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Friday, May 15, 2020

Is England still in lockdown, or are they beginning to open up; "Track and Trace Orders" and forcible detention legislation is in the works; lawsuits arising in various states because of implementation of overreaching rules/laws violating the Constitutional rights of the people; Elon Musk is questioned after he dares open his Tesla factory in defiance of lockdown; Governor Brown issued an order saying no sit-down restaurant will ever be allowed again in Oregon; Robert F. Kennedy Jr. cites statistics stating there will be many more deaths from economic shutdown than the coronavirus; is story about sticker inside 5G box saying for COVID-19 fake or real; is the fact that Congress passed legislation pertaining to pandemic preparedness in 2019 evidence they knew beforehand of planned release of the virus; the release of COVID-19 has caused a speeding up of humanity’s ascension; Malta’s ambassador, Michael Zammit, accuses Angela Merkel of fulfilling Hitler’s dream of controlling Europe and then resigns; if vaccine is developed by end of year in U.S. will it be safe and/or effective; will the vaccine be mandatory; what is the real purpose behind the mask; was the Canadian helicopter crash related to Trudeau’s mandatory vaccination announcement; what’s with Kim Jong-un; was the 2012 London Olympics ceremony featuring a dancing medical scene the cabal telling us a virus would be released; Pentagon releases video of UFOs without debunking it; Is JFK Jr. still alive and planning to resurface; why is President Trump allowing Fauci to play a role in managing COVID-19 outbreak; if all goes well Simon plans to relocate to the U.S. for an extended time.


Ted Mahr: Now I’d like to bring on my friend Simon from England. Simon, how are you feeling today?

Simon Parkes: Hello Ted, I’m fine. I’m very pleased to be on our radio show.

TM: Oh good, yeah it’s so good to have you here. I have to ask you. I’ve had several questions. What are things like in England now? Are they still locked down or is there any, are there plans to open up the country again soon?

SP: There has been a reduction or a relaxation. The problem I think because British people, you know, we live on an island, and so we are a little bit different from the Europeans. We are more like Americans in many ways. We are not at all like most of the Europeans, and although we’ve got a relaxation, it’s still very difficult, and as a result of that I think that, you know, if we didn’t have what we call the National Health Service, that is our medical service, which of course we get free, if we didn’t have that under huge commitment we have for all the doctors and nurses, I think that we would have had a lot of demonstrations, but the way that the British people are seeing things is that if they go out and take the risk and get killed, they’d put more strain on the hospital, and because of course our hospitals are not private, they are paid for by the state, everyone’s very conscious that they want to try and keep that going, so British people, generally speaking are taking it very well, but predominantly for the hospitals. For instance, at 8:00 o’clock every Thursday evening, people are encouraged to go out and clap, or do something, play a musical instrument, something just for one minute to signify their support for the National Health Service, so a very different culture here.

TM: Well sounds, that’s good that people are getting together. You know, I think it’s time, if you’d ask me last year Simon whether I would think anything like this would happen, I would say how could it ever, anything like this happen, but it has happened, but it has brought out, even though it’s been hard on many people around the world, it has brought out a time for people to spend more time with their children and family, and as well as a time for reflection and an ability to help one another. Have you seen a lot of more people helping each other there in your home country there in England?

SP. I tell you what we have seen and you guys will have seen it as well on YouTube, people being more family oriented, doing things that are more fun and sharing a little snippet of their life, what they’ve been doing, and I think that for many people what this has done is forced them to reevaluate, not just their lives, but the whole value of the system. In other words, you know, what is more important, you know, a motorcar, your cell phone or something to eat. Now I know that is pretty dramatic, but the reality is that the situation like this makes people really think about what’s important in their life. So I don’t think that the human race will be the same when we come out of this and we will. I think that the lesson has been very valuable and I think people will change for the better.

TM: Um-hum. I was talking to President Kennedy in meditation two weeks ago Simon, and he said that the whole planet now is getting much more like a ball of light. It’s like before this virus thing occurred he said it was about 60–65 percent light, and now it’s like 80 percent, so that’s a tremendous increase, and it signals that we are going to be shifting into the higher dimension even sooner than we thought.

SP: Yes I think the virus in itself hasn’t caused it, but the reaction to it has sped up development.

TM: Right, right, exactly, exactly. I don’t know, I have to run this by you. I’ve had several questions about it, both here in the Washington state, the Seattle area, as well as nationally. There have been attempts to do what is called "Track and Trace Orders." There has been a bill. I’m sure you’ve heard of it, called the HR bill with 666 [H.R.6666]. Of course 666 in the Bible is the Mark of the Beast, and it’s been introduced in the House of Representatives as a way to track and trace people. Our own governor here, Governor Inslee in Washington state has already instituted a Track and Trace Order starting on Tuesday, in which case he has the national guard going from house to house with the authority to take children and people out of their homes into forcible detention. Of course this violates the Washington and U.S. Constitutions as well as 150 years of statutory protections against such government actions. Have you heard much about that and I would love your opinion on it.

SP: Well I think any religious person regardless of their faith will resist this, because the number 666 relates directly to the followup of the Book of Revelation and is the Mark of the Beast. Anybody of any religious persuasion will resist this. I think that whilst I’m not advocating civil war, I’m not advocating civil war, if people turn up on the doorstep to take someone’s children away there will be a confrontation, and the governor obviously doesn’t want to be reelected next time around. Politicians generally, the governors and the lieutenant governors generals tend to do things which mean they have a chance of being reelected. But sometimes these governors are so blackmailed or under the control of another organization that they will do things that are political suicide. So clearly the governor does not wish to be reelected. He wants to set himself on a collision course with the people, and regardless of whether you’re religious or not, if someone turns up on your doorstep and says I’m taking the children off you, you know, and then you retreat into the house, they come in, then you can claim home invasion. That will be very interesting to see how it plays out for the next ten years.

TM: Oh yeah, absolutely. Governor Inslee here in Washington state issued an executive order on March 25, 2020 for the shutdown and for authorizing this track and trace order. The order expired actually, on March 25th, the order expired on April 25th, and under the stature RCW Section 43.200.020(4), these orders can only last 30 days, and after April 24th he has now been operating without any legal authority to track and trace people or to continue to shut the state down. Oregon, which is next door, their governor was sued by a bunch of people I think it was last week for violating the same kind of Constitutional provisions in the Oregon Constitution, so far no lawsuits, I think there are several lawsuits against Inslee now going through the Federal and State Courts, but it’s going to be interesting to see how things play out.

SP: Well I, you know, I try not to be overly political, but you can’t help it here. The situation is quite clear that a whole bunch of governors following some sort of socialist, leftist, almost communist agenda, and of course have got an election year, so I don’t understand why a political party will do this when they know there’s an election coming up. They clearly don’t want to be elected, and it’s very stark in America. You’ve got the president who says, you know, we need to get back to work. We need to open things up.

TM: Right.

SP: And we can’t go on like this, you know, we need an economy to pay people’s jobs. And then you’ve got these governors, you know, doing very nicely, thank you very much indeed, totally out of touch. As a person in Britain looking into America, I’m just completely confused by it all frankly.

TM: Well I’m confused too. I know that on May 2nd President Trump issued a Tweet where he wanted to open up America and ordered many federal agencies to open to the public. What’s interesting is that many federal offices here in the state of Washington in the Seattle area are still completely closed, and you have to ask yourself, I know I did some checking whether they follow the orders of President Trump as a federal employee or of the state government, which has ordered this shutdown, but it’s going to bring up some interesting questions certainly, and so it’s the most exciting show in the universe right now I think.

SP: Right. You might find that the employees come under the federal legislation, but the building they operate out of might belong to the governor or control the governor. So the governor says I’m keeping the building locked, but it doesn’t matter if the employees are operating under federal law, they can’t get in, so there’s one possibility. The other possibility I’m afraid, Washington state, where you are is one of the biggest Cabalistic states in the whole of the United States. Some years ago, Seattle, the only city any city in the United States that did ride along with FEMA guards were riding along with the regular cops. And so when there was a [17:37][overtalk], then you would get a regular cop and a FEMA guy turn up, and the only difference between them was the badge on the left shoulder. Now that was a number of years ago and Seattle, that area I’m afraid, it needs a cleanout. It absolutely needs an earth mover. It needs a bulldozer right through the middle of it.

TM: Well this is a well-known fact, but Inslee’s daughter Emily Inslee works for Gates in Seattle, so anyway, well it’s an interesting place to live. I know from the [18:12][unintelligible] Gates himself lives only about two miles away on [18:15][?Riz zer] Island.

SP: Right well, you know, you’re there to put the light in.

TM: Thank you.

SP: We tend to go where we are needed.

TM: Right.

SP: While the bad people go where they feel at home, so it’s no coincidence that he’s there and there’s no coincidence that you’re there to fight against it.

TM: Well thank you, thank you Simon. That’s very very kind of you to say that. Along with that line you had a post on your website. I have a bunch of questions too, but I’m trying to pick out the most important. Elon Musk, that he was brought in for questioning and then an arrangement was reached between him and the white hats, and then suddenly he changed his tune, or he opened his factory and told Governor Newsom if you arrest anybody, arrest me. Have you heard anymore on that? That’s a fascinating story.

SP: Yeah, it’s not available anywhere else. That hasn’t to my knowledge, that news isn’t on any other truth website anywhere on the planet. I think I put it in brackets, when I said he was brought in for questioning. I used those words because that tells the audience what the situation is. The reality was that he was spoken to out in the open. So he wasn’t brought in to a police station, he was spoken and within an outside environment. This all goes back to Jeffrey Epstein, so the information that Jeffrey Epstein’s provided, some of that has been very helpful in talking to Elon Musk to get him to decide that, you know, he’s probably better to be this side of the railroad tracks than the other. And so I don’t think you’d call these latest, it’s rather amusingly I think it’s something along the lines of people who want to keep America locked up need to be strung up. He’s become an excellent excellent effort for the course of life. His company knows the way it’s going and he’s, you know, singing and playing a different tune.

TM: Wow, that’s wonderful. Well people can change. Everybody makes mistakes and I’m so glad that he’s making some good decisions now. There’s a couple of news stories. There’s one in particular I have to tell you. It came out last week or the week before. Oregon’s Governor Brown issued an order saying that no one, no sit-down restaurant would ever be allowed ever again within the state of Oregon, never allowed, and your reaction to that Simon, any comments on that?

SP: Oh there’s another one who doesn’t want to be reelected. Honestly, you know, you can’t in the number one country in the world, and I’m not being disrespectful to the country. This is the reality, the number one country you cannot say to, you know, you guys have got a Constitution. Never forget that. You can’t with people who have a Constitution. Hey you’ve got a business and you must [21:32][?run] this business, but by the way I’m going to destroy your business because I’m not going to let you have a sit-down service. Who is he to tell small family businesses who’ve been maybe going for many odd years that they, that they’re broke?

TM: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

SP: It just shows, and I’m glad this is coming out, because you know what, people are gonna have a vote this year, and they’ll remember those people who try to support them and they will remember those who did not. And they’ll use the cross or whatever’s on the machine. They’ll vote, so clearly that man doesn’t want to be reelected. He’s obviously decided that it’s too hot for him, he’s gotta go.

TM: Yeah, yeah. Well I wanted to run this comment by you from Robert F. Kennedy. He was on my show a week ago, and he said that for every one-tenth of a percentage point in unemployment that rises Simon, there’s four thousand deaths, and it’s usually from social isolation, alcoholism, domestic violence, all kinds of things. These are statistics that he quoted himself from the CDC Centers for Disease Control in the states, and so the unemployment rate in the United States was 3.5 percent Simon before the virus hit and now it’s something like 35 percent, and he said using the government’s own statistics that the number of people dying from the shutdown, the economic shutdown alone was something approximately 1.1 million people here in the United States, and he compared that with the number of corona deaths allegedly, it’s about sixty thousand give or take. It’s hard to know whether they’re correct. They do inflate the numbers, but it’s something with sixty-odd thousand people corona to two-hundred thousand. That would be something like a twenty times increase for the shutdown.

SP: Well I don’t want to take anything away from the Kennedy family, but if you look back, President Trump three weeks ago was making a point that, I think he was using the word depression, or mental anxiety. He was saying, you know, there would be issues. There would be issues of family violence, you know, so he was one of the first, shall we say, leaders to actually begin and try to put points across that, you know, it’s not just about the virus.

TM: Sure, and that’s good. That’s good. That’s good. Finally there was a video that just came out a few days ago. If you like I can send it to you later Simon. It says that there was a repairman in the UK somewhere and he’s installing 5G, and he opens up this box, the whole thing’s filmed, and inside this 5G box Simon was a sticker that said for COVID-19, sticker 19. And, he said he didn’t make this up. It was there. It is hard to tell whether it’s fake or not but I wanted to run that by you.

SP: I have no knowledge of that at all.

TM: Okay.

SP: No, I don’t know.

TM: Okay, okay. There was something else interesting that Paul in Seattle wanted me to ask you about. In, I’ve got the specifics here. There were two bills introduced last year in the U.S. Congress. One was H.R.269, the Pandemic Preparedness Act, and then another, that was in January 2019, and the second one was Senate Bill S. 1379, the Pandemic Innovation Act of 2019. They were both introduced about preparing the country for a pandemic from the virus along with other things, and it was signed into law too, and you have to ask yourself did these Congressmen, is there evidence from what you know that people in Congress actually knew about this virus before it happened?

SP: Very very few of them. The virus was always planned to be released probably between nine months and twelve months before it happened. The decision was taken to do it. The bills through the house is just a smokescreen. The reality was to try to get traction for vaccines, for inoculations. That’s the whole point of that. It wasn’t so much a war game to see how things worked out because the bad boys have already done that. So absolutely the virus was planned between nine months and twelve months, but as I’ve said before it was never, regardless of what other people say, it was not designed to be released in China. That was a mistake from their point. The virus was supposed to have been smuggled out of China and released in America. We think probably New York, so the governor in New York would have been in a bit of a shock. So we believe that the virus was planned to be sneaked out of China and released in America, but the timing was about, I don’t know, about four weeks earlier than they planned to release it.

TM: Interesting. Okay thank you so much for sharing that. We’ve had lots of questions. I’m trying to pick out… here’s one. This is from Wes and I’m not sure where Wes is. He might be in the states, I’m not sure. He said some time ago you and Simon spoke about the events and how this time in our history would effect the future for the next 100 or 1000 years. How are you looking at things now Simon? I mean it’s been, a lot of things, so many things are going on it’s hard for me to keep up, but what, from what your perspective, how does the future look?

SP: When great events present themselves, the events in themselves, the events in themselves are not important. What’s important is how the majority of humanity responds to it. So if you take a planet like Earth with its populations and then you hit it with a series of very shocking events, the way that that community responds will dictate how humanity or whichever group it is, in our case humanity, how humanity will shape its own future. Now we didn’t get the dirty bomb. We didn’t get that side of it. We got the virus.

TM: Right.

SP: The governments of the world generally, generally have leaned toward the cabal, so they generally done what the cabal wanted. However, the human spirit was not affected in the way that the cabal expected. What I see is a quickening up of the development of humanity, so far from slowing it down, or derailing it, actually what’s happened is that the timeline for humans to throw off the prison if you like is actually shortened.

TM: Hum, fascinating. That’s the same message that I got too. Yeah, that’s the same message I got like yesterday, the same message that everything’s been speeded up.

SP: Good.

TM: Yeah, and that’s one of the reasons why I’m having an ascension show at Mt. Shasta on July 4th, Independence Day, because if things go according to what they tell me Shasta will be in the 5th dimension, so I’ll be broadcasting from the 5th dimension for my 3rd dimensional radio show. So hopefully it’ll work okay.

SP: Swell.

TM: Anyway you had a fascinating article from a fellow named Michael Zammit, Malta’s ambassador, who called the German leader Merkel a person who fulfilled Hitler’s dreams to control Europe.

SP: Yes.

TM: I’d love your opinion on that. I read the article and went through it.

SP: Okay. Well in case some of your audience don’t pick that one up, this ambassador just literally tweeted out, some messages out, saying that Angela Merkel had achieved what Adolf Hitler had not achieved in the sense that Germany was now the master of Europe.

TM: Right, well.

SP: He was referring to the economic and political control, not the military control, and he likened Angela Merkel to Hitler, and then before anybody sacked him, he just promptly resigned. Now two points here. The first point is he clearly understands the genetic connection that most people don’t understand between Angela Merkel. But he also understands that Germany under the cabal, which it is controlled at the moment, wants to dominate Europe, not militarily, but economically and then start putting the pressure on. Now I’ll just quickly finish by saying the whole point about this European Union was to help each other, sounds very good.

TM: Right.

SP: Then the virus hit. What did we see? We saw Germany and France keeping everything for themselves and basically telling others to go hang themselves, so much to the extent that both the Italian prime minister and the Spanish prime minister are on public record as saying that Europe has hung them out to dry. So this has fundamentally destroyed the confidence that the poorer countries like Spain and Italy have over the richer countries like Germany and France. It’s a fundamental change.

TM: Wow! Amazing, amazing. I’m getting additional questions in. I’ll get through them as quickly as possible. This is from Mark. He’s a doctor in Massachusetts and he writes thanks so much for your generous spirit Simon. Simon Connecting Consciousness is my source of truth and I appreciate your courage and insight. President Trump suggested today that a vaccine could likely be developed by the end of 2020 in the United States. If you endorse it, it’s probably safe, but as a United States physician I’m skeptical of anything produced this quickly could be safe and effective. Interested in your thoughts.

SP: Right. The British prime minister, bless him, is on record saying he does not believe there will be a vaccine in our lifetime.

TM: Um, um-hum.

SP: I think what you’ll find is two vaccines available, one from Mr. Gates and the Gates Foundation, and one from a completely different source. I also believe that as long as President Trump is the President of the United States any vaccine will be voluntary. If you have a different president I believe that the vaccine will be made mandatory. I have absolutely been told that President Trump will not sign into law mandatory vaccination, but I know that the other side, if they should win on November the 3rd, they will sign vaccines mandatory.

TM: There was a Facebook post I wanted to share with you this morning that I saw with, I think it was photoshopped, but I have to share it with you Simon. You’ll laugh. It’s a picture of Justin Trudeau in Canada with the Chinese flag behind him saying that he just issued an executive order to mandate vaccinations across Canada. Any new thoughts, that might be too new, I don’t…?

SP: I would be terribly surprised, although I do know for a fact that a number of these cabal-control countries have attempted to prevent arms, guns being bought. It’s interesting that a number of countries said that the gun shops should close, but in America, because he knew what was coming, President Trump said that gun shops were essential, and in fact the United States of America more guns have been sold over this period than any other time in your history, because American people I think understand something’s around the corner. Countries like Australia, Canada, it’s very difficult to get a gun at the moment. You know, they are more likely to try and push mandatory vaccines. They are more likely gonna turn up on your doorstep and try and take the children or your family, because they’ll think you’re not in a position to protect yourself. When the Founding Fathers created the Constitution and then the changes that you add to it, they were done for a reason. It’s almost as if those guys had a crystal ball and they [read] the future, and they said how do we stop a particular government or a part of a government or the state government becoming like a demigod? How do we do that? I know. We will give people the right to defend themselves.

TM: Right.

SP: So that’s where you are in America at the moment, and thank the Lord that you’ve got the Constitution, you’ve got the Second Amendment, because if you didn’t have the Second Amendment, I’d shudder to think what would be happening.

TM: Right, right. Well even this Governor Inslee here in Washington state has to obey what the courts tell him, so I think it’s… I don’t know how many lawsuits he’s got against him now. I expect more will be coming, and that’s good. It’s good for us to have the Constitution. It’s a guarantee, it’s the base of freedom for people here and it’s served us well all these years. Not to change the subject Simon, but I have gotten several questions about wearing the mask itself. One listener writes that even the best mask only has protection between two and ten microns and because the coronavirus has a diameter of something like 0.15 microns, in other words like 95 percent less, it can go right through a mask, so these masks are useless. They don’t work, and what they are doing though, however, is muzzling people psychologically. Kiko in San Jose has this comment for you. She said during the slavery of, during slavery times in the United States black people were forced to wear a mask because it showed two things. Number one, they didn’t have a voice, and number two that they were controlled by their owner or somebody else. Another, Carolyn in Olympia, Washington sent me another link to a site where it talked about wearing a mask. It said why you are wearing a mask? It’s called the pagan ritual of transformation, where if you enter into the church of Satan that they have these rituals to do and one of them is wearing a mask or a hood, so you mask your identity and you are no longer a loving person. Your emotions are cut off and so you can become like a thing that can be controlled. Anyway, they’ve got several questions on that for you.

SP: Okay let’s do what we can with them.

TM: Okay.

SP: I totally agree. I can’t argue against that, and I’ll give you some evidence. Think right back to the beginning of this outbreak. The very first thing the world leaders, the cabal leaders were told was don’t shake hands. That’s the whole point because the virus is spread by touch much more than anything else. Trust. They didn’t shake hands. That’s why don’t go out, bother with the mask, wear gloves. This is the point because the virus in the air is not lasting very long, but when it falls on to a cold surface, it can last many hours, so you’re much better protecting yourself by wearing gloves than a mask. You’re right about the mask. The only mask that works are those masks that the medical professionals have.

TM: Um-hum.

SP: The thin masks, the proper mask. Those ones do work. You know, why do you think they’re wearing face shields? You know they’ve got the plastic shield and they’re wearing the mask because they appreciate that the virus can make it through, so you’re better off wearing gloves and just keeping a reasonable distance away from people.

TM: Sure.

SP: That’s the first point. The second point, you’re absolutely right. That’s why, you know, people of a particular Satanic line will go round with those, wearing those hoods because it’s supposed to show that they don’t have an identity. They are all part of a hive mind. They’re all part of a connective club, and that they are not free thinkers. Now I’ll just quickly finish by saying it’s not all bad news.

TM: Right.

SP: Because in Britain people were concerned about getting on the public transport. You have to remember that in our country we run a bus network and a train network 24/7. In many many other countries they just run it through the peak hours. In America many services are just peak hours, but in Britain our culture is different, so you know, there are buses and trains running all the time. People were frightened to get on those buses and trains, so if they wear a mask, they are actually going back to work because they are putting the mask on during the train journey and taking the mask off and going to work, so in a way it’s become sort of a psychological prop, a psychological help, even though it probably doesn’t do much, it’s allowing people to come back out of their house, so it’s interesting in Britain. There were some surveys done. The government did some surveys and found that people were genuinely frightened to go on public transport. So it’s not mandatory, but it’s been suggested, hey listen if you’re gonna to go on a tube wear a mask.

TM: How interesting, interesting. You had, yeah, I’ve got another question from another listener. This is an old blog you had on your website, but it may be relevant to what Justin Trudeau has just done in Canada regarding the Canadian helicopter crash, where it, a helicopter from armed forces of Canada were taking part in NATO operations in the Mediterranean and it crashed off the coast of Greece. Do you think that is related to his vaccination announcement or not?

SP: No, it’s just, no, it’s got nothing to do with NATO at all. There’s nothing to do with vaccinations. It was to do with… the main operations are taking place on the mainland of the United States, not Hawaii, the mainland, and the only other foreign country of any significance was Italy, although there has been a small operation here in Great Britain, but the point is that Canada geographically is politically involved with the United States, and though the leader of that country is a cabal guy, there’s no question of it. The crash is to do with other operations that were taking place. What’s happening is that the cabal are now saying to their placemen, you’ve got to come out and do a cabal-type thing, because if you don’t then we’re going to come after you. So you’ve got a lot of people now in high positions doing [42:09][inaudible] which seem totally crazy, but they’re doing it because they’ve been told if they don’t, then the New World Order or the cabal or whatever you want to call them are going to come after them. Well I said this on my radio show and I’ll just repeat it because it’s very important to say.

TM: Sure, sure.

SP: That good people don’t kill you. Good people prosecute you through the courts. So if you are a guy in an organization, and the bad person comes to you and says we want you to do this, you do it mainly because you don’t want your wife killed or your children killed.

TM: Right.

SP: But if a good guy comes to you and says hey listen don’t follow them. Come and follow me, and they’ll say yeah but what can you do? You’re not going around and kill people. You can’t protect me forever, and this is the problem we’ve got. We’ve got these key leaders who are absolutely either blackmailed or mind controlled doing stuff simply because they are frightened of the other side. And that’s… now the other side is twisting the knife and so you’re gonna get these, and it’s good because it’s going to be in the public eye. You will be able to see now which side of the railroad lines these people really are.

TM: Um-hum. Well that’s a good point, and I hadn’t thought about that. That’s certainly true. This is a, this is a I’ve gotten questions from a couple of weeks ago but I think it’s worth asking, Kim Jong-un, any news on him? He’s sort of disappeared from sight hasn’t he?

SP: Yeah, he did have a medical problem.

TM: Okay.

SP: He did have a medical problem and he was removed to the eastern part of the country. There’s the resort. It sounds very grand, but a sort of a resort and spy satellites detected his special train that was there, and a cavalcade of cars which were parked, which were his. You have to understand that never mind the stuff that people talk about, that the real stuff [44:27][inaudible] I think you’ll find the license plate of these cars and they know he went off. He was ill. He had some minor surgery. It wasn’t life-threatening, minor surgery. He’s now back in circulation. Now when the South was asked about this, they played it very cool because to have said anything else probably would have promoted war.

TM: Sure.

SP: They’re very very touchy. The North is very touchy about their leaders, so it was never life and death. Unfortunately some of the over excitable media, you know, I made the point that he was missing. He certainly was. So it was not life and death.

TM: Sure, okay.

SP: He’s back now. He’s back in circulation.

TM: Okay, okay. Rebecca from the United States asks, here’s the question. Now I’ll give you a bit of background. In 2012 the London Olympics opening ceremony anticipated a pandemic including themes of medical dancing and her questions leads, it featured one of the segments a tribute to the National Health Service featured a stage filled with sick kids and hospital beds and opened theme music from “The Exorcist,” and she asks did negative forces tell us ahead of time in 2012 that they were going to release a virus on the planet?

SP: Yes, absolutely. The deep state, the cabal have to. It’s the universal law, have to tell people that in such a screwed up way that it is what they’re talking about, and what is interesting is that we had a medical professional in Great Britain many years ago called Florence Nightingale, and she was in what was called the Crimean War, so what you are referring to at the opening of the 2012 Olympics was a connection to Florence Nightingale. Now it’s no coincidence that the five or six emergency hospitals that have been built by the military in Britain are called Nightingale Hospitals. And it is, well what I would say is 99 percent of all the medical professionals haven’t a clue. They’re just told you’re doing this. You’re doing that. They’re not even part of this. They’re just [46:56][inaudible], but the people at the very top, yes the questioner is absolutely right. This was planned and organized, but they didn’t have a date for it. What I said was nine to twelve months ago, then they had the date, but it would go back five, six, seven, eight, ten years more. They always planned to do it, but they didn’t know when they would do it.

TM: There was also that book by Dean Koontz called, what was it called, Evil Eyes or Darkness, “Eyes of Darkness,” which it wrote about a virus being released from a lab in Wuhan, China and killing people, which was interesting, and that was back in ’841, of what, 25 years ago? I mean a while ago, so yeah.

SP: Well that in my opinion is not the Elite warning. That is set on psychic powers able to look into the future and see a timeline, and therefore write a book on it. I think that it’s a bit like Nostradamus, looking forward, seeing something and thinking I better put that into a book.

TM: Interesting, interesting. This was another post, old post but it’s worth talking about briefly, about how the Pentagon has released a video of UFOs, but they didn’t try to debunk them. Instead they pushed the line unidentifiable, which you wrote was a great leap forward toward disclosures.

SP: I was delighted, absolutely delighted. It’s the first time. I think it’s the first time in the history of the United States of America that the military or the government have not tried to sign off something. They’ve just, the very first time they’ve basically said we don’t know what it is. Now that’s a really big movement because always before it was either marsh gas, Venus, Mars, or you know, a jumbo jet or it could have even been Father Christmas. But now what they are saying is we just don’t know what it is, and that’s a big move, which means it’s not such a big move now to say not only do we not know what it is, but it’s not one of ours. So that will be the next thing to watch out for. The next statement will be it’s not one of ours, and then down the line it will be well, it’s something else, and so they are going to take us though stages of gentle disclosure, but again only if this president is in office. This president created the Space Force. He did so because he knows what’s going on, and he’s prepared to be a bit more honest. You get another president in and it will all just clam up again.

TM: Right, right, right. With that I have to tell you I get questions periodically to ask you whether JFK Jr. might still be alive and planning to resurface, or is that, Wes asks, or is that nonsense?

SP: That’s a really difficult question to answer. There is a real possibility, there’s a real possibility that if President Trump is reelected, and we just don’t know. We don’t know, but if President Trump is reelected, there is a real possibility that the next guy to run for President might be somebody who will be very interesting, put it to you like that. I personally would like to see Donald Trump’s son as a candidate as vice president, and you know, this guy that supposedly died all those years ago in a crash in the ocean… [overtalk].

TM: Sure.

SP: I’d like to see him running.

TM: Okay, okay, great. That would be amazing. That would be amazing Simon. Carolyn asks about Dr. Anthony, Tony Fauci, and it’s amazing all this stuff he’s done, bad things he’s done. He sent, committed 3.7 million dollars over six years from the National Institute of Health to the clinic in China, Wuhan, to develop this awful virus. Questions we’re getting, why do you think he’s still there with Trump? Is it a case, you know, of keep your friends close and your enemies closer?

SP: No, it’s a bit more positive than that. Absolutely in my opinion, so it’s only my opinion, but in my opinion he was absolutely very connected to Bill Gates and what we would call the cabal, and then something happened, and he decided that he would put some distance between himself and the New World Order, and that is why President Trump tolerates him. That’s why Trump, and that’s the right word. Tolerate is the right word. The guy is knowledgeable, there’s no question of it. He’s knowledgeable, but more importantly than his medical knowledge, he knows the other side. And President Trump, Trump is just going to work with him because this guy can talk about how the other side thinks. Now unfortunately things switch, and I did say to you that the deep state are sticking the knife in and they’re twisting it. Now what Fauci has just done the last few days is come out at a Senate Hearing and said some things the president didn’t like.

TM: Right.

SP: But this is directly in the same way that other world leaders are coming out because the cabal is now, you know, levering them. Now it’s difficult for Fauci because he’s trying to come away from the dark side. He’s trying to come away from the cabal. But they still got a lot of stuff on him, because listen if he hadn’t Trump would have gotten rid of him already. Trump would have sacked…

TM: Right.

SP: Trump doesn’t hang about. If he doesn’t like you he gets rid of you.

TM: Right.

SP: And the reason he is tolerating him is because this guy has turned from the dark side, but the dark side has still got their claws in him.

TM: I see.

SP: That’s what’s going on.

TM: I see. Okay, great. Great, Simon. We’ve got about a-minute-and-a-half left and I want to give you the rest of the time to wrap up your wonderful interview today and please feel free to talk about anything you like.

SP: Thank you, doesn’t your show go quickly.

TM: Yeah, it always does when you have fun.

SP: Yeah I did. I talked a little bit about I had hopes to be in the U.S. by now. That had been the plan, and you know, this virus situation has made it difficult. So the plan is now the fall, looking forward to coming over to the U.S. in the fall, and some people are misunderstanding. They think I’m sort of going on some sort of tour and gonna go around and then coming back. The point is that I won’t be coming back for awhile, so if everything works as we hope, you know, the plan is to relocate to the U.S. for a good few years.

TM: Wonderful.

SP: And then to come back to the old land to retire. So that’s the plan. Who knows what will happen, but I certainly want to be in the U.S. before November 3rd.

TM: Wonderful Simon. Well we wish you well my friend, and I’m so happy you could come on today. Thanks again for all your wonderful work, really appreciate it.

SP: God bless to the audience, thank you.

TM: Okay. Thank you Simon so much for coming on today. Have a beautiful day. Bye-bye, cheers.

[Simon Interview Ends 54:51, Hour One]

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