Friday, May 24, 2019

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Friday, May 24, 2019

Videotape of Apollo moon landing filmed in Nevada desert disappears from Simon’s website as well as from its original website; Stanley Kubrick played a role in how moon landing was presented; woes of Julian Assange; Theresa May resigns as Simon predicted; speculation on who will follow Theresa May; status of Brexit; ultimatum to Britain: Huawei or the U.S.; Iran/U.S. war rumors; UN announces interest in climate change waning; William Barr and the dragged-out Mueller Report; allegedly attempts were made not only to murder President Trump but also his family; increase of planet frequency and its effect on 5G; Snowden previously commented that U.S. government was controlled by aliens, but that has changed somewhat since Trump became president; China is an all-consuming financial threat to both America and Russia; the tariff game, winners and losers.


Ted Mahr: And now the best part of the program: Simon, how are you doing? It’s so good to have you here today.

Simon Parkes: Hello Ted, I’m fine, and I’m really delighted to, you know, be back with you and the listeners.

TM: Oh, good. I’m so glad, I’m so glad. Well you know, this is an understatement, but we live in interesting times, don’t we, Simon? There’s been so much going on, and you had a post here, it must have been last week or the week before last, on a film from allegedly fake moon landings. And I watched it, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I looked it back, looked for it again on your website and I couldn’t find it. Is it still there? Can people still watch that segment you had on your website?

SP: I think someone sort of got into the website and took it down.

TM: Okay.

SP: But we will put it back up again. This was taken from a recent release of information from WikiLeaks. It was a re-release of much of the material they’ve done, and then they added some more to it. And in this particular one, it appeared to be showing that this was a film taken from behind the film set during the faking of the moon landing. The difficulty is that, whilst it’s definitely coming from WikiLeaks, when we look on WikiLeaks’ own site, we can’t find it there either. So, you know, it is suspicious that it seems to have disappeared from both my site and from the major one. But yes, it appeared to show what many people have believed, that the moon landing that we were presented with was not accurate. I do believe we went to the moon as a human race, and I think we’ve been there more than once. But I think the manner in which the presentation was given to us, I think that’s what’s been altered.

TM: You know, I watched those segments on your, from your website, Simon, about a week or two ago, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. They were laughing about it. They were saying, you know, let’s make it... You know, basically it was just all a charade, you know, like Shakespeare said: we’re all but actors on the stage of the world, and I couldn’t… Why would they make a fake lunar landing? Would it be to augment a real landing or make it more dramatic? What d’you think?

SP: Well I think, you know, a man close to your heart, when JFK set the bar by saying that, you know, we need to go to the moon within, you know, a few years, it galvanized everybody into action and it became very obvious there were two things. One: they just were not technologically going to be in a position to do it within the timescale they’d given, but they felt honor bound to do it, and secondly they realized, that if they asked for ten, let’s just say ten billion dollars, they could use one billion for the presentation and put nine billion somewhere else. So it became a two-pronged weapon, if you like. And, if you think about Stanley Kubrick and that wonderful film “2001: A Space Odyssey”, well, there you go. The guy had all the money he needed to create models of the Earth, the moon, et cetera, and there are documentaries on YouTube, which I strongly recommend, if anyone’s got any time, to have a look at, because it’s documented on Stanley Kubrick in 2001, and quite legitimately they show how he filmed for the “2001”, and you actually see cameras on little rail cars running along a track and a sort of, you know, a moon about the size of a football, and you suddenly realize, how it could be faked. You realize, how it could be done. So Stanley Kubrick was a key part in the presentation of Man on the Moon.

TM: Um-hum, wow, interesting, interesting, and this leads us into the next subject of Julian Assange. You had a post on your website Monday, May 13th about Julian and then just yesterday the U.S. government, the U.S. Justice Department, charged Julian Assange in 18 counts, a federal indictment for all kinds of things. I’ve looked it up and read the charges, but I’d love your opinion on that, Simon.

SP: Right, the real question, well, not the question I suppose, the real answer, is to where he’s... how it will play out.

TM: Sure.

SP: It is, to where Great Britain will extradite him to. He’s been charged by another European country, but if he is extradited to the U.S., then we know that he’ll get a far easier ride. Now what’s key, I don’t think many people have picked this up, but if you look at the way he was removed from the embassy in Great Britain, he was carried. He was actually carried, so that not a single part of him touched British soil. That may seem odd, but it’s a very important political/diplomatic aspect. You see, if he touched British soil, then the type of extradition and the way it would work would have to go through a long court session, but because he was carried from the building to the car, and not a single part of him touched British soil, his extradition can be quicker. I think he’ll be extradited to America.

TM: Hum, I see. What do you think will be the result of that?

SP: I think, that... I think, that the charges that I think are about to be sprung on a number of people will mean that his case will either be thrown out of court or it will be a much lesser charge.

TM: Okay.

SP: I think, there’s something very big on its way, which will mean that the charges he’s facing will be greatly reduced.

TM: Uh-hum. Well, good. That’s good. That’s good. And then there are so many things going on. You had a post a few days ago, that Theresa May could resign, several days ago. Love an update on that.

SP: Well, she did. I think, I put a post out, saying that I got the timing wrong. I was about a day out.

TM: Okay.

SP: A day-and-a-half out, but I think, I put a post up saying, okay, the timing was wrong, but the substance was correct. I did call her to resign and I think, I was about forty-eight hours or thirty-something hours out. I had information that a critical mass of her own lawmakers had reached a point where she was going to go, and I’d expected her to go on a certain day, but what happened, was that her Number two resigned. It would be the equivalent in the United States of the Speaker of Congress, the leader of Congress resigning. So that’s Nancy, isn’t it?

TM: Yes.

SP: So that’s the equivalent in this country, and from then on it was all downhill for her. So she will be around to shake hands with President Trump. President Trump is coming to Great Britain and will be here from the 3rd to the 5th of June and then he is going straight on to France. He’s going to be celebrating, of course it will be the D-Day Landings in June. So he’s then perhaps off to, back off to America, but he may do another country. We’re not sure yet.

TM: Who do you… This is a big question, of course, Simon, but who do you think might replace her?

SP: Right, the lawmakers favor a guy possibly called Johnson, but what we really know is, you see, it is very difficult, because the lawmakers are split over all the politics, of course, but the membership of that particular party, it’s the governing party... Now, the way it works in Great Britain is, that the lawmakers whittle down a short list from five or six down to two, and then those two are presented to that parties’ membership and then the membership vote. Now Boris Johnson is the firm favorite in the ordinary membership, so if he can get onto the ballot, the final two, he’s absolutely guaranteed to be elected as the new prime minister, and he is very much against Europe. So if he gets in, then it will be even more anti-Europe.

TM: Interesting, interesting, because I know that the May government has been dragging their feet on Brexit. What’s the status of Brexit right now, Simon?

SP: We’re due to leave on the 31st of October this year.

TM: Okay.

SP: But we’ve just had the European elections, which happened yesterday, but we don’t get the results until Sunday, because some of the European countries are still voting as I’m speaking to you. Now, we have a political party which was created five weeks ago, it’s true, five-and-a-half weeks ago, called the Brexit party. If it can score forty percent of the entire vote, it will be an earthquake for the establishment in Great Britain, because it means that they will have enough lawmakers to go to Europe, and I think, one of the first things they will do is try and hold up the setting of the budget. Because every government agency, every government organization, on its first thing it does is set a budget. Now, they are the sort of guys who will vote against that budget. So if Brexit party under Nigel Farage can score forty percent in this British elections we just had, then that is an enormous earthquake for the establishment of Great Britain. Now, if it’s under forty percent, they’ll cope with it. They’ll manage it. If it’s forty percent or above they won’t. So that’s the thing to watch for, the percentage of the electorate, that vote for a non-establishment party.

TM: That’s interesting, Simon. Of course, you’re in the UK and you’re from there. What do you with your friends and neighbors – how do they feel about Brexit?

SP: It’s not a political thing. It doesn’t run on party political lines. It cuts right across and in Great Britain we don’t talk about it. It’s a little bit like putting a bumper sticker on the car saying “Hillary for Prison”. You are sure to get into an altercation in the street.

TM: Sure.

SP: So you don’t do it. You don’t advertise it. Brexit is one of those topics that is not an acceptable political debate. What people do is, they just go quietly to the polling station and they put their vote and they don’t tell anybody what they did. So it’s not a gentleman’s topic. A gentleman’s topic in the true sense of Great Britain is where you sit and debate, but Brexit is, it’s a bit like “Do you like President Trump or don’t you”. It’s got that energy to it, so it’s not something we talk about. You know, it’s like religion. You don’t talk about religion.

TM: Okay, well, thank you for explaining that, Simon. Thank you so much. Just curious, just curious. There was a story last year, where I heard that the EU had dictated how long people could use their teakettles in Britain to make tea, and it pissed… it made so many people angry, that they decided to leave the EU. I don’t know if that’s true, but I heard the rumor, but you know...

SP: I’ve never heard that one. I’ll tell you what it is. It’s many years of diktats coming from people in another country, which the British people didn’t like. For instance we had small farmers in this country and they would grow potatoes or apples for example, and you would sell them in a supermarket, and then when Europe took over, it said that a potato had to be a certain shape. It had to be a certain size. It had to be a certain colour. Now, the only guys, who can do this, are the multi-multinationals, who can afford to throw away twenty tons of potatoes and keep ten tons back, and those ten tons match the requirement of the EU through the supermarkets, because small husband-and-wife-team or your little group of five or six people, they couldn’t do that, so what happened was, that we saw the small artisan being destroyed and huge multinationals coming in. And that didn’t go down well in Great Britain. So one of the key elements was a foreign government, i.e. Brussels, Europe, telling British people what they can and can’t do. British people live on an island. People don’t understand this. When you live on an island, you are very different from people who live on a country that has other countries adjoining it.

TM: Sure, sure.

SP: And British people don’t... I mean, you know, think about the 2nd World War. Nazi Germany could just about defeat any country in the world. It couldn’t defeat America and it couldn’t defeat Russia, but they’re about the only two countries that Hitler couldn’t beat. And then he stumbled into Britain and he couldn’t beat Britain. And that’s more to do with just the British stubbornness than to do with technology, and so it was always destined for Britain to leave Europe, because we were never part of it.

TM: Well thank you for explaining that. That really makes everything much clearer, Simon. Thank you so much. You had another story on your website about Huawei – I hope that’s pronounced correctly – banned in the United States. President Trump signed an executive order blocking any U.S. firm from contracting with this Chinese firm. I’d love your opinion on that.

SP: I think he was quite right. I don’t care what anybody says. That organization has very strong connections with China. People who know China know, that no Chinese corporation can really do anything unless they pass it through their government. It’s just the way it runs. Nine times out of ten it’s not a problem and it doesn’t cause any aggravation, but when a company, that is very closely aligned to the government, the Chinese government, is being invited into technology, then the Americans aren’t happy with that. We have what we call the Five Eyes. This is listening posts in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Great Britain and the United States of America we call the Five Eyes. And the Five Eyes is a club, elite club, for those countries to share intelligence. Now, what President Trump privately and confidentially said to Britain is, if you do a contract with that company, we’re going to chuck you out of the Five Eyes. Now very interestingly today or yesterday that company, Huawei, made a comment saying that there would be dire or serious, not gonna affect to Great Britain, if Great Britain decided not to contract with them. The very fact that they’ve said that means, that Great Britain has obviously decided, not to put the contract with China. Let’s put it this way: If you have to choose between doing a contract with China or losing your ally, the United States – what do you do? Well, you don’t lose your ally. You cancel a deal with China, so that’s what I expect, cancel the deal with China.

TM: I told you, last year I met with David Icke. He said, that China had become a Reptilian playground for many decades, and they… of course the Reptilians are very heavily into technology and one of the things I noticed, I mentioned this before, Simon, a little over a year ago, it was in Lima, Peru, and there was this huge billboard. It must have been, oh wow, it must have been like forty, fifty feet long by maybe twenty, thirty feet high, and it looked like somebody from the Borg in “Star Trek”, this was half human, half machine entity holding up a Huawei phone saying “This is the Future.” The future is AI, where people are not fully human but they’re interfaced with machines. And I have never forgotten that advertisement, but it was there. I don’t know if it is still there but it was there, so…

SP: Well, the point is, that the Chinese... Well, when I was a kid, it was always Hong Kong, that was ahead with all the cheap horrible trashy stuff. But what happened, and I remember my grandfather – my grandfather in the early ’60s. This is worth recounting. When my grandfather was still active as a British diplomat, he was invited to Japan actually. The Japanese back in the ’60s had bought the rights to a power station in Great Britain. It was a coal-fired power station, and grandfather had been the guy who’d organized that. And what the Japanese did is, that they didn’t take it and dismantle it. They actually sent their men and they drew it, the whole power station, they drew it, went back to Japan and built it from all these drawings and photographs.

TM: Wow, amazing.

SP: Incredible. Because what the Japanese can do is copy. At that stage they couldn’t create, they could copy. So then they invited my grandfather, who was the government guy dealing with it, they invited him to go out to Japan and have a tour. He went and had a tour. When he came back – I know we’re talking about China, but this is the same energy – when he came, he immediately wrote a letter to the prime minister of the day, warning that the Asian bloc were going to overtake, this was right back in the early ’60s, were going to overtake the Western world if we didn’t do something about it. Well nobody took unfortunately in that time any notice. Now, I said to my grandfather. “What was it, that you saw, that alerted you?” And he said, when he was being taken around this factory, which they had just taken photographs and drawings, he said they had so meticulously copied everything. There was even a little plate, which said “Platt Brothers 1899”. So that factory was built in 1899, and they were so meticulous, there was a little oval plate to commemorate that. They even bothered to do that. And he said, their attention to copying is so great, that they will undercut us in every way. So first of all it was Hong Kong, then it was Japan, and then it was China. And the joke of course is Japan, I beg your pardon, Hong Kong produced all the rubbish, bless them, and then Japan technologicly came up and that’s all been beaten by China, and China is the father of everything. And so America does not fear Russia. America fears China.

TM: Uh-hum, interesting, very interesting. And I guess, that goes on to my next question. Simon, you had several posts about Iran and the United States. I don’t look at that getting out of hand, but I’d love your comment on that.

SP: We know that President Trump plays hardball. He will take you to the brink the night before the meeting and at the meeting he will offer you a little bit more. And he can afford to do that, because he’s very confident, and many times that works. He basically was pushing the Iranians, because he doesn’t want to give, he doesn’t want to do what President Obama did and, you know, in the early days, you know, Clinton. He doesn’t want to say to somebody, listen, if you are a good boy, I’ll give you this extra, because what Trump is saying is, that rewards bad behavior.

TM: Sure.

SP: When Trump cancelled the deal, that he and the Western world had made with Iran, he then said I’m gonna replace that with a much more forceful response. So I don’t believe, that President Trump wants war with Iran. I think, what President Trump wants is the Iranians to stop making this nuclear material, and he is prepared to threaten them militarily rather than say we will bribe you basically. That’s what’s been happening. They’ve been receiving a lot of money to be good boys. And there are a lot of other countries that don’t make nuclear weapons and they say: “We never got that treatment”. You know, why is that country getting all that money and extra help, just because they’re threatening to make a nuclear bomb. So America was losing a lot of its allies, so what Trump did, whether we like it or not, probably is the right thing.

TM: Uh-hum, uh-hum, okay, thank you for explaining over that. I appreciate it. You had another post on your website, Simon, Monday, May 13th, about the United Nations has announced, that the will to fight climate change is fading. I’d love your comments on that.

SP: People don’t really understand, that after the 2nd World War the allies dominated the politics, and they still do today, and what America did back in 1945 was to create structures, that ensured, that those people who won the 2nd World War stayed in charge of the planet. And the United Nations was one of these things. It replaced what was called the League of Nations. And the vast majority of the salaries for the staff are paid by America. So if America says “We’re not interested in a particular topic”, it doesn’t give money for seminars or symposiums or workshops on that topic. So when America, when Trump said “We’re not interested in that”, there was no budget heading for them to run great big lavish TV organized symposiums on climate change.

TM: Sure.

SP: So with that happening, what they really mean is “Oops, the Americans aren’t paying our salaries to do this anymore… ”

TM: Oh.

SP: “… so we can’t do this topic”. They’re not saying that they’re not supporting of it. They’re saying it is because America pays – I don’t know if it’s three-quarters, but America pays a massive amount of money into the UN and for NATO for that matter. And if America says “That’s not our topic, that’s not our interest. If you want to fund it, you find the money from another budget”, and clearly the United Nations don’t want to fund it from another budget, so it’s going to die, which shows that it’s all nonsense. Because if it was really the big hot topic they said it was, they would have raided another budget to do it. But as long as America was just keep on paying, keep on paying, keep on paying, they thought “Wow, we’re on a winner here, plenty of money coming in from America. Let’s have a big publicity campaign”, and as soon as Trump says “Actually we’re not interested”, all the publicity campaigns stopped. Interesting, isn’t it?

TM: Wow, that’s amazing, that’s amazing. I’ve had some questions come in from listeners, Simon, but I haven’t had a chance for you to focus in on anything you like. So I wanna give some time now, if you would like to focus in on any particular topic, before we go on to other topics.

SP: I just give a few minutes then. The most important thing is of course the situation with William Barr. William Barr has said that he is going to release the elements to the Mueller Report, but the point here is of course, the reason, that the Mueller Report is not really understood, I’m afraid, by many people, and I can’t blame them, because it’s so dazzling. It’s so complicated that most people don’t have the time to understand it, but even supporters of President Trump don’t actually fully get the picture, and what I’ll do is, I try and explain it as best as I can. The Mueller Report dragged on not because the Democrats tried to drag it on, but because President Trump wanted it dragged on. Now that flies in the face of everything you’ve been told.

TM: Sure.

SP: But the point was, that President Trump said we’ll use the Mueller Report, not just to do what the Democrats want, which is fine, it’s legal. Let them do it. But I want to have an investigation into the treason, that has occurred, when I was fighting the campaign and when I was elected as president, that there was a real action to try to remove me illegally. So he dragged it on, because he got that other information. Now what’s going to be released, I’ve got my fingers crossed, is not just the stuff the Democrats want, but there should be some information in there, which clearly shows a treasonable offense against the sitting president of the United States. Now, I did put on my site today, that this could be, and I can’t say a hundred percent, this could be the turning point, because if.... Look, what I need to tell your listeners, is that we’ve talked about this. I’ve said there’s probably about five attempts to murder, and I’m gonna use the word, five attempts to murder President Trump, since he came into office. I’ve been told it’s more than that, but that’s it. But what your audience maybe don’t know, is that there was also an attempt to murder his family.

TM: Oh my goodness.

SP: Right, as a sitting president...

TM: Sure.

SP: … they couldn’t get at him because his security is too tight.

TM: Right.

SP: I understand there has been an attempt to murder his family. Now that has meant, that, if what I’m hearing is right, and I, you know, I can’t be a hundred percent, if what I’m hearing is right, then if those culpable, if those who are guilty, they should expect to face a trial in Texas. Texas has the death penalty.

TM: I see.

SP: And I can tell you, that President Trump wants the death penalty for anybody who has planned or plotted to kill his family. And that actually is what we might begin to see unraveling in the next few days. So President Trump has two choices: he can actually instigate military courts in the public eye or he can use the standard American system, but remember, most of the lower courts are corrupt.

TM: True.

SP: Not all of them. Many of them are. The supreme court now is not. He has to decide. But I think the beginning of the release by William Barr is a snowball rolling down a mountainside and I think, it’s gonna start the whole process, that so many people have been looking forward to. But the shocking news is that the information I have received is that there has been an attempt to murder the president’s family to put pressure on the president, but that was the straw, as we say in Great Britain, the straw that broke the camel’s back. And that is why President Trump, he keeps using the word “treason”, because treason is a capital offense. People can go to the electric chair for that.

TM: Well, thank you so much for explaining that, Simon, because I think, many people here are absolutely sick and tired of hearing about the Mueller Report, because they know there’s nothing there, but if there has been in fact an attempt on the president’s life and especially his family, then that should be, yeah, that should be investigated.

SP: Well, I think, the point is: if that is true, if it comes out, if it goes through due process of law, and if those people are found guilty and pay the price, whatever that is, President Trump will automatically be elected for second term of office, because nobody, regardless of what your political view is, could vote for any organization, no matter how thin the connection is, that had anything to do with the plan to assassinate a sitting president. You don’t do it. At the end of the day I don’t care whether you are Democrat or Republican – a president is a president, and you don’t assassinate that president. Now, we last saw that, of course, with John F. Kennedy, and I think that there is something very important going to happen on the Kennedy line very soon.

TM: Well, that’ll be, uh, certainly make for interesting times.

SP: Yep.

TM: That will make for interesting times. But I, yeah, appreciate you so much for explaining that, because I don’t think a lot of people really knew, as always, knew what was going on, Simon. Well, I’ve gotten a couple of questions in and here’s one here. This is an interesting one from Psychic Friend on the higher vibrations of planet Earth. She says, that by the end of next year the vibrations of this planet could go as high as fifty thousand times higher, by the end of next year shifting us into an early shift into the 5th dimension. And she says if that happens or once that happens, 5G that they’re planning on building out here in the United States and other countries will become more or less completely obsolete. It won’t work in the newer frequency higher vibrations.

SP: I totally agree. I don’t have any concerns of 5G in the United States. I don’t have any worries for you guys at all. I know that there won’t be any harmful effects in the United States, but I am very concerned for other countries. I’ve said it before, I keep saying it, you know, that there are enough people in the United States at very high level, who are aware of any issues there may be around 5G and they will act to prevent that from being difficult or hurtful or harmful to people. I’m more concerned with the rest of the world, who don’t have the type of knowledgeable people, that America has at the moment. In relation to what you’ve described there, I think that’s very true, but I actually think that it’s gonna be sooner than that. I think that the way the energies are changing now, I think we’re catching up. We’ve been through a lull. It’s a bit like, you know, you take a piece of elastic or India rubber and you pull it and then you let it go. And I think the energy now is so strong, that we’re rushing to refold. We’re rushing to form up as we should be. The band is going back to its normal state. And the normal state of humanity of course is a higher vibrational frequency. So what I think will happen, is that we will begin to see some very important changes on the planet this year. Never mind next year, this year. So I’m not sure about 5G being obsolete because of frequencies. I’m talking about the ability of people to see the truth in a way that they could never see the truth before.

TM: Oh, good. Excellent, excellent. Well, that’s the purpose of my show, Simon, of course is to raise consciousness and that’s good news. That’s wonderful news.

SP: Well, you realize, that once this all happens, we’ll all be out of a job, Ted.

TM: That’s right, yeah. Well, yeah, working at McDonald’s will look pretty good at that point. But I’m not sure, but, yeah, right. Well, I’d love to be out of a job to the point where the planet shifts into the 5th dimension and we’re living in a paradise and people, you know, truly live in harmony and peace and there’s no war and no conflict. That’s the kind of world I want, and... And I know you do too, Simon. I just got a question. It’s a little out of this world, but anyway I’ll read it to you.

SP: Sure.

TM: About three or four years ago Mr. Snowden, you know, of course he escaped, former NSA analyst, he escaped to Russia and one of the things he said – this is kind of a long question but I’m kind of paraphrasing – is that aliens control the U.S. government. And I guess, it’s a two-part question: is this still true and what’s going on with Mr. Snowden now?

SP: Right. It’s not true now, but it was true then.

TM: Oh, okay, okay.

SP: What he was saying was, that the pressures being exerted on the then government was such, that the government felt, that it’s hands were tied behind its back. What we’ve got now, is the president of the United States, who was given the military free reign to make the decisions they think are best. In other words, prior to President Trump America was just a football being kicked everywhere basically, and now it’s not. And so I think, what the generals do, is they pick and choose their fights. Those aliens are still there, but they’re not in the position to pick up a telephone to President Trump and say “We want you to do this”. Cast your minds back to the last dying days of the Obama presidency, when the key players were all pulled into Antarctica.

TM: Oh right.

SP: Do you remember that?

TM: I do remember that, yeah um-hum.

SP: I don’t think, that could happen now, because Trump has given the finger.

TM: Okay.

SP: That’s the difference, that’s the difference. So what was being reported four or five years ago, was absolutely accurate. Those aliens are still there, but they don’t have a hot line to the president anymore.

TM: There was an interview done by President Obama on the Jerry Kimmel Show, comedy, a comedian here, late night show, and Kimmel asked him if he’d had any contact with aliens, and he said he did and they controlled the White House and they also controlled what he can say on the air, and when asked about – they said when asked about Area 51 to deny that there’s anything going on there. I thought, it was a fascinating interview actually.

SP: I’m shocked to hear that. I couldn’t believe, I can’t believe that a man so controlled by the deep forces would be honest like that. Was that a genuine interview?

TM: That was a genuine interview. It’s in my book “Messages from the Masters”. I’ll send you the section there and you can...

SP: I mean, it just shows either the person who’s making that comment is just so, feels so protected that he doesn’t believe that any law can touch him, or sees the end of the road coming and thinks well it doesn’t matter anymore, you know, it’s all over. That actually is, what’s happening right across the board. There are a number of people now, who can see the end of the road and all they know is, that they’ve just got to keep their foot on the gas pedal. So, they’ve not the intelligence to park up and pull over. It’s just going headlong into, you know, oblivion.

TM: Right.

SP: It’s really crazy, to see people, like media people, media people who are quite savvy, quite intelligent, still pushing a particular line, when half of the audience are falling asleep anyway.

TM: Sure, sure. Do you think, Snowden will eventually be allowed to come back to the United States?

SP: Yes absolutely. He’ll get a presidential pardon.

TM: Really? Okay.

SP: What will happen is, if substantial numbers of people in key places face a court, are convicted and then pay the price for that, if an individual was seen to be blowing the whistle a number of years beforehand, then that person is seen as trying to do their best. Therefore the charges against them are either greatly reduced or totally reduced. So people like Snowden, you know, have a very good chance of having a more normal life. You know, look, the American elite in terms of the military and the Russian elite gave Snowden that way out. If he stayed in America, he would have, you know, probably faced the death penalty.

TM: Right.

SP: So it was ensured, that he would get out to that ally, and it might be shocking for you, to your audience to hear that America and Russia are allies, but they are, they are really are allies. They have to be allies, otherwise we would have had a nuclear war by now. Why do you think, we’ve not had a nuclear war? Because America and Russia are allies. The person who is not an ally, is China. China is a threat to both America and Russia.

TM: Um-hum, interesting.

SP: That’s the threat! That’s the threat! It’s not a military threat. It’s an all-consuming financial threat from China, and America and Russia have got the most to lose from a resurgent China, and so they do work together in a way they haven’t done for 20, 30 years.

TM: Oh, wow, that’s amazing. Again, that’s not reported here on mainstream media at all.

SP: No, because it’s not popular. You know, it’s like ‘Let’s bash the commies’. You know, it plays well, it sells well, but the reality is, that on the top level... I mean people don’t... There was a film that Stanley Kubrick made called, you know, “How I Learned to Love the Bomb.”

TM: Right.

SP: With Peter Sellers.

TM: Right.

SP: And if you could remember that film, which, I think, was made in 1963...

TM: I remember the film, yeah.

SP: Yeah, there was a red phone between the president of America and the president of Russia, and that’s absolutely true, and when I got the tour of the secret radar base in Great Britain, there really was a red phone. It’s there. It has a lock on it. It actually had an old fashioned lock on the phone, and I was told, that is the phone to the president of the United States. So these people can get hold of each other at any time of the night, even if it’s just to talk about what’s on the movies.

TM: Sure.

SP: So they have the ability to de-escalate, and I think, that both President Putin and President Trump have regular conversations.

TM: Um-hum. I think, you are absolutely right, absolutely right, Simon. You mentioned China a minute ago. We’ve got about eight minutes left and I wanted to ask you about the tariff, tariffs going on, where Trump has increased tariffs on Chinese products. What do you think is really going on with that?

SP: China’s got more to lose than America, bottom line. China’s got to back down and Trump knows it, and Trump made a pledge, that he would make America great again, which means jobs and economy. Because he knows, what the Democrats didn’t know, was that people have families and children and they’re not all lawyers, and they don’t all have, you know, they’re not all football players. They’re mostly ordinary people. I don’t care whether they are blue collar workers or white collar workers. People in America are struggling, so when Trump said “I’m gonna make America great again”, what he meant was jobs and money. Now, what was happening was, that America was losing a huge amount of money to China through the deals that were being done, and all Trump said was “Listen, you should be buying American stuff. You want to buy this Chinese stuff, that’s absolutely fine. This is the extra cost it’s gonna be to you.” So what will happen is, China will back down, because the damage to China is far greater than it is to America.

TM: Um-hum, interesting, interesting. I found the link to the interview with Kimmel, and... between Kimmel and Obama about...

SP: Well done.

TM: Yeah, about that...

SP: I couldn’t find links like that so quickly.

TM: Well, maybe it’s censored there. I don’t… It could be censored, you know, and what I could do is, I could, Simon, if you have problems getting it, I could just copy it off and send it to you in an old fashioned letter.

SP: Anything will be gratefully received, we’ve got about what, three or four minutes left.

TM: Yes.

SP: I use, for part of my work with people, who’ve had serious, what we used to call brain washing, but we don’t call it that anymore. We call it mind control. I used a regular – and it’s still there – a regular YouTube video, just a standard video, which I’ve used for eight years now for deprogramming, and it’s just a regular music video, but about two years ago I got the manager, I won’t mention what it is, but the manager of the lead singer who Skyped me and said “I just want to let you know, we know what you are using the video for. We’re really proud of you. It’s really good. We can’t officially, you know, say anything, but I just want to let you know.” Then two weeks later after that, the band’s lead drummer, the band’s drummer Skyped me and said, “You know, we know what you do and I just want to thank you.” Now, under President Obama nearly half of the states in the United States banned this video.

TM: Really!

SP: They didn’t like me using it. So, I had many clients, who I was working with, that I needed to use this video. And I had to get it here in my country, share the screen on Skype, so they could watch it, and we would work together like that. Now with the change in president, every state in the U.S. can access this video. Now, what does that tell you about control? You know, and this is a regular mainstream video and the guy is still going strong today, and he has a band in one of the European countries. So they were banning and blocking a regular mainstream video because it was a deprogramming video. So, I have no question in my mind, that whether you like Trump or not, whether you think he’s a good man or not, the fact of the matter is he is not part of this control system. And I’ve seen time and time again, that the man is different. Yes, he’s a maverick. Yeah, there’s many people who wouldn’t invite President Trump to tea. I would. But there are many people that wouldn’t. But what I will say to you is that the reason the media hate him is because they can’t control him.

TM: Right. Well, that’s certainly true, Simon, and it’s all about control, isn’t it?

SP: Yeah, on this planet.

TM: On this planet, yeah. But I believe in the freedom of humanity. I believe in the freedom of people to, you know, within reason of course to seek the truth. And that’s what you’re doing, and that’s why I’m so grateful for you to come on today, Simon, and I will get you that link, and if you can’t...

SP: I’m really happy to come on. I’m really happy to talk to you. You know, I love America. I really love America. You know, and I think American people are great. And I think America and American people are greatly misunderstood. I think, you guys take a lot of trash on your head for the wrong reasons. I actually think, that you’re misunderstood.

TM: Well, thank you, thank you, Simon. Those are kind words and we appreciate it so much. There’s a lot of good people here in the United States, but there’s also a lot of good people in Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China, Russia, South America, Central America, Africa, all over the world there are good people, and all of us have that spark of the Supreme Being or God within us, and I think that genuine, the true purpose, the true nature of humanity is to be kind, benevolent, loving and caring to each other and harmonious, so if we just need to bring that out in everybody, we would have a much better and happier world, but that’s where we’re heading through this program and your work too, Simon, is seeking the truth and trying to raise people’s consciousness, so everyone can live in peace and harmony, ‘cause that’s where we’re heading, I think.

SP: Well, we are and we can’t be stopped. We can be slowed down, but we can’t be stopped.

TM: Right, absolutely, absolutely. Well, Simon, thank you so much for coming on today. We’ve got about a minute left – if you’d like to make some final comments.

SP: No, I won’t. I mean, I’m really proud, because generally what happens is, you have to cut me off. I’m talking and you say that’s it, I’ve gotta go. So I’m really pleased that I swore to myself with my hand on my heart that I will stop in time.

TM: Okay.

SP: My goodness me, I have. Thank you.

TM: Wonderful, Simon. Well, thank you so much, my friend, for coming on today and I hope you have a wonderful and happy day.

SP: Thanks, God bless. Bye-bye now.

TM: Thank you, thank you so much, Simon.


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