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Friday, December 20, 2019

Duke and Duchess of Sussex may lose their titles; never-ending impeachment distraction; rumors of a Hillary clone more likely a body double; effects of fake impeachment on First Family; Pope Francis removes secret protection of priests abusing children; impeachment proceedings is a divisive strategy, pitting friends and family members against one another and is nothing but a political move to maybe make room for Hillary Clinton; was the Pensacola Naval Air Station attack the Cabal striking back at the navy for supporting President Trump; California fires may be result of California being at war with certain groups both on- and off-planet; inaction of Australian government against fires implies they are content to let them burn or have been told to stay out of it; why was there no investigation of laser-started fires in California as shown on YouTube; Questions: is there a way to remember dreams; how will people attached to material elements of the third dimension transition to the fifth dimension; when passing over should one turn to the light or away from it; how/when will the Event take place; first batch of anti-5G sticks are in, see Simon’s website for further details..


Ted Mahr: And with that I’d like to bring on my friend Simon from England who’s coming to us live. Simon how are you doing and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Simon Parkes: Thank you Ted. Merry Christmas to you and the listeners.

TM: Well thanks. Thank you Simon. It’s been an amazing time isn’t it. Oh, my goodness so much going on and the posts, I’ve got lots of questions which have built up in the last couple of weeks, so you also have some interesting posts to say the least on your website, and the first one was Duke and Duchess to lose their titles. What more have you heard from that story Simon?

SP: It was interesting. Some City Council in Britain, if you hit a certain number of signatures you can have your, you know, your topic debated in the City Council, and that’s what happened, and we haven’t had the result yet, but they were debating whether had, you know, they could strip the title away because Brighton is in the county, the Shire of Sussex, and the title is Duke and Duchess of Sussex, so they have the right to take it away, but what’s incredible is that you would never have had this five years ago, ten years ago. The fact that people now are much more interested in a republic than they are in a monarchy, and I think that’s a very, whatever happens it is a warning bell for the monarchy in Great Britain.

TM: Wow that’s fascinating. I know that from what I heard Simon, years ago there was a movement or some sort of, there was some discussion in Australia about getting out of the Commonwealth and removing the Queen as the head of their government. I don’t know too much about it but I sort of remember. Do you remember that? That was some years ago.

SP: Well there was a similar movement that occurred in Canada. Whenever you have a large French-speaking group who don’t align themselves with the British monarchy, then ideas about breaking free come from that part. I think the Australian one is something that happens every ten or fifteen years. It surfaces. They didn’t manage to overturn it and the Queen is still the Head of State.

TM: Sure.

SP: But they have it sort of at home like, it’s quite a wakeup call.

TM: Um-hum. My goodness. Well I have been to Brighton before. It’s a beautiful place and thank you for sharing that. It’s amazing. Of course we didn’t hear about it at all in our news.

SP: Well yes, it’s not something that would maybe make it through unless they vote on it to do it. I lived in Brighton from 1964 until 1979 so I know Brighton quite well.

TM: Oh it’s a beautiful place, a lovely place. It’s a great place. I went swimming there last June and the water was cold but it was fun. It was fun. Yeah, well from your perspective across the pond Simon it must be interesting to say the least for you to watch the impeachment process here in the United States about the House voted to impeach. I don’t think it’s going to go anywhere myself but I’d love your opinion on it.

SP: I think it gives President Trump the legitimate right to start using phrases such as anti-American, and you know, that the Democrats have gone crazy, so it doesn’t matter what your politics are. It doesn’t matter which side of the fence, you know, you vote. The fact is now is a course has been set. Anybody who studies life on Capitol Hill knows that this is dead in the water. It’s not going to go anywhere.

TM: Right.

SP: But very interestingly the Democrats have said that they’ll bring another one and if that doesn’t go anywhere they’ll bring another one. Now the overall question, the overall question is two very important points here. Is this just purely a [11:39][?cup] for Hillary Clinton throwing her hat back into the ring…

TM: Sure.

SP: …or literally is it their game plan? In other words is this impeachment game all they’ve got or is this thing hiding behind the scenes. So we know that the Senate will not pass this. We also know that the Senate will, as part of its hearing, call in maybe the Bidens, call in others to give testimony, but what do the Democrats do when the Senate doesn’t take it any further? Do they then bring a [12:17][unintelligible]? Well it, as somebody who has been in politics, and as an elected representative, as a lawmaker myself some years ago, I don’t see the end game plan for the Democrats. I don’t see the end of it. It’s either an incredibly desperate throw of the dice or there’s something they’ve got hidden up their sleeve.

TM: Right.

SP: And that’s it. It’s amazing. I don’t know where it’s going to go.

TM: I don’t know if you’d heard this or not but back when, this was back during the election back some years ago when Trump was running for office. I think it was in the fall of ’16 I guess it would have been, where Hillary Clinton was at a memorial for 9/11 victims in New York and she stumbled. She started stumbling and they rushed her to her van and then it was either like a day later or sometime later they rushed, they brought out a new alleged Hillary Clinton who was much younger and everybody, my friends anyway said that is this a clone, and there’s been the persistent rumor that she actually, the real Hillary Clinton passed away back in the fall of it was ’16 during the election, they replaced her with a biological clone. I don’t know if you’ve heard anything back over there, but we’ve heard it here persistently since the last couple of years.

SP: Oh yes, Ted I remember her being put into an SUV or a larger vehicle and almost being thrown in like a rag doll.

TM: Right.

SP: So yeah we’re very familiar with that. The difficulty I had was that I wasn’t prepared to accept it was a clone but I was prepared to accept it was a body double.

TM: Okay. Okay, well that would make sense. My friends remarked to me that the new Hillary Clinton, all she could say was “hi,” and she couldn’t go beyond “hi,” and then we were all speculating that the cloned technology, I mean they hadn’t much, apparently they need 90 days to produce a clone. I know this sounds bizarre and out of this world but that’s what I’d heard, and this clone had to be rushed out of the laboratory quickly and they hadn’t had time to program her yet with anything more than just “hi.” So that’s all she could say is “hi.”

SP: Okay Ted. What… right, I would, I mean yes it’s possible and I’ll talk a bit about that, but often if a person who is playing the body double looks the part, their accent might not be right, so they may have come from a different state, and if the body double wasn’t expected to come out at that point, maybe the only thing that they could get the right accent with would be “hi.” In terms of the cloned technology, they run clones on a regular basis because let’s, for instance, you have an auto crash and you get a scar on your left arm, well all the previous clones are no longer viable because they don’t have a scar, so you have to create another one and also humans age and so they regularly do these, so I would go for the 48 hours rather than 90 days.

TM: I see.

SP: I think that these are ready, 48 hours to program and to teach, so I’m going to go for the body double, just like President Putin has three doubles and it’s harder for a Westerner to detect a regionalization of a Russian accent, but not difficult for an American audience, so I think that’s a little bit over speculation on the clone side.

TM: Right, right. Okay. Well thank you for sharing that. I appreciate it. My goodness. My goodness. Well and then you mentioned on your post about that Trump had said that the House Democrats were acting against the Constitution and that his family was suffering due to the impeachment.

SP: Yeah.

TM: Yeah.

SP: Very important point because if you are going into an election campaign whilst politically it’s perfectly acceptable to go for your political opponent, it’s not acceptable to go for the First Lady and your family, and so I thought very cleverly he was quite rightly saying that this is not just impacting on me, it’s impacting on the family, and the whole point is that if the impeachment is not a genuine movement, then it’s wrong to put families through pressure, so I think it was important I think that he said that because it showed the American electorate that it wasn’t just this office of president. There is this family that’s behind him. That’s the first point. The second point is that if, you know, it could be shown to the state that this movement to remove the president was actually not based on law, then it is anti-American and it’s against the Constitution. Now that takes it into a very difficult legal argument in terms of are those people seeking impeachment are they acting in a way that is treasonous.

TM: Um-hum.

SP: Because it’s perfectly acceptable to go down the road of impeachment if you have the evidence and if you can be reasonably expected to interpret that evidence in a fair way, but if the evidence was falsified or if an organization ensured that only one aspect of the evidence was presented, then that probably is treasonable, and so I think he’s using these words deliberately because I think he’s sitting the scene for the weeks and months ahead.

TM: I see. Okay, that’s a good point. Yeah it’s interesting. I really enjoy your interpretation because you spot things that have a deeper meaning than just, you know, what is on the surface, so thank you for sharing that. You had another post on your website about Pope Francis agreeing to remove secrecy from priests who abuse children. That’s an amazing first step but as you notice it took what, ten months for the Vatican to agree to it because it came out in February of this year.

SP: Yes I think it took that long because it’s one thing to have a good idea and quite another thing to get into, you know, law as it were. The difficulty for the pope was that the cardinal in Australia who has been found guilty of child molestation is the highest ranking member of the Catholic Church to be indicted and found guilty in the court. The cardinal is a very high position. In fact it is the group of cardinals who stick together and choose who the pope is. Now when that court case was taking place in Australia I think that most people thought that the pope would intervene to get that guy off the hook, but he didn’t and that sent alarm bells throughout the whole of the Vatican that the pope was no longer prepared to, you know, get in and get people out of trouble. The weight of the media and the reduction in the number of Catholics going to church has been profound. If I compare the pope’s recent visit to Ireland which is almost the home of the Catholic faith, if I compare that with when he last went to Ireland or the pope went to Ireland just ten years ago, there was almost a thirty or forty percent reduction in the number of Catholics who turned out to greet the pope. Now that’s important and I think what’s happened is that the Vatican is being pushed and shoved toward a position that is a little bit more in line with what the public wants. So, I said on my post don’t hold your breath, but it is a sign that if the Catholic faith wishes to survive in the medium that we understand it, it’s got to change. It’s got to change, and I think slowly but surely for a positive way we are beginning to see it change.

TM: Yeah, yeah, and that’s good, that’s good. There is a man in Canada. I believe his last name is [21:11][Annett?Arnett]. I heard about him about a month ago who has been exposing child abuse in Canada and the United States by organized religion. Have you heard of that gentleman Simon?

SP: Yes I have. Yes I have Ted.

TM: Okay, yeah.

SP: Yes.

TM: Yeah, amazing man and very courageous too I guess, but yeah thanks for sharing that Simon. Before we go further there’s lots of things to talk about but I want to give you a few minutes to… I should have run this at the beginning of the hour for you to talk about what you would like to bring up today.

SP: Well you know really it was the impeachment because it is the biggest thing, and what I wanted to say really was it’s only going to create more hardship between families who are split on political lines, your friends, your workmates, all the people around you all have a different political view. It’s so divisive. It’s like religion. You’re either for it or against it and it destroys families. It destroys friendship and it’s really unfortunate that this has occurred but people cannot sit on the fence. They have to make a choice. They have to make a decision and unfortunately we’ve got to wait until November, November the 3rd, I think, 2020 before some healing can come about, so whatever the result is that should draw a line under it, so what I’m saying to people is between now and the vast majority of 2020, it’s going to be a very difficult time for Americans and it’s going to be quite unpleasant.

TM: Um, all right well thanks Simon for sharing that. There are so many things the Congress could focus in on to help the United States and also the world as well and I, I don’t know, I kind of think this is a waste of time. If they’ve got solid evidence that’s one thing but I don’t think they do, but we’ll see what happens. The House has voted for impeachment now but I don’t think it’s going to go anywhere.

SP: If we look at the previous impeachments and you look at the ground swell of the need to impeach Clinton and think about it’s coming toward Nixon.

TM: Oh yeah.

SP: And the feeling… it cuts across political lines in many cases.

TM: Sure.

SP: There was a real revulsion, but when I look at the vote not a single Republican voted to impeach in the House and two Democrats, two house Democrats voted with the Republicans. One of those Democrats is leaving and the other one is going to walk across and join the Republicans. Now that’s very interesting because what that says is this is a political move. It’s purely partisan. It’s bipartisan I mean. It’s about politics, which means it doesn’t carry the same weight as something that has everyone behind it, so I’m… this is why I said earlier to you I don’t know what the end game of the Democrats is because it cannot achieve whatever they dreamt it up to achieve, and there is a slight possibility that Hillary Clinton might just throw her hat into the ring.

TM: Okay, Simon. Well thanks for sharing that. I really didn’t know what to make of it, you know. Like I said we have a lot of problems in this country that need addressing and it’s too bad that they’re spending this much time on it. We’ll see if they have solid evidence that’s one thing, but I haven’t seen it yet in our media.

SP: Well look, Ted look at Great Britain. We’ve had our general election just a week…

TM: Right.

SP: …and the Prime Minister was returned with a much increased majority and the British Prime Minister is a very good friend of President Trump. Now why that’s important, it’s important for business. It’s important for trade because with the European Union kicked out, Great Britain can actually sit down with the United States and actually start doing what we did over forty-five years ago, which is independent trade deals with basically our best friend in the world, which is the United States as it always should have been, so I foresee an increase in the economy between Great Britain and the United States, tariff-free, no tariffs, and again President Trump towards the election in the fall of next year, he’ll be able to say look at the extra business that he brought on board. Now it’s not really him as such, but he will strike the deals, so it does seem odd that a President of the United States, who has in a very short period of time reduced the unemployment, made people’s living standards better, not right across the board that would be impossible, but in many ways and would be attacked in this fashion for something which frankly is so minuscule it’s of no importance. It really isn’t. That’s the point. To me it’s not whether it’s true or not, it’s just, it’s so minuscule, it’s so small. I mean, you know, this is what America does. America does deals. America does business, and that’s what you do whether you’re in a 711 store or whether you’re in Capitol Hill. You do business, and I haven’t seen any evidence that showed me that President Trump put America second, [although ever] seen him living, breathing the United States and the Constitution, and maybe that’s what certain people don’t like. Maybe that they can’t, you know, get in to do other things, but you’re right. With the Congress focused almost exclusively on this waste of time, the domestic policy is just going down the pan.

TM: Sure, right.

SP: You know all the issues, as you said they could address and because President Trump is keen and his powers allow him to do with other countries, but the internal stuff is all done by Congress and the Senate, and Congress is supposed to lead. Congress is supposed to champion the people and say this is a big issue here. We’ve got to fight this one. Let’s take this to the president. We’ve got this. Let’s campaign on that. They’re not doing that. They’re just sitting around deciding how they can get rid of the president. So forget President Trump. The fact of the matter is that the Congress is letting down the United States citizens regardless of what they voted, because when American people voted, they voted for a lawmaker who would defend them and fight for their rights, and all I’ve seen, and I am in Great Britain, but all I’ve seen is the Democrats who control the House spending all their time seeing how they can win or score points over a president. Well, how does that help the ordinary man and woman in the United States?

TM: Yeah.

SP: So it’s ridiculous Ted.

TM: Yeah.

SP: Totally ridiculous.

TM: Yeah, I agree. Yeah, there are so many issues that they could work on but they’re not, and at least it leaves the American people to basically fend for themselves, and you kind of wonder why even have these individuals in Congress if they aren’t going to help the people they are supposed to serve. I guess that…

SP: But when the Constitution was written, I don’t think anybody foresaw a gridlock. I mean yes, you know, when the budget’s not help and the budget’s held up, etcetera, but I don’t think I can ever remember since I became politically active or interested, I can’t ever remember a case like this. It’s unique.

TM: Yeah, yeah. Well you know and perhaps this relates as well. I remember you had posts on your website talking about the Pensacola Naval Air Station attack as well as the one in Pearl Harbor. Are they related and they are, are they related to the Cabal, the negative elements striking back at the navy because they are supporting President Trump?

SP: Well there are so many subplots. You know, we see a, somebody sits down and reads a book maybe to a group of school kids and, you know, you read it on many different layers, and each child gets a message from that book. So when you put all those kids together they all have a different take on it, and I think when we see these things unfolding, the simplistic amongst us will only see one message, but the reality is that there are several messages from several different, not organizations, but factions within organizations. The organizations that have their own autonomy, they have their values and they have their own operative, and you know, someone gets angry on Monday and they do something, and then five days later someone else gets angry and that’s the way it’s been but it’s never surfaced because these people weren’t ever challenged. They never felt the need to get [30:53][unintelligible], and only particularly since President Trump took office and what he represents, which is an interest in strengthening of the Constitution and a turning of the systems back or the president’s office back on certain elites that have enjoyed elite status for a very long time. So this “toing and froing” is entirely expected, and it will continue into 2020, and that you know, it’s a tit for tat. The bad guys tend to kill people. The good guys tend to not kill people but to take out facilities, or you know, do electronic stuff.

TM: Uh-hum. Interesting, interesting. And I hope you don’t mind me going off to this other subject but is this related to the California fires too as well? Do you see a negative hand in that as well, because when I went to school at UC Berkeley in the ’70s, annual fires like the ones in California just didn’t exist. Sure they had their fires every once in a while but California didn’t have the extent of fires they have; it’s almost every year, and now it’s spreading to Australia and I do have some questions, update on the Australian fires, which they say are quite bad down there.

SP: Okay. California is the one state that is at war with certain other groups. And if it’s not individuals, it’s the very fact that what California stands for. Silicon Valley, it’s got, you know, the second largest strength opposed to the president. It’s like a country on its own, so you don’t just see this as a battle about a particular point. This is an ongoing difficulty between certain individuals on one side and certain on another, and also interestingly possibly some exotic machinery being used and something off planet being involved, so it’s a very interesting mix. Now quickly I know you’ve got some updates for me, but the Australian situation has become so bad that the Australian public are now beginning to ask why their government is not taking a firmer hand on it. It is as if the Australian government is either content to let the fires burn in Australia or has been told to keep out of it. So there are people now who have had their homes burned in Australia who are campaigning outside the prime minister’s house. They tried to, not storm his house, but they surrounded his house.

TM: Right.

SP: And I’ve been asking on my radio show why isn’t the Australian military involved? If I was prime minister of Australia I’d have the military out helping the fire fighters.

TM: Sure, right, right.

SP: Because that’s…

TM: Right. Well this email is from Craig in Australia. He wrote me that… he wanted to run this by you. The states of New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland are in dire straits. In New South Wales as of last Saturday, I guess it was like a few days ago, there were a 125 fires, in the state of Victoria 56 fires, Queensland 70 fires. They’ve also had two record-breaking days of 42 degrees Celsius. Five firemen have been hospitalized. Two are in induced comas due to the serious burns and three others are critical in ICU. There’s no end in sight. There’s a new record last Saturday, a hot day of 45 degrees Celsius. Wow that’a hot, much higher than predicted. They haven’t been getting government help, some but not enough, and so they formed their own fire brigades to go out and stop the fires. They don’t, they say in their email they don’t know what they’re doing, but they’ve got to stop… do something and please help us and please send us our prayers. I’d like for everyone to please meditate, pray and send lots of love and light to the Australians. I know, and also I’d like to ask the benevolent Galactic Alliance and the Pleiadians to help them as well. We did this last month with the California fires and the Pleiadians, to their credit stepped up to the plate, and they caused it to snow in Santa Barbara, California where I have a friend there who has been reporting on the Pleiadian contacts. They actually made it snow there one morning. They stopped, there’s all these fires were just completely stopped. So perhaps they can do that as well. They say that they do respect the prime directive. They don’t interfere unless asked, so I’m asking now my listeners to please ask for their help, so….

SP: Okay. I think the question is the same, is why is the Australian government pretending it doesn’t happen. I mean either somebody is leaning on them telling them to just keep out of it or they’ve got some involvement in it, but I’ve never accepted either in the California fires or the Australian fires, I’ve never accepted it that it’s a barbecue that’s gone mad or school children. The number of fires and the inaccessible places that they are starting in just doesn’t work for, you know, a walking party going along and dropping a cigarette. It doesn’t work.

TM: Before the California fires started, it was about ten days a week before the California fires started in the Los Angeles, in California. Fox News in Los Angeles, I forget the channel, but I remember watching it on the internet, actually had a story about the new technology, allegedly new technology that the U.S. Air Force has to use high-tech laser weapons which can cause fires and destroy the enemy they said without warning. From your experience the Cabal often reveals things beforehand and then it’s okay. I don’t know whether this is related but I did get reports last year when these California cities of Paradise and Malibu, California. A lot of the fires there seemed to be started by high-tech laser weapons fired from either shape-shifted Reptilian craft or Cabal-controlled U.S. Air Force planes. I never got a confirmation on it but that’s what I heard.

SP: Well I remember my mother when, God bless her, before she was removed from the planet, she, one of the last documents that she was working on, we’re talking about 19… I don’t know, it was seven… it was sometime between 1977 and 1979, but the, not a tank, but an armored personnel carrier to have a laser beam, a laser weapon mounted on it, so we know from the secret work that my mother was doing back in the late seventies that they had a tank, for want of a better word, with a laser beam. Now we know that not only are they helicopter-borne but they are in firearms so they’re very very portable. That’s the technology, and it’s not just a, you know, we call it a laser rifle although there are other high-energy weapons systems available, but the laser rifle is something that we would understand. So they’re incredibly portable, easy to take into difficult areas to reach and they produce a very strong heat in a very small area, and it’s also now possible to fire weapons from space very targeted as well, so it would be virtually impossible from this position to actually say this is what’s caused it. There’s a whole range of it, but there is a very big… I don’t like the word game because people have lost their lives, but there’s a very big situation regarding California and there’s more than one faction involved.

TM: Um-hum. When I was ill back in October recuperating at a friend’s place in the Mt. Shasta area, I remember watching a YouTube channel on a fire that was being done at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, and what was interesting Simon is that on the hillside around the Getty Museum, it actually showed someone using, it looked like a particle beam laser weapon to start fires around the Museum and attempt to burn it down, and I can find the YouTube. I don’t know if it’s still on the web or not, but it was just, it was very interesting watching that because it clearly showed that that was not a normal fire, that that was intentionally done, and they were starting fires all over the Getty. Fortunately the Museum did not burn but everything around it did and you could see the proof and then the question I had after watching that, if I’m watching it, how come law enforcement isn’t, if I’m watching it law enforcement is probably watching it as well and how come they’re, to my knowledge had been, how come there wasn’t any investigation of that so, yeah, so yeah I… thanks for bringing that up.

SP: Well it’s so much cleaner and easier than a traditional flame thrower because these weapons are actually incredibly light, much lighter than you would imagine, and so law enforcement will do what it’s told of course.

TM: Right, right, right. Well I wanted to mention that and I think there’s a lot more going on than meets the eye to these fires, and if people see something please have them contact me or Simon and because I know we’re both interested in this subject. Simon we’ve gotten a whole bunch of questions which have piled up in the last couple of weeks, so I’m…

SP: Go for it.

TM: Okay, thank you. This is Anese, I hope that I’m pronouncing this right. It says Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and love from Germany. She’s from Germany and she said, she writes I generally receive many visions from the future in a dreamlike state, a dream state, and it’s not often I remember them, but sometimes I receive a sudden surge of information from the dream state including the waking time when I’m totally occupied with some 3D activity. I was wondering, she can’t remember, she tries to go back to a sleeping position but it’s difficult to do it. Has that happened to you before and is there a way to remember your dreams?

SP: Right. If we accept that a dream can either just be a genuine dream and I sometimes… my dreams are always about cats. I know when it’s just an ordinary dream because I’m chasing the cats, but if it’s something a little bit different, then we have to ask ourselves whether it’s a dream or whether it’s the subconscious releasing real memory through a dream. What you can do is you can go online, you can go to a traditional book, and there are many ways of sort of inducing a very calm state. I don’t mean a meditation but a very calm state that can allow a dream to come back through to you or you can look for triggers that might try to trigger that dream, but generally speaking the dream will only come to you when your conscious mind wants it to. In other words when your conscious mind is ready to accept it, it will come through. It’s far easier to obtain past memories or to get a hypnotherapist to take you back to a certain time in this life because that’s a consciousness happening to you. It’s very hard to access dreams.

TM: Hum, okay. Well thanks for sharing that. Thanks for sharing that. This is a question I received some weeks ago from Jen in the UK. Let’s see, she’s got long questions. I’m trying to boil it down to quick questions. You’ve talked in the past about the Earth transitioning from the third dimension to the fifth, going briefly through the fourth. If so many people are attached to the material physical elements of third, how will they go to the fifth? Or she suspects the majority of souls won’t make the transition. I would love your comments on that. Thanks so much for being an inspiring lightworker.

SP: Well thank you to both of those two questions, but unfortunately from my point of view your second question has actually answered her own question. The reality is that we all have free will and we all make a choice, and there are a large number of people who are quite, I say happy is not the right word, not even comfortable, but they are in a position that they feel that they don’t have the strength to leave. I use this term often. There is no other game in town to them and so no, they won’t make the transition. Not at this time around anyway. And it was never going to be everybody. It was about those people who at the right time and the right place made that choice. Now it’s not right or wrong because the person’s choice is right for them. It’s disappointing for me if only twenty percent of the population make it across. All I can say to you is that, you know, we’ve got a very difficult situation on this planet, but these difficult situations force people to make a choice. If everything was love and light, and everything was plentiful, and you already mentioned about people who have to sleep out in the streets.

TM: Right.

SP: If there was none of that. If everyone had enough food and water to drink, we wouldn’t be tested. We wouldn’t have to make a choice. There would be no good and no evil because everything would be good, so where’s our journey? Where’s our effort? What are we looking for? Where’s our goal, and it is precisely because this world is so conflicted that we all came here. We all came here to look at this and to decide whether (A) we’re happy to stay where we are or (B) we’re going to do something about it and try and develop. And so, you know, don’t worry about other people, just worry about yourself, and that’s not service to self. It’s about protecting yourself because you cannot take responsibility for somebody who doesn’t see what you see.

TM: Sure, absolutely, absolutely. I always respect other people’s opinions, and even though I may disagree with them, I’m open to their point of view because I don’t have all the answers. But this is, we’ve got about ten minutes, nine minutes left now. This is an interesting question where I’ll paraphrase since it’s a little long. When someone passes over often a light will appear and people are encouraged to go to the light, so they end up on the other side and see their long lost soul family and then do a life review and then reincarnate. But is it better to go to the light or is it better just to be asked to be reconnected with Source or our original soul family and turn your back on the light? I remember, I think you have addressed that before but I thought I’d ask.

SP: I have, but it’s such an important question that I’m not at all bothered or upset that I’ve been asked it again, because it’s worth going over. Human creatures, just like about every other creature on this planet, not all of them but the majority of them sleep at nighttime and they are active during the day because for those of us whose eyes are designed to work in the light, that’s why we do. Now there’s creatures who are designed to work in very low light levels; they’d be slightly different, but let’s talk about humans. If you go back before the technology of modern times, we would sleep at night because we couldn’t see to do anything and we would be active during the day, so we are programmed. We are programmed. Our brains are programmed. Our cells are programmed to respond to the light, to be joyful, to be happy, to exalt, and to be busy. So it’s no coincidence then that when the physical body dies, then we are suddenly shown a light, which we would [be] programmed naturally to go toward, but unfortunately in my opinion that’s a trap.

TM: Okay.

SP: The whole point is to take you, take you up to what we call the holding area where you may be a hundred years, ten years, a thousand years, who knows, and then an electromagnetic wave is put through you to let you forget that whole lifetime and then you are incarnated back on this planet. This is what we mean when we call Earth a prison planet because the number of jail breakers are very small. It is possible and so people who want to get out of this prison have to say I want to go back to Source, or if you know your star family, say Alex Collier, he might want to go back to the Andromedans, so that is the only way to fight it is to be totally determined. The light is a trap.

TM: Um-hum. Okay, thank you. Thank you for sharing that Simon. Her last question is will the event where humanity or actually extraterrestrials occur in the next ten years or will it take another form? Will they just appear?

SP: The event that people refer to is not just, unfortunately for many people the idea of the event is aliens showing up. The reality is that they have been showing up for generations. The real event is when Western governments actually decide that they are going to tell the truth. That’s the thing. The event is not, because if you put 50 spaceships of a mile across over every town, think about the film “Independence Day,” and you put over every city for a day and then you took it away again, life would just go back to normal on this planet, and people would shake their heads and say I was having an hallucination. The only way that the vast majority of people on this planet will believe it is when the regular news media and the newspapers and the internet from the official lines give it to you straight. That will be the event. Now the question is when within the next ten years. I know this sounds a bit as if I’m running away from the question. I promise you I’m not.

TM: Sure.

SP: A great deal depends on who wins the presidential election in 2020.

TM: Okay.

SP: That’s a real key point. I remember President Obama saying the very first few days I’m going to talk about the alien situation. I remember during the campaign between Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Trump. Hillary Clinton standing on the stump and saying I’m going to look into the alien thing. I’m going to do all of that. Now both of those people have absolutely no intention of doing that. But the very fact they said it was because they know that the very majority of the American electorate know something’s not right and they want an answer, so any president or potential president who starts talking about it has no intention of doing it. The man or woman who does it is the person who gets into office and then does it.

TM: Absolutely, absolutely. Simon we’ve got about two minutes left and I apologize for not having time for the other questions, but we’ll get to it next time, but I want to give you this time to wrap up your wonderful interview today.

SP: Sure, thanks. We’re hoping to receive our first batch of anti-5G shields, the sticks. I have been given one which I’ve been trying. These are coming from a new source. This is our second grade of them if you like, or second stage, and once we are able to go live I’ll advertise on the website and tell more people, but we have got our first batch in. The first ones have got Saint George slaying the dragon on them and I thought that was rather appropriate. The second batch which we will receive and every batch after which will have Connecting Consciousness logo, so my logo will be holographed onto these sticks. So I’ve got my fingers crossed. It should be good news.

TM: Oh wonderful. There is a book written by a fellow named Len Kasten about the Reptilian influence here and around the world, and he’s got an actual picture of a South Korean advertisement for 5G showing alligators or Reptilians riding the shoulders of Korean people dictating what they should do with their cell phones watching over them, which I thought was hilarious, but I’ll send it to you.

SP: Thank you. That would be lovely. Yeah, it’s quite funny, but during this holiday season I want us to send lots of love and light to everyone around the world. It’s an exciting time, and I think we’re going to do it this time. We’ve got about 30 seconds left, but I think we’re going to actually make it this time and ascend Simon. I know we have a lot of challenges but, and I’m so glad for your work to help people out too.

TM: Thank you. Well listen Ted, it’s a lot of love to you and to the audience, and remember that the American people and the British people celebrate Christmas almost identically. So, you know, there’s a strong connection, and with the new prime minister in Great Britain I would expect a strong business and trade relationships to improve between the U.S. So listen a lovely time to everybody, and let’s just hope that we get a few days rest.

SP: Absolutely Simon. Have a beautiful Christmas and a wonderful New Year, and please stay tuned my friends for the next event. [Simon Interview Ends 54:31, Hour One]

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