Interview posted Sunday, July 19, 2020

with John and Irina Mappin



Camelot Castle TV Network Interview with Simon Parkes

Recorded July 19, 2020

Simon is asked to give a brief description of dimensions and then to talk about how his journey started; Questions: could you give us a history of this planet and how it relates to aliens and what this planet is in a nutshell; what are the main races who have played a role in humanity and is their influence daily or a rare occurrence; could you speak about the Reptilians; how do humans as a species fit into the alien races and how do they view us; could you tell us about some of your personal encounters with various alien species; from your perspective could you address the change we are witnessing; do you know anything about adrenochrome, its use and harvest; talk about the coronavirus and how it fits into your worldview; what is your opinion on President Trump; are alien forces assisting Presidents Trump and Putin; do you believe in mandatory vaccinations and/or any form of vaccination and does this relate to the alien sphere; what are the consequences of electromagnetic fields on the human body; when you’re in a spacecraft and seeing the future do you see it in individual pictures or as a video; what is the importance of King Arthur in relation to current energy; what is Israel’s relevance; what are your thoughts on how China’s evolving in relation to extraterrestrial influence; how does someone find out where they’re from; discussion of Cheryl Yambrach Rose paintings; could you talk about the 5G bioshield; has Boris been abducted by Reptilians; what do you know about CERN; Simon’s parting message: be brave, be strong.

John Mappin: And good evening to everybody and a very very warm welcome, and welcome to Elizabeth Shalkhl who is joining us from the noble country of Kazakhstan our very good friend Elizabeth.

Irina Mappin: Hi Elizabeth.

JM: …is joining us. Lovely.

IM: It’s very late in Kazakhstan and she’s up watching our broadcast. That’s very nice of you.

JM: And we’ve got Christine and all sorts of people joining us. Now tonight is a very very special evening. We are joined by Simon Parkes, who, I’ll just tell you for those of you that don’t know about Simon Parkes, I’m just going to give you a little bit of an overall briefing. He is a very very special being, and in fact we’ve had tremendous difficulty basically tuning in about… what is happening?

IM: Blue screen, yes.

JM: We’ve lost the screen, okay. [Technical Problems 02:40–04:06 Simon Interview begins at 04:06] Simon, good evening to you. I’m going to introduce you while you are live here on the screen, and I’m just going to tell people a little bit about you because I know you are probably a very humble man. Simon Parkes is a lifelong experiencer of aliens, shadow people, elementals, and UFOs.

IM: Yeah that’s okay.

JM: These include Mantid, Mantis beings, Draconis Reptilian, Feline, Small and Tall Grey creatures, Crystalline beings, and other creatures that can’t be identified. Simon was an elected politician and served a full term of office. Simon’s mother worked for the British Security Service, MI5, between 1965 and 1979. However, while she was managed by British Intelligence, she was in fact working jointly for the National Security Agency, the NSA of America. Her job was to type out documents that related to crashed UFO craft that had come down all over the Earth’s surface and had then been retrieved by American forces/recovery teams. Simon’s grandfather, who was a British diplomat worked for the foreign arm of the British Intelligence, MI6, but again… [05:36 connection lost 7:33] Apologizing. I’ve never had this much… this much difficulty. Hang on one second. Here we go.

IM: Simon you have to come here and we have to do it live from here. You’ll have to come and stay.

JM: That’s what we’ll do. You’ll have to come and stay.

Simon Parkes: That’s actually, yeah, just what I said to my wife, that we will drive down to you if you can’t do this, and then we’ll do it live in your castle.

IM: We have to.

JM: That’s what we’ll do. Now how is that coming out? Is that coming out?

IM: We can’t see…

JM: We can’t… what can people see now? I don’t know. Okay, so who can see what now? Here we go.

IM: Oh yes we’re all back. We’ve even got Simon back.

JM: We’re all back. How is Simon?

IM: Simon I can see. No Simon is here.

JM: Yeah Simon is here.

IM: But there’s a [08:24][summing] in the middle.

JM: That’s good. I’ll hide this in the middle. Good, so now we are both back. Okay.

IM: Sound check everyone.

JM: I seriously… that’s good, okay, so I’m going to continue doing my introduction. Simon’s grandfather, who was a British diplomat, worked for the foreign arm of the British Intelligence, MI6, but again in his case he was clearly associated with the Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA of America. During this time he was awarded the Order of the British Empire Medal as well as the Commander of the British Empire CBE Medal. However, he turned down a knighthood from the Queen. Simon’s grandfather was also a prominent Freemason and it was Britain’s appointed diplomat to the United Nations in the late 1950s and the early 1960s. Simon went public with his story in 2010, and since then has toured the UK speaking at conferences, initially attacked by the establishment media in a concerted effort to discredit him. However, an event in 2013 was to be a game changer when Simon was invited by the Ministry of Defense, MOD to join a small party being given tour of a secret space radar base in the UK. This totally confounded the established media and has led to a far more serious appraisal of Simon’s story by them. Simon has assisted a growing number of people who have come forward from Illuminati families’ bloodlines, where they have suffered torture and trauma, many from MILab situations, which I’m not sure what that is, but…

IM: Military abductions.

JM: Oh abductions, well there we go. Simon is able to reintegrate any alternate personalities that the person may have, remove any jinn or demonic possession, and deactivate any suicide programs placed in a person. Now Simon, welcome to Camelot.

IM: Hi, Simon.

JM: You’ve been very very patient. You’ve been very very patient.

SP: Thank you. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and let’s hope that this can hold. I have to say that I’ve done lots of interviews. I don’t normally have this level of interference, so I can only conclude that this is a pivotal interview, and somebody or something really doesn’t want it to go ahead.

JM: Good.

IM: I agree.

JM: I don’t disagree. Now what I am gonna say is that a brief caveat, you know, King Arthur said the table was round for a reason and what we like to do here at Camelot Castle is give everybody an opportunity to communicate their truth, and what Simon has to say tonight will be very illuminating to some people I’m sure. This is what we call a buyer beware program. If you believe what you are going to hear tonight that is entirely up to you. It’s up to you to take it or not take it. We are not vouching for the truth or the untruth of anything that you hear tonight. And on that basis if we are all willing to participate in that what I would like all of you to do is start watch parties on your Facebook pages and please share this into as many groups as we possibly can.

IM: Can you just check that your microphone for Simon is good because some commenter here that Simon’s sound is not great.

JM: Yeah, I know. That’s okay, I just turned it up.

IM: You did, okay.

JM: I just turned it up yeah, yeah, yeah.

IM: Hopefully it will be better and so many people here on this feed have been waiting for this interview.

JM: They most certainly have. Now Simon, not all of our viewers are familiar with your subject, and in order to give everyone a chance to understand this area, we would be very grateful if you were to treat us all as beginners and tell your answers covering the very basics so everybody can follow, and your first question was darling?

IM: Yes well this question actually came up before when we had something similar, on a similar subject, and could you just give us a very basic overview of dimensions and clarify the differences and what is important to understand on the subject of dimensions in order to follow what’s coming further in an interview?

SP: You mean the dimensions in terms of the multiverse?

IM: Yes it’s like, you know, you talk about the interdimensional beings and, you know, exactly that.

SP: Certainly, well about four years ago the Hadron Collider for the first time in modern science actually proved there was a fourth dimension. The Hadron Collider punched a hole into the fourth dimension, which was about one millimeter in diameter, but nevertheless now there is science to show that there is a fourth. There are twelve major dimensions. That is why on your analog clock it runs from one to twelve and on the seasons of the year it’s twelve and in the old measurements there is twelve inches in a foot because twelve is a number, three, six, nine, twelve that was given to us, so there are twelve major dimensions. The human group predominantly in the fifth and sixth dimension, although of course there are other alien groups that run alongside them. Between this dimension, the third and the sixth is the physical world, these are the physical dimensions. The seventh dimension is the bridge between the two worlds. It is the physical and the nonphysical connection, and then the eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth are purely energy forms. So if somebody was to visit us from the tenth or eleventh dimension, in New Age parlance we would refer to them as a light being because all you could see is bright white with lights. So from the sixth upwards it’s an energy field and from the sixth down it’s the physical world.

JM: Well that is very very interesting. Could you give us some sort of an idea as to how your journey here started? How did things get started for you?

SP: My very earliest first memory I think probably I was a six-month old baby, and I remember a tall being which today that we would call a Mantis or a Mantid coming and leaning over the cot or crib, reaching in, lifting me up. I couldn’t even lift my head, so I remember my head falling forward and my chin hitting my chest. The thing with the Mantis or Mantid, they telepathically communicate through their eyes. They are able to send telepathic communication from one eye to the next eye down both the retina and the actual nerve cord, whereas a Grey alien can’t do that. The Greys do a scatter gun approach, and so I remember being lifted up. These things are quite tall. They must be seven–eight foot, being put into a position where I could look into its eyes, and the very next thing I remember is as if I was falling, falling, falling. So that’s my very first memory, and I would have been about six months old, something like that.

JM: And was your mother at the time already making a record of the landings or was that after you were born?

SP: No I was born in 1959 and this would have been, this would be I lived in Hove, a place in Sussex in 1963 and then moved to Brighton in 1964. I think at this stage it would have been in Hove, so my mother wasn’t doing anything with the secret work until about 1965. Prior to that she worked for a legal firm.

JM: Yeah, yeah. Could you give some sort of an idea as to, you know, the history of this planet, past and present as it relates to the alien races, and what is this planet in a nutshell?

SP. Well this is a water world, where it’s an incredibly red planet. That’s how they refer to it, the water world. There’s only one other water world and that is in the Sirius star system, so that is the beauty of this planet. We have a tremendous amount of water, some which we have ourselves and some which came from Mars when the atmosphere was stripped off that. In terms of the way that we’re looked on, unfortunately it’s not a zoo. It’s more of a prison. Humanity as we understand it started approximately 200, 250,000 years ago in terms of the ability to think in the same way that we can. Before that humanity was very limited in its outlook, so we have just enough DNA strands to be able to think and to work, but we do not have enough DNA strands to be able to outthink the prison guards.

So we have a situation on this planet where our thinking generally runs on railroad lines, simply because if we were to think out of the box we would then outperform those people who are trying to holding us as prisoners. So for the last 200,000 years humanity has existed not as an experiment, but as a prison fish tank. I mean that’s the best way to look at it. However, there are other entities who don’t see it like that. They see it that we are on a journey of freedom, and so increasingly they have become involved to try to push humanity to evolve at a quicker rate.

JM: That’s very interesting and what are the main races that play important roles on this planet and what are their levels of involvement? Is it something that just happens very rarely or are they active on a daily basis?

SP: When humanity became more aware, a group or a lot of these aliens had to become covert. When humanity was very primitive in its understandings of laws, rituals, and these beings could move, I can’t say freely amongst us, but they would certainly be seen as the gods and they would be worshipped and feared, and then as humanity began to develop, then this whole system had to change and alter. A lot of it’s to do with the last Ice Age.

In terms of the beings, there are hundreds of different groups, but the ones that have had a pivotal effect upon the Earth are without question the Reptilian group and offshoots such as we call the Annunaki, and their servants, the Greys, and then we come to a lesser extent what we call Mantid or Mantus, a Nordic group. There are a whole range of other groups that have played greater or lesser roles, but it is the Reptilian group that has the most to answer and of late it is the Artificial Intelligence, which has begun to invest, and I mean that not in terms of money, but invest in the control of humans. So, from an organic perspective it is Reptilian. From a nonorganic it is the Artificial Intelligence which are issues for us now.

JM: That’s very interesting. Now we hear a lot about the Reptilians, and I’m assuming it’s the same Reptilians that David Icke refers to, or perhaps they’re not, but people do have certain misconceptions with regards to them. Could you speak to that a little bit?

SP: Well I’ve got a lot of time for David Icke. I think it’s very difficult for him because he had to broach the subject which perhaps hadn’t been, you know, understood and looked at and maybe with hindsight he might have brought the subject around a different way, but certainly it gained attention. I don’t quite have the same take that he does. We all have a soul in our body. The Bible’s very clear and the Bible’s correct, and I think if you believe in reincarnation, and I think that, you know, you can have a human soul but you could have incarnated many lifetimes in different souls, and so you will take the karma flavor on, energy of that field. What David is referring to is where a true Reptilian being will use its very advanced telepathic power to take over a human. So I don’t, you know, it’s very hard for a concept here, but if you can imagine a person that is definitely human but the way they think is totally Reptilian, and this is the way they can be controlled, but there are other people who are partially Reptilian, and sometimes, you know, part of their arm might become a bit scaly, and then it will disappear. We have children that are born in hospitals today with tails, and we’re told that’s a throwback to the monkey. It's actually not. It’s to do with the Reptilian DNA. We have the R brain, which is the Reptilian part of the brain, and so medical science is not really being open with us, and anybody who has experienced these creatures as I have, whatever we may think of them, we do have to be very cautious and careful because they are very unpredictable and they’re not particularly friendly creatures.

JM: Right, so what you’re saying is you could have a Reptilian soul that is occupying a human body, but then you could also have a human soul that is occupying let’s say a dog’s body or something like that or a hostess body.

SP: Okay, well that’s what the Buddhists believe in.

JM: Hum.

SP: I’m not sure about that. I think that the frequency of the human soul is so great that only possibly a dolphin could contain that frequency. I certainly don’t think a human soul could live in an ant, but the Buddhist culture is more liberal than that, so I’m not prepared to make a call on that because I’ve never experienced it, but I certainly am convinced that the human soul can live in a dolphin or a porpoise.

JM: Yes, well it’s interesting and different people have different realities on that, but of course I think we understand what you are referring to, in terms of the, what… when you are talking about a Reptilian alien you’re referring to a Reptilian soul that has taken on human form.

SP: Yes, correct.

JM: Which I understand. Now how do we as a species fit in with the alien races and how are we viewed by them?

SP: Well unfortunately to the Reptilian group the human is seen as an inferior group. Mammals evolve and that seems a strength. We are able to adapt to our environment. In fact it’s doubtful whether humanity could have moved out of Africa had we not been able to adapt to the change in the weather there two-and-a-half million years ago. Unfortunately the Reptilian group have not changed for many many millions of years, and they see that as a strength. They see it that they have reached the epitome. They have reached the apex. They don’t need to evolve anymore. So therefore they look on mammalian life as inferior. That’s a problem because they therefore don’t treat humans with much respect.

Every other group is different depending on its relationship. There are human forms which have a strong connection, Lyrans, for instance, Pleiadians, Andromedans, Arcturians, all of these groups are human-based, part of the twelve strands of DNA and are very supportive of humanity, but because they are good, they don’t believe that they can artificially interfere. Unfortunately, the bad guys who come from the lower fourth dimension do not hold to any rules and regulations, and so they will do things without an individual’s permission, and that’s caused the good people, the guys to become more in your face, so we’ve seen more battles in space, we’ve seen more battles on the Earth as the good side is beginning to make its presence known. So the Reptilian group now is quite bottled up. There is an embargo over the planet, and there are some positive changes going on.

JM: Now we’re going to come back to those, the current situation in a moment, but you yourself have had personal encounters with various different alien species and could you just, for those of you who are not familiar with your experience there, could you just give an example of some of these, and also, so basically what were these experiences and how aware are you when you are talking to them? Is this a totally clear experience, and sort of what form do these beings appear in? Do they appear in actual physical form or is it more of an experience in a dream or as a telepathic relationship?

SP: Okay. It’s not in the dream state. It will be during the daytime and I always laugh when I read ufology books that talk about the abductions take place at nighttime. No they don’t. They can take place during the daytime because these beings have the ability to freeze time. So time doesn’t actually stop, it’s just very very slow. So you could be in a room with a hundred people. You could be lifted out of that, you could spend two hours with them and then put back and only one second would have elapsed. Some people call it missing time, that’s the best way they count on it.

I think there are some of my experiences which have been pivotal in my own development, and one that people who have listened to me will be familiar with but if you’re not I’ll go it. 1971 I had an experience where I was taken at half-past two in the afternoon. A group of us, I was young, kids from a local place, [we] were playing in the park and we all saw what we thought was an object in the sky. The girls with me thought it was a shooting star or meteor. I knew that it was something that was special, won’t go into huge amount, because we’ve only got an hour tonight but basically…

JM: Well we could actually, I mean if you’re good, we’re good, so I mean…

SP: I’m fine with it.

JM: You’ve got so many people watching the screen and for those of you who have just jointed us I just want to say we broke up and we’re here live from Camelot Castle, the birthplace of King Arthur. We’re sitting here on this [St.] Michael line, which runs between Glastonbury. It goes through, from Stonehenge through Glastonbury and goes straight underneath the sofa on which I am sitting here with my dear wife Irina, and we are speaking to Simon Parkes, who is one of the world’s leading authorities on extraterrestrial beings. What you are about to hear you will not hear anywhere else, and I would ask you to share this broadcast and get this to all well-meaning people. You are with friends Simon, and please do be open. You know, we want to hear your truth.

SP: Thank you. Thank you. I was offered at about the age or seven or eight to choose which group would, I use the word loosely, manage me. I had the choice between the Draconis Reptilian group managing me or a Mantid group managing me, and I chose the Mantid or the Mantis group because I did not have good feelings about the Reptilian group, and both groups would fight over me trying to win my choice.

The Reptilians are very much into swords, very very much, and they will teach their protégés how to use the sword, how to wield the sword. It’s very important to them, while the Mantis don’t do that. And I remember 1971 being on what I always called the school in the air, but Mary Rodwell, an Australian expert, she works with children who have been abducted, said to me oh we call it the school in space, and I remember being taken into what was obviously a spacecraft, which was laid out as a school and all just girls sitting at tables, all with a round disk around their neck on a rope and this disk was called a PED, a personal educating device. They would know it as a tablet, but I’m talking 1971, and as each of these children developed psychically or the ability, they would move over time up the tables, and what we would call a prefect, a girl, came up to me and said you’re not staying here. You are going up and he is coming to collect you, but I have to wait with you, and so I asked the prefect, I go why do the kids have these things around their neck? And she replied, because they are children. I mean she was a child, but then because they’re children and they will lose them, very interesting that.

So this Mantid creature came up to me and made me an offer, and the offer was along the lines of would you like to be like us, to have power of knowledge, to see the future and know the past, and I said yes. And, this was all telepathically done. There were no vocal cords, nothing said, and when I said yes to this offer, then his hand, because his hand had have been on my shoulders, his hand came down, took my hand and then said then come with me. I then think probably two days, because I had to sleep. However, I had the most incredible experiences which we won’t have time for, but most incredible experiences and then being put back in my body. Now my body remained in the play area. My physical body was standing still and I remember the experience of going backwards, flying out of this craft and then being reabsorbed back into my body. It’s not, for me it wasn’t instantaneous. It was a slow process. I felt nauseous and sick and I couldn’t move my arms, and so that was important because of what I had been shared with, as to who I was, what my role was, and some of the past, my own past lives, and then, you know, that was quite surprising and exciting for me as well.

JM: Well it is always exciting to, you know, know what is what and who is who and that, you know, always in the first instance applies to oneself. Now at the moment in the world we are experiencing change. Last night I revealed to our friends here that it’s, in my personal view, the last few months have been the most wonderful and exciting time for the world, and everything that’s occurred in our view, has been really really special, and a very very positive period for life principally because we are discovering what is what and we’re learning who is who, and we found out a lot about ourselves and we’ve also found a lot about other people, and we’ve seen the different ways that people respond to the various different phenomena that we are witnessing. Could you, from your perspective, orient us on what it is that you feel we are witnessing?

SP: The New Age always talks about learning. I don’t. I talk about being given the opportunity to experience. So in other words, what’s been happening is that the human race has had a whole range of experiences, which it will either learn from or not, depending. What is playing out is nothing short of the birth pains of human consciousness breaking free from a very malevolent energy field that we’ve had before Babylonian times, and every man and woman is making a choice as to which side of the railroad lines they really are, and we may get a critical mass figure. If we can get a critical mass figure humanity will go to the next stage.

JM: Which is why everybody on here should share this broadcast because the more people who have the opportunity to know the truth and to see the truth and to work out who they are and what is what, you know, that definitely helps, so I do appreciate this, and we’re actually generating record numbers for this broadcast Simon. It’s very very positive indeed, and I would ask everybody here to share this. I wouldn’t be surprised if by the end of this evening over half million people had seen this broadcast. Now there are a couple of subjects that are being talked about within various different sections of the internet, and in fact on Turkish television the other day, there was a report on the use of adrenochrome as a drug and harvesting of adrenochrome, and I don’t know if this is a subject that you know anything about, but I wondered if that, if there is any alien involvement in that subject at all, or if that is something that you have done any research into?

SP: For thousands of years, (coughs) excuse me, malevolent entities have sought to drain the human essence whether that is will power, the electrical energy, consciousness, or whether it’s physical fluids. That has been an ongoing situation. That technology has been traded with certain individuals who then either use it for themselves or their own half-human, half something else, or they trade it. People aren’t so much interested in gold and silver in other dimensions, but genetics, and it is genetics that is incredibly important, and so what you see coming through into the civilian sector of medicine are things that have, they’re old as the hills, they’re as old as your hat, but they are now making their way into the consciousness of humanity. So there are a number of people, I call them people, they cannot live without a certain type of mixture. They cannot live without a certain type of drug, and so, you know, we are seeing this becoming more obvious, just as something twenty years ago would be incredibly well hidden from us, now it’s not because human consciousness is beginning to outperform and outstrip the ability of the gods, shall we call them that, to hide it from us.

JM: I think that’s a very good analogy. Of course, you know, many many decades ago the British aristocracy used to use opium, and it was a very exclusive club that would use opium or laudanum as they called it in those days, and today of course heroin use which is an opium derivative, is very much a mass market proposition. And I think that is, you know, if you’ve gone into let’s say the mass market and told people about broad scale opium use a hundred and fifty years ago, nobody would have believed you. But of course today people are starting to wake up on those subjects. So that’s our understanding of it as well, is it’s essentially a way of trading in the lifeforce of benign beings, and that particular drug somehow, I’m not that familiar with the technology, because it’s not something that I’ve ever really been anywhere near, but as I understand it, it is a mechanism for lifting the, let’s say I would call it the theta or the life energy or the élan vital, some people call it, from a benign person and then trading that with perhaps a less benign entity. Is that more or less a correct concept or do you have a different concept?

SP: Well very very much so. I mean just out of interest, you know, just out of record of course it was the East India Company that started to work with poppies, and the industry there. I, about ten years ago, I think I shocked the industry, if you like, by talking about hybridization or experimentation on how the domestic cat, our ordinary domestic cat, contained a reptilian material. You see if you are going to experiment on a human, the very first thing you do is experiment on other mammalian creatures, and I talked about how a cat would play with a mouse. It doesn’t kill it. It tortures it, and when a mouse or a mammal is tortured, it releases some very interesting chemicals, and the Reptilian creatures become addicted to that, and that’s why children and babies are tortured by the certain group, because they release a drug to these creatures, and you’ll find that that is more marketable than gold or silver, but there are a whole range of materials. There is some now that keep other beings alive, keep them young. It’s not just about a craving for something. It’s a dependency upon it. So yes, it’s a marketplace, and unfortunately humanity or parts of humanity has seen very much that the commodity that has no rights, and I have often said as long as on this Earth people keep cattle, the cows and pigs, and they kill them and they slaughter them and they eat them, well, other alien groups just turn around and say we’re only doing to you what you do to lower lifeforms. If humanity tomorrow gave up eating meat, this would put an enormous energy wave right up the shoot, and other beings would be forced to follow shoot. It’s very interesting how what occurs on this Earth has a ripple effect outwards.

IM: That’s very interesting.

JM: That is very interesting. So if it’s not a rude question, are you yourself a vegetarian?

SP: I’m not. I certainly tried and it was something that was going to take me a long time to whittle down and reduce. I look back on my past lifetimes and my connection. [When] I went public with this ten years ago I said that I have a strong connection to the Reptilian group, and when I’m able to overcome that need, then I will certainly give up eating meat, but it is certainly within twelve months now. Within twelve months I will have cleaned it up.

JM: That’s very commendable.

SP: Well it has to be done, but although perhaps a lot of people would not agree with me, if you have a connection with something like what we are talking about, then you are having to overcome generational programming and only when you reach the level, perhaps enlightenment can do it. Well I’m not enlightened yet. I haven’t reached that high pinnacle, but at the moment that that occurs, then I will be able to put to bed this dependency on meat.

JM: I can, I personally find that I can give up meat quite easily until I reach a McDonald’s. The McDonald’s programming is I am… I get into dreadful trouble with Irina of course because I just sort of make a beeline for a Big Mac®, and I find that they have very effective programming, which of course they do. They do, and one feels dreadful after you’ve eaten one, but it is what it is, but I do agree with you completely, and I would love to, as you say, move into that ability. It’s a great ability to not be able to engage in that death cycle.

IM: Um-hum. Can we talk a little bit more about the harvesting of life force, Simon, and you mention to see the grief of people. How prevalent is it in, you know, there is this idea that the elites engage in it, and that’s what they trade, and that’s basically it’s almost like that’s how you are accepted into certain circles. What is your understanding of that and how common is this?

SP: This is more to do with blackmail, and there’s also we should not look on it as a religion. We should look on it as a club, an elite club. So if you are invited into an elite club, which has satanic or Luciferian connections, then there will be rituals and ceremonies that go with that. Part of that is to blackmail you, but the majority of it is to bind you to this and to connect you. For instance, in 2012 I was approached by a young woman from another country whose father had sold her and her brother when they were six-month-old babies to an elite organization for one million dollars. Now that was quite a lot back in 1989, and when he realized what was being done to his children he bought them back, which you can do, but he was a governor of the city and he lost that. He was the owner of a football club, not a British soccer club, a football club. He lost that, but he was allowed to keep his business because he was very useful to the elite and what had happened, I think it’s possibly interesting for your audience. In patriarchal secret societies, the children, the males will always inherit, but because of the torture that had been done to this boy, he was no longer capable of holding a job, so his sister, this young woman, who was 23 when she came to me, she had been tortured but not to the extent he had, but she had six subpersonalities. She had a suicide program. She had a Reptilian supposedly, a bodyguard, but he was something else. It took me six months to reintegrate her personalities, to deactivate the suicide program. Now she came to me with an IQ of 162, which is bordering genius level, and she left me with an IQ of 184. She now works for one of the Rothschilds. Now people say to me, well why do you help this person? She’s now working with the Rothschilds, and I say when that child was six months she didn’t ask to be tortured. She had no life at all. I’ve given her a life. What she chooses to do with it is entirely up to her. Now for the audience, if you said to me not to hide anything, when they are looking at children and they want to create them as elite managers for the future, they will put electrodes on their head and electrocute them, and what this does is it causes a scar tissue across the cortex, but because it’s a young child, the neurons will regrow through the scar tissue, and what it does is it increases the surface area of the cortex, so these children become incredibly intelligent.

JM: Hello, we just had a loss on the connection.

IM: Let’s try to get him back.

JM: We’re just gonna try and get it back. Sorry about this. [48:49–52:24 loss of audio/video] uh do it. I was trying to do it. Let me just…

IM: Simon, can you hear us?

SP: Yes I can hear you and I can see you.

JM: Good, sorry about this. Both the Skype crashed and the other, the Be.Live system completely crashed at the same time. I don’t know why.

SP: Well I think we might consider looking at some point coming down to you and doing uh...

JM: Yeah, I think that’d be better to be honest with you, because I am getting a completely new system put in here. Hang on here. Here we go.

IM: [53:05][Inaudible]

JM: Yeah, I’m going out on the same link. Hang on.

IM: They’re saying that it’s…

JM: There we go. We got Simon. Okay Simon we are here now. As you were saying, sorry I, listen what happened just so everybody knows, the Skype crashed completely. The Skype crashed and the…

IM: The other one.

JM: The other thing crashed as well, so…

IM: The Be.Live crashed.

JM: The Be.Live crashed, so that’s what happened, so just carry on from where we were.

SP: I don’t know how, where people heard up to.

IM: They asked you why would you help those children if they, if she’s working for the Rothschilds now.

SP: Right, and I said that because when that child was young he or she never chose to be tortured and that is why I do it, and what that person does with their life is their choice. I just see myself as the person that goes in and puts it right. There was an attempt on my life and this young woman, but we were very well protected, and the car was completely written off. We were rammed into and what was interesting was the car or the van that crashed into us, its logo was “I see you,” and then a picture of an eye, and when you look it up on Google, it’s a company that is very proud the fact that it takes ex-CIA, ex-FBI, and it’s a private security firm, and this was the vehicle that tried to take us out.

So we’re no shortage of excitement, and what it turned out was it was a rogue operation. In fact that hit hadn’t come down from the very top. It was a Freemasonry lodge where three members have acted without authority from their master or their grand master, and very cross that I had freed this young woman from their control, or the control of whoever, and what was interesting was that I and the young lady were in hospital just for an X-ray to check up, and she turned to me and she said I just had a message from them, them being the Reptilian group, because this young woman contained the soul of a queen Reptilian, and she turned to me and she said they’re asking who should die for this, and I said to her just reply to them that no one is to die. They may punish but they may not kill, because otherwise we are as bad as they are, so lots of interesting things, and, but we must always try to educate. We must always try to help, so if somebody is genuine about wanting to regain their sovereignty, I will help them.

JM: Well that’s very cool, and of course that is the reason that we acquired Camelot Castle was to assist in the restoration of personal sovereignty, family sovereignty, group sovereignty, planetary sovereignty, and of course the sovereignty of universes, and it’s uh we’re having some success with that here actually, and it’s very exciting, as I know you are. Now what do you feel, could you give some sort of insight? Obviously, people have been following what’s going on with the virus and so forth. How do you see these developments with the coronavirus? How does this fit into your worldview?

SP: I was told by American Intelligence that the virus had come from the Chinese laboratory. However a rogue agent had attempted to purchase the virus from the laboratory. They met in the marketplace, because it was a very populist area. Either a deal couldn’t be struck, my understanding was that a deal couldn’t be struck. The agent then shot the individual, and with the intention of taking the vial. It was a three-inch vial containing this, but as the shot lab worker fell to stone floor, the vial smashed, so the Chinese are accurate when they say that it was first found in the marketplace, but they were very very cagey about the fact that they’d been working on it, so it’s a very real virus. The whole point about this was to take the virus and release it in America. The whole point was to destroy the reelection of Donald Trump, to destroy the American economy, but because it happened in China, it gave the administration in the U.S. precious weeks to try and work out and see how they were going to do with it. The virus is mutating every two weeks. It is preprogrammed to do certain things. There will be a second wave that’s being prepared for. However, it will disappear as quickly as it arrived, and the problem is that those people who see this virus as an opportunity to put fear into humanity are playing it up, want to destroy economies by locking them down, destroying businesses whether they’re family businesses or small companies, they’re not interested, and so what we’ve got is a real divide between people who are being sensible about the virus, but not overreacting, to a group of people who frankly want us to go back to the stone age.

JM: I completely agree with you. I mean the good news of course Cornwall is reopened. Camelot Castle has reopened, and in fact today we had our third highest bookings day in history at Camelot Castle.

SP: Congratulations.

JM: Which is very very good indeed…

IM: Thank you.

JM: …and of course we’ve been receiving here a number of fans from Camelot Castle TV Network, and of course two young ladies came in to see us the other day for some tea, and a bit of crumpet, and because we do serve crumpets here, and they ended up on the broadcast, which was very great fun, and we discussed how they’d gotten to hear about us and everything, and of course, so Camelot has experienced somewhat of an expansion. Of course we have suffered along with everybody, but I do believe that you are correct, and of course the president said at the very beginning, and it’s interesting to hear you echo that, is that the virus will disappear one day quite magically as fast as it came, and this is very interesting. So what is your take from your worldview on President Trump? I mean most of the people on here support President Trump. As a family we have supported him since about fifteen minutes after he came down the escalator, and I find him to be a very practical, a very divine soul, but I’m willing to hear a different opinion of course.

IM: Well.

JM: What is your opinion on that?

IM: Simon has an opinion. I just listened to your broadcast from 4th of July and Simon’s opinion is very much similar to yours, John you’ll be glad to know.

JM: Oh good.

IM: But do tell Simon.

JM: So Simon what is your view of this president and what do you feel?

SP: I divide humanity into two groups. What I call Earth humans and higher humans. Earth humans are humans at the moment of their creation by the divine God choose to come here as opposed to higher humans who decide to go somewhere else and then only come here at a later date. Therefore, they arrive here with a blueprint of knowledge. President Trump’s soul is a mixture of Pleiadian and Andromedan, and so what you’ve got is a warrior with the Andromedan, but with the thinker, which is the Pleiadian, so what we’ve got in President Trump is a mixture of a thinker and a fighter. President Trump was approached by the United States military, who after 9/11, saw the way it was going, and the military for the last few years have been trying to remove certain elements out of their organization, and had they not found President Trump, then there would have been about a million United States soldiers on the streets to defend the Constitution. The military decided that it was much better to put up a politician and to work it through that. So we have a man in President Trump who is just against the satanic Luciferian elements. Look I’ve said this before on my radio show, that President Trump is not everyone’s cup of tea, and in America you do financial deals that you wouldn’t advertise in Britain, but that’s just the way it is in America, and whatever President Trump is, I’ll tell you what he’s not. He’s not a pedophile. President Trump has never abused a child or a baby, and so that’s why the man gets my vote, because it means that he is not controllable. He’s not blackmailable. Unfortunately, you can’t be a president unless you’ve got a huge amount of money. That’s just the way it works, but here we have a man in the presidency of the United States who is not controlled like every other president except John F. Kennedy, so that is why President Trump is very important because without it you’ve got civil war in America.

JM: One hundred percent I completely concur. I completely agree he is unowned. He is not controlled by any forces other than he has a deep respect for God the Almighty, however one wants to describe the benign creator of us all, so…

IM: But and he’s not a pedophile and that’s really crucial.

JM: He is not pedophile, and what I have learned having interacted with a number of principal players within Washington, D.C. orbit is that the principal tool for controlling politicians is blackmail material or as the Russians call it, kompromat, which includes, you know, the torture of and satanic rituals relating to children, and of course if you had photographs of a politician torturing a child, then you could use that compromising material to get them to order weapons or to turn a blind eye to a drug cartel or to engage in all sorts of things and please don’t think that governments are above this type of thing. The British government and our Royal Family went to war twice for the right to sell opium into China, and which we touched on earlier, so this is very very interesting. Joe Mink says Trump is not my friend; he is my brother. Well, you know, I think a lot of people do feel a deep deep brotherly love for President Trump at the moment, and I think it is time that all of us use all of our telepathic and spiritual abilities to back this man. This is a window in eternity. It is the greatest opportunity for bringing order that this planet has had and it is a tremendous opportunity. I had a phone call two weeks ago from a friend of mine who is very well connected in the London underworld, and he said there’s going to be a large number of arrests in London and sure enough his information was very solid. Seven hundred people have been arrested in England during the lockdown, and he even told me how they were going to do it, through the phones had become unsecure and very well done to our British police for an incredible success there.

Now there is something that I would like to plumb the depths of your mind for, and that is are alien forces assisting President Trump, and are they assisting President Putin? We favor of course Irina’s family are very closely engaged in Moscow. We favor the, you know, the Russian leader. Do you see that there are forces, alien forces that are helping certain governments and are there, is it as if there are certain, for instance, aliens that have teamed up with the Trump campaign, and are there alien alliances that are either knowingly working with politicians or are there alien alliances that are fighting against them? Are there different teams, if you like, within the verse?

IM: Looks like he’s got your question.

SP: Both President Putin and President Trump cut all communication with the Reptilian group and they opened separate communications. Now President Putin is in communication with a group we call the Nordic group and President Trump is in a connection with exactly his own soul connection, which is Andromeda and the Pleiades. Now the last few weeks of the Obama administration saw a changeover in power regarding the technology in Antarctica, and what’s happened is that the release of technologies from Antarctica have been divided equally between Russia and America, because if you don’t do that you get a third world war, so what you have to do is to give both super powers the same information, the same technology, but you put a slant on it, so the Russians have used this technology and they are going down a different route, a different way with it, and the Americans have it and they’re going a different route, so they are not in competition with each other, but they have it equal.

Now I had a chap, he was an oil magnet from Greece who came to visit the house a couple of years back, and he had a meeting with Putin, and while he was in London he came to visit us and spent a couple of hours with us, and he told me what that technology was and how the Russians were using that, and then last year we had an American come over and tell us what the Americans were doing with it, so we’ve got two super power leaders who have turned their back on dodgy deals, and are very much out for their own people, their own sovereignty in their own country, and they will do whatever they need to do to maintain the protection of their people. You’ve got fifth dimension supporting President Trump, and you’ve got fourth dimension, upper fourth dimension with Putin, which means that the technology arriving on Trump’s doorstep is slightly more advanced because it’s fifth dimensional, but that’s why you’re seeing things with the Russians with hypersonic engines because that is a natural development of the fourth dimension, whereas what you’ve got coming from the fifth dimension is something which is quite excitingly different, but they’re not in competition, so the Russians actually are using a lot of this Antarctic technology for medical advancement. I’m hoping in the next 18 months we’re going to see a raft of wonderful machines coming out of Russia, which really take medical science forward, whereas the Americans will be doing it differently, so yes, absolutely, and that’s what’s giving the edge.

You see, when back in the old battle days, when Obama was president a very advanced drone that the Americans were using was forced down into Iran and in it was very very advanced chip and the Iranians got hold of that chip. This was a semi-alien, semi-human ship and it cut the lag. The Iranians were then only between five and seven years behind the Americans, so an external force will drop technologies onto different countries to make them catch up, to play a game. That’s why in the Second World War the Americans had the bomb because they took the nuclear reactor that fell in 1941 in the spacecraft and made a bomb out of it, but the Germans took the reactor, cold fusion reactor from the Black Forest in 1933 and instead of making a nuclear bomb with it, they decided they use it as a propulsion system, so different cultures on the planet will see the same piece of technology but attempt to make something different with it.

JM: I think that’s so true and that’s what we always say about the knowledge that we are sharing here with people at Camelot Castle. Some people take a piece of knowledge and they use it to do good with it, and some people take a piece of knowledge and they use it to do something different with it that is equally as good or even better, and I suppose a good analogy is a mobile phone. You can use it to call your mother or you can use it to call your mother and your granny and all of your aunts and at the same time build a company with it or something, you know, it’s what… it’s how you, how do you view that technology.

SP: Or you can use it to sell drugs.

JM: Or you could use it to sell drugs. That’s exactly what you could do now. We’ve got a lot of people on the broadcast. If anybody has any questions here for Simon please do put them into the screen. I do want to touch on yesterday. Dr. Wakefield or Simon Wakefield.

IM: Andrew.

JM: Andrew Wakefield released an extraordinary documentary called “1986: The Act,” which exposes the corruption within the medical communities in relation to vaccination and I would ask all of you if somebody could put up the website in there as part of your homework over the next 48 hours, please watch that film. It is very very important. We watched it last night. In fact we were up until about 2:00 o’clock in the morning. I am very interested in whether or not people here agree with (A) two questions, and this is a survey for the audience. Do you agree with mandatory vaccination? That’s the first question, and do you agree with vaccination at all, so two questions. Do you agree with mandatory vaccination? I’d like you to answer and comment, and do you agree with any form of vaccination, and what is your view on vaccination and how does this relate to the alien sphere?

SP: No, I don’t agree with mandatory vaccination, and I do agree with vaccination for cats and dogs.

JM: Oh right, very interesting. Now how about the vaccine programs that have been pushed by Gates, and you know, various different companies that are producing these things in England?

SP: Well in Great Britain there’s a very big ritual every winter for people to get the flu jab, and what I think most of your audience probably do not know is that every time a doctor gives a flu jab he or she receives five pounds into their bank account. So the cartel, the drugs company pay doctors five pounds. This is about four or five years ago, five pounds for each shot. That is why they push it. You’ll see posters and notices and of course if someone was going to give me five pounds every time I did something, I’d be telling you all to do it, so that’s the issue there. I once had a chance to talk to a couple of doctors and nurses some seven–eight years ago in hospital and found that three-quarters of those medical staff refused to have inoculations because they knew what was in them. I don’t doubt that the concept is good, but if you’ve got a lot of heavy metals like mercury and other materials in it, it’s not going to do you much good is it. That’s the low-level stuff. You’re asking me something a bit higher, and at the moment we’re in a war.

We’ve not even talked about the interdimensionals at the moment, but we’re in the one with what we call the demonic forces. For a long time this very small elite group have sought to control their middle managers via mind control. About five–six years ago, perhaps a bit longer, they wanted to try to put an entity, let’s just call it a demonic entity, into these individuals. It’s a far more effective way to control them, but the entity wanted to use the human as a host and to go from the lower fourth dimension and try and actually work out into a physical body and there’s been quite a lot of interest in “toing and froing” to prevent that occurring. Now that could have a connection with high bandwidth. We daren’t say the number because, you know, if we mention this particular communication bandwidth then, you know, all hell breaks loose, but there’s a possibility that a high frequency bandwidth when engaged with certain elements in the bloodstream can actually have a very detrimental effect to the human body.

JM: Well my son is five years old on his last birthday and I am very very aware, very very aware that I would not like certain wavelengths being broadcast too near to his bedroom window. Out of interest are there… what do you feel the consequences of electromagnetic fields are around the body? Do you feel that it does do something to the body?

SP: I think with the lower frequencies the effect is minimal. I’m not saying there was no effect. There was effect but they were minimal in terms of the wave, but as we’ve gone up through these particular bandwidths, the one that is being pushed at the moment is very very dangerous. We could talk about 7G, 8G and 9G. That’s not a problem. That isn’t a problem to the human field, but the number that’s being bandied about now that is not particularly good.

JM: Yeah, well we’re actually joined tonight by a Lady Lara Compton, who is very interesting. Her father is, he basically runs the Freemasons or is very very senior within the Freemasons. I forget his exact title.

SP: Very good.

JM: But a very very interesting fellow, and she says here, she says, talking about your earlier point, they are ripped out of their bodies so that the entity can jump in.

SP: Correct.

JM: And…

IM: She’s very aware.

SP: Very possible.

JM: She’s a very very spiritually aware person. She’s probably somebody that you would enjoy meeting.

SP: Very much so.

JM: And her father, who is Lord somebody or other I should really know. Lara perhaps you could put it in the comments, is actually in charge of the Freemasons, always the second in command or something.

SP: Well, well look here. I’ve always said that you find more bad people in a secondhand car sales room than you would in the Freemasons.

JM: Oh I agree.

SP: There are so many charitable organizations, I should say three-quarters of all the good works in Britain would just come to a halt if the Rotary Clubs and the Dragon Societies and the Freemasons stop doing all their work, so it’s only unaware people who just malign the Freemasons. Like any organization there are bad people, but I want to recount something to you which I hope your audience will be perhaps interested to hear. I’d done a conference, I think it’s about 2015, 2014 and the chappie came over to me and he said I’d like to buy you lunch. Well in Great Britain people don’t buy you lunch, so if they buy you lunch, there must be a reason behind it, and he said that his employers had sent him from America, and he said that his exact words to me where you’ve come across my radar because my employers have come to you and I have come to make you an offer and I have a question for you. The offer is not dependent on the question or the answer, so if you refuse to give the answer we will still give you the offer. So that was very good, so I said what’s the offer? And he said to me my employers, speaking of me, consider you a sacred object. He said my, our job is to protect sacred objects, so he said I’m going to offer you armored cars, bullet resistant cars, armed guards should you need them, and he said we have bunkers under Salisbury Plain which we sell for a million if the world ends and that’s already been allocated for you and your loved ones, and he said that, and this is the bit that was funny. He said my employers have no problem in believing what you’ve said. We know who you are. We know what you are. That’s why I’ve come to see you, and I’ll just tell you what the question was. The question was he said when you are on the spacecraft and you see the future, do you see it as a video playing out or do you see it as individual pictures, and that was the only question that he asked. Now this wasn’t a Freemason group. It was another group of that who specialize in relics and collecting them, and protecting them, so that was great. So I have always been aware that when I buy a secondhand car because I can never afford a brand new car, but I am more on my guard when I buy a secondhand car than when I speak to anyone from the Freemasons, and I’ve done, I’ve been invited three times to Freemasonry Halls, where I’ve given lectures and talks and I’ve always been treated with the greatest respect.

JM: Well the most honest man I ever did business with himself was a Freemason and of course he was the owner of Camelot Castle Hotel, and we walked in here one afternoon and after a 15-minute meeting we made our agreement and he stuck to it to the spirit of the letter and beyond that, so I would say [overtalk] that he kept his word to the letter, and he is the most… I would say he is the most honest man I’ve ever done business with, and I’ve had a wonderful, and of course people don’t realize, because they never brag about it, but they raised more money for charity in this country than the lottery.

SP: Yes.

JM: Although secondary only to the lottery, and they do a tremendous amount of work. Now there was a question last night, I did explain that at Camelot Castle we have the finest crumpet or crumpets in the world, and there was some question from America as to what a crumpet is, and this is a crumpet, [shows image] so there you go. That’s what they look like, and so if you fancy a piece of crumpet or if you like a bit of crumpet, Camelot Castle is the place to come, and I’m actually going to look forward to that bit of crumpet after the show, but there was some question about that, so I just thought I’d have my man here bring one for our Americans, but the crumpet is of course an English tea cake. That’s what it is, but it is, it’s going through something of a renaissance here at Camelot Castle because many places you can turn up tea, for afternoon tea, and you can say could I have a bit of crumpet, and you’ll get a blank stare these days in England, and people don’t really know what they are, but we are bringing them back and the crumpet here is better than anywhere, would you agree with that?

IM: I agree.

JM: Yeah, so that’s what they are. Now sorry to divert, but I thought we’d have a little bit of an interlude there. Do share this feed. Do share this feed. I want to hear the answer to your question when you go up into a spacecraft and you see the future. Do you see it in individual pictures or do you see it as a video?

SP: Well as a video. The question of course was asking me am I accessing the Akashic records or am I accessing my own cellular DNA memory. That’s what they were asking. The audience might be interested to know that I’ve been offered a job in America, which I’ve accepted.

JM: Okay, tell us about that. That sounds fantastic.

SP: Yeah we’re hoping to go either August, September or October, not sure quite when, but we’ve chosen Arizona, Phoenix, been offered a five-year contract, and what was interesting was that two weeks after that job offer, I got another job offer from an organization who wanted me to go to Washington, D.C., and they made me an offer that I could refuse and I turned that one down, but the first job offer I certainly am taking that because what the audience might not know is that I’m the founder of a very large organization called Connecting Consciousness, and we have about 12,000 members worldwide. There’s no fee. Nobody pays any entrance fee. We operate it in about 110 countries and those countries have coordinators, and in a place like America we are recruiting state coordinators, and so these coordinators manage their membership of spiritual people who are relying on my organization and they will share links. They will support each other, hold meetings, and once a month these coordinators, we go on a Zoom link, write a report about what’s happening in their country or their state and they share it, and I want to build one million membership. I want to come to the U.S. I want to have a healing center. I want to be able to do everything from aromatherapy in one corner to healing people who have come out of Hollywood and frankly don’t know where on Earth they are, so I want that. I want to be able to deal with the media. I want practitioners to be trained by more advanced trainers. I really want to build my organization. That’s what I came to this planet to do, and I’ve taken it as far as I can in Great Britain, and so this job offer was meant to be, and we’re just waiting for that to happen, and then, you know, we’re going to relocate to the U.S., and do what we’re gotta do.

JM: Well this is fantastic. Did you say Phoenix, Arizona or Sedona? Phoenix?

SP: No, Phoenix.

JM: Well Phoenix is a very very special place. In fact I don’t know if you know this but we helped, we raised over 30 million for conservative groups in America and one of the groups that we’ve been helping out is Turning Point USA, and we just helped with the building of a new headquarters there for them in Phoenix, Arizona, which is of course where Charlie Kirk now is living and is spending a lot of time there, and I think you’ll find that you’re in good Trump supporting country there, but also a number of very very important breakthroughs were made in Phoenix, Arizona. This was one of the first places that L. Ron Hubbard, who was the founder of Scientology, he did a lot of his research in Phoenix, and in fact there is the original laboratory where he did his research is there as a museum, and you can go and see it. This is where he discovered the exteriorization of the spirit from the body and he… it was the first place. It was in 1951, and he did the first experiments where you could deliberately exteriorize another person from their body at will, and so that they could leave their body and then go off wherever they went and then come back into the body and those original experiments were done in 1951 in Phoenix, and I was very blessed because I was one of the first people in America or in the world who were actually to be shown that research many years ago now actually in 1990, which has been very useful, but I cannot speak to the positive nature of Phoenix enough, and I think you will be incredibly happy there. Now if people want to support your work, you know, I am sure that you don’t need support, but if people do want to support you, is there a way that they can donate to what you’re doing? How can they find you? How can they learn more about what it is that you doing? You’ve been incredibly generous with your time. How can people, is there a way that people can donate? You have a charitable foundation that people can donate to? How do they reach you? How do they get in touch with you or maybe you don’t want anyone in touch with you, I don’t know, but how do people reach you?

SP: Well I do have to make a living because nobody else will ever give me a job, and I do readings for people. I open my books and people can book me for one hour and I will do a soul reading for them, work with them, but I have a website,, and there is a donate button there, and that money goes to the organization. Like I said nobody pays an entrance fee. I did not want to mix a payment of an entrance fee in with the spiritual concept that I’ve built, so I rely on donations and then that pays the car journeys or booking a hall. We have a fantastic AGM last year in London, and people came from mostly Britain, but we did have someone from, a couple people in America and from Europe, our members, coordinators who came, so we have an annual AGM meeting where the members come and we do have lots of talks, and that costs money, so you know, people can give a pound or a Euro or a dollar, whatever it is, I’m very grateful for that, or they can join. There’s an application form to join Connecting Consciousness, and what that is, is a logo of the Earth and the heart, and to join you have to put your arrow, your cursor over the heart and click it, and that’s a contract between you as an individual and the Earth, so you click that and you fill out your application for nothing to pay, and then you know we will write to you and find which country you’re in, and you’ll be allocated a coordinator, so this is what I’m building.

I looked at people like David Icke. When David set up his television and radio studio and was utterly destroyed by the system because he had a bank manager and he had an accountant. He had all of this and this is where the structure gets taken down. In the early days I wanted to build with a person’s heart. I wanted to make a connection with the spirit of that individual because nothing can take that down and once we got to a strong position, then I was thinking now we’ll think about a building, and people like to see a building with a brass plaque on it saying Connecting Consciousness Head Office. So you know, I have a vision. I came to this planet to do this. All of us who are alive, all of us who are alive on this Earth now are here for the reason. We could have been here 100 years ago. We may have done or a thousand years hence, but we’re here now, and we’re absolutely blessed that we are seeing a planet evolve, can’t explain that enough.

You see Lyra, which is now in the sixth dimension originally was destroyed in the wars with the Reptilians when it was in the fourth dimension, but the people from Lyra escaped and the consciousness of those people evolved them up into the fifth through the fifth and then into the sixth, so consciousness as a group allows it to move up or go down, and so this is the battle. It’s the battle is to for us to evolve beyond the control of this negative energy that surrounds the Earth at the moment.

JM: You know, it’s just wonderful, and you know, I describe myself because of course on this group at Camelot Castle, Camelot is loved by so many people I describe myself as an Evangelical Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Zoroastrian, Scientologist, because to me the truth can never conflict with the truth, and one of the things that, you know, is so important is that one is open to examine where the truth takes you, and it is very very important, and I think what is so important about this group is that we welcome all genuine truth seekers, and you know, Simon I just want to say one thing from you, from my heart if you like, to you, to your, from me as a being to you as a being is you’ve had one hell of a rough old road going down this situation. You have had some incredible challenges. You have had and done some wonderful wonderful things for people, and I just want to personally thank you on behalf of all those people out there who haven’t had the opportunity to thank you personally or actually don’t have a clue how your work has already touched their lives. I just would really really like to acknowledge what you have done, and you’ve been very humble in asking for help. I would ask anybody who is in a position to help you and who would like to help you to dig deep and to help in whatever way you feel you can and whatever where you want to, because it is so important. You know, the enemy is highly organized and they are very very effective, and the good guys tend to work alone. They tend to… this is actually where the founder of Scientology was a genius. He organized the good guys within society to take out some of these very very destructive elements, which of course he himself came under attack for that, but I just want to acknowledge what you have done. You really have done an incredible, a marvelous marvelous job. I don’t know what you have to say darling but I really appreciate it. [overtalk]

SP: Well I’m very grateful to you. That’s very kind. Thank you, and you know we all play our part. This is the time where all good people need to work together because the vision that we share is not the vision of everyone. Imagine a mountain, and there is a small group of us who are at the top of the mountain, and we look over the horizon, and when we come down the mountain we meet people that are halfway, and we say did you see that cottage or did you see that, and they say no I haven’t seen that, so each person, their perception or their understanding is limited by what they can see. Now those of us, there’s a lot of us, those of us who’ve seen quite far how can you go back into the dark? How can you go backwards, so when I had all these experiences as a young boy, and there are hundreds and I’ve drawn them. I’ve got something like 750 drawings because these memories would come to me within minutes of them occurring and I would quickly draw them down. They couldn’t just sit in a cupboard, and I had to decide with my life do I pretend it didn’t happen and just have a standard life, or do I go out and say to people this is the truth, and I think what was interesting for me, I did an interview with I think it’s called “Breakfast” Today, or “The Today Programme,” and that was a 15-minute interview I did, and it was very interesting that I was asked to do two drawings of two aliens, so I did a drawing of a Reptilian and I did one of a Mantis, and I was told we’re not allowed to show that one, the Reptilian. That’s in this is going to be a live broadcast. We can’t show that one, so he did the Mantis, and that shows you how the power of the Reptilians is so great that this TV Studio were not allowed to even show that up there, and so you can go on YouTube and you can see me there with my drawing of the Reptilian… of the Mantis behind me, and that was interesting because the television interview was okay. It wasn’t difficult. It was very firm, but right at the end of it people came up to me and said well, you know, we’d like to say a lot more but we’re not allowed to, and I thought that was excellent, because there were people there who were in the system who are genuinely good people, but hey, they want a pension. They want future careers, and so they play the game, and that was very eye-opening for me.

JM: Yeah well it is, and I think, you know, I think the point you made there about each of us has our own piece of the jigsaw puzzle and what we may have seen on our journey for instance, what we may have seen on our journey to, you know, arrive here in the Infinity Salon at Camelot Castle, and what you may have seen, but actually I got a picture of, or a video let’s say, of you really need a museum to illustrate some of the aspects of your journey, and I think your work is supremely important, and I’m sure that you will find Phoenix to be a very very welcoming spot located as it is in the United States. [1:39:14][overtalk inaudible] Yeah, I did have one question actually. Obviously we are here at the birthplace of King Arthur. What is the importance of Arthur in relation to all of this? Why is it that the Arthurian myth resonates… [overtalk]

SP: Because it’s the connection of Christ, because Jesus, the Jesus energy, it resides within that character, a character who stands alone against a whole myriad of evil of the hearts of humans who have turned evil to demonic energies or black black energies, whatever you want to call it, and the truth is the connection between the man and the Earth, and what he stands for, and calling a group of pure people to him who should stand with him and fight with him and to defeat all the oncomers and so that is the importance, and I have always said for the last ten years that America is where the battle will be fought and that is coming true, but I’ve said of Great Britain, it is the country of the energy. It is where the energy resides and it is the place where the battle within the energies are fought, so Arthur was from a historical connection the person who could unite both the Gaelic speakers, the Romano British, and the true Romans against the Saxon invaders. That’s the, I’ve never believed in the medieval Arthur. I see him much earlier. I had a vision actually of Arthur on horseback fighting from a Roman fort, but I mean a stone fort, so I actually believe that he was a cavalry commander. I think he used horses and I think he was incredibly connected to the land, so yeah I have no problem in believing a historical Arthur.

JM: Yes of course. There are many opinions on the subject, but what we have found since living here is that Camelot Castle in its physical location has been an extraordinary gathering of energy of the people that come here, the people that we welcome. I come downstairs in the morning and I’m like I never know who’s gonna turn up here next. I mean and it’s every day. It is so exciting to see the spirits that are either returning here, having been here before, or are coming here for the first time, and when they tap into this sort of, I would, the only way I can really describe it is a spiritually conscious network, which is something that you’ve been speaking to, and it’s really been part of your dream, and something that you’ve been trying to, and have in reality created.

So Lara Compton actually says, and she’s very knowledgeable on this subject, she says this is the young lady who is, her father, she just corrected me actually. She said he didn’t used to run the, he doesn’t run the Freemasons. He used to, so there we go. Lara Compton the energy was first started at Albion through the ley lines, so she is in agreement with that, so it is very interesting, and I think here we have two levels of the game. One is the physical location of Camelot, which obviously is naturally stunning, and it’s been a port of trade, you know, since Venetian times, really because of course it was huge tin assets here, but also what is very very interesting now is the impact of how that mythology and how our ability to gain traction in America. I mean at least 70 percent of the people on this feed tonight are from, they’re international, and a lot of those will be from America. In fact if everybody could just put in the comments where is each of you from in America and when you put your comments up what we’re going to do, my wife and I, and we like to do this, and in fact if everybody could join in, and seeing as we have Simon here, if we could just flow good wishes to the location of where each person is and the idea that perhaps you might have some good fortune and good luck, an increase in whatever it is that you want to have an increase in, and a decrease in whatever it is you want to have a decrease in. You know, I shouldn’t think there’s anybody out there that wants a decrease in luck, but we’ve got people here. Ah yes, very interesting from Hila Kaufman, where does Israel fit into all of this? What is Israel’s relevance?

SP: They, with some truth, they can call themselves the chosen race. They were a group that accepted nonhuman intervention without fear. Most early emerging cultures would run away, but the, remember that most of the true Israelites were basically from Egypt, many of the kings of David were in fact pharaohs before that, and I do not accept the timeline given to us by modern historians. I see it as much older. If we accept that Anu is the overall leader and Enlil and Enki are the two sons represented by the eagle and the snake. One was a great geneticist and the other one was more interested in technologies of the space, and then they fought over dominion for control of human groups, and you know, there’s no surprise that we can follow these particular groups through the pyramid culture. Pyramid culture is a sacrificial culture. There’s no doubt that the same god of Egypt became the god of the Aztecs and the Incas, although there’s a great time period. Your questions about Israel. Israel has an energy field around it. I’m Jewish myself. My father was an Iranian or Persian Jew, although I was born in what was called Rhodesia, Zimbabwe, and I was only a small boy when I was brought to Britain. The Jewish people, the energy and the history behind it is a problem because most world leaders do not know how to relate. If you go back to the situation with Nazi Germany, it makes it very difficult for any world leader to sit down with a Jewish leader without having issues, shall we say, clouding their judgment, and we find the situation where there aren’t many, there are not many countries that could do what Israel has done and get away with it, so what I can say to you is that I have no problem with the Jewish race, just like that secondhand car sales garage. I have a problem with just a very few people here at the top, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s the banking industry or the local circus, there are individuals who use the ladder to get there, so I’m very conscious that within our alternative industry there are a number of demons, or they’re demonized, and I just would like to point out that actually the vast majority of people in Israel want peace, and five–six years ago there were photographs from cell phones that were put around which never appeared on the established media, a hundred thousand people turned up in Israel’s capital to demonstrate for peace. Now with a population of just a few million, a hundred thousand is massive, so you know, unfortunately we don’t always understand the truth that’s going on, so I’m always very careful when I think about a country and I think about its history.

JM: Well we were very blessed because we spent a few days in the King David Hotel in Jerusalem with Charlie Kirk, who of course is a great friend of President Trump, and we have had unique insight into what President Trump can do, and will do, and is on route to do to help bring about peace in that area, and I think everybody is going to be very happy when peace is finally achieved, and it’s one of the main reasons that I think we should all try to work to get the president reelected. So we, I’ve just got a couple more questions here from our audience. Somebody’s mentioned China.

IM: Yes, that’s…

JM: Do you have any thoughts on how China is evolving as it relates to extraterrestrial forces?

SP: Well let’s do a bit of human stuff first. It was very interesting that China through espionage found out that they were going to be removed from the 5G network, and so what isn’t understood by the vast majority of the newspaper readers is that the reason that China took the action against Hong Kong was simply because they had been told that they were going to be removed from Britain’s 5G network, so that’s why they hit back. What China’s doing is it’s devolving it’s authority down to province level. This is because they don’t want the outside world to associate the Communist Party of China to be in each zone, so rather than just have this one huge organization, they want to try and do it as separate groups. I’m very pleased that Australia now is closing the door on the Chinese involvement. China decided that it would rule the world not by the bomb and bullet but by manufacturing everything, and then withdrawing that possibility. Your audience might be shocked to know that 75 percent of the entire shoe manufacturing in the world comes from China, so [if] China turned off the tap, we’d probably run out of shoes within three months. It is absolutely disastrous for sovereign nations to allow their own industry to run down, and in Great Britain we had husband and wife teams, we had brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts who formed a business that’s been lost and destroyed, and I’m hoping that by leaving the European Union those family groups can come back together again and start to provide services and make products that British and other people can buy.

In terms of the alien connection, China plays a double-edged game. They are in connection with a Reptilian group, but the White Dragon Society and the Red Dragon Society, the two powerful gangs that run China, are somewhat divided over the way they should deal with these groups, but China is connected, and we shouldn’t be surprised. Think of the Dragon as the symbol that China had for thousands of years, a very great people invented gun powder goodness knows what else they did. Unfortunately, the leaders at the moment are possessed. I’m using the word deliberately, are possessed, and they are leading China to destruction.

JM: Well I think that’s very very interesting and thank you so much for sharing so openly with us. Did you have any further points that you wanted to ask?

IM: No, I just wanted to ask one question. I heard you speaking in your interview some years ago about when you were asked if we’re getting some help from, you know, enlightened spirits. You mentioned children and the importance of children, and that there are children arriving on this planet that are different and enlightened and they have access to their previous lives and that they’re being sabotaged, and I just wanted you to talk a little bit more about this, if you could.

SP: Well thank you very much for taking the trouble and the time to listen to one of my old interviews. Thank you. 75 percent to 85 percent of all the star kids or Indigo kids or the special kids are not coming from the Pleiades, and I’m sorry to break people’s hearts, but Pleiadian people are beautiful. They’re wonderful. They come here. They are hammered, because if you have a pure heart and you come here you do not contain the key codes to dismantle the fourth dimensional control system. That’s why Pleiadian people come here with visions and ideas and plans and end up being destroyed. No, the large number of these children that have come here are coming from Sirius, which is the upper fourth dimension. Those children will have brown eyes and they are coming here and they contain the key codes, but they contain a strong connection to the Earth and to water, and it is these children over the last 50–60 years that are now making their way through society and are challenging the demonic evil that is around us. Now if you are an evil controller, you know that through demographics at some point you’re going to be swamped by all of these star kids and so every live birth is scanned. There are a number of these entities that can scan and they will detect the soul of these children and they will then try to interfere or hijack the family to disrupt that child. This is why we get walk-ins, so you might get a baby that’s born in the hospital, and it contains a Reptilian soul, so the bad guys scan it and they say oh that’s fine. That’s one of us, and then when that kid is 12 or 15 years of age, that soul departs the body and a Pleiadian or a Sirian or what have you soul comes in. It’s got through the scanning process, and so that kid is no longer a child. It’s a young adult. It can protect itself, and then it has a greater opportunity to bring change to the Earth and that is the battle that’s taking place.

IM: That’s very interesting. Thank you for that.

JM: Somebody just ask here how does one find out where oneself is from?

SP: Well there are many ways. You can do some meditation and you can, you know, consult somebody like me, but when I offered the services that I offered I didn’t realize that there was a massive vacuum in the Earth. There are lots of fortune tellers, lots of people that can do that, but not many people that can look at the soul living inside the physical organic body and then give a reading from that, and knowledge is power, and often we are on this Earth and most is hidden from us, so if we can understand and learn a bit more about who we are it helps us to understand why we came here, what our mission is, and so, you know, if that person so wishes they can try and book me. I do open the books. They get booked, you quite quickly, but [they] can book an hour slot with me, and I’m very happy to answer any questions on a personal level, and do a soul reading. I’ve always thought this is half in gest, but it’s also half serious, that I should open a dating agency because I wouldn’t ask you do you enjoy golf and do you enjoy golf or do you enjoy polo. I would say you’re a Reptilian soul. Here’s a list of all the other Reptilian souls, because you will be totally compatible with this person or you’re a Pleiadian. It’s only going to work with another Pleiadian, so we’ll find you a Pleiadian, and it’s a lot like people who go star watching and they go to look for spaceships, and they go in groups. If you’ve got ten people who contain an Andromedan soul and five people who contain a Reptilian soul, you can’t get those spaceships up. There’ll be a fight, so really if you’re doing it, you should put more people together and group it. Now in Connecting Consciousness. I don’t do that because I expect all people to be equal, so I’ve had to step in several times when these groups have tried. We have a program called MeWePRO. We’re very lucky to have that. It’s a large platform. It’s more secure than Facebook. It was designed by the corporates who were sick of industrial espionage, so all corporates got together and they worked out a platform that allowed them to have their guys talk to each other without another company hacking in, so obviously the CIA can do what they want, but another company couldn’t, so my American coordinator approached their CEO, give him a pitch and he said look send me all the details about your Connecting Consciousness. He read it and said I love it, and you know, what, he’s given it to us free. We have access to this software program, this online program, which is totally free to our members and it is the most secure network in the civilian sector that is available because of this, and I am so grateful to MeWePRO and the chief executive, the goodness of his heart, he’s allowed that. It would have cost us thousands. We couldn’t have done it, and so we have the ability as members to communicate reasonably safely, and you know, that’s what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to build an organization where people can communicate, support each other, you know, if you’ve had an experience no matter what it is, there are very few people you can talk to or share it. It can destroy your family. It can destroy your employment. I couldn’t get a normal job. Nobody would give me a normal job now, no way but here we have a platform where we can meet like-minded people. No one’s going to judge you. No one’s going to laugh at you, and they will hopefully take you and trust you, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re Reptilian or Pleiadian, we’re all on the same journey and the point is if we’re all going to get off at the same station, that means we’ve all made the same judgment about where we’re headed, so you know, I don’t have any time for people who make judgments about how you look or how you sound. It’s about what you do, and that’s really what I think that we should be about.

JM: Well we’re actually joined tonight by a very old friend of ours called Cheryl Yambrach Rose, who funnily enough painted a portrait of Irina when, nearly about 20 years ago now.

IM: By the way do you have a painting by Cheryl, Simon?

SP: I have three.

IM: I think I saw in one of your interviews, I think I saw it on your wall and I recognized it.

SP: Well, what happened was that Cheryl had that painting up for sale and there was no way, you know, we ran on a shoestring. We run on a shoestring, and there was no way we could afford the painting. I mean it was priced appropriately because it’s a beautiful painting, but Cheryl has met my wife and said of that painting this is the lady with the twelve strands of DNA in the painting in the hair, and Cheryl said it needs to be in your house and I said yes, but I cannot afford it, so you know what, she reduced the price and she let us pay in installments, so we paid monthly for it, over I don’t know, two years, or whatever it was, and so we are absolutely honored to have, we have several of the paintings and this is an expensive one, but we’re so honored to have it, and it’s so important what it means, because it is connected to the Arthurian line, and we were just so honored to have that painting here and so yes, she is a very gifted woman.

IM: She’s a beautiful soul.

JM: A beautiful soul, and what a coincidence that she’s on here tonight, and she did the most beautiful painting of Irina when we were first married and at Saint Nectan’s Glenwich, is a sacred waterfall, which is right by Camelot Castle. It’s where Merlin actually gathered the knights and blessed them and sent them out from that point to find the Holy Grail, and of course some of them did find it and some of them didn’t.

SP: Shall we just… could you go and get the painting just a second, go and get it, a special painting. I’m just going to bring it and we’re just showing because…

JM: Yeah that would be fantastic. I don’t think we have the one that she did of Irina here. Maybe we do. There’s a copy on the piano.

SP: Okay.

JM: The original is in Kazakhstan with Irina’s parents, but…

IM: Maybe…

SP: We’ll advertise for her, because Cheryl not only is gifted, but what a kind heart to be able to say to me look, I know you can’t afford it. You don’t have much money, but I tell you what, you can pay for it monthly.

JM: If you want to put your website on the comment section, I’ll put it up.

SP: [2:02:18][inaudible] Come on. So that’s the one that I think you might be referring to. (holds up portrait painting)

IM: Yes. Oh my God you have that painting. That is very…

SP: And corner, I don’t know if you can see it but in the corner there’s a little flying saucer, which means everything to us.

JM: Hold it back a bit. I can’t… Simon, Simon.

IM: Yeah, hold it back.

JM: Hold it back.

IM: Yeah, there you go.

SP: Okay, let me just pull the chair back a bit. Can you see it now?

IM: Yes, yes, beautiful.

JM: That is beautiful. Mark if you’re watching see if you can find the one of Irina.

IM: It’s by the piano.

JM: Yes, it’s by the piano I think.

IM: I love that painting by Cheryl. That is really really beautiful.

JM: That’s a hell of a [2:03:05][overtalk]

IM: Always, I always I had a dream of I love “The Lady of the Lake” as well, and it was my dream to have one of her paintings and then she offered to paint me, and I couldn’t believe it, and she did.

SP: Well I think what happens is that because Cheryl has this unearthly gift, and I mean that in a positive way. When she comes across certain individuals she can identify that person in history, and then she can work that in with the painting, and so you know, they’re not just paintings. Look at the “Mona Lisa,” really there’s so much going on. There’s so much character to it, and also I’m doing a lot of selling here for Cheryl, but she does some wonderful—they’re not Tarot cards—but they’re Oracle cards.

IM: Yes.

SP: And she does…

IM: She has some new ones come out didn’t she?

SP: Yes apparently so, which my wife has actually got already.

JM: This is the one that she did of Irina (holds up painting of Irina).

IM: Oh I think its…

SP: Oh let me see, hold that up.

JM: But it’s just a copy of it sadly, because the original is in Kazakhstan.

IM: Oh yeah there you go.

JM: There it is.

SP: How beautiful.

JM: And that was Irina when we were first married. It’s absolutely beautiful. Now Cheryl you have to put your website up. It’s lovely to hear from you, but she has actually posted here not about her art, which is quite typical. She said could you talk about the Bioshield, something 5G Bioshield what is that?

SP: Okay, we came across a group of scientists who were working on a product that had a very beneficial effect in regard to 5G, and I met the scientists. One was a Serbian. One was from Switzerland. One was a professor and able to talk to him and understand the science to a certain extent; he was a professor. He has a, I think it’s a degree in quantum physics, so of course my understanding of alien technology doesn’t quite work in the same way of human, but it’s more to do with the Tesla concept, so if you understand the Tesla concept you leave Earth science behind and you can then work in the field that’s much more beneficial, so they’ve created a device which, I’ve got to be careful what I say here, because the way that the government is at the moment, created the device that was very beneficial regarding 5G and I then carried that on my website,, and anybody over a period of time, it’s off now. The deal is off, but anybody who bought a shield not from me because I didn’t make it, so they clicked on my link, they went to the bioshield company, and anybody who came through my website got an extra one free, so it was buy one, get one free. Then the company came to us and said we love your logo. We have a special logo. I didn’t know. Have we got a logo we can just hold up Becky? Find a logo. We created our Connecting Consciousness Logo and they took the logo and put it on the bioshield. I’m going to hold one up for you now. Here’s the bioshield here, and it has our logo, which is the infinity symbol on it, and the heart and the Earth and Becky created this (holds up picture of logo) and that’s our copyrighted logo, which is Connecting Consciousness. It represents the Earth in the third dimension in green moving to the fifth dimension in purple, so it’s about the transference of humanity through.

JM: Wow.

SP: The reason I think Cheryl wants us to talk about this bioshield was that the BBC received information from the elite to take down the bioshield company, and they’ve frozen the bank account of the bioshield company through trading standards and they are trying to completely stop the sales of the bioshield.

JM: Is that the same one Sacha Stone was helping with?

SP: That is correct, yes.

JM: Okay because Sacha is a good friend of ours.

SP: Well I have met Sacha several times, have been to his house. We’ve spoken. Sacha of course born in the same country that I was born, what a coincidence. He was born in Rhodesia, as it was then, so we share that African heritage. It’s quite interesting. Sacha is a good man and all good men and good women are being attacked at the moment, and the agents of the system, in this case I’m afraid it’s part of the BBC who don’t know what they’re doing. They just do what they’re told, and certain other organizations have made life very difficult for him. However, the scientists have empirical evidence. He’s got legal advice and there will be a court case, and I do expect him to win that court case. The BBC haven’t even done their own duty to themselves. The law for the BBC is that if you’re going to feature somebody on a television show, then you have to give that person the right to comment. That’s part of the fundamental right in the BBC. Well they did a hatchet job on me, and they didn’t even bother to come to me for a comment or an interview. That was when they attacked Sacha. They’ve done two television shows on them. Now if I had the money, I would engage a lawyer because we know we’d win, because the BBC had made no effort to, but I can’t afford a lawyer and these guys know it. It’s the ten to one rule. If they’ve got the money then they just do what they want, so we support the Bioshield 100 percent, and I know that Sacha and the scientists are doing a good job, and so Connecting Consciousness members received a buy one, get one free offer, so they were able to give it to their family or their friends, and you know, we will do whatever we can to fight for humanity.

IM: That’s very interesting.

JM: Well this is very very good to know, and of course somebody says here, Kathy Gray, says please also have Simon to talk a little bit more about our government. I assume…

IM: The UK government.

JM: …you’re talking about the UK government.

IM: The UK yes.

SP: Sure, not a problem.

JM: She also said previously could you send some positive aliens to help out Boris, because he has been…

IM: Abducted by the Reptilians.

JM: Well what do you feel about Boris? She said he’s been abducted by Reptilians. I don’t know whether that’s true or not. Perhaps he has. Perhaps he hasn’t. He definitely seems a bit…

IM: Different.

JM: …out of sorts lately.

SP: All right. Okay. Boris is a good man.

JM: I agree.

SP: Boris is a good man. Boris is like President Trump. He’s so, Boris is so eccentric that he’s beyond the control of evil people. In other words, he lives in this energy frequency that’s so high that he is not controllable. The difficulty for Boris is that the British army swear allegiance to the Crown, not the Constitution. You see in America President Trump is the embodiment of the Constitution so when the American military swear to the Constitution they’re actually swearing to President Trump so Trump’s in a very very strong position. Poor ole Boris ain’t, because the troops are connected to her majesty and not Boris. Now Boris got the virus, and he genuinely did get the virus. There’s no doubt about that, and he also knows the truth about the virus, and how it’s come about, but the elite in Britain in many ways is more entrenched and deep rooted than it is in America you know.

JM: I would say there is a nest.

SP: And Boris has a harder job, so Boris needs help and support. He’s a good man trying to navigate through a great big pot of treacle.

JM: Well I think that’s a fantastic description, and of course we have been praying for Boris for quite some time, and I think our prayers have been landing true. I think things are getting better. I’ve been hearing some very good feedback recently from some old school friends of his who are friends of ours, and he of course was up at Eton, but we were at Winchester, so we don’t have too many friends in common, because Wikimus and Newtonians tend only to speak one day a year when they’re playing cricket. Other than that they tend not to speak, but what can I say? I like Boris, and you know, I think he deserves all the possible help and support and I’m pleased you like him too. That’s good.

SP: Oh I weren’t quite right in your intro. I didn’t bother to interrupt you or correct you, but I will now. I served three terms of office. I was a Labour Councillor in the London borough of Hackney, and I did two terms of office, and for me the second term was more important, because anyone can get elected, but you can’t get the second election because you are standing on your record, and I am down in my record with gains 75 percent of the vote in the constituency. That’s 75 percent, and I’ll say this because it excites me even now. It’s years ago, but the liberal leader came up to me and said I can’t beat you. I’m not going to put a liberal up against you, and the Tory guy came to me and said I can’t beat you, but it’s our policy to contest every seat, and I did two terms and I left just to go to North Yorkshire, to Whitby, and then I stood again as a Labour council and I was elected, and then two principles made me leave the Labour Party, and I’m now actually, you know, very much… I voted for Boris. Two principles: first was as a Jewish person, I did not like what was occurring in the Labour Party and I personally witnessed that, so no problem in saying what I saw, and secondly, I certainly don’t want Europe. I love Europe. I think Europe’s beautiful. I just don’t like the bureaucracy, so those two principles made me leave the Labour Party, and I voted for Boris and I will continue to vote for Boris, so you know, if a political party loses somebody like me, I was the guy that would go out and knock on doors and put leaflets. If it lost someone like me, and I will never go back to that, that is an indication of how the energies of certain political organizations so removed from the principle that they first stood for, and removed from the connection of the people that they just implode, and that’s what happens to organizations that are not feeding off the love in terms of, you know, the love of humanity feeds it, because it’s connected to it. If you cut yourself off, you will just wither away, and that’s what happened to the Labour Party, and it’s a nonentity now. It is irrelevant. Yes it’s her majesty’s loyal opposition, but in terms of the hearts and minds of the people of Great Britain, the Labour Party is irrelevant for the next 25 years, and what Boris did was Boris connected with a common man and woman and said forget politics. This is what I stand for, and I saw him as mayor in London and I didn’t see a Tory there. I just saw Boris, and I don’t think people saw a conservative prime minister. They just saw a man who was refreshingly different, and that’s why they voted for him, so yes, I support Boris and I have no problem in publicly saying so.

IM: Do you think something happened to him after he was in the hospital?

SP: Yes.

IM: So maybe he had, what do you think?

SP: Yes I do. There was a concerted effort. It wasn’t Reptilians in my opinion. It was a concerted effort to weaken him, not academically or on his intelligence, but to weaken his will power, to make him think he couldn’t bring forward the agenda that he had once done, and this was a demonic attack. It’s not aliens. It is a demonic energy that was used against, and if Boris was to ever contact me, I could actually make him better.

JM: Wow! Well Boris if you are listening [2:16:13][overtalk] or if you are watching Camelot Castle TV this evening…

IM: Or anyone.

JM: Or anybody who knows Boris, there you go. That might help you out.

IM: Nicola Land said I knew I recognized you Simon. I remember voting for you.

SP: That’s wonderful, but we don’t know whether that is in Hackney, in London, or whether that’s in Whitby in North Yorkshire.

IM: No we don’t know that. Nicola where was that? Maybe you can let us know.

SP: Yes that was [proof].

JM: And Kirsty Choriton wants to know…

IM: She asked that many times.

JM: She’s been asking this. She’s been very patient. Do you know anything about CERN?

SP: Yes.

JM: The Hadron Collider. You did mention something about it previously in the interview, but what do you know about CERN?

SP: In 2015 I had an embryonic Connecting Consciousness, and I had received information that CERN was going to attempt to do some great damage to the human race, and literally explain with my hands here that the energy of the Earth moves like this (moves hands in wave motion). Now the Hadron Collider was going to be utilized to ride the waves of the energy and then on the upswing boost up to force a hole into the fourth dimension large enough so that things could come in and things could go out. So I organized a, I can talk like this because in the courts, in the courts of the Earth what I’m about to say cannot be, they don’t accept it, so I don’t have a problem, and I’ll just tell you that it had to be stopped, and so I organized a three-minute meditation with the people that we had, and we had about 3,000 to take out the Collider at its moment of peak power. The collider was guarded by sentient beings who were psychically protecting it. We were able to, and this is all recorded, because the official news is that at the very moment that we went in, it registered a failure and you can still go on and you can see the screenshots. It switched off at the same moment the Earth herself came to our aid There was a massive electrical storm which took out the main power generator in France. The generator in France provides 75 or 80 percent of the entire requirements of power for the CERN Collider. That was taken out. They went then to their backup reserve power, which of course wasn’t enough to make this device cycle at the rate they wanted, and it was offline for about six months and the damage was done in the tube. It took them that long to find it, and people keep saying to me don’t we need to do more, and I said no, we did it. That was the crucial moment that humanity could have been hijacked.

Now I have had key people who took part in that, many of them lost their teeth. The energy feedback, someone lost their hearing. They’re deaf in one ear. Some teeth are cracked. It was a real tussle and I’m absolutely delighted, but because in the court nobody will believe that, so it’s… there’s no case to answer, but we will act, and we do not fear the evil elements, because when you have seen what I have seen, and you have witnessed and been in the presence of what I’ve been in presence, then there is nothing in this time, the time of the past or the time of the future that holds any fear for me.

JM: Well that’s a very very interesting answer to that question. Lady Lara Compton, who of course is the daughter of the fellow that used to run the Freemasons says Simon Parkes I’m going to email you. Please look out for my email. Thank you.

SP: Well she won’t know my email.

JM: Oh, okay so…

SP: But [she can] get it from you guys. I guess you’ve got my email haven’t you?

JM: Yes, yes. I’ll forward that introduction, but I think somebody put your website on there. Can somebody contact you through the website?

SP: It does go it does go through. I have a very wonderful guy who does all my technical stuff, so I do not understand the technology.

JM: We’ll get it through him.

SP: [overtalk] But you know, he does what he can. Often people write to us and it just gets lost.

JM: I will, I will, I will give, you can text me your email. I’ll…

IM: Mark has it.

JM: Mark has it, and I’ll give that to Lara.

SP: That would be fine.

JM: That will be fine. Well this has been very very interesting and of course, you know, the power of prayer, the power of we call them positive postulates or the idea that you put out a thought and that thought can manifest and other people use meditation. Telepathic communication at varying wavelengths most certainly can be used in a very very positive and enlightened way and it sounds to me as if you and your group are doing the world a great service and are using that ability in a way that is constructive and thank goodness you did interrupt the Hadron Collider at CERN. I’ve never liked the idea of it. I think that it is something about it that is not right. I’ve never had a good feeling about it, and apart from anything else, it’s just too low of a wavelength. It is not a spiritual activity. It is a material activity, and what I would like to see and my challenge to all the great scientists out there is put the same effort into studying the material and direct that towards studying the spiritual, study the nature of man, study the mind, how to find out how the mind works. Find out how the controller of the mind works, which is of course you, the individual, and find out your relationship to various different supreme beings and of course some of the beings that we’ve been hearing about tonight, and if you spent your time and invested your time, you know, doing that rather than the ridiculous experiments I was told to do with the Bunsen burner at Winchester, I think you’d have a great deal more fun and be far more interesting. Science of course would become fun again, but I think we’ve explored the material world very very effectively. I think we can do almost anything with the material world now. I think we are babies in nappies when it comes to the spiritual world and our understanding of that, so hopefully the human race will evolve from the nappy period, because I don’t know about you, I’m bored with changing other people’s spiritual nappies. I think it would be quite fun if they were able to go to the loo on their own, to be absolutely honest, so there we go.

Do you have a message for our audience, a sort of, if you like, a Simon Parkes’ final thought.

IM: And how do you see the future Simon?

SP: Maybe I can put the two together. I’m not at all frightened of the future. I have always believed that it is a positive outcome, but what I have said is a very bumpy road. I have no doubt of the outcome, but a very difficult journey there, but then good things generally don’t get given to people easily. We have to show that we can get off the armchair and go out there and make it worthwhile. After all, why should the Earth put any effort in for us if we’re not prepared to put the effort in for the Earth, so my message to people is the days of hiding are over. You cannot now sit on the fence. You have to decide which side of the fence you are on, and once you, as an individual have chosen that position, do not go back. Never take a step back, so please join Connecting Consciousness. Find people of like-minded groups. We’ve got so many different groups to talk about and so many things that we can share and be part of, but ultimately my message is be brave, be strong, because the future is actually very exciting.

JM: Well that is a fantastic message and Simon we’d love to welcome you at Camelot Castle. Please do come and we can have another discussion, and we’ll have you live here and I’m having a whole new TV system put in here because we’re going to be expanding Camelot Castle TV, and those of you that are out there that would like to help with that please do let us know. We’re looking for talented people in all sorts of areas of life.

IM: I like that message.

JM: Antje, who is from Florida, says my favorite bit of news today is that Donald Trump is assisted by the fifth dimension, love it. Well, you know, it’s amazing what you learn on Camelot Castle TV, and I’m so pleased to have been able to welcome Simon here and thank you so much for being so generous with your time.

IM: And what do you have also to say when we ask people where they’re from, so many people from America and huge international audience.

JM: Yeah.

IM: Truly international.

JM: Well what I’d like everybody to do just as a closing here is write where you’re from and when we see your name we’re going to say another little prayer. I know everybody did that already, but you know what, you’re getting a double planning tonight because we’re feeling very generous with our postulates and intentions, so before we say goodbye to Simon please just put up where you’re from, and there’s somebody from Wisconsin. Let’s wish you some good fortune and various other different people. There’s some Pleiadians on here from the Pleiades and somebody from the U.S.A. Well we wish you, Pensacola, Florida, Australia, Western Australia, my gosh Germany, New Zealand, Coromandel, New Zealand, from Peru, from Dorset, from Ontario. You see this is the extraordinary thing about the Arthurian magnet I would say of greatness and love.

SP: Yes.

JM: From Germany. Let’s have some good luck in the North of Ireland, Ashford, Kent, Stoke-on-Trent, South Africa, Florida, Wadebridge, Wadebridge, Debbie Benton from Wadebridge you better come here and get some crumpet Mablethorpe, Pennsylvania, Glasgow, Norfolk, Chester, Norway, Stoke-on-Trent. My gosh there’s so many people here. Sussex, Huntersville, I can barely keep up, Cornwall, another Cornish, Christine Opie do pass by, Brisbane, Australia, Australia, Israel, Halifax, East Sussex, Birmingham, Surrey, Cheshire, Cumbria. Okay well we are wishing every single person… Thialand, Hastings, Miss Holland, Hilda van der Meulen, is joining us from the Netherlands one of the most beautiful young ladies in the Netherlands, Holland. She’s joined us. Michigan, Swansea, Southport, Southampton, Denmark, Spain, haling Cornwall.

SP: We haven’t had Phoenix yet.

JM: We haven’t had Phoenix. Is there anybody here in Phoenix?

IM: We have a Romanian here.

JM: We had a Romanian, Spain, France, Auckland, Essex, Romania, Norwich, Jersey, Swansea, Wales. My God, West Canada, Ireland, London. London, oh there are a lot of Londons. London’s just kicked in. Look at that. There’s Albans. Now there’s good luck for everybody watching here. Please intend good luck for these people who put their names out [2:29:12][overtalk]…, and let’s all also not forget to pray for Simon who is in Straffordshire, Worcestershire. Worcestershire you are calling us from aren’t you?

SP: Worcestershire.

JM: Worcestershire and this is let’s flow him some good energy as well. This would be a wonderful thing to do.

SP: I just want to quickly before we wrap up, I want to thank all of my coordinators in every country for putting in for no payment at all so much help and work, because they, each individual man and woman, believes in the mission of helping humanity, so you know, this is my chance to thank all of them in one go, so God Bless you all and thank you very much for what you do.

JM: Well it’s a beautiful beautiful network that you are creating and if there’s anything we can do to help you with that, you know, good intentioned people, I can’t say this enough. The bad guys have had it their way for too bloody long. That’s my opinion and they’re smart because they team up. They work as a team. The good guys tend to work on their own, and that’s not that smart because however clever you are, however clever you are, they say this, they say the Arabs have a saying in the [2:30:27][empty quarter]. They say the mistake of a clever man is a thousand times the mistake of an idiot and the mistake that most clever people make is they think they can do it all on their own. You can’t. You need a team. You need a team of people, and especially in this game because you need people to watch your back, and you need people to be loyal and you need to create your own team, and as a team of freedom fighters, as a team of truth seekers, you basically can’t lose, because actually there’s very very few bad guys. They just make a lot of noise and it makes it look as if there’s a lot of them.

Mr. Everyone, by the way, if anybody on here has met Mr. everybody as in “everybody says,” we all know “Mr. All Knows,” please introduce me. I’ve yet to meet him. I’m starting to think he may not even exist because people been saying to me “everybody knows.” I’ve been asking people for months could you please introduce me to Mr. Everybody, but I think it’s just a big generality designed to disperse the mind personally. It turns out it’s usually one or two people with an idea and somebody says that to somebody and of course then somebody says “everybody says.” So many different places, I mean I’m not gonna read them all out. I’m gonna go hoarse. Devon, Pennsylvania, South Texas, they’re still coming up on the screen. It’s wonderful wonderful to have you here. Please share this feed. Share it in your groups and please help Simon Parkes. This is a man who should be helped. Thank you Simon. It’s wonderful. I’ll say goodbye. We’ll probably call you a little later.

IM: Just before you go how do people reach you through your website? Is it the best if somebody wants to book a consultation with you? How do they do that? Is that website or…




TM: Good.

SP: Listen God bless to both of you for what you do. God bless to all your membership or your audience and God bless to all of us because it’s going to be great. It’s an exciting time and I want people not to go forward fearfully, but to go with joy and happiness.

JM: Well I completely agree with you Simon, and we will speak to you very soon.

IM: And we hope you visit us soon Simon. You’re very welcome.

SP: Oh, well definitely, but only if there’s crumpets on the menu.

JM: We’ve definitely got a bit of crumpet down here, no question at all, and we will do that.

SP: Bye-bye.

JM: Thank you so much.

IM: Thank you Simon.

JM: Thank you.

IM: God bless. [Simon interview ends 2:33:01 or 1:53:01]

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