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04/10/2022, 16:53 – Simon Parkes Blog (



Simon and Kim CBD update and more. Love Earth organic Swiss made CBD birthed from HuGold

Special offer on The White Feather Foundation unique labelled 10% CBD strength bottles. 40% special offer discount for members only and 10% goes to foundation To help the Whaledreamers code CC40 blessings everyone

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Free Love Earth Meditation with Anthea and Ceremonial Breathwork with Kim come join the circle every Sunday at 6pm to 8pm UK time

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Meeting ID: 849 4795 6940

Passcode: Newearth

Free Ceremonial Breathwork with Kim Kindersley of Love Earth Wellness every Tuesday at 630 PM uk time

Meeting ID: 460 390 380

Passcode: Breathe

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