Labour councillor Simon Parkes having an affair with aliens

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Phillip Schofield: Now then it was the end of an era for the so-called British X Files last week as the Ministry of Defence shut down its UFO desk after sixty years of operation. The conclusion of their investigations is that aliens probably don't exist.

Holly Willoughby: But one man who definitely believes in aliens is Labour councillor Simon Parkes. What's more, he claims he's having an affair with one and after the story hit the headlines, he is now facing calls to quit.

Phillip Schofield: Well, he joins us now and we'll come to all of those calls in a moment after we have heard some of the story, which is remarkable, extraordinary, and starts before you were even born.

Simon Parkes: Well, first of all, can I say how pleased I am that you have invited me to your show, it's delightful to be here, live and on air. Yes, indeed, my first memories are very, very early.

Phillip Schofield: So, in the womb?

Simon Parkes: Yes.

Phillip Schofield: Very few people that I have ever met can remember that far back, so how come you can remember what was happening in the womb?

Phillip Schofield: You are absolutely right, most people can't remember. For some reason I have a very good memory. I can't answer your question as to why I know, just that I do have a good memory. I have a very clear memory of a face, just a face, no real distinct features, and then suddenly being aware that there was much more to this world than I knew, there is a far wider, spiritual experience, and then it just closed down and that is all I remember.

Holly Willoughby: And your first time you came face to face with an alien was when you were about six to eight months?

Simon Parkes: No. I would come face to face with such a creature much earlier. The one you are referring to, I think, is a little bit later.

Holly Willoughby: Okay, so when was the first one then?

Simon Parkes: About three or four months old.

Holly Willoughby: And what does this alien look like? Because obviously we have images in our minds of the ones that we see in movies. What did your alien look like?

Simon Parkes: You are absolutely right, Hollywood is very good at putting out little creatures that people know as greys. This one researchers call a mantid, or in America it is referred to as a mantis. It's a green creature, it's about seven foot tall and this one wore a purple coloured robe or cloak. That is one of my drawings here. And the creature literally reached into the cot that I was in - I remember it distinctly, it had wooden bars, green, yellow, red, blue, like a painted abacus on the top. And this creature just reached and lifted me up and then I was literally tilted over to look straight into its face.

Phillip Schofield: So these are experiences, you don't use the word abduction, but you use the word contact, because you are a willing subject, a willing participant. So from the moment there when you were obviously very young and you were meeting them in their various guises, when was the first time that you believed that you had contact outside of your living environment? I want to say the word abducted, but when were you taken, where did you go?

Simon Parkes: That's a very incisive question. In those early days, I wouldn't know they were aliens, to me they were just beings that came to visit me and they were not distinguishable from my real family. Because these things have never hurt me, I never built up any sort of scaremongering or fear of them. I think from about 1963, that was my first experience of being taken off the earth into a craft.

Phillip Schofield: Can you remember what that looked like?

Simon Parkes: Oh absolutely. It was not a traditional Hollywood type flying saucer, it was a tear drop shaped craft. If you can imagine a tear drop? The water drop but with the blunt end going forward and the pointy end at the back.

Holly Willoughby: Wow. And one of the aliens wanted to be your mother, or said that she was your mother. That must have been quite confusing. How old would you have been then?

Simon Parkes: Very young.

Holly Willoughby: Very young, so that is what I mean, it's quite a difficult thing to comprehend, and you had your human mother and that did lead to a bit of confusion there for you, didn't it? In fact you called your human mother "daddy" for a while because you couldn't work out why you had...

Simon Parkes: Well, why would I need two mothers? Exactly. I already had a mother so this person can't be my mother, it must be my daddy. And then as you get older you realise that certain things are not acceptable in human society so I stopped saying "daddy" and "mummy" and got the words right and learnt not to be open, not to discuss it because outside of the very close family, most people can't handle it.

Phillip Schofield: So this progressed through your childhood and quite early on, you lost your virginity to one of these aliens who, now this is quite a confused part of the story here, because from what I read, the aliens turned themselves into the woman from the Fry's Turkish Delight advert...

Simon Parkes: (laughing) This is holographic, so I wouldn't have actually lost my virginity. This is a holographic image. We think we have some wonderful technology here on this earth, but the technology that I have seen far surpasses anything that we have here, or at least, anything that the military tell us they have. This was a holographic experience.

Phillip Schofield: How old were you?

Simon Parkes: That would be about 1965. I would be about five or six.

Phillip Schofield: You lost your virginity at six years old?

Simon Parkes: No, I didn't say that, it was a holographic representation.

Phillip Schofield: So you had a sexual encounter with...

Simon Parkes: Exactly. Holographically, absolutely.

Phillip Schofield: So age doesn't matter to them?

Simon Parkes: No, because it's about experience, it's about your soul. I know in the west we don't really understand souls but in the east and in the bible they actually understand souls very clearly.

Holly Willoughby: You went on to have non-holographic sex with an alien called a lion lady, and although you weren't attracted to her, because that wasn't really what it was about, it wasn't like what we have here, where, for the majority of people, there has to be an attraction.

Simon Parkes: This is an incredibly difficult subject for most people to understand and I fully appreciate that most people can't get their head around it. We are talking about creatures that have the ability to enter your mind, to go into your mind and give you images and to make you think one thing, when actually something else is true. So I think these creatures would have come into my mind and made me appear to love them, because otherwise you wouldn't actually have a sexual reaction with anybody unless you felt something for them. So I think it is m ore to do with that than anything else.

Holly Willoughby: Does that not bother you?

Simon Parkes: The thing is I have seen these creatures ever since I was very young. From a very early age, and when you realise that humanity is not the only thing in this galaxy, in this whole universe. If only a UFO could land on the White House lawn. When you get used to these creatures and you realise that mankind is literally just a pin prick in a massive constellation some things become less important.

Phillip Schofield: I can get my head round that, in the great vastness of the universe - I always thought it was hugely arrogant to assume that wwe might be the only ones that were here, but why did they pick you? What is their agenda? Do they plan eventually to take over?

Simon Parkes: That is a question that I have asked them. And I have always made clear in all of my presentations that I don't consider myself special, I don't consider myself important at all. The best way to answer it would be to give the answer they gave, and they said that earth scientists trap a wild animal, put a tag on it, follow it when it has cubs they will put tags on those cubs and they will follow those wild animals for twenty, thirty years generation after generation. In the same way, these creatures follow generational lines of humans right back from Egyptian times, Babylonian times, Sumerian times.

Phillip Schofield: So they followed your soul through the generations?

Simon Parkes: Correct. And just to answer the other question that you said, no. Because if they wanted to take over the earth in the traditional Hollywood style, they would have done it in the Stone age, when all we would have had would be bows and arrows.

Phillip Schofield: When was the last time you had an encounter and what was it?

Simon Parkes: It would have been about six weeks ago and that would have been just a general encounter for a health check.

Phillip Schofield: They check your health?

Simon Parkes: Absolutely.

Phillip Schofield: And are you in good health?

Simon Parkes: Yes.

Phillip Schofield: In alien health...

Simon Parkes: I'm fifty three years of age.

Phillip Schofield: I thought you were going to say you were five hundred and fifty three years old.

Simon Parkes: I tell you what, if I were, I would start marketing some wonderful medicine.

Phillip Schofield: But when you say this is taking you, the Labour councillor from Whitby, did they have some sort of grand plan for you? Did they think you were going to be the Prime Minister?

Simon Parkes: No. When they picked me, as you call it, I wasn't a Labour councillor, I was a very small child.

Phillip Schofield: But they would have known what you were going to become, they can see into the future?

Holly Willoughby: Did you realise when you came out and finally spoke about all this - because you said earlier on that within your family you were told not to talk about this outside the confines of the family because people don't understand - obviously you've come out and you've said it and it's gone very public and we are talking about it now and people have said "we don't want him as our councillor any more". How do you feel about that?

Simon Parkes: Okay, well that's old news because when I first went public about three years ago, the same angry people who sit on their armchairs and get very angry, I'm sure it's the same people made the comment. And all I would say to them is, vent your angry spleen on those members of parliament who stole money, who defrauded the country. One of those members of parliament who got other people to take their penalty points for them, on those great tycoon bankers who nearly destroyed this country, I haven't broken any law, when I was elected, I had already gone public, so the people already knew and it came up six times on the doorstep, four occasions it was positive, one occasion it was negative and on the last occasion the gentleman concerned didn't give a damn as long as his wheelie bin was emptied before ten o'clock on a Tuesday. What people want is somebody to fight and defend the community of Whitby and I did hear that Mr Portillo had made a comment about me and I won't take any lectures from Mr Portillo. My policies are very strong, very clear and as a fellow politician from a different party, he would be better attacking my policies and not what is a personal issue, and just to finish off, nobody has asked me to resign because this is a private matter.

Phillip Schofield: And you can do your job as a councillor to the best of your ability because you are there all the time? What happens when you are taken away for a medical? Who is doing the job then?

Simon Parkes: Very good question. The best thing I can say to people is speak to the chief officer, speak to my colleagues of the same party, or the other party, and see what they say about me.

Phillip Schofield: Do you disappear when you go for......

Simon Parkes: You can be taken physically, and I have actually been taken with other people as well, so they know.

Phillip Schofield: And do your family wonder where you are?

Simon Parkes: Close family often wonder where I am but just to finish off the question, I am not taken during meetings, which is very thankful, because I would think there would be quite a lot of consternation. These creatures do not want attention drawn to themselves, the last thing they would do is visit or take during a large gathering of people.

Phillip Schofield: What do they feel about you talking out now about them?

Simon Parkes: Clearly they don't have an agenda either way because I would have been stopped if they were against it.

Phillip Schofield: Fascinating. Thank you very much.

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