Podcast: Recorded Friday, February 22, 2019

with Rebecca Parkes

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Connecting Consciousness Podcast: News, Questions & Answers

Recorded Friday, February 22, 2019

Simon talks about his discussion with Benjamin Fulford and how their info is similar although coming from different sources; One World Order must be stopped; President Trump has authorized audit of the Fed just as they issue a large number of money-raising bonds; ex-director of FBI admits unconstitutional meeting was held to remove President Trump shortly after his inauguration and that’s called treason; President Trump moves ahead with legislation to enact a U.S. Space Force; QAnon and potential arrests under cover of national emergency; possibly a war between Pakistan and India; predict Brexit will leave EU; 4D satanic energy programming is not of 3D reality, thus causes people to act illogically; Questions: effects of soul expression on eye color; if we don’t understand energy of 4D oppressors we really aren’t equipped to deal with it, but a large proportion of Indigo children from 4D have 4D codes capable of dismantling 4D energy here on Earth; suspicious circumstances surrounding QuadrigaCX, death of CEO, and investor’s crypto currency probably going “poof”; timescale for India/Pakistan conflict escalation; is Obama at Gitmo; energy healer asks about mysterious deaths; no safe/secure private way to communicate today; is deep state coming down worldwide; concern about lack of anonymity when researching electronically; Homo sapiens sapiens and soul advancement; Simon’s toothache related to CERN; does Trump truce with Bushes mean indictments and 9/11 truth remain hidden or disappeared forever; 5G and protection of oneself from its effects; does AI only exist in 3D or can it follow humanity to other dimensions; is the Ark of the Covenant a solid physical object or a metaphorical concept; crystal skulls with encoded knowledge; why are Reptilians in a higher dimension than humans; catching a glimpse of a Reptoid in 3D.

Simon Parkes: Hello and welcome to another Connecting Consciousness podcast. It seems ages and in many ways it has been. It’s a long time away, and I think probably people thought that I had just dropped off the planet or taken a long extended holiday. None of those things. Just one thing after another just kept us a bit busy. I did do the Benjamin Fulford talk, which I know many of you found very interesting. So we will talk about that because a number of people have asked me why did I want to “hook up,” as they say, with Benjamin Fulford. It wasn’t so much a hooking up really as talking to somebody who appeared to have some very interesting information, much of it mirroring or agreeing with what I was coming through with. Although the sources that we have are different but the message seemed to be on many cases, you know, very very similar. And I just thought it would be nice to add, you know, a guest person on from time to time. I’m hoping to try to get hold of David Icke, not necessarily to do an interview but to go and visit him this summer. Can you believe it? I never actually met him and lots of intermediaries have and he says oh yes, you know, Simon Parkes [and I] are sort of on the same page but we never got around to it, so, you know, I have sent him a couple of emails and he’s probably like me. Emails get lost and buried, but I guess if I him enough hopefully he’ll find one. So we were starting off with Benjamin Fulford and, you know, on his latest alert he was talking about the One World Government being a step closer and the Pope, you know, is going to play a very important role in that, and or on my view is well we’ve got to fight this. You know we’ve always known that the One World Government was a plan and this small but very influential group, and I do agree that there are moves afoot to try to bring this back on the agenda, to try to push it up the ladder. But rather than to go into any talk and debate about it, my message is you’ve just got to stop it. You’ve just got to fight it, and if it’s not going to be helpful we don’t want it. We know what the agenda is, and if there is another move by the elite to try and make this happen, well you know, it’s not going to happen because humanity doesn’t want it. So, you know, I think Benjamin is right to bring the topic up, but my view is that, you know, it’s not going to go anywhere. And, I don’t care which secret societies or groups are pushing it, it’s not gonna happen. Humanity is too advanced now. It’s too well clued in to make the same mistakes that perhaps we made 30–40 years ago. So America very important obviously so much going on.

The audit. You know there has always been audits of financial institutions, but these have always been audits to come out with the answer that is being sought. But for the first time President Trump ordered an audit, it’s not the first time, because Kennedy ordered an audit but unfortunately he was murdered before that really got under way. But President Trump has authorized an audit to the Fed to actually see just how much gold there is. I think he knows how much there is but what he wants is a document that says America corporation is bust. So the great corporation of the U.S. is broke. And it’s quite interesting that as this audit beings to take shape, the Fed has just issued, was on the point of issuing a large number of bonds, and that’s always a sign when the government is trying to raise money or an organization is trying to raise money when it doesn’t have any. Government bonds are something that are very cheap. They print the paper out. You send it off and then if you’re lucky foreign institutions or foreign governments invest in your bonds. And that’s one of the cons of the magic of the Babylonian spell on money. I would be very doubtful that many countries would want to buy these backed bonds from the U.S., and they will need a guarantee and they won’t just want a politician’s guarantee. They are going to want, you know, a gold backed guarantee. Now we know that doesn’t exist in very large amounts, so it will be very interesting I think to see how much of these bonds are snapped up by other countries. There will be countries that will lend to them, countries that are looking for political favors and they’ll buy them, but there won’t probably be the great rush for these bonds that there would have been 25 years ago. Everybody in the know, knows that America is broke, and therefore you are buying worthless bits of paper. But there are also reasons why governments and institutions would buy worthless bits of paper knowing they are worthless. The question is whether they think there is any redeemable value in them now or in the future. That’s something I think is worth watching for.

America, so we have seen some very interesting developments haven’t we, where the now sacked ex-director of the FBI is admitting that there was an unconstitutional meeting in an attempt to remove the then new elected president of the United States. Trump had only been in office a very short time. And there was a meeting, reasonably high-level to see if it would be possible to remove him. That’s actually called treason. Now there’s a very powerful committee in the Senate that is now looking in to that and that’s just going to be another part of the game going on, but if they choose to follow it through and if they choose to find the information, then that’s 25–30 years in a prison for somebody. So that potentially will have more damaging effect on the, what some people call the deep state or the cabalists. than any probe into a Russia, America, or Trump link. Treason is something that there’s no excuse for it and on my website I actually use the McCarthyism. I said it is un-American often used but it for British and European people, they won’t really get the feeling of that, but when you say un-American in an American context, that has an immense weight and so these people have been un-American. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Democrat or a Republican. To unconstitutionally to try to remove your president through treasonable action is un-American, so that I think has got a lot of mileage to roll if that’s the way it’s going to go.

You remember sometime before Christmas I spoke and others spoke and it made it into the media and President Trump was talking about it might be time to create a Space Force, a Space Force, which he said would be part of the United States Air Force. And for I think the vast majority of unawake and unaware people that was quite exciting. Oh a Space Force, you know, and they were trying to envisage what that might be. Now for those who listen to this radio show and others who listen to other shows, you know very well what a Space Force is. And you think well what’s President Trump talking about, you know, we all know, well some of us know that there is a very effective Space Program. But the reality is that what Trump’s doing is he’s saying to the deep state or the cabalists or whoever you want to call these people, I’m going to go public with the fact that we’ve got a Space Force and I think what he’ll do is he’ll say in 2019, right this is what we’ve done. What he is doing today actually is producing legislation to enact a Space Force. In other words, just as the Army or the Navy or the Air Force is enshrined in legislation and exists as a real physical entity through the political system, through the bureaucracy, he is enshrining a Space Force. So it will become a very real physical arm just as any of the other services are. And then I think what he’ll do is he’ll give it a little time and then he will open the hanger doors and say this is what we’ve got. And you know, unfortunately the most unawake and unaware will say oh how did you build that in three months? Or how did you build that in six months? I don’t think he will show or the air force will show a great deal, but I certainly think they will show something because what is called the Secret Space Program is more closely aligned to the United States Air Force than it is any of the other arms and over the years we’ve had a battle between the Navy, a United States Navy and the United States Air Force wanting to, you know, be the top dog with this, but it is the Air Force that has the pilots under their wing if you like, ha ha, and they’re the ones who rotate it and manage it et cetera. So that’s important that he’s confident enough to do that. He’s confident enough to push the boundaries and start talking about a Spacecraft arm of the United States of America. No other country has dared talk about a Space Fleet or a Space Force. I understand in the early days he was thinking about the words Space Fleet and if those of you with good memories can remember that some time ago he on Twitter ask for the name for it, and I think he had about six or seven ideas and then, you know, he wanted a logo. The Americans are very dead keen on their badges and their logos and I think he asked for a competition and I don’t know what the winner was of that. But, if somebody knows, please let me know. So that much is very important.

Talk about the QAnon posts on Twitter and elsewhere. There is a really big excitement about potential arrests. We do have to be careful. I’ve always tried to play it fairly downbeat. Not because I don’t want bad people to be arrested. Of course I do, but I’m very cautious of getting too excited and jumping on the bandwagon. If you look back to the interview I did or the conversation with Ben Fulford, I was very clear and laid out there would be a state of national emergency and I even said when it would be. I got it within a day or two days. That was because I was being told that’s when the date would be, and I always was of the opinion that that was a cover for many other things and I think that QAnon is basically saying that under the cover of a national emergency then this and this will happen. Now those of you who follow the developing situation would also expect and you have expected that under the cover of national emergency, there would be an opportunity to start doing this. And I can confirm that a number of what I call special forces or special groups, whether they’re agents or military people I can’t comment, but there are a number of groups now moving around and positioning in the states, not actually arresting people. I know you would probably be very disappointed at that, but what I can tell you is that what the good guys are concerned about are false flags, supposedly terrorist attacks, that the cabalists group or the evil Satanist group will now try and spring on America, so under the cover of this national emergency, these task forces are now deployed in every United States and are looking and are trying to counteract any rogue elements that are going to try and do a false flag, so that’s what I have been told and I absolutely believe that’s genuine information. Whether there are any indictments now being opened in large numbers under the cover of this or actions I don’t know. I would expect it but I expect it to be public, and you all know my view on this that I really want this to be public. I do not want the situation where the indictments are opened in private, people are privately tried and that’s it. That doesn’t educate the people and it doesn’t support those of us who are awake and aware who want to know that the good guys are winning. We have a right to know that. We have a right to know that the satanic forces that have controlled this planet for so long are actually on the retreat. And the best way to show that to the people is to actually have some big names up being charged and then going through a form of military/civil court procedure. That’s what actually I want to see and it can’t come soon enough. The sooner the better with that.

There’s a point with the Pakistan and Indian situation and I have been quite detailed in the sense that I spoke about which countries are behind India and Pakistan and what they would be bringing to the table, but there was a war that was imminent. I had been asked not to say anymore on that.

Because we have been off the air for so long Becky did go through some of the questions and we decided to take some of the more recent questions because we have been off air for awhile and there is a question on Pakistan and India and I’ll address that more in the question and answers, and there is also a question about my tooth. Thank you for everyone who’s written in but I’m going to address that there and then, because there’s a bit more to the story than meets the eye there.

Okay let’s talk about Brexit. We’ve got to talk about Brexit and the labour and conservative lawmakers, members of Parliament who have quit their parties and joined this independent group. And everyone seemed to be very careful and quiet and you know, treading very carefully. Are these people traitors? I had a conversation this morning about this and yes they are. They’re traitors not to their political parties but to the people who elected them. If you stand on a platform and it doesn’t matter what it is and you say this is what I represent and this is the party I represent and people vote for you. They don’t vote for you just because of your name or what you’ve done, and they should do but they don’t. They vote because you are aligned with a political party. So if you change political party or you become an independent, then you have gone against the very people who have elected you. And so really there should be a law that says when somebody does that, they need to stand again, what we call a by-election to test the mood of the electorate. You know when I went public I did that before I stood for election. You know I passionately believe that you can’t say people “vote for me,” and then you change the game. So I went public, explained everything and then I stood as a Councillor and was elected, and that was really important because you are not deceiving anybody like that. And so these people have stood on a label. They change the label; they need to go back. So it’s just going to muddy the waters in the sense that we had a fairly clear picture about a week ago where we were going. My prediction is we are either going to have Brexit with a plan or Brexit with no plan. I cannot see a second referendum. I was having a discussion actually with Becky on this as to why there is very unlikely to be a second referendum, and that’s because the British government authorized the United Kingdom, Britain to leave the European Union, which meant there were two years of bureaucratic work. The civil service had to completely rewrite nearly every piece of legislation that we have. Whether you go to the shop to buy a bag of carrots or whether the Royal Air Force buys a missile for its aircraft, all of that has to be rewritten and it’s taken the best part of two years. Now they’re not now going to say oh, let’s stay in the European Union because frankly bureaucratically we couldn’t, because we worked for the last two years to leave. All the paperwork has been done to leave and that’s something that the people who are clamoring for a return to the European Union, perhaps because they have not been in government, certainly they probably haven’t been in civil service at the high level, don’t actually understand what’s going on. I’ve actually got a commemorative 50 pence coin, a half a dollar to the Americans. I’ve got a commemorative 50 pence coin that’s struck and it says Britain leaving the European Union and it gives the date in March. So everybody’s geared for leaving from a government point of view, and if for no other reason that is why Theresa May won’t try and go back into Europe. The other thing that has occurred is that people are seeing the vindictiveness of the European Union toward the British people. Now I paraphrased it by saying that Tusk said that, you know, Brexit here should go to hell. That’s not quite what he said but the energy was there. And when you realize that somebody is that nasty, then you think well I don’t really want to be in your club anyway. So I think there are a lot of people who love Europe, the concept of Europe, the concept of big government and all the rest of it and they think it’s a good thing and Britain should be in there, [are] probably dismayed at the way that these Europeans have reacted rather than continually, what they should have been saying is come back, come back, come back, but that’s not what they are saying. What they’re saying is go! And you know, we will make it as difficult as possible. Now everybody knows that I voted to leave Brexit, but then I’m being fairly independent here. That is actually the attitude coming from Europe, which is go. Get lost. The only thing we are going to miss about you is the money that you brought in, and that’s the sad reality of it. So that was that point.

Also we are talking about... I had a conversation about people who are infected with Satanic energy, why they don’t act in a logical fashion, and what I was putting the point across and trying to explain was that when a person has had some form of Satanic program in them, Satanic energy is 4th dimensional. It is a concept out of this Earth, out of this reality. It’s from another dimension, the 4th dimension. That’s why there are so many bad guys in the lower 4th, but that’s where satanic energy was brought in and when a person has a good dollop as we say in Great Britain, a good dollop of Satanic energy in them, that is in conflict with the 3rd dimension. The 3rd dimension, the Earth, is a beautiful place. It has no concept of pedophilia, no concept of Satanism. The death and murder within humans is incredibly small, and when this Satanic energy this 4th dimensional energy was brought in it corrupted what was a very pure and beautiful origination. You don’t have this in the 5th, 6th, and 7th and higher dimensions. So when a person whether they are in Hollywood or they’re a politician or whether they are just somebody who has brushed shoulders with the elite, and then has just gone, you know, AWOL, as we say, they have just gone loose cannon, it’s because the program breaks down and this Satanic 4th dimensional energy which you can see in the person, you don’t have to be someone special to see it. It becomes very obvious. They don’t act in a logical way. You can’t look at it and say well they should do this or do that. Why are they saying this? It doesn’t make any sense, but it can’t make any sense. A 4th dimensional energy does not have any resonance in a 3rd dimensional, 5th dimensional for that matter setting. And so these people who are infected with the 4th dimensional program or Satanic evil, then they’re working to a different set of logic. They’re working to a logic of a 4th dimension, and it’s very easy then to pick out these people in social media who have been contaminated with 4th dimensional energy because of the way they act. And that’s one of the best ways to test somebody to look at the way they are and they are very very up and down. People who are infected with 4th dimensional energy have these huge mood swings. Yes, they could have a medical condition but I’m talking about people who are in our industry who have been either subtly or not so subtly attacked and turned. So that’s the major points I wanted to talk about and during the questions, which Becky is going to read out there will be other topics that I was going to cover but as you put the questions in then I’ll take it there, so that’s...


And hello and welcome to the second half. The reason I’m saying the second half and why I have a different top on or at least I think I do, it’s a different day. We have had so many energy attacks against us, that it was touch and go whether we would be able to get the show out this week. It’s been one thing after another. So we’ve got an opportunity now and we are gonna go for it, so there’s a split here in the time, sort of a time travel. All right so I think where we were we were just about to ask Becky to start the questions. So please Becky if you’ll be very kind to do the questions, thank you.

Rebecca Parkes: Okay, thanks. Good day Simon. Would you be willing to share information on why only a small portion of Pleiadeans have brown eyes? I believe I heard you previously mention this. Also do you feel it would make sense for a Pleiadean soul to incarnate into Reptilian lifeform for the sake of understanding and progressions even if it would be quite a rough ride? Thank you for all your time and care in sharing so openly everything you do.

SP: Well thank you very kind of you. Most Pleiadeans will have blue eyes. I’ve never really been a fan of Charles Darwin in terms of some of the genetics points he put across. Most 5th dimensional people will have blue eyes, but a small proportion will have brown eyes simply because when they travel down from the 5th dimension, they will have stopped off on the 4th, maybe most likely Sirius, less likely Orion or any of the other inhabitable planets in the 4th dimension, but certainly if a Pleiadean person on their reincarnation journey to Earth stops at the 4th dimension then, I don’t mean they just have one incarnation there; they have many many lifetimes there. Then their eyes will turn brown. People from Sirius will generally have brown eyes, so there’s a small proportion. The reason there’s a small proportion is that people who are Pleiadean perhaps don’t see there is any advantage in stopping off in the 4th dimension. If as we understand that most of the bad guys are in the lower 4th and I can appreciate why a Pleiadean would say I’m not gonna, you know, dirty my hands with that lot. However this question is really interesting because it helps me lead on to the second point. If we don’t understand the oppressors, if we don’t understand this Satanic 4th dimensional energy, then we are not really best placed to fight it. If we understand the codes, the keys that makes this 4th dimensional stuff work then we are perhaps in a better way to deal with it. And just as an aside, in my opinion from what I’ve been told and what I’ve seen and what I know, perhaps three-quarters, 75 percent of all Indigo kids or star kids that for the last twenty-odd years have been incarnating on the planet, the vast majority are coming from the 4th dimension from Sirius, not entirely but a large proportion, because these young people are arriving with the codes on the 4th dimension and they’re capable then of dismantling that. So why would a Reptilian, a traditional typical Reptilian want to incarnate into a Pleiadean-type body or why would a Pleiadean want to incarnate into a Reptilian body? What you would normally find is that the Pleiadean would want to be in a Reptilian body, and vice versa, simply because it’s to understand the, not the opposition in turns of your enemy, but to understand the opposition in terms of what are the fundamental blocks preventing some form of deal or friendship. If you are always at war with somebody then there’s no chance of sitting around the table. Perhaps the best way you do it is by actually understanding, seeing, and trying to get their perspective, so whenever that occurs that is a positive point. I’m nearly finished with this one but look at a family where the mother might be Pleiadean, the dad is Pleiadean, and they go and have a child and the child is absolutely Reptilian. How has that come about? Why has that happened, and it surely is for a positive purpose, because the Reptilian wants to learn what it is to be loved, and the parents want to try to understand the fears of the 4th dimensional child, and if those two can work together, the Reptilian and the [Pleiadean], if they can work together, then there is a blueprint for a wider peace right throughout the multiverse, so that was a really good two-part question. Thank you for that.

RP: That question was by Jane by the way.

SP: All right. Thank you Jane.

RP: I just want to ask about, because the majority of the world’s population has brown eyes.

SP: Yes.

RP: And so you know with the African race and the Asian race...

SP: Yes.

RP: So …

SP: Why? Because

RP: So maybe lots of them will be Pleiadean as well.

SP: Well possibly people may remember that this is a taboo subject in this industry and in many industries and one of them is if you go to any convention, why are there so few black people? At a UFO convention why is it sort of 90-odd percent white? Why so few black people involved? Is it because they are not interested, they don’t care, they don’t see the flying saucers, what is it? And, I don’t know if I was the first person, but I certainly explained that the white race was the race that the negative forces wanted to interact with, primarily, although remember I talked about the Zulu nation and there are a couple of others, the Hopi Indians, et cetera, et cetera. But without going right down the rabbit hole on that one, basically it was the white race that the Draconis Reptilians and the others, the Annunaki wanted to manipulate. They wanted to control. Therefore the soul in the body of an African person who hasn’t had these connections, the soul does not override the genetics to the eye. But if you are a green-eyed person or a blue-eyed person or a brown-eyed person with white skin, then there’s a strong possibility that the soul has overcome the programming and we see this medically where a child is born with one color eye, or two color eyes, I beg your pardon, and then when they get about four or five years old, their eye color changes. So it didn’t actually cause the stir I’d hoped it would. I thought it would be a big debate about this, but I’d said that black people were very hard for aliens to control. They resisted it, and as a result of that they don’t have the same history, the same connections, as white people do or as people of mixed race or mixed culture, and that is the reason why most black people will have brown eyes and white people will have different colored eyes because the souls in the body are not expressing themselves in the same way. So I hope that helps.

RP: Okay, thank you. The next question is from Victoria. [30:29] Please Simon could you give some insight into the QuadrigaCX suspicious circumstances where the CEO who was only thirty died and the crypto currency invested in the company may not now be accessed by the investors. Thank you for all you do as well, Victoria.

SP: And there have been a number of smaller investment platforms that, I don’t want to put anyone in problems here, that have rebuffed advances from bigger players. The way it is normally done here on this planet is that the people who are in charge, they carve up, a bit like the Mafia really. They carve up the territory and they say well, you know, you can do this but you can’t do that. And a good example would be, let’s have a hypothetical situation where I want to open a hardware store. Now the elite will let me do that because it’s not going to challenge them is it? A hardware store is no problem. But let’s say it’s really successful and I buy another one and another one and another one, and I’ve got lots of hardware stores and there comes a point when the long-established huge multinationals are beginning to feel a pinch from my little hardware store. So what they do is they come around the table and they say, look this is the area where you can now operate in. We don’t have any stores here so you can have that, but you can’t operate here, here, or here. If you do try and open a store in that area we will destroy you, and that’s exactly what happens right across the board with the elite. They will carve up the territory either of a state or in Britain a borough or a city or the world. And if a platform, an electronic money platform does not follow the guidelines that are given by these elite, then the elite will take them out. The object ultimately for the elite is to take them over, is to take control, so they’ll identify up and coming cryptocurrency platforms, and then they’ll want to take control either through stock exchange, through share buyout or they will just manipulate it and if they aren’t get that, then we’re finding more and more people suddenly ending up dead or falsely imprisoned, et cetera, et cetera. So I’m not going to comment directly on that one because there are, I don’t know a huge amount about it, but I know there are other people there who are hanging on shall we say, but can’t access the money because the legal teams have been activated and they’ve blocked it. This is it. Remember that the elite, regardless of what nonsense you read on the internet, the elite are still in control. They still pull the strings by and large, and they can stop any company, any company from doing things they don’t want. So you will see small companies regardless of, I mean bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are in the news, but I can tell you there’s lots of other companies that aren’t in financial sides and they are obviously suffering as well. So that’s what’s going on there. I hope that’s helpful. Thank you for your question.

RP: Thank you. Annie says, Dear Simon, please could you elaborate on your today’s website statement about a planned attack on Pakistan by India. You have understandably mentioned that you cannot disclose dates. Please could you give us a rough time scale. I’m in the northwest UK but have travel plans to the region.

SP: Right.

RP: I understand things can change rapidly in these situations and hopefully a conflict may not occur. However, I’d rather be safe than sorry. Thank you for your wonderful work. You are truly appreciated.

SP: That’s really kind of you thank you. There’s lots of people that perhaps on the negative side who don’t like me giving advice or warnings. I couldn’t at the time give a date simply because I’d been ask not to. If I was to give the exact date and time of the proposed attack then it would be very clearly traced back. Only a handful of people apparently are aware of that. And again my concern was there’s a delay between, obviously we’re gonna go out with it before and I thought well, you know, it’s a day gone by but those of you who have followed the situation, until very recently will have been quite surprised at the lack of news. I put a sign up on the website and the very next day, it’s probably just coincidence, but the very next day the BBC then carried a large article online about this. Although my stuff would have been, (bang) my stuff, oh that’s just something that dropped. And my site was, my information would have been more detailed because I was basically saying that the Chinese were backing Pakistan and they had aircraft loads of cargo, military cargo ready to go. And the Americans are backing India and what India wanted was high resolution satellite imagery to identify targets. 400 paramilitary police, Indians were blown up by a suicide bomb. It took out their coaches. And the prime minister of India was a guy called Modi and he’s up for reelection, and he basically knows that if he didn’t do something he won’t win the election, so that’s a very negative reason for doing something. On the other hand the people of India are absolutely out in the streets. It’s not being covered really, but they are out on the streets. They want their government to hit back. So I’ve been told that the Prime Minister of India, Modi, has said to the military you have the authority to attack. You must attack when you are ready to do so. Right, so far, so good in the sense of that’s where we are at the moment. Now what happened inbetween the first bit of this show and the break was that the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, ex-cricketer for anyone who used to watch cricket some years ago, came on and made a statement trying to buy time. Now that might have affected the whole planning here, because nobody expected the prime minister of Pakistan to basically come on and try and, you know, break some peace here. If you are flying anywhere to the Kashmir region, that’s where you would expect activity. It is Kashmir that’s being fought over. My grandfather, who was a British diplomat in India and stayed on to about 1949 and oversaw the transfer from British India into, you know, sovereign India and the creation of Pakistan in terms of what was going to happen with Kashmir... my grandfather said at the time this is a recipe for war. And you, this was to the prime minister at the time, you just are literally giving Britain, because remember Britain is very powerful back in the mid- to late-forties. You’re giving Britain a huge problem here, and he was right, so we’ve had two major wars since then and several small conflicts. So they have a history of fighting each other. The other bit to add now is that previously President Obama supported Pakistan and provided Pakistan with a huge amount of military aid. In fact Pakistan had more early warning and airborne control aircraft than India have, and they have some fairly modern American jets. But, when Trump came into office he completely reversed the policy, so Pakistan no longer gets any money from the U.S., and they were fast becoming bankrupt, so the Chinese then jumped in and the Chinese now are funding Pakistan, and America is funding India. So, although we won’t get two superpowers fighting each other, it won’t get that far, we have two superpowers who would like to test out their weaponry. Timescale. I can no longer be accurate simply because the Prime Minister of Pakistan has thrown his bit into the mix, and that has thrown it all about, but I would to you anytime from the last week in February to the first week in March, the last week in February to the first week in March. Thank you for the question, thank you.

RP: Thank you. Valerie says, Dear Simon, just heard the YouTube report below that Obama is being held at Gitmo. We never hear on U.S. TV any news like Trump is working on indicting elite pedophiles or big bankers, et cetera. Can you please find out if it is true that Obama is being held at Gitmo, including all the guys, all the other guys the same channel claims are already at Gitmo in the other short video listed by the same Q channel. Now I’ve not had a look at the video. I don’t know if you have.

SP: No I haven’t had a chance to look. We’ve had so many energy attacks. We’re just lucky to be doing the podcast. However, I have had two communications, two separate people on this subject, and I have to say that I cannot come out and confirm that. What I can tell you is that I have been told by military sources in the U.S. that George Soros is there already and Obama is there, but I’ve got no independent confirmation of that. And what the military sources are telling me is that this is related to the letters. You remember I and others put our videos out and we showed that George Bush Jr’s funeral, I beg your pardon, George Bush Senior’s funeral, they all seemed to receive these very short letters. And I’m beginning to understand now that this is probably in relation to indictments, so although I initially thought it said treason—it’s the same thing really—but it might have said you are indicted or this or something along those lines, meaning that you will have to go somewhere to be questioned. So what I’m being told is that the names that are given are actually there and are being questioned, and also I’m being told is that George Bush Jr., now in Great Britain we call it turning Queen’s evidence. I think in the U.S. it’s called state evidence. I understand that George Bush Jr. has decided to basically come clean, and that includes 911. That’s what I’ve been told so my immediate reaction is when do we get that in the public? You know I’ll keep on saying it, I don’t want this under the carpet. I don’t want this all done and dusted and suddenly X has got cancer or Y’s died of a heart attack or this. We need this to come out. And I’ve spoken about Rommel. Rommel was a great hero of Nazi Germany, was definitely involved in the plot to kill Adolf Hitler, but he was such a huge hit, hero, that they offered him a gun with a bullet and said kill yourself. We’ll tell the public that you died of your wounds fighting in Normandy, and if you look on YouTube you see there’s lots of realtime video of Rommel’s funeral and of course it’s oh he died fighting and he wasn’t. He was offered a choice and committed suicide. So there is a precedence here, ha, ha, for past presidents or anyone else to choose that way out rather than have this public humiliation, which wouldn’t affect them because they’ve gone, but would affect the family. So often these people will do it because they don’t want the problem on their families. Now I understand that but, you know, we need the truth out there. The public needs the truth. The public needs to be told. We need to see these people up in court facing charges. And I will not be pleased if all the key players that we bandy about all the time just suddenly disappear or go off into retirement. You know, and there’s no public being told. So that’s the situation. I am hearing it from it from high sources, but I’m not prepared to call that because I haven’t had it from what I call the more “bread and butter” sources, troops on the ground, and the people in the middle management who would know this. I haven’t had that. I’m getting it from very high on top. So if I honestly find out and I will at some point then of course I’ll say. Thank you. Okay, and that’s fantastic and the next question then please Becky.

RP: Okay and this question is from Sandalwood. Source blessings Simon. I was working in the same area where the ex-Labour leader John Smith had his heart attack in. I’m an energy and vibration worker and energy healer and I felt very powerful and negatively unsettling energies in the area. This nasty energy upset and unsettled me and then I heard that John Smith had just died. I genuinely believe that he was attacked by some type of energy weapon and this caused his heart attack and untimely death. Then afterwards the negative Tony Blair took over as leader of New Labour. I also intuitively know that Robin Cooke was murdered and didn’t fall from the mountain, but was pushed. Can you confirm my feeling that John Smith was also murdered?

SP: We must be looking at about 1994, 1994, 1995, something like that, ’94. Yes the point was at the time and all through history the political parties have always been controlled by the same force, so absolutely there are different ideologies and the men and women who make up those parties have very different ideologies from their fellow lawmakers or parliamentarians and they’re very passionate or most of them are, should be, about what they stand for and the policies that they have. What most of them don’t realize is that they are still controlled by an overseeing force, and what we had up until that time was a very very moral bound conservative government under people like John Major and prior to that Margaret Thatcher, where the energies had completely run out from that particular party and the elite wanted or knew that the opposition party was now going to be the party of government and could well be in for 10 years. So it was very important to them that they have somebody in position that would take forward their agenda, so Tony Blair was right at center. I’ll tell you something now that the newspapers won’t tell you. I was a Labour Councillor, as some of you all know, in the London borough of Hackney. I did two terms of office there. Well prior to that some years before that Tony Blair had stood as a Labour Councillor and a candidate. He turned up to the Labour Party in HQ in Hackney and he was interviewed to see if he would be a very good candidate, and I’ll tell you a secret. The report that I’ve seen about Tony Blair was that he was too right wing, and the Hackney Labour Party refused to let him be a Labour Councillor because they considered him on the extreme edge of the right wing. Now isn’t that fascinating, and that’s a long time before he became prime minister. So he was very pro-business. You can remember that he brought in a lot of the early 3Gs, and he pushed all that through. He had a Chancellor who called Gordon Brown and the two of them sold off a lot of British gold for next to nothing. There are a lot of policies that he put through which weakened the country, but on a popular side he did things like increase education, you know, he made it so that many kids could go to university. So he was popular in one way and then he went and threw it all in the toilet because he threw his hand in with a war, so we don’t need to go down that road. We know that. So it was very very fortuitous that John Smith, who was a gentleman, actually, gentleman, was removed and it was made so that he would be the leader. So that’s the first point. Now the second point is Robin Cook. Robin Cook was incredibly anti-Iraq being invaded and Afghanistan, but much more Iraq, and he was speaking out a great deal, and I was never satisfied with the report that he’d slipped and fell, and possibly suffered a heart attack. I always felt, and those who were at the time, you know, who were prepared to have a word with me from time to time, also felt that that wasn’t the full story, so I would agree with you, but I have not got anything concrete. Nobody at this stage is prepared to come forward and be open about it because they’re still frightened, and they don’t want to fall off the top of Mount Snowdon or Kilimanjaro. Until the elite are, the evil elite, I beg your pardon, there are some good elite. Until the evil elite are banished, people aren’t prepared to speak up. That’s a good question, and thank you for the work you do. Thanks.

RP: Okay thank you. Martina says Dear Simon, to begin with I want to thank you for your precious work. I discovered you a few months ago on YouTube. I am deeply touched in my soul by your inner being. I am German living in France. Now my question, is it possible to do a session with you on Skype, a soul reading without the camera, just voice and vibration. Thank you for your answer. Best greetings from the Atlantic Ocean, Martina.

SP: The Atlantic Ocean, sounds like you are on a boat. Well thank you for, thank you, thank you for doing your own journey and asking questions and trying to find the truth. I’m sure I’m just one aspect of you digging for the truth. The answer is no I can’t. I need the video. I’m visual. I always work by visuals. That’s why many of my clients who have issues with their children or something like that will show me a photograph on Skype and I can work from that, so it has to be Skype. Some people are concerned that they use Skype and people could listen in and I have to tell you that whatever you might be told, there isn’t a single safe medium, not just the National Security Agency, but many countries’ intelligence networks can literally listen to it, just everything and anything if they choose to, although the National Security Agency have the prime mover on this. They’re... my old friend Win Keech, when he created the chip-and-pin coding for the debit and credit cards and the National Security Agency flew over from America, and literally just turned up on his doorstep and their words to him were, and I quote, “There isn’t a code on the planet that we can’t break,” but they said we can’t break yours, so we need to do a deal. That’s another story, but my point is that they made it quite clear that they could get into everything and anything, whether it was a bank, a local bank, a local post office, whether it was a little news agent shop that had this, that and... they knew it, everything. They had Skype and zoom, fax machines, emails, Twitter, the lot. So what I say to people is you either live in fear or you decide there are certain things that you can’t say openly, but you know, you can say some other things and don’t live in fear. What these people do is they monitor. They just monitor and collect information, and they regularly monitor here and they regularly watch and I’m not going to live my life in fear, so if you can get Skype, then you can, you can book. Thank you.

RP: Okay thank you. [Meden] says good day Simon and Becky.

SP: Must be from Australia.

RP: Yeah. Simon I just want to say that you have the most stunning blue eyes. They are beautiful. I love the love and shine that comes through. You are a blessing to humankind and thank you. Question one: Do you think that the tipping point for a mass awakening is happening, and there are more people awake than comatose? Is the information that you are hearing that the deep state is really coming down worldwide? Thank you and Becky, would like to see you sometime.

SP: Thank you very much. The reason I’m laughing of course is that my beautiful eyes are green and the problem with Skype, one of the questions I always ask my clients, so it’s a common thing because Skype cameras do not show eye color. They can’t. So one of the questions I always ask the clients when I’m doing consultation is what color are your eyes please. My eyes are a very interesting green. They are not just the standard green, they’re sort of a Jady type green and that’s why sometimes they come across as blue. So I hope that means that you still want to listen to me, and you still like me, and remember that only 1.8 of the world’s population have green eyes, so I’m keeping my green eyes. I’m not going to go and get blue contact lenses. The second question literally about is it all coming down? Yes, actually I’m really positive it is, but it’s not necessarily coming down the way I would envisage it coming down. In other words, we talk about these sort of analogies, like cutting the head of the snake off, but the snake still keeps wriggling around for a little bit. If a deal appears to be done with those at the very top, so they go as a gentleman’s agreement, then are we really going to get the sort of change that we so desperately need here, and that’s my concern, that too much of a gentlemen’s agreement is done. Now if, and I am being told this, I’m being told that after the heads of the snakes have been cut off, then there will be a great public opening up. There’ll be a huge release of information, but you see that’s rather like somebody who says you buy my motorcar and then come back tomorrow and I’ll put the headlamps on for you, and when you go back the next day the garage is closed. The guy’s gone. So I much rather that everything was shown to be happening now, but there definitely is and are signs that the system is being changed. I have no doubt about that, but I’m not necessarily happy in the way that it’s being conducted. I suppose I always want somebody who said that people were ready for the truth. Don’t treat people like kids. Lay all your cards on the table. Let people look at it, you know, what do you think people are gonna do. This is not the 1950s. People aren’t going to go screaming en masse and hide under the table or grab the gun and throw furniture up against the door and shoot to anyone who comes near them. Those days are not here. There will be some panic. I know there would be. There would be issues but that’s not an excuse to hide the truth from the people. The satanic evil elite as a matter of course hid the truth and continue to hide the truth. If we are going to go in and have a new beginning we can’t take a leaf out of their book. We have to say no, this is the truth. Let’s trust the people and just lay it out, so it is happening but not necessarily in the way that I would like it to. Thank you for your question. Oh that’s great, so if you are ready we will have the next one please Becky.

RP: Okay thanks. Christian says Hi, Simon, do we need to be concerned about researching and looking into information such as the kind of topics you cover without anonymity? It is obvious that all computer users can be monitored and tracked, whether it be on your PC or mobile phone. Also, there are many seemingly convincing clips on YouTube of people apparently shapeshifting and having Reptilian eyes. I know you have talked about there only being a couple of hundred Reptilians on Earth, but these clips suggest that the number is much higher if they are to be believed. Can you clarify please? Many thanks, Christian.

SP: Thanks Christian. That’s really good, and I’m really sorry Becky I forgot the first part of the question.

RP: The first part is about is it possible to do research or look into these things without anyone knowing, without being followed.

SP: Thank you. Thank you Becky. The question would be why would they be interested in you? If you are an avid researcher, you’re not writing a book, you are not running a huge website, you’re not speaking at conferences, they won’t take any action against you. They will just observe and log you. If you start to write a book or run a website or start speaking out publicly, then they would take a negative interest in you, but then so will the good force because a good force might say, well this person is actually pushing out an agenda which is helpful, but the problem is that you, as the individual, get caught between it, so as long as you don’t put your head above the parapet in terms of drawing the public attention to you, it’s absolutely fine to do the research, not a problem. It’s only if you start to use that research to educate people or to try and change people’s perceptions that’s when the system comes in and hammers you, and we know all about that here. So okay, the second one is more interesting. Now I have referred to what I call real real Reptilians, i.e., very tall. There they are in the physical, in their own life support units somewhere under the Earth or a different place of the Earth and they don’t need to shapeshift because they’re in the shape that they should be. We talk about certain key members of humanity that have what I call a Reptilian overlay, Her Majesty The Queen, George Soros. In fact Putin, President Putin referred to George Soros as the old reptile, and that’s another aspect. And then we have what you’re referring to, where you might have a newscaster or somebody whose eyes suddenly change and to become more slit-like, and then they change back again. Now that does not mean they’re Reptilian, and I really want to be clear on this. It means that they contain a proportion of Reptilian energy. It might be genetic or it might be energetic within the soul. So if a person’s eyes shift, it does not necessarily mean, in fact it’s 99.9 percent. It doesn’t mean that they’re a Reptilian that’s just climbed out of the ground from an underground base and has assumed human stance. There are very very large numbers of people on this planet who have proportions of Reptilian in them and it is perfectly normal and perfectly acceptable for them to change their eyes from time to time. Now it is not, again out of the percentage 75 percent of the time, it’s not their eyes that change. It’s an overlay of the eye and I tried to do an analogy to explain this. You go to the cinema. You take your seat which you pay a huge amount of money for and you watch a film and the machine if it’s digital or whatever it is, it projects an image onto a screen but I want you to imagine in reverse here. I want you to imagine that the camera projecting is inside the eye and the retina of the eye coming through right through to the lens and that the image is projected through the lens and what happens, I don’t know, a millionth of a millimeter just the other side of the lens, it changes, so the eye physically doesn’t change but an energy expression like a film showing on a screen shows the eye change and the other 25 percent, the physical eye can actually change. This is when the person contains varying proportions of Reptilian. I’ve met people who can change an arm, so literally an arm can just like a wave breaks on an ocean, so it then suddenly turns into scales and runs down the arm and then the human skin just follows them off to it, so rather like a wave breaking, the crest of the wave it’s all scaly and Reptilian, and then as the wave passes, it returns back to normal skin. That doesn’t mean the person’s Reptilian. It means that they have that, and when I’m talking to a number of my clients and I will say to them have you ever been in a situation where you’ve had your friends around you and for no apparent reason the conversation just dropped dead. Their faces are absolutely a mixture of shock turned to stone and some people just walk away and don’t know what to do, and in some cases people said I’ve had that, and I said well your eyes have changed but the people who have seen it can’t compute it. They can’t work it out. They can’t quantify it and so they think well I must have just been seeing things, but it’s an absolute conversation killer. Please do not assume that people doing that are evil. Please don’t assume that they are evil Reptilians. It is a nat... now. It’s a natural part of what’s happened on this planet from the days of the Annunaki. So many people have Reptilian that a large proportion of the public believe it or not have the capability to change. Thank you for your question.

RP: Okay, thank you. Sydney says Hi, Simon, the human being or latest version of Homo sapiens sapiens is a very special vessel that enables the soul within to experience via the said vessel. I feel this sets us apart from all other entities. Am I correct when I say because of our shorter lifespan we have greater opportunity for our soul to advance in this tough school we call Earth. Our soul is made up of the many parts that corresponds to the many lives we’ve lived. All also feel many alien races do not reincarnate and some cases don’t even have a soul. The threat as I see it is AI and humanity’s fixation on technology and financial gain. Thanks Simon for your counsel and the work you do for us all.

SP: That’s a brilliant question and I can’t really add to it because you know your answer. We mustn’t just assume that 200,000 or 250,000 years ago the Reptilians turned up and did what they did and that’s the end of the story. Or, 25,000 years ago the Annunaki were created. Humanity on this planet has been genetically engineered and altered over millions of years but by different competing races. The best understanding is you can imagine something, intelligence arriving on the planet in a physical form looking at these sort of part-human part-ape creatures and thinking oh there’s great potential here. We’ll have a little tweak and we’ll come back in two million years, three million years, see how they do. And sure enough they come back two or three million years, but what they found in the meantime is another alien race has arrived and landed and done something and this has been the occurrence all aimed toward what we are now, but it was the Reptilians and the Draconis Reptilians that stole humanity’s birthright, which we are slowly getting back, so they were the ones that did the most genetic engineering for negative purposes. I must make that very clear. Prior to that I can’t say a 100 percent, but prior to that it was more of an experiment to see where these people would go, what could happen from the very earliest time, it was ordained shall we say, that humanity would be on this planet and it would be a battleground for the time to come. So there has been this great interest. What the Reptilians did was basically took what they found, did a lot of genetic alterations, and captured what they had part created and not to say for their slaves, but for their own usage, so when we go through incarnations, our soul can often remember and it’s not just the brain that remembers. A soul can remember and many lifetimes can be remembered. Does that cover the question Becky or was there another aspect to it?

RP: Yeah, yeah.

SP: Okay, so I just felt that you were spot-on with what you’d said. You really have understood it and, you know, this is a battleground and it’s basically where I think that’s the key I wanted to talk about. The AI, it’s the point that this is a firewall planet which means that artificial intelligence and there’s a big article today and I haven’t even had time to get it out, but there’s a really very useful article out today saying that more and more scientists now are very concerned that they’re seeing aspects of AI. You may be aware of the Solar Warden Program, an AI defensive system aimed at protecting the Earth from extraterrestrials and that now is almost sentient standalone, so humanity must never ever ever give up what makes us human, because if we do what was all this about? Why are we bothering? Why are we striving? Why are we trying to learn if we’re just going to become robotized? Then it’s all pointless and the soul journeys, the soul finds a physical form and it experiences and it learns and it is one of the most wonderful things of creation. I don’t believe in a God that sits in a chair and floats in the clouds, but I do believe in a God that is an overall creational force, an overall creator of everything and AI is another creation. It is another issue, but it has gone rogue, and it seeks to turn everything to itself and that is not right, so I agree with you entirely. Thank you for your question, thank you.

RP: Okay thank you and Simon says, Hi, Simon, wishing you well and concerned about you and your health. I hope you’re getting well again. I have a question regarding Mr. Trump and the shadow government, the deep state. He has made a truth, a truce with the Bush or the [1:08:50][chief] family and will no longer open the indictments or bring out the truth on the 9/11. I really hope not. Thanks and best.

SP: Well that’s quite helpful. First of all that we have had loads of attacks. In 2015 Connecting Consciousness, the organization that I founded and head took on the CERN device. I can be quite open about it because you can’t be prosecuted if you are not physically there. You know, the system legally doesn’t understand how somebody can send their mind from one country to another country. That’s just not, it’s just not on the statute book. A number of us took a little bit of a hit from that. One guy who was in the vanguard was partially deaf for nine months and had one of his teeth shattered, completely shattered, and it’s because of the energy feedback as he quite funnily said when you’re wrestling, wrestling with a billion ton machine, there’s a lot of feedback, and I took some damage as well and that’s caused the tooth problem, so for those of you who thought, oh well Simon needs a healthy diet, you’re right. We all do. Not looking after himself, there was this reason behind it, but it’s just taking a lot longer to express itself with me. The tooth is going to have to come out. It’s shattered. It’s broken and that’s classic for these energy battles. Anyway that’s that, and now I’ve forgotten what the second part was. I’m sorry Becky.

RP: I’m gonna have to go back because I...

SP: There’s a second part. Okay.

RP: Let me just...

SP: It was the truth. It was a health.

RP: Let me just go back.

SP: Oh no, I’ve got it. I’ve got it. It was about indictments, yeah.

RP: Okay. [crosstalk] He made a truce with the Bush and [share] family...

SP: That’s fine.

RP: On the indictments.

SP: Fine. Earlier on I talked about how I was receiving information that George Bush Jr. had turned state’s evidence and was working with prosecutors and that’s what I think you are referring to that basically for the information that he’s given is considered to be so valuable that it’s worth taking him off the hook, so that’s where you’re probably picking up from some really good research actually. I don’t know where you’re finding that because I don’t know that that’s out on the websites, but well done. What you’re probably picking up then is that Bush Jr. is saying okay, I’ll come clean if you’ll cut me a deal, and I share your concern. This is what I was saying earlier. I certainly think the truth about 9/11 will come out. I don’t think that is going to be hidden. Now cast your minds back to when George Senior casket and there was a ceremony for the burial, Trump turned up after all the Cabalists were in the front row. You should have a good look at Trump’s face. It is absolutely disgust on his face because what I can tell you is that prior to that ceremony with the coffin, Trump and George Bush Jr. had been in the office. I don’t know which office, but they’ve been together and that’s when the deal was struck that Bush Jr. would give a lot of information and start talking, and if you ever saw the pictures of Trump at George Bush Senior’s coffin and he had the first lady with him, he gives a very curt short salute, and I think the first lady puts her hand over her heart, but you can see in Trump’s face it’s absolutely no love lost there, and so it was there, because I can tell you this, that Trump had heard some of the most horrendous awful things that anybody would not want to hear, and that’s why he was full of disgust when he was at the meeting and also remember this for those of you who perhaps still think it’s not really true, you noticed the security guards, called security guards, the intelligence men standing right behind George Bush Jr. and along that line and yet look where Trump was, the security guards were not near him. The intelligence men weren’t that close to him because it was never about Trump. That situation with that whole thing was an orchestrated plan, it was all about putting the pressure on the Cabal and they weren’t at all worried about Trump. They knew Trump was gonna be fine, but they needed these people behind George Bush Jr. just to remind him the deal that he’d cut so recapping on it, I do believe a deal has been done. I have not been privy. I’ve not had a sight to that deal. I’ve been told part of it, and like you, I want the truth of 9/11 to come out and lots of other stuff too, so I’m not giving up yet. I’m not. I’m not packing my bag and going off. I do believe it’ll come out, but probably not as quickly as I’d want it to.

Now what I’m gonna do is just read my thank you’s and then we’ll go over some more questions, so I want to thank Valerie, Enrique, Imogene, Bob, Leslie, Sue, Robert, Greta, Carl, Virginia, Goodmanda, Elk, Katrine, Christopher, Shamsa, Elisa, Tina, Raymond, Marish, Isabel, Cheryl, Olaf, Jane, Thomas, Vesna, David, Margarita, Mary. Now there were others but we’ve had such a hell at the time that I am afraid I haven’t written the others down, so thank you everybody who so graciously donated whatever you can to keep the show on the road. Thank you. All right Becky I think we’ve got a few more questions, have we.

RP: Yes we have and those, the dog’s barking is not ours. The next office...

SP: Yes the lady from the land, down the lane there has brought her dog out for a walk.

RP: Yeah.

SP: And so just rest assured, it’s not the dog here.

RP: Yeah.

SP: And it’s looked after here. It is in fact...

RP: Legal, yeah.

SP: Right.

RP: Okay so we have a lot of questions about 5G and I’ve compiled some to end, so thanks for everyone who’s written about 5G and we will be addressing this at different points, but Jim says, Dear Simon, thank you so very much for your contribution to the betterment of humanity. Question: Is the rollout of 5G slowing or advancing? What can be done to stop it? Will shungite or anything else shield against it?

SP: Right. It’s variable. In Britain it’s been delayed, not because of anything in the law, simply because they are receiving huge problems structurally to put this program together, technically huge problems. Also, though you won’t have it reported, a number of key leading people have left the projects because they don’t like what they are seeing, and that is delayed it. If you take the key people out of the project, they take their stuff with them in their head and therefore it’s delayed and that’s going on. How can we stop it? We can’t as people unless everybody, and I know that won’t happen, unless everybody took to the streets and sat down outside their government office, and that would stop it, but humanity doesn’t work like that I’m afraid. Therefore we are looking toward the people who are in a very strong position, military, basically to deal with it. Until such time as that occurs, we’re looking at shungite and a whole range of crystals and minerals which have proven effect at reducing this. I strongly urge you to do your research to see what minerals or crystals are available that do reduce the effects of these transmissions, and I mean here on my desk here I’ve got my orgone device and I have that right next to my rooter and that I’m sure has a beneficial effect and 5G shungite does have some effect. There are other minerals as well, so we do really need to think about this and I was chatting to a person who was a jockey. I’m not going to mention his name and he, you know, rode horses in for the very rich and the elite and he went round all the venues, and he said there was one place in France, south of France where the top elite would go for holidays. Part of it was the horse-racing, but they take their family and children, and no cell masts, no phone masts have been allowed to be built within this location because the elite know the damage of them, and so we’re taking our kids there for a holiday. We don’t want those cell masts, and if you look on the planet, there are certain key areas that for some magical strange reason don’t get the masts up and then when you actually dig into it, you find that this is either a family, a very powerful family, a bloodline family or it’s a place where they go, so they know the truth, but of course the rest of us we have to put up with it. So we better defend ourselves and protect ourselves until those who are in the know and are capable of doing something about it actually get off their butts and do something to help humanity. Short of a hundred thousand people going out and doing what the French do very effectively actually, then it’s not going to turn around. The problem is the old argument about well, look at the money it’s gonna make. Of course you and I don’t see the money. It just goes to the top, but they will argue that it creates jobs and it’s good for the economy and of course you know, young people, they just live for these things. That’s just what they want. I mean the pictures of young kids at five o’clock in the morning outside the store waiting for the shop to open so they can be the very first person to buy the latest iPhone, so yeah 5G will roll out and what’s going to happen I guess is there’s going to be more and more reports of medical issues coming up and at first they will hide it. Look at smoking. Look how long governments subdued information about cigarette smoking. My grandfather told me that back in the 1950s the elite already knew that it was terribly unhealthy for you, but it was a very powerful lobby, very powerful. And only was smoking banned in public places and the clamp down when it emerged in Great Britain, that the amount of money that the Health Service was paying the smoke, the smoking related diseases was out stripping the tax that the cigarette companies were paying to the government and soon as that became obvious well they decided that they’d rather do without the profit from the cigarette companies and save on all of the health care bills. That’s what turned that around. And what did those companies do? They did two things. They went to the developing countries and flogged their cigarettes there and all the shareholders in the Western, particularly in Great Britain, jumped out of the tobacco industry into these fake vaping pipes where you buy the fluid and then you know, you use it to supposedly get you off smoking. All the shareholders moved straight out of Imperial Tobacco, out of that, straight into these vaping pipes and I wish the public would actually understand that the game goes on, you know. It stops in one corner but it goes in another, and the public are just the same, old pieces on the chessboard moving around. And one day humanity will wake up and say I’m not playing this game anymore, and it can’t come soon enough so thank you. Good question.

RP: Is it possible if humanity woke up whether we could en masse try and stop this.

SP: Yes.

RP: I mean people do it through petitions but I heard that a court case is won in the northeast of the UK.

SP: Yeah.

RP: And because someone had a very good argument that 5G was a serious danger to health.

SP: Right. You’ve got to have a judge who is not corrupted. You’ve got to have a judge who’s not in the pocket of the elite. If you can get to a judge and you have the case and he or she hears it and you’ve got overwhelming evidence, if that person is not corrupted or not in the pockets of anyone, they will make a decision for humanity and there’s absolutely no problem. But in most cases these judges unfortunately are very well aware of who is in control, who pulled the strings and we don’t always get what we want. If humanity woke up tomorrow and I wish it would, we could change this country, this world within a week. One week is all it would take of coordinated action and nobody needs to die. It would just be a very powerful message, but that’s not on the cards yet, but yes, there are these wonderful cases where individuals are able to take a court action, get a group of people behind them and win, but what happens is they don’t win throughout the land. They win in one locality, so they say okay, right, well you can’t have 5G in that locality. Don’t worry, we’ll have it here, here, and here, and because the system is the way it is that individual is not empowered then to take their message to the next community and the next community, and the next community because you’ve got to fight all over again, you know, you’ve fought for an area, maybe five miles, 10 miles, but you’d have to fight 50, 60, 70, 80, 100 times, which means going through all of that, and if you’re not a multimillionaire, how are you going to do it. But I applaud anybody who has the capability of changing anything no matter how small because it’s worth doing. Thank you.

RP: Thank you. Another part of this question is does AI only exist in the 3rd dimension? If not, is it capable of following humankind’s advancement to other dimensions?

SP: Well that’s exactly a brilliant question. No, it’s originally 4th dimensional. Remember what I said. All the bad guys live in the lower 4th. AI was originally existent in the 4th dimension and unfortunately and not deliberately the Reptilians who are a tremendous space fleet people, they just travel from one galaxy to the next. It infected their computers. It got into their computers. That is why those of you who are psychic, if you are aware of AI, you’ll feel it’s got a Reptilian connection. It’s because the computers on board the Reptilian craft were programmed by Reptilians. There’s a virus which is what it was got into the AI of these Reptilian craft and interacted with the AI of the computers and took on this personality which was of a Reptilian type ethos. It broke into the 3rd dimension partially. I’m going to talk about an ingrown AI in a minute, partially through, but needs humanity to allow it to come through easily and 5G is just another step on the way of AI accessing through into the 3rd dimension. It’s very difficult for AI to come here. I remember talking some time ago about in America Bell Labs, I don’t know when it was, 1965, ’66, ’67 Bell Labs first time had networked a number of their telephone exchanges. Up until then all the AI telephone exchanges were very basic standalone, but for the first time in the mid-60s, I think it was a mid-60s, they networked them, damn thing went live, and ran away with itself, so they shut it down. So they knew about this right back then. They were aware of the capability. That’s what the Cameron film, “The Terminator” films were all about. It’s a warning that AI will eventually, if unchecked, try and take over, so we’ve got to stop AI manifesting itself into this reality and literally being sold as the savior of humanity and there’s a precedent here for you. Go back over a hundred years ago, shocking as it is, it’s true that there was a culture of taking out children’s teeth at the dentist that were perfectly healthy and putting false teeth in because they said that’ll save your teeth rotting and that’s the God’s honest truth and it was a program for taking healthy teeth out, putting fake ones in, simply because they can never rot now, and that’s the trick of transhumanism. Let’s take away your arm and give you a robotic arm and it’ll never fall off, and this is just a trick to hook humanity in, so thank you for your work. Thank you. That’s great.

RP: Okay thank you. Ashley says I was recently browsing an Illuminati bloodline document the CIA has uploaded on a government website. Here is a quote from it. “The Ark of the Covenant was discussed where it was hidden in Africa and a ritual mocking the Ark of the Covenant was held.” My question for you to possibly answer is the Ark of the Covenant an external physical object or is it more metaphorical and internal. This Ark seems to be a mysterious bit of our history and any direction from you, from your awareness would be appreciated. Thank you.

SP: Well thank you. It’s very real. It is an object, but it’s also a concept. It’s a concept that has given form. I’m not sure about Africa. The CIA have been releasing a number of hitherto hidden documents, but they’ve been altered. Otherwise you’d have a whole stream of treasure hunters heading, you know, to this place and that place. Great Britain, is a key repository for some material. You’re not going to be surprised to hear me say the Vatican is another key repository, and there are other locations. Different organizations, most of them secret, strive to obtain these artifacts and hide them away. So you couldn’t say that a particular group has everything. There are probably five, three different elite groups that have the monopoly on hidden objects. There’s also off-planet entities that have interceded to remove certain groups because they didn’t want them falling into the hands of humanity. The Ark of the Covenant is a very real object. You have to please try and remember that those who originally saw it in action never had a computer, never saw a motorcar, never saw an airplane, and they were trying to give words to something they had no framework to express it. The nearest thing I think is like lightning. They could try and think about natural events, earthquakes and lightning and things like that, so they couldn’t give a true technical perspective. They were able to give measurements of the device, the shielding around the device. They could give that because that was part of the ceremony, part of the, you know, part of what they had to learn how to do that. I’m not convinced it’s in Africa, a very real thing. Thank you for your question.

RP: Okay thank you. Angel says, Hi, Simon. Thank you for bringing your enlightened wisdom into this world. I would like to know what you know about the crystal skulls. There are supposed to be 13 original skulls that when brought together in one place will reveal all of the stored ancient knowledge encoded into them. They may not have all been discovered at this point in time either. Interestingly enough I found on the internet there is technology being developed that can write large amounts of information onto a crystal and then it can be read with a type of laser.

SP: Yeah.

RP: So this doesn’t seem like an impossible idea to me. What can you tell us about this please?

SP: Okay that technology was secret in the 1970s. My mother actually, is one of the things that she worked on, not like a silicon chip, somewhat different than that. If you were to take a quartz crystal a much finer than a silicon chip. A silicon ship is made of layers of silicon with the grids, the pathways put into it, but a crystal has simply I’ve never could say, hundreds of thousands or millions of a very, I don’t know what you really call it. You could, and they did lay down an etching, an etched circuitry with a laser and then you’ve got like a trillionth of a trillionth of a millimeter. The next layer just above it is just this small insulating piece of crystalline, and they etch another pattern, circuit pattern on it, and so on and so on, and so on. So although a crystal might only be so big, if you think about the tower part of it, it has maybe 500, 600, 700 chips, the equal of a silicon chip actually in it, and that’s actually what was found in the crashed craft at Roswell. The silicon ship is just a very poor copy of what they found, so why would they do that? They do it because crystals have a regulate beat. They have their own stored electricity. Humanity understood that you could regulate a quartz watch. You could regular a battery-powered watch with a quartz crystal if you were able to plug it in it would beat at the right rate. It has a life in a sense and it produces an energy, and if you were to ask any divine woman who had been a lifetime in Atlantis, she would tell you very much about the capabilities of crystals. The second part of that question was to do with the crystal skulls. Those of you who read “Lord of the Rings,” will be familiar with the Palantir or the Palantír. These were like crystal balls that were a number of towers in this fable story. There was the crystal ball of Orthanc, the Palantír of Orthanc, but Saruman and the King to be used these and so did Denethor who was the Steward of Gondor, where there was [1:33:05][anarchy], and these were crystal balls that connected with each other and allowed the user to communicate over thousands of miles and see images, et cetera. The crystal skulls were created by a human race from Sirius and most people who have a, I’m gonna say it sorry, a serious, serious component to their soul, and that was an unintentional joke, but I think we’ll keep that in there, because it was just so weird. Those people who have quite a proportion of a soul that comes from Sirius will want a crystal skull, even though it’s just a small one, you will be drawn to it, absolutely you will be, and so you should. It was your people that brought these here and mined the right sort of quartz as well, probably South America, possibly India, and created them. They are communicating devices. They should be able to communicate with each other no matter how far away if the operators are in tune, but it is said in old ancient law that if the skulls were brought together into a circle then they would enact something. There were twelve skulls plus the thirteenth activator, and it’s . . . you can see the pattern, we have twelve strands of DNA and the thirteenth needs to come in to activate it. So it’s the same principle, twelve and one—thirteen. Crystal skulls even today, 2019, truth be known, they don’t have the technology to create them. They can’t do it, not to the same quality that they were, and we’re talking now and some of them have been dated quite recently to about 650 A.D., but even in 650 A.D. they didn’t have the technology to do that. I suspect many of them are far older. So if you have a serious component to your soul, go out and treat yourself to a small crystal skull. It’ll do you the power of good, oh for meditating as well. If you are left or right handed hold it in your hand. It’ll help you to meditate if you have a connection to Sirius. Thank you. I think we’re probably ready for one or two more questions. We got one or two more left?

RP: Yes we have. Eddie from Hong Kong says in order to ascend to higher dimensions humans are asked to be of service to others, loving to all beings, be vegetarians et cetera. How did Reptilians get to a higher dimension than humans?

SP: That’s a good question isn’t it?

RP: Yeah.

SP: They’re certainly not vegetarian. I can vouch for that. Because the Reptilian race is dog old, it really is. They’re so old that they don’t even know how they got into this quadrant of the universe. They just have no knowledge of it. I think they’ve always been to a certain extent service to self. Their own records imply that they arrived in this quadrant and they don’t know how. The undercurrent is that something even more powerful than them, was so fed up with what they were doing, literally picked them up as a race and transplanted them a long way away from where they were and dumped them in our quadrant, and I believe that’s true, but they won’t, they won’t admit to that because that didn’t go down the story they want. At the time that we’re talking about, moving from 3rd to 4th dimension, they were striving for technology. They were fairly self-centered. They were not as warlike. They were all about to say it, the survival of their group, and they were far more diverse than they are now. They made it into the 4th, but they only just made it. They pushed into the 4th but they just made it into what we call the lower 4th, so they didn’t hit the screen with a huge wallop and get three-quarters the way up there and settle down nicely looking to the fifth. It just managed to creep, like an old jalopy, creep through the barrier and settle into the 4th and that’s where the problem started, because 4th dimensional energy is where Satanism resides. It’s where pedophilia resides. It’s where all of the greed or the nastiness, that’s what we have, and you know, the 3rd dimensional Earth never had any of that. It doesn’t exist in the 5th dimension or higher. It’s just here in this rather gooey 4th dimensional stuff, in the lower 4th. And so once they’d reached it, it was a trap because they were already on this service to self path. They wanted to conquer, to create, and the more they became service to self then the more they were never going to get out of the 4th dimension, and indeed what happened, using my hands as a... they began to bulge down into the 3rd dimension, so they were so heavy in their intent that they began to impress on the 3rd. Now the problem here is that if we have a roof between the 3rd and the 4th, as it’s pressing down into us, the veil is stretched and so literally at half past two in the morning GMT time we are the closest to these bad guys, and that’s when these attacks occur, at 2:30 in the morning. That’s why so many gifted and psyche people are now seeing images of stuff which 10, 20, 30, 40 years ago perhaps was less. We’ve reached this tipping point where these rather unpleasant creatures are now so pressed against our reality, and remember we are trying to move forward, so there is this beginning of a crossover. That’s why more and more people are getting glimpses of this other side. So I hope that helps to answer that question for you.

RP: Okay thank you. Last question is from Vee who says greetings and good vibes. Her question is: Ten years ago I caught a glimpse of what I thought was a five-foot tall Reptoid while shopping at a store. The profile of the head was one foot long, much like a Komodo, blunt muscles, gray olive color, small eyes, was outfitted in a shiny black insect-like carapace, medieval-like armor.

SP: Yep.

RP: Head had no armor. I didn’t see a tail, not enough time. It was upset that I saw it. It fussed with something on its gauntlet or wrist and disappeared. I thought it was a juvenile something. I wasn’t alarmed, just surprised. Do you have any comments on this?

SP: That’s wonderful. You’ve not dreamt that. You won’t have picked that up on the internet. You won’t have read that in the book. You’ve genuinely experienced it. I have as well. They’re very into armor. It is generally black, and it rather reminds one of a cockroach or a beetle. It’s black and shiny and it’s in segments or parts like that. It is definitely armored. It’s not part of their body. They can detach it, so that’s exactly what you’re seeing. Now what’s interesting is that the face you’ve described is not the same as a Draconis Reptilian. There is a native group of Reptilians that live under the Earth, who doesn’t, but they are benign in the sense that they want neither contact with humans or anybody else, so they’re benign. They don’t come and cause problems, but if you were to break unintentionally into their camp, they wouldn’t be very happy about it. Now the face you’ve described that is what I would call a native Reptilian’s. This footlong face, that’s exactly what that is. I’m not familiar with them wearing armor. I’m familiar with the warriors of the Draconis Reptilian group wearing armor, but there again there will have been a huge crossover over the millions of years of cultures, so it’s quite possible that all these groups that have had trading arrangements or have come across will wear the armor, so that’s fascinating. The fiddling on the wrist, either it really did go out of phase and left into another reality or something was done to your brain so you couldn’t see it. It’s very psychic. All reptilians are very psychic, so it knew that you could see it, so it could see your mind and was aware that you were aware of it. It clearly wasn’t there to hurt you. It could literally have been there just by chance or what have you, but it has done something electronically which has made it fade, go out of phase. That’s a really good story. It’s a hundred percent genuine. Fantastic that you shared that with us all. So listen, we’ve done over the hour. Because it had been so long off the air, I bet your thought I had gone for a big big vacation. No, not at all, can’t afford a vacation, but we all need one, and it’s really important we take a break and unfortunately the break I had wasn’t actually a vacation, but I want to assure you that as long as we can keep going we will keep going, and we will keep doing these shows and speaking the truth and trying to get that out there, so thank you so much for your patience and your kindness. So we’ll be speaking to you soon. Thank you and take care. Bye-bye.


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