Update Recorded Saturday, April 4, 2020

with Rebecca Parkes

Mind controlled train engineer attempts to crash his train into a hospital ship; Robert F. Kennedy’s granddaughter and son have gone missing, maybe kidnapped, possibly to use as leverage against the underground base operations currently in progress; bases targeted are ones that are keeping children prisoners, mainly in U.S., Italy, and to a lesser extent in Britain; one biological weapon has been released, but there may be a second one yet to be released; it’s important to be connected to a spiritual group like CC to give and receive support if the situation gets dicey; probable loss of internet is a good wake-up call to find other ways to use our time; Simon feels there is no coincidence between the timing of the meditation with intent to take us to the fifth dimension and beginning of the white hat activity; BBC is creating folly over Simon’s statement that 5G weakens the immune system; discussion of importance of intent in the meditation that was done by CC and Becky’s description of her experience; is there a connection between the virus and 5G; are the coronavirus testing kits being used to collect our DNA; are the Australian military groups in line with the American military groups; is the panic that is creeping into citizen journalists and alt medical reporting during the lockdown worldwide; what role does Canada and its prime minister play in the black hats/white hats war; is there a way one can decline a mandatory vaccine and stay employed; will President Trump be able to prevent forced vaccinations; are off-planet races watching Earth; will there be a blackout in Germany and other European countries.

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