Podcast: Recorded Saturday, February 1, 2020

with Rebecca Parkes

Deadline for 5G Bioshield stick, buy-one-get-one-free, has been extended for another two weeks dating from February 1st; Simon suggests if we have questions about 5G Bioshield write to Jacques Bauer; one impeachment drama appears to be ending with acquittal of President Trump, will another one immediately begin; Questions: did China steal coronavirus from Canada and weaponize it; what is the link between 5G and the coronavirus in Wuhan; where do you draw the line between service to others and being someone’s fool; how does one fight off negative 4th D Tech attacks; review of 5G by a listener; why don’t some people like animals; Does Prince Harry giving up his title signal the beginning of the end of the Royals; do twenty-five percent of all humans have reptilian souls; can you tell me who were the strange beings making growling/speaking sounds who visited me and why; have you seen or removed entities that build tums inside and outside a person; who or what was the 7- to 9-foot-tall blacked-out figure in my room when I awoke from a bad dream; how can one protect oneself from energy theft while in a dream state; how can one tell the difference between witchcraft and/or gang stalking; what might cause one to have big memory gaps in one’s career.

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