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Interview by Danuta Anna Sharma

June 17, 2014


Danuta Sharma: Simon we feel very honored to talk to you today. You are a politician, an elected councillor of Whitby city and this happened after you revealed the truth of your connection to the alien group called Mantids. My first question would be, what in your opinion made them interested in you and why do they show their interest in our planet? Could it be that they were connected to the earth in the past, for example as earth aliens did?

Simon Parkes: Your question has three parts to it. First of all, yes, I was elected after I had gone public and told my electorate. In fact it had gone round the world internationally. That is very good news because it means that the public in this case were able to decide whether they wanted to elect me or not. I think that maybe ten years ago the system would have prevented me from being successful. So I went public and was elected and as you say, I am a local politician.

Your question also is very insightful, clever, because you are asking about the links between the Mantis and the earth. It's not widely known that a Mantid group actually formed on the earth a long time before humanity actually arrived on earth. So the Mantids have a very close connection to the earth and to the energies of the earth and to humanity that is on the earth. The reptilians don't have that connection. The reptilians don't choose to be part of the planet in the same way.

Your other question was about the Mantids. The link with me is to do with blood lines and families. So all of my family line will have been interacted with: what we in England call Mantids, and what the Americans call Mantis. So it is a different name for the same creature. So my family line will always be connected with these particular alien beings.

DS: You say your family? Any other Illuminati family as well?

SP: No, because most Illuminati families have only the reptilians to connect with. This is the normal course of events today. The majority of alien creatures would be reptilian. But in my case, it's both: both reptilian and mantid.

DS: Are the mantids, or any other alien groups involved in the alien hybridization process on the earth?

SP: The two main groups that we would be familiar with would be the reptilians and the mantids, both use the greys to undertake their work for them. There are other groups, more humanoid that use hybridization but on a much smaller scale.

DS: Could you explain which ones, please.

SP - They aren't groups that we would be familiar with. One is the Sirian group who will use human genetic material which is mixed with alien genetic material. When you think of a creature that people call a Nordic, that's the alien being with the long blond hair, blue eyes. Some of those are hybridized on the earth and they are nothing to do with the reptilians or the greys. So most hybridization is undertaken by the reptilians, but not all.

DS: Some claim that the genetic material of the humans is spread all over the universe and if so, what is so special about human genetics?

SP: OK - The first human group, the most pure human group are the Lyran group. The Lyran group are the ones that left their home planet and went across much of the galaxy. The importance of humanoid material is that it is a very useful body to maintain a soul. The humanoid shape is the most common shape throughout anywhere in what I would call the multi-verse but it is generally from the third dimension to fifth dimension. When you go higher than the fifth dimension you are then looking at physical bodies that are less dense but still trace a history to the humanoid form. So you could say perhaps, that one of the very first living creatures anywhere was a humanoid shaped being. That is why the humanoid shape is very successful.

DS: You mentioned in your presentation that human bodies are not so strong like the reptilians but they are “godly”. They have soul. Does it mean that other creatures don't have souls?

SP: No, reptilians do have a soul, so do mantids, but some of the greys don't.

DS - Because they are cloned?

SP: Yes, correct. Although some of the clones can have souls placed in them. If you were to think of an alien spaceship that's designed to operate from what we would call a mother ship and travel to earth, that would probably have a crew of seven: six, seven or eight, something like that. Only one of the crew would have a soul. They would all be cloned bodies, the captain of the craft would have a soul simply because in order to control the craft very, very quickly, a living creature with a soul in it, the electronic stimulus is much faster. So all the greys that would operate the secondary controls, the controls that are not as important. They don't have to have a soul.

DS: What in your opinion has caused humanity to fall into such disasterous amnesia, what we observe nowadays: could it be alien manipulation in the past?

SP: Your question has two parts. The first part is: why do we not remember? When our physical bodies die our souls attempt to go back to God. I prefer to call it source. They are not allowed to do that.

DS - Who is stopping them?

SP: Well, I'm afraid it will be a reptilian group.

DS: question not understood by transcriber [something about technology?]

SP - Yes. The soul is then bathed in electro magnetic energy which wipes its memory for that particular life time it’s had. The soul is then placed back in another body, human body, a baby that is being born and so that goes on and on. And that's why some people remember past lives and that's why I gave my talk regarding John Lennon's father, who had some children with his second wife.

That's why his five year old son could play the piano because what's happening there is the soul in that child has partial memory and can remember how to play a piano. It's like somebody who is five years old and is a master of chess. How could they become a master of chess? Who could have taught them? But they are remembering in a past life where they have done that and been successful. That's the second part of your question.

The first part of your question was that humans were on this planet at a very high level and then there was a natural disaster and a war. When humanity was very weak then reptilians arrived and saw the advantage of the human race - that it could serve them; and basically altered them to make servants of them.

DS: Approximately how long ago?

SP: The first fall would be around about fifteen thousand years ago; so just before the ice age melted. Then the second phase would be probably when growing crops came in, taught to make clothes. So you are looking at about ten thousand years ago. But the initial action of the reptilians would be when humans were very, very primitive. So perhaps maybe 120,000 years ago. Because if you were to look at the fossil remains of humans over a period from half a million years ago to seventy thousand years ago, the human brain is expanding too quickly. The size of the brain is growing: it's not possible under normal evolutionary method. So somebody or something was speeding up the process to allow people to become more intelligent.

DS: Somebody. Could it be aliens?

SP: I believe that it would be a reptilian group as part of an experiment.

DS: Do the reptilians play a big part still on the earth nowadays?

SP: They play an incredibly important role on the earth yes, a very negative role

DS: Can you give your insights, or your contacts, as to why spraying of chemtrails is conducted all over our skies, over our heads?

SP: Two reasons why it is done. The first and the major one is that tiny, tiny nano particles of aluminium are put into the concentrates. So when the airplane is throwing it out, there are tiny bits of aluminium. When an alien spacecraft comes from the fourth dimension into our reality the tiny bits of aluminium vibrate, and on a radar it shows up.

Now in the second world war, the British and the Americans dropped over Germany aluminium strips about ten centimetres long. The code name for it was called Operation Window and it confused the German radar. So the scientists learned right back in the second world war that bits of aluminium high up in the atmosphere reflect radar waves. So it is predominantly sprayed in the atmosphere to show when alien spacecraft enter our reality.

However, also chemicals and bacteria and viruses are being sprayed and that's to reduce the strength of the human population, to make humans weaker. It is very interesting that in Strasbourg, the government center there has been quite a lot of spraying near to the European Union government building.

DS: Which spaceships are coming through the portals?

SP: Well, you have to understand that lots of spaceships are coming through the portals, from different groupings. But the American government is only interested in what they would consider enemy spacecraft. So if it is a reptilian spacecraft or a spacecraft that is working on behalf of the reptilians. They are not interested in that, they’ll leave it. But if it was say, a craft from another group who was not part of an agreement; that is when the earth government would then be watching it.

DS: Very interesting. Is there any assistance from the positive groups on the earth? Do they help humans? What [do they do] to help people?

SP- There's been a lot of help, their help has been growing. Unfortunately, on Youtube there are a lot of fake videos and it is a great shame. But there are a number of instances where there have been wars in space and spacecraft have been blown up - and debris, parts of the spacecraft fall to earth. This is because of an ongoing battle that is being fought at the moment between positive groups and negative groups. In terms of the earth, um - I think the best way to describe it would be, last year President Obama ordered some nuclear weapons to be transported from one base to another base. His generals refused and that is why, if you can think back to last year, he got rid of seven, eight, nine of his top generals. He sacked them because they refused to carry out his orders to move nuclear weapons from one place to another. The important thing was that humans are being helped to be more determined in their defense of the planet.So some of the very bad people high up in government are being prevented from doing some very nasty things. So we can see help on two fronts. Physically and also what we would call energetically.

DS: Could you name, give the name of the entities which are helpful?

SP- Yes, it’s unfortunate in a way, because everyone talks about the Pleiadeans. They are an incredibly warlike race. They are a good people, but they are very, very war like. Lots of people claim to be Pleiadean. That's fine, but they need to realize that if they really are Pleiadean they come from a very war like background. They have to be, because they were the one group that survived the wars with the reptilians.

The other two groups that had fights, the Lyrans and the human Sirians, really got the worst of it because they were not aggressive peoples. Pleiadeans are used to fighting. The difference is that these groups are receiving help from beneficial aliens from a higher dimension. So for the first time in history, there is a confederation of aliens now who are determined to prevent the reptiles from destroying the planet.

DS: Did you mean: not understood by transcriber [the word government was in that portion]– what is your take on this?

SP: No, I don't believe in them. I think that they are negative. They seem to use a, we call it an emblem in this country, of a mask, of a person with a mask. Well why hide behind a mask? That's what the bad people do. They hide behind masks. No, I have always said to people that Ashtar command, in my view is an organization of people- who may be very good people - but they have been taken over or they have been given the wrong information.

DS: I have similar feelings. My next question would be, did the mantids give you a future picture of the earth in the coming years?

SP: Yes, but more than one, depending on the consciousness of humanity. Humans have the ability to create and make the world. If humans can change and if humans want a good world there is a positive outcome. But if humans are quite happy being where they are now, then we won't evolve.

Camera man: Can I ask you something?: do you have any artifacts you have taken from the spaceships?

SP: No, often I get asked, could you take photographs on the spaceship. One person said to me, couldn't you get a ray gun? There are two answers to this. First of all, they don't allow it, and secondly, it would be a terrible breach of trust. If I was to attempt to steal something that would be the end of my relationship with them, because the trust would have gone.

The other thing is, that I don't feel the need to prove this to people. The reason that they are not showing themselves to the world is because the governments don’t want this. Most major governments don't want the people to know. There's no point in attempting to show yourself if your own government is against you because it will only rift, it will only fracture communities. So there's a big battle going on in terms of trying to get people to admit to this. President Putin is very close to telling the truth. He is going to be the first world leader to tell the truth, I think. So I'm hopeful that Putin will actually tell it for what it is.

DS: In Poland the interpretation of Mr Putin's politics is a little bit different, not all of Poles …

SP: I do understand that. I do understand that. My colleague and I were just talking about this a little while ago. What I would ask your viewers to understand is that there is one line about economy: if we move to the west, we’ll have money, but there is another line which is, if I want to catch a mouse I'll often put a piece of cheese on a trap. The CIA have helped to organize a lot of demonstrations and organizations because the Ukraine has a great mineral wealth in it, very important mineral wealth. The Illuminati would like the Ukraine to be inside the European Union so that the EU has access to the Ukraine's minerals.

The other thing, of course, Sebastopol, the Black Sea fleet, the submarine bases, they would like to prevent Putin from having his submarine base in particular. Putin has assistance from another alien group and that is why Putin is standing up to the Americans, because Putin has been given an exotic piece of technology which he has threatened the Americans with. That is why the Americans have not gone to war, because Putin has caught up with the Americans very quickly technologically because he has been given back engineered equipment.

So whilst people would see this situation in Ukraine as an economic and a political freedom, there is actually something much more deep going on, which is to do with different alien groups supporting different governments. So the reptilian group supports the Americans and a much more humanoid group is supporting Putin. Putin is not the bad guy in this case. He has no intention of seeing the Illuminati and the New World Order take over Russia, and that's what is going on there.

DS: Very interesting, and there is such war propaganda going on against him.

SP: Well, I will tell you that the Americans have already put special forces into the Ukraine. You can tell the difference if you have friends. I know you are from Poland and live not so far away. Tell your friends in the Ukraine to look at the balaclavas, the black hoods, spetznas, have eye slits here and here: the Americans are completely open , so if you see black clad soldiers that look Russian, but they don't have eye slits they are American pretending to be Russians. The Americans have put special forces already into Ukraine. So there's an awful lot going on there that people don't know and of course the traditional media are not telling people the truth.

DS: Absolutely, but do you see any hope for Ukraine and Ukrainian people?

SP: What do you think hope might be? It depends what you call hope. If hope is freedom: you see the people of Ukraine believe that if they move to the west, and I'm using the old terminology, their standard of living will increase and their freedoms will increase - the women will be treated more equally, there will be jobs and this is what they believe. I think in the short time that would happen because the west would make sure that money came into the Ukraine. The problem is, the natural resources of the Ukraine: would the Americans go in and steal the natural resources of Ukraine without the Ukrainian people getting the benefits from them? That is the question that Ukrainian people should ask themselves.

DS: What is your take on the lost Malaysian airplane?

SP: I would start off by saying that the silence from the Americans is absolutely a key indicator. The Americans know where every airplane is, they know where every person is in the world. I would just talk you through this. When an airplane switches off its transponder, this is a device that sends an identification signal to every other airplane and to the radar base saying which airplane it is, that can be switched off. But the ground radar would still normally reflect off that airplane and so you would still see it. So if it was hijacked in the traditional sense of the word, you would follow the aircraft until it landed. If it had blown up then what is called the black box recorder actually has a distress beacon which goes on for 72 hours. They would already have found it.

We'll talk about the mobile phones. Most people think that a mobile phone can only be detected when you make a phone call. That's not true. If a mobile phone is on, even if you don't ring it you can tell within ten metres where that phone is. So the American government and major governments will know exactly where those phones are, they will know where they are. You are aware of course, that twenty passengers on the aeroplane worked for a company that were contracted to an American defense network and they were working on stealth technologies.

DS: Were they were Chinese and Korean?

SP - Yes, there was one American, but most of them were Chinese. There may have been some Koreans, but the majority were Chinese. They were working on an American contract from an American firm. Just like on stealth aircraft it is painted with special black paint which you then send an electro magnetic charge through, which affects the air, which means A: radar cannot see it and B: also visibly it changes. These people were working on that.

Now what has made it very interesting is that a Pleiadean spacecraft was spotted in Ukraine around about the same time. It's a cylindrical craft, like a cigar shape, that was seen at the same time. One woman, whose husband or boyfriend was on the airplane, she is quite psychic. I cannot remember her name now, but she is absolutely clear that her husband or boyfriend is not dead: that he is alive. My own view is that this airplane will never be found no wreckage will be found and the major governments of the world are just going to hope that people forget about it.

[Unheard question]

SP- The twenty scientists have been taken because they had discovered something and they were on the verge of having to give over the secret that they had discovered, to an earth government. And this secret would have completely changed the balance of power. So that secret will never be given to the earth government now.

DS: What happened to the other passengers?

SP: I have to be truthful. That is something I have not been told because the information I received was just regarding the twenty scientists; because that was seen as the subject that was of importance in terms of the technology. I would hope that the other passengers will return and be found over the course of a few months, but not as a group, individually. I am hoping that they will start to turn up individually in different parts of the world.

DS: In today's presentation, one of the speakers mentioned that they were taken to the inner earth, and it sounds very curious. [Hard to hear her.]

SP: A very good website is called Project Avalon, it's a web site you have to join, and we had a debate on this regarding was there an inner earth? I gave my view on the subject. I do accept that there is a small community, I’ll put it like that, a small community - who have successfully survived for some time, who are technologically advanced, who the Americans leave alone... but who are actually playing for good: attempting to keep a balance, you know, when a scale is trying to keep things balanced, and it would not surprise me if people start turning up in the next few months.

[Cross talk: unable to hear what is said]

DS: Simon, you are perceived as a very brave person. Is it because of the protection of (?)and of the mantids?

SP: It is precisely because of that. If you think of earth governments, there has to be something bigger than them. Otherwise they would have taken action against me, so there is something more powerful than the United States of America. So that is the situation.

[More cross talk can’t hear it.]

DS: So there must be hope for humanity, for those who think, who want to expand and help others understand what is really going on here?

SP: You are absolutely right and I think that’s the key. We are now in a time where we cannot go backwards and we can’t just stand still. We have to go forwards. We must not be scared. So many people are scared of the future. That's no good, because it is like a child being in a dark room, scared of the dark, but the room is still the same. If you put the light on and you walk forward then you can see where you are going. I think that is what we need to do. We need to put the light on for people so that they are no longer scared and they can see their way. Then once they take their first step then it is easier to take the next step and so on and so forth, until humanity is running towards where it wants to go. Once they start running then nobody can hold them back. And that is what we want. We want humanity to develop.

DS: Exactly. Its been great talking to you. We thank you so much. [Most of what she said can’t be heard or understood, but she is thanking Simon for being on the show, cross talk hard to hear]

SP - Thank you. Its a pleasure.

DS: It’s [She talks about Simon coming to visit her country, again hard to hear.]

SP - I would like to, unfortunately I don’t like to fly. Maybe I could come by boat.

DS: Thank you very much. We would be happy to see you there.

Transcribed by NHA March 22, 2016

Proofread by Carolyn Hess February 7, 2019

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