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Connecting Consciousness Podcast: Update

Recorded Friday, December 13, 2019

Short update concerning internal issues of Connecting Consciousness, namely discussion of glitch with MeWePro; Becky on a mandatory vacation due to health issues; anti-5G sticks arriving in batches of 1000, hopefully before Christmas; pro-Brexit people win election so Britain will leave EU; Democrats are holding off on impeachment waiting for slot on Prime Time TV to broadcast it; false flags scheduled to take place before Christmas appear to have been cancelled possibly because of Mexican drug lords shooting up a dual citizenship American-Mexican Christian family, consequently an arrest made public of Mexican government minister in Texas for drug trafficking.

Simon Parkes: Hello. Welcome to a very short update from Connecting Consciousness. It’s Friday the 13th and that’s not why I’m doing a short presentation because I’m terrified of something dropping on me. It just literally we just need to do a quick update on things and haven’t really had the time to do a full one but obviously we will do before Christmas. All right, so think I’ll just move the cat. He just wants to sit here with me.

The first thing I want to talk about is the situation in Connecting Consciousness with MeWePro. For the American members amongst you, you will have clicked on to access MeWePro, the communication platform that we use and you will find that you couldn’t get access to it. Now I’m sure that most of you have received all the emails and the information as to what occurred, but just to, you know, to let you know what happened. We had this wonderful program and the American coordinator very kindly said that she’d pay for it, which she did., and then there was an issue and I got a bill for $3,300, which obviously I wasn’t going to pay because I can’t pay that, and there was a big big hoo-ha and Tana, the U.S. coordinator, spoke to the chief executive the senior officer of MeWePro who said oh well if you are a nonprofit organization I suppose we can let you do it for free, which we thought was the case anyway, but you know, he’s a top man. He said that, and you know, that’s what’s gonna happen so we definitely can operate this platform for as many members around the world as we want for free, and obviously I’m really relieved because Becky had put many hours of work into creating that and other people have played a role too, and to have that taken out from you is a bit of a kick in the teeth really, but the chief executive said when he’d understood what Connecting Consciousness was, he said how impressed he was and he really could buy into the values of it, and as a result of that, obviously he did a bit of his research and he looked us up a bit. He said no you definitely can operate for free you know. That’s absolutely fine. Because it’s an encrypted service and they don’t sell the information to a third party. The reason that Facebook and all the others are free is because they’re selling that information to a third party and that’s very valuable isn’t it, because you know, if you’re talking about we’ve had this kitchen in this house for ten years and maybe it’s time for a new kitchen but I don’t know if we can afford it and then sold on and the next thing you know when you open your iPad or whatever it is, you are suddenly hit with adverts for a kitchen and you think oh how do they know that, but MeWePro doesn’t do that, but they’re not advertising, therefore they don’t get the money. There’s no adverts carried on it so how do they make the money? They make the money from corporates who do not want their information passed on to competitors, and so corporates pay MeWePro for the privilege of having encryption and absolute cast iron guarantee that what is said is not passed on to retail organizations or third-party organizations who want to make a profit out of it. So those organizations are expected to pay. The reason that I authorized the move to MeWePro is simply because you know, I don’t fancy Facebook. I don’t fancy any of those things simply because they sell your information, my information to third party. So for the chief executive to absolutely confirm, look you know, you’re nonprofit and I really having looked into it like the ethos of Connecting Consciousness and I like what you’re doing. I think it’s really good, his own words, and I want to support you and that’s the way he’s done it, so I am truly sorry that there’s been a glitch in the system. We are working on it as best as we can and we will get that up and running again very quickly, so you should all have had several emails explaining that, but if you’ve missed it, then hey, you’ve heard it from me now.

So that’s the first one. This is all sort of in-house stuff at the moment. Oh, I wanted just to quickly say that I was told that when this was announced before we had the good news that we could run free members started to say that they would pay for it. Now obviously we’re not going to do that, but I thought that was truly wonderful that individual American members were offering to actually pay for it because I don’t charge a membership fee. I don’t charge anybody to be a member of Connecting Consciousness deliberately. I don’t want that, so we don’t have a war chest. We don’t have a pot of money to deal with things like that. We just don’t run like that. That’s not, I don’t want to be controlled by them, and so for people just to say well we’ll help is truly wonderful, but as it goes, we very kindly, we don’t need that. Other people have talked to me about difficulty with YouTube wanting to monetize videos and that they may well take down any podcast or any video that’s not carrying an advert. In other words, where YouTube can’t make money out of it. As it stands I’m not going to run adverts. I don’t feel the need for it. I don’t want to be controlled. You see as soon as you take an advert, then YouTube’s got you, because they’re paying you. Now I don’t think it’s very much. I know a couple of people. I know Kerry does it and a couple of others but I don’t think they get paid that much, but my philosophy is that as soon as you do that then the organization can say well we can start to put pressure on you because we’re paying you, so I’d rather try and keep as independent as I possibly can. So I haven’t had an email saying, you know, either money ties or we’ll take you down. I haven’t had that, but I do not intend to, you know, to carry adverts, so just to let you know on that one.

Those of you who don’t know, Becky is the overall coordinator for Connecting Consciousness. I clearly couldn’t manage all of the teams and do what I do, so Becky very kindly manages the teams, the coordinators and she does quite a lot of the admin work. She does have an ongoing health issue and it flared up recently. It would be very I suppose new-age, new-agey of me to say, “Hey we were attacked,” because she had a flare-up of this. It was reasonably serious. She had to go to the hospital and she was having an MRI scan, had a Cat scan, and it’s to do with the nasal passages. You might think, well, sinuses, nasal that’s not very serious, but in this case it is quite serious and she’s got an operation scheduled in for January. There was only one man, I say it was a man because it was a man.There was only one man in Great Britain who was competent to do it. A number of doctors, surgeons, looked at the reports and said they didn’t feel that they wanted to do it. They thought it was too difficult or tricky for them, and there is this one guy who said he’s, you know, he’ll do it. That’ll be in January. I want to thank everyone in the NHS and the hospital staff. How wonderful people are, nurses, doctors, the cleaners, anyone and everyone who works in hospitals, in particular you know when you’re in a ward or you’re, you know, you’re visiting a sick person, just how wonderful and how lucky we are in the United Kingdom that we don’t directly pay for our medical care and I’m sure most of us take it for granted, whereas if you’re in the United States or Australia or many other countries you have to have insurance and you have to pay for your care, and we in this country don’t pay directly for that, so it’s free at the point of service, and let’s never forget that, and how lucky we are. So just to let you know that I’ve sort of put Becky on an enforced holiday. I said to her you’re going to take a vacation throughout Christmas, so coordinators you have received an email but please don’t email Becky with your issues. You have been given a person to email and if that person needs direction they’re going to come to me and I’ll make a decision. So it’s not an attack. We’re not being attacked. This is a general genuine medical situation that Becky has, although I say it would be very fashionable to throw my arms up in the air and say we’re being attacked. I only say it when we really are being attacked, and this is not that. This is just something else.

Okay, moving on, still internal stuff here. I know you’ll want me to get to the exciting stuff, but this is exciting for us because it’s Connecting Consciousness. It’s what I created and what we all work towards, so it is important. The 5 anti-5G sticks, great news. I’ve got another meeting tomorrow and we are having the link placed on Simon Parkes dot org ( so that a person who wants to purchase the anti-5G defense shield can click on my site. That takes you straight through and then you can do the deal and pay with them. They are coming through at batches or they will come through at batches of 1000, so when the 1000 is sold the next 1000 comes in. There will be probably a two-week delay, so when you click on it and you pay for it you might get it almost within two to three days or you might have to wait two weeks. Two weeks is the maximum period because this is when they’re arriving from Europe and you know the batch, so it’s almost like a preorder really and you’re showing your intent and you pay for it and then it’s sent to you, so I’m going to make the announcement when I’ve got the go-live date. I’m going to make the announcement by putting something on the website Simon Parkes dot org ( I’ll do a quick update here and any other way that I can advertise it, so very soon now, looking exciting, really really can’t wait to get started before Christmas. It was really important to me wanting to do that. Okay, that’s that.

Let’s move on now to national, international stuff. Those of you who have been slightly aware there was a general election here in Britain and as expected Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party won. No surprise to me. I didn’t do a huge lot of updates about it because it’s a foregone conclusion that the Conservatives were going to win. I’m not surprised and it means that Great Britain will now leave the European Union and will be able to make a trade deal with the United States and Australia, New Zealand, and India, and goodness knows, maybe even China, as well as the European Union. It might mean that people coming now from European countries might require a visa on top of your passport, but that won’t take effect until sort of February I think onwards, so if you are planning to visit the UK and you are a European person, don’t just take it for granted that your passport is enough now, so double check and see if you’ll need a visa, just as you would to go to America or Australia, you need a visa, so there’s that one.

Let’s go to America, President Trump. I still can’t get over that excellent tweet where the Democrats said that they were decided finally they were going to impeach him and he tweeted back well hurry up then. I just think that’s so funny. Hurry up then. Get on with it. He’s not at all bothered bothered by it. I have to say he is not at all bothered and you may have heard that the Democrats put back by a few days their final authorization to do the impeachment. They are apparently holding on for prime time television. They want to release this announcement at Prime Time TV, which tells me it’s got nothing to do with impeachment of fact or truth. If you are seriously looking at wrongdoing you do not wait to hit Prime Time television. You do it as soon as the due process has taken place. You do all the paperwork. You authorize it. It doesn’t matter when you do it because it’s not about publicity, but this obviously is. This obviously is about publicity and so that’ll be interesting and I honestly do think that President Trump is right that when this goes to nothing an awful lot of people who are undecided voters maybe they vote Democrat one time and then Republican another time, what we in Great Britain call a floating voter. I don’t know what you might call them in the States but those people I think by and large will be somewhat disappointed with the shenanigans taking place in the House, and I think that President Trump will pick up quite a few votes from that. So that’s a situation that he’s not at all concerned and in many ways this impeachment is playing into the hands of President Trump just as in Great Britain Jeremy Corbyn and the antisemitism or the uncosted or unfunded programs or projects that he was putting forward and the disorganization played into Boris Johnson’s hands, so sometimes a politician doesn’t actually have to do a great deal if his or her opponent is a bit slippery on the feet and falling over all the time. You just let your opponent make those mistakes for you, and you know, we see this time and time again.

Okay I think the other thing I wanted just to say that a very scant information I’ve left the best till last. I think I’ve left the most important to last. I have very scant information that a number of attacks that were scheduled and I do not know where or when, all I know is before Christmas, apparently have been pulled, so what you know, we would call false flags have been pulled. The question is whether these different organizations are going to honor that. I would think most of them will do because they take their command or their orders from on high, but sometimes individuals or cells or groups, they go rogue and they refuse to take the orders from on high and they go and do something, and a good example of that is 2012 when I was rammed off the road in Britain and the car was completely, it had no wheels left on the car, and I had one wheel left on the car and by some great good fortune I was totally unhurt. That transpired to have been just a group of three people who were acting without authorization from their bosses and it just took it on themselves to try and take me out and that was in 2012, and the passenger I had with me as well, trying to kill two birds with one stone and then my understanding is that they were obviously dealt with because they acted out without instruction, so sometimes when an order goes out to do some attacks and then that order was countermanded, sometimes individuals are so hyped up or so hugely excited that they think to hell with it. We’re just going to do it anyway, so I can’t guarantee you there won’t be any, but what I can say to you is that the scant, the smallest piece of information that I’ve got is that they have pulled these false flags. The reason I have pulled them is because the number of arrests are taking place and the only one that’s public is the Mexican government minister. I think he might be an ex-minister, but he was a Mexican minister and he was for some reason traveling through Texas and they were waiting for him, the Feds were waiting for him and picked him up and arrested him on drug charges and you should really see this is connection with the families of the church that were both dual nationality, U.S. and Mexican, who died in a supposedly, died in a crossfire, but may well have been targeted because this Mexican-American group were very anti the drugs gangs. They weren’t giving shelter to the drugs gangs. Please understand on the border between the U.S. and Mexico ordinary innocent people in Mexico feel threatened and intimidated and they have to give their houses up as a safe house to hide these drug gangs in for a day or whatever and then the drugs gangs move on and this church group refused to do that. So the information I’ve received was that they weren’t actually caught in crossfire. They were actually attacked and deliberately cold-blood killed. They didn’t have any guns to defend themselves I don’t think and the children were killed as many of them were killed, because they were not giving sanctuary to the drugs barons. Now that is why… you won’t find that in the newspapers. You won’t find that on YouTube, but that’s why President Trump, when he was told that through intelligence, he then said to the President of Mexico basically if you don’t do something about this I’m gonna literally send the army in. They were already along the wall. I’ll just send 12,000 troops across. The Mexican president knew that Trump was not kidding, went public, you may have picked this up and said Mexico is a sovereign country and you can’t come in here and tell me what to do and all this lot, and then he thought about it a little bit and started to quietly do a deal with President Trump to let some of these people to be taken out, so some of these arrests that were part of these indictments we’ve been talking about, some of them have been actions, and you know, it’s very very difficult because nothing’s coming up in public, but I can tell you this is one of them that is public, although then they’re just saying that he was arrested in Texas on drugs trafficking charges, so what’s happening is that when the negative force makes a threat then the good side makes a threat and then someone backs down and in this case this negative force, which was thinking of doing something on a number of cities has now pulled that plan and backed off because Trump is authorizing some arrests and as I say the Mexican is very few public examples we’ve got of that. Most people just disappear, so that’s encouraging, but what I am saying is that it does not 100 percent mean that everyone’s going to follow those orders, so although I don’t have any specific intel as to where or when that’s all I’ve got.

So as you can imagine what with Becky being not so good and us having to cover a little bit there and MeWePro frightening me half to death with a bill for $3,300, I don’t think I can age anymore, but probably did. It’s been a bit, it’s a bit crazy and I don’t look on that as an attack either. I just think that’s just the way it is on this planet, and that’s you know, it’s just the way we go with it, so I want to thank everybody. We will do a podcast, a normal Connecting Consciousness one toward Christmas. There will not be a Christmas Special. I think I’ve said it. It’s just beyond our capability to do it. We were just a group of volunteers. We’re just a small group of people and we try our very best and we have these great ideas. We could do this. We could do that, and you look around the table and you think well it’s us again isn’t it. We’re gonna do it, and you know, I’d rather concentrate on getting the news out there, getting the intel out. I like the Christmas Specials. They’re lovely, but I just haven’t got the resources to do it. One day if, you know, some huge wealthy person comes to us and says you know, I like Connecting Consciousness. I’m gonna support you. Fantastic! We’ll do it, but up until then we’ll just concentrate on what we’re good at. We’ll concentrate on what you want to hear and what we need to get out there and be truthful, so thanks very much indeed. Lots of love to everybody and we’ll keep in touch soon. Take care. Bye-bye.

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