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Friday, December 7, 2018

British Parliament passes act holding British government in contempt for refusing to disclose all legal advice received by prime minister and her government leading to problems of Britain exiting the EU; Macron’s carbon tax has pushed the French people over the edge and they are rioting; the stark contrast between life ordinary people lead and life the elite lead is so great it’s forcing violence; military police are being moved to Guantanamo Bay so if indictments are opened people charged will be going there; Bush Senior bragged about being beyond the reach of law and one instance of this would be the Bushes selling oil to our enemy, Germany, during World War II; some California fires appear to have been caused by particle-beam weapons and although the people are not going to find out the truth officially anytime soon, they need to realize there is an ongoing war against the state of California; Deutsche Bank raided but why did it go public; self-taught Chinese fellow learns law, sues company polluting his home and wins the case in China; Questions: is Bush Senior coming back to Earth; how do you protect yourself against negative attacks; is JFK, Jr. QAnon; predictions for next 3–6 months worldwide; future of caravan forcibly trying to enter U.S.; why are Pleiadian ships now stationed around the Earth?


Ted Mahr: With that I’d like to welcome my good friend Simon Parkes coming to us live today from England. Simon, hi, how are you doing today?

SP: Hello Ted, I’m fine, thank you. Nice to be back on the show. It seems that I’ve been away for ages.

TM: I know it. We did a prerecord here about three weeks ago, and then November was an extra-long month, but I’m glad you’re back. I’m glad you’re back.

SP: Thank you.

TM: Yeah, yeah.

SP: Yes, it was a five-week month I remember now, yes.

TM: Yeah yeah, but you know I have to tell you Simon as soon as I started talking to you, now we have this beautiful… there’s this beautiful light in the studio. We had sunshine coming in before but there seems to be a lot more of it right now coming in.

SP: Well that’s good.

TM: And so thanks for being lots of, bringing lots of light on this show. That’s wonderful. Well there’s so many things to talk about my goodness. The sealed, this is from... we, I’ve got a ton of, I’ve got lots of emails that have come in from people around the world, plus there’s a lot of issues on your website, the sealed indictments, the contempt of parliament in the UK. That’s unheard of isn’t it? I mean it’s kind of like a…

SP: It is unheard of.

TM: It’s strange.

SP: Absolutely.

TM: I saw your post on Facebook and I did a double-take. I had to squint my eyes and said is this really what I’m reading. Normally things are more like they flow a little bit better in the House of Commons there. I mean you know usually… you have a contempt of parliament. Do they, I mean how often is this happened?

SP: I just don’t think it has happened. It’s difficult enough for British people to get their head around and goodness knows for people in other countries it’s hard to understand, and I am not going to, you know, go into huge detail, but what I will say is that what Parliament did that’s, you know, for people who perhaps are not fully familiar with it, that’s the lawmaking chamber in Britain. We have two chambers just as, you know, the U.S. does. We have lower chamber and higher chamber, and the lower chamber is equal to your House of Representatives, and our higher chamber, which we call the Lord’s, is equal to the U.S. Senate, but it is basically the lower chamber that is the one with the more power in Britain. And what happened was that there was a vote passed in Parliament requiring the British prime minister to disclose all of the legal advice that her and her government had received from our Attorney General. You have an attorney general as well. In fact, you’ve got a new one.

TM: Right.

SP: But the British Attorney General had done a report to the government, but what the government decided was they would just, you know, give the executive summary, so Parliament said, no thank you, we want all of it, and basically the British government refused. So then Parliament then passed an act holding the government in contempt, which now means the government had to publish it within two days, which it did, and that is the state of play, so it is unheard of. It’s very interesting that in America the President of the United States has more wriggle room in relation to how he moves around the houses and how he can get out of it, but in Great Britain, the British Parliament is absolutely the sovereign body, and when it does flex its muscles there’s not much the prime minister can do.

TM: Interesting. Well I was doing some background reading on what happened with this contempt of parliament and there’s going to be, let’s see here, there’s a vote coming on March 29th, 2019, when Britain officially leaves the EU, and it said that options are running out. Is there a question whether the UK will leave the EU now or is it still going to go on? I guess that’s the main issue, isn’t it?

SP: Yeah, there’s a much more important vote than that, and that’s very close. That’s the 11th of December, the 11th of December and if anyone’s staying up late, this will be broadcast around the world live in the chamber. This is the vote that the Prime Minister needs to win in order to secure the deal that she’s fought, and it looks like it won’t pass. If it doesn’t pass there’s a whole load of possibilities. One possibility is that the Prime Minister will resign there and then. The other possibility is that the opposition will call a motion of no confidence and try and force a general election. The other possibility is that the Prime Minister will try and renegotiate with Europe, or the other possibility is that we crash out of Europe with no deal whatsoever, so this is a really important vote. It’s much more important than the one next year. So December the 11th make-or-break for this government. The vote in this country was quite clear that people wanted to leave Europe. That hasn’t changed. The question is of course that Europe is doing, the European government, is doing everything it can to make life very difficult for Great Britain, because they are trying to keep the lid on a very boiling pan. You see Italy would like to leave the European Union, and if your listeners have had a chance to look around the news, you’ll see that they’re almost in open rebellion in France at the moment. There’s a massive uprising against the French Prime Minister or president I should say, the French president. So Europe wants to try to send a message that it’s very difficult to leave the European Union, so that’s why they’re being so difficult about it, but Britain will leave. Britain will go.

TM: Sure. Well that was my next question because our news here in the United States of course is heavily redacted, filtered, it’s hard to get much of anything besides the weather and traffic conditions here sometimes, other than what’s on the cartoon channel, but that’s a joke. But that’s my next question is about Paris, because you’re a lot closer to it there. You’re just across The Channel of course from Paris in France. From what I’ve been able to learn from this side of the pond, from our internet here, is that it started with a tax in the middle of November, but then it spread everywhere throughout France, and Macron, the French Prime Minister has only been in office maybe a year and a half, if that, and you think this could be, this could lead to his resignation or a new government in France?

SP: Right, Macron is a President. He’s a president of France. The point here is that he was like a merchant banker or a venture capitalist, but before he became president he was very heavily involved in the banking industry, and he was absolutely pushed into that position by the elite. So when you get somebody who comes from the super elite into a position as a prime minister or a president or something like that, what they start to do is hike the taxes up because they have no connection with ordinary people. They don’t go to the same restaurants. They don’t go to the same bars. They don’t use the same hospitals. So it’s of no consequence to them, and what Macron’s done is he’s absolutely hammered the French people. He’s raised gas prices by a quarter in about a year. He’s really made it difficult, so what’s happened is that what started as a demonstration against particularly gas prices has now turned into a running battle between the French government, Macron, and the people. Will he resign? No I don’t think he will because the bankers want to keep him in there and Europe is so destabilized at the moment that they would basically force him to stay in position. His popularity rating is now down to about 23 percent, so if there was an election tomorrow, he would—he and his party—would be wiped out of office. So expect to see more violence, more demonstrations.

TM: I have to tell you Simon and I’d love your comment on this what’s called the Schumann resonance is the frequency of planet Earth that recently went to 422, no 427 on October 22nd a just about a month-and-a-half ago and the vibration of love for planet Earth is 528, and as you get higher and higher vibrations here on the planet, negative people, negative governments, negative institutions can’t handle the higher vibrations, and so they’re exiting. That leads me next to George, to Bush Senior exiting, but if I think the elite and Macron if he’s allied with the elite in France, is going to, they’re going to have a very hard time holding on to power, because people are not only waking up, but everyone’s vibrations are getting higher and higher, and so, and the planet I think is in a transition from negativity and service to self to positivity and service to others. If Macron truly is connected with the French people and wants to serve and help them, that’s one thing, and he’ll stay in power. If he’s not, if he’s self-service, negative, and serving a just a few vested negative interests, he won’t stay in power. That’s basically the rule, because what’s happening is that the vibrations of this planet are going higher and higher, and by this time next year they should be even higher than they are now. The vibration of love, for example, is 528 Hertz and we’re close to that right now and we’re now in the 400 Hertz range for the Schumann resonance, and it’s just a matter of months I think before we go over the threshold, so we will have a planet basking in love vibration, which is, would be wonderful.

SP: Yes, except that what’s happening is that the stark contrast between the vision that we have and these rather negative people is so great that it’s forcing violence. In other words, people are becoming so frustrated and so disempowered through normal controlled, what we would call democratic means, that they’re saying well, you know, if I give you a million petition, a million-signature petition, it won’t make any difference anyway, so I might as well go and smash a few police cars up.

TM: Oh I see.

SP: So that’s actually what’s happening because in certain countries the supposed democratic process is just a loop. It’s just a very clever wheel that goes round and round, and when citizenry begin to understand that, they then seek other means to express themselves, and that’s what’s happening in France.

Now what you talked about Bush Senior.

TM: Right.

SP: I hope that many of your listeners saw the clip of President Trump and the first lady saluting the casket and you rarely got the image there of a president who was just doing his duty, because remember they’re both the Republican Party, so of course he had to salute the casket.

TM: Right.

SP: But what I’m being told, and you’ve already talked about the indictments, is that now that Bush Senior has been laid to rest, it is a trigger moment for activity to start, and what I can just tell you is that as we go into the Christmas period, a special military police battalion, American United States Military MPs, are being moved to Guantanamo Bay, so if we are to see indictments being opened then we can imagine that anyone thus charged will be going to Guantanamo Bay, and they will not be guarded by cops. They’ll be guarded by military personnel, and that’s what we’ve always said was that this was always going to go down the route of a quasi-military hearing. So it’s just very interesting that a military police battalion is routed in now for Christmas to be in Guantanamo Bay, and I am hearing that we might expect to start seeing some of these indictments opened very soon. In fact I’ve just been given an up-to-date list. I haven’t even had a chance to put it on the website. I’ll do that over the weekend, but there’s an up-to-date list which people might find quite interesting and also QAnon which is the, if I say mouthpiece, I don’t mean that disrespectfully. It’s the mouthpiece for the military if anybody hasn’t yet understood that. It is the military’s way of speaking. They’re also now carrying these indictment lists as well, so I’m going to compare their list with my list. In fact I probably just publish both of our lists, but QAnon now is actually beginning to push this, so I think we might see some movement in the next few weeks.

TM: Wonderful. That’s good news. That’s wonderful news Simon. Thank you so much for sharing that. I wanted to give you this quote by the way. This is George Senior Bush in an interview with a reporter named Sarah McClendon in 1992. Quote: if the, he said back then, “If the American people had ever known the truth about what we Bushes have done to this nation we would be chased down the streets and lynched.” That’s an actual quote.

SP: Well it’s funny isn’t it that some people like Mr. Bush felt so beyond the reach of the law.

TM: Right.

SP: They felt so damn powerful that they could actually just say that, and he did get away with it. He absolutely did. So he was right in the sense that nobody could touch him, and you know if we go back to Standard Oil and the Bush’s further back, of course they actually sold… this is one of the points he didn’t say, but you know, I’ll say it for him that during… the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor 1941. The Bushes were still selling oil to Germany during the first six months when Germany and America were at war.

TM: 1942.

SP: So now that’s, you know, that’s the point, that the Bushes were selling oil to their enemy.

TM: Right.

SP: And no wonder Bush is saying that if people knew the truth they’d chase me down the street.

TM: Right, right.

SP: Well yeah that’s one of the reasons. There would probably be other things as well, but that’s the one I would just pull out, but that’s documented you know, that’s documented.

TM: That’s amazing. That’s amazing. Well you talk about the riots in France. We don’t get a lot of information over here about that. We don’t get a lot of information about very much here, but we don’t get a… just a quick little blurb on the news and that’s it, with no details as to why people are rioting in France. But do you think when people find out, for example the California fires, how they were not natural fires, that they were actually part maybe, a lot of the fires were caused by particle-beam weapons, that that might cause unrest in California like we’ve seen in France?

SP: I don’t think they’re going to find that out officially anytime soon. I certainly believe that the truth will come out and it won’t come out voluntarily for the very reason you’ve just given. I’m also not convinced that the death toll we’ve been given, I’m not convinced the numbers they’re giving are accurate. I think rather a lot more people sadly tragically lost their lives than the very few that they’ve reported. The truth will come out absolutely it will, but not yet because the last thing these people want is that out, because it’s provable and there’ll be named people. If you go back to 911, if you go back to the days of the Twin Towers, there’s a lot of those people who were involved then who were not there anymore.

TM: Right.

SP: So, what they tend to do is they tend to tell you the truth 20, 30, 40, 50 years later when there’s not a single person left to face the charges.

TM: Right well…

SP: As you said with the Schumann resonance going up, that option isn’t open anymore because people are finding the truth out much quicker than they used to.

TM: Oh absolutely, absolutely. Actually last weekend I was contacted by many spirits from the Paradise and Malibu, California fires and they were, they wanted to be remembered and prayers said for them, and so I did a series of prayers on my show a week ago Simon for them and they really appreciated it, because they were telling me about the death toll is somewhere between twenty-five and thirty thousand people out of Paradise, and most of those people were not killed by the fires so much as particle-beam weapons, because if you look at the pictures and the videos of what happened in Paradise, California, you see all these lanes of cars where there’s no fire around them but yet the cars have melted inside, and the only thing left are like skeletons or ashes of what people once were there. You go into the residential areas, the suburban areas there, the housing development Simon, and the trees are there, the flowers are there, the grass is all there, but the homes have been systematically destroyed one after the other gone, and the only, and they actually photographed particle-beam weapons coming down from the sky and hitting these homes. Anyway I wanted to share that with you. I don’t know if you’ve seen that.

SP: I am aware that some of these fires seem to have started in such a way as it would cut off an escape route for many people. I mean what I did because I’m not in the location, I can’t go and physically give help which I would have done, so I have actually you know, some of the money that people very kindly donate to me, I’ve actually donated. There are a couple of websites there, you know, collecting money for people who’ve lost their homes, lost their loved ones, and I’ve, some of the money that has been very kindly donated to me I then forwarded on and donated to some of these people, because it is an absolute travesty and a tragedy that people have lost their lives for no good reason, absolutely no good reason at all.

TM: Right

SP: And it’s always California that gets hit. If it’s not a drought, then it’s something else, and so, you know, I really wish that the vast majority of people would begin to understand that there is an ongoing war. I use the word loosely, but a war being waged against the state of California. It’s not President Trump. President Trump’s not involved in it, but there are some pretty high up people who are involved in it, no question.

TM: Well the one thing that came out last week about the California fires is that all of the fires follow the exact route of a proposed new rail system for California that’s being pushed by Howard Bloom who is Dianne, U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein’s husband, who wants to pick up, apparently wants to pick up this land cheap for his rail line. Now he’ll probably be able to do it because no one’s living. It’s all burned out, and he can pick it up probably for a dollar an acre.

SP: Well just to give people an understanding that it wouldn’t be the first time. It would go right back in your history, that’s America’s history, when the telegraph was really rolled out across the country, and for those people who don’t know what a telegraph is, because they may be very young, it’s a wooden pole, it was a wooden pole in the 1880s, 1890s, a wooden pole that had two copper wires run to it and it would go from one location to the next, and then a chap could sit there and tap out a message on Morse code and it’d be read the other side, and this was a fantastic boon for law enforcement because one sheriff could alert a posse in another town, et cetera, et cetera. Well the guys who were working this suddenly realized that you didn’t need two copper wires. All you needed was one copper wire, didn’t matter whether it was a hundred miles or a thousand miles. So, what you did would you just ran one copper wire and then from the base station you placed a second wire into the Earth at the receiving station. You’ve got your one wire connecting A to Z, but you just put another copper wire into the Earth and what they were realized was that a lot of communication is covered through the Earth’s surface. Now a very very wealthy gentleman who owned all the copper mines put a stop to that because had all of technology gone down the road of telegraph pole with one copper wire that would have been a 50 percent reduction to Mr. Morgan Chase, Stanley Chase. That was the… he owned all the copper mines, all the major copper mines, and he manipulated it so that the world thought that you needed two wires to send a message. So when you tell me stories about, you know, railroad lines or this, that, and the other, it’s happened before. It’s happened in your own country. It’s not new, shocking as it is, it’s not new.

TM: Sure right, right. I just hope the truth comes out about what or who was behind these fires because they’re not natural, and so many people have died. Even in Paradise, California there were many people killed when their cars were melted, apparently melted on the highways themselves as they were driving away from Paradise, far away from the fires, and it just it’s not, doesn’t match up what they’re saying what happened so…

SP: Okay.

TM: Yeah, yeah. You also had another piece on your website Simon about the German Bank headquarters being raided on November 29.

SP: Yeah.

TM: And that was amazing. I guess it’s just a tip of the iceberg. Would you say this is the tip of the iceberg with some of the corruption that goes on?

SP: Yeah, yes. The question is of course why did it become public, you know, not oh it’s going on because that’s what happens on this planet. It’s very common. What’s not common is it breaking into the news, so what happened to allow it to break into the news, and it’s rather like somebody who’s very powerful suddenly falls from grace, whether they’re a Hollywood star or a politician or a banker, it doesn’t matter. If they fall from grace it’s because they’ve upset the person higher than them…

TM: Okay.

SP: …so they’re being thrown to the dogs. So what happened was that Deutsche Bank is accused of money laundering and clearly hadn’t been working with whoever it was closely enough, and so the authorities that, the authorities being the regular system, that don’t understand any of this, they just got tipped off and so something like a hundred and sixty police and specialists descended on HQ, this Deutsche Bank’s HQ. Now that’s a phenomenal number. Clearly, they were wanting to go through all the books, whether that’s a computer or paperwork. There’s a staggering amount of money. We’re talking a huge amount of money, but it is linked to things that have gone on in places like Holland or the Netherlands, these what we call the Low Countries. There has also been a staggering amount of stuff going on there, but again I don’t expect Deutsche Bank to fall or be closed by the system, because if Deutsche Bank was to close, all of Europe would collapse. So, you know, they’ll keep it going but the interesting thing is that somebody decided to go public with it, and that in itself is unique.

TM: Wow, amazing, amazing. Well then you had another piece in your website Simon about the Chinese fellow who studied 15 years, self-taught. He learned law and then he sued the company that was polluting his home and he wins the case in China.

SP: And he won the case, yes.

TM: That’s amazing.

SP: Yes and the thing was that that particular language wasn’t his own language, so he had to learn that language, Now that’s, you know, to be so committed, so driven, so believing that you see an injustice and you say I won’t do what everyone else does, which is shrug my shoulders and go and buy a doughnut. What I’m going to do is fight them, but I’ll fight them not by throwing a petrol bomb. I’ll fight them in their own way. Now maybe because it’s not America or not Britain, maybe he could do it there, because I doubt you could do it in Britain or America. Someone would stop you. You know there would be some law that would pull out or some sharp lawyer or the judge would be, you know, got at, and it wouldn’t go anywhere, but maybe in these other countries it works differently. He really did win the case, and that is a real shining example, and you won’t find that, you know, in “The New York Times.” You won’t find that in the British newspapers because the last thing they want is ordinary citizens empowered to take on the system. They won’t want that, so you know, it’s the likes of you Ted and me and others who’ve got to get this information out there, to say it’s not hopeless, you know. We can do this, but we just need to be aware that we are fighting uphill.

TM: I wanted to share a quick story with you Simon for your comment. I was at Mount Shasta last September, a couple of months ago, and I was meditating at a place called Ascension Rock which is a main portal to the Hollow Earth and Adama came up, came and gave me a message, and I asked about China and he said that the Chinese Communist Party, as it’s constituted today, would no longer exist within, at the time, he said between one to three years, depending on people’s choices, and so I ask him… he said that there were lots of things happening in China now to make it a truly democratic society and a country where freedoms are respected. They’re not respected now, but they’re getting… they’re making a lot of good progress he said, and I said well there’s nothing in the news. He said of course not. You’re not gonna hear about it, but I just heard about it from your example, something good that happened there. That was wonderful.

SP: I think what’s happening is that China is not just a key place because it manufactures a huge amount of products to sell, but because the energy there and the amount of gold it holds is quite crucial and it’s one of the focal points for an argument as to how do we want the world to be? Do we want it to be a fairer place or do we think that the way we’ve been the last 10,000 years is perfectly fine, and there is a silent revolution taking place in China because you know, we don’t think of Chinese as Mafia, but it’s the equivalent of that. They have their own Mafia. You know, I don’t know how many of your listeners are aware of it, but in the United States of America in the 1960s and the 19, the first part of the ’70s, you really couldn’t do any business in many states in America unless you had the connection with the Mafia. It wasn’t, you know, the Mafia was the days of Eliot Ness, “The Untouchables.” You know people seem to think that that was all stamped out, and that’s where it ended. It didn’t. It was absolutely prevalent right up to the elections, you know, because if you possibly remember President Kennedy was accepted as the Democratic nominee, but the battles that were going on on the sidelines through what we today would refer to as the Mafia is incredible. So just because a person looks Oriental, just because they don’t speak English and they have a different culture doesn’t mean they don’t have these Mafia things going on. So China is going through a very interesting phase in its life.

TM: Wow, wow. Well one prediction made by my great spirit friends on the other side several years ago was that eventually one day China would become a true democracy and I’m looking forward to that day. It’s one quarter of humanity on this planet and the people there have a right to be free and they have a right to be happy and I wish them well. I hope they make the right decisions so that their country can spiritually evolve and become a true democracy where people live in peace and freedom.

SP: Yeah. Hear, hear. Ted, it’s question time eh?

TM: Question time yeah yeah, question time. Well we’ve already covered a lot of the questions. A lot of questions had to do with the California fires. When would people wake up, whether they were caused by particle-beam weapons. We had questions, a lot of them we already covered. We had questions regarding Senior, Bush Senior. Oh, here’s one. What’s happened to Bush? Will he come back to this planet? I think I know the answer to that one, but you go ahead.

SP: Well the answer is he wouldn’t choose to because the world that he would come into would not accept him now. He was a man of his time.

TM: Um-hum.

SP: He was able to do what he did because the awareness of the citizenry was very low. If somebody like that was to try and pull the tricks that were pulled then, you wouldn’t get away with it. So my answer is he would not choose to come back, but he may be forced or compelled to come back. If those around him have been able to access the technology to literally send his soul to another dimension they will have done so. If they haven’t then it is on the cards that at some point he will be forced to come back and he would incarnate in a very different world to the one that he left.

TM: Hum, interesting. Wow, interesting. I have a question from Ulrich in Germany. He’s a frequent writer and Ulrich thank you so much for your questions. He always sends these interesting emails to me to run by you. He quoted Trump. He said that Trump said I’m glad my friend Macron in France and the demonstrators have come to the same conclusion as me. They’re upset with Macron but something has to change and he asked, and I’ll just summarize his question, is Macron’s going to survive this?

SP: Well I think what Trump saying is that Macron backs down. He was going to bring in a new, yet another gas tax in January 2019, and Macron realized that, you know, half of Paris was burning and so he put a six-month hold on it. Of course that’s just a joke, therefore the demonstrators aren’t taking any seriously, but I think what Trump saying is that a president or a prime minister or a representative of the people must take notice of what the people say and must move with the people, because if you don’t move with the people, then you know, you will be washed away. So I think what he’s saying is, you know, that… now those people who know Trump know that if Mr. Trump, President Trump, calls you a friend you got to watch out. So if Trump is referring to Macron as my friend, then I don’t think that’s a very good news for Macron at all. President Trump is the absolute task master, as we say in Great Britain, of saying one thing and meaning something else, of taking you right to the edge of the cliff on Monday and then pulling it right back on Tuesday, and you know, this is because he’s been trained by the military to do this. Let’s make no doubt. This is he’s operating a form of communication with the public, excuse me, that completely circumvents the regular media. So if he says ‘my very good friend’, he doesn’t mean my very good friend.

TM: In an ironic twist. Yeah, interesting. Okay, well thanks so much for explaining that. I have a question from Anne in Los Angeles. How do you protect, please ask Simon how do you protect yourself against negative entities and negative attacks?

SP: Right, it first of all depends on who you are, the soul in your body, depending on the frequency of your soul, that has a huge impact as to who is connecting with you and why that is. Then it’s to do with the type of entities that are coming to you. They are going to be predominantly from the fourth dimension or the interdimensional space between the third and the fourth, and depending on that entity I cannot answer it because there are literally dozens of different entities and dozens of different ways of dealing with them. It is much easier to banish or block a demonic force than it is a more physical entity from another dimension in terms of a nondemonic entity. So when I have my clients, then before I can even answer that question, I have to find out who they are, what their soul is in the body, what their history on this planet is and off this planet, and then to understand exactly what is afflicting them before I can give them a solution. So I’m not deliberately trying to hide from the question. I cannot answer it. If the questioner had said this is who I am and this is what is affecting me, I could give you an answer.

TM: I see. Okay, okay. Well Anne if you’re there just send another email and if there’s time I’ll ask Simon a follow-up question here on the air. This was, this is really interesting. This was actually from another show that I had and he actually had a question. He said that JFK, Jr. didn’t die. He was actually was taken from his plane and he’s QAnon advising President Trump and I didn’t know what to say about so I meant to ask you.

SP: Not to my knowledge.

TM: Okay.

SP: QAnon is a group of, originally it was a group of four fairly well-placed individuals. That number’s increased and a very very clever artificial intelligence, but not a networked AI machine, so it can’t go rogue, but a very clever machine that can actually predict the future a short period ahead. And this… you see you can’t have the president tweeting out things that are going to happen tomorrow, because it’s just not going to work, so you need an independent organization to have an independent voice to put the military’s viewpoint across, so I have no knowledge of that. What I do know is that QAnon is an organization that is fiercely defensive of the Constitution, has a strong military backing, and a 90-odd percent of the stuff it’s coming out with it is accurate as far as I’m concerned.

TM: Okay thank you for sharing that. I think that answered his question pretty well. I get these questions and too, this came in a couple days ago. What do you see for the next three to six months worldwide?

SP: It’s gonna go literally one or two ways. We’re either going to be free, literally, literally in six months’ time. We’re either going to be free in a way that very few people could begin to comprehend or grasp, or we’re going to be in the middle of a walk through molasses treacle. We’re either going to have broken through the barrier in six months’ time and be remarkably different from we are today, or we are going to be embroiled in an ongoing situation far hotter than what we have at the moment.

TM: Well certainly with the Parliament and contempt in the UK and riots in France, I don’t know if we’d ever get to that point here in the United States. We have had riots of course in the past, especially in the ’60s and the Watts Riots, but I don’t know if we’d get to that point now, but I could… I can see what you’re saying Simon. It could go either way. I hope things get better in the country. I’m the eternal optimist so, and my Great Spirit friends on the other side all have told me repeatedly that we have a very bright and beautiful future ahead of us. And I guess that leads me to the next question that I received was about the problem, the caravan south of the border, Mexican U.S. border. You have all those people there who are trying to get across forcibly. What do you see what’s happening with that in the future?

SP: Well the Mexican government has now really started to make some effort to prevent these people coming across. They’re now actually sort of policing it more effectively and we now know that something like 8,000 American troops are on the border, although I think something like 5,000 of them will be brought back for Christmas, not because it’s Christmas, but because Trump believes that he will have secured a deal with the Mexican government so that they block up their end of the border. Then he can send the service people back to their families, or many of them back to their families for Christmas, which I understand he’s very keen to do, because he’s very pro the veterans and he’s very pro the service. He doesn’t want actually people missing out on Christmas. He’s quite adamant on that. You probably haven’t had that reported to you, but he’s quite keen. I think as we begin to see some of the masks falling from some of these people’s faces, I think the caravan will just literally go away. I literally think it will go away because if you promise somebody the Earth and you take them up and then they’re faced with a brick wall, they have to turn back and go back home. And that is exactly what’s going to happen, because the Mexican government does not want 8,000 American troops pushing into Mexico because Mexican government has failed to secure its borders. The Mexican government who have a very difficult situation with Trump at the best of times, it’s not in their interests. So South American people coming in provided they are legitimate I don’t think there’s a problem, but we know full well that these people are not legitimate and I personally, speaking personally, I don’t understand how anybody could say oh, you know, let them in. Let them in. If they’re illegal, you know, there are people in America who let’s just say there are people in America whose husbands have a job, may not be a good job but they’ve got a job, and they pay taxes and their wife might be in another place that’s not America, and they are having to fill in huge amounts of piece of paper, go to City Hall, to do everything they need to get the wife over…

TM: Right.

SP: …and that’s how it’s done, that’s how it’s done in a democracy, you know, you have to go in, you have to give all your details. You fill the paperwork in. You make an application, so why should lots of people who’ve never done any paperwork, never had an application form, have no right to live in America, why should, you know, these people who say, oh let them in? Why?

TM: Right.

SP: It’s it’s not about racism. It’s about actually saying you either look after your own citizens or you don’t, because if you let the caravan in then you might as well just take every border down on your airports and on your shipping lanes, and you might as well say to the world it’s a free-for-all. Come on in. Help yourself. Now, you know, so we know it’s politics that’s being played. We know it’s the people who hate Trump and Trump hates them, and it’s the usual business. The reality of the situation is if somebody wants to start a new life in America, there is a process to do it.

TM: That’s true.

SP: My advice is go legally down the process, and then you can be a very proud American citizen who’s not working illegally, and you can actually love the Stars and Stripes and you can put your hand over your heart and say yes, I may be this; I may be that, but you know what, I’m an American first. Now that’s the point. That’s the point. Does America want Americans, or does it want Africans or Indians or British or Chinese? You should be American first and then whatever afterwards, and that I understood was always the glue that held your great country together. So this is obviously a method to try to break the glue apart isn’t it?

TM: Yeah absolutely, and a lot of these too, have been funded by George Soros who is a general of course in the New World Order, and that’s something else to ask too is I’ve gotten a question about the Pleiadeans. A gentleman writes that they’ve arrived in many ships and are now stationed around planet Earth. Do you know what, why they’re here?

SP: I don’t mean to be disrespectful but that’s not, that’s old news. I don’t mean that rudely at all and I really don’t mean that rudely. They’ve been here a while. I think I can agree with the questioner that they are finally positioned. You see when things arrive they have to arrive to a predestined, like a geometric pattern, that’s how the Pleiadeans work it, and I understand that that pattern is complete. That doesn’t mean they’re going to be on the Earth tomorrow physically. What it means is that they’re in a position to begin to take an embargo to the next stage. The exciting thing is that as I predicted at least six months ago, they’re are fifth dimensional off-planet entities that have finally given up patience with certain groups on the Earth and are now beginning to put a very physical presence. So you know, they’re basically saying there are certain, we call them groups, they call it energy fields. There are certain energy feels on the planet which they’ve had enough of, and so they are now beginning to assert themselves, and that’s what I mean over the next coming six months, it’s going to be incredibly interesting on this planet and we’ll either, you know, be free literally. I mean it sounds fantastic, but in six months’ time, we’re either going to be free looking back on this time and thinking well that wasn’t so bad was it, or we’re going to be in quite a challenging hot situation, much more challenging than we are at the moment, and I honestly don’t know which way it will go. Now I haven’t changed my mind. It’s all going to come out good in the end, but consistently on your radio show Ted, and on my own broadcast, I have said that it is going to be a very difficult journey, you know, and people who sit in an armchair and think oh well look, you know, I’ll get Archangel Michael to do this, and we’ll just leave this to Archangel Gabriel. No we’ve all got to play our part because the Angels want people to actually own their freedom, you know, own it. Take responsibility for it, and I think that what you’re seeing in France, you know, are people who are beginning to say enough is enough. You talked about America. You didn’t really go down that road, but I will say this. There is a potential for a rising in America unlike anything you guys have ever seen before. In other words, you’ve had race riots, you’ve had young people at universities, you’ve had different communities, different areas, but you haven’t had a rising against the system.

TM: No.

SP: That’s what you haven’t had, and what you’ve got in France but you’re not being told, is you have a rising against the system. They can’t say it’s the blacks doing it. It’s the Hispanics. It’s the unemployed, the poor. They can’t because there are doctors in these demonstrations. There are poor people, rich people. This is the point. That’s what a government doesn’t want. It doesn’t want the citizenry to unify itself. Now in America you’re very very divided I’m afraid, and there is a potential for a difficult situation. I’m hoping the opening of the indictments will take the sting out of a potential timeline ahead.

TM: I hope so too, and we all have to do our part, you know, we all have the spark of the Creator within us and what President Kennedy told me last week on last week’s radio show, he said that you know once people realize that we all have the spark of the Creator within us, we are in fact all one regardless of our culture, our race, our Creed, our religion, and once you realize that, when you harm others, you harm yourself. And once you realize that we are all one, then we can treat each other with kindness and service to others. Then we can truly lead to help building a much better planet, because there’s no need for the conflict, absolutely no need for any kind of conflict.

SP: You see the thing is Ted, that that is you are absolutely right. You are right, but the problem is that to have that understanding a person has to be at a certain level. You have to be at a certain level of awareness to grasp that, but there are a lot of people who are not at that level of awareness, and for them there is a natural reaction to use a physical violence or a physical force. Now I know that the best way to turn around evil is to just project positive loving energy, because evil cannot manipulate love. It can’t work with it. It’s like, you know, it’s like throwing water on a fire, so we understand that, but there are absolutely countless millions and millions of people who don’t understand that, and so it’s about education on this planet, and you know, we’ve battled, many many people, and I mean obviously you Ted, and many others to try to raise the, not the spiritual vibration, but just the concept of knowledge. But remember we are fighting against a regime that has had thousands of years of manipulating the people of this Earth, and it is very good at it, you know, they’re very good at it. But if you look back the last five years, ten years, fifteen years, humanity has evolved at the most wonderfully startling rate. In other words, we can talk about things now that we couldn’t have done 10 years ago, so that’s how fast in a very short period of time in relation to the Earth, a development on this planet and the will and the need to break free is much stronger now than it was even five years ago, so if that’s how much we’ve moved in five or ten years, give it another couple of years.

TM: Right.

SP: And I think we’ll be at what I call this escape velocity.

TM: Simon I’m so sorry my friend. We’ve had so much fun and now we’ve run out of time. Thank you so much for coming on today my friend. I hope you have a wonderful and happy evening. Thanks again so much.


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