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Friday, January 25, 2019

Pelosi refuses to allow President Trump to give his State of the Union Address to Congress in the House of Representatives; press reports Roger Stone arrested and indicted on charges over Russian deals—totally untrue—real focus was about WikiLeaks info; it appears that opening of sealed indictments may be more wishful thinking than reality; UFO disclosure and other hidden information is denied to humanity; Trump hints at disclosure when he says we need a Space Force; cloning and human/animal hybridization exists both now and in the time of Atlantis; real purpose of government shutdown antics; revolution in Venezuela; economic reset and what will happen to Federal Reserve; silver or gold currency or both for U.S.; Rudolf Hess and/or body double gets long prison sentence because he knew too much; if or when we enter 5th dimension we’ll use spoken language less and telepathy more, be harder to lie, and will cause collapse of entire gadget—cellphones, et cetera—industry and loss of mega bucks for the cabal; we have opportunity now with technology available to access the truth.


Ted Mahr: And with that I’d like to bring in my good friend Simon from England, and we have lots to talk about today Simon. Are you there?

Simon Parkes: Hello Ted, yes I’m here.

TM: Oh good, good. What an amazing time to be alive. I know I saw on your website this morning, just posted a piece about Pelosi has denied President Trump the use of the House for addressing Congress.

SP: Yeah, I think you guys call it the State of the Nation(Union) Address. It is in her legal remit. It’s her prerogative to do that. The leader or the speaker of the House has the right to invite or not. In practice it’s not done because why would you want to stop the president from addressing, you know, the lawmakers and of course the citizens? And what I said on my website was that yes we know it’s politics, but the problem is that America is very proud of its Constitution, and Great Britain, we don’t have a Constitution. You know that’s quite crazy, but we don’t, and the way we have laws is literally we call it by precedent. So, say in 1420 somebody makes a decision, and then a hundred years later the same decision needs to be made, what lawmakers do is they go back to that decision in 1420 and said oh well we decided it that way then, so we’ll do the same. Now what you guys have got is a Constitution, which lays down what you can and can’t do. So by not inviting the President of the United States, it’s beginning to draw the Constitution in. It’s beginning to spill out from purely a political fight into something that’s beginning to challenge the Constitution. So it wasn’t a clever move, and it’s rather childish. My best bet both players, both Trump and Pelosi, can be childish, but it’s not what you expect of a senior lawmaker, and I think it’s very sad that, you know, the Constitution, it’s not being threatened, of course it’s not, but the greatness of America is somewhat now being tarnished by infighting, that’s what we call it in Great Britain, infighting.

TM: Sure, sure, absolutely. Absolutely. There have been rumors and I’ve gotten several questions in from listeners Simon about that Chuck Schumer, a senator from New York and Nancy Pelosi from California have actually received money from the Mexican Mafia to stop the border wall from being built. I don’t know if you’ve heard anything, but there has been a…[crosstalk]

SP: I haven’t, I haven’t had any information on that line. What I think is, where we don’t have the full . . . In 2016–2017 one arm of the FBI was investigating one senator and another arm was investigating another senator. There’s a great deal of, from what I’ve seen, there’s a great deal of evidence against certain people that have deliberately been held back because they are all going to be used at one fell swoop. In other words, what we are seeing at the moment are attacks against President Trump. You know we have talked about, we haven’t yet talked about, but obviously Stone who was arrested and indicted.

TM: Right.

SP: But what’s interesting is that none of those charges relate to deals with Russia. And this is the problem that, you know, like the liberal press have got their facts wrong and they’re saying that Stone is being, you know, charged with collusion with Russia. Actually, I’ve seen the charges and they don’t. The charges relate to leaks of information to WikiLeaks and to not being truthful with a committee of Congress. So there’s nothing to do with Russia, but it’s everything to do with who has been leaking information to WikiLeaks. So what we’ve got is we’ve got Mueller’s investigation on one side, which piecemeal by piecemeal comes out, and President Trump is quite right actually when he tweets. He said who let off CNN. Why was CNN available at the door of Stone to take pictures, but the other side, the questions that have to be asked about Hillary Clinton and some of her associates, those haven’t gone away. What’s happening is those have been drawn aside, and are being added to. Now this is giving a false impression to ordinary people who are just seeing this sort of one way street of information. So I’m saying to people, just wait a minute because yes, lots of people have been indicted, but nobody has actually brought any evidence saying that President Trump is corrupt. Nobody has brought any evidence saying he was in collusion with Russians, you know, and there comes a point when the more inquiry will just have to conclude that it’s gone as far as it can get. The reality is that America is a great country. It’s one of the greatest countries in the world, and Americans would say they were the greatest country in the world, but the point is it doesn’t do anyone any good, all of this washing of dirty laundry in public in terms of this, and really and truly there are other more important aspects that need to be dealt with. So all I’m saying is that this actually is all small fry. There’s some far more serious stuff in the pipeline which does need to come out in the public domain.

TM: Uh-hum. That will be interesting this year and I think this is a time of truth Simon where things that have been hidden for so long will be coming out and people will be seeing things that I think they will be frankly amazed about. I know you’ve … we’ve talked before about the sealed indictments. Are there more indictments now, or is that number stable?

SP: I haven’t had anymore updates on it Ted. It’s got to be this year. It really has because if it’s not this year then I don’t really see what’s the point in hanging it on.

TM: Sure.

SP: And I’ve always been of the mind that, you know, it is time to do this now. It’s time to get these things opened. It’s time to deal with it and I do hear and I do read an awful lot about people saying that they’re being opened in secret and, you know, these are happening under cover. Well actually that’s not really good enough. If indictments are being actioned and they’re of a very serious nature, I do believe it needs to be public because otherwise what confidence are we giving the audience, I don’t mean the radio audience. I mean the audience of the world. What confidence are we giving them that real truth can outweigh the evil? So, you know, I can understand and I think I probably said it before. I can understand why a handful of indictments probably have to be handled in a way that I don’t like, but I can understand why they would want to be handled quietly and out of the public eye, but I expect all the rest of them to be handled in a very public way simply because … well look, if we talk about, and I’ve said it again on other shows, if you think about Nuremberg and the end of the Second World War, they showed some of the horrors from some of these prison camps.

TM: Right.

SP: And that was the way they wanted to show people what had been going on.

TM: Sure.

SP: And if people go onto YouTube they can see, you know, real live footage taken of the Nuremberg court case. Well this is no different in the sense that if it’s a very big story, it needs to be shown and aired in public, and I appreciate that there are a great deal of people who do not want evidence about Hillary Clinton or the Clinton Foundation. You know they really are invested in not letting that information come out, but then there’s another group that is invested in getting that information out. And if we believe in truth, then let’s just have the information out and let’s all make our decisions for ourselves. After all, we are men and women. Let us make the decision. Let’s not be told. Let us have the information and we can decide what we want to do with it.

TM: And this leads into UFO disclosure doesn’t it? I mean about the Secret Space Program, Simon, about all the information that has been hidden from the majority of humanity here on the planet, wonderful medical cures that I hear persistent rumors about, cures for cancer for example, cures for aging that’s kept from most of the people here on this planet.

SP: Yes, when was the last time a president of the United States died of cancer? When’s the last time anybody really really powerful died less than 90-odd years old? That is proof positive that those people who are favored or are part of the elite have the special protection of the elite when everyone else doesn’t have that. So, you know, it is quite clear that there is a medical history or there’s a resource for one group of people and for the vast majority of everyone else that’s not allowed. In terms of disclosure, you know, President Trump has done quite well to start talking about a Space Force.

TM: Right

SP: You remember that famous chat. He said we’ve got an Air Force and don’t you think we should have a Space Force? Now what he’s done there is he’s threatening the people who are trying to keep this secret and saying I’m gonna talk about a Space Force whether you like it or not, and by authorizing the so-called created of a Space Force. He’s going one step toward disclosure that there is. I mean I don’t know how he’s going to handle it, but he might just turn around and say, “Oh, look we’ve got a fleet of twenty ships.”

TM: Right.

SP: So you know he’s done more than any other president in terms of this disclosure.

TM: Absolutely. Absolutely. There’s a whole bunch of questions and we could go lots of different ways now Simon, but I wanted to get back to Robert Mueller before we slip on to other topics.

SP: Okay.

TM: A lot of civil libertarians have had a lot of concerns about the charges filed by Mr. Mueller on both Jerry Corsi who is an investigative reporter for “World News Daily,” and Roger Stone this morning. And I had one questions from one listener asking very directly is Mr. Mueller trying to stop the First Amendment here in the United States?

SP: No I don’t think it’s coming from that perspective. I think what’s coming is that, right, this might be a bit of a shock for many of, your regular audience won’t be shocked by what I’m going to tell them, but there may be new members, new audience members who are perhaps just coming to, you know, spirituality that may be shocked. What I want to tell them is this, that the vast majority, the vast majority, that doesn’t mean everybody, the vast majority of senior lawmakers are being blackmailed.

TM: Oh.

SP: And how they do it, how they do it is they either film them or they audiotape them and then this, whatever they’ve got is then held in a secure location, and as long as that lawmaker doesn’t threaten any policy that they’ve created or any instrument or any machine they’ve created in terms of law, that lawmaker is left alone, but if that lawmaker does something that they don’t like or if they wish to put pressure on them, they then threaten them with this piece of, which is genuine, this piece of recording or what have you. Now what some of these … I have to be very careful of my words now.

TM: Okay.

SP: What some of these very senior people will do is they will be told unless you pursue this course of action right to the very end, we will release this. So lots of individuals are absolutely facing destruction in terms of having this released, whereas they’ve got a fighting chance, you know, in politics to do something, so in terms of Mueller’s case, I don’t believe he’s sitting out to get away or destroy the First Amendment. What I think he’s doing is he is under absolute orders to pursue something in a way that perhaps even they didn’t pursue Richard Nixon.

TM: Interesting.

SP: So Mueller is doing things that were not even done by the investigators into Watergate.

TM: Interesting. Well thank you Simon. You always have a fascinating perspective of things. There were rumors by the way when the court case was brought before the U.S. Supreme Court some years ago on Obamacare that Justice Roberts, who was a key swing vote on it, it could have gone either way. He had been opposed to Obamacare up until the Supreme Court case and then right when it was heard, he switched really quickly, and said that the Obamacare was legal as a tax, but there were rumors that he, that was done to him, that he was threatened and suddenly that’s what changed his mind. I don’t know. I don’t have any evidence but that was the rumor I heard.

SP: Well what we can say Ted is that if you look at the huge fight over Trump’s nominee for Supreme Court, it is one of the key positions in the armory, not of just a president, but of the system, so if other words if you appoint somebody to a position, and that person is not blackmailable, and that person cannot be corrupted, then the bad people are gonna want to stop that Supreme Judge, because they only want Supreme Judges in positions that they know that they can pick up a phone and say you better do this or we will release this video we’ve got of you or we’ll release this, whatever it is. Now that judge that they fought over so hard, they couldn’t blackmail. If they had they would have brought that out. So what we’ve got is we’ve got, you know, a few people in key positions regardless of their political persuasions, who are not corruptible. And, you know, but I have to tell you all that the vast majority of these lawmakers, there are pressures put on them because, you know, they through, I don’t know, indiscretions, or they’ve been set up

TM: Sure.

SP: That is how it’s run, and that’s how governments control their lawmakers. Because otherwise you’re asking three hundred, four hundred, five hundred people to make a law and it’s like a corporation. You don’t just have any old chief executive who could go crazy. You make sure that you control your chief executive. And, you know, corporate America is no different from say a corporate finance business bank.

TM: Sure, absolutely, absolutely. This brings lots of different subjects. I have a question from David in Yelm, Washington, and his question is about human cloning. I’ll just read it for you. The Andromedan contactee Alex Collier talked about the cloning of important world individuals in the mid-1990s and he named some names at the time. He paid a heavy price for this and no longer lists any names, and he asks what about the history and French cataclysm human cloning and by extension, life extension, and there’s a second related question, really quick. I had Randy Kramer from the Secret Space Program on my show last, what was it, last July and he talked about the Secret Space Program extending the life of scientists from the ’40s and ’50s, including Nazi scientists, which are still alive now. They’ll give them for example, somebody who’s 80 or 90 years old, they will regress them back to the 30s or 20s so that they’ll keep living and be of use to the Secret Space Program.

SP: I’m not 100 percent on that one.

TM: Okay.

SP: In terms of the Secret Space Program, I thought they were just being put into cloned bodies. What he seems to be describing there is some form of regeneration and reduction of the aging process. That I have no knowledge of.

TM: Okay.

SP: I have full knowledge of a person’s identity being lifted out of an old body and placed into either a younger body, an organic body, or indeed a cloned body. Interestingly enough today on the news they were, the scientists were quite excited that they have got some very very early stages that they were talking about it but hybridization of human and animal.

TM: Yeah.

SP: That was, you know, so they say, so they can grow organs and things like that, but this reminds me of the H.G. Wells’ book, called the “The Island of Doctor Moreau,” which I think was written in 1897[6], and in H.G. Wells’ book, there’s this island where there’s this mad doctor, Doctor Moreau, who is, you know, through dissection, he is cutting up people and, you know, putting them on so, you’ve got a monkey’s head on top of a human body. Now yes, that’s crazy, but, you know, here we are in 2019, and they’re actually now saying they are growing in a laboratory even though it is just at a very small level, but a human and an animal and it’s working together so I think, you know, where are the fundamental Christian groups? Why aren’t they out now absolutely condemning that, because you try and find any passage in the Bible that would say that was a good thing.

TM: Right.

SP: To mix human and animal. Now why is it that some very very outspoken groups can go out and on the most mundane news items, they go and get very excited, but here we have an absolute fundamental threat to the human race, which is the hybridization of an animal and a human.

TM: Right.

SP: Where are the laws controlling that? So space program, absolutely scientists, but I think that, my personal knowledge is that they are put in a cloned body. So yeah, I think he’s talking sense. I think that’s by and large exactly what I would agree with.

TM: Yeah, yeah, it’s very interesting what’s going on and from what I know of Atlantis and its history and I’d love your comment on this too is that the Atlanteans, from what I’m told Simon, created humans, hybrid humans and dolphins to create mermen and mermaids to get shellfish for them and then after Atlantis imploded 12,500 years ago, those populations were still left and there are still pods of those mermaids and mermen in the world’s oceans. There’s actually pods here in Washington state, near Seattle, and I’ve actually seen them in the ocean and helped and talked to them telepathically as well, so it raises a lot of interesting issues.

SP: I’ve not had the privilege of seeing anything like that. I certainly am aware that the high cultures of Atlantis far exceeded anything that we’ve got, you know. It really did. And as a divine feminine culture for many many years it was almost, you know, bliss. It was almost heaven. And then it went sadly wrong and that was mainly to do with technology overcoming spirituality. That was the danger there. But I haven’t seen, you know, what you’ve described, but in terms of the experimentation that was going on, yes, absolutely.

TM: Fascinating. I’d like to go back. I’ve had several questions come in Simon about the government shutdown.

SP: Yeah.

TM: I’ve been told that the funds were already appropriated years ago under the Obama administration. They’re still there and there are other reasons for the shutdown. What do you think the real reasons are?

SP: Well a lot of people got very excited Ted, and I’m not being disrespectful, and most people didn’t understand what was going on. It’s not surprising because it’s very hard to discern the truth. Most people thought oh 30 days, pink papers, you know, start to lay off federal employees. That’s what it’s all about. No it’s not. This shutdown will go on much longer than that. This is about a reset of federal government. It’s not anything to do with the barrier across from Mexico to the United States. That’s just a cover. This will go on at least for two months. This shutdown, it could go on for three months. Now I know for any federal employees, they’re pulling their hair out, but the reason for this is that what again people really genuinely don’t know is that President Trump has ordered a secret, it’s an inventory of the Federal Reserve Bank.

TM: Really.

SP: He’s actually asked… he hasn’t asked the bank because they wouldn’t do it, but he’s got under way an inventory to actually work out how much gold there is in America. He’s actually asked the Fed to show what reserves they’re sitting on and now when those results come out, now we have to talk about if they come out, because there will be one heck of a battle to prevent them coming out, but I believe it will show that the United States is bankrupt. I believe that it will show that the amount of real hard cash is nothing more than a fraction of the outgoings and the cost to run corporate America, and it’s all being run on borrowing and just the hope that tomorrow the money will come in. Now when that happens that is the long planned for reset. That will spark the reset. If you’ve got a federal government that has been in shutdown for two months, it will then move on to the next stage which is an amalgamation of departments. You see this has been planned for a very long time in advance, again maybe your audience aren’t aware that the United States military have had a special budget put aside to pay for them during any shutdown, and although yes there are some departments of Homeland Security where the guys aren’t being paid but most crucial areas there has been a war fund, a war chest that has been placed away. So this was planned months and months ago. There’s a special budget that has been set aside. You know your military are all being paid. The key elements of the internal security of America are being paid for, because whoever organized the payments in advance, is also organizing this shutdown so that they can start to cleanse corporate America from the inside. That’s what’s going on.

TM: Fascinating. Well thank you Simon.

SP: It’s a pleasure.

TM: I appreciate that comment. That’s fascinating. You had a post on your website about revolution in Venezuela.

SP: Yes.

TM: I’d love your comments on that.

SP: Well this time it’s nothing to do with Democrats and Republicans.

TM: Right, uh-hum.

SP: It doesn’t matter whether you are a Democrat or Republican, the system hates Communists, so that’s the bottom line, and the difficulty is that the leader of Venezuela is a Socialist. Now these are European or international words which Americans don’t have given to them very often. A Socialist is not a Communist, okay, but a Socialist will have policies which are anti-Capitalist. So what you’ve got at the moment is a situation in one of the richest countries in South America. In fact the finance house, the stock exchange in Venezuela is probably the third or fourth most powerful stock exchange anywhere in the world. People don’t really realize that, but it’s not worked, and there’s terrible food shortages and gas shortages. There’s a problem and the American administration has come out and said it is supporting the opposition and there’s beginning to be a coup and a revolution. Now let’s go back to the good old days of Ronald Reagan and Ollie North, and all you did is you just put a load of helicopters in with CIA insurgents and you started a war and a revolution. That’s what you did under those good old days.

TM: Sure.

SP: It’s not quite the same now.

TM: Right.

SP: But what’s happening is that there’s a definite move to remove a president of a country and it’s on your doorstep.

TM: Well I hate to say this, but it’s been done before here in the Americas and I, you know, I think people all over the world have a right to determine the kind of government they want without outside interference, and there have been rumors that this, that this, if there is an intervention in Venezuela, it’s not so much because of democracy. It’s because of the oil and the resources there that some companies can obtain and that was the …

SP: Right, I’m sorry to interrupt you Ted. That’s really important. I wasn’t going to bring it up but you have.

TM: Okay.

SP: What’s happening at the moment, there are three countries in the world which are now jockeying for positions, and it’s, I mean much more than I say. In other words, the United States of America, Russia, and China, what’s happening is as we move toward a global reset, and that is still on the cards, what’s happening is that these three countries are looking outside of their own country to grab as much real estate as they can, to claim it, so that when the reset occurs, they can then access these resources. So you look particularly in Africa where you’ve got very precious heavy rare metals, oil, you’ve got what you said, what’s happening in Venezuela, China, they’re all at it. So when the curtain comes down, they will not just say what do we control in our own country, but where we’ve got outposts, and we’ll claim what we’ve got [outposts], and that’s what’s going on. They are attempting to rake in whatever they can now.

TM: This has been an issue with the Hollow Earth. I have a lot of different sources, including those from the Hollow Earth, and they’ve been telling me for years that eventually there will be, this global reset will include a currency reset as well and they recommended certain currencies to invest in. And they said as a result that some of these currencies, for example the North Vietnamese currency, will go sky rocketing once the reset happens. You see anything like that happening in the future Simon as part of this global reset?

SP: Right, well if, if, we’re still if, you know, we’ve got to see how humanity wants to take this, but if the global reset does occur as it’s supposed to occur, anything that is controlled by the standard bank in terms of Rothschild will devalue and lose money. Any financial money that is not controlled by the Rothschilds will actually increase. Now what they’re saying there is that those countries, and there are precious few of them, who run a currency that is not part of the Rothschild banking system, they just won’t collapse. So let’s just call it a pencil. We’re just gonna call it a pencil. We say one pencil is worth one dollar. So when the reset comes through, the pencil is worth a pencil no matter what happens to the dollar, because if that banking system is not part of the same trade organization it can’t collapse. So I can’t say to you this country or that country. What I can say to you even things like electronic currencies, Bitcoins, would be affected by a global reset. People tend to think, they think that this Bitcoin or any of these other traded electronic currencies will be exempt from it. No they won’t. They will actually suffer just as much as anything else.

TM: Interesting, interesting, and when this happens Simon, I have to ask you, I’ve got another question that just came in. What will happen to the so-called Federal Reserve? It is not federal. It is owned by private banks and it is not a reserve either.

SP: No, it’s a method of selling back debt to be public and loaning money to the government who then has to buy it back again with debt from the people. It’s the most amazing trick that anyone ever played and you have had some very brave presidents who banned it and then either got killed or who got talked out of doing it, so there’s a history here. And think about the situation with the Titanic and the Titanic sister ship because that was all mixed up with J.P. Morgan and with the Federal Reserve. That’s why the Titanic’s sister ship was sunk and obviously blamed. They said it was the Titanic. It wasn’t. It was the sister ship. Anyway we’re going off the point. The issue here is that in a world that spiritual people want, there is no need for a Federal Reserve. I want to see a world and this may sound like, you know, this dreamer speaking again to you, but I want to see a world where banks charge one percent interest. I think that’s fair. I think you go in and you get a loan for a motorcar, and they give you the money and they charge one percent interest because they have to pay their staff. They have to pay the paperwork, but I think you don’t need your stock and bond holders. You don’t need all the hangers on or the huge advertising. I opened my Sunday papers and I see double page spreads which costs maybe a hundred thousand pounds, what’s that seventy–eighty thousand dollars to advertise. Let’s just say it’s a really expensive perfume or a really expensive watch. Well you know what, rather than spend three or four million pounds a year for advertising, why don’t you just drop the price of your watch. This is the point. This is the trap that humans are in is that there’s this huge amount of hype and sell because they are trying to feed the very top of the pyramid, the top of the food chain with these people at the very top have gotten use to a certain lifestyle and they’re not really prepared to drop their lifestyle. They’re not prepared to reign it in or tighten their belt, and that’s what’s going to happen with a reset because there’ll be no need for the top of the tier. Why would you do that, so they’re the ones who are fighting tooth and nail. They don’t want these changes because they’ll have no job. It would be like somebody who has never worked in their life because they had multi-billions and they turn up at the Labour Exchange and the guy says okay what can you do? And the man says I can make money. Well we’re not interested in that. Can you dig a garden? Here’s a spade and the rich man scratches his head and he says what’s a spade?

TM: Wow, amazing, amazing, yeah.

SP: So, you know, that’s where we are going and no wonder these people are fighting like mad not to go down.

TM: Yeah, that’s amazing. That’s amazing. I just had another question come in about silver and gold. What do you think will happen to the metals and is Trump still interested in having a silver-backed currency?

SP: Well he’s got the silver.

TM: Okay.

SP: He has the silver. There’s enough silver there, but the interesting news that I got three months ago was that they, the military, working with whoever has done quite a good job and had brought in more gold than was projected. So there was a breathe of, there was a sigh of contentment, because they felt that they’d, this critical mass, they’ve actually got. They weren’t as desperate as they thought. This has nothing to do with the Federal Reserve. This is about another organization holding a reserve of gold for the American people, for the Constitution. Nothing to do with the Fed, and as a result of that, it could go either way. We could either have a gold-backed currency in America on a reduced level. We could have a silver-backed currency or we could have a combination of the two. What is really important here is how some of these power organizations in China wish to work it because on the cards at the moment it could be two forms of currency, one for China and those countries aligned with China and one for the other countries who are not aligned with China. In other words they are dividing the Earth down the middle, two types of currency. We don’t know how it will go yet but there are some really big moves in the offing. How it will affect profit and trade is anyone’s guess at the moment. As we get nearer to that period I think we will have more information.

TM: Fascinating, just fascinating. What an exciting time to be alive, isn’t it Simon?

SP: Yes, it really is. It’s positive.

TM: Absolutely, absolutely. You had a post on your website I wanted to ask you about, about Rudolf Hess, that a new report stated that Adolf Hitler’s deputy, Rudolf Hess was not replaced by a body double in Spandau Prison. I’d love your comments on that.

SP: Maybe most of the listeners aren’t really familiar with this. It was a big deal for Britain because Rudolf Hess was Adolf Hitler’s number one deputy. He was the guy who would take over if Hitler took a bullet, so he was very very senior. What happened in 1941, according to the information that is publicly known was that for some strange reason Hess jumped into an airplane, flew out of Germany, parachuted for goodness sake, parachuted over Scotland and was arrested by local soldiers and went to Nuremberg. Here’s the point. He was cleared of genocide. He was cleared of war crimes. The crime that, I didn’t even know there was a crime, the crime he had was something … the exact wording was something like working against peace.

TM: What?

SP: Absolutely ludicrous, absolutely ludicrous.

TM: Really?

SP: There were people there who had real, real blood on their hands and they were sentenced to twenty or thirty years, and he jumped out, you know, before Germany and Russia were at war. So he couldn’t be responsible for anything on that side. You could argue that he was responsible for everything up until the moment he jumped out of his airplane, but the Nuremberg trials cleared him of any direct involvement in murder.

TM: Wow!

SP: But still put him in a prison until he died and he was what, ninety-five, ninety-six when he died, so the questions have always been asked, why would you hold someone from 1941 in prison right up until the guy was over ninety-five years old, and the reason is that he was going to give or could give names which would have implicated some very very key people working on a secret Cabal government trying to arrange deals with Hitler. And, it was not fashionable for those deals to come out. And Rudolf Hess’s own private physician in the Spandau jail, so his own doctor, always said this is not the same man. He said this isn’t Rudolf Hess. There’s no way, so there’s a professional medical doctor saying the guy I’m treating is not the guy I was treating last week. So there’s been all of this coverup and that’s why it was notable because I think that there was a very close deal between parts of Great Britain and Adolf Hitler, which could have brought Britain on the side of Germany.

TM: Oh my goodness.

SP: And you would have had a war with Germany and Britain fighting America and Russia, seems inconceivable.

TM: Oh my goodness.

SP: But why else would the deputy leader leap out of his airplane and parachute down to a, he was landing on a very rich person’s house. He basically had a contact, so fascinating story.

TM: Wow! You think the true story, the truth of that will eventually come out in this time of truth Simon?

SP: To be honest with you Ted, if we get the truth about little green men and flying saucers, everything else is possible, because the whole argument of disclosure, that is the biggest point. If that is cracked and even just a fragment of that as the truth is released then everything else then everything else can come out, because nothing is as important as alien races interacting with our governments for many many years.

TM: This brings another question Simon. You’ve talked before about us shifting into the 4th and then quickly into the 5th dimension by 2025 or earlier even, 2023. And Nostradamus in my conversations with him has told me that once we make that shift into the 5th dimension, language itself will become secondary, and people will simply be able to read each other’s minds. And so when that happens, it will be impossible to tell anybody a lie about anything. Politicians will have to become honest or else.

SP: Well let me bring it back to the world of money.

TM: Okay.

SP: Because that’s what we are. We’re in a 3rd dimensional world. This is why we have to have this huge spiritual revolution because of the implication of what you’ve just said, Ted. What you’ve just said is the death of the cellphone. If you are telepathic you do not need a cellphone. Think of the billions and billions that are made out of every nation for cellphone manufacture and sale and running the charges on having your call plans.

TM: Right.

SP: Think of all the men, there are some women, but they are mostly men who sit on the tier upon tier of boards, stock markets. This is why these people do not want the human race to evolve, because when we evolve we do not need to rely on these technological gadgets, and that is an empire finance gone.

TM: Fascinating. Well isn’t it true that the Reptilians, because they are cut off from Source of the Supreme Being, they rely much upon technology, where in contrast humans are powerful spiritual beings and we have that capability of communicating telepathically so we don’t need the technology that other species do.

SP: Yes but we’re being forced it. We’re being brain washed into believing that we need it so that’s one thing. I hear you. I’m not going to answer yes that’s absolutely right Ted. What I’m going to say is it’s not too late for the Reptilians to change. It’s not too late. It’s not yet midnight. The hands are not quite on the twelve and of course you are absolutely right Ted, you are, but what’s really important here is that there is still time for a group or a race to see the error of its ways and change because humanity does have a connection to Godhead.

TM: Right.

SP: We absolutely do have that connection, and we’re going there, I use the word, “come hell or high water,” we are going up to the 5th dimension.

TM: That’s true.

SP: And it’s really sad to see others who have chosen not to do it, so I say to them, you know, make the choice. Change for the better. It’s a bit like that play, you know, “Christmas Carol” with Scrooge where the three ghosts come to Scrooge and they give him this opportunity to time and time again to change his ways and in the end he does, you know, so yeah that’s my position on it really.

TM: There was a funny segment I played a few weeks ago on my show. If we can find it today I’ll play it again, but it was from “Star Trek” where captain says “Resistance is Futile,” and that’s how I look at rising into the higher dimension. Resistance is futile because that’s where planet Earth is going, and for those entities who want to cling to the old ways of negativity, they’re not going to be allowed here. They will be going to another Earthlike planet on the other side of the solar system, which is in the lower part of the 3rd dimension where they can evolve and hopefully make the right choices to eventually ascend one day themselves.

SP: Yes and I say often to my clients when I’m working with them, I say when things are very difficult, you are not actually responsible for anyone else. If there are children that’s somewhat different, but you know, we can’t take the pain of others. They must make the choice. We can advise them. We can point them in the right direction, but if they don’t choose to hear us, that’s for them.

TM: Right, and I guess this gets back to how … what would your best advice be to listeners today listening to your wonderful interview Simon on how to make this world a better place.

SP: Well, surprisingly, they can do more now than they could just a few months ago. There is a real opening up now right across the planet. There is a real move. People are now wanting to hear fresh and new ideas. People are no longer laughing in the same way that they did about information which just a few months ago people would not be interested in. There’s a real need now to take the moral high ground, to stand forward and we’re not preaching religion. What we’re saying is you need to understand that the world you’re living in is not the picture you’re being painted, and you have every opportunity now with the technology available to break the paradigm, to get out of the box, and start researching it. You know, and it’s there for people. The evidence is there and this is what’s so crazy, that you don’t even have to leave your front room. You can actually access the truth. The question is whether people are brave enough or are they still living in fear. Are they brave enough to come out and do it or are they so fearful that they’d rather just be in a decreasing circle until “poof” they’re gone, and as you said they end up in some rather sad part of the universe.

TM: Right, right. Well this is a, each Mayan [51:39][pictun] cycle is 25,800 years and I, myself, I know I have waited 52,000 years or two Mayan cycles for this moment, and I wouldn’t miss it for the world and many of us volunteered to come down to this planet and make it a better place and I want to thank you Simon so much for your wonderful work.

SP: Thank you.

TM: You’re helping to raise consciousness and make this world a better place.

SP: Thank you Ted.

TM: Yeah, my pleasure. My pleasure. We’ve got about two minutes left, three minutes left and I wanted to tell you that Simon so you could wrap up your wonderful interview today.

SP: Well I’ll get it right this time because the last two times I’ve been talking and you’ve had to cut me off Ted.

TM: I’m so sorry, I apologize for that.

SP: It’s not your fault. It’s me. Some of these topics are so important how do you just limit them within a few minutes? You can’t, but we have to do the best we can.

TM: Sure.

SP: So basically, I’m sorry that I didn’t manage to speak to everyone last show. I’m so glad to be back on and talking to everyone. These are exciting times. The situation in America is critical and, you know, do please listen out for announcements, and all I can just say is that, you know, this is the year, that if we don’t do it in 2019, I’m afraid we’ll probably be back again in another 26,000 years, so we’ve got to do it this year.

TM: 26,000 years. That’s a long time. I don’t know.

SP: It’s procession, it’s procession.

TM: That’s a long time. That’s a long time. Anyway yeah so well Simon thank you so much for coming on today my friend. I always enjoy listening to you and I look forward to having you on next week I hope.

SP: Yeah and I finished on time Ted, so that’s brilliant.

TM: Okay, wonderful, wonderful. Thank you so much Simon and have a beautiful weekend there.

SP: Bye.

TM: Bye-bye, bye-bye. Take care. With that I’m going, I’ve asked my producer Eric to play “Resistance is Futile,” from “Star Trek” if he can find it. I didn’t give him any advance notice. He’s a wonderful producer, but things are changing and they are getting better, and the key is don’t listen to anything negative in the media because we do create our reality. We are powerful spiritual beings and we have the ability to create a beautiful future for ourselves and as they said on “Star Trek,” “Resistance is Futile,” so with that I just … (recording) “Resistance is Futile. Your life as it has been is over.” Anyway it’s a funny thing but with that if we have time, Eric, if we could play the “Aquarius,” by the 5th Dimension that would be great. I appreciate you so much.


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