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Friday, April 3, 2020

U.S. operations to cut off Cabal drug supply and rescue children from DUMB bases is underway using cover of coronavirus lockdown; is there a correlation between the hospital ships and rescue of children; will the phones, internet, and power grid go down in the coming days; Robert F. Kennedy’s granddaughter and son were kidnapped; the coronavirus that was supposed to be released in America was to have two parts: (A) very infectious part, (B) very lethal part, but it made it to America before lethal part was added; are there plans to issue a new currency without the Fed; U.S. lawyer files twenty trillion dollar lawsuit against China for damage done to America by the virus; “The Eyes of Darkness,” a novel written by Koontz in the eighties has uncanny resemblance to the coronavirus reality we’re now facing; attack or accident that Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, Prime Minister Boris Johnson all test positive for coronavirus; Senator Rand Paul tests positive for virus after stating virus is a hoax, was he maybe intentionally infected; this virus is spread predominantly through touch; under cover of the virus many government officials are passing outrageous over-the-top regulations; did Chinese visitors spread the virus in Europe or did the black hats release another strain; did China want to use the virus on Hong Kong protestors; will Bill Gates succeed in restricting movement of unvaccinated people; did Bill Gates patent the coronavirus and is he mind controlled; what is the timeframe for this lockdown coming to an end; does President Trump use code words in his press conferences; way to tell if there has been disclosure is if the media changes its focus; Americans need to trust the office of the president.


Ted Mahr: And with that I’d like to bring on my friend Simon from England. Simon, how are you doing today?

Simon Parkes: Hello Ted, very well thank you.

TM: Oh good, oh good. What an amazing and crazy time to be alive. There’s so much going on. My goodness. Of course I’ve watched your videos and the updates. I can’t believe all the things that happening. On your April 2nd update you said that replace the “Covid virus” with the “satanic elite,” and the action is now being used to cut off the drug supply that feeds the satanic forces. I’d love some more on that. I also have a ton of questions from a lot of listeners too.

SP: Okay. In the good ole days it was the CIA that raised its money through drug dealing.

TM: Um-hum.

SP: When President Trump took over that was stopped by and large and the CIA was told that it had to get hold of legit businesses and run legit businesses as a side to make money through that, and president said that he would establish a number of businesses that the CIA could then profit from which were legitimate, but didn’t come through the normal process, and that got drugs, so there was a vacuum, and then the bad guys who had always played the drug side of it moved in to that, and so by cutting off this huge crack or cocaine, heroin-type deliveries, then ultimately that’s going to reduce significantly the money that the evil Cabal needs to do all their operations.

TM: Um-hum. Wow! Amazing. From your perspective Simon what have you heard from these operations? I know that people have talked about the mass arrests and everything. Is that in fact going on now behind the scenes?

SP: Yeah, I wouldn’t call it mass arrests at the moment. That’s not what’s taking place. At the moment it’s trying to extradite children who’ve been held in some prisons underground and that’s at the moment what’s taking place. The arrests will be one of the last things that occurs.

TM: Oh, I see. Okay, okay. And is there a correlation between the hospital ships in Los Angeles and New York and the rescue of these children?

SP: Yes, it’s very difficult because on one hand people like Cuomo, the governor, and you know, they know the truth in the sense that these hospital ships aren’t actually meant for them, and you know, they’ve got to sort of play it along the line. The ships really are off the land so that, you know, anybody who’s spirited away there quickly by military can be dealt with without press having access. So a lot of the children were first of all looked at in what I just described as a tented area. The military put up tents and then from that they were then transported by boat, vehicle, and helicopter to a number of facilities, and one of those, two of those, could indeed be the hospital ships because they are the navy. They are, you know, controlled by the navy so the bad guys don’t have any control over that.

TM: Um-hum, um-hum. Well one other thing I’ve heard both from you and many other friends as well, that the phones may go down and the internet may go down in the U.S. and the United Kingdom for two to five days, but only if it assists the good guys. Do you have any updated information about that by the way?

SP: Yeah, I put it at three-quarters (75) percent chance, three-quarters chance, or that it might not happen, three-quarters that it might. There’s a slight difference between Great Britain and America. I think in Great Britain I’m expecting the landline phones to stay open, but in the states, I expect the landlines to go down except if you wanted to, you know, your emergency number. That apparently will still operate. So that’s what they’re saying, except we probably here in this country will keep our phone lines but anything between three days and five days, no cellphone and no internet.

That’s designed to do two things. Firstly, the obvious one, it stops ordinary members of the public and the media trying to talk to each other, but more importantly there are, I could just describe it as dark hubs or dark nodes within the internet where the evil guys through their connections with some very famous household named software companies place certain things within [them] and these need to be taken out. Perhaps the only way to take that out is to close that down. Now that’s the first part.

The second part, let me tell you is that in Great Britain we could also expect power outages. It might be necessary to blank out parts of Great Britain for a short period of time because of the bases that need to be dealt with, and then also some other properties, quiet nice properties with some very up market parts of the country, and they might take a block or two there. I don’t know if that is going to happen in the U.S., but even here in Great Britain in the regular media, the main newspapers, have been carrying the story that because of the virus they’ve got very few power workers. This is the story they are putting out, and as that they could have to cut the power off, so what they’re doing is they’re beginning to set the scene in Great Britain for potential power outages, so that’s where we are at the moment with it Ted.

TM: I see. Interesting. You know there’s a lot of different, I’ve got lots of different topics to talk about but forgive me for not letting you take the lead. I want to give you the lead now Simon to talk about whatever you like and then I can go to the questions, and I’ve got a lot of other topics, but I…

SP: Sure. I think the most serious thing is the kidnapping of John F. Kennedy, I beg your pardon, Robert F. Kennedy’s granddaughter and her son that the Cabal have done. They were on a canoe I think in Chesapeake Bay or somewhere, and they’ve been kidnapped. That’s the information we’re getting to try to blackmail. We don’t know what’s… anymore than that at the moment.

TM: When did that happen, Simon?

SP: I think, what is it today, is it Saturday today?

TM: Yeah.

SP: It would have happened on Friday or Thursday. When the order went out to start the operations then my understanding is that the granddaughter and her son had been kidnapped, so, but we haven’t yet been made aware of a ransom request at the moment.

TM: Do you think this is part and parcel of yet another technique used by the Cabal to force, I don’t know, force the, stop the arrests or do something else?

SP: Well, I mean you know, I’m hoping that your audience were aware that a mind controlled locomotive driver attempted to drive a locomotive into the hospital ship by crashing it across and hoping it would be enough momentum to take it but of course it didn’t have enough momentum, so I think, I hope that gives you an indication of the method in which these people operate.

TM: Um-hum, um-hum. I got a message that they will caught within a week, and the children will be returned unharmed. Of course law enforcement I’m sure is working on it very very vigorously, and, but I wish them well. Oh my goodness.

SP: Yeah I think what we can be absolutely sure is that even these people won’t actually harm the hostages because if you did harm them you don’t have any bargaining power, so I’m convinced that they’re okay as it stands.

TM: Sure.

SP: But you know it’s not enough to stop what’s going on.

TM: Right.

SP: So it’s a very fluid and very ongoing situation at the moment.

TM: Um-hum. Well I want to ask all my listeners around the world to please send some prayers and meditation for these children, that they be returned unharmed as soon as possible to the family and the authorities, and cover them with lots of love and white light. Yeah. I listened to both of your updates on March 30th and also on the April 2nd update, and I think you’re right. A lot of these operatives, they use mind control to make it look like a lone person going crazy and doing something but often they are controlled from behind the scenes, and how do you think this is all going to pan out if you’re looking like six months, a year, ahead of time, Simon?

SP: Oh we don’t even need to look that far ahead. It’s gonna end one of two ways. Either the clear out occurring at the moment is fully successful, and have a very different United States and Great Britain, very different and perhaps some European countries, or it’s only partially successful, and to which case it’s much more on the surface. In other words, if this clear out goes very well, it’ll be reasonably seamless, moving from one environment to the next, but if it’s only partially successful then I’m afraid that it’s going to be more dirty. Ultimately the good guys are going to win, but I always said on the radio show that it’s always a bumpy ride toward that goal.

TM: Sure.

SP: And the concentration has been on a certain form of targets, and then that moves from that, once the children are safe as they can be, targets move to different location, and we should expect the peak of the operation to be just a few days before the Easter Holiday.

TM: Okay.

SP: You know we have like Good Friday and then there’s a Saturday, there’s Sunday, and then a Monday, so in Christian countries, a Friday and Monday are very important, and this is why President Trump has been giving the words saying Easter is a beautiful time. Now people didn’t really understand what he meant, but what he’d meant was he’d hoped, he’s hoping—it’s got nothing to do with the virus—he’s hoping that the operations that the military are undertaking should be concluded by Easter. Now whether that’s the case or not we just don’t know, but that’s the plan which means that the peak of operation should just be before Easter.

TM: Um-hum, um-hum. Wow. You had a fascinating discussion on your March 30th update Simon on your website about the coronavirus and how there are really two parts to the virus, the one that started out of Wuhan was actually very contagious but it wasn’t, I mean the death rates have been low. It wasn’t as lethal as the Cabal wanted it to be, and they wanted to get that virus to bring it to another laboratory and inject much more lethality so they could kill off more people. I’d love some more information on that. I’ve had a lot of questions about that.

SP: Sure. Well, it’s one thing to make a virus that’s contagious. It’s quite another to increase that lethality. From the biological warfare point of view that is what you’re aiming for, is that these people who create these viruses. They want to marry the two sides together.

TM: Right.

SP: But a lot of the laboratories are specialized in particular viruses or in a particular aspect to a virus. The Wuhan biological weapons laboratory had specialized in this huge infection, but they hadn’t actually got the death rate to go with it and the whole point about it was to add a second aspect, which never happened, and so it still kills people. Please don’t misunderstand me.

TM: Sure.

SP: But it’s not going to do what their overall plan was. Their overall plan was to make it ten times more vicious, and so that failed, probably because God intervened. I’m being quite serious with you.

TM: Sure, sure.

SP: And so the key really was that when this went off in China, and I’ll be very clear that the Chinese government had no part of it. The Chinese government did not release this. Where the Chinese government are at fault is actually having a biological weapons laboratory on their soil. If China had never had that facility, this would never have happened. So the Chinese are guilty for having this facility but they are not guilty for releasing it, and that’s the saving grace for President Trump was that he had a number of weeks with the virus that made its way from China to Iran to Italy and then obviously to America, so he had time with his aids to build up a counter strategy on two fronts. One front was the economic front so that America was not destroyed economically, and the second front was how do we fight back? And so he got precious time. The original plan of course was to release this virus in America and probably would have destroyed President Trump politically, and it would have totally destroyed the United States of America economically.

TM: Um-hum, interesting. This second laboratory, has there been any information you know of Simon indicating where it was from or what country it was in?

SP: We can’t be sure. We just can’t be sure you know.

TM: Right, right, right, okay. All right. Well thank goodness God, the Supreme Being did intervene and the virus was not made even more deadly than it is. You also mentioned in your update Simon some interesting things about big names mentioned, the black hats wanted an economic collapse with a police state followed by a vaccine that’s worse than the virus. If things work out well these plans should collapse, shouldn’t they?

SP: Yes, absolutely. Yes, absolutely. One of the key things you see, corporate America has always, when trouble came along, has bailed out corporations.

TM: Right.

SP: Great Britain did it in 2008. The British government used taxpayer’s money to bail out banks.

TM: Right.

SP: But it’s a very different aspect when the president of the United States is actually mailing money directly to people. If you earn less than 76,000 dollars a year you will be entitled to 1,200 dollars in the first month and 1,200 dollars in the second month and each child will get 500 dollars check as well. Now this is a very important statement because what it is saying is we’re not just going to give money to the businesses, we’re actually going to give it to people, and that’s what will save the presidency of the United States.

TM: Hum, fascinating. I remember you mentioning something about that too, and this is something different than before. Yeah, thanks so much for mentioning that Simon. That’s a very important part. Are there plans to issue a new currency based upon, a new currency based upon like Treasury Notes instead of Federal Reserve Notes in the future?

SP: That can only happen if the Federal Reserve is no more. That situation at the moment where the Federal Reserve still exists but a new board member in it, and that board member is called Donald Trump, so the Federal Reserve is still there, but it doesn’t have the freedom of action that it did have and there are two reasons for this. First of all, because it wants to make a profit and so therefore, as your listeners know better than anybody else, that the Fed prints the money and then it charges the government, who basically charge the taxpayer. But, it got to such a point with printing of the money that even the Fed went beyond its capability. That’s the first point. The second point, in your Constitution, the Fed can really only bail out other financial institutions. It can’t actually pay individual people, but that’s exactly what’s occurred so what had to happen is the Fed had to have a working arrangement with your Treasury. The Treasury is part of the federal government which reports to President Trump. So the Fed, to a certain extent now, is under the control of the government. The first time we’ve seen that since what, 1912 or something like that.

TM: Um-hum, that’s right.

SP: When the U.S. came off the gold standard.

TM: Right.

SP: It was around about then wasn’t it. So, what we have is a situation where the Fed would need to be completely subsumed or taken over by government before there could be a change in currency or a change in valuation.

TM: Right.

SP: So the Fed is the stumbling block to any fashionable word, which is reset.

TM: Yes and my friends of course, many people asked me about the reset as well, but hopefully if this stumbling block can be removed or it is removed, then we should see that sometime in the future.

SP: Yes, because there are a few key players, and I mean countries as much as individuals, who would have to have, you’d have to have their, we call it a tacit agreement. You’d have to have their nod that they would work with that new machine, and I think that one of those key players, believe it or not, is Russia, China less so, you know, but I think the real battle is within America. I’m not so concerned about outside. The real battle is now within the U.S., and you know, next week-and-a-half will dictate what the next hundred years is going to be like.

TM: Or a thousand years, um-hum.

SP: Yeah, I won’t be around in a thousand years.

TM: Well, you’ll be around in spirit. You’ll be around in spirit Simon.

SP: We’ll see.

TM: So we all will. Then of course you mentioned this twenty trillion dollar lawsuit. I can’t remember the name of the attorney.

SP: That’s exciting. That’s really exciting isn’t it?

TM: Yeah, yeah. Tell us what you know about that. I’ve got the attorney’s name here somewhere but, oh Larry Klayman filed a twenty trillion dollar lawsuit against China for creation and release of the coronavirus.

SP: Yes not billion, trillion.

TM: Trillion, yeah.

SP: Back in 1925, I think it was not the United Nations back then. I think it was called the League of Nations…

TM: Correct.

SP: …outlawed biological weapons. Now everybody, and it’s just like oh we all do it, but don’t get caught. So when a country gets caught as China has got caught, it’s in breach of international law.

TM: Right.

SP: What’s happened is an organization which is an arm of the United States government, this government can’t do it itself, so it has to set up a franchise or friends. Let’s just call them friends of the government are seeking twenty trillion compensation to pay for the damage. In other words, I’ll give you an analogy here. In the Second World War Great Britain quite rightly appealed to the United States of America to help, and quite rightly the United States came to the aid of Great Britain. But it wasn’t free and it took the next fifty years for Great Britain to pay off the debt financially that it owed the U.S., and there was no problem about that because Britain wanted to pay that back. Now the same way America is now saying to China, we—that’s the U.S.— are having to pay out an absolute ton of money to keep the United States economy alive and you are going to pay for that in the future, and that’s what this is all about.

TM: Interesting. Let’s say that the plaintiffs were able to get a judgment against China for twenty trillion dollars. Could they collect it you think? What would be the [advantage]?

SP: You see the communist, China’s communist party would collapse. There would be a revolution, maybe a different form of government in China.

TM: Interesting, interesting. Okay. This is bringing up so many interesting issues. There’s a book called “The Eyes of Darkness” by an author named Dean Koontz who wrote it back in the early eighties Simon, and it’s a fictional novel but from what I’ve heard, I’ve ordered a copy of it. I should get it by next week, but the novel itself bears an uncanny resemblance I’ve read to the facts in this coronavirus case where it was created in the laboratory, it gets out, and it does a lot of harm and damage. Have you heard about the book and you think that if it was a bioweapon it must have been preplanned then?

SP: I haven’t heard about the book. I’m not surprised because the virus is in the same stable as a dirty bomb. These were the weapons that nobody would use unless they were up against the wall. The bad guys had two weapons, a biological weapon which is what they’ve used or a nuclear bomb that we call a dirty bomb. These were the two weapons they had capabilities on, and the fact they’ve used one of them just shows how near to destruction they are, because they have triggered—I call it the event horizon—they have triggered no going back. There’s no return once they triggered one of those two weapons, that this is a fight to the death, and that’s exactly what they’ve done. So it wasn’t the white hats that initiated it. It was the black hats.

TM: Interesting, interesting. The other thing too, well you’ve mentioned, other people have too. The coronavirus is actually code words for other things going along with people. For example, the United Kingdom, uh the Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth all have tested positive for the coronavirus. Have they actually been arrested, or are they in a… what’s happening with them?

SP: No, they were very stupid because they didn’t practice what they preached, [30:09][?and I take Boris Johnson’s line?]. The point is that why I said they’re stupid was because they would have been told before almost anybody else that this was a bioweapon. Now if you understand what a bioweapon is, then you understand it’s designed to be very contagious, and so what President Trump has done, I mean you may know that he’s just tested negative again. He’s had a second test.

TM: Right.

SP: Which I think was yesterday or today.

TM: Right.

SP: You screen everybody that you meet. You don’t let anybody come into a room unless you’ve tested them. The others weren’t doing that. I mean, you know, in Britain you see it’s very different from the United States. You know, the Lord, I’m not joking, the Lord of the manor will walk and talk to his gardeners. He’ll talk to the man cutting the hedge. He’ll talk to the man cutting the grass because that’s how it is in Great Britain, and for all I know Prince Charles could have picked his virus up from the chauffeur. It’s as simple as that, so no, these people got it simply because they did not practice what they preached and they got into contact with people who had the virus. It wasn’t an attack on them. It’s just the way it was.

TM: Well I have to share this with you too. Senator Rand Paul here in the U.S. in D.C. got the virus last week after he publicly stated that he thought the virus paranoia was a hoax. As my friend Albert Einstein has said of course, he said that we live in a deterministic universe and there is no such thing as coincidence and God doesn’t play with dice. Do you think he was intentionally infected?

SP: I’ve got to be very careful. I tell you I think that there certainly are people now who have been intentionally infected.

TM: Okay.

SP: The question is if they receive a very mild dose, then is that a warning, you know, if you are going to try and take someone out, you don’t give them a mild infection, and all of the leaders you have just stated all have very mild cases. The tragedy with this virus, I’m going to talk about Great Britain because I have not seen the statistics of the U.S., but in Great Britain the vast majority of people who are dying, are dying within two days of going into hospital. And that’s very significant because it means that if a person can last three, four, five days, they’re gonna live.

TM: Um-hum, yeah.

SP: A very interesting virus. This virus can live for many many hours on stainless steel or a handrail, a door knob, a light switch, and its favorite temperature is 4 degrees centigrade (39.2° Fahrenheit), which is exactly the operating temperature of a fridge.

TM: Wow!

SP: Because that is how it it’s been kept and bred, and that’s how it’s designed, and that is why this virus was used at this time of year because it is destroyed by ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet light is one of the frequencies that the sun gives out, so if this had happened in June, July, August, the virus wouldn’t have caused anything like this because the sunlight will have destroyed it. So if any ladies, women, on your radio show who are listening now, if you like to paint your nails and you use an ultraviolet little device to put your fingers in, very popular in Great Britain. I guess it is in the U.S. You put your, you do, you paint your nails, and then you put your hands in this machine, it’s a small table machine, you get them at home and use ultraviolet light to dry the nail varnish. Listen you come out from the shops, you put your hands back in there and that will kill the virus.

TM: Oh.

SP: So ultraviolet light. I’ve got a 400-watt ultraviolet lamp in my front so just when the mailman brings the mail in—well he doesn’t now he leaves it outside—I irradiate it with the ultraviolet light and I’ve got a handheld torch, and so you know, there are ways that we can reasonably inexpensively, we can combat this virus. Always, if you are going to the gas station to fill your car up, make sure you are wearing gloves and then dispose of the gloves afterward. Do not touch anything. It’s touch, it’s not people sneezing in front of you that is the problem. It’s touching. In China, I’ll give you an example. In China, I don’t know what you call them in your country, but a block of apartments serviced by a lift, and you go, you press the button to call the lift, and then you press the button to say which floor you want to go to. It might be the same in a hotel. In China you’re given little, I don’t know what you call them, we call them cocktail sticks. I don’t know what you call them in America. Do you know what I mean by that, little…

TM: I think, I think so, yeah.

SP: A piece of cheese or pineapple and a buffet.

TM: Um-hum, sure, hors d’oeuvres, appetizers.

SP: Sure, that’s it, and they use the cocktail sticks to press the buttons of the elevators.

TM: Oh, okay.

SP: So anything like buttons is a tremendous spread because so many different people press buttons out in the public, so wear gloves. Use hand sanitizers. It’s a vital part of keeping safe. This is nothing to do with 5G. This is a real biological weapon virus, and you know, it is, it was grown in a laboratory. Very, very, very nasty people decided they would have a go at humanity.

TM: My goodness. Our governor here in Washington state, Jay Inslee, two weeks ago or a week ago outlawed recreational fishing, so it’s now illegal for someone to stand along a lake or river and fish. Do you think some governments are going too far with these regulations or do you think they’re justified?

SP: I think some of it is too far. You see in Great Britain we are even less militarized than you are. We are even less uniform mad than you are. In Great Britain we are very very, we rebel very easily, and we’ve had a big debate in this country about the powers that the police have, and there were even cases where police were going through people’s shopping baskets [saying] that’s not an essential item. You are only supposed to be buying essential items. Anyway they got written to by the government a couple days ago telling them to cool it [38:07][overtalk] [telling them] don’t behave like that.

TM: Sure.

SP: So, there are some leaders who go into absolute panic because they don’t want to stand for reelection and be blamed for not taking enough action to stop the virus, and yet there will be those people who have gone over the top, who will, the public will remember that they were just draconian. So I think it’s a very, it’s a big of a tightrope, but I think on balance President Trump is right because he’s gonna to say to you guys I can’t make you wear a scarf or a mask, but I think you should in hot spots. , it won’t be enforced that you guys wear a mask, but I think that’s, you know, it’s almost like that now.

TM: I have a friend in Vancouver, Canada, a beautiful place, named Bob who wrote me this little blurb. I want to ask you about it. Justin Trudeau introduced a law into Parliament, House of Commons I think about two weeks ago where he would have been given unlimited powers to tax and spend and new legislation without Parliamentary approval until 2022 using the virus as an excuse. It was stopped, but I guess that would be an example wouldn’t it of how far some people have gone… try to go.

SP: He’s one of these leaders what needs to be got rid of. I don’t mean he needs to be killed. I’m not saying that.

TM: Sure, sure, yeah.

SP: But he’s one of the people that is a problem. He’s one of these leaders that… the people of Canada do not deserve a madman. They’ve got a madman. I really think that both French-speaking Canadians and English-speaking Canadians for once in their lifetime need to find common ground and elect yourself a leader that actually cares about you as a human being rather than anything else.

TM: There was a lot of hope when Justin Trudeau was elected on the coattails of his father, a wonderful prime minister, but there are so many people from my friends tell me from Canada right now that I hope they make the right choice and get a new leader. This is another question from John and another question from Vancouver, Canada. Hi Simon, after the—this is what he writes—after the accidental release of the coronavirus in Wuhan, was the virus spread in Europe by infected visitors from China, or was it another strain of the virus deliberately released by the black hats? Thanks, John in Vancouver.

SP: This is really really a question that we all, it’s not urgent to find the answer to because so much else has happened, but it is…

TM: Sure.

SP: …it is something that takes my attention. We have to: one is quite naturally the virus mutated, so in effect we have two viruses running, the old one and the new strain. The second possibility is that a separate virus was introduced, possibly sprayed by drones in Europe. The difficulty is that the more virulent virus has made its way into Europe via Iran and Italy.

TM: Um-hum, hum.

SP: But we mustn’t forget that although President Trump through for diplomatic reasons is playing it very cool with China. I think we can be 99 percent certain that hundreds of thousands of people died in China, not just a few thousand. So in other words, although the virus may have been a different one from what we’re seeing now, there is still in my humble opinion hundreds of thousands of Chinese that died, not just the five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten thousand that they claim.

TM: The other rumor that I’ve heard here is that the Chinese government originally at one point considered using this virus against the protestors in Hong Kong and that in the same breath they said that there were massive protests against the Chinese government in Wuhan some six or eight months before the virus appeared. Do you know much about that link Simon?

SP: That’s nonsense.

TM: Nonsense, okay, all right.

SP: I need to explain why it’s nonsense.

TM: Okay.

SP: Because as we’ve just seen, if you drop a virus bomb in Britain, it gets to America, so had they used the virus in Hong Kong, it would have [43:01][inaudible] China and they would have been in exactly the same boat they’re in. The only way you’d know it’s true was if they’d put their whole, the whole community in the vaccination program, then launch the virus attack, but that never happened, so there may well have been discussions around the table saying how we going to stop all these students and people demonstrating in Hong Kong, and some bright spark might have said oh why don’t we drop a virus on them, but then a more knowledgeable person would have said yes but then it will just [43:38][inaudible].

TM: Sure, right, right, right. There is a YouTube video out with Bill Gates saying that, this is from Eddie from Hong Kong, he asked about this, about Bill Gates wants to restrict your movement unless you’re vaccinated. Is that part of the plan as well by the black hats or…?

SP: Well he’s another person that has a great deal of questions to answer to humanity. George Soros, Bill Gates, individuals who believe themselves to be so separate from humanity that they are empowered to take any actions that they like.

TM: Right.

SP: And so anything that comes out of that stable I think we should be very careful of.

TM: Um-hum, um-hum. I’ve also heard that Bill Gates actually patented the virus in 2014 and again in late 2019. In 2014 it was patented by a company called Pirbright, P-I-R-B-R-I-G-H-T, which is owned by Mr. Gates. Do you know much about that link between the two?

SP: Well Mr. Gates has often had conversations with people about how you reduce the world population. Mr. Gates feels that there is overpopulation on the planet, and you know, I’m sure that Bill Gates loves to walk in an idyllic park and he loves to, you know, go by the river or the sea, but it’s just spoiled by all these other people. And there are these individuals who think well if I can get rid of all these other people, then I could walk from A to Z and I could enjoy all the trees and all the rivers and I wouldn’t have to meet another smelly horrible human being. That is the, not just the culture.

TM: Right.

SP: It’s almost a religion, and there are certain individuals who have so much money, so much leverage, that they can make things happen, and what we’re seeing playing out today are the fruition of certain people’s ideology. What they didn’t count on is a man called President Trump, and that’s what it’s all about now.

TM: Interesting, interesting. I have a question from Miti in Tokyo. He thinks they’re mind controlled. He thinks that Mr. Gates is mind controlled.

SP: No, I think he’s one of the top men. They don’t, the top men are never mind controlled unless of course it’s an alien entity.

TM: Right.

SP: An artificial entity, but within the descended, I call them descended from the elite many thousands of years ago, those are not mind controlled. The only control some of them have is a very interesting switch that’s placed inside them. I’m just calling it a lever, which activates if they start to deviate from their own mindset. So the only programming certainly that these top individuals have is a special program that kicks in if they ever attempt to go back on, you know, their philosophy. But other than that, no they are not mind controlled, not like the CEO of a big corporation.

TM: This is a, I’ve heard from several sources a question, another question for you Simon about how long this will last? My sources and the questions I’ve had about it is that it will peak sometime in the next seven to ten days in the United States and Canada, Europe, hopefully Europe as well, and then it will drop precipitously after that as fast as it came up, and by the end of May gone, no longer a threat with June returning to some sort of new normalcy. Have you heard about a timeframe if things go well for us?

SP: Are you referring to the war or are you referring to the virus?

TM: I guess both.

SP: They’re different timeframes. The first timeframe you have given is for the hidden war.

TM: Right.

SP: The virus you’re not looking at anything really exciting until June.

TM: Okay, okay, all right, and the war that is going on, that’ll be fairly quick wouldn’t it, like Easter, which is just right around the corner.

SP: that’s a beautiful time, Easter.

TM: Um-hum, um-hum, absolutely, absolutely. It seems like whenever President Trump has a press conference or makes an announcement, there’s a lot of code words he uses that you have to kind of read between the lines, and you kind of have to go beyond the face value of what he says.

SP: Yeah, and I’m always a bit sad about that because, you know, in my very naive way I would much prefer that the public be told exactly who the real enemy was. I’d rather that the, you know, the rationale for it, but people who know more than I do, people who, you know, have more influence than I do have decided that that’s not the way it’s going to be. It’s going to be quiet and under the carpet, and I just hope that when this is all over and done certain people might feel willing to put something on trial, some form of, you know, I’d love everybody’s cellphone to be interrupted with a, “Here is a news flash.” I’d love every (coughs) excuse me, radio station, every TV station just be cut through, and you know, updates and bulletins to explaining what the heck is really going on.

TM: Right.

SP: Whether that will happen I don’t know, but that for me would be the disclosure of truth, but there is a problem, and that problem is that if you are a president, you are a president of the United States of America, so no matter what evil a previous president may have done, when you take the office, you can’t just say oh that was X, Y, or Z, because it was America that did it, America. And so their argument, and I do understand that, is well we can’t have the great name of America dragged down, so we’d rather not be open, and that’s why this is all covert. But I tell you what, if it goes on much longer it’s going to be pretty overt and ordinary people who generally go around with, you know, blocks in front of their face because they don’t see anything, even those people are gonna start to actually stumble over things, so if this war goes on much longer past the deadline that has been given, and I agree with your time, it will be pretty in the public. The key here, sorry to go on, but…

TM: That’s okay.

SP: The key here is the media moguls. As long as the media moguls are in position, then there’s still a lot of manipulation. Now if those guys are part of the targets that are being gone after, then you’ll, there’ll be change, a big change in the media. So look for that. If the media doesn’t change it means those top guys are still in post. If the media changes then those top guys have, you know, had a I would say had a sit down and had a talk to.

TM: Right, right, I’ve heard that people can do searches now using Google that aren’t censored. That’s what David Wilcock has said, that they can do free searches now on the internet, but I don’t know.

SP: These are part of what I call these nodes. There’s quite a lot of them. There’s a lot of programs that have to be cleaned. There’s spying, things that are set in the internet to spy, and you know, there’s going to be a big change to your country. Let’s just take Medicare. Well what’s happening because, you know, there are now lots of people getting hospital help because they’ve got the virus who don’t have insurance, but the government is paying for it.

TM: Right.

SP: This is a real challenge to the concept of if you don’t have insurance you don’t get medical care. So whatever happens Ted in the next two weeks, the world will not be the same as it was last week. Whatever comes out the other end, we’re going to be very different, and when the virus finishes, which I predict to be about May–June, we’re gonna think and be very different. If you know somebody who has sadly passed because of the virus and living this reality, suddenly the ballgame isn’t that important. Suddenly buying the latest cellphone isn’t as important, and so a lot of people now Ted are having to look into themselves and say what actually is important to me and a lot of perceptions are changing, so this is meant to happen and it’s a challenge to humanity, and you and I both know that humanity will come through this.

TM: Right.

SP: It’s not a fearful time Ted, it’s an exciting time.

TM: Absolutely right Simon. We’ve got twenty seconds left and I wish I had more time to give you, but I want you to wrap up your wonderful interview today Simon.

SP: Okay, it’s that is that I don’t care whether you are a Democrat. I don’t care whether you are a Republican. I don’t care, you know, whether you don’t vote, you’ve got to trust America. You’ve got to trust the office of the president. You’ve got to actually be strong. Don’t be panicked. Don’t buy into this. Don’t start having vaccinations. Don’t be fearful. See it through. Be sensible. We’re all going to come out of this fine.

TM: Thank you so much Simon for your wonderful work and I thank you again for coming on my show today. I really appreciate it. Be safe my friend.

SP: Thanks, Ted. Bye-bye.

TM: All right. Bye-bye, cheers.

[Simon Interview Ends 55:16, Hour One]

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