Update June 2nd, 2020

Protests, rioting, looting, insurrection going on in the U.S. is yet another attempt to remove President Trump and leave America in shambles; Cabal is attacking anyone or anything that questions their plans of forced vaccinations and 5G in the UK; European Union backs censoring of President Trump; pivotal time in U.S., because many state governors are Cabal-controlled and won’t provide protection for their citizens; insurgents paid by George Soros and organized by Antifa are being recruited to smash and burn throughout America, which if continues, could bring about martial law; same people, who planned the virus lockdown, also orchestrated this violent event; it’s possible, that the forced vaccine coming from a certain source and acted upon by 5G, will have quite an intolerable effect; China has taken over Hong Kong 27 years early; we are not in a free society any longer, so this is the final battle and a pivotal moment for humanity.

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