Podcast: Recorded Sunday, January 6, 2019

with Rebecca Parkes

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Connecting Consciousness: Current Events, Questions & Answers

Recorded Sunday, January 6, 2019

Simon’s yearly Christmas morning psychic attack from the bad people comes approximately a week early this year, when upon awaking, he discovered physical damage to his hands; Bush Senior really deceased this time leaving a vacuum in the elite’s control structure; letters passed out at funeral are a mystery as to content; reports of big UFO over NYC (triangle or boomerang craft probably from breakaway human group) causing transformer explosions and power outages is basically a message to Trump that we can take any part of the U.S. down anytime we want; in response SAC tweets they will drop a nuclear bomb on anybody who is anti-American; Democrats refusal to fund President Trump’s wall causes partial shutdown of U.S. government; Trump refuses to sign off on budget unless he gets money for his wall, but maybe he has waited too long since he no longer has control of both houses, or maybe the wall is not his main objective; QAnon website suggests declaring martial law or a state of emergency is a real possibility; Questions: what happens to a soul that leaves the body through suicide or euthanasia; meditation to meet spirit guides brings an encounter with possibly a Mantid/Mantis; history of royal bloodlines and their involvement in NWO; why are true ancient historical accounts of Earth nonexistent; what are the objectives of black helicopter shenanigans; will Pope Francis resign in 2019; how will EU’s Article 13 affect truthers; characterizations of dimensions from 5th and beyond; request for Simon to share some of his experiences with the Mantis/Mantids.

Simon Parkes: Hello and welcome to another Connecting Consciousness. It’s the 6th of January, Sunday, so it might be that the podcast goes out a bit later than normal. This past Christmas has been very busy. So I want to start off really with the news updates which are very significant, and I’m sure that most of you, if it not caught all of the happenings, you’ve at least caught some of the happenings. I appreciated that it’s something more than just the usual run of the mill station plays.

So, all right, let’s have an update. Let’s start off first with myself. I usually get psychicly or energy-attacked or something or other once a year. It seems that the bad people have one crack a year at me. Now whether that’s because that’s just the way it is or that’s what they feel like, I really don’t know. But about two weeks or so, just before, maybe a week, before Christmas, I did wake up in the morning and the knuckles on my hands were actually broken, the skin was broken, rather like if you’ve been in a fight or hitting the wall. And both of my thumbs and part of the hand were incredibly sore, to the extent that my right thumb finally mended. It don’t really is broken. I got an appointment with a doctor this week. Maybe he’ll, you know, perform an x-ray or something. But I went to bed perfectly normal, no issues, and I woke up in the morning and that had occurred. It’s as if I’ve been traveling and decided I didn’t like something or someone and been in some sort of a fight. So I literally think it was due. It was simply that every Christmas morning for the last few years I’ve always had something, usually not physically hurt from, but just generally a check on me to sort of let me know that certain people are watching. We’re talking about humans. We’re not talking off-planet stuff. We’re talking about people. So that was rather unusual, and if that’s my nastiness for the year, then so be it. So that’s it. So I’m not above being attacked. It certainly happens and those of you, who are aware of my work, know that off-on it can sometimes be quite difficult for me.

All right let’s talk about the wider world. When the official passing of the old George Bush took place, there was in Houston, where there was a big service, it was covered clearly with some detail by all the major news channels. We didn’t see anything under all, that looked fairly, you know, for pomp and circumstance and exactly what you would expect. But then it was became known that a number of videos had been leaked through YouTube, which appeared to show some of the world’s elite receiving small envelopes, the contents of which weren’t disclosed. In fact, I’ve got one of these clips on my website. There are several of them but I only wanted to put one on. If people are interested then they can do their own research. The most interesting reactions to me were Jeb Bush’s reaction and the Hillary Clinton’s reaction, and then they debated what was on these envelopes, and the sort of feeling that we’re getting is, that it was written, it was probably only three words at the most, certainly it could be a symbol, perhaps within the elite or the satanic group, there is a symbol that means something. That’s clearly the limit of it, in the sense that it wasn’t great, although the sense of it that somebody could have easily observed and understood what that meant. I looked at the official film, the video footage, a film by the officially controlled networks, and it doesn’t show any of that. So either what we’re being leaked is actually a lie, it’s all just completely made up, or the official organizations have removed certain sections, so they haven’t presented that at all. And that’s the line “I’m going to prison,” hearing from people, that this really did take place. The third instance is the young Bush, what his role is in all this. He’s the only one who didn’t look at one of these envelopes, so at least he didn’t need to look at them. Now there’s a one there. Well, the official cameras were placed as you would expect, but this unofficial video footage, these cameras had been secretly hidden and designed purely and simply to catch the moment that when these envelopes are allocated or opened. So we’re looking at two separate organizations here. We’re looking at the organizations that the elite control, which is the official media, and then we’re looking at this placement of these other video cameras that the elite do not control. So that was a very, very important point. When a head of a family dies and leaves a vacuum and there are certain questions and jockeying for positions that take place, and there are questions asked and answers given. So we need to perhaps understand that with the passing of the Senior Bush, the official passing, the part that’s commemorated publicly, it was another chapter that was opening and this is leading to a very, very, for the elite, a very difficult time. Prior to them opening the letters they were laughing and joking, and it’s very, very interesting, of course, that President Trump is on the very end of this row of seats and doesn’t talk to any of them. They don’t look at him, they’re not interested in him. It’s really clearly a divide, and then you’ve got Clinton, the president, ex-president, who, remember, was a Democrat, best friends and chummy with the younger Bushes, who is a Republican, which shows that the elite actually are beyond boundaries. You may be a Democrat or a Republican, but if you are a member of the elite, it makes no difference. You are all part of the same group. It’s very interesting that Trump was ostracized by this group. To be fair he didn’t seek to try to join them and they certainly excluded him. And in the eulogy that the younger Bush, when he gave his talk, he mentioned a few names and he even mentioned Arnold Schwarzenegger, remember the governor of California, republican governor and a personal friend of George Senior Bush. You would think that the serving president, who is a Republican, would be mentioned, even named if just in passing; not at all. So, you couldn’t fail but to get the impression that there was a difficulty between all of the group, whether they were Bidens, whether they were Clintons, Bushes, there was a huge gap, so that’s very significant. So we should perhaps imagine that whoever is behind these envelopes is also behind Trump. So that took place on an early, early December, I think.

Let’s fast forward to Boxing Day on the 26th of December, and in New York State, there was a lot of phone calls into the police saying that a very large spacecraft had been seen uphead and it was firing beams down and taking out power lines. And the ordinary people would just laugh and say that was just mass hallucination. However, the calls coming in to the police force and fire department were so great, that the New York Fire Department tweeted out that, they’ve said quite rightly, I understand, that nobody was killed and nobody was injured, and it was transformers or electrical power lines that were being taken out. But in another of the tweets it actually says, this has nothing to do with extraterrestrials. Now that’s unique. That’s unique for any [unintelligibly] serving organization like the fire department to actually publicly have to come out and say it has got nothing to do with aliens. Now, I’ll get that tweet and I’ll see if I’m gonna do that, the next time I do a conference I’ll just put that up. That just shows the breadth and depth of phone calls and pressure coming in from the public, who are reporting a triangular-type craft, probably between a half mile and mile in size, enormous, and those of you in the States you could think back to the Phoenix lights in the early 1990s, if you had the privilege, I don’t know if that’s the right word, to observe one of these crafts. Also were reported perhaps a boomerang shape or a triangle shape of the same sort of size. Well, the information I’ve got is that these craft may not be the same thing, but the object is the same, which is to put fear into governments, to try and control organizations. So after the letter incident to the elite they respond by... This is their craft, this doesn’t belong to the Space Force or the legitimate military. This belongs to a sub-arm, a Satanic sub-arm of the elite, who then send a message to the regular military saying, you know, we can take out any part of America we want, and we’re gonna make a demonstration. So they took out a lot of power lines, a lot of power stations and the threat to Trump or at the men behind Trump is that, you know, we can go anywhere in America. We can take out New York, if we want, we can take out Boston, we can do whatever we want. So don’t mess with us. So that was on Boxing Day.

On the 31st of December Strategic Air Command, and for those people who are in Britain or Europe may not be familiar with the Strategic Air Command, the SAC - it is the bombing arm of the United States Military Airforce, so it’s the craft that drop the bombs. So Strategic Air Command used to tweet and on the tweet, actually I’ll paraphrase now, it said that we will drop a nuclear bomb on anybody who is anti-American. And what’s not widely known is that this tweet was followed with a short clip of a stealth aircraft, the B2, I think, if I understand, dropping two 30,000-pound conventional warheads. Now, the video showed conventional bombs being dropped, but the tweet referred to the New York Times Square with what we call the ball rises and then drops and signals [unintelligibly] with the beginning of the new year and if you are European or British you don’t know what I’m talking about, just put in Times Square and look at the illuminated ball that goes up the pole, up the flagpole and then people shout three, two, one and then it drops down and the fireworks go off. And that’s standard. So this tweet actually talked about: “We will drop something much bigger than the ball.” And that is now a riposte to the triangle or boomerang craft that took out the power lines.

So what the official U.S. military are now responding is, that we will find where this mile-long craft is and we’ll bomb the hell out of it. Now where would you hide a mile-long craft? Well you can hide it under the oceans, these things can go under water, or you can hide it off-planet. So what we’ve got is a game of tennis going on between the officials, the good people, and the unofficials, who are hiding in the shadows and are going through all this. What’s quite interesting, is that in terms of that power outage, why that has significance, is that the United States Air Force, along with a number of other agencies and universities, about two months ago or three months ago did some research, and they were looking into the vulnerability of the civilian side in terms of a potential electromagnetic pulse or a nuclear weapon that might go off, and how it would disrupt communications. This document is available. It’s... was online [unintelligibly] looked. It’s an official release document and it looks at the possible ways that an EMP blast could take out communication systems. It actually talks about energy weapons. It’s a phenomenal document. It says that, you know, there are energy weapons, which can be used and very, very interestingly, it relates to 5G and says that 5G is a threat, and that 5G, if used in conjunction with something, could also take out communications. So now what we what we’re getting to see, that whoever is responsible for putting up 5G around the planet is the same people, perhaps, who are responsible for flying triangular spacecraft. I’m beginning to see a real divide coming on here. So this document, which is an official document, and it’s a corporation between the United States Air Force and a number of other organizations, looking at the readiness of the infrastructure of the U.S. to cope with a large EMP blast or attacks, which, to be honest, I and other commentators, have been warning about for three years. So that’s really important.

Let’s talk about the shut-down now. Trump has basically said that, if he didn’t get the money for the wall, he’s not signing anything off and it’s for about 800,000 U.S. employees on short working. There doesn’t seem to be an opening here. Well, the question is really: Trump has been in power now for two-and-a-half years or thereabouts, and for those two-and-a-half years he’s controlled both houses, the lower House and higher House. He would didn’t do it then. So he’s done it, when he knows, it’s gonna cause a problem. Now why would you do that? If you really wanted to build a wall between yourself and Mexico, you would do this when you had control of all the arms of legislature. And he hasn’t. He’s done it while, you know, he’s looking at the Democrats controlling the lower House. So this does lead to questions, that maybe this got nothing to do with the wall. Maybe he’s not interested in the wall at all. Maybe it’s because with 800,000 employees no longer on the payroll, it allows him perhaps, if we are going to accept, that some of the indictments are gonna start to be opened soon, to prosecute people and argue in court, that whether they are or not employees of the government, whether they are protected by any form of contractual arrangements, because they’re not being paid. So that’s one aspect of it, that potentially it could make it easier to target certain individuals or certain organizations, which could be deemed to be no longer part of the federal government. Very interesting that.

Well we’ve got something else here from the QAnon website that was leaked. And I haven’t posted it, ‘cause I’m still not convinced it’s 100 percent genuine. If it is genuine it’s really interesting, because on that it’s basically carrying a warning from the United States Generals, from the military, saying that they are looking for a military, I don’t want to use the word takeover, because that’s not very good, but a martial law, that’s the word, their excuse, some time in January, and they are urging the people in America not to panic, not to think this is a removal of democracy. It’s not that the generals are staging a coup. What they’re saying is that they wish to bring in martial law for a short period of time because there are so many evil people in America and they want to protect America and American values. Now that’s a really big statement, and that again is available, as many of you have already seen that. And what’s… Why that suddenly becomes a real possibility, is that on Saturday President Trump said that he could force the building of a wall, if he called a state of emergency. Now that’s not the same as martial law, it’s different. But the fact, that the Q site is saying, that January will be the time when generals will push for martial law, and we’ve got President Trump saying that he could declare a state of emergency, it would be very easy if that occured for the generals then to say to Trump: “Let’s just notch it up. We’ve got state of emergency, let’s just notch it up to martial law.” So what we’re seeing, I believe, is a game of ping-pong between the two factions in America vying for control. And if you look at President Trump’s time in office, it has to be 2019, because, you know, he will be up for reelection, if he chooses to go for reelection, very soon, relatively from a political point of view, so it has to be 2019. So there’s a great deal happening, and I do urge you all, please, to make as much time as you can to try to follow both the official news and the real news, and try and compare the two to see, it’s very interesting, sometimes the official news begins to crack and they start to take on some of the truth, the non-official resort. So that’s it, it’s been on heck of a time and I really think we need to keep our eyes and ears open as we go into January. It could be incredibly exciting. So thank you for that. And I’m gonna ask Becky to be very kind and read out some of the questions.

Rebecca Parkes: Okay, hello. Thank you. Our first question is by Venicius Andraid, and that’s her YouTube name. What happens to the soul of a person who decides to die, whether through suicide or euthanasia?

SP: There are many reasons, why somebody would want to end the life of the physical body, and I’m not, absolutely not going to get into any sort of debate on that. What I can just answer: the question exactly, which will be that it makes absolutely no difference in terms of the procedure. The soul will leave the body. It will go into a holding area, or it will break free and go to the star family that it originated from, or it will go back to Source where it was originally created. And then it will reincarnate in some other form. So that makes no difference. The only possibility would be the word, that’s bandied about a great deal, which is karma, which could be, that that soul would have to reincarnate to work through why it wanted to leave the planet at that point. So that’s my answer. It makes absolutely no difference to the soul in the sense that its procedure is exactly the same. There could be a further learning journey for that soul in order to process, understand or work through and develop from the learning of what occurred. Thank you.

RP: Okay, thank you. The next question is by Gabriel. We had a Skype call recently. I’m Gabriel with the stammer. Several months ago I was in meditation to try to meet spirit guides. I went up levels, literally going up and felt like I was in a themepark-ride rocketing upwards. When I got there, I met what I think was a Mantid being. It came over me looking down at me, sort of studied me like an insect would to locate food, I’m guessing, then pierced its tongue, which was more like a needle, down my throat, so it felt like I was almost choking, but I thought at the same time it was to help me with my throat chakra, with my lack of self-expression. I was brought up with different influences, so I tried to please everyone, but was never true to myself until the last few years. I would love to know your thoughts. Regards, Gabriel.

SP: Hello, Gabriel. I don’t think it put its tongue down your throat. It would have been some form of a medical procedure. It would have been some sort of object, which you perceived, or it wanted you to see it as that. Perhaps it did not wish to frighten you. If you see anybody, you know, in the medical profession with an instrument, the natural reaction is “Oh goodness me, you know, what you’re gonna do with that?” So I think that what we’re looking at there, is many, many people, who are genuine, who have had experiences with a whole range of off-planet beings often report of things being put down their throat and some form of energy being released from the body. It certainly does sound to me like a Mantid, Mantis or Insectoid. Remember they’re different beings. Was there any description of the being, Becky, with that? Was there a description, what it looked like?

RP: No, only what I read out.

SP: Okay, so I can’t do anymore than that because you’ve used the term, it was insect-like and like a Mantis, but because you’ve not furnished a description, I can’t confirm either way with that. It’s your interpretation of that, which is probably right, but you know, it would be really helpful if you'd given me some description of what it looked like. The next point would have been, if you’d been, you know, I’d been working with you after that stage, well, what did you notice? Did you feel worse afterwards? Did you feel better afterwards or you were the same? What have you detected? What has changed? Has anybody around you noticed any difference about you? Have they been physically? These are the questions that are really important to understand. The process that you described is not unique. It happens quite a lot, but I’m not sure what that process is. Somebody once did a drawing for me of that, and then energy being released out through the mouth, which they interpreted as a positive thing because they didn’t have any difficulties afterwards. Remember that the Mantis or Mantids are perhaps the finest doctors, the cult or the group, that are the docs group, are the finest doctors that I’m aware of anywhere, so you were in, that’s what happens. You were in safe hands in the sense that there would not have been a mistake in what they were doing. But what we need to know is, whether what they were doing to you was beneficial or wasn’t. And that’s why it’s important that you try and get as much information as you can. Thank you for writing in. I appreciate that.

RP: Okay, thank you. Our next question is a series of questions by Rose Newblue Print.

SP: Okay, we then take one at a time. You can read them all out and then we’ll just get another type with it, I’ll just get lost.

RP: Okay. So I’ll read it all out to move first for, and then we’ll... yeah…

SP: Oh yeah, read it all out and then we’ll do it one at a time.

RP: Okay. Simon, a question: Are Ereshkigal and Ninhursag involved in the New World Order as mothers of these bad boy brothers Enki and Enlil? How are the queens involved, since apparently the Queen of Orion is owner of this planet? Or is she? If Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria, and Queen Elizabeth II are all the same beings, does this mean that the previous royal kings and queens are also the same being or did this queen come in only at the point of Elizabeth I? And who was Queen Elizabeth I’s mother Anne Boleyn? Was she placed in the scene deliberately to bring in Queen Elizabeth I? And what about King Henry VIII? Is he the father of Queen Elizabeth I? So who is his soul and did this start with him or his daughter Elizabeth? Thanks so much, love, Rose.

SP: Okay Rose, you obviously are very much a historian and you love your history. Right, so Becky, first question then please.

RP: Okay, so the first one is about Enki and Enlil’s mothers. Are Ereshkigal and Ninhursag involved in the New World Order as mothers of these bad boy brothers Enki and Enlil?

SP: Alright, that’s the first question. They certainly were the mothers. Whether they were genetic mothers or whether they were ceremonial mothers, that I just don’t know. You see you can be the energetic parent of a child, but not be the biological parent of the child. So that’s something to conjure with, isn’t it? So within Reptilian culture and outside of that culture actually that can occur. Certainly Source, the Great Creator can arrange for an individual to be the energetic mother or father of a child regardless of who is the biological parent of that child. So it doesn’t have to be the Reptilian side, it can be any group that will do that. Any of those old timers, the old guard, certainly we would associate with the New World Order in the sense that the New World Order groups can trace their lineages back to beings that claimed ancestry from these beings. It may be that they don’t, they don’t, but they claim it. So you can claim a bloodline, but be in dispute as to whether you come from that line or not, but you can claim it. So that particular female, Ninhursag, probably would be seen as the great-great-great grandmother. In other words, the female, who had a key role in producing humanity about 250,000 years ago. So yes, that person, to my knowledge, is not here on the Earth now, but those that are on the Earth claim lineage to her. Next question please.

RP: So how are the queens involved, since apparently the queen of Orion is owner of this planet, or is she?

SP: Okay, so the Great Pyramid, the two great dynasties, Orion and Sirius, shared the control of the Great Pyramid and thus control of the Earth, and Orion was always the more masculine, the more patriarchal, the more forceful, and the Sirius or Sirius group were always the more feminine and more malleable. Those are the group that never gave up their claim to the Earth in terms of its development and the humanity on it. So we could quite truthfully say that they're both Orion and Sirius. The leaders there legitimately, from their perspective, claim dominion over the whole planet and everything on it. Sirius and Orion have fought. They usually politically patch up their differences, and one of the reasons that the Great Pyramid, ONE of the reasons of the pyramid, was to ensure that there was a share, a fair sharing of an alteration between who was in charge, so Orion would have it for a period of time, and then Sirius, and then go back to Orion, and this was a method, that was created that would prevent wars. If you think about the children of these beings, the mothers were either from Orion or from Sirius generally, so there was a fight, not necessarily a physical fight, but there was a political, cultural dynasty fight to try and get your own faction into position so that the offspring would then become the leaders at a later date. That’s between the patriarchal and the matriarchal system, so we can’t, I can’t say to you that that person is there and I can’t take that question on unfortunately, and say, what are any of the kings and queens related with that particular person’s energy or that particular soul. In terms of the queens, sorry what was the name of the daughter?

RP: Ahm, so... Going to all an English history...

SP: Right. It was about Henry VIII or something like that.

RP: Yeah,all... Did all the kings and queens have the same soul?

SP: Ah, right.

RP: And who was a soul of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII.

SP: Right. I really don’t know about Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII. They’re not actually important and that’s awful from a history point of view. Of course they’re important from English history and British history and the history of England and how it related to France and Spain. Those readings are very important, but in terms of the subject of what we talk about, they’re not that important. Energies can either be manifested by Source, the Creator, or by those trying to manipulate what has been created. So there’s a great jiggling and jaggling of people, so that they can try and get the right soul into the particular child, that will then be destined to be a king or a queen. That’s very important from their perspective because it’s about bloodline and control. It doesn’t necessarily mean that a Richard I or Edward I would then come along and be another king. But what we can say for certain is that the current Queen of England has been on this planet in the guise of a queen for a number of times, so she is the most important. It is the matriarchal energy. I can’t call it the Divine Feminine in her case, but I can call it the matriarchal energy, which is seen as the great mother, and as a result of that, all the others are deferential to her, but she is the only one that would be empowered, shall we say, to come back and reincarnate within a female form and in a royal form and it has been England because England is the anchor for magic. That’s basically why it’s here and not in any other country. So I hope that covers those questions, but no I don’t know Anne Boleyn, and yes, whoever was going to bring forth the child would have to be approved by whoever was running the show, and these people are chosen because they match the genetics that they actually want to bring in, but they’re not that important. If you think about the Bible story, about Mary who gives birth to Jesus. Look how the churches, you know, changed and altered the role of Mary. So it’s always about the child that comes forward, who becomes the king or the queen. And these people never really want you to buy in or engage with whoever made that happen. And that’s like... That’s old news. That’s the old, I’m not interested. Maybe because you can trace back, you can get an answer. If you have the record, you could go back. You could actually get to the truth of it. So they like to bury that part of the history to prevent a historian from going back and saying “Oh, where did this child come from?” Thank you. That’s lots of questions, thank you.

RP: Okay, thanks. Joey Williams says: Dear Simon, thank you for what you do. I very much enjoy listening to you. I agree about protecting yourself regarding the astral protection. Best advice. My question is about another topic: ancient history on Earth. I seem to have known as a child that there were very ancient civilizations, that were advanced and then somehow destroyed and all the evidence gone. When I started researching history about six years ago I learned that we have all been lied to about almost everything. I started to remember my childhood musings and knew right away that the history we have been taught is a much-shortened version and misinformation. I wonder why I would have thought about that when I was young. Thank you, Joey.

SP: Thank you for listening to the show. Thank you for, you know, not collapsing under the weight of lies of the system. Right, there is precious little evidence left on the surface of the earth, but there is more evidence under the water or under the Earth. You know, you have to look at Great Britain and go on a tour of ancient Roman ruins that are 2,000 years old. It isn’t long in Earth’s history and you are hard pressed to find substantial buildings and different objects, silly obviously, because it was the home of the Roman Empire on the places, but you know, as we go back further in time, 3,000, 4,000 we find that it’s less and less material, that we can look at and celebrate. And the... When we get to pushing back to 5, 6, 7,000 years, then the system which finds these relics or these artifacts or this evidence, removes it. They don’t want people to have any understanding of their true history. That’s the rule be-all and action of the elite: it’s to prevent humanity from really understanding, who the heck we all are. And so if we were to be wandering around in cities that were 15,000 or 20,000 years old, one couldn’t have a history that we have today. And one of the most ancient officially accepted icons is the Great Pyramid. And if we were to accept that it was between 12 and 25,000 years old, there would be a complete end to all of the history that we’ve been sold, and every author, who’s written a book on it, would have to go and scurry away and have to rewrite it. So that isn’t gonna happen without someone really forcing the issue. There are a number of places on the Earth which you can go along with a Geiger counter and you’ll find a huge reaction, which, I believe, means there’d been a nuclear war, a nuclear explosion, and the Old Testament, if you read those paragraphs of the Old Testament, you do get an impression that cities were destroyed in a most comprehensive fashion, and so I think I put two and two together, and I say well if you get a high uranium count or a high plutonium account or whatever it is that the Geiger counter is picking up in an area where radioactive material is not reported, then you’re probably looking at some form of explosion at some point in the past. When you go underground, or come under the ice, whether we’re looking for Atlantis or we’re looking for other lifeforms, we see it. If we look on the Moon or look on Mars, we see it. It’s just here on Earth where we are being lied to. So that is why there isn’t any obvious expression of previous lifetimes beyond the officially sanctioned history of the planet. What was the last part of that question, Becky, please?

RP: Ahm…

SP: I think, I missed it, the part at the end. I'm sure I did...

RP: Just the last pick is why would she have thought about it when she was young, so what made her underst... have this internal understanding when she was young?

SP: Two possibilities that I can come up with. One is that the soul in your body has incarnated all those years ago and for some very lucky reason has retained that memory, so it was alive at that time and is seeing these things as an observer on the ground, or indeed off the ground. Another possibility is that you have been given that information. When you were a young child, you were visited by some off-planet entity or Source itself decided to share this with you. And you were given images or visions or just knowledge, that this was the case with a clear intent, that you go and do your own research and you educate yourself, and you become self-aware and you make a specialism of that subject. It’s free will, so you do with it what you wanna do with it, but if something has made the effort to spark your awareness, it would be a terrible shame just to watch a soccer match, when you really should be researching, you know, what happened after the Ice Age when the ice melted 12,500 years ago? You know, how did corn and wheat and barley come on this Earth? You know, when did writing come into place? When did making clay pottery objects? All of these things which we are being lied to, and the timeframe of it is totally inaccurate. So I think you’ve been pushed in the right direction to try to research. The human race, that we have now, has been going for 250,000 years, but the race that we have, the culture that we have now, is post-Ice Age, and for the questions you’re asking: I think somebody wants you to go back to the Ice Age and work on that and then look beyond that. Okay, thank you.

RP: Okay, thanks. Cynthia says: Hi Simon, greetings, a few questions. Now she’s listed four questions so we can do them one at a time.

SP: Okay.

RP: First one: What do the people in those black helicopters want? Who are they and how on earth do they find the people they target?

SP: Right, what a question. I said what a question, ‘cause it’s like, you know, I can’t just… I’ve got other questions to answer and I’m not gonna be able to give this the depth it needs. It’s... It is of vital importance and needs a whole hour on it. I do what I can. And I say that because it's important that people are aware of how they're being abducted. The helicopters are military, not necessarily regular military. Some of them are, but the vast majority of it belong to this shadow arm. They get away with it because they work in conjunction with a regular military and pass information across to them. The vast majority of what goes on is positive to the country. In other words, the work that’s going on benefits that country. However, there’s a lot of secondary information that's obtained or side operations that occur which got nothing to do with national security, and have got everything to do with the elite group that run that aspect or run that aspect of the world. I don’t know the date, but at some period in the recent past, humans were... there were always some that we, not we invented, but we obtained technology or the understanding of how to take literally a person’s soul from their physical body. But they in recent years received technological advancement, which when then placed with this energy understanding then made it much more successful in their ability to lift a person out of their body. So I give in one example from one person I worked with. I know it’s absolutely and genuinely true, because (A) I met the person, (B) I observed it for myself. So the person is going to be nameless, I’m not gonna obviously share that with anybody, because it’s to protect, protect people, but I’d got involved with helping and for two days I witnessed what we call a black or a gray helicopter. Remember a black helicopter doesn’t mean it’s painted black. It means that it doesn’t have any insignia or numbers on it. Just as you can’t legally take a car on the road without a license place, a registration plate, so you can’t take anything up in the air generally that doesn’t have some sort of markings or numbers on it. Certainly, something that carries passengers should have recognition numbers on it, so obviously these helicopters up there that have no recognition numbers, then they’re above the law. There is, that's a legal status. They are above the law. They’re not consigned to the law. And they usually have two people in it, one is a pilot and one is a psychic, and on the occasions that I observed this I saw one helicopter literally just fly around and around the garden at about 150, 200 feet. Perhaps that’s a bit short... 200 to 250 feet, letting me know that they were there. And I just stared at it and tried to connect my mind with the psychic in the passenger seat of the helicopter and then it went, and on the next day either the same or another helicopter about a quarter of a mile range just sat off and just sat there observing. So this person was absolutely genuine that they were being plagued by helicopters in a very obvious way. One of the signs that you are being taken is that in the morning when you check your body you perhaps notice some bruisings, some marks, doesn’t have to be in the morning. Could be three o’clock in the afternoon, ten o’clock in the evening. And you would be aware of a helicopter and the next thing that you know is that you have marks, or bruising or red dots on your body. That’s a classic sign of an abduction and being taken to the helicopter. So the story is that the person sent me a text, saying they were in the garage getting some things for what the Americans call a yard sale, what we would call in Britain a boot sale, and they heard a helicopter overhead, so this woman sent me a message saying it’s right over head, literally right over head, and I said “Look, just stay still. Don’t try and make it from the garage to the house because then you’ll be totally open, but just stay calm, quiet.” About twenty minutes later I got another message saying “Look, I’ve got back in the house. I’m just making myself a cup of coffee and I’ve noticed a very big bruise on my arm. My 3D question is: “Okay, let’s just make sure you didn’t fall over in the garage and bang yourself.” And she confirmed, no she definitely didn’t. So she went in there, there was no bruise and now there is. Well, that is a classic example of what goes on. The reasons for the abduction are very, very many and varied, depending on the region and what’s going on. They do it generally without your permission, without your say-so and it’s wrong. It’s totally wrong, and the reason they don’t ask your permission is, because you would say no. And they have the technology to do it to most people and sometimes it’s not successful. The person will either consciously or subconsciously fight them off, but they will come back and do that. And there’s a second part or last part of the question. What was that?

RP: There’s a bit more, well, so: How on earth do they find people they target?

SP: Oh that’s the one, okay. If you are jolly enough to keep your cell phone, your mobile phone with you, they know where you are. End of the story, that's it. Next one.

RP: Okay. But maybe people are attacked in some other way, so…

SP: Oh right, well…

RP: …pre-mobile phone type era…

SP: Right, well, I mean talking about now, it’s nine times out of ten it is through the mobile phone. That’s literally how they’ll do it. It’s the easiest way for them. It’s the very easiest way just to hack into the network and just find out where you are. But if you have a human-based implant, as opposed to an alien implant, then they will work on that. That’s much more accurate than the cell phone, because you can leave your phone by accident in a friend’s house and then they don’t want the position where that would occur. So not everybody is chipped, remember. Not everyone has an implant. There are many people who are in this program, that are not implanted in that way and they're just using the cell phone. But for those that are very much a pivotal key element of the program they are running, then there's most definitely going to be an implant in that person. I’ll give you a breakdown of gender now. Of every twelve, ten will be women. The vast majority, because they want the divine feminine, the kundalini, they want that capability. So that was that first question. Hopefully I’ve answered that.

RP: Yeah, I’ve got a couple more parts to that. Do they usually come and go away, give up, or are they persistent until they get what they want from you?

SP: The last one. They’ll arrive. Remember time is money to a human, and if they’re above your head in a 3,000,000 pound helicopter, attempting to lift you out of your body and you are resisting it, they’ll just leave you and go on to the next target, because just like the man or woman who works for a postal service and has to drop off parcels and envelopes, ‘cause if they spend too long in someone’s house, then their whole schedule is put out, so and there’s the fuel for an aircraft, which is far more volatile than fuel for a motor car, so you're ten, fifteen minutes up in the air, you’ve eaten quite a lot of your valuable time, so they will miss it, if you are fighting them and they can’t do it, they’ll go away and they’ll choose another time to come back and they’ll keep doing it until they get you or until you so physically prevent them that they can’t come back or they drop you off the program. So that’s the answer to that one.

RP: Okay, thanks. The second question is: Is Pope Francis going to resign in January or February of this year?

SP: My information is that he is going to resign this year, but I was not given a month for that. This is all tied up with the indictments. He is not American, so he is not directly named, but there are some indictments, I understand, which indict individuals who are part of organizations which could be connected to him. So if that particular indictment or series of indictments is ever opened, then he would resign before that became public. Now, if so [unintelligible] be very positive, let’s say these indictments are gonna be opened, then, yeah, he will go in 2019, but I can’t give you a month for that, but if that particular indictment or indictments are not opened, then he’ll just tough it out and just stay until something else pushes him out. Okay.

RP: Okay, thanks. Third question: What really is Article 13 by the EU and how will it affect truthers on YouTube?

SP: Right. Well, will it affect Great Britain, when we leave the European Union, Brexit? Very interesting. This started, it originated in America actually under Obama. And Obama basically wanted to stop all of the non-official news channels. So in other words, what I’m doing now. They'd wanna ban it. They banned Kerry Cassidy. You know, they want to ban anybody who comes out and gives you information, that is not the agreed and signed off by the official powers that be. And that was... Obama was really going down that road. He was very keen on that. And he did make some progress legislatively toward sthat, but he didn’t want to do it in America, because it was too volatile, and hey, you know, Americans have got guns. West-Europeans and British people don’t have guns. It’s a lot easier to control Europe and Britain than it is America, and then they had a change of president, and Mr. Trump, President Trump, is not at all interested in that. He talks about fake news, this fake news, of course, is the establishment. So there's no way he was going to put a sock, as we say in Great Britain, into the voice of the truth. So what happened was, that the Satanic forces in Europe suddenly lifted up the challenge and they wanted to run with that. Now what it means, is that if Article 13 is approved by the European Parliament, that any news – and if I was just going to talk about my cat, or you know, what I did yesterday, that isn’t a problem, that doesn’t come under it. But if you're giving any news or information, it has to be energetically electronically scanned to see if it matches the official voice. So, if you have a story that is totally contra to the official line that’s coming out, then you would be sanctioned as not part of the official story line and you would lose your right to broadcast on YouTube or anywhere else. That is exactly what it means. It means that if you are CNN, BBC, or any of the official organizations that have a license and pay a fee and are told what they can say and what they can’t say, then that is considered the line by which everything should be judged. So at the moment we have a situation where we can all go on YouTube and watch the official news. And then we can go on and look at something else. Well, what will happen, if this article is passed, is that you will not find any other material on YouTube that is contrary to the story that is being placed up. You know, if somebody broadcasts and says in their own words exactly the same outcome that CNN broadcasts, that’s just gonna be approved. But if you cast doubts on that, then you will not be allowed to broadcast. And that’s what is being trying to sneak in under the radar. And that’s what is been trying to sneak in under the radar. There’s a large number of organizations now, who are challenging it, coming out and saying this is not good, and I say to people who, you know, I don’t want to get into politics too much, but people who want to stay in Europe, you know, in Great Britain there’s this big argument about I want to be, I want to remain in Europe. When you remain in Europe, then you're going to sign up to that. That was exactly why I voted to leave the European Union and many other people did, for their own reasons, but it’s the control, you know. Not because I have my own little radio show, I’m protecting that. Why shouldn’t I? But because the people deserve the truth. And here in plain sight is a bill going through the legal process, which will take away everyone’s free will to go on to a television or a radio or a YouTube or whatever it might be and try and obtain information, that is different from the official line. That is what Article 13 is. It is literally to silence any electronic media that is not carrying the same story that is approved by the three or four men who own all of the media on this planet. This is a good question and is a very, very serious. Thank you.

RP: Okay, thank you, and lastly from Cynthia: What characterizes the dimensions from 5th and beyond? How many dimensions are there from Earth’s perspective? Bless your work in CC, love the London CC meetings. It’s a blessing to be able to talk freely with like-minded people every week.

SP: Oh great. Well, that’s great. Then you’re a member of the London group and you attend the London group meetings. Thank you. That’s really good. The key here is Earth’s perspective. I don’t know if you did that deliberately or you just put it in there, because when we look at other dimensions or we have the capability to understand other dimensions, we are observing from our perspective. So someone from the Pleiades, in the 5th dimension, they're looking with a different perspective, aren’t they, and I’m just splitting hairs now. Right, okay, there are a total of thirteen frequencies or dimensions, but within each dimension there are subdimensions, too many to count, or offshoots or pockets or corridors. There are twelve and the thirteenth is being prepared. But we would officially say there were twelve. That’s why there is twelve on our clocks. That’s why there are twelve months to the year. To the British and the Americans: that’s why on a ruler for measurement we got one inch to twelve inches. Twelve is the figure. There’s a big reason for that. So yes, there are twelve major dimensions with the thirteenth is being got ready. There are many, many subdimensions. Okay from our Earth’s perspective we can’t do better than to lobby your member of parliament or your democratic representative and say that you are aware that in the news, that the CERN device managed to establish the reality, that the 4th dimension does exist, and they have officially come out and said that there’s a 4th dimension We can’t do better than to write to them and ask your member of parliament to write to the CERN organizers and ask them to describe the 4th dimension to you. It would be very interesting to see what comes back. So from our perspective we have a number of energies, they are hierarchical in the sense that they change in their frequency and they are less dense than the 3rd dimension that we exist in. With the changes of energy certain intent exists in some dimensions, that cannot exist in another dimension. So the intent that exists here and in the 4th, very rarely exists in the 5th dimension and 6th dimension. So how would we perceive it? Well, some people are very lucky and they will literally get glimpses of the fabric and they’ll get a glimpse into another world. Now where that’s in the timeline, sometimes that is the case, they can perceive actions in other dimensions. In terms of how we perceive it is when something or somebody comes to visit us: one of the orbs, that we occasionally see, the luminescent orbs that you can sometimes see through, they are coming from another dimension. Sometimes people are visited by off-planet entities or on-planet creatures that have the technology, but from an off-planet, because it’s from another dimension and they are perceiving that coming through. But for the vast majority of people, who go about their live normally, they are not aware of another dimension. This would be 2:00 o’clock, 2:30 early in the morning from British perspective, when the barrier between the 3rd and 4th is the most thinnest and that’s when maybe it can happen. Remember the bewitching hour is not 12:00 midnight, it is about 2:30 in the morning. Very hard, to describe our perception of other dimensions, unless you’ve actually had personal experience of it. But it’s a very good question. Thank you for being part of Connecting Consciousness. Thank you for attending meetings, and thank you for listening to the show and following your heart.

RP: Okay, before the last question if you want.

SP: Yes, thank you I will.

RP: Okay.

SP: Right, so... I want to thank people who so kindly donated. You really do keep the show on the road. Okay, here we go. There's a few more than normal, not because I’ve had more, but because, if you remember, we did a little show a little while ago and I didn’t thank people then. So this is to take them on as well. So I want to thank very much Charlotte, Glenn, George, Elena, Maria, Andrew, Deborah, Natalie, Stefano, James, Rudolph, Campbell, Candice, Candace, Gunda, John, Allen, Christina, Gerald, Christian, Nicole, Eric, Natat, Anita, Safar, Massmit or Mousemit, Martin, Marian, Robert, John, Texas, Alfredo, Pohna, Anita, Robin, Evelyn, Charlie, Barbara, Lizette, Drum Set, Alex, Robert, we're getting through them, Rita, Julius, Janis, Andre, Simon, Meneau, Valerie, Harmel, Imogene, Oliver or Oliva, Vesla, Enrique, Bob, Rick, Cathy. If I left your name off, I’m truly sorry. I will just miss you. To those of you, who I’ve named and to all those of you, that I haven’t named, who have supported me: thank you so much. It means the world to me. Thank you. I know that you can’t do some of the things that I do, but that is your way of support and that is your way of being part of it, and that is your way of keeping me fully independent from some of the certain good people out there. So that’s brilliant. I will take another question because we’re not… we’re just on the hour but let’s… can we do another one?

RP: Sure, yeah we’ve got one more minute.

SP: Thank you.

RP: By Angeline Ray, specifically about Simon’s experiences, the Mantis/Mantids, more about who they are and how they interact with you, Simon, as your experiences help to fill out our own. When I was very small, preschool, I dubbed an invisible playmate my little Manny, because he was so funny and appeared just when things were the bleakest in my young life, and with his antics lightened things up for me, made me laugh and feel good about myself. No one else saw him. Through Simon years ago, I came to realize that my little Manny was a Mantis saving my soul, so to speak, in a bright red costume, huge black eyes, broomstick like arms and legs. These decades later I suspect that he named himself and I picked up on it, so that I would eventually make the connection to Mantids. Thank you.

SP: Right. I have no problem with any of that. What’s exciting and interesting is the color red. They don’t normally wear red. However, I think, that's... and usually, I don’t think I’ve ever met you. I don’t know that we’ve ever spoken on Skype. We should. It could be, that you are, when I say ‘triggered’ I don’t mean that in a negative way, but you are triggered by the color red. It might well be that the red color allows you to integrate and interact with the being, when you were little, without going into panic mode. It’s a form of trigger that basically stops you from panicking or just going to pieces and going crazy. They don’t normally dress in red. It’s very unusual. The other possibility is: it’s a group that I’ve never come across. It could literally be a group that wears red and I have never met them before, so I’m be not reminded about that. But I think it’s because red is the color that you are attuned to and activates and we could be that we’re working now, and we could be a bit naughty now, I could say to you: "Have a look around your house. What red objects do you have? What do you have in your house that is red? Do you wear anything that is red?” Okay, right. Yes, these creatures actually have a sense of humor. They do actually have a sense of humor. They learned that from humanity and they can mimic. Mimicking is not the same as having, but mimicking is because they want to try to connect with human humans and try to reassure them. So they, unlike a Grey, that will just go about its job and it doesn’t really give a damn what it’s doing to you or how you perceive it, whereas some of these higher beings will say: “Well, you know, if I spend the five minutes doing this or doing that, then at least it calms the subject down.” So it’s most definitely taking that name and said to you “That’s my name, you call me that.” What we don’t know from the information, because you haven’t given me much, is what its purpose was with you. Anybody who is a child, who has interaction with a Mantid or Mantis, is going to have a more in-depth interaction with a greater significance and a greater effect than somebody, who has an interaction with a Grey or a Reptilian. What I mean by that: it’s not, that a person will scream less with a Mantis than they will with a Grey, but in the way that they interact.

A Reptilian or a Grey, a tall Grey, a small Grey, when they interact it’s not subtle. I’m talking about the energy, the way that they will telepathy… communicate, the way that they will try to take control of your mind or they will try to find what they want in your mind without any condition for yourself, whereas when a Mantis or Mantid will do it, they’ll be much more gentle, they’ll be more pinpoint and they will be conscious of doing damage. The number of people who’ve had physical damage to their mind from a Grey interaction or a Reptilian interaction when young is far more – those had anecdotal evidence because they are the people that I’ve met, but I noticed that – than a Mantis or Mantid, because they take the trouble to ensure that there isn’t too much of that energy damage to that individual. So it’s specific work that they’re doing and the Greys can do a whole range of work, but the Mantis will tend to be pinpoint on their work. What was the next part of that question, please?

RP: It wasn’t really a question. It was just she wanted to find out more about your experience.

SP: Oh my experience. That’s why I was happy with it…

RP: Yeah.

SP: …because there were no parts to it. Right, well, those of you who have suffered me for a number of years and listened to me will remember that I made an arrangement or agreement, and it was a much more equitable agreement than many people make. Whenever you go into an arrangement with an off-planet creature, you do have to be really, really careful, because nine times out of ten they wanna trick you. Well I think ten times out of ten they want to trick you, but because they don’t just say, you know: “Here’s a hundred pages of small print.” None of them will do that. They will just say: “Here’s the small print and it’s only one page and we’ve forgotten that, but this and this in sudden deliver we on purpose.” The point is: Whether they’re gonna hurt you or they’re not gonna hurt you - that what you get: hurt. That’s the point here. And the agreement that I had, and I’ll give you, I’ll check out some nonsense agreement, then you can compare them, for those of you who have just discovered me or missed that bit on my past: it was 1971, so I was a school boy, and the agreement was a verbal agreement although it was coursed telepathic: Would you like to be like us, to see the future, to know the past, to have power and…? I didn’t even have to finish the last word of it. I was so excited about knowing about the past and the future. I just said yes. And that’s the agreement. And a person that I have met, I don’t see him anymore, their agreement was that they were taken to what looked like a big castle and there was a big banqueting table and they sat at a banqueting table and they had goblets of wine and they were dressed as the knight-soldiers, they had a sword and a shield and the person said, you know: “Do you want to join us?” And the individual looked down and he had a sword and he thought “I’m a Lord! I’ve got a goblet of wine, I’m a Lord!” And because he made a choice from greed and he said “Yes, I’ll do that. I’ll accept that.” And the next thing he knew, he was actually a soldier, not the Lord. And he was taken off planet, died many times, came back et cetera, et cetera and in a terrible, terrible state, because he made a choice from greed. Now, when I had made the choice, I made a choice of “Wow, I wanna know the past.” I’m really fascinated about the past. Look, really, I’m gonna collect fossils and I’m really interested in history, so there was no malice in my choice. There was no greed in my choice, that I said why I wanna do that. So because of that, there was no energy hook that went with it. There was no manipulative hook that went with that. That meant that I could perceive and experience life from their perspective and they could perceive and observe life from a human perspective. It meant that I could be taken on a regular basis off the Earth, spend time with them, observe things and come back. That’s why I can give you, you know, personal experiences of what I’ve seen and what I know from my perspective. It doesn’t mean I know everything. Of course I don’t. I don’t know what’s going on in the room next door unless I try and remote view it. But I can only, like all of us, give our experiences from, truthfully, from what we hear with our ears when it’s physical, with our eyes or without our physical body, be with what we, our soul, or energy body experiences. So that should be seen as not the truth verbatim, God save me, but the truth verbatim that I experienced. But nevertheless, within itself it’s amazing. For me it’s amazing and then I… I’ve always made it clear that I have always considered myself extremely lucky, that so many people, genuine people, who have had experiences, are terribly traumatized, are hurt by different beings, usually Greys and Reptilians, and, you know, I seem to have been spared that on the obvious side of it. In most cases what will happen is that a person will have an experience and they will be in a terrible state, not surprisingly because something happened to them, probably happened to them. But I have never once come back from an experience where I was in a terrible state, because I was just really truly lucky. Whatever the program was, it was... I haven’t been, you know, hurt like that. And I had the presence of mind, when with them, to ask questions, to want to know more and in most cases, not in all cases, but in most cases they responded, and I have gained information back from them. And even they tried to play tricks. The Reptilians always play tricks and, you know, I remember once where I was being taken on a journey. Whether I was in a physical body or not I couldn’t tell you on this occasion. I really didn’t know, but it was a very long journey in an alien craft and I appeared to be in a museum. And of course I’ve been in a museum, because I have been collecting fossils since 1971. But this was a First World War museum, a museum of guns and uniforms and metals and everything of the First World War. It’s interesting but it’s not hugely interesting for me. And I remember looking at it and thinking this isn’t real. This is not real, and turning to the creature that I would’ve call dad, this was a number of years ago, and saying: “This isn’t real, is it?” You know, and I said: “You know that I don’t want this sort of fake. I only want real things. You shouldn’t be going into my mind and giving me this fake stuff because you know, I don’t want that. I only want, what’s real.” And he replied: “It’s a long journey. I thought this would help pass the time.” Now whether that was true or not I don’t know, but I called him on that, and then the next thing I know, is completely this corridor with masks, with armor and uniforms and helmets, it just completely vanishes, and it’s just a silver corridor, and it’s just part of a ship. So it wasn’t physical, it wasn’t real. He went into my mind without my permission and created that. Another time albeit when, and I’ve said this before, when I was about four or five years old and we had a very real coffee table, and it’s late ’60s coffee tables were very fashionable. Well, I remember is was orange and brown typical to the late ’60s or early ’70s, and they’ll be really, really come into the room and ask me to step on the coffee table and I could do this, because I was only little, so although it was fairly flimsy, it wasn’t going to break under my weight, and then telling me to look at the ceiling and suddenly the ceiling or the roof with the lamp and a lightbulb hanging from it, just disappeared and it was black with all the stars. Now I hadn’t really got taken, but that being had gone into my mind and given me a vision of the space and the stars. Now because I’ve had all these experiences I’m pretty good at saying: that’s not real. I don’t want it. I didn’t go to Mars. I was actually on the coffee table. You know, lots of people who haven’t had multiple abductions, they really think they’ve gone to Mars, or they really think they’ve gone to the Moon, because it was so realistic. It was so real, but when you’ve been interacting for a lifetime with these creatures, you know when they’re generally, I can’t say a 100 percent, but you know when they’re basically going into your mind and giving you a fake experience. So yes, they’ll do that. Whether they do it because they want to manipulate you or whether they do it because they want to cheer you up, now I’ll go back, I know I’m going on a bit, but I’ll go back to the last question, where the person said about Manny: he would come and cheer her up. I… My blood mother died in 1979, you know. I always maintained, it was under very, very suspicious circumstances, her death, and the day that she died, you know,you would be... Obviously I was what, I was 18 years old, something like that, no brothers and sisters and no father. You would be very upset, and I remember I was very upset that night that she died, on my own in the house, and then four of the Mantis’ came and visited me and did something to me, and next morning I went back to work and everybody, it was in 1979, everybody looking at me and saying: “What in God’s name are you doing back here to work? You know, your mother died yesterday and you’re here at work?” And everybody thought I was incredibly cold and uncaring, but something had happened that night, which had allowed me to carry on with my work, so these things can come to you if you are in a very depressed state or you’re very upset or you’re not thinking properly and they will, if it’s in their agenda, they will do something, which means that you are emotionally able to push that across and just get on with the life that you need to get on with. So what you described about, you know, this Manny character cheering you up, remember, he cared about you, because if you’re depressed and you’re just cannon fodder to them, they’re not coming. Why would they want to come and cheer you up? So they’re coming to cheer you up, that’s because they want the physical part of you to match the soul part of you. It is the physical brain that has emotions. The soul has a different sort of way of working and if you are out of kilter, in other words, your soul is thinking one thing, but your organic brain is thinking another, you are not really working as a unit, so they’ll try and bring that together. Right. I’m in danger of going on for too long, so I wanna thank everybody so much for listening to the show. I hope that your Christmas was good. I hope that, you know, you did have a Happy Christmas, and that it was a bit of time away and a time for reflection. For me it’s just another marker toward something big, that’s got to occur in our lifetimes, that is important to catch up with friends and family and to take time off if we can to reflect on who we are and what we are. We know all the satanic stuff around Christmas. We know is just a manipulation, so we try and find the real energy, the truth of what the celebration of the year is. So thank you ever so much. Thank you too, to Becky, for asking the questions. It is a new year and I hope it’s going to be an exciting year and we are gonna get the changes we want, and as far as I’m concerned and I know I speak for all of you: It can’t come soon enough. We want it over and done with, so we can move on to the next phase of humanity, in a much cleaner and more happy way. So thanks ever so much. Take care. Bye-bye.


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