The Alien Agenda

with James Swagger and Susan Kornacki of Capricorn TV



Simon Parkes, Experiencer and Ufology on Capricorn Radio 056

August 28th 2015 with James Swagger and Susan Kornacki

Simon discusses going public with his experiences prior to being elected to public office and later in the interview he discusses his relationship with the people who elected him and why they elected him. He discusses MI-LAB experiments being run by the military and government. Simon can help people with these experiences. Humans are special in the universe because of their DNA. Will enough people wake up to create a critical mass for humanity to move forward into the 4th dimension? The Hadron Collider and the linear collider which is being built in Japan are discussed. The Roswell incident and the Nazi’s are pivotal in understanding human history. Simon discusses what he does to help people (his work). Females make better UFO pilots than men. Corporations run the world governments, key alien players on Earth and artificial intelligence is the main enemy of humanity. The interview ends with a discussion about the key beings who are here influencing earth, artificial intelligence and a discussion about John Mack.

James Swagger: Hi everybody welcome back to Capricorn Radio and welcome back to the Capricorn TV live stream today. I am super excited about today’s guest I have been waiting all month for this one … and we have a Full Moon as well … and I usually get a bit charged on the Full Moon so I will try to hold the show together today but … We’re going to be talking to Simon Parkes today. I actually love Simon’s message. He’s a really grounded Soul with an important message for a variety of subject matter we’re going to go into today. Simon doesn’t need too much of a biography introduction and I’m not going to go too crazy ‘cause I like to get it from himself. But he is a lifelong experiencer of aliens, shadow people, elementals and UFO’s. And you can find his website at and without further ado I am going to bring our guest on very quickly … first of all I want to say ‘Hi’ to our guest and then our co-host Susan Kornacki … ‘Hi Sus … oh! … Hi Simon you’re very welcome to the show first of all.

SP: Hello James, Hi Susan, very kind of you to invite me on and I’m very delighted to have the opportunity to talk to you and your listeners.

JS: Ah, thank you Simon, and Susan you’re very welcome to the show today coming to us from Hawaii.

Susan Kornacki: Yes coming at you from balmy, steamy Hawaii. It’s been balmy and steamy … and they‘re predicting we might get some hurricanes but … you know … we use our energy here to make sure that it doesn’t get too too intense

JS: Oh wow! Lucky you Susan! … lucky you! … Simon …

SK: (laughter)

JS: Simon … you know from what I see of you … like I say … um … you know … let’s maybe talk about the MP thing first … I think that’s probably instrumental in kind of … you know … maybe guiding some of the early part of the show. You have been elected as a Member of Parliament twice I believe … and one of those times you had actually come out in the media as an experiencer. Is that correct Simon? Is that the full facts?

SP: Yes, I was. I went public in I think about 2010 … late 2010 - early 2011. Then I was elected to office in 2012. So I’d gone public first and then was elected. It came up I think about six times on the doorstep. It wasn’t a big issue and it worked out that of the six people who questioned me, four were in favor and two were against. It put me in a very strong position because those members of the Elite who would have a problem, couldn’t turn around and say that I’d been elected and then I told people about my experiences. Because I did it the right way round, the people had a choice to decide whether they wanted me or not. I was elected and so it um - I think it was a bit of an enigma for certain people.

JS: I … I … yeh … you know enigma is probably the best way to explain it because in one respect you’ve had a strange situation with the media where you’ve actually gone from … well let’s say a Media frenzy to some sort of an acceptance somewhat. Partial acceptance anyhow I guess. I think you know, there’s been a shift in the media. Maybe we can talk about that. I know you were on the Morning Today Show and that was interesting Simon. And for the American viewers by the way, it’s a Talk Show in the UK on Prime Time Television. But … I mean … do we … are we seeing a shift in the media? Maybe you can speak about your case in the media Simon, and then talk maybe about the overall case and subject matter.

SP: Fine. Initially when I went public the established media attempted to do what they always do... which is a hatchet job … which is to try to make you look as if you are mad … or a Walter Mitty type character. I think they kept that up for about a year. The cracks began to appear in their attack because my story didn’t change. I know they were looking for a change in the story, or a change in the line I was giving.

But what really swung it was simply that in around 2013 the Ministry of Defense in Great Britain … alongside with the American Military … invited me for a three hour tour of an American military base in Great Britain. It’s called The Fylingdales Three Phased Space Radar Array. That’s the only three phased array in the world. Even in America proper they only have a two phased array. And this is a Radar that (noise heard) … that’s the cat playing the piano … The three phased array actually looks around three quarters of the Globe. This was very difficult for the established media because here was somebody who was being given a guided tour around a top Military Base … and so the whole attitude of the established media changed after that

SK: Just to jump in there on that … what was the reason for the tour … what was the reason that they invited you?

SP: Well I live in the County of North Yorkshire and this Radar Base is actually in the County that I live in. My daughter was approached … I have to be reasonably careful … my daughter was approached by somebody … and was told that they knew what I was looking for, and my daughter was told that this particular individual could get me and my daughter into any Secret Base in Britain … if I so chose.

My daughter spoke to me and I just said “Look I get this sort of thing all the time; it’s a joke, ignore it.” However, something like a year later (because that’s how long it took)… then the official approach came through wanting all the details about me so that I could be checked. And I think that was another key for the established media. Because it was well established by then that I’d declared that my Mother had worked for MI5 and through that The National Security Agency of America. My Grandfather had worked for MI6 … and through him the CIA … that I’d seen Aliens etc. etc. Yet they still took me onto a military base. So immediately the establishment … in terms of the media … realized that I can’t be lying. Because if you are a Walter Mitty character then you are a threat. So why would you let somebody onto a space base … a space radar base … to be shown round. I had three hours of a tour. Why would you do that if someone was making stories up like that. You just wouldn’t do it.

So this was a game changer ...and very very quickly … I’ll just tell you this. … it did amuse me. We turned up at the gate … mostly and obviously everyone’s armed. We’re not used to that in this Country. I know the Americans are, but of course in Britain our police don’t carry guns; but here at the base they do carry machine guns. The guard on duty said to my daughter, “Identity please.” So she handed over her passport and he looked at the picture … looked at her … looked at the picture … looked at her … passed it back. And I went to give him my identity and he just raised his hand and said, “That won’t be necessary Sir.”. So they already knew and were waiting for me.

The other part that’s interesting … I’ve spoken to other people who have been on a tour … serving military or Air Force personnel … and apparently I got a slightly different tour. You get a presentation before you go in at the Reception Center. There’s a slide show and there was a special slide. I think for me. Nobody else that I’ve spoken to said they got the slide. Basically what happens is they put a rocket on the picture and they say, “We detect these.” Then they put a picture of a satellite and said, “We detect these.” Then they put a picture of the space craft “Flying Saucer” that Bob Lazar worked on in area 51 which he called the Sports Model. And they said to the group of us … and I am included … “We don’t see these!” Then they showed a picture of the Starship Enterprise and said, “Ha ha ha ...sometimes we see these!”

So what they were doing … what they were saying to me in a very nice way was, “Please don’t ask any questions. Don’t embarrass us. We’re laying the ground rules down. We’re going to take you round … show you … but please don’t go into this topic.” Now that was specifically for me … and I mean I appreciate that … and I didn’t make life difficult for them. So they were very well aware of who I was. You can’t let someone onto a Secret Base that you haven’t checked out everything about them. So … this was the key point that the Established Media … either left me alone … or became quite supportive

SK: So it seems like it was almost like there’s a nod of respect there when, you know … your passport wasn’t asked for number one. But also it seems like what the media was trying to do was to create this polarization right? You know … here is this political individual that has these extra dimensional type of experiences. They’re trying to create this polarization; and then all of a sudden you get this invite onto this base. And now instead of a polarization we now have a connection. Now there’s a bridge that’s made … and now there’s a level of being able to take this more as truth. I don’t want to say more seriously; but more as truth.

I actually watched one of your … the video James was talking about “the interview.” And I was watching people’s faces as you were speaking with them. You could actually see that there was more of a level of acceptability and more of ...a less armored look that they had...that … you know.. people have a tendency to have when they’re interviewing about this subject. Right? Especially if they feel they don’t know much about it. So it seems there is definitely impact and effect … as you were getting these other interviews afterwards.

SP: Susan I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. What was interesting about that particular interview was … I was asked to do two drawings; one of what we would say in Britain … of a Mantid … (and you Americans would say a Mantis) … and a Reptilian … a Draconis Reptilian. And what they wanted was to do the backdrop shot and have my two drawings. The continuity girl took my drawings and then came back five minutes later and said, “We’re not allowed to put this one up.” And they did not show the Reptilian drawing. So they put the Mantis up. When I asked, “Why can’t you show this one?” She just said, “I don’t know we have just been told we’re not allowed to put it up.” So when David Icke wrote his book ‘The Greatest Secret’ … and one of the chapters was - ‘Don’t Mention the Reptilians’ … I really smiled, because it is the case that there are certain organizations that are very very cagey about anything to do with a Reptile.

SK: And what is it about seeing a drawing of a Reptilian that they may be afraid of? I know we’re speculating here. I’m just curious about what is that? I mean we’ve seen pictures of what that is you know. I guess on our own. But what do you think that that might be?

SP: I don’t think it was about fear. What I think it was … was … um … there was a concern that if the drawing was placed up … one of the interviewers might have drawn attention to it and asked a specific question about them. I think they didn’t want any debate around the Reptilian agenda - who they are … and what they are. Whereas the Mantis agenda - if that had come up … it wasn’t so close to home

JS: Wow!

SK: Hmmm …

JS: I’m getting then it’s OK to talk about certain denominations of extra-terrestrials but there are one’s they want to shy away from. Is that correct Simon?

SP: It’s the agenda and the association. If you are familiar with an extra-dimensional being that is very independent in its dealings … in terms of how it conducts itself … that’s very different from something that makes an arrangement … or you sign a contract … or you sign an agreement with. Then you are in a contractual arrangement with that particular alien race … and that’s where the problems occur. So there is a contractual agreement with the Reptilian … or part of a Reptilian faction. That means that some people tread very carefully

JS: Wow! Tell me about your time as an MP. I know we talked about the media thing … but working as an MP … having come out in public … tell me about the man Simon Parkes. Tell me about you. How did you go about business? Was it any different for you Simon? Did anything really affect you on a personal level?

SP: No. When you’re involved in politics you should be in it (laughs) … you should be in it because you care about people. Sadly that’s not always the case. I was very fortunate because I was elected because I would make sure that the streetlights were working … that the rubbish bins … the trash … was collected and … you know … done properly. So these were the issues that mattered to people. To be honest they didn’t care anything whether I saw Flying Saucers … the question was ‘Have you broken the law?’ … ‘No I haven’t’ … and there are plenty of people who have embezzled money, stolen taxes and have lost their position as a Politician. I hadn’t done any of that. And also, oddly enough, because I’m quite articulate the people felt that I could fight their corner. So if they were having an issue, let’s say they’re having a planning application or something like this. They want someone to help to work it through. Well, they need someone who can hold a conversation, is not frightened of bureaucracy, is not scared of red tape … and doesn’t buckle when the pressure goes on. So what they saw was a man who could do that, and that’s why they voted for me. The fact that I saw flying saucers, to be truthful, didn’t matter.

That was the problem with the Elite; because for them the issue was Flying Saucers. But for the public it was - “How can this man make our lives better on a day to day basis?” So it shows the huge disconnect between the people in the Elite positions of power; and the vast majority of descent ordinary people. And this is what’s happening. It’s a Grand Canyon of distance between those on the ground and those who think they know what the people on the ground want. And I represented the people on the ground and always carried the support of the people on the ground; and because of that it made it very hard for anybody to attack me

SK: What have you noticed in the area that you’re leading in your … (we call them towns here right...or counties). I am not sure what you call them where you are.

JS: Well we’ve got cities the size of towns … but yes … (laughter).

SK: Ok … well that’s what we call them here. What have you noticed? Is there a difference if you look at other towns that are nearby.…or other counties that are nearby? … You know … versus the one that is in your immediate area that you’re responsible for?

SP: You mean demographics. Is that what you mean?

SK: Yeah. Well demographics but also the way that things are done in your community … do you see the … I mean … can you really look and see a marked difference between how people are responding? ‘Cause I mean - you know here … I’m sure in the United States that if somebody said they had extra-terrestrial encounters and … you know... that was part of just who they were … as they were running ... of course … you know ... people here in the United States probably wouldn’t be so accommodating to that let’s say. “Cause it’s something on their focal point. But it seems like you know … you’re able to do something that is unique and different with the area of people that you’re in … and your local community … so what are some of those things? What might those be?

SP: I think that the real answer to your question is that people in Britain are obviously more sick and tired of the official Government than the Americans are. What’s happening in Britain is that people are voting for individuals who are not coming out of the same mold … people who are fresh with new ideas … even people who seem a bit maverick or strange.

In actual fact that’s what the electors want; because they are so distrustful of the usual type of message and the usual type of person. But when someone is a bit different … far from running away from that person they are actually then coming up. I mean anybody who knows me knows that I can’t walk out in the street without people coming up and shaking me by the hand. That’s the reality. Now this is what the people in the top positions don’t see. But this is because for some reason, I have captured the hearts and minds of people. And I haven’t gone with a story of fear or danger or … you know … woe. I’ve gone with a story of a positive message. Yes, I first went public with the alien experiences because they were fundamental to me and some members of my family. But the whole point of this was to deliver the message of hope that the human race can actually evolve and develop; and that the methods of Government that we have around us aren’t actually very beneficial to people. So it’s been a tightrope between being loyal to the country that I live in … but being distant. So that I am not corrupted by the same sort of energies or ideals that are prevalent in every western world

SK: Hh-hm …

JS: I know you’re not hippie dippie about the whole Ufology thing Simon, I know you’re very very sane … and very …

SP: Thank you.

JS: And … er … I know … I want to say that because it’s true you know. You’re not just going into this thing like it’s a new venture for you; or you’re just telling your story for some fame. I mean it’s been an important part of your life and there’s an experience there. You have this other normal career as a politician … and you’re very grounded. I know from how you present the data it’s not done in a hippie dippie way … as I say. I mean tell us what you do think about it? Tell me some stuff about your perspective on Ufology as you see it. Not as an Experiencer but as the reality. I mean I’m talking from an Ancient Alien hypothesis to where we’re at now. Is there an increase in activity and things like that? I mean are we in an unusual time right now. Tell us the view of Ufology according to Simon Parkes.

SP: Well, there are so many questions there and I can’t remember all of them. What I will say to you is I cannot divorce being an Experiencer from giving you an overview; because it will always be part of my life and the expressions I give you will be with that. One of the reasons I went public was I was fed up with the fact that the subject matter had not advanced since the 1950’s. I’d spoken to a very respected person who puts on conferences, symposiums. He said to me … you know, “We like the idea of the flying saucer landing and the little grey men coming out and a victim lying in the bed with sleep paralysis … and then the alien doing stuff and going away, because that sells tickets.” Now that was the case in the 60’s … and it’s still to a large extent the case now. We have not moved on.

First of all I don’t see humans as victims. I reject that – totally. It doesn’t mean that people aren’t harmed and people aren’t hurt … that’s not what I’m saying. But I do object to people making money because they are aiming at a certain type of genre or a certain type of message which doesn’t actually address the main issue - and it doesn’t push the matter forward. So one of the reasons I went public was to challenge - not the people who have these experiences, but those that market those experiences. So that’s the first thing.

You mentioned Ancient Aliens. This is fundamental to the understanding of the human race. The model that we are now … the homo sapiens … the model that was created 220 – 250 thousand years ago. Humans have been on this Planet a lot longer. Aliens did not create us … but what Aliens did was alter and change us. So the model that’s on the Planet now is a direct response to genetic manipulation that occurred around that time. So we have to understand our history; and we have to understand our place in the history. So that we can then be confident to come forward and be proud; and to be able to hold our head up high … regardless of who or what we are. Because some people would look on us as mongrels … as a mix. My argument is life is life … and life is beautiful … and who is anyone to tell anyone else that they are less inferior … or more inferior … than anyone else. So it was really about challenging some viewpoints. So I’m not happy with the way Ufology is developing. It is in the hands of a small band of people who seem to want to push the same old agenda.

SK: Um … I would love to jump in here because you’re probably one of the only people that I’ve heard say something that I’ve believed has been true for probably the vast majority of my life; which is the M-LAB is really a “cold reproduction” of natural contact experiences… or natural contact that Humans have that come into this plane of existence … knowing that there’s a relationship with these extra-dimensional Beings. Right? There is a copy that has occurred with M-LAB where they’re performing the same or similar type of activities but for nefarious reasons. Where the genuine … (what I would call for lack of better words unless you have something else … you know that sounds better … please share it) … um … but the more benevolent contact you know … really is about our positive evolution. I believe … increasing the human capacity’s band width and to get back to what is integrous … to what’s more genuine. So can you talk a little bit more about that because I just … to me you know …that’s where that split really comes … where people get so fascinated with M-LAB and … you know … the military … the Government … and this victimization; and this Super Human that is there to do something from a nefarious stand point

SP: Yes….um...I spend maybe 25-35% of my time assisting those people who have been on the receiving end of what you call M-LAB; some people call MI-LAB. We have to remember that the vast majority of M-LAB’s are actually undertaken by humans. It is humans that are oppressing other humans. There are some alien inferences in that … but it’s vastly the humans doing that. They’re seeking to find people who are connecting … and you used the word … but you used it differently … their twelve strands of DNA. So whenever a Human is drawing down his or her twelve strands of DNA then MI-LAB Black Helicopters are launched … and the person is taken out of their Physical Body … and samples are taken. Because these people are operating as Bell Weather Stations. They are ‘ahead of the game’ and the Elite are calculating how much time they have left.

Because when all Humanity … or a sizable portion of Humanity reaches the state that you’re in Susan …OK … in terms of your DNA. Then there is no place for Government. There is no place for war. Everything will change. So what M-LAB are doing … is working out just how much time they’ve got left. Now the important thing is, it’s not necessarily little grey aliens doing this … it is black ops … elite units … undertaking that. So I always try making a distinction with people, that we mustn’t always assume that it is alien. Sometimes it is the humans and they are using technology which … some of it’s been back engineered … some of it’s found … and some of it’s been invented. And … but that is separate from Off World Intervention which is heartily sick of the slavery that exists on this Planet and wishes to redress the balance; but redress it in a way that Humans have to work for it. In other words, I always say to people … you know … you are the Seventh Cavalry … ‘You are the Seventh Cavalry.’

The problem with the way the Human mind’s been conditioned is that we look for a Saviour. You know the people in Germany believed Adolph Hitler the people in Italy believed Mussolini. We seem to be programmed to believe that someone will come and save us. Well this is about Human Consciousness. It’s about people working together; and that’s why I formed a group called Connecting Consciousness; to try to raise the vibration and the idea amongst people. So I totally agree with you Susan. You’re absolutely right. That is the situation … and there is a Good Force … and a Bad Force … I don’t like that terminology but when talking to the general public that is the term I use because I know they understand that

JS: Wow! I’m jealous I’m wondering who Ireland has … no one is going to come and save Ireland … I’m don’t know who we’ve got.

SK: You are James.

SP: Actually Ireland is one of the most energetic places on the Globe.

JS: Funny you say that, Simon.

SK: That’s right.

JS: I had this conversation about two weeks ago. And somebody was saying like that the amount of rain that we have (it’s not very heavy rain). I mean I have 265 days of rain a year. But the Earth and this land … especially in the north of Ireland where it’s heavily crystallized... there’s like granite and quartz all through the rocks … and it’s got this misty rain all the time energizing the air. And everybody talks about a different energy here … and a different feel … and a different ambiance … but funny you say that.

What is special about the Earth or the people on Earth? Or is there something special Simon? Are we in a unique position in Galaxy, Cosmos, Universe, Solar System … is there something special about us? I don’t mean that from a anthropomorphic view point going …‘we need a savior’. I mean are we people of interest to extra-terrestrials for a specific reason?

SP: Yes, it’s the DNA.

JS: Yeah!

SP: Yes, it’s the Human DNA. When we talk about extra-terrestrials we are talking about Alien Creatures that have traveled from A to B in real time, So a very Genuine Guy called Charles Hall, who was a Weather Forecaster on Area 51 base, he talks about the Tall Greys. Tall Greys are actually extra-terrestrial. Which means it takes them between 18 to 19 years to travel in real time from their place of origin to this planet. That is an Extra-terrestrial. But many many many Aliens live so far away that they can’t travel like that … they have to use a portal technology. So they are extra-dimensional beings.

Now when you are flying (this is where I suppose it gets more interesting) when you are flying an Alien Spacecraft … if you are Reptilian you can only travel at about twice the speed of light. That is why Reptilians have to use portals to get anywhere. Human DNA can travel at five, six, possibly seven times the Speed of Light. So if you can encode and understand the human DNA you can actually use it to fly spacecraft over and above the normal speed of your race if you are not Humanoid.

So that has always been the key to understanding why certain races wish to crack the human genome … and not just as we would understand it on this planet. We haven’t understood the real reason of the DNA. So that’s one part of it. The second part is the planet. The aliens that I’m aware of refer to Earth as a water world … a water world. That’s very important because there are very few water worlds.

The other thing that’s very important is the time it takes planets to move around, because it means our lifespan on here is very short. That’s partly deliberate. It’s been engineered so that our life is short. That means we evolve very quickly. So if you are an alien creature who has a life span of two thousand years … and you monitor the Earth for a thousand of those years … look how life can evolve and change and adapt.

We know from the Industrial Revolution how the moth was white … and then when the coal from all the chimneys made the grounds black … it was obviously seen … and the birds pecked it. So in a short period of time its pigment changed and it became black so that it was hidden. And then when the coal-fired power stations were removed and the environment cleared up the Moth then reverted back to white. Now that’s unique! That’s unique. It takes creatures on other planets thousands of years to evolve; but because of this particular environment that we have ...all life … apart from reptilian and insect … evolves rapidly. And that is very fascinating to people who are watching from the outside.

JS: Wow!

SK: Speaking about evolving rapidly, I know that a lot of the community Simon … that are avid followers of you … (and when I say followers of you I mean following your information) know … people that are paying attention to what we’re doing here right now. There’s been a lot of talk – hype. But also I think there are (even like several months ago people were really feeling that come September of 2015) … there’s going to be this more significant movement; this more significant shakeup. And there’s a lot of theory on what actually that might be and actually what might happen. So I’m wondering if you have some thoughts on that because there does seem to be this quickening. There does seem to be this acceleration in emotion and thought processes … what people are seeing in their day to day reality. And it’s obviously what’s shifting around in individuals lives. So do you have some thoughts on that … for what may be happening or going on?

SP: Yes, two points. Alex Collier in a recent interview was absolutely right when he said the changes coming in the end of September weren’t going to be the be all and end all. It wasn’t going to be some great big event. About two and a half years ago a blanket of energy was placed around the Earth of a Reptilian nature - which activated Reptilian DNA in anybody who had it. For two and a half years we’ve been in a stalemate position. We’ve not advanced as a human race as fast as we were predicted to do so. What is happening is that we are getting a blast of energy towards the back end of September which will just nudge us forward again.; because we’re behind schedule in terms of development. So it is not … anybody who says that it’s this great big change coming … that’s not the case. The great big change took place on the 21st December 2012. This is an advancement to break the status quo … to break the stalemate and to move humans forward. And so that’s where we’re at with it.

SK: So if individuals - let’s just say this - with individuals who were more active with the - you know …more ‘being controlling anger’ … you know... acting out what we know is really the older way that has gotten our planet … you know … locked into this mess that we’re in. If they’ve made choices that are not along the higher level aspect of consciousness … right?... or for the betterment of self and others …as equitable around them. What’s … what might happen with them? Are they slowly going to be awakening? Or would these energetic pulses that are coming in … is it going to produce some type of a smash or crash … or something that’s gonna be a bit more destructive?

SP: As long as the hands of the clock are still one minute before midnight … everyone has the chance and the choice to decide on a different path. Once the hands reach Midnight that’s it! Then there’s no more. Choice over. I have never believed that one hundred per cent of humanity will walk through the other side of the door. That’s just not going to happen. It may be very unpopular but I would be quite happy with twenty-five to thirty per cent. I know that’s horror for most people because they want much more than that … and I do too.

But one has to understand that when 21st of December 2012 came along … we only needed two to three million people on the planet to have reached a certain point because that was the key that had been set. This will be the seventh time the human race has been to this position. Six times before it has been here and failed and gone all the way back again and started up. This is the seventh time. What happened was we had between two to three million people who were awake. That was enough to form a critical mass to kick it over so that we could start this process.

You talked about ...Susan … in the question or the point before this… about people experiencing things. The fourth dimension … or the fourth frequency as it really should be called. But the fourth dimension contains a great deal of very heavy energy. We have a number of alien races which have not gone forward. They are weighing so heavily on the border … on the boundary … between the third and the fourth that it is bulging now. It’s bulging into our reality. Which means that psychic people are getting more and more glimpses of another dimension, because it’s impeding … or impinging onto our reality.

I talk about on a couple of occasions where I’ve seen … going down the stairs of my own home … looking down at the tread of the stairs … and suddenly on one tread it appeared to have gone … and there would appear to be a thousand foot drop. Now I know that there’s a real stair there but I couldn’t bring myself to put my foot on … and I jumped it. I jumped over the stair to look back and find it was just as it was. This is what people will be spotting. They will be finding that for a split second they will be viewing something else … that they can’t actually reach at the moment … but they can perceive. So we’ve got some fantastic and exciting changes ahead. It’s not about fear. It’s about experimenting, and it’s about embracing and walking forward bravely.

SK: Hmm.

JS: Wow! Hmm. I know Susan wants to talk about the Hadron Collider and I know you do too Simon ... the August 15th stuff. We’re going to come to that next I guess. I know a lot of people focus on the Nazi era or Roswell or that 1945-47. Stuff like that in that window of time and the nuclear disarmament. I mean it is a big question. Yes, let’s get rid of the nukes. No problem with that. But people think the aliens are here to get rid of our nukes because we’re going to kill ourselves. I mean … you know … maybe you can talk a little bit about that and give us your opinion on that. What you see or what you know about … a question of Nuclear Disarmament

SP: Nuclear weapons are not liked by anybody who use electro gravitational form of propulsion because a nuclear explosion affects the fields. You can’t effectively fly those type of craft through a region that’s had nuclear explosions. The old adage of good cop - bad cop was played in the 1950’s against the American government; where one alien race said, “Disarm and we will give you everything you need to assist you.” Another race turned up and said , “Well we will give you extra technology which you can weaponize and then this is what we want in return.”

Now what’s not widely understood is that this is the same faction. So the same faction sent one group … knowing that the human government would not accept it; and then came along the next day with what seemed like a better alternative. So it was the same organization using different types of approach.

I can fully understand why the human government did not disarm. You know they have … and had a responsibility to protect the people of their own country … and actually the world. So they made a decision based on the information they had. Remember that at that time very few people were spiritually evolved or advanced. So we can’t actually blame them. That would be pointless to do that.

The Roswell and the Nazi side … it is important that people do talk about this subject because Roswell was absolutely pivotal … for reasons many people don’t actually grasp. If you belong to a very high evolved form of space government, you are not allowed to give presents of advanced technology to an inferior race. When I use the word inferior race I don’t mean spiritually inferior. The human race was technologically inferior. It’s illegal. It is illegal to give that. So what Roswell was about was placing technology of an advanced nature in the hands of the humans in such a way - as it went down as a crash.

The technology comprised a number of things. One of the most dangerous was what we would call the Orion Cube or the Orion Box … which is a time travel devise and led the government to create things like the Jump Chair - Jump Room. And allowed places like Montauk to project people into the future to look at time lines and try and change time lines. This was all part of a plan from an organization outside of the Earth to try to steer the humans down a particular route. So Roswell is incredibly important.

The Nazi era is incredibly important because Adolph Hitler received extra-terrestrial assistance in 1933 with a space crash in the Black Forest. Up until 1941 was receiving a great deal of help but he was buying oil from the Bush administration … the Bush family.

Then in 1941 he decided that he no longer wished to buy oil from the Bushes and he would attack towards Stalingrad and the huge oil refineries of Maykop and Grozny in the Soviet Union. Aas soon as he did that then the assistance was shipped away from him to America. In 1941 there was an alien space crash in I think, Missouri, and the Americans received that [technology] and the balance began to change.

The two things to understand here is that when the Nazi’s took control of a downed space craft they did not look at it as a weapon. Their interest was the flying of it. How do we make it fly? When the Americans got their downed space craft they said, “Look at this reactor … how can we make a bomb out of it?” That’s why the Americans were ahead of the Germans in terms of a Nuclear Weapon … but the Germans were ahead of the Americans in terms of the ability to fly a space craft. So …

SK: A different intent …

SP: Yes, absolutely. That’s why both Roswell and the Nazi periods, in their own way, are pivotal in understanding the human history in the modern time.

JS: Oh wow! Wow! Let’s talk about the back engineering for a moment. I mean everybody wants to know about what the technology is. I mean how difficult it is to back engineer? I mean, I know this from an engineer but just from yourself Simon. This is going to be levels of advancement so above us. They are not going to just make a new spaceship and go, “we’ve got the new technology show me all the blueprints. OK, great. Let’s build our own.” I mean they’re only going to give us fragments of the technology. Simon, is that correct?

SP: Well, what they did was they gave old technology. They didn’t give up-to-date technology, and they reneged on many deals. These are the Greys we are talking about now. Space craft are created molecule by molecule … they’re actually grown. That’s the best way to describe it. Human’s do not have that technology as such. But they have the technology to understand. Humans are absolutely brilliant, fantastic. They can take something and do something with it. They don’t understand that they are creating reality out of their thought, but that’s what they do generally.

My mother, my biological mother, her job when she worked for MI5 was to type out documents that had arrived from German scientists; ex-Nazi scientists who were neither in America or Russia … but had elected to stay in Berlin. And in order to be not to be prosecuted for their War Crimes … they lost their status as German Citizens and became … not even citizens of Great Britain. They were managed by MI5 so that they couldn’t be prosecuted under War Crimes. But they could operate and work for the Secret Service.

Most of the Operation Paperclip scientists were based in America; but from time-to-time these guys were overworked. So it was a spill-off device. So that any technology that couldn’t be worked on would be sent to this Group in Berlin; who would then come up … and it was always the same thing. “We have found this … What does it do? … Can you make it work? … And what application can you make us?”

So these documents would come through to my mother. Sometimes they were only 4 or 5 pages thick; when very little was known about it. Sometimes it would be 15 to 20 pages. There were always drawings and diagrams with it. It always ran in the same vein … “Ultimately what can you do with it?” The reality was that they were only getting 10% out of its potential 100%; but never-the-less that 10% was far in excess of anything else.

So for instance, I remember as a small boy (I would have been what...about seven or eight)… reading what my mother had typed; and the shock and disbelief of scientists who were seeing a nuclear reactor which was literally only three feet in size. They [wrote], “How can this thing produce so much power?” So it was a great shock to humans to realize just how far behind they were technically. This was the fear element … because it was the understanding that they really couldn’t protect the people of the planet, they couldn’t. Because they didn’t have the technology. It was that that frightened the military.

SK: Where do you think the technology is today with these groups that obviously we don’t really know about … but where do you think it genuinely is today? I know that today is a mark in time, and in some ways there is no time.. so to speak. Right? (chuckles) But generally speaking where do you think it’s gone to today?

SP: Well, it is on the Earth, or it’s on the Moon or it’s on Mars. Or... it’s held ‘out of phase’ somewhere between the third and the fourth dimension depending on who controls it … and who … they don’t want others to get it. So we have well, the Americans adopted the base … the deep underground base, from the Nazi’s. That’s one of the things that the Germans did for America. They showed them how to hide things underground. Most of the secret technology is hidden underground; operated by an Elite within an Elite.

These are the guys that do the day job. Then at nighttime they put the new patches on their uniforms and they go and do what they do. Um … that technology is held by corporations who control elements of the military. So please … the audience … don’t be under any misconceptions here. It is the Corporations that control the Government … it is the Corporations that actually control the Military.

I was chatting to a retired officer from the American military who’s now somewhere in Germany … who said that when he retired he was asked to go on the reserve list and he said, “Why would I want to work for a Corporation?” So even the military know what’s going on but they can’t do anything about it

SK: Got it … So let’s take that and shift that a bit towards Cern. I know some of the work you’ve done recently … (I read your entry on your site that you had.)… and I’d love if you could talk a little bit more about that. Also if you could educate the audience in terms of your perspective of what Cern is. Then also the work that you’ve done; because to me it shows something about this heaviness … about the military and corporations. People feel like “I am not empowered … what really can I do?”… Then to me some of the work that you’ve done … because of these extra-dimensional experiences you’ve had … and the individual that you are in this human being body … and the things that you’ve gone through. Show us about what we can do. So if you could talk about that it would be great

SP: Thank you. The problem with Cern was that it wasn’t a device to feed starving people or provide clean drinking water; nor was it a hospital where you could go and have cheap medical care. It was a device purely and simply built to hit a number of targets; and I’ll tell you what the targets are.

One is a weapon, an energy weapon … an energy beam weapon.

One was a form of time machine. I don’t want people to think about a time machine that forwards and backwards in time (smiling) but something that could affect time on the planet.

Another element was the ability to … (and we’ll talk about that … that’s what brought me on board … to have a little look at it) whether you can break the connection between humans and source … or God. Whether you can break that I don’t know … but that was their intention; to break the connection between the human beings on this planet and the creational force.

Also to maintain a portal. This was perhaps the overriding issue. There was a very, very ancient portal that exists between this planet and somewhere in the fourth dimension … and it is collapsing. These portals were created by a form of creational forces … creational beings … a very long time ago. This portal is imploding in on itself.

The way to strengthen that would be to … in purely 3D terms … to pump energy through this tunnel … to puff it up … to re-establish the link. As we move away from Galactic Centre … it becomes harder and harder and harder to maintain this portal. So there were some key moments in history … there was one in 2012 I think … I forget now … 2012 … and I became aware of that. It had a malfunction in 2012 … and it literally … I can’t remember the time but it was the 21st of December 2012. I can’t remember exactly the o’clock … but it was scheduled to ramp up to full power at the moment that human consciousness … in terms of this energy from Galactic Centre … was going to peak … and that didn’t look so good. So unfortunately Cern had a breakdown … and that’s … you know... I’ve got a screen shot which I have shown to show that it failed

And then of course we have the terrible disaster in Japan … and Japan was forced to build a Linear Collider. They couldn’t do it on time. So they added 26 miles to the Hadron Collider to increase its power. They had this deadline, and on the 15th of August there was a very interesting Conjunction of Planets … very interesting … now if people can think of our beautiful planet as having a heartbeat … and it rising and falling … and you think of a lady on a surfboard … and she rides the (laughter from Susan) … (Simon responds - yeah I know) … she rides the waves of the ocean … she dips down and she comes up. Well, what they were doing with the Collider was matching that. And if we understand how a traditional 3D rocket works … it can spin round the Earth … pick up the gravity and as NASA calls it ‘obtain a slingshot’ and actually obtain more energy to throw yourself out. What they were attempting to do was to ride the crest of this natural beat of the Earth … and with that to ‘ramp up the energy ‘ … obtain more … and do something perhaps not very beneficial. So I have formed a group called Connecting Consciousness … not in every country of the world I’d like it to be in every country of the world … but groups of people … and at 12 o’clock British summer time … we … all over the Globe … wherever we were … did meditation for five minutes. The assertion was that the “Connection between the Creational Force and Humans will not be broken” That was the energy that was sent. However … whether whoever this is knew that we were going to do this … whatever … they activated the Cern device at three o’clock in the morning. So they literally called all their scientists out of bed to activate this device a good few hours before my group was supposed to meet.

And I have to tell you that … (and I can even tell you where)… that device suffered a fault in the Cryogenic Chamber. The computer registered a fault and it continued to register a fault even after it had been repaired. Anyway that’s by-the-by. They managed to get it working and by the time we were doing our meditation this machine was actually operating again. I have a screen shot on the web-site; or I think I sent it out on a newsletter; that 6 minutes after we finished our meditation it failed again. So it didn’t happen. It didn’t do what they were planning to do.

Now obviously I am very disappointed that a very expensive piece of machinery didn’t work. You know it’s a great shame when scientists from all over the world work so hard and have no knowledge of what they’re doing. They believe they are looking for some unusual particle or something. It is only the very few who perhaps that have the real agenda at hand. So I am really sorry that that occurred … and I think it is a great shame … but never-the-less I think it was a good outcome for humans.

So that’s that. Just to finish off because I think it is important, I heard what you said Susan. I have no problem people sending Love to ‘x’ ‘y’ or ‘z’; but people have become frustrated. They sit in their armchairs and they say. “I can’t make change.” The fear is they then get the gun or the petrol bomb and they feel that change has to come from violence. It doesn’t.

What I’ve demonstrated … (and I have used the establishments own evidence to prove this) … is that you can make change by thought. The process of thought can actually bring about change. So what I did was - I gave focus to people. You want to do something. You are sick and tired of being on the receiving end. You can do something. No one’s going to die, no one’s going to get hurt; but you can actually bring about some change positively for this planet and people on it. So I gave a focus in that and we have the evidence that that worked. So the message to people is … violence isn’t the way … don’t want that … we have a much better way of dealing with it.

So we’ve got some other plans coming up. We’re going to … the next one is to punch holes in the grid that surrounds the Earth … the Energy Grid … we’re gonna knock some holes in … so yeah … it’s been exciting times.

There has been payback. A number of those who took part have been psychically attacked. So this isn’t a tea party. This isn’t a game. A number of very close people to me have paid a price.

SK: And … and yes …

SP: Paid very dearly … yes.

SK: Absolutely. Two things I just wanted to say. First of all I want to say thank you for the information you gave about Cern. I think it is incredibly important for people to understand in more detail what really is happening … like what the intension of it is. I think you did that beautifully. The other thing I am hearing you say is when we tap into the more constructive part of who we are - that’s really touching into our super human abilities. That’s what I call … which won’t be Super any more… it will be - everybody will be operating like this at some point you know … in the future, or maybe mostly everybody.

But the other thing that I am hearing about … the attacks. Because when people do reach out and they do use more of their senses and more of who they are … and they’re making ripples. They’re making impact and affects and change … that there are those different psychic attacks that come in in many different ways. What do you see? What that does … it has a tendency to shut people down …. make them go away… and you know … start to do the more mundane things in their lives. Not the things that are really there to make a huge difference. So what do you see are some things that people can do to either avert these attacks, or to manage them when they come in. What have you seen that really works in real time. So we can lessen that gap of our … you know... light warriors and brothers and sisters that are out there doing this and that are feeling that?

SP: In every Illuminati … in every true Illuminati household there resides a very good copy of the Lord of the Rings. In one of the chapters there is a chap called Barliman Butterbur … who is the inn keeper of the Prancing Pony … and Aragorn … or Strider, is talking to him. He says to him, “You know about the situation.” and Barliman Butterbur says, “Well I don’t know what the likes of me can do against the Shadow Beast.” and Aragorn replies, “Not much but every little helps.”

And that’s the point here … that everybody no matter what they can do … if they do something they are adding good intent. And it doesn’t matter whether you are sticking a postage stamp on an envelope to do a mail shot … or whether you are joining with a group of people to send healing to some place or some person. Every ounce, or gram, of good intent is put on the scales and helps to bring it back to a much more balanced environment.

I am one person with a small group of really really wonderful volunteers. I’m not a Corporation. I don’t have large teams of people doing this that and the other. But if I had the time I would run workshops to show people how to psychically defend themselves. If only people realized what they are capable of doing.

This is what it’s about. It’s about freeing up the individual from the mind control of the establishment that seeks to dis-empower everybody from childhood; as soon as you go to school basically … into the education system. You are convinced that you can do nothing. So if only people … we haven’t got time on the show, but I can absolutely reassure people. I’ve worked with people who have felt themselves being dragged out of their body … and have successfully resisted that; and been … you know … drawn themselves back in their body. So it is possible. It can be done. It’s about belief in yourself, love of yourself … but it’s also about Discipline. Discipline, in terms of understanding how to use your energies in a controlled and measured way. For that actually, you need three or four people from different disciplines to work with groups and individuals to do that. So it is possible. It is the way forward.

These aliens … whoever they are … doesn’t matter. They don’t carry guns. How many stories from true honest experiencers or abductees or contactees … how many of them say they saw an alien with a gun … zero. They may be seen with a wand. That’s not a gun. The reason they don’t have a gun is they don’t need it, because they use their mind to achieve what they want. So there’s your pattern. That’s what they do in the fourth dimension and higher … but we’re talking the fourth. So we can do that. You know we’re not dis-empowered. We can do it. We need to be shown it and believe it. So maybe that’s something, if I ever get the time … I will try and do with the help of others.

JS: Wow! Simon I just want to touch on this Cern thing … you know … a lot of people say, “Well how can anything be going on at Cern without people knowing about it?” I always like to explain this analogy. I am just going to explain for the public as well that it doesn’t matter what career you are talking [about] in the world … painters … artists … carpenters … engineers … physicists … for every ten of them you have three that were born to do it. You have four of them that are average. Then you have a few that are just making up the numbers. And that’s a statistical thing for any career … really. I think a large body of people who work at Cern … a large body of them just don’t know what’s going on. There is no incentive financially for them to discover anything … if there are any discoveries going on. There is no … I mean they get … physicists are the highest paid degree in the world, PHD that is. They um … you know … if they discovered anything they would be out of a job. So they’re like on the money train and they are sitting in their comfortable zone. You know … I like to explain that to people first like … you know … there is no real incentive for them to discover anything. And I think what you described there …it’s incredibly interesting. I just wanted to kind of … I always try to explain to people that ‘how things can be’ in an analogy zone … just from that. And I do want to take a moment Simon to just …

SP: Maybe I could just say, in my own Country in Great Britain there was a man called Jimmy Saville. Jimmy Saville was finally charged … (after his death of course) … with the most horrible crimes against children. He carried on undetected for 50 years! Tthe answer to your question … that … (I know that you know the answer, but you’re posing it for the audience) is that when you have the backing of the establishment you can hide anything for a period of time. Not for ever, because the truth always comes out. But for 50 years this man attacked and abused children and it was covered up. So Cern has been going for 5 or 6 years. So it’s no problem for them to hide something for 5 or 6 years

JS: Yes it’s nothing … it’s small … small time. Simon, I do want you to take a moment to give out your web site so people can find you … What they can expect to find there … and what you do there … I know you do talk to people as well in consultation as well. So maybe you could just take a little moment to give that too Simon.

SP: Well that’s very kind of you. It’s It’’s not a fancy brilliant website … because I couldn’t spend my time doing that. It’s just a very functional gateway for people to approach me … who would like a Consultation. I do what I call “Soul Readings.” I will look at a person’s Soul and tell them when they were created. They incarnated in a form of a Body which was the body they incarnated into in terms of its star family. I’ll also look at their higher selves. That’s the energy around their body and tell them about their past lives. Although they‘ve had different bodies, the energy signature is the same. It remains the same even though the body changes.

Also, if somebody has a demonic possession I will work with that. If someone has had trauma and has a number of personalities I will work with them to have that reabsorbed. If a person has suicide programs placed in them by Satanic Cults I will deprogram and remove those.

It does take a lot of time and I don’t charge a lot of money. I won’t mention a person’s name because that’s ridiculous but there was one person who a friend of mine approached and who said that his consultations were a thousand dollars. In which case my friend said, “I thought you were different … I thought you cared about people!”

I do care about people. I charge between thirty and fifty pounds for a consultation. The problem is you know … that some cultures see that as wrong. Some Americans … God Bless them…said to me, “Well you can’t be very good because you’re not charging very much money.” and I said, “No, I’m charging a little money because I want everyone to have access to it.” It’s important to me that everyone has access to it.

So my bread and butter work is the Soul Readings. My calling work is for those who have been abused by Secret Societies … and that’s the sort of work I do. I am very very familiar with Djinn … with Demon energy … my soul has a long history of understanding these creatures and they can’t stand against me. So I am quite in demand for that. So … thank you for allowing me to plug it. We have closed … we closed the bookings but we are opening them again. We’re going to run the bookings till I am booked up till Christmas. Then we’ll close them again. So this week coming the bookings will be open for anybody who wishes to book with me. First come first served … and please have a go! So thank you James, for allowing me to have that few seconds. Thank you. 1:08:16

JS: Susan , have you got any final comments? I’ve just got some final comments to wrap up on. I’ll let the lady go first.

SP: Are we going already? It is only midnight.

SK: (Laughter)

JS: Well, I said I would only have you for an hour and we are already over Simon so … you’re cool with that? I know you’re a pretty relaxed guy.

SK: I could ask Simon questions pretty much all weekend long. So it’s Aloha Friday here. I know that I was born in the Unites States. I did move to Hawaii which does considers itself sovereign from the Unites States. So there’s a very different culture that is actually growing from a swell of a number of different activities that have gone on here that haven’t been so kind to the Hawaiian people … or the land. So we’re thousands of miles away from the actual mainland of the United States. So just a little side note there.

I think some of us here are doing what we can to create those acupuncture spots in places around here; that are you know … kind of hot spots from an energetic standpoint.

So Simon, I just.. I think what I want to say is I thank you for your work. Like I was saying a little bit earlier before we started recording … I’ve been involved in this work behind the scenes for quite some time. And the people that I know that have been in it a long time as well … who are also quiet. Very much like you and very much like the balanced approach to your message … and the fact that you … your walking amongst this day to day Reality … but also bringing in some tremendous insight from a really balanced viewpoint … so I think that the community really appreciates that … so that’s … I’m sure you probably hear that … but that’s some of the things I just wanted to share with you.

And also I think that … it’s like this human trap in some way. Because the human being has amazing potential. But there are also some traps that we get into that … you know … call them fallen them what you will. People come into this plane of existence and then get caught up with you know … the money … and caught up with the power. If you happen to be a little bit more aware from a psychic standpoint or a little bit more gifted from the pre-cognitive standpoint .then you can do things that are not so kind from … how we actually work to move things forward. So I think that there’s traps that could be here that are along the way.

And one of the things I really love about your message is that...look you’re there to help the people that are around you. You realize that if you start to charge a certain rate … or if you start to do more … then you lose that connection. You lose almost that sense of integrity of who you are … and that’s something that you’ve got fairly well established. I think that’s just an important point to make. It’s really clear and obvious that that’s seen and recognized. I think if we’re really going to get there … we get there together by that type of integrity

SP: Well that’s really kind of you. Thank you. It does matter to me what people say. I’ve spoken to a number of speakers at conferences and sometimes it goes well and sometimes it doesn’t go well. Generally people tend to shrug their shoulders. I want people to believe me. I want people to believe me enough to go and do their own research. If I speak to one hundred people and ten people then go away and do their own research, I’ve been successful. Because I’ve actually broken through the conditioning that has surrounded these people. I have the approach I have because I know no different.

If you are contacted from a very early age by off world entities, by the time you’re a teenager you know no different. That is your life and that is the way you are. So for me it’s just telling the way it is. I understand when people have experiences and they don’t have the full picture or they don’t understand what’s happening.

I’ll give you an example. One woman was absolutely distressed when she said to me, “When the aliens take me they don’t talk to me.” This really upset her more than anything else and she couldn’t understand. She thought it was very disrespectful. I said, “The reason they’re not speaking to you is because they intend to wipe your mind so that you don’t remember anything when you go back. Why would they bother speaking to you because you’re not supposed to remember it?” I said, “You are remembering it. [The] next time they come to get you, you need to tell them that you are remembering it and that it’s worth talking to you.”

This is what I mean. We need to get out of this victimized [unintelligible] and actually open up a dialogue with these beings. So my approach has always been to try to empower people. Just as you do Susan in your own way. And just as many other people do. We’re all working together … for the same goal. And I’ll finally say this … I contain 30 odd % … 33% Reptilian in my Soul. Susan you’ve got very little Reptilian in you. But it’s not where we were or where we’ve come from; it’s where we’re going. It’s what our goal is. It doesn’t matter who the heck we are, providing we share the same outlook … for the result. This is what we need to do. We need to all work together and not judge each other. Jjust say I’ve got this skill. I can bring that to the table. You’ve got that skill … let us work together. And until we can destroy egos and the people who always want to lead from the front … and be seen in the Spot Light ...(but won’t get anywhere) … so that’s what we must try to push.

SK: Absolutely. Thank you.

JS: Yes. Well we’re OK for time a little bit there guys as long as …

SP: I’m fine. If you’ve got tape to go we’ll just keep going

JS: No, that’s fine. I just didn’t want to overstay my welcome with you Simon.

SP: I’ll sit all night with you. I don’t care.

JS: Ah! Well we are having a great conversation with you too. Well, what I’d like Simon, (and this is for Susan and yourself) … is that … I covered this from … you know I’m an engineer and scientist, but I am very alternative too in my thinking. I mean that from across the board from mysteries and stuff. I come at this from an ancient history. I always say to people if you know who you are in the past, I mean not just your identity - your cultural identity or your country. I mean who you are as a person.

I mean deep antiquity or human origins. I go back 50,000 years. Go back to Palaeolithic like … go past the patriarchy stuff. I just love history. I love our origins. Whether that’s the 10,000 BC barrier or the 2,500 BC barrier … civilizations and ice age I should say. I love knowing this stuff and the series of our origins. And I have come across this ancient alien hypothesis. I’ve come into it from that angle, and it’s not just a Quest for me. Did aliens build the pyramids? It’s a question of how we interacted on many levels with beings in the past and or the future. I don’t separate it anymore. You know, that was my route into all this.

Now I get past this Roswell stuff as well. Because it’s not just a technical nuts and bolts thing either. Males tend to do that in ufology. They get all fascinated with the craft and everything. It’s a question of spirituality and consciousness and evolving. I know that’s been a shift that’s going on too. There’s not a fear thing there anymore. There’s a question of spirituality and consciousness. It’s great to meet Susan and Susan come on the show … and to interact with people on this level because that’s where I see it now. I didn’t … I mean it took me a bit of a long journey to get to this point. So now it’s just great to talk to you on this show today Simon … and Susan.

SP: How about a bit of fun? On this planet there’s very awful chauvinist jokes about women driving motorcars. It’s a common view held by men in many countries that men are better drivers … or at least guys can park a car into a smaller space than a woman. But it’s also a point that on this third dimensional world….in an argument a female will generally win the argument … by stringing together sentences quickly that are hard hitting … that a male cannot cope with. This is because of the DNA.

DNA is a communicating device. We’re on a third dimensional world therefore we verbalize. But when you go into the fourth dimension, we don’t verbalize we use telepathy. We find … and I mentioned this earlier at the beginning of your program … that we fly spacecraft with our DNA . That means that women … females … make better space pilots than males. In fact in the fourth dimension … and you mentioned Roswell James….the pilot of the spacecraft was feminine. In fact she was the only one to have a soul. All the other six … and yes ,there were six others Members of the Crew … had no soul. They didn’t need it.

Most pilots are feminine, and the females make far better space pilots than males. And … um (chuckling) I love Star Trek. I think it is fantastic. But the pilots of Star Trek are invariably … at the controls are male. The Captain is invariably male and this is just wrong. Because the pilots … the controllers … would be female. You know Captain Kirk … (and its always the original Star Trek for me). Captain Kirk says, “Set a course for Star Base 12” So they press all the buttons.

Now in reality if you said “All stop or Turn left at Neptune.” By the time you’ve pressed the buttons you’d be fifty galaxies past where you were supposed to stop. You cannot press buttons to control a spacecraft at anything like the speed of light. You have to control it with your DNA through the contact of your hands. And that’s why females make better space pilots. I just want to add that, because it makes me laugh. On this planet we laugh and laugh and laugh … but the reality is … in other higher dimensions, females are better pilots.

SK: I think I know why (laughter).

SP: Go on … tell me.

SK: I’ll make a joke because … I’m a mum by the way … and I have a very very busy life. As I say … and I think it’s the single mothers that are training to do this. Because if you are working multiple jobs and you’ve got multiple children … you’re having to take and make the best of every situation. And make sure that the health of the child … and that the home is OK … going wonderful … and that everybody’s being fed well. So it’s like you’re managing all this life energy on all these different levels so you have to keep it straight. If you don’t keep it straight then there’s a negative impact. So that’s my philosophy on it. (laughs). Whether or not that’s entirely accurate … it’s my joke that I kind of go through on a daily basis. It’s thinking. “Is this a joke?” …like, “What’s this preparation for? This has to be preparation for something.” Because how are we able to keep all this (does a juggling act) and keep it all straight.

SP: It’s very nice Susan . we’ve not met before … this is the first time I’ve met you and it’s really nice … because I don’t know if you’re aware … you have a small percentage of Mantis in you … part of your Soul has that non-Human element … but the vast majority of you is what I would refer to as higher human. And anyone who’s had a reading with me will know what a higher human is. You come from a very high dimension, your soul. But you have this connection with the Mantis which means that you and I will have a connection. We already know that. It’s very nice to meet someone with that history. It’s also interesting that you only have a little bit of Reptilian energy. You don’t have much about you, and I think that’s given you a very pure thought and a very clear idea. But you are quite a warrior my Darling (smiles and chuckles) (Susan laughs) and it is a privilege for me to meet you. And James … perhaps one day I’ll do you a reading as well

JS: I’d like that Simon … (Simon chuckles) … I really would. You know … let’s do that. Because I have got questions … and I have got curiosity … and let’s do that Simon … let’s do that … let’s talk about that. I guess, maybe since you came out, was it 2010 you came out publicly?

SP: End of 2010 … end of 2010.

JS: Well that’s almost five and a half years ago now. I mean how has that journey been for you.? I’m guessing there has been a wave at the very very start as you would have expected. That’s a courageous thing to do that … to ride that wave. Do you feel satisfied the way things have gone? … and that you are trying to achieve something now? Are you getting some benefit?

I am sure you didn’t come out to say, “Hey … this is me … This is what happened” You know … I’m sure there was a risk versus benefit thing there. Are you in the benefits zone now? Do you feel satisfied that somebody … that people are soaking this information up? That you’re making an impact?

SP: You see if I didn’t know you better I’d say that was a trick question. Susan’s telepathically connecting that with me now … but I know you mean well James. so don’t worry.

SK: Yes, he does … he does … yes.

SP: I know … I know … No, I’m not satisfied. I’ll only be satisfied when humans are out of slavery and are free. But what I will say, because it is a very very good question. And actually James, no-one else has had the foresight to ask me that question. So it’s great because it’s going to be a new one for me.

I’ve always had a proportion of my memories ever since I was little They’ve been very important. But the way I would describe this is, if you go to the movies and imagine … you know … the film that runs in a camera. And if you took a pair of sharp scissors and you cut maybe twelve frames from a two hour film and you placed those frames on a table; and you were asked to make a decision about what that film was from the twelve frames, you couldn’t. You’d know the genre … because if you saw a cowboy hat you’d say, “Ah cowboy hat – that’s a Western.” You know perhaps some of the leading actors. But you wouldn’t know what the storyline was.

So I went through a lot of my life not understanding the storyline and not knowing what my role was … and why me? … and what was happening. As I approached my fiftieth birthday, many of these partial memories became full memories. I began then to understand a lot more. I became a lot more awake. So when I was being visited by off world entities, I was actually remembering in real time and being empowered to go into a conversation with them.

So instead of just allowing myself to be awestruck by what they showed me, I changed in my perception. I started to question and ask … not in a vicious or a negative way … but in a way of “I have a right to ask.” I began to say to them , “I want to remember this.” So that I didn’t get the mind wipe. That was empowering because I then understood who I was in my soul … what that history in my soul was on this planet and why I was being visited.

Then I felt why I had to do what I had to do. When I also realized that the Elite on this planet knew who I was … then I was unlikely to be taken out and that empowered me. And the only time there was ever an attempt to kill me it was an unauthorized attempt. That’s when I had the employee of the Rothchild’s with me and our car was rammed. But that was three members of a Masonic Lodge who acted without instructions. And the funny part of the story is … we were in the hospital … (and this is the employee of the Rothchild’s and myself) … we were fine and we were protected, but we had bruising. This young woman turned to me and said ‘I’ve just had a message. They’re asking, “Who should die for this?” I returned and said, “No death - punishment - but no death. Otherwise we’re as bad as they are.”

So this was a message the Reptilians had sent her. ‘Who needs to die for this?’ This is an element that even researchers don’t grasp … don’t understand … there is a Depth to this … that many People don’t actually understand. So it’s a it’s a life we lead. Tthere are many of us and no-one is better than anyone else. You know … the only time I got angry … and I’m not going to mention the guy’s name. I did a radio show with a person who wrote a good book. His good book was all about Grey aliens. He basically said , “Oh Mantis don’t exist.” So I said, “Well your aliens are better than my aliens?” This is where we shouldn’t be like this. We’re supposed to be working together.

But people forget actually where they came from. They forget their grass roots. They forget what they’re there for. They get sucked in and Susan’s right. They suddenly get onto a crest of a wave or into some form of hierarchy and money … popularity … becomes more important than the message.

It’s “I must write another book”… “I must do this” … “I must tell everyone how good I am.” Well, you’re no better than someone in a bank who’s just there to screw over all the community. So, I always ask people, “Judge a person by what they do and ask your soul about them.” So I am what I am. I’m not going to change. Hopefully the message that I have resonates with many people. All I ask is they just go and do their own research and they trust themselves. They listen to what their true self tells them and they act on it. And you know, that’s the way to empowerment isn’t it?

J.S Beautiful.

SK: Brilliant.

JS: Simon, I mean we talked about several different entities. Maybe just for the public tell us the who’s who of extra terrestrials or aliens or extra dimensional beings. The Mantis … the Reptilian … who’s who … maybe the main groups … or entities. And tell us what they’re like with each other, or do they interact with each other? And how they …

SK: Can I … ?

JS: I’m sorry … Susan … and how the groups interact with us?

SK: And I was just going to add to that …

JS: Sure

SK: And I was just going to add to that a little bit of a different … another layer … and as another issue … the human beings that are connected to these different entities on the planet as well. Because I think that’s the other bridge here that that’s important to look at.

JS: Sure

SP: Yes, Susan there are two types of connection. Let’s just … I can’t speak … for … it’s very difficult … I can’t speak for any alien group. But I make decisions on this planet in every day of my life which have impact on two particular alien groups. Because I contain 30% of one group and 30% of another group. Therefore every decision, every thought … everything I do, shifts a balance either one way or another.

So I can’t possibly know all the different groups . When we … again it amuses me , when … (not you guys because you guys are very knowledgeable) … but they say to me, “What are the aliens doing?” and I say, “Which aliens are you referring to?” There are many different groups of Greys. There are more than one type of Reptilian. So what we’re looking at are those aliens who do not respect the international law. Those aliens who think it’s perfectly acceptable to interfere in human politics and have done [so] for thousands of years.

These are the key players … simply because they have changed and altered Humanity. So we are talking about the Draconis Reptilian. Who believe themselves to be the creation of humanity and believe they have the God given right to do what they want. You have the Mantis who play a bit of an in-between game … between working with the Reptilians on one hand and then helping the humans on the other. You have the Greys. The enslaved group of Greys who work for either Mantis or Reptilian, and you have the original Greys … (who have the smaller eyes by the way), who don’t work for anyone but themselves.

You have a native form of Reptilian … you have Reptilians from the Orion Empire … from Sirus or Sirius. You have a Feline specie … who actually played a big part in building the Pyramids … Pyramids on Mars … as well as in Cairo. There are lots of different groups. And then you move into the humanoid groups … the ones that perhaps are advising President Putin at the moment and those who are in conducting a warfare. So the Pleiadean Groups … to a lesser extent the Lyrans … the Arcturians … the Andromedians … and many others I have not had the privilege of meeting; who have banded together to form a Council or a group, and are doing what they do. So that’s it!

Now Susan’s point though is quite good - because there are a number of Elites who’s soul can connect back through history. Now when people talk about blood line … they’re referring in two phases. One is the blood line of a Body. I don’t want to upset anybody but … to my understanding Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene. Mary Magdalene had red hair and green eyes. Eve was married to Adam. Eve had red hair and green eyes. King Arthur … yes I believe he lived … was married to Queen Guinevere and she had red hair and green eyes.

Now anybody who has red hair and green eyes and is a feminine … is blood line. Blood line through the Reptilian Section. So most of the people who are associated with the Rothchilds or any of those key groups, the women will have red hair and green eyes. That’s the … seen as the intelligent women. Women with blonde hair and blue eyes are sex objects.

So we have a structure that humans who are connected to Reptilians have created themselves and runs right through magical societies and groups. So you have maybe two or three meetings a year when an alien entity will address the powerful families in many countries … and they will give reports to that alien entity. We have some interesting changes in China at the moment … and in Indonesia … we have the Red Dragon Group and the White Dragon Group. These Dragon groups actually are assisting organizations in America who are attempting to bring Truth. So there’s a lot happening and just because something is Reptilian doesn’t mean it is overtly bad.

You know this is what happens. We tend as a specie to judge. There are those who are working quietly away. They are small in number, but they are working quietly away to bring Change. So you are human creature, you are Connected to many things, and one of them is a Reptilian culture. So it’s that individual’s choice as to how they work with that entity. Whether they want to give it up and try a different approach … or whether they want to stay in the same old vein.

All I can say to you is, that the time for these people is fast running out. Humans will be free. I don’t know how that will end and what the pattern will be, but humans will be free. And it’s much better for these organizations to come over and embrace that change than to be dragged kicking and screaming at ten seconds to midnight. Make a positive choice please and actually do something … for the first time in your lives … that actually benefit other people and not just your self. 1:33:57

JS: Wow!

JS: It’s lovely talking to you Simon. You’ve got a very … there’s a balanced nature about you. You’re just like a nice soul that’s trying to give some positiveinformation and it is amazing knowledge. I’ll not take away from that. Let’s talk a little bit of politics. Whether we are talking shadow governments or … the baddies behind the front people. Because I look at … you mention Putin or Obama … you know … or whatever … I look at some of these … figureheads … if you want to call them that … and (I know you come from a political background too) … but I don’t know what to think half the time. I don’t know if I feel sorry for these people because they‘re puppets … or … you know … that they’re not Maybe these people are being groomed or like to be these figureheads … and there’s a group of baddies behind the stage … and maybe you can [unintelligible] that. What is the agenda or interactions between the extra-terrestrials and political infrastructure?


JS: There are loads of questions …

SP: No … that’s all very good and it all links in. If you want to control a planet … you ensure that you produce hybrids who are human enough to pass everyday but are alien enough to believe that their loyalty lies with the alien faction. And you talked about ancient aliens on three occasions now James. With ancient aliens you have a city state and you have hybridized leaders who then manage the people. This was a pattern that was created by the Anunnaki who … as the human population expanded … could not keep control of it. They had to devolve authority down.

And that’s exactly what we’ve got. That’s all government in the western world … and outside of it is a model of this system. It’s...I cannot control a population of a million … so I need to put my people that I trust into positions to manage. We’ll put layer upon layer upon layer of control …so that in the end, the last layer is doing the very basics. So by the time any aggravation comes through it’s all been filtered out. So what we have is a system of … um … control … that was created over a very long period of time. Sorry James, can you say what the first part of the question was because I’ve lost that.

JS: Just about the shadow governments … you know … I don’t know …

SP: Right … yeah.

JS: I mean I don’t know what to believe any more to be honest with you.

SP: Right, sure.

JS: Whether people are corrupt? Or are they being groomed to be figureheads and they don’t know any different? or …

SP: Right. Well, President Obama was groomed from the very earliest to be who he was. A number of other commentators in our Industry were groomed to be who they are; and they don’t even know it. Maybe I was? Who knows! But that’s what I mean, it doesn’t matter where you’ve come from. It’s what your Intent is and what you say.

Many people have supposedly come from bad backgrounds … but have made a change … and are trying to push a much more positive agenda. So, should we just push them way because they come from a background that we don’t trust? Or, do we say, “We like what this person’s saying and that’s what we’ll go for” So you don’t let … and this is the Elite … you don’t let somebody take the reins of government, unless you control them.

And the only person they didn’t was Kennedy … and he was murdered because he could not be controlled. Every other President has been controlled to a greater or lesser extent, and I feel for these people because they know that they have no power outside of the [legislature? 1:38:07] … the office that they hold. And they have to walk a tightrope. I actually think President Obama is a good man. He’s a good man that has no room for maneuver that’s the reality of it. When President Obama won his first election … people were talking about he’s going to mention aliens. He’s going to talk about and release the truth. They misunderstood. What it meant was, President Obama understood the truth … and wanted to talk about it … but knew he couldn’t.

So many of these people want to talk. How many astronauts have the United States sent out and how many of them have spoken the truth? Edgar has spoken the truth, and a couple of others; but most haven’t... you know. So we need to understand that the system on this planet is one of control. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to pay a parking ticket or whether you are going to pass through an airport to fly. It is all about Control. Control of you as an Individual. The control of your thoughts is the next one they want … and your actions. And that must never happen.

We are living creatures … we’re Human … and my greatest concern is for Artificial Intelligence, which for me is the main enemy. Whether you call it Velon or Archon. It is a greater concern than any Reptilian on this planet … or in it. So it’s about preserving our humanity and remembering who we are; that we are connected to Source and that no Artificial Intelligence can ever replace something as beautiful and as wonderfully created as life. Because Artificial Intelligence is not life. Star Trek … Data … that wonderful actor … was he life or wasn’t he? I think in the end he was accepted as life. That’s not accurate because the creational force did not make him, so he’s not life. So we need to understand … and that actually is my great interest … the ability of the Archons to push humanity into believing it is nothing more than a machine

JS: Wow! And to add to that … I think you’re right in saying … you know … people are … their hands are tied; or there’s a gagging order on them to speak their the true.. the truth … or their own political views … or whatever. They are in [a] position … they can always be suggestive … and they can always allude to things. And I think you see people, politicians or figureheads all around the world sometimes doing that … speaking outside their normal brackets. If you are awake enough and you are aware enough … you’ll hear that and you’ll see that. It’s not all the time … and it’s not repetitive … it’s just sometime there is a little bit of an inkling there. If you’re clever you’ll see it, just to add to that. Yeah … I mean that’s a great way of explaining it Simon. I mean maybe they’re not bad people they’re just sitting in a position that they can’t speak … you know … their …

SP: Yeah, that’s the problem. It must be awful for them because they have a conscience. They actually want to do good. You know they’re human. Most humans are good (smiling). Why do they do it? Because they feel that they are doing some good, no matter what that is. So I don’t run with this. You know I think you judge people. There are plenty worse Presidents than Obama … plenty worse.

JS: Sure. Do you want to jump in there, Susan, before I go to more questions?

SK: I think that what I’m processing here is … you know … it goes back to the simple [fact] … there are good people that do nothing … and maybe they do something and it becomes a little bit hard. But they’ve got a mortgage. They’ve got children. They’ve got their social friends … their family. So I mean I know the journey that I had to go on. I’ve been a lifelong experiencer as well, but I had to go through an enormous amount of trials and tribulations just to be able to live my own life consciously. And to help to raise my daughter consciously as well. So … um … you know … and I feel like I had some help along the way. And when I say help I mean … the Beings are not doing anything specifically for us … but it’s that connection and remembering and knowing the potency … you know … of your spiritual self your soul self as connected to Source.

So having that always there but needing to push through … you know … all these various matrices and boundaries. Yet one of the things that’s really coming through clear is the importance of having … you know … yes, believing in yourself that you can do it. But also you know we are social creatures. We are! We think that we can be OK and work from our desk and work from our home and what not; but we still need the connection with other people and other Beings.

And you know … so as I’m thinking about this I’m thinking … it really doesn’t … it takes but maybe one or two people in these individual’s close circles … for them to open up and have a level of trust; and for somebody else to be able to connect in with them. To say, “Yes I’m with you on this.” So it’s almost like the more that these individuals can speak out to … and I don’t just mean speak publicly … I mean to speak out to their circle that they have around them … then to see who is standing with them and who’s going to fall by the wayside. The stronger that social support system is the more apt that they are to be able to make those shifts and to make those changes. So it’s just one of the things that I see.

You know … twenty years ago I was involved with John Mack’s group and the reason there was some traction was because there was a small core group of individuals that were in it. They were committed because their curiosity for understanding the truth was so high (laughs pointing upwards). So you know … I just share that because I think it’s one of the ways that we work to move this. The more that other people speak out about these simple experiences that they’ve had, the more it starts to trigger an awareness and an awakening within someone that’s hearing it

SP: I think that’s really important because you see John Mack, being an academic, added great weight; and of course was a real problem for the facility that he worked in … the University. This is the way to make change because we’re still in this environment where people are impressed by how many letters you have after your name. You know … if you go to a court and you argue … then one expert after another is pulled in … and the expert with the more letters after his or her name is the one that tends to win the day.

So it’s important in this environment that we can draw professionals … and I am really lucky I’ve got a doctor … not a medical doctor … but a scientific doctor … who has joined my web site … and he has a page on my web site and he writes on that. And I would strongly urge anyone to join web sites that are slightly alternative … to add their weight to it … because what you are doing is you are actually showing that there is a place for science … and this alternative view … which is in actual fact the real view. It’s the same view but looked at from different aspects. One is a very controlled and blinkered view and one is a much more open view … but there is room for both because both are correct. This is the point. And so John Mack was an incredibly brave … I never met him … but he was an incredibly brave man who understood the truth; and had to balance so many different conflicting parts of his life because of the very nature of who he was. I wish that the principals and the vice-principals had been a lot more supportive to him at that time. And it was a tragic loss … in the sense that his physical body was taken from us, but obviously he didn’t die. Those of us who know … he didn’t die. I’d be very interested to know where he is now (smiling). I hope he’s looking down and looking at those who have worked with him and around him to be very proud of them for not giving up; and for continuing to push the agenda that we have to go down. So, yes … academics out there jump on board … you know, be the first … why not? (smiling)


SK: Very good … thank you.

JS: Wow! You know I’m genuinely interested in doing a consultation Simon I really am ... so I’m looking forward to that, and we’re going to do that soon. I’m going to wrap things up in a little moment Simon. I’m actually going to be in London when you’re speaking … I got to hook up with you brother. The UFO Academy … tell us a little bit about the venue in Watford

SP: (Laughing) All I know is I’m speaking in Watford … and I’m very very delighted to be invited. The reason I am so keen … is because it is very hard to break into the London circuit

JS: Oh yeah!

SP: Venue prices are so expensive it’s extortionate. Most groups can’t afford to rent properties The other thing is that so many people in London are chasing money. It’s where you can make more money in this country than anywhere else. And so if you are hooked into the cycle of making money your capacity for challenge and spiritual understanding does reduce. It’s no coincidence that the number of individual small groups that are raising consciousness predominate outside of London. Now that’s a great shame. So I am delighted to be invited to Watford to give a talk.

I think there are three speakers and I’m one of those speakers. Anybody who comes, please come up to me during the break and we’ll get a cup of coffee together … have a chat. Unlike some of these people, I am very happy to meet members of the audience (chuckling). I don’t arrive in a big limousine … do my talk … and then [get]whisked away. (Laughter) I actually want to meet people. It’s important to me. I never forget who I was and you know … how I started it off. No matter how many radio shows or television shows I do I will always stop and talk. If someone’s got something to say and it’s intelligent, I want to hear it. So yeah I’d love to meet people who turn up. It will be great. So I will be staying over ‘cause it’s too much of a journey for me So after the show I’ll be there to have a drink with people etc.

JS: Sure … You know I’ve got half my family tree in Bradford, by the way, Simon.

SP: Have you?

JS: Yes, half of us are in Yorkshire … and that’s the other half we don’t see … we call them [unintelligible]

SP: You’re in the other part of Yorkshire … remember.

JS: Yes, it’s a big journey down to London for you … I can see why … so that’s the UFO …

SP: It’s five hours … if I’m lucky.

JS: If you’re lucky. Well, that’s the UFO Academy presents … and that’s the 17th of October 2015. I’ve just got to check that out. I come to London twice a month so I’m gonna try and catch that. I just want to say one last thing Simon. You do a radio show yourself. You do a Connecting Consciousness …

SP: Yes. JP … Wolf Spirit Radio … JP has the radio show and he very very kindly said to me, “Would you like to have your own show?” I thought, “Well - never even thought about it really, well why not?”… you know. JP seems a really nice guy … so yes ... it’s the first Sunday of the month I think. I do a couple of hours from seven until nine. I actually like it when people can … um … (J P’s not too keen on people phoning in for technical and operational reasons) … but there is a way to get e-mails in. I love shows where people can ask me questions. I did a couple of live Skypes to the Yelm Theater in California.

I was so delighted because after I did a presentation … they just put a mike … an open mike session … and everyone just formed a queue. They just came up one after the other and asked me questions. I always smile when on a radio show they say, “Do you want to know the questions beforehand?” and I say (chuckling), “No I don’t want to know the questions beforehand… because it won’t be fresh … my answer won’t be … have that spark to it. Some rehearsed nonsense!”

So I love it when I have a show when people can contact me and speak to me and ask what’s important to them. And it doesn’t matter if it’s been asked ten times before … or we’ve all moved on from that … it’s important to that person. That person wants to ask me a question because it means something to them. And I will always try and answer courteously … and as fully to the best of my ability as I can.

You know this has been a lovely show because the energies of you two are different and that’s made a nice balance. But I love it when ordinary members of the audience … or the public … have a chance to put a question. And I don’t care how challenging they are … as long as it’s a sensible reasonable debate … I love it!

JS: Well I’m going to wrap it up with that Simon.

Today’s guest has been Simon Parkes. You can follow him on … … and you’ll catch the events and the material that we’ve been talking about there. Simon, I really thank you for your time today. It has been an absolute pleasure talking to you. I feel enlightened after the show, I really do…. and Susan … thank you for being here too.

SP: It’s been a …

SK: It’s Aloha …

SP: Thank you both I really enjoyed it. I hope it’s been some use. I would like to have the feedback from your audience whether they enjoyed it or not. So, thank you. God Bless.

Transcribed by NHA June 21, 2016

Proofread by Carolyn Hess March 4, 2019

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