"Out of This World Radio 1150 AM" with Ted Mahr, June 6th, 2020

with Ted Mahr auf Out Of This World Radio 1150 AM in Bellevue/Washington

George Soros is funding Antifa, who is organizing and bussing people to various locations to cause mayhem and havoc throughout America; Acme Brick Company with investors like Warren Buffett, George Soros and Bill Gates supplied bricks for rioters to throw; it’s possible local governments have been bought off or are allied with George Soros and want to see continuous violence, so they can manipulate people into blaming President Trump to influence upcoming election; hypothesis put out that the protests and riots are a distraction to prevent reporting of Hillary Clinton being called to court; America is in the final make-or-break battle for hearts and minds of people; mainstream media is the true enemy of the American people; Governor Inslee is using virus shutdown to install 5G and start a “track and trace” program; do you think enough people will be awake by November 3rd to make the right voting decision; Bill Gates, Jay Inslee, and WHO said a second wave of virus may be released in September; two dates to watch are 9/12 and 12/9; Texas attorney says George Floyd died three years ago in his presence; why didn’t EMTs check Floyd’s vital signs; is the twelve-and-a-half million dollar fund raised for George Floyd’s family really his family; tight control the Cabal has over much of America means they can stage fake events like this with impunity; the Cabal’s last card to play is to use mail-in votes to cheat on election day; it has been suggested that forced vaccination with nanochip might actually function as a kill switch; why has the Seal of the Queen been removed from Buckingham Palace.

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