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Update 2nd April 2020

The battle of good against evil is becoming more obvious; President Trump’s virus update is more about war on drugs; watch video “War on Satanic Elite,” on my website from 07:30 mark; when replace words “Covid virus” with “satanic elite” hidden information can be deciphered in the report; a number of children have been rescued from an underground base with help of U.S. Navy and others, but the public is not being told; seventy-five percent of communications could be cut in Great Britain and America for two to five days, but only if benefits outweigh negative aspect of closing social media and internet; power outages in spots may be because of underground bases that get power from national grid and/or in blocks of expensive properties where nefarious activities are suspected; argument is ongoing as to whether the public should be told the truth or whether things should be done quietly; Simon feels President Trump wants things wrapped up by Easter, which is a celebratory time of renewal and rebirth.

Simon Parkes: Hello and welcome to a very quick but very vital update. It’s the 2nd, 2nd of April. No update yesterday. Last time I did an update on the 1st of April everybody wrote to me and said, “Okay, that was all a joke, was it,” so I said to myself I’ll never ever post on the 1st of April again, because nobody will believe what I’m saying, which is a shame because I wanted to put some stuff up.

Okay what’s really important. The situation is becoming more obvious in terms of the war of the good against evil, the white hats against the Cabal, the satanic forces. Very interesting a presentation by President Trump and some of his advisors, not the normal virus update. It was sold as a virus update but there were pictures behind them of ships, and you know, not so much soldiers, but it was more to do with the Navy talking about war on drugs. Now I’ve put this on my website [“War on Satanic Elite” ( C_oR0Oaz70k)], and I think from the 7-minute-and-30-second mark, I’d like you to watch. Watch all of it if you can. What it appears very clearly is that replace the word[s] “Covid virus” with “satanic elite.” There was a lot of very important hidden information. We’re talking about the war on the drug dealers, the war on the cartels. The general in the 7.3 minute of the presentation says that, you know, we are the American military. We’re not going to let you kill an American. You’re not going to come here and you’re not going to do this. You’re not going to do that.

It’s got absolutely nothing to do with the drugs the per se. Yes, the satanic cabal raised billions of dollars through illicit drug dealing and selling those drugs, and they control it, and so I absolutely agree that there will be an action to cut off a lot of this drug supply simply because that is the lifeline that feeds this satanic evil force, but that’s only a part of it.

The other part is literally the physical shootouts or arrests or chasing down of people who are not part of a drug cartel, but nevertheless are part of a very evil group, and the way that the presentation was given, it wasn’t too difficult to read between the lines, to see that they were not just referring to some Mexican drug dealers, but to this wider war. Why else is this happening now? There have been plenty of opportunities for the U.S. to tackle any of these situations to, you know, have some form of initiative, so this isn’t just about the drugs. This is much wider.

So I’m very pleased to report that an underground base that had a number of kids in it has been liberated. The United States Navy played quite a critical role. They weren’t the only forces, but they played a critical role in that. All I can tell you is that those children have been taken to a tented area for immediate assessment and then from that being transferred on to another facility, possibly a hospital ship, but certainly a more substantial facility. This is, I think, one of many operations that are now being undertaken, and I’m just really cross that I’m here taking reports from different people and hearing, you know, their experiences, whether it’s this is what we did, or you know, this is what I’ve heard, and so I’ve got a lot of those coming in to me now, and I just wish I was there. You know I’m sure many of you who have played active roles also wish that you were there. It is certainly one of the main reasons that I want to get the healing center up and running, probably in the U.S., but also in Great Britain, so that we’re not just doing the normal standard healing, but we’re able to provide specialist healing for people who have been through mind control, and through trauma and abuse and torture. So very frustrating for me on one hand, and on the other hand it’s really really exciting that this is happening.

On the downside, again the public are not really being told it. The difficulty is of course that I’ve always wanted and I think everyone who listens to me wants the truth to be brought out plain and simple, but the way it’s going it’s again one of these undercover operations, you know, it’s the war on the cartels. It’s the war on the drug dealers. You know they make the point that 70,000 Americans die of drug poisoning every year in America et cetera, et cetera, and then you’ve got the general saying, you know, don’t you come to America. We are the military, the U.S. military, and we’re going to stop you.

It’s clearly not solely a war on drugs. This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for, but unfortunately it’s not out there in the public domain, you know, there have been some very hopeful people clicking on mainstream news waiting to hear about the release of all these children. It’s not going to happen for two reasons. First, the majority of the media is still controlled by the elite, the negative elite. There are good elite, the negative elite, and the other reason is that at the moment it is not in anyone’s interest from the good side, because there’s still ongoing operations to be done. Now once it’s all over and regardless of whether it’s a complete success or a partial success, there is the opportunity for something to come out.

I have said previously there is a three-quarters or a 75 percent possibility of the communication system in Britain going down, but not the landlines, not the main phones. The American situation I would put at the same, three-quarters, 75 percent chance of it going down, except I would add there’s a chance of your landlines going down for anything from I don’t know, two to five days, but this will only happen if the benefits outweigh the negative aspect of closing down all of this social media, all of this internet. It only can occur if it assists the good guys materially to be able to do what they need to do. If it’s only marginal, they won’t do it, so there are some commentators going on and saying categorically absolutely internet will be cut. Your communications will be cut. I can’t go that far because I have not received that information. I’ve been told about 75 percent, three-quarters chance.

I’ve also been told in Britain that around this time it’s also possible for outages of power, and that the power companies in Great Britain will put out the statement that because of staff sickness, staff shortages, they couldn’t do the repair work they needed to do on an ongoing basis, and as a result of that, there have been inevitable power outages. Now I’ve been told that that’s a story they’re getting ready to put out because they think it might be necessary in a very small number of places to turn the power off because they want to do some operations that effect underground bases which draw power both from the normal grid, (cough) excuse me, the national grid, and not all have their own generators that are nuclear-powered. Many of them do rely on standard electricity and then if that fails, they go on to their backup. So I’ve been told there’s a possibility, certainly Britain, that there may be these outages while they deal with that. Also if you think of some very expensive properties in London they may want to take out maybe a block or three or four streets while they just operate on one particular house. Again that’s, you know, that’s not a hundred percent. This is the aspects that have been put to me that the tools and the armory of the good guys if they need them.

So I’m in no doubt that it started. I was in no doubt when this virus was released that we’ve gone beyond a point of no return, what you would call for a black hole event horizon. There’s no going back. This is it now, and if you look at the faces of the politicians and the military men around President Trump on this briefing, which is on my website—please watch it—there’s a very very stern atmosphere. It’s not the type of facial expressions that you would expect for somebody or people who were going to operate against some drug barons. They would be very gung-ho about it. When al-Baghdadi was killed, they were very gung-ho about it. Americans of all persuasions usually are, it’s just the way it is, but this is incredibly different. This is very somber, very serious, very very forthright. I think one of the generals said make no mistake our president is in this for the long haul, or is giving us what we need, and is determined. He said he set his mind on this, set his sights on this, and this is what we’re going to do, so it’s totally not in keeping with a virus update, and then, by the way, we’ll add on this little bit about drug barons trying to utilize the confusion of the virus to try and come in and sell more drugs.

Very clearly it’s telling the world who have got, you know, ears to hear and eyes to see that there’s something much deeper going on, and I and many other commentators who are in the know have been trying to push this information out, and we’re really grateful that the internet’s not down yet, and that we’re able to get this message out, so two sadnesses: One that I’m actually not there being useful. People are saying to me well you are being useful. You’re here doing what you need to do, and you know, I understand that, but secondly, I certainly want something coming out. Now whether that’s everyone’s mobile phone, cellphone being intercepted with a message from government saying this is what we’re doing, whether there’s interruptions to regular radio or television broadcasting, or whether once the media moguls have had a little sit-down with, and had a little talk to, whether then the mainstream media will then start to cover some of this truth, and even people close to me are saying look the public can’t cope with it. They can’t… they don’t want to hear what some of these things are. They won’t be able to cope with it, and absolutely yes, they’ve got to cope with it. You know, absolutely the truth must be told. Otherwise we become like them. We then decide who can know this and who can know that, and we become the arbiters of power by saying, well we don’t want you to know that because we don’t think you can cope with it. Now I absolutely believe that the truth needs to come out. I think the public can cope with it, not in the short-term, no. They’ll go to pieces, but that’s part of the process. In order to really make people understand what in God’s name has taken place, in other words, the defeat of an evil force and what those evil forces were doing, which is indescribable over a medium like this. People I think really need to have some idea of what’s happened, and that they have just gone along in a system, never questioned it, and look what’s happened, and I think that that’s really important.

So maybe we’ll get a compromise. Maybe they won’t be able to give the full truth, but maybe they can give some truth. We do need something, otherwise people who listen to my shows or anyone else’s show will say well I can see something’s going on, you know, it’s not just what Simon or you know, Dave Wilcock has said, you know, there’s things going on, but I wish, I wish I could know more, and you know, those people who have been truthful, understood what’s going on, they need to be shown that the good side’s winning, and those people who haven’t a clue, they haven’t a clue. The only way we’re going to break them out of that is to actually show them, and you know, there’s this massive argument going on. People like me saying you’ve got to tell people, and others closer to, you know, more senior people are saying look, we just can’t afford to do it. We can’t do it. It’s too much hassle. It’s too difficult. We don’t want to manage the fallout. Let’s just do it all quietly under the carpet, and do it, and people are saying to me, well look Simon you know the truth, so be happy, and I’m saying well no, actually my role is to spread the truth, so I’m not happy because I want as many people to know. So that’s where we are at the moment. It’s really ongoing.

When do we see the spike in this? Probably a few days before Easter. I know certain people have said it was going to start in terms of power cuts or internet down earlier. I don’t see that. That’s not my information. My information is that if we’re going to suffer anything like that it will be just running up to Easter.

I remember what President Trump said. He said that Easter’s a beautiful time. You know he’s got this way of moving his hands doesn’t he like that, and he says it’s a beautiful time. What he actually means is that if you believe in God, then, you know, you believe in righteousness. I’m not talking about the Bible. I’m talking about the principle of good versus evil, and so I think what Trump’s saying is that he wants certain things wrapped up. The military wants certain things wrapped up by Easter because that’s a really celebratory time. It’s not a sign of death and sadness. It’s about rebirth and a new hope, so this is where we are.

If I get more information I’ll certainly give it to you. It is the major story. It’s a story that many of us have waited years and years for, and just hope that there’s enough intent, strength to see this right through.

Okay that’s it. Thanks very much indeed for taking the time to listen to me. Bye-bye.

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