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Friday, January 3, 2020

More discussion on the “go to the light” trap when our soul leaves our body; what is the plan behind the deliberate fire destruction in Australia, is it a rehearsal for other fires; is there cause for alarm over the joint military exercises being performed by China, Russia, and Iran against the U.S.; are U.S. troops arriving in Iraq cause for concern; will sealed indictments and 3,000 pages of new evidence remain sealed forever; President Trump breaks protocol when visiting the Queen of England signaling the U.S. is free of the monarchy; website impersonating Simon appears on internet; why is the do-nothing Australian government letting their country burn; are the California, Australian and Amazon fires connected; is World War III on the horizon between Iran and U.S.

[Simon Interview begins at 7:00 Hour One]

Ted Mahr: Anyway now I’d love to go on to my friend Simon in England. Simon, boy what an exciting time to be alive isn’t it?

Simon Parkes: Yes Ted. It’s uh after a little break for Christmas, we’re back to normal business.

TM: Oh good. I’m glad, I’m glad, I’m glad. That’s good, that’s good. I just got a message that my station is blocked in Japan, so for anybody having problems I don’t understand where... we’re operating normally aren’t we Eric? Okay so I assume if you are having problems listening to me today just send me an email and perhaps we can clear it up later. Uh anyway Simon did you have a nice Christmas?

SP: Yes. Thank you Ted. It was very quiet which is exactly what I wanted.

TM: Uh-huh good, good, good. I’m glad, I’m glad, I’m glad. Well one of the first posts you had before we go to your posts and we’ve got questions too, some good questions from the audience Simon, what would you like to start with today as a topic?

SP: Not really, I think just go straight to the questions Ted because we try and get through as many as we can.

TM: All right. Okay. All righty. This is a question from Maria in Munich, Germany. She said that, uh it’s an interesting one. She said that… I’m trying to paraphrase it because it’s a long one. There was a question to Simon regarding the transition of souls make after the body dies. You described a tunnel of light on its end as a trap, and let’s see, I’m kind of skimming this over. My question is Simon, is the transition of souls after death of the bodies via a river valid and okay, or maybe we went through this before. Is it another trap for harvesting? I guess people keep asking, I’ve had several questions regarding the same, the same issue about whether people should go to the light or not Simon.

SP: I think, I think we will always get these questions because it’s one of the most fundamental issues that we face, and the physical body, you know, no longer works, then the soul must find somewhere else for it to reside in. It doesn’t have to be a human body but if you’re on Earth, then you know, you will find another body, but the natural reaction of the soul is to try to find a physical form that will suit it.

TM: Um-hmm.

SP: So what happens is that the negative forces attempt to intercede, so they will use a holograph or some sort of projection that means something to that person, so if you were deeply religious you might suddenly find a revered religious figure turn up, or let’s throw some humor into this. Let’s say that you were an absolute fan of horse operas and you spent all your life watching the horse operas, and then your physical body dies, you might find John Wayne comes to collect you. Now these aren’t really coming here, it is just a holograph. They say to you, “I’ve come to collect you,” and you go towards the light. Suddenly you find that you are put into some sort of a holding area or waiting area, and then another body becomes available, but the reality is that you are drawn towards a tunnel of light which you go towards, and then you are given a massive electromagnetic shock. This is to the soul, not to the physical body. Your body’s, you know, back on Earth, and what that does is it wipes out that lifetime’s memory, so each time you start afresh and the problem is that apart from snippets or a bit of hypnotic regression, one never really remembers your previous lifetime.

TM: I see. Interesting. Why do you think it’s the case Simon where we don’t remember our lifetimes?

SP: Because of this very massive electromagnetic shock that is administered to the soul when it’s in the holding area, and this is part of the prison planet’s operation, because if everybody remembered who we were and what we did, within a short three or four lifetimes we would have a most wonderful planet. We would have a most wonderful place because we would learn from our mistakes very quickly, but if every time we are brought back to zero and we have to start again we are having rediscover and relearn, and we never really move on as much as we should. So this false loss of memory is deliberately part of the prison planet to keep humanity down and not evolving.

TM: Oh I see, okay. So that’s why you say often that going to the light is a trap, and interesting. Okay, all right, all right it’s… and there’s no one to ask once you pass over.

SP: Well there are angels. There are real angels, but there aren’t that many of them, but the fake ones are computer-generated, so they’re just millions of them. So either the likelihood of, you know, finding a real angel is quite thin, whereas these replicas, these artificial creatures they are… there just to a penny, and the point is that if you were to take a very good person, who in their lifetime did some good work either in the science or the hospital, and let’s say they remembered their previous lifetime, well when they came back again and they reincarnate, they would pick up their experiments from where they left off, so within two or three lifetimes their experiments would advance the human race hundreds of years. Well the jailers of this prison planet don’t want that, and that is what we are all subject to this massive shock to prevent us remembering. Some people do. Some people do have memories and of course that’s because this electric shock that is administered is not foolproof, so many people do have past memories. However, we’ve got to overcome the control system, and once we do that we break free.

TM: Hmm. Wonderful, wonderful. Have you had the chance to talk to spirits on the other side once they’ve gone through and…

SP: No.

TM: Okay.

SP: I don’t have that skill unfortunately. That’s not my gift. That’s not something that I can claim to fame.

TM: Sure, right, right, right. I’ve gotten a lot of questions on Australia recently.

SP: Okay.

TM: And I’m having actually the first part of my second hour will be prayers for Australia.

SP: Right.

TM: And I just got a message now that my show now is blocked in Japan. I don’t know why or how that’s happening, but at what point I know that benevolent extraterrestrials have a… there’s the prime directive and they don’t intervene. I mean we have to learn our lessons on our own on this planet, but what can people do Simon from a practical standpoint other than saying prayers and doing the kind of work that I’ll be doing next hour on my show to try to stop these fires, and who’s behind it, and why are they doing it?

SP: I wanted to answer some weeks ago I kept on writing on my website that I didn’t understand why the Australian government didn’t bring the military in, and then finally, finally they did bring the military in, and it’s a horrible thing to say, but I do not believe that this is chance. I cannot believe leadership of a country would allow the level of damage that they have done unless they had some plan. I understand the loss of habitat and loss of life in terms of animals and things is horrendous. It’s absolutely dreadful. Now why would anybody in their right mind who’s supposed to represent the people, why would you not do everything in your power to save your land and to save the animals, and so therefore I have the gravest concerns about the government of Australia. I really think that there’s something very evil going on. What could people do? Well I think that the little bit of knowledge I have about Australia is any Australian person I strongly advise you to write to whoever legally or professionally represents you, and say you know, that you’re outraged at this, and in terms of the politicians I think you say to them I categorically will not vote for you at the next election, because I can tell the audience that all most politicians care about is being reelected, and if you say I promise I will never forget what has happened and unless you do something dramatic quickly, I promise I will campaign against you and I won’t vote for you. That is the only thing that makes politicians or lawmakers change direction, so that’s the physical thing. In terms of the energy thing I think we need to get groups of people together. We have had a Consciousness meditation at my organization for Australia and California. I think people have got to get together in small groups and they have got to absolutely fight this terrible evil that is coming down on Australia at the moment, and you need a physical reaction and you need an energy or a spiritual reaction, and you have to put the two together.

TM: When the fires happened last year, the fires were happening, many of the fires, not all of them, but many of the fires were happening Simon in an area where it is said, the rumor had that Dianne Feinstein’s husband would benefit from the fires because the rumor that I heard that had he planned to confiscate the land of people’s burned-out homes and put a high-speed rail in, or some sort of transportation development. I don’t know whether it was true. That’s what I heard, and where are the location of the fires in Australia? Is that, is it just, are there… do you think there’s a purpose in where these areas have been targeted? I guess it goes back to who’s doing it and why, Yeah.

SP: Well to try and answer the question Ted, I mean as an ex-lawmaker I am absolutely shocked at the way that these politicians and these lawmakers in Australia are responding, because it is political suicide. I have seen pictures of their capital city absolutely covered in smoke and smog from the fires. Well these people won’t vote for those lawmakers. If you’ve got to go to work and you’re coughing and spluttering and you’ve got terrible lung troubles because of all this smoke you won’t forget that, so why would lawmakers let this happen without taking great action? So there must be something that’s more important to them than their reelection, so I think somebody is putting the pressure on that’s so great that it is greater than a lawmakers natural instinct to politically survive, and when I look something like millions, I’m not joking, millions of animals and creatures have died, millions in this fire in Australia. The koala bear population, which is a protected animal in Australia has nearly been wiped out. Why would a politician, a lawmaker, allow such things? You would, even if you would get your navy out; you’d get the army out; you’d get the air force out. You’d get everything. You’d go to the United States of America and you say can we buy some or can we lease some water planes? Can we do this? Can we do that? You’d put a call out for volunteer firemen to come from other countries and you pay. You know, you would do everything wouldn’t you, but… so I think that there’s some very nasty ulterior motive and I hope the electors of Australia punish this government for their catastrophic failure to protect their own country.

TM: Well it’s amazing really because I had heard, I’d read stories last year that Australia had, the Australian government had authorized massive vaccination sprays over populations, that people who didn’t want vaccinations just spray them. They had also, I guess there’s all kinds, I don’t know everything that’s going on in Australia. We don’t get a lot of news up here on it. What I do get is just here and there on the internet. What are your, what do your friends tell you of what is going on in Australia with the government there, Simon?

SP: Australia is, when I say close to America, I don’t mean President Trump, I mean the principle. The United States of America has two friends in the world. That may sound very odd, two true friends, and I’m afraid Canada is not one of those friends, but the two true friends to the United States of America are Great Britain, the United Kingdom, and Australia, but the control system in Australia is of the same time when you had President Obama in office. So the people who were running the show under Obama are the same sort of visionaries that you have in Australia. In other words the control system in Australia is very different now than it is from Great Britain, or it is from the United States, and I think that what’s happening is that the government’s, or the people in charge in Australia have just gone rogue. I think they’ve gone maverick, and I think they’ve just come completely off the rails, and I think that what we’re seeing is an implosion of government in Australia, and I, like many people, you know, I do get information. I’ve got coordinators in Australia who are just, some of my coordinators, one coordinator that luckily saved their house. The fire came very close and other people have had very near, you know, very close experiences to it just as it did in California, and you know, I don’t understand it. I don’t understand how somebody who’s elected to office can be so uncaring about his people or the country. You’ve got to be seriously screwed in the head, and I think that’s the cause here.

TM: Seriously screwed in the head.

SP: Yeah I really do.

TM: Yeah, yeah. Well I’ve just gotten reports from not only Japan but also Costa Rica that we’re getting blocked. This broadcast is blocked, so we are I hope if you are listening just send me an email to Out of This World 1150 at ( The technicians and producer are looking, my producers are looking into it right now, so if you, I guess if you can hear me then you can hear me, but if you can’t hear me then you’re not hearing this, but if you can go to the YouTube because you can get audio and visual. You can see me here in the studio for the entire show go to, just go to the website at and click on listen live till 4:00 p.m. Seattle time, and you’ll be able to listen and see me here on YouTube, so that’s working fine. Oh…

SP: Ted, I can’t see, Ted forgive me, I’m trying to see the connection between your show being blocked in Japan and Costa Rica. I’m trying to see what the connection is. Why would those two countries, why would there be an effort to block there?

TM: I don’t know. I got another message now sent from someone else overseas, doesn’t say… she says she’s out of the U.S., doesn’t say where she is. I have no idea, but anyway they’re looking into it now. Let me, I’m just going to, I’m just sending little quick notes to a couple of these listeners. I’m getting reports now all over the world I’m getting blocked. Anyway, well you look at this several ways. Maybe we’re doing something right today, and so try to stop us from talking. That’s one way to look at it I guess.

SP: Are you, have you still got it to the U.S., are you still broadcasting to the U.S.?

TM: Oh yeah, yeah. We’re fine in the U.S. We’re fine. It’s just overseas that we don’t seem to be…

SP: Okay.

TM: …don’t seem to be getting anybody, but what we’re looking into it. We’re looking into it. Okay I’ve had… I’m getting more questions in about the fires in Australia. Is this a rehearsal, John writes, for other parts of the world like California with fires? I mean what happens, rumor has…

SP: No, California was the rehearsal. California was the rehearsal for Australia.

TM: Um-hmm. Oh it was? Okay, okay, okay. Oh, okay, I’m getting the problem has been fixed in Japan, so I’m glad they’re listening. I’m happy. I’m happy. Good, good. Okay, well thank you. I think the goal, of if you’re listening, if you’re looking to the show on YouTube right now, go to and just click on listen live at YouTube, the live stream. There’s a whole bunch of angelic light that just came into the studio and my angels have come to the rescue, so we’re getting help, so we’re getting help, so you know it’ll be amazing. Can you think of this scenario Simon? In a couple of year’s time if we keep going the way we are the planet will shift into the fifth dimension, and you and I and most of my audience will be communicating, but telepathically in the fifth dimension, rather than here in the third. Won’t that be fun?

SP: Uh I have to put a spanner in the works.

TM: Okay.

SP: There may be some people who choose to stay behind…

TM: Okay.

SP: …because they cannot leave the others behind. In other words…

TM: Okay.

SP: In other words, there are people who will naturally be able to evolve to the fifth, but will feel they have to stay behind. Otherwise what’s left to try and help those who didn’t make it the first time?

TM: Oh okay. Oh I see, interesting, okay. It’s kind of like spirits who spirits who are ready to ascend but they chose…

SP: No, no. Ted, in the same way that you and many others incarnated here to do a job of work, to do things, and it’s successful in the sense that, you know, there’s a division and a certain proportion who are meant to evolve will, and a certain proportion who are not yet ready. There are some people who will choose to stay with the unevolved group, because if not what support structure is there for them?

TM: Oh I see, I see. Okay, all righty.

SP: But most of us think, whew vacation time. I’m off.

TM: I don’t know how many times I’ve heard that from fellow lightworkers and psychics. They said, “Oh my gosh I can’t wait till my contract’s up and I leave this planet.” I just want to get through it. I can’t wait. They’re funny. They’re funny. We’ve had, also we have these questions have been coming in groups. I have a whole group of questions that I’ve just summarized for the fires in Australia, and thank you so much for addressing those Simon, and the second one, second ones have been the problems with Iran and Iraq right now.

SP: Yeah.

TM: The news story that caught my eye and I have a listener listening now who wanted to ask, to have me ask you about this Simon, was about this proposed military exercises that China, Russia, and Iran were doing jointly against the U.S., or against any kind of U.S. action. Uh is that a cause for alarm, any cause for alarm Simon?

SP: Right, each one of the countries you’ve mentioned, they’re not really working in agreement. Each one has his own axe to grind.

TM: I see.

SP: And Russia is doing it simply because America is trying to prevent the Nord Pipeline. Russia is going to provide Germany with fuel, gas, with a massive pipeline coming all the way across the land from Russia to Germany, and Germany then will not be buying gas either from the United States or from Saudi Arabia. Now President Trump and the Pentagon have said that this is a hostage to fortune, because if Germany becomes dependent on that and Russia turns the gas off, Germany’s in a problem, so America’s threatening sanctions on both Germany and Russia.

TM: Um-hmm.

SP: As part of that the Russians are showing that they’ve got a bit of strength, so they’re doing some of the displays. The Iranians have got their own problems and we’ll talk about those in a moment, so they’re doing that. The Chinese and you’ve got also the Indians as well, they are absolutely determined to rule the world financially, so although this is a military exercise, with a number of countries taking part, it is not the solid agreement; it’s not the solid group of friends. These are desperate disparate countries who are not really allies. They’re just using this opportunity to make their own point, so I really wouldn’t give it any credence at all.

TM: All right, all right. Maybe it was you a couple of months ago Simon, but you had mentioned that the government of Iran is Cabal and they would like nothing better than to start a war, but I don’t think the people there are in favor of it. Personally I know that this government, I don’t think our government is in favor of a war either. I mean who in their right mind with nuclear weapons would want a war anyway in that part of the world?

SP: Well in 1938 when Adolf Hitler basically got places like Czechoslovakia, and without firing a shot, the world powers caved in, not America because America wasn’t still a very isolationist, but powers caved in and the point that is relevant here is when Hitler came back to Germany having been very successful in gaining projects in Latvia, the German people were absolutely ecstatic, not because of Hitler, but because they thought that a war had been averted, so the run-ups to that it looked like there was going to be, as did happen, but at that time in 1938 it looked as if there was going to be a war between Germany and Great Britain, because of British prime minister flew out to meet Hitler and had a talk, so if you look at some of the newsreels of the real-time video of the time, German people reacted, and my answer to you Ted is that most people don’t want a war. It’s only the people who are so disassociated from reality and live in another world, they’re the ones that want a war.

TM: Um-hmm, um-hmm. Yeah I agree with you because, and the tide, I think the tide has turned too. I think that Nostradamus is right, that we’ve got a beautiful bright future ahead of us. I guess that leads into the next group of questions, another, several questions about the U.S. troops arriving in Iraq. What do you think of that? On your post you said that 750 extra troops had been arrived in Iraq. Is that cause for concern?

SP: Probably nearer to 850. It’s approximately a battalion, but what is not made clear is that over the last few months 14,000 American troops have been put into the area, so although officially there are 5,000 troops in Iraq, officially 5,000 U.S. troops. In that general area over 14,000 are, have been arriving over the last three months or so. This battalion is, I say, the latest. It is about 850 troops, that with 750 combat and a 100-plus support troops have arrived. It’s not a cause for concern. It is actually useful because the higher the troop numbers the less likely of a war. If an aggressor thinks that he can just push into a country and there’ll be no resistance, he’s very likely to do it. If a buffer is reasonably well patrolled, then any aggressor thinks twice, because they know that it’s going to cause a problem. If I give you the history with Great Britain in 1982 I think it was, when Argentina attacked British Falkland Islands, they did so because the garrison, the British garrison, was incredibly small of those, and ever since then the garrison has been six, seven times greater, and that’s prevented a war. So sometimes putting troops in isn’t an act of war. It is a message to the other side, and it was a guy called Clausewitz or Clueswitz, who was a great German tactician who said that you know, a war was just an extension of politics, so I think President Trump understands this, and I think the Pentagon understand it, that if you move assets around the map, whether it’s a an aircraft carrier or troops, you are sending a statement that this is a no-go area, and I think that on balance this was the right move, because what we don’t want is a war in the Middle East, absolutely we do not want a war in the Middle East. (full stop)

TM: Right, right. I just got some emails. Apparently the radio broadcast could not be accessed in Minnesota and other states, so it was a blockage. Yeah, lots of different places, so I’m glad it’s… Eric thank you so much. You did a great job. We really appreciate it.

Well thank you so much for explaining that. I had one question asking whether this [had any significance] and should we be worried. You know the next thing, and we’ve talked about this before, and it’s been on the minds of a lot of people, are these sealed indictments with respect to Jeffrey Epstein on January 16th. Could you tell us a little bit more, I mean in your post you said there’s 3,000 pages of new evidence. My goodness, and indictments that have been coming out, and anyway I’d love some more information on that.

SP: Sure. I did say it’s 50/50 there’s no [35:50][guarantee] that the indictments will be opened, but around that date is any time actually from the 12th to the 16th, a federal judge would have the right if he or she chooses to unseal them, 3,000 new items and these absolutely are staggering, but the key here is that it is not so much about what we know, it’s about the names that will be brought in. In other words, if they open these 3,000 pages, it will create 100 new avenues to follow up and some of these avenues will lead to some of the biggest names in America. Now the madam, in the true sense of the word, the madam of Jeffrey Epstein who was managing all his situations, has actually written to the federal judge asking him not to open them, so there’s a real push from the other side to try and keep it sealed. I do know for a fact that President Trump wants them opened. I also know that President Trump wants it opened in public. In other words, he wants the public to be aware of what’s going to happen, so it’s a real battle between one group in Washington and another group in Washington as to whether these bits of paper get opened and dealt with, but if they are opened with, it is going to cause a bigger explosion than the first business with Jeffrey Epstein.

TM: Oh, fascinating. Well they… how old are these indictments? Were they, have they been accumulating over the years and so…

SP: The actions that’s been brought forward has been collected by a number of people for a number of years, but the information that is relevant to the investigation has been collected over the last three months, and there are a number of people in the Justice Department who have been seconded to the Justice Department, but actually work in other organizations, and after this they will return back to their organizations, so there has been a lot of information gained from Jeffrey Epstein himself for the interesting situation in the prison and a lot of people who have preferred to cooperate rather than face the court system, so if these papers are opened expect some big names, really big names, to you know, be found and we’ll see what’s happened. In relation to the royal family in Great Britain as possibly can go two ways. Either the Queen of England has insulated the royal family to such an extent that she can throw Prince Andrew to the end, and you know, that’ll be it and he’ll be disgraced forever, or they’ll try and do a deal that will put a lesser charge on him, and I think he will be asked to go to America to testify and I think he will refuse.

TM: Hmm, I see.

SP: That would leave a situation where he could never ever ever go to America again, because if he did he could be arrested, so I think he will never go to America or one of the American friendly countries.

TM: I see wouldn’t that be an interesting scenario.

SP: Very interesting indeed, and I think that before people think that I’ve gone crazy, I think we’ll see me on to here, because the Queen, he was, Andrew was not invited to a number of public events that the family were invited to. Christmas Day the royal family always goes to church, and what happened was that he went to the nine o’clock in the morning church and the family went at about 11 o’clock or 12 o’clock, so they’re absolutely keeping him separate, which tells me they’re expecting a lot more dirt to come out.

TM: I couldn’t help but notice this Simon, and forgive me for bringing this up, but my friends also pointed it up when, pointed it out that when President Trump visited Great Britain, the United Kingdom, here a few months ago, I believe it was last year sometime, he walked ahead of the Queen when protocol meant that he was supposed to walk behind her. Is… do you remember that, what happened?

SP: Yeah.

TM: Okay, well sorry throw this out.

SP: That’s fine.

TM: Yeah, what…

SP: Right, well there’s been a very interesting arrangement. This Queen, our Queen of England and your president actually have a good working relationship. Actual fact: their relationship is not a personal relationship; it is a business relationship. So Her Majesty the Queen and President Trump actually through their advisers have a very good relationship, and through history the crown of England has actually owned the United States of America.

TM: I’ve heard that.

SP: And the War of Independence never actually gave you guys your freedom. What it did was give you your freedom from direct taxation.

TM: I see.

SP: And controls but she never… it never freed you from the oversight of a [41:29][unintelligible] in Great Britain. Now when President Trump walked a few steps in front of the Queen, he was signaling that the United States of America was no longer second-best to Great Britain, and he was making a point that we are now free of the monarchy, but he didn’t mean it in a disrespectful or a nasty way. He was just saying that the time has now come for the United States of America to be independent from our royal interference. That’s what that was all about.

TM: There’s a judge here in the states named Anna Von Reitz. She lives up in Alaska Simon. I should put you in touch with her, and she’s been saying the same thing for many years and has written a lot of articles and books about it too so…

SP: Okay well I haven’t heard of the lady but yeah obviously we agree with each other, so that’s good.

TM: Yeah, yeah. I’ll make a note to send her, send you a link for her information. I think you’d find it fascinating.

SP: Sure.

TM: Also you had a post on your website about somebody posted, made a fake website using your picture.

SP: Yeah, well we’re looking into it. Somebody had talked about the Illuminati and was forming a group or a club or something and used my picture, so I got my tech guy to write to their tech guy, and said you know you can’t use my picture to sell your products.

TM: Right.

SP: You can’t do that. It’s illegal.

TM: Right.

SP: You can’t stick someone’s face on there without their permission, because you are selling a product, and on what, and I think yeah well that’s quite interesting that somebody wants my face, but of course it’s totally not on, but there’s a lot of silliness at the moment. It must be January is a mad time, but I think that there’s a lot of panic going on within the bad people at the moment, and I think that they’re just doing a lot of stuff just to cause people trouble. I mean look at the radio station. You’re telling me and the audience that certain places can’t pick your message up. Well I think it’s January ,and you know, a lot of people make a new year’s resolution, so sometimes we get messages sent to us just reminding us that the other side are not dead and beaten, that they’re fighting, and that’s why I often say to people don’t just listen to all this nonsense on the internet that says the battle has been won.

TM: Yeah.

SP: It hasn’t been won. We’re still fighting.

TM: Right. You’re right.

SP: We’re still fighting it.

TM: Look at Australia. I know there’s a lot of people listening today about the about the Australian fires. We’ll be starting our prayers in about 15 minutes or so, but I did an intention experiment where Dr., Mr. Emoto back in July of 2014 Simon, and we did a prayer meditation to help bring peace to the Middle East. The Israelis and the Palestinians were fighting at the time, and we all sent out our prayers and love and light to the Palestinians and the Israelis asking for a 12-hour ceasefire to exchange food and medical supplies for the wounded, and lo and behold five hours later the Palestinians and the Israelis agreed to a 12-hour ceasefire spontaneously with no plans to do it. So it worked. So we’re gonna try it again, try it again now.

SP: It does work and it can work, and you know, it can overcome what appears to be insurmountable difficulties, but the power of thought, the power of consciousness, the power of true belief and I guess underpinning it all, love, actually really can overcome anything, but the problem is it is the belief. You’ve got to believe in it and that’s the key point. You’ve got to believe in it and I think what we’ve seen over the last few years Ted is that people are coming more towards that understanding because they have been let down. They’ve been failed by the system as it is, and when you when you’re failed by a system, you naturally look around for the truth, and that’s what’s happening.

TM: Sure, sure, absolutely, absolutely, well especially people outside of Australia. What can we do other than send perhaps some money to the relief efforts there to help people, but prayers do work. Intention does work. I know there’s a famous famous researcher named Lynne McTaggart. I think she lives in London actually, and she does intention experiments and she’s proved also that they do work so, and I know that most people don’t condone the fires in Australia. They won’t want people to suffer. Apparently something like 480 million animals have also died in the fires as well.

SP: Well that’s the point Ted, that the two-fold approach, one is people writing to their politicians telling them if they don’t do something they’re going to not vote for them. The second thing as we’ve said is the energy help, but what I think is once a handle has got on this I think the people of Australia and as many from outside need to put pressure for sanctuaries for animals to be built up to save what’s left, to pump money into it and to basically save the wildlife that have been destroyed. It’s a, you know, what’s happened isn’t just a disaster for Australia, it’s a disaster for the ecology of the planet, and Australia is a wonderful special place, and you know, I think about, you know, television and all the rest of it, all the the koala bear, and it’s important. Well if they don’t do something, then in years to come schoolchildren in Australia will be looking at books of pictures of a koala and saying well what a shame we haven’t got any left today.

TM: Right, extinction.

SP: I don’t think people understand what’s happening in Australia. It’s a crime. I believe it’s a crime so, and yeah, I just think that there’s something very very unnatural taking place, and I think that Australian people need to basically get off their bottoms and they need to go out there and bang on doors and say you got to do something. We’re not having it.

TM: I had one one gentleman from Sydney contact me and I’m not going to mention his name for privacy, but he did contact me from Australia and told me lots of interesting things indicating it was, these fires were engineered and were manufactured. They weren’t natural, and I asked him to come on my show today Simon and he refused. He says look, I don’t want retribution. I’m afraid I might lose my job if I did so, but people, I don’t know what the situation politically is like down there, like whether the government intimidates people or what for speaking out, but something has to be done, because if they don’t, they’re not going to have a country left.

SP: Oh I think the thing is that’s what I’m saying, that you… if you’re an Australian voter you write to whoever represents you and you say to them unless you do something quickly I won’t ever vote for you and I won’t forget what’s happened and that needs to be movements on social media. I think there need to be organizations where there is a political movement that says we will only vote for politicians that care about Australia, and that should be the slogan, basically you know, “Care for Australia,” and you get my vote, and that’s it, and these people who don’t care for Australia, so they should be voted out, because that is all lawmakers care about. They don’t care between the time they’re in office, except the election. The election comes along. They suddenly want your vote, and it’s I know, it’s the world over, but when something of this magnitude happens, it is only say that a citizen has, he or she can’t do anything inbetween, but come election time, they suddenly want to talk to you, so you need to say to people now basically unless you do something you are never, you’re never going to be back in office, and that’s what needs to happen.

TM: I just got another question in. Thank you Susan for sending this in. Is there a connection between the fires in Australia, the fires in California, and the fires in the Amazon?

SP: Yes, because they are all targeting and designed to destroy the ecology of the area. The one in California is not. That’s a political thing, and it’s also a military thing. That’s somewhat different, but if you can hit the Amazon and you can hit Australia, you are hitting vast areas of relatively depopulated place with a tremendous wildlife, a most exotic wildlife, and a shrubbery and greenery that can be destroyed and this is… look imagine, I don’t mean to be rude, but imagine a demented child. That’s what these evil people are like, who plays with a toy and then decides it doesn’t like the toy anymore, so picks it up and hits it with a rock and keeps doing it until he smashes the toy. That’s what these people are like in these very high echelons. They become frustrated and they become very very sick, and so they will do these things, which don’t impact them because they don’t live in the Amazon. They don’t live in Australia. They live somewhere else, but it’s them hitting out with their uncontrollable anger. That’s what these people have and I accept that. What I don’t accept is that there are countless people underneath them who are just doing what they’re told, and I think that they’re as guilty as anyone else, and they need to actually stop doing this.

I’ll give you an example, because I like giving examples, because they’re based on reality and not something off of the YouTube. Just as Germany in 1945 was being defeated, Adolf Hitler gave an order to completely blow up everything in Germany literally, and he wanted everything because he said I’m not gonna let the Americans or the British or the Russians get anything. I want the lot blown up. I want every hospital blown up, every factory blown up, everything.

Albert Speer, who was in charge of the economy, he actually tore that instruction up and threw it in the bin. Nobody saw that and therefore it wasn’t carried out, because Speer, and that’s why Speer didn’t get hung at Nuremberg. He just got a prison sentence. The [finality] is there are people who can prevent these crazy instructions, and they’ve got to decide whether they care about humanity or whether they don’t.

TM: Um-hmm. Well that’s very profound, and thank you so much for saying that Simon. I’m sure there’s people listening around the world who can make a difference. All of us can make a difference, but perhaps they too cannot follow orders designed to hurt humanity. We’ve got about two minutes left Simon and I wanted to give you time to wrap up your wonderful interview today.

SP: Thank you. Let’s very quickly talk about the situation in Iran because we haven’t really covered that. I did post on the website a day ago now that I, and I actually wrote on my website. I said when I read what Iran had written in relation to President Trump’s warning, I said oh no, because what the Iranians wrote was and I quote, “America can’t do anything about this,” and when I read that I said oh no, and I wrote on my website that the best way to upset Uncle Sam is to say that, and I said they will do something about it absolutely, and literally 24 hours later after I posted that, this is what happened, that this general was taken out in Iraq by a drone attack, but that actually I don’t know if you guys got the news, but there were also Special Navy Seals were also deployed in case the drone attack didn’t work. My point is that it won’t cause a world war because Iran does not want a world war with America, and I don’t believe the Pentagon would have ordered this attack if they thought it would lead to a war. What it has led to is there has already been an attack in France. I don’t know if you guys are aware of it, but there has been a stabbing. I think two people are dead in Paris, and every security service in every capital city in the Western world is on maximum alert, not because there’s going to be a coordinated terrorist attack, but because individual people are going to go out and do crazy stuff, so we are going through a period of uncoordinated problems, but I don’t think there’s a Third World War coming, so please don’t let people talk you into that.

TM: Okay thank you so much for saying that Simon. That was important. Well my friend I hope you have a beautiful and happy New Year and thank you again so much for sharing your wisdom today. I know everyone really enjoyed what you had to say.

SP: Thank you Ted. Keep in touch with me won’t you.

TM: Okay I sure will. There’s some new developments we will have to talk off the air about, but…

SP: Fantastic.

TM: Yeah have a beautiful day Simon. Thank you so much again for coming on today. Bye-bye and Happy New Year.

SP: God bless. [End of Simon Interview 55:37 Hour 1]

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