Podcast: Recorded Saturday, May 10, 2019

with Rebecca Parkes

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Connecting Consciousness Podcast: News, Questions & Answers

Recorded Friday, May 10, 2019

The release of the redacted Mueller Report has Democrats fuming because they want to know who’s about to be indicted for participating in illegal activity allegedly authorized by President Obama against Trump; Attorney General Barr is now investigating these claims, so again legal action and indictments are delayed, this time until June; emperor change in Japan could cause economic policy changes with other countries, and is related to trade war between U.S. and China; Brexit final vote may be coming soon; elite continue to cripple humanity by promoting climate change doomsday and forced vaccinations through media manipulation; WikiLeaks releases unused footage of Apollo moon landing filmed in Nevada desert; Topics of interest: what is purpose of themed ghost cities being built in China and Africa; significance of Rodeo Road being named Obama Boulevard; what can Ormus (monoatomic gold) do; inquiries about joining Connecting Consciousness; do ETs have disabilities or birth defects; what is Geotran therapy; the role of dream experiences; mind control through trigger words sometimes embedded in entertainment programs; rich donors to Notre Dame will get a 66 percent tax deduction; Andrew Bartzis, spiritual contract removal, does it work; identifying with a specific soul group not important once you become spiritual.

Simon Parkes: Hello and welcome to another Connecting Consciousness. It’s the 10th of May and hopefully this will go out tomorrow on the Sunday. It’s quite close to the last one, but we were behind schedule and as I said, I’d try and do another one, so here we are. Notice for the last few weeks we’ve been quite low on the cat side so actually one is here. I’m just going to introduce her. This is Ingimarre. Say hello Ingimarre. She’s the youngest. She’s about seven months old and she’s just got into everything, so that’s her little moment of fame and we’ll see how many more we get. So because we’re just one week after our last one, you’d think that there might not be so much happening, but of course there is. 2019 seems to be, well it doesn’t seem to stop does it, so what I want to do really is talk about first of all the U.S. and then we’ll talk about some other things.

The Mueller Report, which is the report that was then struck through with a big blue pencil, caused a lot of consternation amongst certain factions of the elite because it’s not the Mueller Report itself, it’s what’s behind there. There’s a guy called William Barr and he’s the Attorney General and he’s basically looking into illegal activity when President Obama was in charge, and it’s alleged that President Obama authorized the FBI to spy on the then Donald Trump during the campaign, and it appears that there are some evidence and some names, and because there’s a potential of a grand jury here, these names and the evidence were struck out with a blue pencil. Now this is the main reason why in the House the Democrats are quite keen to get hold of this report unedited, because they want to know whose names are in the frame, so this is the huge battle and this is the reason for it that’s going on between seemingly a document which isn’t that important because the document actually says there’s no collusion, but there may be some obstruction, which is American politics goes. Isn’t that great? So there has to be something much bigger and this is the backdrop behind that. President Trump is looking for reelection, and if he were able to secure some high-grade convictions on members of the establishment that probably would secure him a reelection. So there’s that, and that’s really quite pivotal because I’m being told that this will probably be released in June, also the full report in terms of legal action being taken against people, so we’re looking at June for any possible indictments to be, you know, officially in the public’s eye opened finally at last, something.

The other key point away from the U.S. actually is in Japan where the new emperor was, I was going to say sworn into office, but was put into office and that is really important because he is not as heavily connected with the old elite as the previous emperor and Japanese culture sort of dictates that when a new emperor changes, then a lot of things change, and what has gone before does not necessarily carry on. You see in the Western world when a government has a policy and that government changes, that policy probably still carries on because it is the government that’s taken that decision, but when an emperor is involved and the emperor changes, then it can alter quite a lot, and this is important because it has quite a bearing on the financial situation to do with the U.S. and to do with China and Asia, and you should see that in connection with the ongoing trade war now between President Trump and China.

Today I think it’s been announced a very large increase, 25 percent on nearly three hundred billion dollars’ worth of imports from China. So there’s a battle going on here in terms of the greater economy, and remember it isn’t China that pays this extra revenue to the U.S. It is the importers and they will then probably pass their costs on, but nevertheless what it does do is it gives the U.S. Treasury an increase in money which was not planned for, so if you’re getting 50, 60, 70 billion dollars that you didn’t expect to get, well, you know, that’s quite significant, so as always, it’s a political thing here, but I want you to see please that it’s a much wider backdrop in terms of the economy. It’s doubtful whether when they call it a reset, when and if that occurs, whether it would be reasonably balanced, and it’s unlikely I think to occur while the situation is so unbalanced. The losing side, shall we say, would be very very unwilling to trigger or go down the road of some form of financial reset or revaluation. If they were going to come out of it very badly, so two years ago commentators were talking up the possibility of a reset or a revaluation, but when we look at the way that the Asian situation is, the way that China is at the moment, it would be very unbalanced. China’s strength in reserves now is more marked than it was sort of eight months ago. So again, I’m not ruling it out, but I’m saying that at the moment with the Chinese in such a strong position, the West would be rather foolish to try and do anything, and that again is one of the reasons why Trump is going for the finances of China, so that was that one.

The other thing I want to talk about is the Brexit, and I think in a couple of weeks’ time in Great Britain there’s the what might be the final vote for anything by the public to do with the European Union. It’s when every five years or so the British and other European countries elect their lawmakers to represent them at the main Parliament Building for Europe. It’s looking as if the Brexit party might take the lion’s share of the seats. Now what I’m picking up is that people, regardless of what political party they would vote in a national election, probably will vote for Brexit simply because they know that those Brexit politicians will cause as much trouble for Europe as possible and probably, you know, Europe will be quite glad to see the back of Britain, so if as it looks that Nigel Farage’s party, the Brexit party, scores a considerable number of politicians, they will then go to the Parliament, mix with other anti-European politicians, and there may be enough votes to hold up or prevent the European Parliament setting a budget. So I think that the Brexiteers would be absolute records, which would guarantee Britain leaving the European Union or being booted out. So what I’m saying is that regardless of what people normally vote, you should see a massive swing to the Brexit, which is interesting because you see a million people they tell us marched through London not so long ago wanting to stay in Europe, but what we find is the people, what I call the silent majority, the people who don’t go on marches, they don’t write blogs, they just get on with their lives. They’re the ones that are going to vote out of Europe, so there’ll be a very interesting result there, and it is important because Britain privately is known as the treasure chest by all the other European countries, and what that means is that Britain generally pays more to Europe than it gets out of it, another reason why there’s been such a huge pull by many people in government who know that, to get Britain out. So with Britain gone, that’s a huge hole in the budget of the European Union.

Now crazy as it sounds, the elite are banging on about climate change, and they’ve been whipping up the media, affecting schools, lots of school kids doing projects on climate change, and you know very worthy, I’m sure they are, and they’ve done drawings and they’ve gone marches and all the rest of it, and then the European Union said that it might use up to 25 percent of its budget to fight climate change, 25 percent of the entire budget of the European Union used for climate change. That’s total insanity. They don’t use that amount on hospitals, on the military, on the police or anything. You begin to see the craziness, the desperation, you know, and the other thing is that the British government is completely locked up. It can’t get anything through at the moment, but they’re talking about forcing vaccinations through now in Great Britain, saying that it will force parents to have their children vaccinated whether they like it or not, and again we see this crazed angle that’s pushing the media. It’s like climate change or it’s about, you know, vaccinations, and the reality is that if we’re supposed to live in a free society, then we should be able to make those choices ourselves and not have the state coming, and you know, regulate on our behalf. So what I’m saying is, that the media or many arms of the media are now being manipulated again, and it’s this big circle, it’s this flavor of the month, you know, like the hands of a clock: As the hand goes round, each topic is debated and pushed, and then it goes off the boil, and then by the time the hand comes around again, that topic is kicked up and restarted. And for people, who are a bit older, like me, we’ve seen it all before. We’ve seen the hands go around the clock many, many times. It’s that old chestnut. And I remember in – gonna make people laugh now – I remember in the 1970s as a school kid, the news, the official news, being full of the fact there was a mini ice age coming. Now, this was, before the elite decided they want to cripple humanity by starting a global warming campaign. So we went from the BBC, you know, that bastion of free knowledge, telling us all in the ’70s there was a mini ice age coming to, you know, there’s global warming and, you know, where I live and many people lived, not this winter but last winter, we were all snowed in. Now, I have people will say to me: well, global warming doesn’t actually just mean, you know, that we’re gonna stop having cold winters, it’s about the amount of water et cetera, et cetera. And again, here we go, there were lots of reports in newspapers that by the year 2025 Britain was going to run out of water. Really? How crazy is that? So these are all these threats that are being leveled, because somebody has got a very sharp pin and is poking people and saying get this story out. Let’s make this a big issue! Let’s do this! Let’s do that! And you know, thank goodness that most people look at it and say well, you know, what’s that all about? Come on and let’s have some serious science on it. America has completely pulled out of all of the climate change deals, because they’ve said, that’s all just an elite nonsense. So for the first time, you know, any country has actually stuck two fingers up, which is Trump, who’s stuck two fingers up, and said “No, I’m not taking part in it”, and that’s quite interesting, because all the usual names in the frame, such as Obama, and many of the others, were really pushing the line, so that’s the talk about that.

The last one, I want to talk about: I’ve just sent a link to be put up on the website. When WikiLeaks founder was very dramatically pulled out of the embassy, he activated some codes, which did a large dump of information, and most of that was already out to, be truthful, but there were extra stuff hidden in the coding, and one of them is a report, so I have to be careful, what I say, purports to show the back lot filming for the moon landings. You know, we’ve seen so many jokes on YouTube and also in real Hollywood films, where they’ve made allusion to this by, you know, you see the astronauts on the moon and then the camera pulls back and there are guys sitting around having hamburgers, or the lights collapse, or something goes funny. But this is one of the dumps from WikiLeaks, which very, very interestingly shows, you know, how that moon landing was faked. And I’ve always believed, that, what we were shown, was not necessarily accurate. I’ve never accepted the official line on that, so here we are, something from WikiLeaks. No wonder so many people didn’t want WikiLeaks to come out with stuff, and the bizarre thing is, of course, that so much has been proved to be truthful, and yet the organizations of the establishment wish to suppress the truth. I can understand them wanting to suppress lies, but why would you want to suppress truth? Anyway, there we go, so that’s it, a little bit of a roundup. I want to try and get a few of some of the questions, so thank you Becky for being so patient and waiting. Let’s see what we’ve got.

Rebecca Parkes: Okay thanks, first question is from Ian, who says: My question is about the so-called hundreds of ghost cities being built, or are already built, in China. Could Simon please shed some light and insight onto the reasons for them being constructed? Much speculation abounds from various sources I’ve looked at, so they may be partly being made in preparation for an influx from the West after a disaster and there seems to be a significant investment in them from the Rothschild dynasty. Is that correct?

SP: Yes. It’s quite interesting. There’s also... I beg your pardon, was it in relation to China, the question?

RP: Yes, the hundreds of ghost cities being built in China.

SP: There are also some being built in Africa, and they’re themed. They’re actually themed, so one has a German theme, not surprisingly really, one has a Parisian theme, and one has an Italian theme. There may be others, but they are ghost towns or cities. I have no idea how big they are, I’ve not been there myself. But I know that they’re real and that they’re themed, so that a person with a particular background would feel quite at home. So when a lot of the Germans left Germany in 1945/46 and they moved to, you know, South America, they turned some of those streets into streets that resembled what they were used to, and indeed they named them in the same vain. So the question is, whether these cities are for nonhumans to inhabit the planet and share the Earth, but not be in direct competition, because they’re not living next door to you, or whether this is for forcible relocation of remaining populations, that I don’t know. It’s one of the most closely guarded secrets in the sense that it’s... I understand that these areas, these perimeters are guarded by private security guards. I also understand that there are locations, where they are supposed to be, but there’s nothing there, so there’s a lot of smoke and mirrors going on. But what I can say is, that I believe them to be true, or some of them to be true. They certainly have elite funding behind it, but I am not clear, who is supposed to be living there.

If we look at the elite’s plan to remove a sizable proportion of humanity – why would you want lots of cities? What more, it makes no sense. So you know, there is that other possibility, that has been mentioned to me more than once, that it would be for nonhumans. They were in the position to share the Earth, when the human population had been sizably reduced. So yes, I believe that some of them are true, but I do not know what the purpose is for them. Thank you.

RP: Okay, thanks. Tony says: Dear Simon, what significance does the recent name change of a historical Los Angeles street, “Rodeo Road”, to now “Obama Boulevard” mean? Does that mean the deep state is winning the war against the white hats?

SP: No, it doesn’t. Speaking of the next politician, if somebody’s got a bee in their bonnet, for instance, I might like in history a person who 200 years ago, you know, planted hundreds of trees, and he was a great – this is just made up, it’s just an aside here – but he planted lots of trees and he was a great expert at trees, and I was a great fan of his and I was a politician, then I would campaign to have a street named after him, or I call it “Tree Avenue” or “Tree Lane”. So from perspective of local lawmakers can put forward names of their favorite politicians, so there would be Democrats in that local legislature, who would want the Obama-name to live on. The other thing is, of course, that Obama was a president of the United States, and you have to respect the office, if you don’t respect the man. So by naming a street after him you are just doing what has always been done. There’s... I should imagine, that every president’s name lives on in a monument or a street somewhere.

The question is: it would be very interesting, to see who’s going to live in Obama Avenue or Obama Lane, wherever it is. You know, would only Democrats live there? So, I don’t read too much into that at all. I think, it’s of no significance to the game that’s being played. I think, it’s more to do with at local level. Sympathy is a great fan of Obama and they want to go down in history as the person, that got the street named after their favorite president. It’s as simple as that. Thank you.

RP: Okay, thanks. Paul says: Hello Miss Becky and Sir Simon.

SP: Ah sorry, Sir Simon?

RP: Yes.

SP: Oh, bless him. No, I haven’t received the knighthood yet. My grandfather was offered a knighthood, Knight of the Garter, and he turned it down, because he said that if he was offered a knighthood, then, his own words to me were, when I was 21 years old, when he told me all this, and he said: “You know, they would control me forever”. So he turned down a knighthood, and I can genuinely tell you, that I have not been offered a knighthood and I’m not a Sir. So you know, please, please don’t call me that because, you know, I’m not. Carry on with the question.

RP: Okay thanks. Thank you for that. I’m not a Miss either or a Mrs. Anyway, my name is Paul and I live in Toronto, Canada, and I had a few sessions with Simon to remove a jinn. I hope he remembers me. I want him to know I am doing well, fighting the negative energies every day. Thanks for helping me find my strength. My question: I’m making Ormus, spelled O-R-M-U-S, which stands for Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements from dead sea salt like in the ancient times. What can you tell me about Ormus, a.k.a., Juice of the Gods? I am part of an online telekinesis school and all of the students are taking it. It is said, that it helps connect people to their inner abilities and healing powers. What can Ormus really do?

SP: Oh, right.

RP: I’m sorry – I’m sending protecting light to you. Thank you.

SP: That’s fine. I’m probably more helpful, if I send protecting light to you. I think, we almost... We really think about monatomic gold. That, I think, has got a lot of credence to it. I think, there’s a real history to that. We know from a number of sources, that at some point in Earth’s history that was a useful material, which could be, first off was tried to extract that from the oceans, and then at a later date by digging directly into the ground in Africa to extract materials, part of the decline of humanity. It’s interesting, isn’t it, that it was a money-based system. It was gold that brought about the demise of humanity in the sense, that it was the driving force to begin to split humanity into different types or different hierarchical groups. But the question is a difficult one, because there is a huge market for this. I know that for a fact. There are lots and lots of online shops selling this material and the whole range of it. I genuinely don’t know, I haven’t used it. In terms of monatomic gold, then I am pretty clear that there’s something rather special about that, but in terms of other materials I’m not prepared to say, because I haven’t had the experience. The gold one I know clearly about, but sea salt, you know, what are you extracting out of that? Is it just the salt? So I really can’t answer any more than that. I mean, if you’re using it and you feel, you know, really great and it’s really doing good, then I guess, you carry on doing it, don’t you. You have to be very careful on the websites, because the establishment don’t wanna push anything alternative, that’s any good, and unfortunately there are some unscrupulous individuals, who set themselves up claiming that X, Y, or Z can cure everything. And that’s nothing new, that’s been going on for 200–300 years, but nevertheless, you know, it’s very prevalent now with modern technology, because you can’t see what you’re buying. That’s the key. You know, you go 200 years ago, a 100 years ago, you would go up and you’d see the stuff in the bottle, and you’d be able to talk to the person and, you know, if it didn’t work, you’d go back and you’d tell him it didn’t work. Now you’re buying stuff and, you know, you’ve got no real redress or recourse. So do be careful and just go by personal recommendation. Thank you.

RP: Okay, thanks. Eva says: Hello Simon, I’m Eva from Estonia. About a month ago I registered to join Connecting Consciousness, but I haven’t received any answer. I would still very much like to join. Should I try and register again?

SP: Oh, I’m really sorry that’s happened. What tends to happen is, that sometimes a coordinator leaves and a new coordinator takes over, and those records aren’t clearly followed through, or there’s a confusion. Sometimes the messages just don’t get through. Remember that Connecting Consciousness is made up of volunteers, so there’s nobody sitting there and working 9 to 5 Monday through Friday like a call center or an insurance firm, you know, and if they don’t do their quota, then they get in trouble. You know, I rely on people throughout the world out of goodness of their heart to do what they can, and I’m certainly not going to say to somebody: “You only answered ten emails today, you know, I want you to answer 20 or 30”, because I’m not in the position to do that, because I don’t pay people and I appreciate that, you know, I need spiritual people. I rather have someone who is a bit slower, to be honest with you, who is spiritual, than someone, who perhaps worked in real estate or selling secondhand cars and wanted to be in the organization for very wrong, dubious circumstances. So I can only apologize. What will happen is, I would ask Becky please to look into that and to, you know, connect with you directly, and, you know, give me an opportunity, to say to anybody: if you have emailed and you haven’t heard, please do so again. You know, we are... Connecting Consciousness is in the strongest position it’s been now, since we created it. We’ve got more people now volunteering. We’ve got more coordinators. We’ve got databases just about up and running. We’ve got a whole wealth of talented, very kind people, who are offering their time, their specialism, and when they can’t afford to offer their time, but they’re doing it, which means that, you know, we will, if you put yourself forward, we will probably have a coordinator in your country for you to be with, and if we haven’t, maybe you might be willing to start up a group. So you know, it’s really exciting, it’s wonderful. But it means a lot of work, because we’re all volunteers in that sense of it. They’re all out there working with their groups in different countries, you know, and I would please ask people to please be patient. We will get through to you as quickly as we can. We don’t play horrible annoying music, while you’re on hold, telling you, that, you know, you’re the 15th in the queue, but your call is important to us and we will take it soon. What I can tell you, is that your message really is important to us and to me. That’s why we’re doing it, and remember: I don’t charge for membership, you know. It doesn’t cost anything to be a member of Connecting Consciousness. These podcasts I do, I don’t monetize them. I you don’t want that. I don’t want to mix the money with the intent. Soon as you... If you have a spiritual organization and you bring in the money side of it, then, I don’t care what anyone says, it begins to corrupt, it begins to change. And I always said, that I didn’t want to mix the information I was giving with the ability of people to pay and didn’t want somebody like YouTube to be able to turn around to me and say: “Well, we don’t like your videos, and if you don’t stop talking about X, Y, or Z, we’re gonna stop, you know, your adverts”. So they don’t have that hold over us, and I’ve always said, I would much rather rely on donations on the work that we do, because that is the heart of the person, and you know, that’s how we keep our independence. If the donations were to dry up, then what would I do? Would I monetize it or would I just stop? I guess that I’d have to just stopped, because I couldn’t throw all of my fine words to the wind and say: “Oh, well, I’m gonna have to monetize it now”. Where’s the principle in that? So if we financially couldn’t go on, well, I’d have to pull it, because I wouldn’t corrupt what’s been created. That’s why it’s so important that we get supported. So hang in there, someone will get back to you, I’ll ask Becky to chase it. Thank you. Can we have the next question, please?

RP: Sure. Anna says: Do ETs have cases of disabilities or birth defects, like we do on Earth?

SP: Very rarely. There’s a very good question in the sense, that I’ve never been asked that before. The answer is: very rarely. Most ETs, most have some form of genetic cycle. They’re either... They’re not clones, but they are containing a material that is self-replicating and doesn’t have the mixed genealogy that humans have. So it’s very difficult for the blueprint, to go wrong. So, what is the standard pattern would always, you know, ensure in most cases. Where it does occur is in hybrids, where a human–nonhuman material has been mixed. It’s very common for those hybrids, to be missing a finger or missing a toe or something like that, far more common there, than it is in those creatures. Now if you were to look at a programmed lifeform like a Grey, then that just doesn’t occur, because that is exactly, what it says it is. It is a sort of semi-living physical entity with no soul in it, and that is just coming of the factory line, whereas something that is divinely created has the potential to have an alteration. By the time you get to the fourth dimension and not the technology as such, that is very rare, not impossible but very rare. Good question, thank you.

RP: Okay, thanks. Lilia says: Can you explain, what Geotran therapy is, and how it helps people?

SP: I will to have to be a little bit careful here. The connection of the muscles, of the souls and the physical body with time and space, how you can take charge of yourself, how you can undo any illness, how you can – not become a super person, but how you can – work with that. It is difficult for me, to give you a definitive answer, because what I understand by it, is that it reduces humanity down to coding. Just as a machine or computer has a code, so does the human body, and it’s said, that if you treat it like that, you look at it like that, then you can take it and change it and send you on the right path, and you do all these nice positive things. The difficulty I have, is that the old alarm bells ring when anybody uses the word computers with humanity in terms of suggesting that the encoding of humanity is computer-like. Perhaps to an expert in the field, they read the codes and it appears like a computer code, but I am so defensive of humanity that I would be very unhappy to, you know, to take any of that on board. To me being divine, divinely created, to being a human, is not the same as a machine, and I don’t personally like the idea of being reduced to code numbers. So, I am familiar with it, but I don’t support it, simply because of the principle I’ve just given. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t do good things. It’s just that that flavour of it, it doesn’t appeal to me. Thank you.

RP: Okay, thanks. Marcus says: This question is from my 12-year-old son: How come, in a dream I don’t actually feel pain, I think, I feel pain.

SP: Because when this is a dream-dream,

RP: Uh-hum.

SP: … not a real happening, that’s been presented to you as a dream, you are not connecting with the physical receptors in your body. The whole point perhaps of a dream is to release certain energies, that are not being released during the daytime, and there isn’t a need for you to feel the pain, so people have dreams, unpleasant dreams, but they don’t actually feel the pain, and when they wake up in the morning, they don’t necessarily see a mark on their body. So if someone dreams of being in a sword fight and getting cut with a sword, there won’t be a cut on your arm, because it wasn’t required to create that in your physical body. The whole point was the excitement of the sword fight and the emotional stuff, that goes with that. So we don’t feel it, but if you were having an out-of-body experience, less so with a remote view, but with an out-of-body experience, then it is possible that, you know, you would actually find physical marks on your body like that.

In terms of messages being sent to you, it might appear as a dream, but it’s really something that’s been given to you. Again, there isn’t a need to make you feel the pain unless, of course, it’s a psychic attack, and that’s not actually a dream. That is a psychic attack, which then convinces your neurons, that you are under attack or you’re in pain. Let’s say for instance, someone sends you the image, that you’re being strangled. Well, you will feel the strangle and your neck will close, because that element of the brain is registering, that you’re being strangled, and it believes it to be true, so you feel the pain. If you are energy ascended beyond that, then you can counter it, because you say: “This is not real, there is no physical”, and you can block it. So, dreams play their role, but they don’t give you pain. Thanks.

RP: Okay, thanks.

SP: I’m gonna do some of my thank-you’s now. I hadn’t, didn’t do it last week. And I wanted to thank people. It’s a bit longer list, simply, because this is extra week’s worth, and I probably haven’t got everybody here, but it’s part of what we do, and it’s an important part. So I wanna thank Laura, Ingeborg, Kiss, John, David, Margaret, Mary, the Little Warehouse – Is that a cat? Yes it is! – Joanne, Lars, Rhoda, Giulio, Janice, Jeff, Oliver, Edilene, Sandra, it looks like Heike/Heike, Pavala, Raymond, Candice, Soul Communication, Maria, Rudolph, Campbell, John, Benjamin, Gunda, Amanda, Patop, Vesna, Paul, Lilian, Undine, Allen, Simon, Martin, Robert, Michael, Alfredo, Robin, Charlie, David, Gundemar, Leif, Drum Set, Charlotte, Massa, Manuel, Gaye, Rhiannon, we’re nearly there, Breda, Susan, Abbey, Eric, Andre, Bjorn, Vita – I had two Vitas, hello! - Valarie, Nick, Martin and Imogene. To all of you who have sent kind donations: I thank you! And those who haven’t been read out please, please don’t take that personally. It’s just, I’ve probably just missed you. Thank you for all of that. Have we got many more questions left, Becky?

RP: Well, we’ve got another good one.

SP: Oh come on, then let’s have it.

RP: Okay, so this is from Eric: Hi Simon, in regards to mind control, are you aware of the trigger words “blue bird”? I’m going through the process of snapping out of whatever was placed on me as a child. A guy at work used the word, which I thought was odd. It somehow affected me. I recently noticed at the start of the ’80s children’s TV show “Rainbow” a blue bird flying on the show’s introduction. I loved the show as a child. I had a strange out-of-body and abduction type experience as a child, and as an adult work with Tetra, which is an experimental communications system used by police that uses microwaves. I know I am being mind-controlled. Rainbows and white rabbits also stand out, which I’m aware are mind-control tools.

SP: Right, well, why don’t you send an email to Becky or Andy, as you are aware, that you’ve got mind control, and see if we can fit you in. I am booked up, but if you’ve got mind control, well you know, I’m happy to perhaps give up some time at a lunch hour for 10 minutes. Let’s just have a quick chat. Let’s have a look at it, see if it’s something I can help you with and talk it through. If we accept that for many, many years on the Western world, let’s just confine ourselves to that at the moment, in the Western world, that there’s been a massive program to indoctrinate children, both from the elite and the non-elite background, the best way to get them is through children’s programs, and nearly every child’s program has programming in it. It’s not about triggering so much as programming. There’s something that most of you perhaps wouldn’t be familiar with, it’s called the “Teletubbies”. That was something that with hugely programmable material in it. I mean, go right back to “Bill and Ben”, the two puppets in the 1960s. So when is it programming and when is it just entertainment? And the point is, that entertainment can be used to program. So colors, shapes, absolutely all used as both programming and triggering. So I won’t go on anymore there. This is a personal thing for you, and if you’d like send an email in and I’ll find 10 minutes to have a chat with you and see what we can do. Thank you.

RP: Okay, thanks. Olga says: Hi Simon, in your last Connecting Consciousness on May 4th you spoke about Notre Dame de Paris, and about the enormous donations. Not only is it done for being recognized as a generous donator. You should know that 66 percent of the sum will be given back to the donator by the government as tax deductible. In fact, it is all the people who make these 66 percent donations, and don’t you find it strange, that only rich men were giving publicly? We have not heard about some rich women doing so. Is it because they are more sensitive about the situation of a great majority of French people having difficulty, a difficult time in making ends meet? Thank you for your work. I appreciate your insights.

SP: Thank you. No, it’s because the people who gave the donations are all part of the same club. There are people who’ve given donations, that are not part of the club, and they’re not being recognized for it publicly. Privately they probably get a letter, but publicly they’re not gonna be pushed. The point that you made is that – you didn’t pick up on, and I’m sure you’re aware of it, but you didn’t mention it there – is that the number 66, that is why that’s a tax returnable. 66, and they’ll find another six somewhere to make the three sixes. So the whole thing is just stinks. All of it just stinks. And that’s why it, far from bringing the French people together, it actually, I use the word lightly, it inflamed the situation with the riots, because people were saying: why are we, you know, surviving from day to day, when X, Y, and Z can give so many millions of pounds for a religious building, when, you know, the hospital isn’t up to date or the school is falling down. Whereas this is an inequality and France has the word equality as part of its, you know, enshrined Constitution since the Revolution. So I think, French men and women are being slapped in the face with inequality, when the French were all about equality. So that’s the problem here. That’s why it’s gone wrong. Those organizations that have donated have done so because – they feel that it their duty to do so because – the elements behind the facade probably connect with them quite strongly, and, you know, you find that people draw together. The good draws together, the bad draw together. And so when a very nasty situation like the burning down of Notre Dame occurs, then we should be mindful of the type of people that are drawn to, you know, pick over the bones of the place, shall we say. So yeah, no, I know what you’re saying to me. But I think what’s more important is money, ‘cause it’s all about money. Nothing about else on this planet unfortunately, and so 66 percent, that’s the accurate figure, doesn’t surprise me. 66 percent going back as tax deductible, it’s all part of a Satanic circle. Great question, thank you.

RP: Thank you. Scott says: Hi Simon, what is your opinion on soul or spirit contract removal? Andrew Bartzis, for one, has various contract revocations relating to removing our energetic chains to the banking families for example. And do they work?

SP: I think he, Andrew Bartzis, called himself the International, the Galactic Historian or something and reading the Akashic or his own DNA records. I could never afford Andrew’s fees. I think, a couple of years ago, I think he was charging something like a $1000 for a consultation. Please forgive me, if I’m wrong, but there was a person back in, I think, 2014, that wanted to have a session with him and he said to her it was $1,000, which she couldn’t afford. So it isn’t something that I could do, because I can’t afford it. There are two sorts here. One literally is a connection, that we have on this planet over many, many lifetimes, that we forge at that time at a place, because at that time it either suits us or we’re tricked into doing it. Then there’s the other sort, which is an alien contract that comes through and generally done when we’re children and we don’t fully understand what we’re getting ourselves into. And on the 3D level there’s the contract that secret societies have with each other. You buy something from a shop, you get a receipt, a piece of paper – that’s a contract. You know, you’re born, you get a birth certificate. That’s a contract. Now, you were a few years ago able to go to the Vatican and find your way to a tiny little room, where literally was a monsignor, don’t think it’d be anyone as high as a cardinal, a monsignor sitting there, and you could theoretically by presenting your birth certificate buy yourself out of the Catholic Church, even if you weren’t a Catholic. You were able to say: “I’m no longer wanting to be under this contract” and you could be... it could be revoked. Now I think, they’ve done away with that, because perhaps too many people were queuing up and blocking the entrance to the kiosk, where you pay to come in, and you know, you don’t really want to be blocking up the kiosk, where people pay to go around the Vatican. I assume you pay. I wouldn’t have thought it was free, but certainly there’d be a gift shop and we wouldn’t wanna block up people buying things from the gift shop, would we?

So, these contracts that are made in the energy represent and manifest themselves in the physical world. And it is very difficult, nigh on impossible, to remove yourself by a revocation from the system, because the system doesn’t recognize that. So, for instance, somebody says: “It’s illegal to pay taxes. I’m not gonna pay taxes”, so you do one of these revocations and not pay, and the next thing you’ve got: the IRS knocking on the door, saying if you don’t pay your taxes, we’ll arrest you. Well, the point is, that free will doesn’t exist in that sense, but the other side exhibits free will. Their free will is not to accept your revocation. So, what we find is, that we have more effect breaking secret societies grip or aliens grip in terms of ancient or more recent contracts, that the individual has signed him or herself into, that’s far... It’s far more readily available to remove those, than it is in this physical world, because you can probably in Great Britain, probably get out of having to pay a TV license. That’s actually not so difficult. You can actually have a television and not pay for that. There are ways around it. There are other ways that people have stopped paying taxes to the local council, but it requires a huge amount of understanding of the law. You have to make sure you write your letters exactly in the right way, and it’s got absolutely nothing to do with revocation. It’s got everything to do with knowing the law inside out and understanding, that basically most of these things are based on fallacy, that, you know, we just pay, because we pay, but if we turn around and say “I’m not going to pay”, then it becomes difficult.

Here’s an interesting case. I don’t wanna go off-topic, but there’s a guy, who is not particularly very nice, but he’s in prison in Great Britain and he refused to go to court. He refused. So you think, the system would collapse, because he’d refused to go. What happened was, the judge took the court to the prison. So you know, if you’re going to fight in a 3D way, you’re got to fight it, because you’ve got to use the tools of the trade. At the moment it’s the only game in town. I’m using that word regularly at the moment, because it does bring it across. It is the only game in town. And there are a number of people who have studied law very effectively and then challenged these organizations and won it. So, I don’t personally offer revocations, because I don’t think they’re very effective. What I do do, is I can break contracts, that you’ve had in past lifetimes and with aliens, providing you have certain information. If you have certain information, that we can use to break the contract, then it can be done, but most people can’t provide that information, because it’s been blanked from their minds. That’s why in one of the rare cases I say to people: go to a hypnotherapist. Get them to take you back and get that key moment. Come back to me and then we can use it. Thank you. I hope that’s helpful.

RP: Thank you. Okay, the last question today is from Bradley, who says: You mentioned, that there are many different soul families here reincarnated on the surface. Is it possible, to be a highly awakened individual, that is a human soul, and an original soul from this planet, so an Earth human soul? I’m wondering why I have no connection to any soul family in particular. However, I feel a connection to all living beings equally. I feel strongly in not worshipping any religion or God. I do believe in Source beyond this planet and Source within each of us on this planet.

SP: Why, it doesn’t actually frankly matter, whether you’re Reptilian – that’s a shock isn’t it – Pleiadian or human. It’s the choice you make. So let’s say, someone is an Earth human soul, no alien in them at all apart from obviously there’s going to be some mixtures, because you can’t be a pure human human. It’s not possible. We’re all mixed up. But let’s say that you have an Earth human soul, but if you’ve become spiritual, that means you’ve opened and become aware of your connection to Source. All living creatures have a connection to Source, but humans need to unlock it and accept it and understand it to actually connect and communicate. So if an Earth human person has done that, then they’re flying. You know, you can have the most wonderful 5th dimensional Pleiadian or Arcturian, but if they’re not accepting who they are, or the belief in Source, then they’re nothing, because they haven’t understood who they are, what they are, and what their relationship is, and the way the multiverse works. So let’s not get hung up about which group we’re from. That’s important, because we need to check back to see, what we can put right and what we can improve on, but in terms of your spiritual development, what’s more important is the strands of DNA, the energy strands of DNA that you are activating, and your connection and your belief and your practice towards a spiritual life. So Source is connecting with everybody, it’s whether that person wants to go with it. So you know, it frankly doesn’t matter. What I talk about, is a three-fourths, the 75 percent of Earth humans, the vast majority of which are – we call them asleep, and it doesn’t mean that Source isn’t connected to them. Of course it is. It just means that they’re not facing it, doing something with it and developing.

So, thank you very much. It’s been great to do a second show, and you know, I wanna thank every one of you for taking the time and trouble to listen and for taking the time or trouble to do your own research, to question, and to seek the truth. So, you know, thanks ever so much. Bye-bye now.

Transcribed by GSC May 15, 2019

Proofread by TS May 25, 2019

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