SP: Right. The Americans in the end moved them to a hotel. I call it a hotel. It’s on a military base. They’ve been moved to a military base because they didn’t fancy staying in a hanger, but the Christmas Island one, yes, they’re on Christmas Island. Countries are absolutely taking no chances whatsoever, which again doesn’t match what we’re being told. We’re being told this is no worse than the ordinary flu.

TM: Right.

SP: But if it’s no worse than the ordinary flu, why are countries putting their people into isolation? It doesn’t make sense. If you have the flu and you go to work, your boss says to you, you should go home. It doesn’t call up the military or the health authority and say turn up with big suits on, put this person in a glass box and wheel them out of here, so we know we’re not being given the truth and I think that the truth is that the death threat is far greater than we’re being told.

TM: Okay.

SP: And I think that governments know this Ted, but what good will it do if they tell, if they tell everyone in America or Britain, there’s nothing anyone can do and it will only create panic, so what the government’s doing is saying, we’re just going to sit on this. We don’t want to cause panic.

TM: Right, right. Well that I can understand. There was another post on your website too saying that only American citizens will be allowed back into the U.S. if they visited China, and that no other nation’s citizens will be allowed to board a plane if they visited China as the U.S. declares a public health emergency. Is that still in effect?

SP: Yes, what’s happening is that they are not turning them off when they reach in the U.S. The charter or the airline is telling them at their own country of departure there’s no point in you getting on the airplane because you’ll only be turned back by the United States, so America is only accepting its own nationals who have been to China.

TM: Oh how interesting. This is a first. How about for Canada? Is Canada enacting the same kind of regulations for their people?

SP: I haven’t had information for Canada. I haven’t, I only know from the U.S.

TM: Sure, sure. All right. All right. Well I hope, I hope, what’s the longevity of this virus? Is there a, do they know, do the scientists or doctors know much about, does it peak now and then taper off or does it continue? Do they know much about it?

SP: Well the people who created it know everything about it.

TM: That’s true.

SP: That’s why, absolutely, they have a vaccine. You see you don’t, if you create something in a laboratory, you do not deliberately release it unless you have a vaccine because you need to make sure that if it comes back your way you’re ready to protect yourself. All I can tell you is that the latest statistics show that they expect something like seventy-five thousand people to be infected with it. Now that was something that the World Health Organization projected about four days ago. It seems greatly an underestimate because China is now reporting something like twenty-five thousand people with it at this stage.

TM: Wow.

SP: So I think we’re looking at many hundreds of thousands who are going to be infected. In terms of the virus, it’s a very difficult one because the person is infectious before they even know they’ve got it. Now that tells you it’s a biological weapon because a normal virus will start off with a sore throat or something like that. You know you’ve got something.

TM: Sure.

SP: But this is designed to spread before you’re aware of it and can take precautions, so it’s a very clever piece of equipment from a political, military, bargaining position, and I’ve no doubt that this just follows in a whole long line. Remember it was in, I think it was in 1992, I can’t remember exactly, but Bush, President Bush is quoted as saying I think a bioweapon would be a very useful thing to have.

TM: Oh.

SP: And he’s quoted that in the early ’90s, so we shouldn’t be surprised by this. It’s just politics and pressure being used in different ways.

TM: I see. Interesting, interesting. One thing I want to go over quickly and I want to promote your 5G Bioshield.

SP: Thank you.

TM: Wonderful Bioshield event, devices. You still have a buy-one-get-one-free. Could you talk a little bit about that and where people could get those from?

SP: Sure. Originally we were looking with Russian scientists into a device to defeat the new 5G and basically all electromagnetic waves that can be harmful, but the Russians were not in the position to be able to mass produce, when I say mass produce, I mean hundreds, thousands. I don’t mean millions, but they just couldn’t do it. So we bumped into another contact, to Professor Lakicevic who was a Serbian professor who had studied Tesla’s technology for twenty years, and he got something very similar, so we looked at that, and you know, we decided that that was the product that we wanted to promote. We don’t make them but we are promoting it because we think that all spiritual people who want to protect themselves should be able to. So what I arranged was for every one that a Connecting Consciousness member—that’s the organization I set up—purchases, they will get one free.

TM: Um-hum, wow.

SP: So they buy one and they will get one which has the logo of St. George and the dragon on it. I liked that. I was asked if I approved of that and I said yes, because it’s St. George slaying the reptilian you see.

TM: Oh excellent, excellent.

SP: But the one that is going to be sent at a later date free to that person will actually have my own logo on it. Connecting Consciousness, my organization, has its own infinity symbol logo, which was created by a member of my team, and that will be later etched onto the stick. So the first one you’ll get is the standard one, but the second one you will get will have Connecting Consciousness logo. How do you get it? Well you go onto my website, which is Simon Parkes dot org ( and you sign up. You see you have to be a member of Connecting Consciousness. The only people who can buy these and get this buy-one-get-one-free have to be a member of Connecting Consciousness, so you join up. There’s no fee. You don’t pay anything. I don’t charge people to be a member, so you’ve got nothing to lose, and then that allows you to get your stick. And, it’s fantastic. It’s brilliant.

TM: Oh that’s great. That’s great. Well let’s go on to Brexit now and that’s of course the agreement with the European Union, but you know, now the UK has left the EU on January 31st, 2020, but the sky hasn’t fallen, and people, is the Tube, the subway trains still working in London and people are still drinking tea and having a pint?

SP: Well “Project Fear,” as we called it obviously didn’t come to anything. There were people who were absolutely desperate to stop Great Britain leaving the European experiment, but the British people just had a belly full of it, just had enough. We’ve been in it for many many years, and frankly British people, I think are a bit like American people. They don’t actually like to be told what to do, and certainly they don’t like to be told what to do by somebody who isn’t part of their community. You know, it is a European government which pushes its laws onto Britain, so finally after a lot of political soul searching has a very bit majority, and we’ve now left, and yes things are hopeful because we know that we can do a really good deal with the United States. We can do a good deal with Canada, Australia, New Zealand and places like India for heaven’s sake, who are not part of the European Union. We can do a deal with them, so I think there are a lot of European countries now who are, I don’t mind the word jealous, but they’re probably looking at it and thinking, as you said Ted, well the sky didn’t fall in on their heads.

TM: Right.

SP: Maybe that’s the way to go.

TM: Right, right. That’s amazing. That’s amazing. Do you think other countries will leave the EU, for example maybe France? I know there’s been, you know the funny thing about France is that we hear almost nothing about the riots and turmoil that’s been going on in France and the EU. What have you heard over there? You’re a lot closer to France than we are here.

SP: Well I think your first question is very interesting because at the moment there’s only a slight interest in other countries leaving, but now that Britain is out, all the money that Britain paid in, the other countries have got to increase their contribution, so let’s wait when the next round of budget comes up and places like France and Italy have to put in something like five percent more than they were doing.

TM: Oh.

SP: This is when complaints will start occurring and the country to watch is Italy. Italy is the country to watch because the Greeks can’t do anything because they are owned now by the European Central Bank. They’ve got... had so many loans, but Italy is very anti-Europe, so that’s the country to watch. France and Germany basically rule the European government, so they are unlikely to go. The demonstrations, you are quite right, are more about the fact that their leader, a guy called Macron, is an ex-banker, and let’s face it, an ex-banker doesn’t really understand the ordinary man and woman in the street. So it would be easier if Macron had been a self-made man, or a businessman. President Trump’s a businessman. As a businessman what that means is, a businessman or a businesswoman for that matter, have built a company up. They employed people. They run a company. They understand business, but if you are a banker, all you’re doing is taking money from people, moving it around a little bit and then running for cover when things go wrong. So, you know, a banker is probably the worse person you can have as a president, and that’s exactly what the French have got.

TM: Interesting, interesting. How long, I know this is a loaded question and it depends upon people’s free will Simon, but how long do you think... do you think he will be eventually forced out of office, and how much time do you think he’s got left?

SP: I think there are two people who are a bit nervous. One is the guy in Canada, Trudeau.

TM: Oh yeah, right.

SP: He’s on very very, as we say in Britain, a sticky wicket, which means that he’s not very secure. The French guy is a bit more secure simply because there isn’t anyone in an obvious position to replace him.

TM: Um-hum.

SP: The difficulty with Canada is you have an English-speaking group and a French-speaking group and the cultures are markedly different.

TM: Um-hum.

SP: But, you know, you cannot as a leader be rude about a president. It doesn’t matter whether you like that United States president or not. You can’t publicly be rude about a president because what that does, it makes every other leader, world leader, say to themselves I can’t trust that man. I can’t talk to him because he talks behind my back. So what that guy in Canada has done is absolutely destroyed any trust that anybody could have had in him. So Trudeau is the one that’s in a very very difficult position. Macron probably will get away with it I think.

TM: Of course in Olympia, Seattle where my station is located Simon, we’re close to Canada and we do get quite a bit of Canadian news, and I know from firsthand experience with my friends up in Vancouver, Canada, they’re not happy with Trudeau because he campaigned as a liberal, an open-minded gentleman who would do good things for Canada, but he’s often gone along with the Cabal and done things to hurt the Canadian people, so, and from my impression anyway that there’s a movement, a [grounds full] of movement that that unhappiness of people will eventually be transformed into getting him out. I hope they can find someone they’re more happy with.

SP: Well he doesn’t have a majority in his Parliament, in his House. He doesn’t have that majority, so you know, he’s... you see at least with President Trump he’s got a majority in the Senate.

TM: Right.

SP: Although he doesn’t have the House, so that’s okay. You see, you’ve got fifty percent behind you. That’s okay.

TM: Um-hum.

SP: But Trudeau doesn’t have that. It’s... every vote has to be fought for, so he’s in a very difficult, and I agree I think it will need something for the public to get behind.

TM: Yeah.

SP: He’s not a very nice person. Full stop.

TM: Yeah, yeah. Well I think most Canadians would certainly agree with you for what we know of him. It’s too bad he’s not as good a leader as his father was. I don’t know if you received my pictures or not Simon, I know you’ve been busy today, but we visited a museum here earlier today that has hybrid, it looks like hybrid-human extraterrestrial skulls. The skulls are all, kind of like a balloon shape in the back, but the eyes are very wide open in the front. Have you ever dealt with the issue of hybrid-human extraterrestrials with skulls like that Simon?

SP: I haven’t seen the pictures. I will look later, but I am familiar with what you are referring to Ted.

TM: Sure.

SP: This is a particular group who were only active in what today we would call Egypt, the Giza Plateau, that area, although it is likely that they have come from Sumeria, less likely Babylon. Whether they can connect directly to the [folk] we call the Annunaki that I’m not sure of, but I think that this was one of the first groups that were hybridized. In other words, there was no effort to try to make them look like the indigenous population. They weren’t at that level. They couldn’t, so what they did was they said that the brain, if we take an organic brain from Earth, the standard size isn’t capable, so therefore we do have to have a larger shape, and I think that this probably made it down to about two or three thousand years B.C.

TM: Right.

SP: And then for some reason the line was completely extinguished, and I don’t actually know why the line was extinguished.

TM: The rumor, the things that I’ve heard here is that the local Indians realized that they were a threat to the planet, to humanity, and they came in and killed them all off. That’s, at least that’s the story at the museum. I know that...

SP: Well that makes sense.

TM: Yeah.

SP: It would make sense because there would only have been proportionally, a very small group of these, maybe a hundred, a hundred-and-fifty. That’s all. So, you know, if they lost the control of the populist, then it wouldn’t be such a difficult job, because the other thing is that by that time the technology that they had devolved. In other words, the technology that they first had was no longer on the planet, so they were very limited in what they could do and so I should think yes, if a few thousand people turned on them, it was over very quickly.

TM: Oh yeah, absolutely. Yesterday we had quite an experience or day before. We drove, we rented a taxi and drove all the way down to the Nazca Lines, which are a couple hours south of here and I don’t think the driver really, he did a great job of driving but they didn’t seem to pay much attention to the speed limit laws, but we got down there quickly and back. We went down there flying down in his own little flying saucer on the highway, and if you don’t mind, Tom and Dee, they rented a plane yesterday and flew over the Nazca Lines, and one of the figures, yeah it was amazing, one of the figures Simon was an alien with big eyes that looked like a Grey. Could you briefly, Tom, could you explain to my audience and Simon what you guys saw.

TOM: Well sure, I mean we’ve all seen pictures of Nazca, the figures in the whole Nazca Plain, and there are different figures of animals, of spiders, of hummingbirds, you know, other creatures, a tree and so forth that are quite clear from several thousand feet that you would never be able to recognize if you were at ground level, and there’s also many runways that seem to go in all directions, some of them actually crossing over figures that may have been previously dug, but these very distinct runways and they look like they are just going in every possible direction, and I’d heard and there was also I’d read that they may actually converge on the other side of the Earth in Angkor Wat, which I’m not sure of, but I’ve heard that as well as they possibly have direction toward pyramids in other parts of the world, so that’s very interesting because it really looks like a big mishmash. But there was one figure that is clearly an alien figure that looks like a Grey with big eyes, you know, a round head and it’s waving, and it’s so distinct that there’s no question that, you know, this is the traditional figure of an alien as we would recognize them. I know there’s possibly many different types, but it’s so obvious from an elevation that there’s this waving alien, you know, with large eyes, you know, large round head and the figure could be several hundred feet tall, even though you wouldn’t recognize that from the ground, only from an elevation, and it’s so distinct and so profound to see that. It was quite the experience.

TM: Yeah, yeah. Well one thing I wanted to share with you too Simon is that there’s an archeological exhibit south of Nazca where these lines are, and it’s what about an hour south, something like that, anyway it’s out in the desert, out in the middle of nowhere, but we asked the driver take us there and they have skulls of humans, allegedly humans there Simon but all the skulls had no fissures in the skulls and all the cranial sizes were huge like they were Greys, this big bulging like basketball-size heads, and one mummified as well, so it was an incredible experience, but it seems to fit my theory Simon is that, our theory is that we had these ET crafts come in by Greys and maybe Reptilians and they had come in and interbred with the humans there, tried to create a hybrid-human ET race and then humanity found out and the local tribes living in the area realized what was going on and they came in and killed them all off, so that’s why we don’t have any record of them except we do have the skulls left.

SP: Oh I [35:26][breaking up] to that. If we imagine that... and they just left behind a sort of a skeleton force, that was the signal, because if the locals saw these craft leaving at some point and there was a mass exodus, and I think that was the signal that emboldened the locals to rise up, so we should put in with this as the last flood, which we think was somewhere within ten-and-a-half thousand years ago and twelve thousand years ago, and I think that a number of these events are connected.

TM: All right, interesting. As always you come up with the most interesting observations. My goodness I hadn’t thought about the floods, but that’s true. That’s true, and my friends Tom and Dee also wanted me to ask you about Planet X. Is it a threat and what about Enlil and Enki and will Enki return? I would love your comments on that Simon if you had anything you might like to say.

SP: Sure, sure. It definitely is a threat. There’s no doubt about it, but the question is a threat to whom? Who is it a threat to? Is it a threat to us or is it a threat to the elite people who were left behind with the task [of] managing the Earth but instead hijacked it and went off and did their own things. So, I think that the threat is not to ordinary mankind and humankind on this Earth, but it’s to that elite group who have decided that they don’t need anyone else, and they’re going to run it their way, so it is a threat, but it’s not a threat in the way that perhaps most people on the internet understand. Now is it a threat in terms of impact on the Earth, no it’s not, but its potential of course this time would be close enough to disturb, you know, you might get the odd volcano. You might get the odd earthquake. It’s not going to wipe out the Earth, but there would certainly be some low-like gravitational effects as this object came past us.

TM: I see. Okay well thanks so much for addressing that. You had another post on your website Simon about Poseidon aircraft. Quote, “At the highest-level threat to start World War III submarine activity involving Britain’s fleet of nuclear-powered submarines has led the Pentagon to provide anti-submarine aircraft to Britain.” Is there a threat to the UK off the shores of your country Simon where this is needed? What’s, is there more to the story?

SP: Yes. It’s not a threat to the UK. It’s a threat to the world. If you think back and there was that very interesting submarine issue with American and the Russian submarine and the Israelis seem to be connected with that.

TM: Right.

SP: And there is a viewpoint that a Cabalistic organization could get hold of a nuclear weapon, have a submarine, and they put it off the coast of a country, detonate it, and then you would have a massive wave which would come in, and you know, wipe out part of your country, just as happened to Japan, although that was a reactor that exploded. Now the best way to make sure that your own submarines aren’t hijacked is to keep an eye on them and America’s provided nine of these rather specialized aircraft, but they’re also armed with torpedoes and depth charges. So in other words if they spot a submarine that’s going rogue, then they have a facility now to try and take it out. So this is nothing to do with watching the Russians. It’s got nothing to do with NATO’s maneuvers or exercises. That’s what the public will be told of course. It’s everything to do with ensuring that Great Britain’s nuclear submarine fleet is not turned for wrong purposes.

TM: Oh fascinating, fascinating. Have there been attempts in the past where people or governments have tried to hijack a nuclear submarine off the coast of the UK?

SP: Well the interesting thing is that British nuclear submarines can’t take action without the clarification from Washington, and they deny that, but that is a fact. No British submarine can do anything drastic without the okay from America. That is the way it is, but it is possible through mind control for a member of the crew to be temporarily taken over and to try and sabotage the submarine or do something like that.

TM: I see.

SP: Or try and hold someone to hostage, so Britain did not have a credible anti-submarine from the air defense. We used to have but they got very old. It was called Nimrod aircraft, anti-submarine warfare aircraft and they, they were just... what happened with those aircraft, they were standard Comet passenger jets, which by the time they put all the electronics in it, the heat that they were generating was so much the machines weren’t working anymore, so the Americans, the Americans don’t do anything for free, it did cost the Britain British three billion, but it was three billion well spent, so Britain provided three billion and America then gave nine of these craft, which will keep Britain safe from any blackmail attempts from a Cabalistic group.

TM: I’ve been told many times by many people as well as my spirit friends on the other side Simon that the negatives on this planet, the Cabal if you will, have actually lost the war but they still continue to try and they’re getting desperate. Is this part of that desperateness that they are trying to do anything they can to I don’t know, conjure up a 3rd World War or cause problems?

SP: The thing is ten years ago, five years ago when they didn’t feel so desperate, they were playing a much wider game. But now with so many avenues closed off, their corridor of action is very narrow. So, they’re doing things or trying to do things that are huge, simply because they don’t have the options, so whilst it’s abhorrent and absolutely crazy to imagine that anybody could want to do something like that, I’m afraid there are some very crazy people in these high positions. They are insane. And it’s hard to understand it but they are because they believe, it’s not a religion as we understand it, but it’s a sort of a law, an elite club, an elite contract that these people have made and they actually think that this is the way to bring salvation and treat people, because they can’t be, you can’t logically discuss with them.

TM: Is it a little bit like looking at a twisted view of the Bible where Armageddon is coming and that’s what their duty is, to destroy the world?

SP: Well they’re not out to destroy the world. They’re out to destroy most of the world, and so that, you know, they’ve got their little bit of paradise for themselves, but yes, most people who understand the Bible, understand that if somebody wants to do it, then it’s a negative person, but there’s a small, now a very small group of people who think that they are the ones tasked with bringing about this final act. The good thing is there are very very few people now who are buying into that, and so the element of control is very limited. What they’ll do, I don’t want to go on too much on this, but what they’ll do is that they have an agenda and they will try and find another organization that has an agenda and try and hook theirs on to it. Let’s say for instance Israel wants to do a spying mission and there’s nothing wrong in that because all countries are spying all the time.

TM: Um-hum.

SP: So let’s say Israel wants to do a spying mission and what these people will do is try and wrap up whatever they want with the, [I can’t say legitimate], but with the regular mission that Israel will do, and they’ll try and bring something about like that.

TM: Interesting, interesting. We’ve got about five or ten minutes left Simon. I want to give you the rest of the time to feel free to discuss any topics you like.

SP: Oh thank you. Well let’s just quickly go to the U.S. then. A very interesting time now. We expect the president to be acquitted tomorrow. The Democrats could start the process all over again. They really could.

TM: Wow.

SP: They could start the impeachment process again and there are people who want that to happen. I don’t think they will simply because they realize, the majority realize that’s a terrible vote loser, but from the moment of acquittal your election is on. I know it’s the 3rd of November, but once that acquittal is public, that’s it. It’s going to be a very very interesting time in the United States because election will have started very early.

TM: Um-hum. Wow, that’s amazing, amazing. It’s an interesting time to be alive certainly and I, but I know that things are getting better around the world. I know we have challenges but all of my spirit friends on the other side say that we have a very bright and beautiful future ahead of us in spite of these challenges.

SP: Ted what’s happening is that the consciousness of humanity has outstripped the ability of evil people to hold it down.

TM: Um-hum.

SP: And what that means in a practical sense is that people now are seeing the truth and they are making a choice, and ten years ago people didn’t see the truth, in anything like the numbers they are now. So, it’s a very exciting time because people are beginning to set their own agenda. That’s what’s exciting.

TM: Um-hum, absolutely, absolutely, and I think this is under reported of course in the mass media, but there’s been an outpouring of demonstrations around the world for greater freedom and more economic freedom and political freedom for people around the world. You’ve seen that in China, in Mexico and many other countries around the world even when it’s not reported.

SP: Yes and surprisingly even in countries that you would think has a fairly free system, so it’s not just in the countries that you think can have a problem.

TM: Right, right, right. In the U.S. too I think, and more people are speaking out about the world and they want to make... they want this world to be made a better place Simon, but you don’t hear about, much about it in the main media. What’s the climate like in London, in England? Are people protesting there as well?

SP: Well the thing was is London is very difficult because people in London believed that they wanted to be part of Europe because they thought that if they weren’t they were being racist. That’s the bottom line. But London is a city of eight million people, but it’s not the be all and end all when you’ve got all of the rest of the country, the sixty million people in our small island.

TM: Um-hum.

SP: And when the vote came whether people wanted to, you know, leave or stay or vote for a government that would take us out of Europe, London found it was almost on its own. In fact the Scottish people and London voted to remain and every other part of Great Britain voted to leave, and so what we’ve got is a very hot political elite in London who want to suck up to Europe, but all of the people who put them in those positions, the ordinary men and women don’t want that, so you’ve got a real difference now between the opposition, we call them the Labour Party, the opposition politicians who wanted to be in Europe lost loads of support because their vision was not the vision of the people, and this is what’s happening Ted, that unless the government is able to act on and understand that the requirements of its people and its division of the people and put that into practice, the people no longer will just accept it. The people will get rid of them, and that’s what’s happening.

TM: Yeah, wow, that’s amazing. Two stories that I had heard from this side of the pond Simon about what was going on in the UK is that farmers in Britain for example when they raised apples, were told by the EU headquarters in Brussels that their apples could only be a certain diameter or certain color and that infuriated many fruit growers in Britain because of course apples will be apples, and they’ll grow different colors and sizes. The other thing too, another rumor I heard, I don’t know if it’s true or not, but was that the people in Brussels told the people in England when they could make their tea and how much water they could use and how much electricity they could use to make tea. I mean it got to the point where it got to be ridiculous with the kinds of regulations coming out of the EU.

SP: Right. The first one is true. The European Union absolutely set size and standard and color of apple. They did it for everything, which absolutely destroyed all of the husband and wife, brother and sister, uncles, aunties, little family farmers, little groups of people couldn’t compete with these massive poly tunnels in other countries, so it destroyed the local initiative from this country, and you’re right, it’s one of the real reasons that we don’t like Europe. The tea, it wasn’t an order. It was a suggestion. Well the very fact, and hey, you know what the British are like. I mean British and tea, you can’t get more British than that, so for having a foreigner telling us how to make a cup of tea, so Europe got to a point where they thought they’ve got control of Britain. Here’s the key. They thought they’ve got control of it. It’s a bit like the American War of Independence. King George thought he’d got the American people where he wanted them. He thought he controlled it, and of course he didn’t, and in the same way Europe realized too late for them, that actually they lost control of the minds and hearts of the British people.

TM: Right.

SP: That’s it, and there was a big thing about chocolate. They were trying to, Europe was saying to us yours is not chocolate. You’re calling it chocolate and it’s not chocolate because it doesn’t contain this, this, and this. How dare a foreign country tell another country you can’t label your food. You can’t, you know, call it a sausage or you can’t call it chocolate. I mean you just don’t do that and that’s German arrogance, the arrogance they got to and they paid the price for it now.

TM: Right, right, or you can’t tell people what an apple is.

SP: Yes, exactly.

TM: Same thing.

SP: Exactly.

TM: Same thing or how many cups of tea they can have.

SP: Yes, yes, but it does show you the mind set these people are in that they believed that they were demigods. That’s actually what’s happened.

TM: Wow!

SP: Because they are locked away in Brussels in this beautiful beautiful foreign expensive building, and they’re totally out of touch.

TM: Yeah, right.

SP: You know, with the reality of it.

TM: Right, I couldn’t agree with you more Simon. I have a quick question from Tom, a member of my group here.

TOM: Yeah, hi Simon. What do you think, what effect will it have on the Republic of Ireland now that it’s still part of the EU with the border there and the farmers with their, you know, because I know they import a lot into the UK. How is that going to affect them? What are your thoughts on that?

SP: The real issue for the European Union is, was products coming through from the north of the island into the south and vice versa, and not paying taxes. That’s all it was about. It was literally about Europe not getting the money. The south of the island, their republic, is very pro-European Union simply because they get out more than they put in, and I don’t blame them. If a country gets out more than it puts in of course it’s going to do it. So the issue wasn’t really so much about undercutting or undermining the farming part of the south, it was more about goods being sold to Europe that weren’t coming through the tax system. Well I think that the time is coming when the south of Ireland and the north of Ireland will at some point be unified. I think that’s going to come in my lifetime.

TM: Yeah.

SP: I think that the barrier is going to officially come down, and it doesn’t matter then. It basically makes a mockery of all this. This is ridiculousness.

TM: Yeah.

SP: You have an island that’s been divided through political reasons, not religious reasons. That’s just nonsense, it’s political reasons which then became religious, and because of the very strong Free Masonry representation through the Orange Order in the north of the island, no British government was ever prepared to be even-handed with both sides. There was always this pressure because of this elite status in the north, but people have children, children grow up and they vote, and it was obvious twenty years ago that at some point the people in the south will outnumber the people in the north and by just a democratic process it will become one country.

TM: Wow.

SP: So this is arguing for no purpose. It’s ridiculous.

TM: Wow, wow. Thank you so much for sharing that viewpoint. Simon this hour has gone by so fast; we’ve had so much fun, but we’ve got another minute and I just wanted to help you wrap up your wonderful interview today.

SP: Thank you. Well, listen you guys, have a fantastic time. You have a wonderful opportunity. It’s a wonderful part of the world. I’ve not been there but I’ve seen books. I’ve seen videos and I’ve read the history. It’s full of the most exciting history that’s hidden from the Western world in the true sense of it, so make the most of it. Have a lovely time. Listen Ted, God bless to you and God bless to the audience and have a chat with me when you get back home.

TM: Okay I sure will Simon. It’s so good to talk to you. Have a wonderful day. Please say hello to your cats and dogs for us.

SP: I will.

TM: All right.

SP: Bye-bye.

TM: Bye-bye. Cheers.

SP: Bye.

TM: Bye-bye. Bye.

[Simon Interview Ends 55:34, Hour One]

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