Recorded Saturday, June 20, 2020

with Ted Mahr

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Out of This World on BBS Radio: Current Events

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Ted says troops from Elmendorf Air Force Base are on the ground in Fort Lewis; Simon says he feels current orchestrated unrest is another attempt to make sure Trump is not elected; people who are paying for statue destruction order a standdown when rioters turned their attention on the statue of Winston Churchill; Ted addresses being censored, his new show in San Francisco, and establishing other outlets in Miami and other places; Ted says a lawyer from Texas sent him the death certificate of the real George Floyd who died three years ago, and says the policemen involved in the current event were crisis actors and the alleged George Floyd was an actor too, so could this possibly have been a state setup; George Floyd’s family reportedly received 12.5 million dollars in bereavement donations, but if the man who allegedly died wasn’t George Floyd, who got the donations; info has been received that the cabal is planning three more events to play out before the end of this year: (1) an incident involving a mosque; (2) an incident with Hispanics in this country (3) a new and more lethal virus release; the push for mail-in ballots opens up tremendous opportunities for election fraud; BBC makes disparaging remarks about the bioshield product; “Trump Does the Unthinkable,” by Liz Crokin is an article about some of the humane acts he has performed anonymously over the years; Twitter censoring Trump is an aspect of a battle raging between evil and good; how will the “defund the police” movement make the world a better place; was the George Floyd incident an attempt to divert attention away from Hillary Clinton making a court appearance and also to cancel the lockdown protests that were scheduled for that weekend.

[SIMON INTERVIEW on Ted’s new BBS radio show 10:00 a.m. Pacific time, 6/20/20]

Ted Mahr: I’d like to give a little bit of background on Simon Parkes. He’s just getting… he’s just getting, he’s wrapping up another interview. It’s a busy day for him in England as well, so he’ll be here in just a minute, and I’m just replying to him now. But anyway, Simon is a fascinating fellow, and yeah, he’s a fascinating fellow and I’ve known him now for about five years or so, and he always has something, he always has something interesting to say. His parents were in MI5 and MI6 in British Intelligence and his mother also worked for American Intelligence as well, so he has an interesting background. He’s a former government official and I really like him. He has a perspective on things that’s very unique, and one of the things I like about Simon is that he’s got a heart of gold. He really does. He really cares about a… I’m just getting a note. He’ll be with us in just a… just getting a, there we go. Okay, I wanted to send him now, but anyway he’s got a heart of gold and I really like what he has to say. Okay we’ve got it. Okay good. Okay, Simon, let’s see is Simon there? Let’s see here. We can a, there he is. Simon, hi, my friend. How are you doing?

Simon Parkes: I apologize for being late. Of course it’s a new format and I had to find my way around that, but did manage it, thank you.

TM: Oh good, good. It’s great to see you. I ordered new equipment for my computers today Simon and they said it wouldn’t get here until Monday, but the angels were behind me and they got it to me yesterday or two days ago, so I’m happy about that.

SP: That’s great. Well it’s been a heck of a thing for you hasn’t it, having to relocate the station, out of Seattle and into California.

TM: Yeah well fortunately I bought up a whole bunch of new computer equipment, so I can still stay in Washington but I can go down there. I plan to visit the studio down in San Francisco here soon.

SP. Okay.

TM: But I can actually, I got a brand new webcam and upgraded computer, and it does everything except print plane tickets, so I…

SP: I got to ask Ted. What happened to Eric? Does Eric stay with the old station or does he come with you?

TM: No, no, no. He stays with the station, yeah he’s [overtalk]

SP: Uh-huh. That’s a shame isn’t it, because he was very good.

TM: Oh he’s excellent, yeah. I know it. I know it. Well maybe if I get the winning lottery ticket I could always hire him away I guess. I mean it’s all…

SP: Did you have a goodbye party you two?

TM: I haven’t yet, but I will have it probably next month, I will.

SP: And have you made sure that all of your listeners and now viewers understand what happened? Have you made it very clear to them?

TM: I’ve kept it kind of quiet out of respect for my station.

SP: Oh.

TM: But, yeah, I...

SP: What’s wrong with the truth Ted?

TM: That’s true. That’s true. Yeah, that’s true Simon. That’s true.

SP: Okay, well it’s your call.

TM: Yeah, yeah. Well I will be explaining more about that next month.

SP: Okay.

TM: For now, for now, but yeah I just ah for now, for now. I’m still there actually, but I can explain more about that next month, but…

SP: Sure.

TM: …there is a lot of censorship going on Simon, and…

SP: I know. I know, particularly in your, as we say in Great Britain, in your neck of the woods, that part of the U.S. is quite difficult.

TM: Yeah, yeah. We’ve had uh, I think I wrote you the other day. We’ve got troops on the ground here actually in Fort Lewis.

SP: Yes, they come from the Canadian border were they?

TM: They flew down from Alaska. Yeah they flew down from Alaska. Yeah they’re from Elmendorf Air Force Base, and also too I got a report last week. I tried to send you the link, but they wouldn’t let me send it to you. It was the Hell’s Angels have come up here last weekend and they wanted a scrap with the Capitol Hill folks, so it’s a potent mix. It’s a potent mix.

SP: I think Ted that literally things are moving to a big decision now, and I did say on my own show that, you know, I got it wrong. I was absolutely convinced this showdown wouldn’t come until 2021. But I think, and I am just guessing, I think because certain people thought that President Trump was still electable, they didn’t want to risk him being reelected, so you know, this was all kicked off, and so it just brought everything, squeezed it all into a three-, four-, five-month period. It is interesting, but it is difficult.

TM: Right, right, right. What are things like where you live? It is still shut down or are there disturbances there as well Simon or is it?

SP: The only disturbances we have are with statues where groups of people wanted to pull down overtly racist statues, and I personally don’t have a problem with that actually. The difficulty occurred when some of these statues were very close to the elite. Winston Churchill, some of these young kids who are being paid to cause a bit of trouble decided they would turn on the statue of Winston Churchill. Well I think the very people who were paying them to cause a problem soon told them to stop doing that because Winston Churchill, who was unquestionably a great war leader, was also part of the elite.

TM: Oh yeah right.

SP: So I think there are certain statues which are targetable, and certain statues which people would rather that you didn’t touch, so it’s a two-class system, if you like. No, there’s no other demonstrations here. We are going from the six-foot rule, what they call in Europe the two-meter rule social distancing down to three feet, so we are halving the social distancing, and the lockdown is nearly finished.

TM: I see. Okay, well that’s good. That’s good.

SP: Yes, absolutely.

TM: Does that apply to married couples too, they have to tell them that they love each other on Zoom or Skype or…

SP: No, that was never going to be enforced by the… Britain is a very strange place. It’s a very strange place. The reality is that laws are passed but people don’t really take notice of them. That’s what Great Britain is. Laws are passed. People don’t really follow them. The reason that people did by and large follow the greater rule was simply because, of course Britain is a much smaller country than the U.S.

TM: Right.

SP: We all live within a few miles of the hospital or a senior’s home, and so it was very obvious to British people that there were large numbers of people getting this virus.

TM: Right.

SP: And so everyone knew somebody who’d either had it and got over it or had it and then died. So literally that, it wasn’t so much the pressure from government, but it was the pressure within family, so families were being very careful. You know, in my own organization, Connecting Consciousness, we had one coordinator who caught it and thankfully is okay, but was desperately ill. So, you know, it hit in different ways. So no, Britain is okay. Our concern of course is the second wave, which is on its way, so we’ll have to see how we do with that.

TM: Let me, you asked earlier about censorship and I think I should address a little bit of that. I’ve been broadcasting for seven years and they’ve never told me what I couldn’t say and they’ve given me lots of freedom and it’s been a great place to broadcast. However recently the tone of the country has become quite different, and they want me to only focus in on a narrow band, and for the time being I will do that out of respect for the station, but that’s the other reason why I’ve established this second channel in San Francisco so I have more freedom to address subjects I don’t feel constrained about, and so it’s a time, if you look at the U.S. Constitution, it says freedom of speech as long as you are not, you know, wanting to riot and terrorist activities, I can understand that, but just having your opinion within a certain range, that should be allowed, but many places it’s being curtailed across the country, so which is unfortunate. There’s like a certain mindset you have to adhere to, and if you fall out of that with the truth, then they go after you, and they try to shut you down, so you know, that’s what happens. That’s what’s happened to me and I think many others too, so it’s something I hadn’t experienced before and I was quite surprised to say the least so…

SP: I think it’s interesting, if you stand on the sidewalk, as long as you’re not racist, or sexist, or violent or anything like that, you should be protected by the Constitution, but if you went into a picture house, a cinema, or a bar, there’s always a sign that says the management have the right to refuse entry, and so even though you didn’t break any rules or laws from the federal or the government’s point of view, the owner of the property can say I no longer want you, and so what’s happening is that there’s a politicization of organizations, who up until very recently, weren’t bothered. It wasn’t important to them, but they’ve all got the phone call. They’ve all had the knock on the door, and they’ve all been told those who are in that particular club Ted, they’ve been told to follow a certain script, and if you are not on that script then you’re out. However, there are more good people than bad, and I think it will only increase the audienceship of your station, because people will say well he’s been chucked out. He’s been thrown off, so there must be something good here. Let’s listen to what he has to say.

TM: That’s true. That’s true. Well I am also establishing a third station in Miami and then another station as well, so it’s opened up. It’s opened up doors that weren’t open before during this whole thing so, you know, I’m… you know, I like to speak the truth about what’s going on and I will continue to do that. So, if I can’t do it on one platform, I’ll do it on this platform and other platforms, doors that kind of opened up to me, so and it’s important to get, you know, get these messages out. This morning I was a keynote speaker and a Peace and Light Conference in the Dominican Republic and in Mexico that was broadcast throughout Central and South America, and I had many good messages to talk about there.

SP: That’s lovely. That’s fine.

TM: And they don’t censor there either, but very popular.

SP: No, it’s funny isn’t it that Mexico is very misunderstood actually.

TM: Yeah, yeah, yeah. It wasn’t shut down. They’ve had, I don’t think they’ve had hardly any virus cases, and the country is doing fine. Economically it’s doing fine because they didn’t shut down at all. They’re still open for business. So I think we’re gonna reach, I don’t know, I think the July 4th weekend there’ll be a lot of things going on here. It’s a symbolic weekend of course with the independence, with the troops next door in Fort Lewis. I think they’re there. I don’t think President Trump is necessarily going to use them, but if they’re necessary to quell violence I could see them bringing them in. I don’t know. I hope it doesn’t escalate.

SP: My hearing is that the troops were particularly moved in to your location, maybe you know, the head of the legislature there maybe has gone a little bit too far.

TM: Okay, yeah, yeah, maybe so. Yeah, yeah. I’m only, I mean when I broadcast in Bellevue in Seattle, my station is only, it’s about a mile-and-a-half–two miles away from Bill Gates’ mansion. I mean it’s right there, and then from my governor here I mean in Olympia I mean it’s only an hour away, so I mean everything’s here. Uh, and I remember on a radio show the last time you were on you mentioned that the cabal was quite, had a lot of power in this area. You talked about that.

SP: Yes it did. It’s one of the strongholds.

TM: Really, wow.

SP: It’s one of the strongholds. I think I might have mentioned it in 2016 to you, but it was the only state, and within that, it was the only city that allowed FEMA guards to ride along with regular cops, but to actually have the same powers, and the only way you could tell the difference was the badge on the left shoulder, so their uniforms were identical. That’s the only state where FEMA guards were riding with cops, not just on a ride [along], but actually operating as a cop, and that happened because the elite are so embedded in Seattle. Seattle is a hotbed, and I would suggest to you that’s one of the reasons that the, I think it’s 600 troops. I think it’s a battalion; 600 troops have been moved across there. Seattle is a very interesting place and one that I know the president has got an eye on.

TM: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well there are troop movements. You can see them in the area. You can see them on the freeway. You can hear the helicopters above. At night you can hear them testing machine guns.

SP: Yeah.

TM: You can hear them firing in Tacoma. So it’s… there’s stuff going on, more than usual. I mean they do test when they have their maneuvers but it’s amped up about maybe eight to ten times more troop movements than you’d normally see.

SP: Well I actually I need just to ask you, is this on your Seattle radio show at the moment Ted, are we on there or are we on …

TM: We are on San Francisco.

SP: Oh well I can tell you then that I did actually mention to somebody that it got to the White House that your show was being pushed off and as one of the speakers who would support you and the line that you have I had been pushed off as well, and within three days of that then there had been some developments, so don’t underestimate your reach.

TM: Okay thank you. Thank you. I’ve been told that I reach more people than I realize.

SP: Well yes you do because the software doesn’t always add it up because it gets played again for somebody and played somewhere else, and you know, you don’t get the numbers.

TM: Right, right. Well I had six different U.S. presidents come to me a week ago at 3:00 o’clock in the morning Simon.

SP: Busy for you.

TM: And they were all, they wanted to talk to me about saving the Republic.

SP: Right.

TM: And it was Presidents Jefferson, George Washington, Dwight Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, James Madison, a whole bunch of them and so that was my first hour. I gave their messages on saving the Republic, and I was going to do that show on my Seattle station last Friday but after I said forget it, I can’t talk about anything, and then I thought no, I better have Simon on my new show. So I’m so honored to have you on my new show.

SP: Oh I’m really pleased because, you know, it’s great to start it off in a positive way. And I just think that, you know, you… often these things hit us, and the elite’s object is to, you know, put their boot on us, but humanity being what it is, we bounce back and we find new avenues, and far from crushing you, it’s actually going to let you expand, and it looks very mean spirited for somebody to close down a radio station because they don’t like your views. That’s dangerous. You know, you should as a radio station be allowed to broadcast providing you stay within the rules of decency and the law, anything, and the guy that, you know, you pay your money to shouldn’t be interested in that, shouldn’t be interested in that, but the fact they’re interested in it shows that ordinary people who perhaps otherwise wouldn’t have woken up will start to ask questions. So in many ways it does more good than harm.

TM: That’s true. My friend Albert Einstein always told me, you know, things happen for a reason.

SP: Yeah.

TM: And there’s often a silver lining in everything that happens so, you know, but anyway yeah. Well I think an astrology friend of mine told me that the years between 2015 Simon and 2030 will be one of the most significant events in human history with all kinds of changes happening and he also said this year 2020, and the end of this year, November–December will be some of the most dramatic changes. He didn’t specify but that was Joseph Anthony out of Sedona, Arizona, a wonderful astrologer, who’s actually been very accurate. He’s been at it for 30 years.

SP: I totally agree. I think, you know, I think I’ve got my attention on 2024–2025.

TM: Okay, okay, as a time for shifting into the fifth dimension?

SP: As the time that it all changes. Yes, it all changes.

TM: Wow, wow. Well all of the presidents said to know that good times are ahead for all of us and stay the course, and we’re being helped more than we realize Simon. We have a lot of help out there. And the other thing too is that the media, the mass media here in the United States anyway Simon is largely controlled, so they paint this picture of negativity all the time, even though there may be a lot of good things going on here.

SP: Sure.

TM: I think there are a lot of good things going on.

SP: I agree. I’m shocked when I look at the regular U.S. media where the demonstrations just show largely black people legitimately demonstrating. What they haven’t been showing is the destruction of the shops, and I’ve said on my own show that some of these shops employ local black and white people. So when these mobs destroy and loot a shop, they’re putting out people who’ve got no job now.

TM: Right.

SP: And you know, those people who lost their work, they weren’t part of a racist cabal group. They were just ordinary regular men and women who went Monday to Friday or Saturday to work. Now they can’t, and this is the point. As an ex-lawmaker myself I don’t understand the logic, because let’s take a store that employs six people in downtown Seattle, and it’s been burnt to the ground. Those six people aren’t going to go and vote for somebody who says let’s defund the police. They’re going to vote for somebody who is going to protect their jobs.

TM: Right.

SP: So I actually think whatever happens on November the 3rd in America electorally, it will be very interesting to see what happens in Seattle.

TM: Yes I agree. I agree. I don’t, this may be another factor too, and you’ll find this interesting. I talked to the attorney who represented George Floyd three years ago. He had some court proceedings in Texas. He sent me his death certificate. He said the real George Floyd died three years ago, and the person whoever he is in Minneapolis was an actor and the other two policemen were also crisis actors and he sent me a video showing that they were also involved in Sandy Hook too, so it seems to be a state setup.

SP: Wasn’t that a very brave courageous thing of that attorney to do that? Why would he do that?

TM: Uh he… I saw his Facebook post, and he said I’m tired of these lies, and I want the truth out, and so I said well I can do something about that if you want me to, and so he sent me all these documents.

SP: [overtalk] Sorry Ted didn’t mean to be rude and talk over you. It hasn’t unfortunately got any traction though has it, because it’s not being covered anywhere at the moment.

TM: It was covered on my show a couple weeks ago, but then I got that call a week later.

SP: Yeah.

TM: For censorship, so I don’t… he was a court appointed attorney. The guy was a former football player. He got on hard times, ended up in a hospital. He was at his bedside he said when he died, and he even told me where he’s buried too. And a friend of mine knows his gravesite, so I’ve asked her to send me the pictures, so I’ll send them to you.

SP: You’ll find that’s been bulldozed.

TM: So there won’t be anybody there anymore. But then you’ve got to ask yourself, you know, in all due respect to his family, and I’m not saying that this is true or not, but his family in Minneapolis has, the last time I checked, has collected twelve-and-a-half million dollars in bereavement, in donations from bereavement. Now a good question to ask is I don’t know whether this is true or not, but if it’s not the right George Floyd family then that’s a scam. The whole thing’s a scam. You know, and a lot of people have been rioting and dying because of the scam.

SP: Absolutely. I’m sure it’s been split 50/50 between some of the Democrats who’ve organized it, and those who put their faces up for it. I’m absolutely positive of that.

TM: Yeah, yeah. So you know, I think you have to remember to that not everything is what it says, what it is actually. You have to look beyond that, and I also trust my guides and angels too. If they tell me something’s false, well I go with that, you know.

SP: Yes.

TM: So you know, I don’t mean disrespect to anybody. I’m just saying what the information I’ve got, and if anybody wants…

SP: If a legitimate lawyer, you know, is prepared to say that, I mean that guy is throwing away his career. He’s throwing away the rest of his life, but he’s reached the point maybe where he can’t sleep at night, and maybe that’s the point. He wants to be open and honest.

TM: Right, right. Well I talked about it. He gave me the information. I shared it on the airwaves, and then I invited him on and he disappeared on me.

SP: Yeah, well he probably, he had a knock on the door didn’t he?

TM: Probably did, but I kind of let it go since then.

SP: Yes.

TM: I figured I’d just let it play out, but people should be aware everything is not as it seems. Now the other interesting thing, messages I got and I wanted to share it with you and we can talk about it freely here.

SP: Okay.

TM: Is that the negatives are planning three more events this year. I’m reluctant to talk about it because I don’t want to put any energy to it, and I hope they don’t happen but I think people should be aware of it. The first would be involving some sort of incident at a Muslim mosque probably in the South with fake crisis actors with Trump for President bumper stickers on the back of their vehicles, where they have some sort of incident and somebody gets hurt. That’s the first thing. A second thing would be involving Hispanics in this country, and a third thing would be the release of a new more harmful virus in the fall, probably around mid-September. I don’t look at them as necessarily happening but perhaps people… I haven’t mentioned this before, and I wanted to mention it to you to know if you’ve heard of anything like that.

SP: We’ve certainly heard of the virus. The dates I’ve been given for it are from mid-August into September. So maybe…

TM: I was given September 12th, the day after September 11th.

SP: Okay. I haven’t been given the dates. All we’ve got is from mid-August through September.

TM: Okay.

SP: But that exactly falls in with what you’re doing there.

TM: Right.

SP: Hispanics generally vote for the Democrats but most times some of them voted for Trump, so I can understand why they would try and do that, and clearly the fake Muslim attack is purely and simply just another race card being played.

TM: Right, right, right.

SP: But I think the weakness of their attack, five years ago we would have expected a nuclear explosion.

TM: Sure.

SP: A kinetic bomb.

TM: Sure.

SP: So the level of their capability oddly enough has been sizably curtailed, sizably reduced. They are absolutely totally fixated on preventing Trump being reelected. That’s what this is all about. It’s all about preventing him from winning another term of office. We just have to wait and see how it will go.

TM: And if I express support for Trump on my station I get censored.

SP: I know. It just shows you doesn’t it.

TM: Um-hum. So what can I say, you know, I mean… but I think we’ll get through this. I think that the Constitution is there for a reason.

SP: Yeah.

TM: And I think a lot of people are waking up. I don’t think they’re able to turn it. I don’t think they’ll be able to change the tide myself.

SP: You see we haven’t got any overt evidence for it, but we can only talk about what we know and what we reasonably know. You know had Hillary Clinton been elected I truly genuinely believe that the military would have come out in the streets. I absolutely believe that, regular troops, not because the Republican party put them there, but because the generals decided that the Constitution was under threat. Now if President Trump loses this election, and loses it unfairly through scamming or manipulation, I think you can expect to see the troops out there, I really do. So we’ll see how it plays out.

TM: Sure, sure. Mail-in ballots have a lot of, there’s a lot of opportunity for fraud.

SP: Yeah.

TM: And we have mail-in ballots here in Washington state. I’ve never felt comfortable with it. Governor Newsom in California just ordered, signed an executive order for mail-in ballots in California, but he’s also being recalled now too, and there’s a lot of people signing signatures. I don’t think he’s going to make it personally. I don’t know.

SP: Is it because of all the rules he’s put in the last three months? Is that why they are recalling him?

TM: Yeah, he’s shut down businesses and kept many communities in California to the point of bankruptcy, and people are getting sick of it. There’s a lot of communities just opening up and saying arrest us, kind of thinking, you know, churches having services, and they say something like well this is our First Amendment right to have freedom of religion, to worship God.

SP: That actually is, that is what it’s there for.

TM: Yeah, exactly. Exactly, exactly, so it’s up to us to make a difference and make things better, so it’s not easy, but you know, you just do what you can basically.

SP: Yeah. Well it will be very interesting won’t it, to see what happens if enough votes are pulled in to call that recall.

TM: Yeah, yeah. How are things, I have to ask you Simon. I didn’t tell you this but I got an email two or three weeks ago out of the blue from, it’s a BBC article on the 5G thing, and they were talking disparagingly about the bioshield and about you, and I wrote them back and I said this is a bunch of nonsense. How did you get my name? Why are you sending me this? If you think this one little article will change my mind about bioshield and Simon, forget it. So I didn’t hear from them again, but I don’t know. How’s that going by the way?

SP: So because in the alternative or truthful industry, the BBC is not trusted, so when they come out and say something, everybody does the opposite.

TM: Right.

SP: So, you know, it’ll do me good, and the more the BBC talk to me like that then better for me so that’s fine.

TM: Right, right, right. I have to ask you, we have a bunch of questions and I know that there’s…

SP: Come on let’s do it.

TM: …what we’ve got here. Maybe the next time we can bring it. They asked, the question came in also about your post about the, I’ve got two computers here and I’ve got a bunch of stuff on my other screen, that’s why I’m looking away, but the lightning that struck the Washington Monument took the form of a large Reptilian eye.

SP: Yes it did.

TM: I got several emails about that to ask you about that. Do you think that was a sign I guess?

SP: Yeah it was and some people unfortunately misinterpreted it. They thought it was the letter Q. I can see how they would think that.

TM: Right.

SP: But it’s not the letter Q. It is a Reptilian eye.

TM: Um-hum. How interesting.

SP: And that’s actually coming from the bad guys.

TM: I see.

SP: Bad guys sending a threat and a warning to the stone that’s considered the monument, the national monument, so it’s a threat against President Trump.

TM: Okay interesting. Okay, thank you for sharing that. Now to be honest Simon I had that one conference this morning in Mexico to do and then my show yesterday and then today, so I… but coffee is a wonderful stimulus, so I’ve been drinking lots of coffee, but I haven’t been able to read fully this article on your post that says “Trump Does the Unthinkable,” by Liz Crokin. Could you go over that briefly? It’s a long article, but…

SP: Yeah I think I would just recommend people go to my website, and have a look at that.

TM: Okay.

SP: This is a journalist. The dogs barking by the way Ted are not dogs barking in this house. They’re outside on the sidewalk.

TM: Okay.

SP: This is a journalist who was asked to do the dirty on Trump, but actually when she looked into it he was actually an incredibly good guy, and she had all the lists over the years, all the great things he’d done. He’d given money to people. He’d heard that someone was, you know, down on their luck or they’d lost their job or something and he just literally sent them checks through the post. There were a couple of occasions where there was a kid who was sick and he provided his own private airplane to fly this sick kid to a hospital. So I thought it was nice that we would just put that out there because the established media are not going to do it, and it was just a list from a journalist of all the things that Trump had done, which he didn’t have to do.

TM: Right.

SP: He did it anonymously you see. He didn’t do it and then go on his TV show and blow a trumpet, and because she was a journalist she had access to the information, so it’s literally about that, so people g3rdo on you can have a look at that. It’s really quite fascinating how that man, President Trump, has helped people in a really humane way.

TM: Well I have to add this. This is a post I saw early this morning just before I got online for my conference in Mexico, that there was a very sensitive Twitter post that President Trump tried to post expressing condolences for the George Floyd family and for blacks fighting racism in the states. It was a good post. Then I saw… that was the first post. Then the second post I see Twitter has taken it off. They don’t want anything from that from the Trump campaign going out that people know that he’s sensitive to racial issues, and I thought that was kind of unfair to do that so…

SP: Well you see this is what I meant Ted when I said that I made a misjudgment. I thought this battle, I don’t think people perhaps fully understand what I’m trying to say. That’s because I’m not being clear. I thought this battle was coming next year. The battle that we’re talking about is the final battle. It’s the final battle for the mouthpiece of the control system, and so what’s happened is that these people have decided they want the fight this side of November the 3rd and not afterwards, and so what we’ve got is a very strong buildup now between the two sides for the hearts and minds of the American people.

TM: I see, interesting, interesting. Well I think most people when they realize Simon that the media is controlled, that President Trump can’t make his posts expressing condolences to black people and racism. He’s against racism in the states.

SP: Sure.

TM: That people will start asking questions as to why are they doing that, you know.

SP: Yeah they will because it’s the same way as they should ask the question why did the Ted Mahr show get kicked out of one state and you have to go to another. What did Ted Mahr do that was illegal? Oh, he didn’t do anything illegal. He just said something that somebody didn’t like, so what that does is it makes the people question the values of these people who are making the judgment calls, and American people are very fair generally I find, and they like to give everyone a chance. They may not like what people have to say, but they give people a chance, and they won’t like it that the president of the United States is being prevented from speaking to them. Now that’s the point, because Twitter and other forms are the way that the President likes to talk to the American people. Now who in the name of God, and I mean that deliberately, who in the name of God has the right to say that the president can’t speak to the people of America? Who are these people who can come in and say we’re not going to let you hear that. That’s dangerous, and I think most American people, regardless of what they vote, would not be happy with a private company—that’s what it is—a private company telling the elected leader of the United States who he can and cannot speak to. Now that’s the battle I’m talking about between corporate America and the people through the people’s president.

TM: Sure. Well that makes perfect sense actually, and why… and that’s a good question, and I think most people can see through that actually, you know.

SP: I hope so Ted. I hope so. I hope people will, you know, it might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, because, you know, President Trump has hundreds of thousands of people following him on Twitter, and that means every time that he’s censored from speaking, those people will be aware that he’s being prevented from speaking.

TM: Sure, sure.

SP: That will actually do him more good than harm.

TM: I will never forget the time I had spent the summer of 1979 at the London School of Economics studying law there.

SP: Oh LSC, yeah.

TM: LSC, fun time. Well I pick up a paper at Heathrow on the way back to Seattle on an old Pan Am flight, and I grab the paper and I get on the plane and I’m reading it and it says AIDS was created in a U.S. laboratory by the U.S. government. That’s the front page and all these sites and everything. I get back to the states. I’m in Seattle and none of it is reported, nothing, and I show my… this is before the internet, I said look at this paper. I just came from England. This is what they’re reading in Europe right now. Nothing here. Nothing on the news, everything’s controlled, so that was one of my first instances where I realized something was wrong with this picture, and they were controlling the news so…

SP: I, it wasn’t ’79. It would have been ’81 or ’82 in my place of work. I remember we were talking about it, and how AIDS was made in a laboratory in the U.S., so in London anyway where I worked at the time, it was an open discussion, and so it is interesting. I don’t think that would be the case today. I think that the control system in Britain now is as bad as it is in America in some respects. I don’t think that those sorts of discussions would be allowed anymore, and this is what I keep coming back to. There is a fundamental battle now between the forces of good and the forces of not so good for the hearts and minds of the English-speaking world.

TM: Right.

SP: That’s what’s being played out now, and it’s in our lifetime.

TM: Yeah, yeah, it’s amazing. I wanted to ask you about this whole movement to defund the police. I know in Seattle the Seattle mayor has said she wants to defund the police. The New York mayor, Bill De Blasio has pledged to defund the police in New York. If you don’t have the police, what’ve you got left? You’ve got the mafia. What do you do, pay protection money to gangs to protect you?

SP: New York should be very happy with its history of the mafia. I mean come on, I mean the point was that in those days it was all not totally underground, but a lot of it was underground, and like you say, what are you offering voters? What are you offering people? Are you offering them a world where there will be no police? My argument would be that’s fine as long as the money that they would normally raise in taxes to pay for the police, that would have to be given back to people because if there’s no police, or there’s a reduction, then they should pay less taxes, so let’s see if that happens. But on a serious note, I cannot believe in a big city that the public are going to vote for any administration that would mean that their children, their wives, their brothers, their husbands, their businesses could be less well protected because they haven’t even thought about this and I’m just gonna throw it out to you Ted. Let’s say you’ve got a business, a [winery], you’ve got a business and the local governor defunds the police. What they haven’t thought about is all of the insurance companies are then going to come to those businesses and say we want a 50 percent increase because the likelihood of a police officer, a cop, turning up to catch anybody stealing from your shop is zero. So it’s very likely, so you’re going to have to pay us 50 percent more. So all the insurances for any public event or action is gonna have to be much more expensive, but these people haven’t thought it through. It’s a vote loser. From the elite, the evil point of view, they think it’s great. The reality is the silent majority, they don’t want that. They want to live in peace. So, you know, it’s not a vote winner for the evil mob.

TM: Yeah, yeah, amazing. Well what about, I’ve heard stories about Minneapolis. I’ve got clients in that area.

SP: Okay.

TM: A lot of businesses are moving out. Truckers now will not go into Minneapolis to deliver any supplies because the insurance companies won’t cover them. If there’s not going to be any police, they are not going to go in, so the whole thing is just going to implode upon itself.

SP: That’s exactly my point. And the point is that although they can stop the information coming out through the main news, people have got family. They’ve got friends and they [43:20][?frame it] and the business world in America is very tight knit. One trucker in Alaska will be talking in some point to a trucker in Hawaii, so that information will come across and by the time of the election on November 3rd, I think the choice is going to be very clear. What that choice will be I don’t know, but I think that by the time November comes along, I think people have made up their minds what they want. Do they want a lawless state? I mean you can’t even say you’re going back to the jolly old days of Tombstone because they’ll want to take away everybody’s guns.

TM: Right, right.

SP: So what do people want? Do they want this so-called free-and-easy society with no law, no rules, no regulations, where everyone just smashes each other’s windows and steals from each other, or actually do they want some form of law and order. That I think is going to be a big part of the election.

TM: I think what’s happened too Simon, I don’t know if it’s been like this there, but here especially, people are tired of being shut down and locked up. It’s like house arrest. And, maybe I’m wrong on this but I’ll throw it out, that just like the weekend of George Floyd’s, the incident of George Floyd in Minneapolis, that weekend were scheduled for protests up and down the West Coast and across the country against the shutdown in states like Oregon, California, Washington, and New York. They were going to be peaceful protests, but protests nevertheless, and we can do that under the First Amendment, but then the George Floyd incident happened. Everything was cancelled, and all the frustrations I think people had on the shutdown, I mean they’re tired of being home. That erupted with the help of vital demonstrators from Antifa, but that helped in these riots, so you have this [overtalk]

SP: Also, but Ted also Hillary Clinton was in giving her name and address…

TM: Oh okay.

SP: …wasn’t she at the same time.

TM: Yeah she was, yeah.

SP: So that again was designed deliberately to take the attention off it.

TM: Yeah.

SP: Because they didn’t want to even, I mean I think my understanding is she literally went in just to say not guilty and to give her name and address and details, and then…

TM: Oh that’s right. You’re right. That’s right, yeah.

SP: So that was designed also to take that off the top of the hot table.

TM: Um-hum. So no one knew about it and it was probably buried in the obituaries.

SP: The established media were never going to cover it.

TM: Right.

SP: But just in case anybody did, then they legitimately gave the main headline grabbing story. This is what they did.

TM: Right. Wow, amazing, amazing. Well it’s the same old shell game isn’t it?

SP: Yeah.

TM: I mean, you know, you get, it’s like a magician on a stage. You hold your hand up like this and behind your back they’re doing something else, and they don’t realize it.

SP: Yeah, except now I think what’s happening is that mirrors are being put around the back, and the audience now is beginning to see what’s playing behind the magician’s back.

TM: Sure.

SP: So I do think it’s unraveling for these people who have held sway for thousands of years, and the very fact that they are having to do this huge pantomime over the English-speaking world is because they are unsure and unused to the level of inquiry that is now being put toward them.

TM: Sure.

SP: So this is all about distraction because they don’t know how else to handle it, and I think there are a lot of very wealthy people who are frightened for themselves because they are beginning to realize that the island, shall we call it, that they have been on, that little desert island, is getting smaller and smaller, and that the jaws of humanity, you know, are coming closer and closer, so unfortunately it makes them more mad and more crazy, but it has to happen. It has to play out because humanity Ted must be offered these choices.

TM: Um-hum.

SP: If every day was wonderful, we would never have a choice and we would never learn from it, so we are being faced with this so that a percentage of us have the choice to see the truth and move forward.

TM: It’s like the contrast in the colors of the rainbow. You only know green when you see it in relation to yellow or blue or black or white or red or orange, and so it’s like this. You know when times are good when you can appreciate a country that has freedom in it and no censorship. That’s the whole point of the Constitution, and you don’t realize how valuable, you know, you often don’t how valuable you cherish something until it’s gone, and somebody tries to take it away from you.

SP: Well I think you’re, well I know you’re absolutely right, but just the mere threat of this change made Americans buy more guns over the period of March–April than ever have been bought before, and that shows I think that there’s a level of human psyche that is aware that there is problems around the corner, and I think that that massive American brain power will begin to see the truth, and talking about rainbows, your curtains, your drapes behind you are almost a rainbow anyway aren’t they?

TM: They are from Peru, from Cusco actually, and they’re hiding my refrigerator and I figured it’d be more fun to have that up than see my laundry list of what I need to buy at the store next time, so I…

SP: I think it’s fantastic, beautiful, vibrant colors, and it’s brought the coast of South America to your room.

TM: Oh well thank you. Thank you Simon, thank you. I…

SP: I think we must be near our time now Ted.

TM: Yeah we’ve got about 100 seconds left.

SP: Wow. We don’t have Eric anymore to tell me the time’s running out. I’ll miss him because he was always the one to say you’re running out of time.

TM: Yes.

SP: Maybe one day I’ll hear Eric’s voice once again.

TM: Yes I could ask him if I can have you on. I’d love to have you on again in Seattle. That’d be fun.

SP: Well we could only talk about certain things Ted.

TM: Right, right. We could talk about the weather if you want.

SP: Yes let’s do that, and cartoons, we love cartoons. We’ll do that.

TM: Yes, yes, absolutely. That would be fun. That would be fun.

SP: It’d be a real challenge to see if we could just not talk about the truth for awhile.

TM: Yeah, yeah, well it would be a challenge wouldn’t it Simon.

SP: It’s wonderful to see you on your new show.

TM: Thank you.

SP: It will only get bigger and it will expand and you know, Seattle’s lost is everyone else’s gain.

TM: Okay, thank you so much Simon for saying that. I really appreciate it.

SP: I’ll always support you because, you know, you came here to talk the truth, and nobody is going to blackmail you Ted.

TM: Thank you. Thank you my friend. I appreciate that. Take care my friend. Have a good day. Thank you Simon.

SP: Bye-bye.

TM: Bye-bye, cheers, bye-bye. Well friends thank you so much for listening to my first live show from the San Francisco Bay area on the bbsradio. This has been so much fun. I’ll be broadcasting now every Saturday from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon, and I hope everyone has a really happy and wonderful day. Thank you so much again for tuning in to my show today. Thank you so much.

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