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YouTube Suspension...

19 Apr 2021 – Simon Parkes Blog

We are hoping that the YouTube ban placed on me will be lifted on 20th April.

Over 3 million watched my videos, the content of which YouTube did not like.

Interview of Simon with Charlie Ward April 17th 2021

18 Apr 2021

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Quantum Financial System...

16 Apr 2021 – Simon Parkes Blog

Saturday 17th I will be interviewing Charlie Ward on aspects of the QFS

New Free Breathwork Session...

16 Apr 2021 – Simon Parkes Blog

Free Breathworks for CC members in April with Kim Kindersley

Everyone welcome and a wonderful space for us all to come together from across the world, to breath together and dream in a new world, a new earth, a new Humanity. Please come an...

That Bottle Of Wine...

16 Apr 2021 – Simon Parkes Blog

Tensions On The Rise...

13 Apr 2021 – Simon Parkes Blog

World tensions increase as expected war drumming increasingly noisy as Russia, China, Taiwan, Iran and US step up the war of words.

Water Being Pumped...

13 Apr 2021 – Simon Parkes Blog

Water is now being pumped into all the tunnels below the Capitol Building and National Mall in US.

Rest In Peace Snostjerne (Snow Star)

13 Apr 2021 – Simon Parkes Blog

it is with great sadness that I announce that Snostjerne (snow star) is no longer with me after a long battle with diabetes.

This white cat appeared on the first videos with Miles Johnson - And I remember one comment under the post (That cat ...

Free Breathwork Webinar Coming Up Today!

11 Apr 2021 – Simon Parkes Blog

Here’s a heads up to remind you that the free BreatheTheWorld webinar with Kim Kindersley is coming up today!

We’re excited to breathe with you. Coming together to breathe as one is a beautiful experience, and your presence counts. Below ...

9th April 2021Hugold CBD 30% Off...

9 Apr 2021


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