Podcast: Recorded Saturday, June 15, 2019

with Rebecca Parkes

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Connecting Consciousness Podcast: News, Questions & Answers

Recorded Saturday, June 15, 2019

The two-week window for something momentous to happen after President Trump’s visit to Britain was hijacked by an attempt to start World War III, thus only a minor player, the guy who cleaned up Hillary Clinton’s computer was arrested; causes of oil tanker damage: mine, torpedo, missile; domino effect of 26 power poles falling down in South Seattle may be a message to Boeing not to put software in aircraft that overrides the pilot; agreements made between President Trump and the Queen mean the new Prime Minister is already signed up to carry out what the Queen has agreed to; a big event may happen on July 4th to restore hope for positive change, or the bad guys may derail the entire process by engineering World War III; heartfelt thanks to all who responded to the airplane nozzle pictures; Questions: colonies on Mars; help in dealing with occult stalking and hearing voices broadcasting inside one’s head; why did you choose the Mantids to be your guardian instead of humans; is astrology linked to our natural moon or the artificial satellite moon now in place; new logo on CC websites is asking those who want to join to click on the heart in the logo to connect with the heart of love; relationship of Elohim, Bible God, and Annunaki, benevolent or hostile to humanity; eye color, the map of your history through all your lifetimes; musings on escaping the grid; best way to send love to a trapped soul; removing Grey implants and/or control technology.

Simon Parkes: Hello and welcome to a Connecting Consciousness Podcast. Today’s the 15th and we hoping that this will be live tomorrow for Sunday the 16th. It’s been incredibly busy in what’s going on and you will have been aware of much of what’s happened. So I’ll do the usual updates, and then we’ll go on to the questions, and for those of you who like to watch the cats: he just jumped down, and I was just about to show you the white cat, and he’s very psychic. So he obviously didn’t want to be on and he’s taken himself off. Isn’t that incredible? If he comes back then I’ll show him to you. Sometimes they’re like that. They can want attention and other times they don’t. So I wanted to ask myself a question really, in relation to President Trump’s visit. I’d said, that we were hoping within the two weeks of Trump’s visit to Britain, that something, you know, quite momentous could occur. The only thing, that appeared to occur, was the guy who cleaned up Hillary Clinton’s computer, the one that she took home with her and had all the state secrets on it. And he cleaned them all up, and his house was arrested – he was arrested rather – and the house was raided. And eyewitnesses saw him sitting outside, with his girlfriend apparently, and he was in handcuffs while they were taking things in and out. But there’s a real important reason, why nothing else followed on from not just that, but that two-week period. Clearly the negative side were anticipating or expecting something momentous to happen, because there’d always been a case with President Trump out of the country, something was slated to happen, and as soon as he took all his family with him, first time any sitting president has taken his entire family with him. And that really, I think, set the alarm bells ringing. And the big subject here is: someone or something has attempted to create a 3rd World War, and that’s what’s got in the way of anything happening.

The oil tankers, that were hit some weeks ago, and it was believed it was a mine – well, we’ve had the recent, I think it was possibly on Wednesday, Thursday, I can’t remember now, but that was sold to us as a mine or possibly a torpedo attack. But there’s one eyewitness account which talks about a missile. Now, there are a number of ship-to-ship missiles, which, when they are fired, to evade radar or attempt to evade radar, they will fly just feet above the ocean. Now, the official photographs, that had been shown, appeared to show two holes well above the water line. Well, forgive me, I’m not a naval expert, but if you are seeking to sink a ship with a mine, you do it at or just below the water level, the point being that the ocean pours in through the hole and sinks the ship. But the photographs, which are officially released, show two holes or damage clearly well above the water line, which is much more in keeping with a missile strike. So we have a situation, where we have this video, that’s been released purportedly showing Revolutionary Guards from Iran removing an unexploded mine. We’ve got different politicians from different countries saying it is Iran or saying it’s not Iran.

This is a chance for President Trump to show his mettle and his quality, because the push for a war has never been greater. And we are where we were perhaps in the 1974, ’73, ’74 war with Israel. It’s that close. It’s very easy for that to trip over now and to start a war, which could ignite something much greater. The one way he could deal with the situation, is to dispatch a task force, a carrier-based task force, which would placate the Hawks and the Pentagon or elsewhere, and also public opinion and world leaders, but wouldn’t actually lead to a war, because the Iranians, (A) they wouldn’t have the capability really to actually attack that fleet and sufficiently destroy enough of them to prevent a retaliation. So rather than the potential war, it might be advisable to send some military presence and to try and keep the balance. It really is a push to create a conflagration in that part of the world. We know who the key players are. We know the individuals and the countries, that would really enjoy a war, and what better than to get the United States involved in that, while you sit back and you watch your two enemies or your two most difficult partners punch it out. Because, although it would be very difficult, the United States would clearly win a war, and so that might be an answer for somebody. So that’s a manipulated conflict. It’s one that I’m sure President Trump is more than able to sidestep. The difficulty is if somebody was to authorize an attack without the president actually being aware of it, and before you know it you are actually in some form of conflict. So that was the reason, that that two-week window, that we all had, you know, as people wanting something good to happen, was hijacked, because the bad guys were aware of this and this potential for a 3rd [World] War has obviously just completely steamrolled at everything.

I also want to talk about the twenty-six telegraph poles in South Seattle, which just seemed to collapse. And that was very strange, and there’s some good video of it on YouTube. And one of the employees from the Boeing Corporation, who witnessed this, said how really crazy it was, you know, it was just domino effect, they all just came down. And if you look at the video, it doesn’t seem an object that’s been affected by what we would call standard energy. I think, that there’s a very advanced energy being used. I think, this is a message to the Boeing Corporation. You know, Boeing were affected heavily by the power outage. [cough] Excuse me. I think, it was 26,000 homes, that were out of power, and businesses. And I think, it’s a message to the bad guys, that if you’re making aircraft, it’s probably good to have it so the software in those aircraft do respond to what the pilot wants you to do and not try to override the pilot. So I see that as a very positive message about something, that’s at the distance affecting something, that’s very physical. So in that it was quite useful.

We talk about President Trump coming here to Great Britain. He met the Queen. He did really not meet the politicians. Yes, he met them to shake their hand, and he had a meal with them, but he didn’t talk business, and there’s some very important business to discuss, not least the reconnecting of old energies, old friendships between the United States of America and Great Britain, and the Queen is the office holder. She is the sovereign, and that means whatever decisions are taken between her and President Trump, doesn’t matter who the new incoming Prime Minister of Great Britain will be, they are already signed up to whatever the Queen has agreed to. And that’s an interesting combination there between Great Britain and the United States as opposed to some of the more Satanic elements, that are quite open in Central Europe or just across the Channel from Great Britain. I think, it’s a very positive meeting. I think, it sends a lot of messages. I know a lot of people don’t like the Queen, but the point is, that the message that I’m getting from this was one of President Trump saying to the Queen: “This is my vision. This is what I’m gonna do, and I’d like you to be involved in that”. And I think, that that’s a very good strong message, because there are a number of players in Europe, that have got quite a lot to lose from a strong Britain and America. So that was that point.

Now, I wanted to talk about the 4th of July, American Independence Day, and you know, I’ve been sort of dropping hints about the letter Q, about JFK, and I know, other people have as well. There’s no coincidence that the letter Q is used and, you know, those of you, who have got Google Earth or have a look at some of the memorials, or the main memorial for JFK, you will know, that it’s laid out in the letter ‘Q’. We need – that’s: humanity needs – something quite exciting on July 4th. What I’d like to see is some unveiling, and maybe it is JFK Jr. Now, wouldn’t that be exciting, if that he wasn’t dead, but he was in hiding and he was put forward as a new way forward itself and new type of politics. And let’s say, that there’s also some big information released about the Federal Reserve Bank. There is more and more likelihood now of some sort of engineered financial incident, bigger than the Lehman crash of 2008, but more targeted and not brought on by the bad guys, but brought on by the good guys, not to hurt, you know, the middle class, not to hurt the people, but to attack the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank, the two great powerhouses, that control much of the world, and if something were to happen, that would weaken the position of those two, that would be, I think, very beneficial. So how about this as a potential scenario? I’m not putting it forward as a definite, but it’s a potential possibility, that something very big is announced in the coming days or weeks, big enough to swing electors behind Trump in the year-and-a-half when the elections come through, something big enough to turn people away from the establishment and to break any trust they had with the, you know, the moguls of power, the corporations. Let’s say, that President Trump runs for office again and he has maybe JFK Jr. running along side him. May be, you are looking at the four years after that, where JFK Jr., if he’s alive, and if he does come back would run as president and Donald Trump’s son would run as a vice president. Wouldn’t that be interesting? So we all know that JFK was a Democrat but the Democratic party is one – my American coordinator, so she would know, said to me, you know – the Democratic party of today is not the same party that it was back in the ’60s. It’s a completely different animal. So if any of this is gonna hold true, then JFK Jr. could not come back as a Democrat. He’d have to be a Republican, simply because the Democratic party of the United States is somewhat removed from, you know, its high ideals and high goals.

So what we could be seeing is some form of unveiling on July 4th, something that would reconnect people, give them hope, and show that there is a way forward. And if that is the case, there will be an awful lot of questions, that need to be asked. Then of course we would need these indictments opened and actioned. So, you know, we’re looking towards it and we’ve really, really got to hope, that when July 4th comes along, we don’t just have fireworks and whatever else it is, we actually have some real hard evidence of change and action that’s occurring. Yeah, so July 4th, keep your eyes open for that. See what comes along. Let’s see, if the name JFK emerges. Let’s see, if there is a connection there with Trump, and let’s see, what happens in the Federal Reserve. These are key movers. Now, if any of this is true, then the best way to derail all of that is to create a 3rd World War, and that’s the point. If this is true, and the very, very evil people are absolutely quaking in their boots, the way they would hit back is to try to completely derail the whole process. Take the public’s attention away and try and engineer a situation that could escalate to a 3rd World War. And that is what I believe these explosions in the tankers are about. So that’s important.

I wanted to also thank everyone, who wrote in, and there were loads of you. I asked about the nozzles. I put the pictures out and I showed the two nozzles out of the back of, I think it was an Airbus. I had so many people write in, pilots, ex-pilots, cabin crew, people who work in the control tower, people who work on the ground, designers of aircraft. I mean, it’s been a wonderful response. And you all agreed, that these were outlet nozzles, one for perhaps water, one for gas or oil or something. But many people said: “Well technically, yeah, they could be converted to spray”. Technically they could be altered. A couple of you thought, that the nozzles weren’t long enough and there would be an effect, but maybe something could be fitted on or maybe it would be long enough. But ultimately these were nozzles, that took from the aircraft and put out into the atmosphere. Well, that’s about all you need isn’t it? So that looks the ideal candidate for the spraying. Are the pilots aware of it? No, most of them aren’t. If they are being used for chemtrailing, then I’m sure, most pilots haven’t a clue that’s going on. So that was great and I wanted to thank everybody for your contributions. That was good. All right, so that’s it. There’s where we are. A lot’s happening, and I need to go to Becky and have the questions please.

Rebecca Parkes: Okay, thank you. The first question is from Barbara who says: Hello Simon, could you please say something about human colonies on Mars? Thank you.

SP: Well, you can’t do better than try and find some old videos, whether they’re on YouTube, whether they’re taken down or not, but Alex Collier maybe 20 years ago, maybe longer, did a very interesting interview, where he talked about some of the situations that were going on on the Mars Colonies, and that struck true with me for the information I had. When back in the very old days of the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve left and took the remaining humans with them. And it wasn’t just Adam and Eve, there were many humans that they went, and they didn’t go in one group. In order to try to maximize their survival rate Adam took one group of men and women and Eve took one group of men and women, but they agreed that when they woke, they would never be out of sight all the time. They would try and form some sort of pathway or routeway, that one could catch a glimpse of the other of some sort. And what you have is a recreation of this, with Adam and Eve bases on the Moon and Mars, so these are old Grey aliens – I couldn’t tell you which Greys – but they are Grey alien bases many millions of years old, which are underground tunnels. And the first thing that was done was to make these airtight for human habitation, and then to build up on that, and that’s basically the same with the Moon and Mars. The one with the Moon had to be done with an agreement, the Mars less so, because the activity on Mars is not quite the same. The Moon is still a very strong hotbed of activity on the farside and still used to observe the Earth, and there’s some sensitive machinery there. So that had to be done with the cooperation of the different groups running that. In terms of Mars, that was much more from an economic point of view, there’s more materials on Mars, which are valuable than there are on the Moon. The Moon is an artificial created object, it’s going to be very limited as to what’s on the surface covering. But Mars is a real planet and therefore the materials there are genuine and worth the mining and worth looking on. To my knowledge people are still being shipped off from this planet to both the Moon and Mars. The numbers have dropped down quite greatly. That’s why President Trump is trying to break into the public’s awareness by talking about the space force and what better way to begin to disclose, than talk about a force of spaceships. He’s not using the word ‘spaceships’, but that’s were we’re going with it. And it’s such a ludicrous joke, isn’t it, to talk about, you know, “We need to get back to the Moon” or “We need to go back to Mars”. That’s usually an excuse for “We need lots of money” and “We need the public excited so that they can get behind it and we can raise up even more money, and then we will use it for entirely different purposes”. You know, since the 1950s, perhaps 1955–56, there have been nuclear powered spacecraft, that the Earth humans have had, which have allowed them to travel reasonable distances. So it’s an absolute joke that, you know, we want to go to Mars. We’ve been to Mars, we’re on Mars, but these planets are fought over. There are certain quadrants or sections, which are demarcated for different groups, and you know, if you would stray outside of your area, then there are problems. So humans on the Moon and Mars – yes, absolutely, but other aliens as well. So thank you for the question.

RP: Okay, thanks. Gabby says: Dear Mr. Parkes, your video about ancient Jinn and the shadow world touched me deeply. That’s exactly what they have done with me. People from occult sects followed me my whole life. I think, it’s a program similar to the White Rabbit program. They are people from AOR, this sect and other sects. They always told me, that I am a fairy and something with wolves, that I must bring the wolf to home. They write me letters, different people everywhere in my town repeat the same phrases, and it reminds me of the film “Dark City” from 1998. I was never by free will in a sect and I don’t know why they followed me. I think they put me together with a Jinn. Can you help me? I can tell you the whole story.

SP: Yes. Do we have this person’s contact details, Becky?

RP: Yes.

SP: Right, well, what we’re going to do, when we finish the show, this is a record of course and when we’re done the record, before we go and have our cup of tea, I will ask Becky to email you and to make an appointment, and we will see over Skype this week just for ten or fifteen minutes, just to have a chat to see, you know, if it’s something I can help you with. It sounds very much up my street. It sounds very genuine. What you’ve spoken about you would not perhaps get out of a book or a YouTube video. It sounds like you have experienced this. So we will email you and we will set up a conversation, and I will do everything I can to help you. Thank you. Next question, please.

RP: Okay, thanks. I’m just trying to find the next question.

SP: Yeah sure, you probably want to make a note of that and that email address as well.

RP: Yeah. Okay, I’ve done that and I’m on the next question.

SP: Great, okay, well done.

RP: Okay this one is from Jen, who says: Hi there, can you offer any help about a worrying problem, please? My grandson, age 22, who has always been an aware boy, having had a couple of premonitions et cetera at an early age, and understands a lot psychically, has for a long time been hearing voices in his head. His work is suffering and his sleep and his state of mind. Doctors and drugs have not helped. He now says, the voices are giving him codes. He went missing briefly the other night, and we were so worried to see him like this, not getting better. Can you advise please?

SP: You may be the same person, that I’ve just been in contact with on the WhatsApp. If that is the case, then we are trying to work on that. Obviously we don’t give names away, when it’s personal like this, but in any circumstance like this, where a parent or a well-meaning friend is very concerned for, you know, someone close to them, ultimately you can’t make them. And I can only do, what I can, with the individual. So, you know, if the person concerned doesn’t want to speak to me, that’s absolutely fine. That’s up to them, but maybe in a month or three months, they may wanna do that. You know, it’s not really any good putting pressure on them to want to speak to me. They’ve got to want to speak to me, because if they want to speak to me, then they will be willing to listen. But it is incredibly difficult, when somebody, who loves somebody dearly and sees them deteriorating, and desperately wants to help them, but that individual is at a lower level of awareness than the person who’s trying to help. It is incredibly difficult, but ultimately you’re not responsible. In law a parent is responsible for its child up to the age of 18 or 21, depending where you live, and legally you know there are requirements on that individual, but, you can’t, you know, you can’t force someone to do something they don’t want. And so all you can do is say to somebody: “Watch a couple of this guy’s podcasts, a couple of conferences. If you think, that is someone you wanna talk to...” then, you know, I will see someone, not a problem. But let’s hope that I’m already in conversation with you and we can work something out. Thank you for the question.

RP: Okay, thanks. Astarte has written a couple of questions and the first one is: Dear Simon, in one of your interviews you said that they asked you to choose between your soul parts. You said, that you are one-third Reptilian, one-third Mantis, and one-third human, and you chose the Mantis by your words. Why not the human?

SP: Okay, that’s not a bad question actually. First of all you’re slightly inaccurate and it may be that, you know, English is not your first language or it may be, that you just misheard the part in the video, where I speak. This will go back a few years, but I believe, that what you will find, is that I wasn’t asked to choose a soul part, but to choose, which alien would be a guardian. And I had the choice of either a Reptilian or a Mantid or, as you call it, Mantis. So the human, which is actually a Hollow Earth human element to me, it is not an Earth human, it’s Hollow Earth human, so that wasn’t on the table. That wasn’t up for grabs. That wasn’t the choice. The choice was: who did you want to have as a guardian? The Reptilian that I would call dad? Or the alien Mantis I’d call mum? And I chose mum and the Mantids, because I really didn’t feel comfortable with the Reptilian. It was not a pleasant, it was a very difficult experience, not harmful to me or hurtful to me, but an incredibly… You had to be on your guard all the time. You couldn’t rest, you couldn’t relax. Everything had to be thought through, before you communicated mind to mind, whereas with the Mantid it didn’t matter, if you made a mistake like that. It wasn’t such a critical thing. So I wasn’t ask to choose which part of my soul, I was asked to choose, who did I want to be a guardian over me. I hope that helps. All right, that’s great, and what’s the next one, Becky?

RP: Okay, her second question is: In one of your interviews you said: As far as I know, they could not split the soul. So whose soul do you have? Reptilian, Mantis or human? If you are a reader of souls, then this is an easy question to answer.

SP: It is an easy question, thank you. Is that the cat trying to get in?

RP: Yes, it is.

SP: Well, I just let the cat in. Yes, it is an easy question. I don’t think again, if you check back, I said ‘split the soul’. I think, what I talked about is ‘break the soul’, ‘broken the soul’. Your physical body can die, but the soul doesn’t die. Is that the white cat? Come on then you. Come and show everybody. Come on, because you just disappeared last time, didn’t you? And I introduced you and you didn’t say hello, so say hello this time. “Hello!” And sit on there, that’s what your uncle used to do. So what happens is, that if through agreement, so an individual can agree to have their soul manipulated, or not through agreement, somebody can forcibly come in and that’s a really bad breaking of universal law, but remember there’s free will, so they have free will to do that. So there are a number of ways it can happen. But that’s not breaking the soul, that’s adding to it. And what I’ve said is: it’s incredibly difficult to kill a soul. It’s incredibly difficult to break a soul. It is incredibly difficult, to permanently imprison a soul. So that’s the point, and you’ve asked: what am I? Well, I’m one-third Draconis Reptilian, and I about ten years ago now, I went public with that, and I was very clear from the very first day, that this is who I am, you know. This isn’t something I’m going to be ashamed of or hide from. So it’s no good to me saying, you know, “Oh, I’m a Pleiadian”, because that would be a lie, and then three years later: “Oh actually I’m not”, because your credibility is just gone, and I’ve always wanted to be absolutely open with everybody and give my real name and who I am. You know, I’m not one of these people, who hides behind a mask or has a pretend name or, you know, you see a silhouette of them. And people may have genuine reasons for doing that. But if I wanted people to believe in what I’m saying and to be interested in me, then I have to show some trust, and that means, I have to show and be confident and stand up and take all the rubbish that I got, not least from the media or from certain elite organizations. So I have three parts to the soul, and there’s people, who’ve been following me for years, know that I turned my back on the Dacronis Reptilian part, and not within my soul, but within the element that was, you know, projecting itself, and so concentrated much more on the Hollow Earth human, much more on the humanity. And that has allowed me to, you know, connect more with the Earth, connect more with the mission and to just do the best I can to try to alert people to what I believe is going on and to get people to do their own research, so I think your questions are a little bit aggressive. I think, you’re trying to catch me out. I have a very good memory, and I think if you look back, there would be the words that I used. So I think, that it’s a fair question, and I’ve taken it and I’ve answered it as honestly as I can. Thank you.

RP: Okay, thanks. Megan from New Zealand says: Hi Becky and Simon, gratitude and thanks to you both. My question is regarding the moon and it’s nonplanet state and how this effects astrology. The moon’s placement is often critical and humans align with its power in many ways. For example tides and the women’s moon cycles. Can you explain, please: are the astrology charts connecting the natural moon, before our present one appeared as a space station? Is gravity and sea tides connected to this station or something different? Love and thanks, Megan.

SP: Well, you’ve obviously done your research well, and I thank you. I mean, you really have. The answer is, that all of the phenomena, all of the effects, that you’ve talked about, are coming from this artificial moon. Because it was about manipulation and control, and the original moon was removed, because as a traditional planet, as a traditional object, it had neither an evil nor a negative effect and it was what it was. And so it was replaced by something that could be manipulated. And as a hollow object it could resonate and use frequencies, and placed at a different position from the original moon, by the way. This one is placed in such a way, as it has a slightly different effect. And it’s through frequencies and energies, that females and their cycles are somewhat linked to it. We talk about moon goddesses, we talk about so many elements in ancient history or astrology, that really call upon the moon to take certain roles, so it was a, it’s a manipulation device, a control device. All of that’s placed in there. And so it’s one of these objects that does many things. It has a farside of the moon where you can have surveillance or booster stations. You can have sophisticated equipment inside, but I couldn’t tell you when this was changed. We’ve talked about Credo Mutwa and the change, the way his people, the Zulu people, talk about the original moon being pushed away and the new moon rolled into place. But we have no concept of time. Well I don’t anyway, in terms of when that happened. All I can tell you is that it was part of the overall strategy to control humankind on this planet, and that’s an amazing, and I’m using that word, an amazing program of planning and deception, which is why we are finding it so hard to fight our way out of it. If somebody, as we say in Great Britain, wrote an idea on the back of a cigarette packet, in five minutes we would have broken free by now. But this was a very in-depth, well-planned operation, which is why it’s such a struggle to break free now. So you’ve got your research. I think you’re there. My answer is, that this is the artificial moon and it controls humans in this subtle way. Thank you.

RP: Okay, thanks. Maria says: I want to know, where the logo (in brackets: green and lilac swirl) [on Simon’s blog] comes from and what it means. I have a stone of glass, that looks exactly like that except from the heart in the middle. Warmest regards, Maria.

SP: It represents the energy coming in from galactic center, imparted through the earth, converting, and it’s about love, it’s about change, and it’s in the figure of eight, it’s the unending, you know, infinity. And the heart being the representation of our intent, but also the Earth’s intent. And the idea is, that when we get things working, it’ll be a bit of more interactive. I asked Becky to design that. We had a number of ideas come forward. But Becky’s idea seemed to me to really represent, what I wanted Connecting Consciousness to be seen. It uses the same colors that I originally created all those years ago, purple and green, and they’ve been used, and I’m delighted with it, and it’s beginning now to show, you know, show itself on the different Connecting Consciousness country websites. It’ll go onto my website. It’ll go onto the international website. And it means, that when that person wants to join Connecting Consciousness, they have to either put their cursor, their arrow onto the heart and click it. On a touchscreen they’ll have to touch it with their finger, when it’s all up and running, and what I’m asking that person is, if you want to join Connecting Consciousness, if you want to access the information here, then you are connecting your heart. And it’s a really good test, because if you’re an evil person, you’ll find that very difficult. But if you’re a spiritual person or you’re a person wanting to learn, then you won’t have any problem with that at all. So it’s a real spiritual test for an individual and, you know, totally unlike ticking a box or checking this or moving that, you know, I’m asking you to connect with a heart, which represents the heart of love, which is the Earth and humanity. And let’s see, how well that goes. So thank you for your question. Thank you for noticing, that’s great.

RP: Okay, thanks. Alicia says: I have been having experiences all my life. I’m really tired, been waking up with strange marks, bruises, triangular burns. I want to be left alone. I can see different entities interdimensionally. I have been attacked via black magic astrally. I can’t figure out if it’s my fault, if I did something to warrant this. I never was involved in occult. Mother’s side German, father’s German-British-Irish. Father was a Vietnam Vet. My body has become sore, fatigued, et cetera and I believe I’m MILAB. Can you help me?

SP: Yes. It’s not your fault, okay? I have a problem with some of the, what I loosely call the New Age, and visions. There is one school of thought, which says, that everything that happens to you is your choice. You know, you lost your arm or you lost your leg – you must have agreed to that. You see, I don’t accept that. There are so many good people, that end up being attacked. And I personally don’t say, that “Oh, they must have agreed to all that”. What I say is, that these people came in to the Earth to make a change and the bad element detected them coming in and either sideswiped them, pushed them into a family, or did something, so they could get at the family, manipulate the family. Three-quarters, 75 percent of the clients I deal with, who have this happen to them as a child, their parents have no knowledge of what is going on, and the parents themselves are manipulated, they have no clue. And about a quarter of the cases the parents are in on it, but in the vast majority of cases it’s all a complete manipulation. So I actually think that people come here, pure, good. They’re horrified at what they see happening on the Earth and they want to come here, as a star child or whatever it is, and make a big change. The Satanic forces here spot that and try and close them down. So don’t take that to yourself. Karma is karma, but don’t take that on. I’m gonna guess, we’ve got your email address. Is that right, Becky?

RP: Yes we have.

SP: Well, what we’re going to do, with the other person as well – that cup of tea is going to be knocked back a little bit now – we will email you tonight and it’s the same deal. I’ll see you for 15 minutes some point this week. Hopefully you can talk to me a little bit. Let me see, if it’s something, that I can help you with, and then we’ll just take it from there. Thank you for writing in.

RP: Okay, thanks.

SP: I’m gonna read out my thank-you’s now, so I’m sorry to cut you off a bit there, Becky. I want to thank the following people, who so kindly have donated and it’s really helpful, because I was going to a meeting the other day in the thirteen-year-old car, is it thirteen or sixteen-year-old car? Thirteen-year-old-car, and it started to absolutely shudder like crazy. And I thought: “Oh my lord, the brakes are gonna need doing”. It was really quite dangerous actually. I put my foot on the brakes and instead of stopping, when it should stop, it was not stopping. So I wanna thank people – I want to thank Isabel, Sheryl, Jane, Nathan, Olaf, Richard, Sharon, Valeri, Pascal, Kiss, Laura, John, David, The Little Warehouse, Margaret, Mary, Lars, Maria, Rhoda, Jeff, Nick, Adelia, Gudmund, Richard, Candice, Karl, Rosemarie, Rudolf, Campbell, Kathleen, Ralph, Gunda, Amanda, John, Texas Services – thank you – Mary, Hans, Pattup, Robin, Eric, Leslie, Richard, Manuel, Peter, Marina, Martin, Robert – nearly there – Joss, Drum Set, and Life, and if I’ve missed you off that, please forgive me, it’s not deliberate. Thank you for sending. I got my brakes fixed and I can drive without fear of it coming off the road. You really do make a difference, you know. It’s not a joke. It’s not – how can I say, you know – it’s the donations and the bit of work, that I can get through and do, that actually keeps me going, keeps the podcasts going. You know, and it keeps us on there, trying to get the information out. So I’m just very grateful to you. Thank you. Okay, next question, please.

RP: Okay, this question is from Leo, who says: Are the alien race of the Elohim related to the God in the Bible or the Old Testament, and what do they look like? Are the Elohim and the Annunaki the same? How advanced technologically and spiritually are they? And are the benevolent or hostile?

SP: Right. Right, benevolent or hostile to whom? You’re asking: are they benevolent to humanity? The answer is ambiguous, very, very difficult when you’re looking back at this time of our history, where there’s very little records, that the public have got – there are others who’ve got the records – but the public have got. Very hard to try to define, who’s what and which hat they’re wearing. The Elohim were very tall, very slim, and were white-skinned. They’re not the same as the Annunaki. The Elohim came first. The Elohim were the first sort of split between what we call a full alien and a hybridized form, so the Elohim were very powerful. Didn’t use machines as we would understand it, were able to manifest with a power of their mind, but human-looking, no hair on the body, pale skin. In terms of years we’re looking before what we call ‘the flood’, we’re looking a long time ago and you have several of these groups. Sometimes the Elohim get the name ‘Giants’. I don’t think, it’s the same group, but the Elohim were quite tall, and they also lived far longer than the humankind of today. So Elohim were not either evil or bad, they had their own... They weren’t Gods, let’s get this straight. They weren’t Gods, but they could create. I mean, humankind can create, we can create. But these could create in a different way, in a more powerful way, but they would manipulate. Again, it’s hard for us to say right and wrong, because we’re so black and white on this planet. You know, we have very easy-to-grasp concepts of what is bad and what is good, and sometimes that’s very handy, to have that clear understanding. Goodness knows, we need that clear understanding on the planet at this time. But you can’t project your human values onto something, that clearly wasn’t human, and it’s coming from a concept very different. So would we say that they were beneficial to humanity? Yes, in the sense that they wouldn’t wanna wipe humanity out, but no, because they would seek, just like all these other groups, to control and manipulate. Is a farmer – in human terms – is a farmer good or evil with his flock of sheep? He feeds them. If they get sick he calls the vet in and makes them better, perhaps. He gives them water and under a warm pen, a warm roof, when it’s cold weather, and when it’s very hot, he takes the fur off their back and they cool, and then he kills them, because he wants to eat them. So is the farmer good or evil? So these are the questions, that on the face of it seem so easy to ask, but actually they’re not easy to answer, and so the Elohim are like the farmer. So look on it like that. And this may generate more questions and it’s a really interesting topic, very popular in America, the ‘Ancient Aliens’ topic, far more popular there, than it is in Britain. That would come into the Ancient Alien question. Thank you for that.

RP: Okay thanks. Lawrence says: Greetings and blessings to you, Mr. Parkes. I was wondering, if you could elaborate further on when you spoke about eye colour, and people with green eyes having been in the control matrix at one point or another. And is eye colour any indication of soul origin? I’m trying to put the pieces of the awakening puzzle together as it were, and I thank you for your time.

SP: It’s great, you didn’t tell us, what colour your eyes were. It’s quite an interesting question in its own way, because the answer is yes and no. It is an indicator of soul origin, but it’s also an indicator of influence. So for instance somebody coming from the Pleiades – jolly old Pleiadiens, I always use them – should have blue eyes, and if somebody from the Pleiades comes straight to Earth, they will have blue eyes. I don’t really care, what genetic doctors on this planet tell me. I don’t really believe all of the things, that doctors have to say, and I’m not being disrespectful, I just don’t believe it. But if someone’s coming from the 4th dimension, then they’re gonna either have brown eyes or green eyes. You will not have blue eyes, if you’re coming from the 4th dimension. So let’s take someone from Sirius, 4th dimension, higher in the 4th, higher up in the 4th. Don’t get mixed up with the Greys, don’t worry, you’re higher up. So higher in the 4th, brown eyes, coming here. But you get curious, and you wanna sidle yourself off into – say – ancient Egypt, and you want to be involved with the occult and live all the magic, that goes on there. Now, if you incarnate many many lifetimes there, and remember that I don’t accept – and I know many of you don’t accept – the the official Egyptologists version of how the pyramid was built and when it was built, so let’s say, you could have many lifetimes there. Your eye color will turn green. If you are in the higher 4th and you come into the lower 4th, so not even come to Earth, but you go into the lower 4th and you stay there, and you are involved with control elements, the occult, power, your eyes will go green. That is why there is only 1.8 % of the population – official records, not my figures, official figures – only 1.8 have green eyes, okay, because it’s rare. And because it means, that you have visited the 4th dimension, the lower part of the 4th dimension. You have witnessed and seen, or your soul has witnessed and seen, whatever it’s witnessed and seen. And you have maybe practiced, you know, crafting of energies. And then you come here, and the soul is - you know, that’s the element of it – 4th dimensional. It doesn’t mean, that you’re a bad person, far from it. It means, that you have witnessed the control element. And if your mind and your soul makes a choice for good, and I’d say this to my clients, then a 4th dimensional person can bring as much change as a 5th or 6th or a higher dimensional person, because he or she, who has experienced the 4th dimension, has worn the T-shirt, so that you see around you the control element of the Earth, and you think: “Well, there’s an element in me, that recognizes this and, you know, I’ll need to rebel against it, I need to fight against it.” So the colour of your eye represents your life’s history, you know, not just this life, but your life’s history. It is an advert for where you’ve been, and that’s why the elite sort of label people by the colour of their eye, and Marilyn Monroe was always gonna have blue eyes. So the elite understand this, they measure it. Ordinary people, you know, unaware, have no clue, they don’t understand. An important thing about eye colour, I’ll just finish on this one: it has got nothing to do with how much money you earn. It’s got nothing to do with, broadly speaking, you know, your voice. It’s got nothing to do with the clothes you wear. It is an identity card, that a very small percentage of the population can identify. So if your eye colour is green – remember you’re born, you have a birth certificate, so you’ve already been checked over, you’ve got your legal document, which has gone off to the elite. And they’ll say: “Oh, this is an interesting person, because they’ve got X, Y, or Z. I will keep an eye on them.” So that’s my answer. I hope it’s helpful.

RP: Okay, thanks. Boris says: Hello, in one interview you mentioned that there is some kind of grid around the world, that, when one dies, deletes all the memory from the human being, and then the soul is ready to reincarnate again. In one other interview you said, that in order to exit the cycle of birth and death we just have to intend to go back to the Source, when we die. Wouldn’t that grid interfere and make us forget, where we want to go? Best regards, Boris.

SP: Thanks Boris, you’ve probably misunderstood, what I’ve said. It is not the grid, that makes you forget. The grid is the trap. It’s the prison. When a person attempts to either go back to their star family or back to the creator, Source, they pass into the grid and just like a fly hits an electric fence or an electric net, it gets a zap, but that zap is not designed to remove your memory. That’s designed to capture you. You’re taken to – I can only use the word – a holding station. There was one person, who had a memory of this place, phenomenal to have a memory, and she called it ‘the freeze box’. That’s her own word for it. And this is where your memory is wiped and then you’re returned to Earth. Now, in most cases this is a permanent removal of that last lifetime’s memory, but occasionally the system doesn’t work properly or the individual is so spiritual or so strong or so bloody-minded, that it’s only a partial wipe. So it’s not the mesh, it’s not the net, that gives you the amnesia. It is, what my friend called the freeze box, it is the holding station, and that returns you. Now, we know that aliens, who are quite advanced, can pass through the net. We know, that people on this planet, humans, who have spent many, many years, you know, seeking enlightenment have the capability to pass through it and there are people, who don’t spend years seeking enlightment and just have it, the skill, and they’ll pass through. And what I’ve said, is that for those of us, who don’t have that automatic get-out-of-jail free card, the best thing you can do, is say to yourself every night: “Oh, I wanna go home. I wanna go to Source” or “I wanna go to star family”, because, you see, when the day comes, or the night comes, when your physical body dies, and most people die in their sleep, you will wake up – using the word loosely here – you’ll wake up in the morning and you will not know you’re dead. You won’t know you’re dead. It’ll be another morning, but what will happen is: you won’t be able to move your arms and legs. And that’s when you think: “Oh, am I dead?” But there’s no fear, there’s no panic, because you’re removed from the 3D/4D drama. So that’s gone, and then – here’s where the trickery comes in – now probably a holograph, something like that, you know, somebody comes and stands by the bedside to collect you. So I made a joke with one of my clients the other day, and I said: “If you were a stamp collector, you love stamps, and you spent all your life collecting stamps. There was a guy called Stanley Gibbons, who created a stamp album and he’s very famous, Stanley Gibbons’ Stamp Album, and you know, he might come and collect you.” Or if you’re a very devout Catholic, it might be the Virgin Mary herself, X, Y, and Z. So you know, these people are very busy, because you know, lots and lots of people dying at the same moment over the planet and it may be that Jesus is very popular and that Jesus would have to be everywhere at once. So I don’t believe this is true at all. I think these are holographic images, designed to play upon your own wishes, and then they take you and they say come to the light, and go to the light. You’re zapped and brought back again. You may or may not remember anything. And people say: “Well, you know, should I go to the light?” You know, conflicting rules here or evidence, and I say: What does Hollywood tell you to do? Time and time again in film after film Hollywood portrays this tunnel of light and, you know, you go towards the light and so, if that’s what Hollywood’s telling you to do – don’t do it, okay? Don’t do, what Hollywood tells you to do. So I hope that helps. Thank you.

RP: Okay, thanks, so the last question of today is from Donna who says: Hello Simon and Becky. May Source be with you and bring you peace and love.

SP: Thank you.

RP: Question one: Is it possible to send love from my 6th chakra to a soul, if it is trapped in the matrix?

SP: Okay, help me out, Becky. 6th chakra – do you think, this person’s counting upwards or downwards? Do you think, they starting from the crown and coming down or from...

RP: That’s a really good question.

SP: Yeah.

RP: People normally start with the first chakra being the root or the base, so they’re working up sort of the root and sacral, so that 6th chakra would be the 3rd eye.

SP: Which would make perfect sense actually. Well, 3rd eye is a receiver, as well as a transmitter. I think, what I’d say to you is that don’t just use the chakra, because I’m a bit ambivalent about chakras, because they can be manipulated, and they can be controlled. Use your higher self. Use the soul of your body. Use your higher self, that part of you, which is not corrupted by the physical world around you. And yes, you can send love to anybody you want. You have free will to do so. Rather than concentrate on a chakra – because what are you doing? You’re saying: “Hey, I want to share my chakra with you”. What you’re saying is: “I might use that chakra to project as a transmitter, an aerial, but what I am projecting is the love that I have”. You know, someone’s sick in hospital, you want them to get better. You could get down on your knees and pray to Jesus, and many people do, or you could say: “I want to send the love that I have for that person and I’ll project it through whatever, and you know, I want them to get better”. So that’s my advice to you. I hope that’s helpful. That’s what I would do. That’s what I have done.

RP: I would just like to add that the majority of people think of sending love, you connect that with your heart and your heart chakra, which is the 4th, so it is unusual question, to think about sending it from the headspace rather than from the heart. But the question two is: How could I get rid if an AI implant placed in my right eye? I’ve also had something like a black spin put in my left brain…

SP: Oh, that’s a Grey.

RP: ...and soul by two Greys.

SP: Let’s do the eye. It depends whereabout it’s in the eye. Whether it’s in the lens [cough] – excuse me – or whether it’s further back in the eyeball, depending on what it’s job is. That’s... you know, we’re obviously talking about an energy implant here, you’re not talking about a physical implant. There are a number of people, who can help you, but when it’s in the eye, it’s really important, that it’s detected as to where it is in the eye, because sometimes the removal of that can affect the optic nerve. It can affect the electronic part of your eye basically, so be very careful with that. You said ‘spin’. As soon as you said ‘spin’ I said: “Oh Grey”, and the major problem we come up, is with what we call the ‘Orion Cube’, or the ‘Orion Box’. But the spin resonance is something, that the Greys use, and it turns on a set frequency. That’s easier to get rid of than the cube. The cube is very difficult to remove, but the spin is not. The spin is usually used, when the individual... what they’re trying to do is to control the individual’s balance. I don’t mean falling over physically. I mean the energy balance. I’ll use my fingers here [makes counterclockwise spinning motion]. It spins at a set rate and it usurps or takes over the governing control of the person and it dictates. It’s a bit like Saturn for goodness sake. The ring spinning is the frequency, it’s generating that, and it’s usually about trying to influence a person’s whole energy being. Now that’s slightly more difficult. I’ve come across that two times in the last six or seven years, and was able to help the individuals concerned. It is tricky. The best thing you can do, I guess, is we’ll be opening the books again fairly soon, and you know, just pop on. It’s not a matter of life and death. The other two people – that’s very serious, and that’s, why I said I would see them, because you know, that that to me is life and death. Yours is not life and death, but nevertheless, nobody has the right, well, actually they do, because they’re acting their free will, but your free will is to say “I don’t want this”, so ultimately I say they don’t have the right to break your free will and so they don’t have the right to do that. So if you wanna book and I’ll have a chat with you and see what I can do. Or if you can’t wait to see me, there are other people out there and I strongly advise you to talk to people, check that they understand the spin and they understand that it’s coming from the Grey, the Grey race. These are very very unhelpful to humanity, not very nice guys at all. Yeah, so I can’t be any more helpful than that. I will open the books and I definitely will be able to speak to you. Thank you.

So, all right, that was some very interesting questions, and we had some very hot updates, very exciting. I know there are other people now talking about this subject. Please research it, watch it, you know, and let’s all just do a huge meditation to keep the lid on these very evil people, who seriously want to plunge humanity into some disastrous war. Now, we’ve known this for a long time, haven’t we? Their vision of a war, and we perhaps, many of us already thought, it would be in the Middle East, so it’s no surprise, that there’s something happened here, and no surprise it’s to do with oil. So yes, it’ll drive the price of oil up, which is gonna benefit the usual players, but there’s a far more serious agenda here. So let’s not buy into it, let’s not live in fear. Let’s trust, that President Trump does not authorize any sort of overtly huge attack, but tries to find the middle ground on that. There’s too much at stake here. We’re on the verge of something really exciting happening, and it would just be ridiculous, to throw it all away on a petty war. Okay, thanks ever so much. Lots of luck to everybody. God bless and see you all soon. Take care. Bye-bye.

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