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Recorded Sunday, December 1, 2019

London Bridge murders not a planned terrorist attack; China wants to control world by buying into every country’s economy; Australia’s dealings with China means they sold out their sovereignty for access to foreign money; anyone who buys a cellphone in China has to have their photo taken, which is then matched with photo police already have, very dangerous moment for anyone who wants to live free; President Trump succeeds in getting bill through both Houses that will hold China responsible for Hong Kong’s independence; China, not Russia, is a world threat as countries with economic downturns turn to China to close the economic gap, inadvertently signing over their own heritage; MeWePRO is open for U.S. Connecting Consciousness members to join; 5G sticks will soon be available for CC members only in the early stages of distribution; Simon thanks Julie, a CC coordinator in Britain for going public with her story and suggests we watch some of her Bases 2019 YouTube interviews; European economy shaky; U.S. economy, although on its last leg, is somewhat stronger at present; Questions: what or who would cause events on one’s home videos to be changed; how do we avoid the recycling of souls and karma cycles; what can you tell us about sleep paralysis; what is the agenda behind the California/Australia fires; Brazilian president claims Leonardo DiCaprio is offering five million dollars to start fires in Amazon; when is 5G protection coming out; China’s vision of world domination using 5G technology and AI is a major threat to the entire planet; can a healer remove a possession; can growing numbers of souls reincarnating on Earth cause overpopulation; China in talks to buy Deutsche Bank.

Simon Parkes: Hello. Welcome to another Connecting Consciousness. It’s the first of December. Time has really flown by so quickly and I just thought oh it’ll be ages till Christmas and of course it’s just around the corner, so I suppose with the colder weather and a bit of frost and then perhaps we’ll begin to feel a bit more like it, but after the attack on the London Bridge, perhaps thinking about Christmas isn’t something that we were readily going to do. I posted a number of updates fairly soon after the attack and for me the major point here was that this guy had been in the prison system. He’d been convicted of previous terrorist offense and had been in the system for quite awhile, and he’d got an early release date, and the fact that the attack first of all took place on the north end of the bridge, I think it was Fishmongers Hall where there was a conference or a symposium talking about offending and how, you know, to integrate people back into society after they’d paid their price. So it was always not a straightforward terrorist attack for him to launch the attack there. The information I got was it was quite a lot about him taking out his anger or his vengeance on the very people that he saw put him into prison. I don’t mean the police. I mean the judiciary system, and then the attack went out onto the street, and he murdered people there. So it wasn’t planned in the sense of a well-organized terrorist operation. It looks like my first postings were correct that he just literally was him on his own in terms of the ground planning or organization if we can even call it that, sort of turn up, start a fight, try and kill people and see what happens. It is a terrorist offense, but it’s not coming from the normal pattern. The issue is I think that we have with this are the odd surroundings that took place on that and I still can’t understand why this bridge theme keeps coming up. This is several attacks now we’ve had on London Bridges. Yes they are iconic, and you know, if you talk to tourists, they are one of the things they want to see are bridges, so it might just simply be that it’s a focal point. However there may be a more deeper symbolic meaning here. The guy who picked up the knife has now been reported as an off-duty policeman so that begins to make us more interested. It was always a question as to, and I think I put it on my site, who was the guy with the knife. It didn’t make any sense and the response was from the police was very quick and they’re saying they didn’t have any intelligence and I will agree, they didn’t have any specific intelligence because I believe this man operated on his own. There was no electronic communication. There was no even much discussion in the community about it, and therefore those are the ones that nigh on impossible to pick up.

On a lighter note if we can possibly have that, and I thought about this is that it could only happen in Britain, that you know, the ordinary passers-by sort of decided to attack him and try and take the knives off him, which they did actually, but he was attacked with a narwhal horn. It’s a, a narwhal for those of you who are not sure, can have a look afterward, but it’s a whale of course, but it has a long horn-like structure, and back in the days of the medieval times people thought this was a unicorn’s horn, used to find these horns and literally think they were unicorn. They can be up to three meters long. What’s that, nine feet, probably even longer. Now I still don’t understand and it’s not vital, but it’s just interesting that somebody should have a narwhal horn which is about three meters long and fending off this person. It could only happen in Britain, and it’s just a testimony I think to British people who I think are fed up with things like this and are prepared now to have a go at it.

Two things from this: first it’s going to completely alter the judiciary system in the way that crimes are dealt with. You can now expect to see people no longer getting early release, and the other information that I’m receiving which isn’t being broadcast, is a massive arming of the police. Now I don’t mean every police officer is going to carry a gun, but every police officer is going to be told to carry a taser. This up until now was a voluntary thing, but our understanding now that it’s going to be mandated, and they’re going to increase by many hundreds police officers routinely now carrying guns, so not a moving across to an American system, but moving to a system that allows armed officers to be there within a minute or two minutes. So that’s a very big move from that.

Some of the other things I wanted to quickly talk about. We were worried about China for some time. China was never going to roll a tank over the world, but it was going to attempt to roll money over the world to control via that, and I did post about the situation in Australia, where for a very long time now we know that the Chinese have attempted to buy Australia. I don’t mean they [want] to buy the country, but buy out its major corporations or manufacturing side, and they have very successfully infiltrated financially to use Australia as a springboard into the English-speaking markets. Now what happened recently was a spy, Chinese spy, was found in the heart of government, the Canberra, we call it the Canberra building, in the heart of Australia. Now that is a very significant because it means that the gloves are off, and now the Australian government who have been desperately cozying up to China for all this foreign money now must really have alarm bells ringing, and the news that I put on the website today was that from I think it was Friday, but I can’t be sure, every Chinese person in China who wishes to buy a cellphone, a mobile phone, must now have their photograph taken. In other words you go into a store, you buy the phone and now they take your photograph in the store and that is passed to the police, and that’s matched with the photograph they already hold of you. Now the Chinese authority is saying this is to stop fraud. That’s a nonsense, absolutely a nonsense. What’s going to happen is that once you’ve done that and you’ve bought your phone, if you text or tweet or anything that’s anti-government, then they will have the right to hold you responsible, and you can no longer say somebody else was using my phone. So this is a very very dangerous moment because it means that the state can actually penalize you for what you write instantly, and remember for those of you who perhaps haven’t looked into it very keenly, there’s very little money in China in hard currency. It’s all mostly electronic money and maybe you didn’t know, but in mainland China the government has access to everyone’s bank account, so quite literally if they want they can just go into your bank account, raid it, take the money out. So if they have your face linked to your cell phone, your mobile phone, they have you on the database. Then if you’ve committed a crime or allegedly committed a crime, they have everything they need to just take the money out of [your account], and that’s what they’re after. They’re after money. They’re not really interested in putting you in prison. They’re after your money unless of course you’re a demonstrator in Hong Kong, and I think you know, love him or hate him, President Trump was quite successful in getting that bill through both Houses on Capitol Hill which now holds China responsible for the independence of Hong Kong. So if China attempts to infringe the rights that the British left Hong Kong when Britain signed Hong Kong over to China, if China attempts to reduce the human rights or the legal rights of the Chinese people in Hong Kong then America will then push some very heavy sanctions against Hong Kong government people which will affect China, so that’s interesting that it’s recognized that this is a flashpoint, not just from the violence point of view, but from pushback against China.

You know the NATO North American Treaty, the Alliance of European people with America have banged on about Russia being the great enemy, and the reality is it’s China that’s the enemy, and I don’t mean, as I said earlier, militarily, but in terms of takeover from finances.

It’s China who are pushing the 5G through a number of countries. It’s China that control vast amounts of container ships and all the goods that come in it. It’s China that owns many ports, and it’s China that has commanding shares or voting rights in so many countries throughout the world, and I have written this in the past that many government leaders, whether they be presidents or prime minister’s—I don’t include Trump in this—have been sleepwalking into disaster. In other words as their economies fail they’ve gone to China to shore up the gap, the void, and in doing so they signed over their heritage, so that was the one thing I wanted to say. That’s the point for me.

Talking about Connecting Consciousness we’re so pleased that on Thanksgiving Day the new platform for communication for all the American membership on the MeWePRO went live. That’s exciting, so if you haven’t yet joined it please do. Remember that if you want to set up a particular topic group absolutely no problem. You must email Becky, message Becky, tell her that you’d like to set the group up and she’ll set it up for you. I don’t want you to set them up yourselves and there’s a reason for this. It’s not just that we have oversight or we control MeWePRO. It’s not nothing to do with that. It’s that we don’t want duplication. So if five people all go and set up a group that’s all themed, you know, which group do we take out, you know. So I want one themed group for each, and also there are certain themes that maybe wouldn’t be appropriate and wouldn’t be right. It might be very important to one individual but might be offensive to others, so you know, if you have an idea for a group email Becky. Put it through and then she’ll set it up, and that’s the right way to do it so that we can have a have a view and some form of monitoring that, you know, we haven’t got seven or eight groups who want to do, you know, aromatherapy or twenty-five groups that want to do UFOs. Now there may be certain states in the U.S. that want to set up a UFO watching group. That’s fine because if you’re in Arizona you don’t particularly want to be linked with, you know, New York, so I understand that, but put it through to Becky and then she’ll do that. That’s fine.

In terms of the way that numbers are going we’ve had a great interest, and I think a lot of that is to do with the 5, the anti-5G sticks, and I wanted to bring you up to date a little bit on that. It’s all good news. I had another conversation with the scientist about three or four days ago and they were expecting a batch to be posted to arrive this week coming and what I’m going to do is to first of all speak to all of my coordinators in Connecting Consciousness and see which of those want to go with those, and then I’m going to open it out to CC members and it will be on a first-come first-served basis.

Now the first few I’m afraid will be at the full price because there is a factory that’s being built to run them, set them up I mean, you run out the production, but that isn’t just yet there, so if you can’t afford the high price, it will be about two hundred and fifty pounds I think. That’s a lot of money, then that’s fine, hold on, because when the production picks up then those prices will come down. Now it is going to be only for CC members so ordinary members of the public, can I call them ordinary members, the non-CC members won’t be able to access that, so you know, that’s a really important point to make, and that wasn’t actually my stipulation. It didn’t start off like that. It was actually the scientist saying, you know, that they wanted to keep within a spiritual group and I suppose if we’d had a longer debate and I would have suggested that, you know, that the group, a CC group, sort of had a lion’s share of it to start with, but they actually offered that. I’ve spoken to the lead scientist on this and the technology that’s used, and as we go nearer to going live with it I’ll do a special podcast, only about ten or fifteen minutes, but I’ll go live to explain what’s happening, a bit more about the product, but just remember that when this sets up you won’t actually be paying me or us. I envisage that we’ll carry a link on Simon Parkes dot org (simonparkes. org). You would then click that link. That will take you straight to the scientists so there’s the group there, and that you would do the deal with them. But that what we’re offering is spiritual people. We’re offering the spiritual community who are awake and aware and want to use this device as opposed to somebody who does not see any danger in 5G, you know, thinks that the world is great and everything is lovely, so that’s why we’re there. We’re there to support the spiritual community just as many other groups are, and I’m sure that once we’ve had a go at this, then other groups will be invited in to support their membership, and I think that is that’s the way, because if you are spiritual truly, then you don’t want to... a British word, hog the show. You want to recognize that we’re all connected, and that you know, we need to share this out and the wider sharing the better, but I think that it’s about the bridgehead. It’s about getting this out there. If we do expect some kickback there will be a lot of big multinationals or organizations who don’t approve, don’t like it, who might attempt to put a pressure on it. Now you know had we been a major British or European or American well-known commercial organization, then you know, we wouldn’t have done the business. We wouldn’t be doing it. We would have pressure put on us, so again by choosing Connecting Consciousness they know that the organization cannot be corrupted and that this product will get out there and then it’s a domino effect when, you know, it’s reached a certain critical mass, then you know, it’ll be too hard to stop it, you know, even if the big players try to just stop it, then it would be too late. So I think it’s about people power. It’s about getting that momentum out there, getting that movement and doing that, and we’re very very proud, and I’m very pleased to do that.

I just wanted to thank one of my coordinators. I wanted to thank Julie. I don’t generally do this because other coordinators say yeah what about me. I’ve been working really hard too, so I try not to show favoritism. In fact I don’t, but I wanted to recognize that Julie has done a number of very useful and helpful interviews talking about her own situation, her own experiences, and Julie is a coordinator within Britain for Connecting Consciousness and you know we’re very very proud of Julie, and the fact that she’s gone public to talk about her story and you know just confirming that Julie is a Pleiadian. She really is and she’s a good person here to do good work, so if you can catch some of her interviews on YouTube then please do so. Alright so that’s it.

I suppose the only other thing is that the economic situation for Europe is still looking quite difficult. It’s not looking so bad for America. It’s odd how it swings. Sometimes it’s a world global difficulty. Sometimes it’s regional, but at the moment the European situation is looking a bit bleak, but the United States situation is looking better. Now when I say better we all know that it’s dysfunctional. We all know that it’s on its last legs, but compared to 12 months ago the financial stability of the U.S. is actually somewhat stronger, so it’s all eyes on Europe at the moment.

Right well we’ve had quite a few issues. We recorded the first part which is the updates, and then we did 45 minutes of questions. There were some really great questions and I always try to answer very fully and give lots of depth in depth answers, and then the screen went completely blank and everything’s been lost except the introduction, so 45 minutes or so of question-and-answer completely gone... lost, and then we tried to do it again and started to do the recording and then the button just switched itself off. In other words it’s an electronic button and it went from, you know, stop recording to start recording, so although I’m not touching the cursor. I’m not moving the arrow, it’s just throwing me off. Now it could simply be an electronic fault. It could simply be that or someone just doesn’t really like what we’re doing. Maybe they don’t like the cats. So I’m a bit tired because I’ve done 45 minutes and so has Becky of some really good questions, and I hope my answer is really good. I was for just saying I’m going to give it up tonight and just put a notice out explaining what happened, but Becky was saying no please, you know, you must try and do it. So I am gonna try and do it, but unfortunately those answers won’t be anything as full as they were and that is in itself a shame.

So that’s what’s happening, and you know, sometimes I think people perhaps don’t fully appreciate the issues that I, we, face in getting a podcast out. They think it’s just very simple. You just sit in front of it like most people do. They have a little cup of coffee or whatever it is and they do their chat. That’s if you’re not targeted. That’s if they’re not after you. That’s if they’re not trying to make your life hell, and so it’s a big deal for us to do this. It really is. It’s not like oh let’s do a podcast. It’s like okay we’ve got to be ready for this. We’ve got to do this, and you know, what’s really sort of a kick in the teeth is that you just come to the very end of what you think was a really good, a good session, a really good one and the public hopefully will like that, and then you find that it’s not recorded, so it’s very disheartening for about 30 seconds, and then we have to sort of fight back. So I have taken Becky’s advice. We are gonna have a go at this, but if it happens again I’m not going to do it today. If it happens once more I’ll let this go out, explain the situation and then I just, you know, it takes energy to do this. You know I don’t sit with the book and think oh that question, where will I find the answer? This is all done in a way that, you know, people who are not awake and unaware, they can’t understand, so it does take a lot of energy. All right. Okay back to the very first question please Becky, and thank you for your patience Becky because we’re all really tired of being electronically bothered with.

Rebecca Parkes: Yeah, okay thank you. First question is from Ashley who says many bizarre things have happened to me throughout my life. One of the things I’m most intrigued by is that my home videos have changed. There are things that have never existed and things that change size including one where my body is a larger size despite being underweight my whole life. Who is in charge of changing my videos and why are they doing this?

SP: Okay and my answer although I’m sorry I’m not going to give you the long full answer that I did. I’m going to give you a much shorter answer was that basically I’ve been in public eye for ten years now, not with Connecting Consciousness. I was doing my other stuff before that, but I’ve never come across that. That’s a brand new one on me, more interesting would be why would somebody want to interfere like that? What are they trying to achieve? So I really cannot give you an answer on that. I’ve never come across that either personally myself or with anybody­ else. The only other possibility is another timeline in operation, but without more information I can’t help you. My first answer which was about four times longer than that basically said the same thing, so maybe I’m learning to be more concise. Thank you.

RP: You also just mentioned that first of all you thought it might be to do with a Mandela effect but then…

SP: Oh yeah well done. I’m so tired I’ve forgotten that, so what I basically said is when the question was first being read by Becky I thought we were going to go down the Mandela route, but this is not the Mandela route. This is about you and what’s happening to you. If you’re a targeted individual then that’s your answer. That’s part of a psychological warfare against you. If that is the case then please get in touch with me. Thank you.

RP: Okay thank you. Holly said Simon thank you for the information you gave us. I am so concerned about recycling of souls and whether or not we can avoid the karmic cycle. I feel like we have more power than they want us to believe. I don’t want to be stuck here nor my family. Is there something we can do to stop this manipulation?

SP: Okay and I did answer this at length. It was really a good long answer and I just can’t bring myself to do that, I’m really sorry. What I can say to you is that we all came to this planet for a reason. Some of us were forced to come here against our will. Some of us chose to come here, but regardless of why we’re here the important thing is to learn ourselves and also to help others, and I have on many occasions spoken about the mantra that you can use before you go to bed and when you wake up in the morning, which is I want to return to Source, because when you physically die you won’t be aware that you’re dead. You’ll actually wake up in the morning, but you won’t be able to move your arms or legs, and you will say to yourself, “Oh I’m dead,” but you aren’t dead because the soul in your body still continues to live, and the issues that we have of course are holographic projections of certain individuals who are important to us when we were physically moving that can gain our confidence. So if you’re a lifelong Catholic maybe the Pope will come and visit you. Now if you’re a great historian maybe Winston Churchill will come and visit you, and what we we know is that these are holographic projections by an artificial intelligence machine that is designed to win your confidence and then take you to the light, and I said in my first answer, sorry my voice is going because I’ve been talking for 45 minutes, though as a mammal, we are designed to work in the daylight. We sleep at night and we’re active in the day, which means that we’re drawn to the light. We are drawn to do things in the light and I also mentioned in my first answer that there’s another point here, which is when we sleep we connect to Source. Many people will talk about downloads they get at nighttime and this is truthful. If you sleep you connect to Source. It’s not just deprivation as a doctor would tell you, sleep deprivation, it’s about deprivation from your contact to Source with downloads. For the purists, yes I know we’re all connected to Source whether awake or not awake, but when we are sleeping it’s a bit like a machine, a computer, and I don’t mean that we’re computers. I don’t mean we’re AI, but when we are switched off we are not using all the other sensory functions, our eyes, our ears, our smell, our touch. Therefore that element is refined and we can receive direct communication from Source. If you are deprived of that then we become robotic in the sense that we have lost that instructional side from Source. So there’s a pattern of wakefulness and sleepfulness and so that’s why it’s very very important that people do actually get some sleep because it allows us to connect with it. Now Becky does that answer the question or was I just totally off…

RP: No that’s good, yeah.

SP: Okay fine let’s go on to the next one then.

RP: Okay Melissa says hello Simon. Thank you to you and Becky for all you do. What can you tell us about sleep paralysis? I had my first experience with it last night and it was terrifying. I saw three beings. One felt very female, only saw one of their faces. I tried to relax, send them love, ask them to leave, tell them to leave, move, scream, anything. Nothing worked. As it happened I felt pressure on my head and chest as if I was pushed back into my bed and my consciousness somersaulted. In a reading I had with you in August you told me I had an entity attachment and I have not yet followed the steps to remove it. Are these things related? Thank you.

SP: No they’re not related. They’re two different things. An entity is an entity from the interdimensional space or the lower fourth. The beings that you are describing are most definitely lower fourth. They’re not interdimensional. I guess there’s probably lots of reasons why you haven’t put into practice what I’d suggested to you. I really suggest you do do that. You know it’s a good way of getting rid of any attachments that you don’t want, but what you’re describing to me is potentially alien. You didn’t use the word Greys, and in fact I can’t be certain because your description, you know, wasn’t strong enough to help me to do that. Sleep paralysis is a trick used by entities to enter a part of your brain to make you think that you can’t physically move or speak. It is to stop you running away. It’s to stop you from calling for help. It’s to stop you physically attacking them. It’s so that they can do what they want. You talked about, you know, pressure on your head and body. That means to me that the energy part of you has been taken out of your physical form. It’s very common. It happens a lot so they can interact with you on an energy level more on their turf if you like, and then place you back into your physical body, because remember these beings do not accept free will. They have free will to say don’t care if you tell us to go away; we’re not going away. You have the free will to say go away. They have the free will to say we’re not going away. It’s a Mexican standoff. It’s a, you know, it’s an absolute impasse, so the only way we can defeat them is through other methods and other ways. Unfortunately because you’ve not told me or you possibly don’t know what we’re dealing with here I can’t really give you an answer now, because depending on the type of entity would... my answer would be targeted to that entity as to how best to deal with it, also to understand the history of it. In very few cases entities turn up out of the blue, but in 95 percent of cases there’s an ongoing relationship. That doesn’t mean it’s a good one necessarily, but there’s an ongoing relationship between you and those beings or at least with the families. So in other words your family line going back many thousands of years, there is this association. These creatures don’t travel a great distance just to stand there and wave at you. They come here for a purpose, their own purpose, their own reason—might be beneficial, might not be—but the point is that sleep paralysis has been done to you against your will, so that’s not a positive thing. A regular doctor, he or she, will tell you that there’s something to do with the nerves and it’s perfectly normal, don’t worry about it, but over the 10 years that I’ve been following this path, I can tell you that I have spoken to countless people, all of whom, who have had alien experiences have at some point suffered sleep paralysis, and I would strongly say that somebody who is not psychic and doesn’t have any experiences, they don’t have sleep paralysis simply because no one is invading their space because they’re not interesting enough and I don’t mean that disrespectfully, but if you’re a very psychic person or you come from a family line that these beings have had interaction with maybe days of the pyramids, then they’ll come and visit you, and if you might fight them or you might get up and run out the room, then they will send a message to your brain saying you can’t move. The point is you can move.

Right so we had another interruption there, so unfortunately this is the worst interrupted podcast that I’ve, and Becky and I have ever ever taken part in, but we’re back on now. It seems to be working, so what I’m going to do now is I’m going to say my thank-you’s, and these are people who have so kindly, you know, been able to find a few pounds or dollars or Euros or whatever it is to support and help me and I’m entirely and totally grateful to you, so I want to thank Gunda, John, Amanda, Robin, Patapp, Stephan, Piatt, Manue, Martin, Gardean, Brian, Martha, Silver, John, April, Robert, Michael, Sonia, Mary, Linda, Lisa, Charlene, Richard, George, Angelique, Leaf, Drum Set, Susan, Soul, Julian, looks like Allie or Addie, Eric, Bjorn, Martina, Rolland, Brian. I want to thank Brian. He helped me out quite a bit there because the car has been continually playing up a lot. Mika, Robinson, Valerie, Nicole, nearly there, Thomas, and just “M.” There was a second name but I was worried that might be your family name and I never give out family names, so it’s just M, and then Sandra. All of those who I have not mentioned I’m so sorry. We have a lot of problems and trying to get the whole list has been quite difficult, so for everybody who has been able to assist financially I thank you, bottom of my heart. Right let us go on and see if we can do some more without being blown up or shot at or whatever it might be.

RP: It would be nice to just get as far as we got before.

SP: Well it would be really nice just to get us where we got before exactly right.

RP: Yeah. Okay, so Keira says hello Simon and Becky. I live in Lake County, Northern California. We border Sonoma.

SP: Okay so this is the fires one isn’t it?

RP: Yeah, where the fires were last month. With the blackouts from the electric company not one person believes they were to prevent fires on a windy day. That’s what we were told. All of the several counties were plunged into complete darkness. It’s now happened twice for almost a week each time. The first time there was absolutely no wind, yet somehow fires were going in Sonoma County and Lake County simultaneously, even though there’s no power on. A lot of people believe it was a distraction so we can’t see something that’s going on. Have you any thoughts on what was really going on?

SP: Thank you, in the first answer that I gave I’ll try and sort of recap it. There was some suggestion that (cough) excuse me. There was some suggestion that power lines were coming down arcing on, sparking and arcing on the ground and causing fires, and the electric companies, the power companies, were very concerned of being multimillion-dollar sued, and so they shut off the power so that they could not be blamed or accused of contributing to the fires. That’s a very powerful argument. There may be some truth in that. The reality is that these fires have been starting where there’s no power lines, and I rather think that if there’s an operation of some sort in the sky or in the location, that that agency or organization doesn’t want power lines criss-crossing because it might interfere with sensitive electronic equipment or it might interfere with something or other. That these fires are not started by school boys or picnickers or you know, Yogi Bear you know, doing something or other. This is like the fires in Australia. They are occurring in locations that are almost inaccessible and there’s no real answer for this from a 3d perspective, so I’ve never accepted the basic 3d establishment view on this. Oh sure there are people who unintentionally or intentionally start fires in a, you know, camper van or RV and they have a barbecue and they go away, but what we’ve seen over the last few years goes well beyond that and the information I’ve received of certain operations taking place in California have led me to believe that there is some form of agenda, not just about burning houses and pushing people out, but some sort of ongoing conflict, and whether that’s exactly the case in Australia I don’t know, but I did put a post on my site about a very well-known person who the president of Brazil has accused of offering five million dollars to start fires in the Amazon.

Go and look on my web site, the president of Brazil has claimed a unique point here, as he’s claiming that a guy, Leonardo DiCaprio, who was a very well-known person in film offered five million dollars to start a fire in the Amazon. Now why the president would come out and say that I have no idea, but it’s opening up the debate now to show that there are some very high Illuminati elite groups that are very pro these fires. I don’t think we’ve got the full truth on it yet. So power lines, no that’s just a cover. There’s something much deeper than that. Now look you are a Connecting Consciousness member I hope in California. Now what I’d like you to do please is to message your coordinator. Your coordinator won’t use your name and you can give us updates of what’s happening, then what you tell us it’s far more valuable than somebody, you know, writing on the internet who’s read a post from someone who’s read a post from someone. You’re really there and the same for my Connecting Consciousness members in Australia. You know your name won’t be used but if you can give us an update, tell us what you see, then I can get that out to people, the eyewitness account. This has really been observed. You know it’s like when we did the meditation for the Amazon, and you know, we had Connecting Consciousness members telling us that for the first two to three days after there was a great reduction in the fires, you know, and that’s eyewitness accounts and this is what’s valuable. This is what I trust, so please if you’re a CC member email your coordinator and your coordinator will get that information to me. Your name won’t appear in it. Thank you.

RP: Thank you. Connie says 5G is rolling out on December the 5th (sigh). Do you know when the protection is coming out?

SP: Right okay, yeah we did this one as well, and I said the first time around that it might be the fifth in your location but it has been rolled out actually last year and trialed in certain places. It’s not really designed to go live fully until 2020. Well they’ve done a number of trial areas, put it on and then quickly turned it off again. The plan for 2020 is to activate it all at 4G and then go to 5G, because if as I believe, many of these people in the know are aware that it’s detrimental to the biological form. They’re not going to go from nought to 60. They’ll do it gradually, incrementally, in the hope that people won’t notice, so the 5G rollout, the critical date will be June–July 2020, because that’s when the system will be operating at maximum unless we can do something. I did mention in my update about the 5G stick so I’m not going to go and talk about that. That’s already in the update.

I do want to mention China. China is very much a part of this technology and I can’t remember now because it was the first answer, but I will just say that I did post on my website that China now requires everybody who buys a cell phone, a mobile phone, in China to have their photograph taken and that is then matched with the database that the Chinese have, face recognition technology, so that they now know who bought the phone because your face is there, and if you write anything anti-government they’ve got you. You can’t now say well my phone was, you know, someone had borrowed my phone, and they wrote something disrespectful about the Chinese government. This is because of what’s happening in Hong Kong. If you don’t know in the vast majority of cases the Chinese have access to their citizen’s bank account, and without their permission they can go into your bank account and take your money out by law, absolutely they can. So now you go in and you never mind your ID card, and in Great Britain we don’t have an ID card but many countries do, so they’re not you know, they’re not so keen on the ID card now. They just want your photograph, so this really is a grave concern, that the Chinese government are playing... (noise) if you just want to know what that is it’s just the cat and the dog having a bit of fun. I’d much prefer that than somebody’s sitting at some office trying to turn me off.

We’ve got a situation where the Chinese are trying to impose their vision, not just on their own people, but on the people outside, and that’s why love him or hate him, President Trump got a bill through both Houses on Capitol Hill saying that if the Chinese government refused to respect the independence of Hong Kong then the United States of America would start sanctions against Chinese officials in Hong Kong. Now that’s really important because that means that Trump at least understands the real enemy here is not Russia. It’s not President Putin. It’s the Chinese vision of world domination not through the gun, but through the money. The Chinese own most of the containers and the material going into containers, so many of the ports they have invested to the point where they have majority shareholders in a range of countries. I’ve been very concerned about Australia for some time, and if you’re an Australian CC member or maybe if you’re not, you are aware of the power that the Chinese have because of the investment they have in your country, and this is a great warning, simply because Australia is a springboard to the English-speaking world.

Oh my concern is not for President Putin. It is for 5G. Russian issues don’t really come into this because it’s really about China and it’s full acceptance of artificial intelligence and the state having access to that, and thankfully even some of the great big multinationals in this Westernized world, they’re looking at this in horror, because I know for a fact that some of these very brilliant people have said we didn’t design this equipment to be used like this, and you know it’s a bit like Nobel or anyone else who invents something for peaceful purposes and then they find that it’s been used for disastrous purposes and they turn around and they say well I never invented it for that. That’s not the point. The point is that the politicians, military people, greedy people, will take an invention or an idea that could have been used for good and they’ll use it just to self-aggrandize themselves, so it’s a really big question you put on there, and I’m sure we’re going to be returning to that in the days ahead. Thank you.

RP: Okay thank you. Brooke says I have a possession which is dark and I have been to many healers but no one has been able to clear it. Do you know why, and am I stuck like this for the rest of my life?

SP: Okay we had covered this one as well.

RP: Yeah, um-hum.

SP: Well we don’t really have much information to go on I’m afraid on that. No you’re not stuck with it for the rest of your life. The problem for healers is that someone who’s a healer can, you know, mend a broken bone, that really can be done. They can remove a cancer. They can do all of these things, and that’s healing, but removing a possession isn’t healing in the true sense of the word, and these entities have free will. They are living creatures so they have free will to ignore whatever you might or anyone else might say. However the entities from the lower fourth predominantly, but not exclusively, and all of the entities from the interdimensional space are locked into a particular pattern or mindset, and once you understand that pattern or mindset then you can remove them.

The church for centuries was the key player in this until the situation within the church became so corrupted that these entities were able to ignore the vast majority of the churchmen. What I’m saying to you is a 100 years ago a church person would have been far more successful in removing an entity than they are now, and so as a result of it now you’ll find most churches don’t involve themselves in exorcism. They don’t get involved in it. They’re keeping out of it because they’ve lost the battle. That’s a fact. They’ve actually lost the battle, and so the best thing to do really would be to to try and book a session with me. Please explain and I’ll ask you lots of questions, try and understand, and it’s what I’ve been doing for 10 years and once I understand what it is that is afflicting you, then I’ll be able to tell you whether I can help you or not. Thank you.

RP: Okay thank you. We finally gotten to a question which we didn’t cover before.

SP: Wow.

RP: From Daniel. Hello. I’ve always thought you were the most intriguing and credible contactee. My question is given that almost all humans have souls and that we largely reincarnate within the same species how can we account for our growing numbers, our numbers growing exponentially over the last century. Is there an influx of extraterrestrial souls during these booms and is there such a thing as overpopulation?

SP: Thank you. Thank you for saying I’m credible. That’s nice. I’m being serious thank you. When I went public 10 years ago I wanted to be truthful. I wanted to say exactly what it is. I mean there are lots of people who they’ve got bits they don’t want to talk about because I think it might damage their credibility, and so they talk and then two–three years later other bits come out you know, and I had mentioned very clearly from day one that one-third of me was a Reptilian soul, one-third was Mantis or Mantid, and one-third was Hollow Earth human, and I’d, you know, made that very clear because I wanted to be accepted for what I am, you know, and I don’t hide behind anything, you know. This is who I am and this is the way I’m gonna be. I’m supposed to try to answer it in a way that is credible. This is a very popular planet and if you want to come here you have to be very brave person because this is a planet where you can’t hide and I don’t mean physically. It’s from yourself. I’ve always said that a hundred years on this planet is worth a hundred thousand years of learning anywhere else, and so we shouldn’t be surprised that there’s a waiting list literally. Now what happens is that there are bloodlines; there are families. Take the royal family for instance, the Queen of England you know, she will return and probably as the Queen again, and the point really is when a physical form, a baby, is of the right material for her soul to connect into and that’s the same for all of us in a lesser degree, so the fact is that the numbers have increased because food production’s increased, because certain things have increased, and because there’s a larger number of individuals who want to be here at this time. This is a very important time to be here to experience and to be part of it or just to observe, and soon we’ll not reach the maximum number yet, and you’re right I like the point where we normally do come back within the same group. You know it’s a fascinating question. Could the soul of a cat come back as a person or could a person go back and be in a cat, you know, and the cats here are obviously learning the great escape, so maybe some of them were escaping from prison, but the point here is that if we respect all life and we understand that all creatures can learn up to a certain point, although only humans have that ability to have a consciousness that understands certain things, therefore we can be tested on them. That’s why coming here it’s really important because we will face choices that we can make a choice of. You know the cats in the video now their choices, not the choices are limited, but their understanding is limited, so they don’t choose not to hunt a mouse, whereas we can choose not to do something because it might hurt something else, so we have the greatest pressure, the greatest spotlight on us, because we are allegedly the highest life form on the Earth and therefore because of our connection to the planet itself, this elevation of humanity along with the planet is something that’s driven.

Talk about Lyra. Lyra was destroyed in the fourth dimension. Yes Lyrans are in the sixth dimension now, but Lyra when it was a home planet—(noise) that’s fine, that’s fine that’s not the elite taking us out. It’s just simply the cats playing—so Lyra was destroyed in the fourth dimension by a Reptilian task force because the Reptilians have been in the fourth dimension for goodness knows how long. They can’t get out of it. In fact they’re sinking, but the human creatures, they were human of course, escaped and moved to other worlds because they had space travel and it was their consciousness that evolved, so although they didn’t have a home planet the consciousness of Lyrans evolved together working as a group and moved them up from the fourth into the fifth and through the fifth and then where they are today in the sixth. So it is the consciousness of humanity that moves and develops and it’s no surprise that so many people want to be here, and the final part of your question is that all the experimentation by the Greys is to try to hold on to humanity’s shirttails so that when humans move up into the fifth dimension these creatures who have not won the right spiritually to evolve are trying to win by trickery, so the hope is that when humans move them up into the into the fifth they’ll come with them. Now that ain’t going to happen because you can only evolve when you are slated to evolve and this just shows again the level baseness of these creatures to think that they can short-circuit or circumvent the of evolution, and that’s just not going to happen. So Reptilians are destined to sink further down, the Greys and many other creatures, so that’s the point. Yes these experimentations have been going on for goodness knows how long, but you know what I’m not God. These other creatures aren’t God. They don’t understand it. They’ll never understand it that’s the point. They’ll never understand it but instead of becoming spiritual and trying to learn, they are like a scientist just stuck over the test-tube saying well if we just do this, or we do that, we could save ourselves, rather than understanding that saving yourself is about service to others. It’s about actually being part of a community and helping and not being so self-centered that you inflict pain on somebody because you hope to gain something in the future, and that’s what people like Jeffrey Epstein and many other people are like. They inflict pain on others because they believe that will enhance them. That’s fundamental lower fourth dimensional nonsense. Thank you next question.

RP: Okay the last question for today is by Adrian who says have you heard that Deutsche Bank is again in serious problems, this time fatal.

SP: Right so that’s interesting because I talked a little bit about Europe, the spotlight is on Europe and so it looks like, you know, you’ve been hearing some some interesting news. I and others have for a long time been warning about potential collapse at Deutsche Bank. The moment they came closest was probably September, October, November, I can’t remember exactly now, 2015, and they were within something like twelve hours of a meltdown, which would have caused European Union collapse. This time they’ve got nobody bailing them out. They had a Qatari oil family bail them out in 2015. Last year the same Qatari family sold all of their Deutsche Bank stocks or as many as they could offload. The situation we’re facing now is that there isn’t anybody else going to arrive to the rescue of Deutsche Bank. They’ve done some pretty naughty things to get round certain rules and shore themselves up and Angela Merkel perhaps one day might have to face some questions on what she’s done to Deutsche Bank, but the reality is that it is finished. It has been finished for many years, but the desperation of the European Union to keep Deutsche Bank ticking over has meant they’ve used the European Central Bank. They’ve used other regional banks. They put pressure on this person, that person, everything they can, but the bottom line is if you ain’t got any real money you can’t keep lying to people. You can’t keep the falsehood going and Deutsche Bank ain’t the United States of America. It’s got a boundary financially and the game’s up. So how will it play out? Well I can tell you that, and I have just been talking about this, that the Chinese or the government of China, I’ve got to be careful what I say here, but the government of China has let it be known that through a banking intermediary, Chinese, they would be happy to run Deutsche Bank. So I can tell you that there have been discussions at board level between Chinese individuals and the board of Deutsche Bank for China to buy Deutsche Bank, which is the biggest alarm bell for Angela Merkel and anybody else, but what will they do? Do they let the bank collapse and they are faced with a European-wide disaster, or do they let the Chinese in and run it. The Americans won’t be at all happy about that. Now if that happens, if that happens then Britain leaving the European Union suddenly everybody would say well they were doing the right thing, because if you end up with a Chinese government through a proxy or running the biggest bank in Europe and deciding who is going to have a mortgage, who’s going to have a car loan, how much to be a factory, making those decisions which is exactly what China wants. China wants to be able to exert political pressure on governments because it controls the say-so of how much liquidity goes into the European Union. Then Great Britain jolly well needs to be out of the European Union, so I can definitely tell you that China has made bids for Deutsche Bank and the only thing stopping it is the politicians who are terrified of a political fallout from having to go to their German people and say oh they’re, you know, funders. It could be from anywhere in the world to say well it’s a Chinese company now, and that’s what I meant by what’s happening. It’s not Putin. It’s not Russia that’s on your doorstep. It is China.

Listen I want to thank everybody. I know I shouldn’t allow myself to get annoyed but these podcasts are really important to Becky and I. It’s how we get the news out. It’s how we connect with everybody. It’s really special. We don’t take it lightly. It’s very very important, and so when whoever does something or whatever happens and you know all the effort we put into it is just wiped out, the easiest thing in the world I guess would be to just throw your hands up and say oh I can’t do it, but thanks to Becky she taught me around and she said look you know we’ve got it do it. Let’s not let them win. Let’s go and do this and so we have. We’ve done it, so a lot of love to everybody. Thank you for following the path. Thank you for keeping true and we’ll do some more podcasts before Christmas.

There won’t be a Christmas special. We just, it was just, we did one last year. Do you remember it. If you haven’t seen it you should. It was lovely. It was great. We had so many of our Connecting Consciousness members taking part, playing music, and Becky played the flute and people sang and played guitars and fantastic things. The amount of effort and work to make that happen, you know, Andy and his team spent God knows how many hours putting that together, and it was a great lot of work for me from coordinating, and for Becky who did all the working out from that, and we’re just a small team. You know, I know I shouldn’t get like this, but I sometimes look at say a car insurance firm and they insure millions of cars or thousands of cars, I don’t know, it doesn’t matter, and they have groups of people all on the telephone and lots of administrator’s and I look at it and I think that’s what the system does. If you’re part of the system you are supporting the system. You are the status quo. Then this is what you get. You get all of this. You this great machinery, this great mechanism and when you are trying to be different and you’re trying to give a different story, you don’t have great teams of this. All I have is the love of members of Connecting Consciousness and those of you who are not members but listen, and you want the best for your family, for yourself, but for the planet, for humanity, and you understand the truth and so you know we, that’s all of us, are pitted; we are, I don’t like the word fighting, but we’re pitted against a system that doesn’t want to change, and so it supports anybody who sings their song, you know. Good people get attacked generally speaking and bad people or people who are not necessarily bad but they are unintentionally or unwittingly supporting the system get everything thrown at them.

I’ll tell you a story about Sacha Stone. Sacha Stone had a very very big up-and-coming band and he told me that he was the lead singer in that band and one morning in London he was asked to go for a breakfast meeting with a very very important man, didn’t say who it was just very important and needed to be there. I think he said he was at Covent Garden and it was something like 8:30 in the morning, so he met this guy 8:30 in the morning in a coffeehouse in Covent Garden and the guy said to Sacha, I’m sure she won’t mind me saying it because you know, when you’re spiritual you don’t mind the truth do you, and he said here’s a contract Sacha sign it. So Sacha said what is it and the guy said well this contract will make you and your band bigger than the Beatles. We meaning him will make you bigger and you will earn more money than the Beatles, and then he said well as his promoter he said I will obviously make a lot of money, but so will you, so Sacha was very interested, read through the contract. Now he didn’t tell me and I didn’t ask. Perhaps I should have done, but when he read it he said basically to the guy you want me to sell my soul to the devil and the guy said well you know that’s the contract. Everybody signs it. Sacha refused to sign it, refused to sign it, and they destroyed his band, destroyed his music, never got another gig again. They just totally pull the plug, so Sacha’s a genuine guy who was prepared to put his own principles before greed.

Now most people unfortunately who are not awake and aware put their greed before other people, and so that is why you have the huge networks of organizations and big office blocks because they are all part of the system, the control system, and those of us and there’s many of us like me, Becky and all my other coordinators in different organizations or perhaps just on their own trying to do something, not just alternative, but the right thing to do and of course we don’t get the support, and that’s one of the things that Connecting Consciousness is to connect us all together so that we can share and we should say let’s be part of an over working consciousness and networking, so you know, you might have your own organization. Well I’m not asking you to drop that and come and join me or drop my organization to come and join you. We can all share and be part of it because we, as it stands, we’re not any of us going to get the support from the system, so we can only get the support from those around us, and you know it’s very frustrating, and I can’t pick the phone up and get 20 repair guys down to check the internet or do this or do that, or you know, we really do run on a shoestring and I think that’s what keeps us focused to the real dividing line between the world today that we are in, between those that hold the power, have the control, look after their friends, and everyone on the other side, who is not part of the club but is tolerated, so listen thank you, great respect to everybody, and see you soon. Bye-bye.

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