Friday, May 3, 2019

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Out of This World Radio 1150 AM in Bellevue, Washington

Friday, May 3, 2019

Although four of the Five Eyes have made it clear they don’t want Huawei being a part of 5G rollout, UK is considering using them for their 5G; 440 Hz vs. 432 Hz, health and psychological effects; U.S. underground bases owe their history to undamaged German underground facilities found at end of World War II; disclosure of underground bases and tunnels not likely to happen anytime soon; Trump’s decisions are causing him to have to accept negative criticism in order to make America profitable; what’s happening with 5G worldwide; law suits against 5G win in some local areas in UK; countries safe from 5G; Russia/U.S. both want General Haftar to win in Tripoli; possible schism between U.S. and Britain’s foreign policies; President Trump will meet the Queen of England on his state visit to discuss business; Deutsche Bank might be bought out by Chinese bank, giving Chinese government control over most important European bank; Japan enters new era with new Emperor; Russia and North Korea meet; could cause of Space X anomaly be made public; who controls New Zealand’s prime minister; are Ferris wheels stargates; being told you’re part of the 144,000 people group is a control mechanism; Hopi prophecies and storm-signaling changes brought about by Gaia.


Ted Mahr: Now I’d like to bring my good friend on, Simon Parkes. He’s a famous ET contactee live from England. He appears on my show twice a month, on the first and third Friday’s of every month. He’s a wonderful fellow and I’m so happy he’s on the air today. Simon how are you doing?

Simon Parkes: Hello Ted, I’m very well, thank you, and I’m really pleased to be on your show again.

TM: Oh good. Oh good. For those of you interested you can find out more information about Simon and his wonderful work at www .simonparkes .org, that’s S-I-M-O-N P-A-R-K-E-S dot org. Simon you’ve had a lot of things . . . there’s a lot of things going on in the world isn’t there? I mean there always is but especially this time. My goodness, we’ve had lots of different posts. I’ve got lots of different questions in from my listeners. The first thing, but let me ask you this. Before we start, are there any particular issues you’d like to discuss first off on the show?

SP: I think we’ll probably just see what your audience questions are and then if there’s anything that’s not covered, then maybe I can just bring it in then.

TM: Okay that’s fine. That’s fine. Let me go through a few of your posts on your website first. You talked about Gavin Williamson, the British Defence Minister has been sacked for revealing that Huawei, the Chinese company will play a part in 5G rollout. The Allies, the United States, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand have all have banned the Chinese actually from working with them, and the inquiry for all reports over a plan to allow Huawei limited access to help build the UK’s new 5G network. Do you have any updates on that Simon, regarding that story?

SP: Yes it appears that the guy who got sacked, who got fired, is basically turning around and saying it wasn’t him. He’s quite adamant that he didn’t leak the story, but the Prime Minister said it was, but I know that people outside of Britain don’t really understand the parliamentary system in this country. We have what we call a guy who runs the cabinet. The cabinet is a collective term for the government, and there’s a guy who runs the cabinet and he’s quite a powerful man, and he took against Gavin, this Minister of Defence. He took against him, so there’s some talk that he was fitted up. Now whether he was or he wasn’t, the fact of the matter is that there clearly was a debate at the highest levels of British government to bring this Chinese firm in, and I find it absolutely astounding that all the old Commonwealth countries plus the United States of America have already decided there’s absolutely no way they want this Chinese firm involved. Yet here’s the British government, you know, seriously talking about bringing them in. So, you’ve got to ask yourself what’s going on. Why would one ally break away from the others, and that there’s no answer to that at the moment. It doesn’t make sense.

TM: Well there’s one thing I wanted to share with you. A little more than a year ago I was in Lima, Peru, flying back from Lima to the United States, Canada, actually, and I had been there visiting Machu Picchu and there was this huge billboard in the Lima airport. If we have, I know I have listeners in Peru. If you are listening today it would be great if you could just send me an email to Out of This World 1150 @ gmail dot com ( regarding this huge billboard that Huawei had installed in the airport, and it must have been, oh my goodness it must have been at 20–25 feet tall, long, or it was a rectangular billboard maybe a 100 feet or more, so it was hard to miss in the airport. If anybody has visited the Lima airport recently, please send me an email. I’d appreciate it and let me know if it’s still there, but it showed a fellow who looked like he stepped out of “Star Trek” from the Borg who was half human and half metallic and half metal, and he was holding up a new Huawei phone, and he said with a smile, this creepy smile, “The future is AI,” and that’s Huawei advertising their new phone. What was interesting was after that visit to Lima, Peru last February, in February of 2018, in May of course I visited David Icke, and I interviewed him for a day at his home at the Isle of Wight, and he said, I asked him about it, and he said that the Chinese had been pretty much left alone by the West ever since their independence in 1947 or I think it was ’49 up until just, you know, the late part of this last century. And during that time it was a Reptilian playground in which lots of the Reptilians helped them build up their infrastructure and so they are very interested in AI. I don’t know if you’d heard that story or not or David Icke’s comments, but it kind of fits if the allies didn’t want Huawei to be part of that effort.

SP: The only thing I would add to that is it’s not a new phenomena. If you think about folklore, Chinese culture, the dragon plays an incredible part in their history over thousands of years. So I think David Icke is correct. I think he’s exactly correct, but I don’t think it’s just something that’s happened since the late ’40s. I think that the Reptilian connection through a dragon culture has been going there for thousands of years.

TM: Yeah I think you are right. Thank you for pointing that out Simon. That’s a very astute comment. The second thing you have in your website, there were lots of interesting posts by the way, and if people are interested, please go to Simon’s website at triple w dot Simon Parkes dot org. (www. simonparkes .org). You had another post relating to last year’s Special Christmas Podcast about 440 Hz versus 432 Hz and the health effects. And from the article it says the data suggests that 432 Hz tuned music can actually decrease the heart rate more than 440 Hz tuned music, and it’s better for you and from what I know of 440 and 432, before, during the 1930s, the Nazis adopted a 440 Hz standard for their music and what I’ve read anyway Simon I would love your comment on this is that 440 Hz is an imbalance that is not exactly a synchronistic or harmonious tune. Instead people when they listen to 440 Hz music they get agitated, and Hitler wanted people to get agitated in preparation for World War II. Unfortunately after World War II of course the United States brought in eight to ten thousand Nazis and they all urged that the United States adopt the 440 standard and they did in 1950 and so our music in the United States anyway has been tuned to 440. I guess that’s prepped us up for the Vietnam War, the Korean War, the Gulf Wars, this war, that war, but I think you’re right. I think the 432 Hz music standard is a much better standard.

SP: Well I think it’s like an arms race. If you had one country changing the frequencies so it could better implant ideas into a person, and then you had another country that didn’t, then that country that didn’t, the leaders would feel that they were at a disadvantage, so as soon as one country, you know, adopted it, then yes it’s what they were all going to follow it. I think what’s interesting about the influx of Germans, and of course many of them were Nazis, not all of them but many of them were Nazis, is that they were put into very senior positions. And just very briefly, when, and it was largely the Americans, and the Brits fought some very very difficult battles, but it was largely the Americans that swept across large parts of France and into Germany, and when the Americans began to discover these underground bases, they began to get a realization that the level of technology that the Germans were on was actually far ahead of what they guessed, so yes, we knew about the V2 missiles coming down and the Americans had seen other stuff, but what they found was embryonic technology, which there was no sign of above ground and this is what really frightened the pants off the Americans, because they thought another year and Germany could have won the war. So what they brought back wasn’t just Germans and their technology, but they brought back the concept of deep underground bases. Because what America was astonished at was they dropped goodness knows how many tons of bombs on Germany, but their facilities underground were untouched. And so all the underground bases in America today owe their history to Germany.

TM: I’ll be darned. I’ll be doggone. That’s interesting, interesting. I know there’s a fellow, I can’t remember his name. He was an American engineer who helped build the underground bases in the United States back in the late ’80s, and then he was subsequently killed. He wrote, he started complaining about it because he said that they were actually the U.S. government military was being helped by the Greys and by the Reptilians to build these underground tunnels underneath the Earth, and he objected to it and eventually he was murdered, found murdered. And, well that’s an interesting comment I hadn’t thought about it.

SP: My mother in, it’s difficult to be exact but probably around about between 19 . . . oh probably somewhere between 1971 and 1973 on the secret documents that she was working on, they were working on the nuclear powered underground boring tunneling machines. So she was actually working on the documents that were looking at how you got a nuclear reactor into basically a train, you know, by a tunneling machine, and so it was I think they went prototype live in about somewhere between 1975 and 1979, and so from that point onwards it was then possible to build these tunnels or drill these tunnels and increase these bases. So throughout the 1980s, this is when the underground bases really took off because they had these nuclear powered tunneling machines which my mother, when I say she worked on, she wasn’t, you know, she wasn’t the technical side. She was working up documents where the scientists had said we think it’s possible to put a nuclear reactor inside one of these machines and that was the very early ’70s so yeah, she was involved in that and we saw that some 10–15 years later when they managed to get it working.

TM: Oh how interesting, interesting. You know what’s interesting too is I talked, of course I’m in contact with the people of the Hollow Earth, and they have their own tunneling system, which goes from, they tell me from Mt Shasta to Shambhala underneath the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea near Greece. There’s another tunnel they tell me, there’s a tunnel there from their ancient civilization more than ten thousand years ago but they’re still active, and you can take, they said you can take a shuttle for example to Shambhala. You can go down to Cusco in Peru in a matter of maybe 10 minutes. They move very very fast, and it’s curious because those tunnels have been around for a long long time as well. Do you think that with disclosure Simon that the people will finally find out the truth of these tunnels that the U.S. government or governments have built and there will be disclosure about it?

SP: Well the problem of disclosure is I don’t think the American government have got any problems in disclosing flying saucers. Let’s just call it that.

TM: Sure.

SP: That, that’s not the problem. That’s not the issue. The problem is that the questions that then follow. So let’s just say for instance that disclosure comes ahead and officially it’s announced that flying saucers exist. Let’s just say we do that on Monday. By Tuesday the first question that people will ask, why didn’t you tell us about this? And the answer is because we didn’t want to scare you. Okay, the next question is who’s flying these and we get an answer and by about Thursday or Friday the questions being asked are so compromising to the government that the government could collapse. So the reason they don’t willingly give disclosure is not because they have a concern about flying saucers. It’s because all of the questions that would come from that. So it’s the kingpin. If that goes everything else goes. Will we get disclosure? Yes, absolutely we will, but we won’t get it while there’s still a sizeable negative force, you know, mainly human but not exclusively so, while there’s still a negative human force that’s got something to gain out of it. In other words, if you think about 9/11, the only time we’re going to get disclosure on 9/11 is when there isn’t anybody still alive who was involved in that operation.

TM: Right.

SP: That’s how it works.

TM: I have to ask you this question. This goes right to the Kennedy assassination on November 22, 1963. I mean it’s ridiculous how long they’ve kept the documents and the files locked up. Trump had an opportunity of course last November to release everything and he didn’t. He released a small amount of documents I’m told and I don’t know how long he extended it, looks like another I don’t know how many years. But are they, is that the same principal, they are waiting for everybody to pass on and they can release it and . . .

SP: Well it’s so difficult isn’t it because you know, it’s so difficult when we are told that X, Y, or Z have been assassinated when that individual is in their nineties, because people in their nineties tend to die anyway.

TM: Right.

SP: So we’re not being given evidence that certain of these people are being, you know, taken out. But that’s the message we’re being given that the current control system is prefering to take out these traitors, as they call them or these treasonists. Rather than be honest and tell the public why they’re taking them out because there are so many other people linked to a number of these happenings, and this is the problem that we have that nobody, including Trump, nobody at the moment has got the confidence to be able to tell the truth and then weather the storm. It’s one thing to say, right I’m going to tell you the truth. It’s another thing to say will I still be in office tomorrow after I’ve told you the truth. And that’s . . . it’s not that Trump is frightened to tell the truth. He is frightened because he believes he needs to stay in office for another term to pull this thing through, so we’re talking about disclosure and all the rest of it. We’re gonna see it. We won’t see that until the second term of the office because look how he is fighting at the moment with these political opponents. He hasn’t got time to disclose.

TM: Sure.

SP: Because he’s fighting so many battles. That’s the problem.

TM: The other thing too I wanted to ask you about. My friends ask me, this is one of the questions that came in. My friend asked me about his decision making, because a lot of his decisions on the environment actually have been horrible, but I always get the feeling they ask me and this is one of the questions that will followup later, but that he’s not in control of the entire government. He has to pick his battles, choose his battles, and try to win on certain points, but some of the decisions that his agencies make like opening up environmentally sensitive areas here in the West of the United States to oil fracking and drilling is something that he’s not really in favor of but he has to choose and pick his battles. Is that a correct assessment?

SP: I think they’re both right. I mean the problem for the president is that his major number one slogan was and is Making America Great Again.

TM: Okay.

SP: That means jobs. Jobs means business and that means oil. It means gas. It means industry, so from a political point of view, the only way he is going to increase the economy of the United States and to increase jobs is by going down this road, which from an environmental point of view is not very popular. But the difficulty was that he’s nailed his colors to the mast, which he wants to defeat Chinese imports. He wants to control imports from other countries so that America becomes profitable again as it used to be, and so I think President Trump is prepared to accept the negativity of some of these environmental decisions, because he said he made a pledge or a promise to the people, which they elected him on. So, I think it’s largely to do with that to be honest.

TM: Interesting. I had a question come in. There’s lots of questions here but I’ll just kind of weave them in as we go through topics. A fellow, David, Dave in Yelm, Washington, he asked what about 5G? What’s really happening with 5G in the United States? Does he realize, does President Trump realize that 5G can harm people? It can harm both people and the environment or is it something that he will take steps to ameliorate so that people will not suffer the worst effects from this new telecommunications system?

SP: I have absolutely no fear for the United States or the people of it, absolutely no fear. I can tell you that there are already steps that are already been taken. I can tell you your president is fully aware of the situation.

TM: Okay.

SP: Is taking steps. I fear for my own country here in Great Britain and I fear for many European countries, but there’s one country on Earth which will be okay and that’s the United States of America, because from what I’ve been told President Trump, through the military, is working on something that will, you know, make you guys fine. So I have no concerns for you. My concern is for everywhere else. We don’t have a President Trump unfortunately from that perspective. So we don’t have anybody who can stand up to this. You do. You have a maverick. You have a billionaire president who nobody controls.

TM: Right.

SP: And so he can stand up to it if he chooses to, which he is choosing to. Unfortunately, everywhere else is puppets, so no, you’re fine.

TM: Here is a followup question from Sue in the UK asking about the recent court decision where the 5G system was, people fought the new 5G system being installed in the UK and are winning. Do you know anything about that Simon? I don’t know, she’s kind of brief.

SP: Yeah it’s patchy. It’s patchy because, you know, they can win a court battle in one district but lose it in another, so it’s not being won right across the country. It’s being won in certain areas. The problem is that it’s very difficult. You can’t now campaign against a mast because it’s a mast. You can’t even campaign against it because it might be detrimental to health, but what you can do is you can literally bring a large number of people to a meeting and just by great weight of numbers make the local politicians begin to think, ooh I might not be reelected if I do this. So, it’s basically come down to that because from a technical level the average person can’t win the argument simply because they are average people. The only way to do this is to show the politicians that actually they won’t be reelected, and that I think is what’s going on now.

TM: Well I have to share you a little story. There’s a group of people called citizens . . . People for Safe Technology in Yelm, Washington headed up by a fellow named Dave. For privacy I won’t give his last name, but anyway his name is Dave, and they recently filed an appeal on a government approval for a new 5G tower, cell tower in the Yelm area. And they have a lot of political activists there and after they submitted more than a hundred affidavits and petitions against the new 5G cell tower and said that it would really harm the environment, all the judges who could have heard it in the local area recused themselves. Nobody would hear it, so they’ve had to go way out of the area to find a judge far off to hear it, and they have a new judge now, but none of the local judges want to touch it because they know that they’ll lose the election the next time around if they make any decision on it at all, so . . . .

SP: I think the other problem is that if a judge, a judge, he or she, is an expert in law. He or she is not an expert in technical matters or chemical matters, and they bring in these so-called experts to speak, and I think it’s becoming obvious that a lot of these experts don’t actually know the true facts, and I think a judge is thinking I’m gonna have to make a decision based on expert witnesses, but unfortunately the expert witnesses don’t know what they’re talking about, so I think I’ll take myself off for a vacation so that I can’t sit on the case.

TM: Sure and I think for local judges like that they’re between a rock and a hard place. It’s a no-win situation for them. If they rule against the cell tower they’ll get probably pressure from the local cell companies here in the United States, and if they rule in favor of it they’ll lose their election next time around. They don’t want to lose their jobs either, so . . . .

SP: Yes but the point is if they were really strong, they would make a decision based on the truth, and they would say I don’t really care what the corporates say to me because I make a decision and I believe in that. So if they’re not making that decision it shows that they can be swayed, that they’re not as impartial as their office should make them so, you know, it’s very easy to run away and go on holiday. It’s much harder to say I’m going to make a decision and I’ll stand by my decision. So I think many of these people know the truth, and they just want it to disappear and go away.

TM: Sure, sure. With this push for 5G network another question came in. Is the United States the only safe country for 5G or are there other countries waking up as well?

SP: Well, France has banned it from all of their pre-schools, their crèches. I think you call them kindergartens.

TM: Kindergartens, yeah.

SP: So France has banned that from all kindergartens. They have even Wi-Fi in the schools but they put warning notices up. Now Germany, Germany has actually, all of Germany, that’s what, that’s seventy million people, have put a moratorium on 5G. They have actually stopped it while they do some tests, so they’ve stopped it. Brussels has banned it. There are a number of countries now banning it. So I honestly don’t know. I mean if you are a prime minister or a president in one country, but your neighboring country has banned it, you’ve surely got to be asking your questions. Well, you know, why have they banned it, so we might end up in a situation where it’s completely outlawed. We may end up in a situation where they go ahead with it and then have to close it down after four weeks because the health implications are too great.

TM: Right, exactly.

SP: We don’t know. We just don’t know.

TM: It reminds me of the push for atomic power plants during the last century where people got up and they protested all over the world Simon, and eventually in Germany that had the effect of shutting down, and I can’t remember now the details, but I think by 2024 or 2022 Germany is supposed to shut down all their nuclear power plants and convert over to alternative energy methods, which I think is great. So people do have a voice and I think we’re all powerful spiritual beings and we have an effect. We can make this world a better place, absolutely.

SP: I think that’s true. I think it’s easier in Germany because Germany was involved in the 2nd World War, and although the two nuclear bombs were dropped on Japan, they were an ally, supposedly of Germany.

TM: Right.

SP: So nuclear power has never sat very nicely with Germany after the war, so they’re very conscious of things like that. It’s easier to win an argument on an environmental backing in Germany than almost any other country. So surprisingly Germany might lead the way. Isn’t that odd, but they might do.

TM: Wouldn’t that be nice?

SP: Yeah.

TM: I wish, I don’t know what’s going on in Japan now with respect to nuclear power, but of course they were bombed at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, horribly bombed in ’45, and yet they allowed nuclear power plants to be built, especially in Fukushima, but I, well we’re going off to lots of different areas today. Let me go on to another subject and then we’ll cover some questions. You had another post on your website on the U.S. and Russia agreement, and this is really interesting because this may fit into the UK decision to go along with Huawei in China for this 5G system. You wrote both Russia and the United States agreed to vote together to stop Britain from getting the UN to send troops to Libya to support the government. So the Russians and the U.S. want General Haftar I think his name is to win the fighting now taking place in Tripoli, capital of Libya. Is there some sort of a schism or split between the United States and Britain and their own foreign policies that’s developing now?

SP: There are two questions there. The first point is that one of the greatest deceptions of modern times is the clever smokescreen that America and Russia don’t trust each other. That is completely the opposite. Russia and America are very very closely aligned now, but it’s not politically acceptable to advertise that, so from time to time they will concoct, you know, political-military situations between themselves. The very fact, I mean you just couldn’t make this up. The very fact that America and Russia voted together against Great Britain tells you everything you need to know.

TM: Right.

SP: Now go right back to 1945 where, I beg your pardon, 1941 when the United States came to the aid of Great Britain during the war and remember in the 1st war as well. People would turn in their graves to know this, but the reality is that President Putin of Russia and President Trump of the United States can actually sit down without screaming and shouting at each other for the first, God knows how many years, and can actually do sensible business.

Now the problem with Britain and Europe is that they are controlled by the same old elite guard. Now Putin is like Trump. He’s a maverick. He’s independent. Nobody controls him. That’s why he threw out the Rothschilds from Russia, so the point is that we have a situation now where President Trump is coming to visit Great Britain in June. They brought it forward. He was coming in December, but he’s now coming in June. It’s a state visit. Now because it’s a state visit he doesn’t meet the Prime Minister of Great Britain. He meets the Queen. So can you get President Trump is coming to Great Britain to meet the Queen and not the Prime Minister. So President Trump, your president, will sit down with the Queen of England and talk business, and the Prime Minister, the politician is going to be excluded. Oh sure, she’s gonna come to a gala dinner, but she is not going to be taking part in any of the discussions, and that again tells you all you need to know about how politics on the planet are changing.

TM: That’s amazing. Thank you for pointing that out Simon. You always come up with the most amazing insights. That’s great, that’s great. Along with that you had a post on April 27th about the Eurozone meltdown that Dr. Krall, who is a German economist, he said that the Eurozone is on the verge of an economic meltdown, perhaps in September or October. He also states that Britain is right to get out of Europe, and I’d love an update. We’d love an update on that if you have one.

SP: Sure. Well I and goodness knows how many other commentators have been, you know, forecasting Europe collapse for three or four years.

TM: Right.

SP: And so, you know, it’s not anything new, but what I think is new is we are now getting officially trained academics now breaking cover and coming out and saying what we and the alternative media, or the truth media have been saying for a number of years. And basically what this guy said is that, look the economy in Europe is a nonsense. It can’t go on. Now what we’re seeing and the update that I’ve got for you is that again if people who have been listening to me or have the time to look back, I’ve been warning about Deutsche Bank for about three years consistently.

TM: That’s right.

SP: And now it appears they are on the verge of being bought out by yes, you’ve guessed it, a Chinese company.

TM: Oh my goodness.

SP: So Deutsche Bank could be taken over by a Chinese, and remember that the Chinese are not private sector, so if a Chinese bank buys Deutsche Bank, it’s basically the same as the Chinese government. So, if that goes through the Chinese government would control the most important bank in Europe. And I think that’s why this guy who is a German, has the connection with Deutsche Bank, he’s giving warning that there is a real serious storm about to break. Now it hasn’t gone ahead yet, but if it does go ahead, I can absolutely tell you that the Chinese will use that as a stranglehold to get concessions out of Europe.

TM: Interesting, interesting. Well thank you so much for sharing that Simon. On May 1st, 2019, just two days ago, the Japanese Emperor changed and Japan entered into a new era. The new era is called Reiwa, meaning beautiful harmony. Do you think that signals a new age here on the planet?

SP: I think he was told to resign.

TM: Oh really, okay.

SP: I think he was. I think there’s a very big movement in, I’ll just call it Asia. We’ve got [Kim Jong Un] and we’ve got several other leaders now in Asia who are negotiating over hidden gold and also power playing to see how, you know I’ve always predicted and I don’t think I’m the only one, that basically the world will divide economically into the United States of America and all of the allies and China and all of Chinese allies. And the one issue is of course India, and I think India will go with China. So you’re going to have an Asian bloc and then a United States bloc. Now that’s not unusual because, you know, many of us will remember it was the Soviet Union on one side and what we used to call the Free World on the other, so the world was artificially divided between capitalism and communism, but that was a military-political divide. What we’re talking about is an economic divide. This is the key difference. So we’ve got different poles or polarities coming up on this planet now of an economic standpoint so a lot of the powerplay in Asia is literally about getting ready to take on the West face on economically.

TM: Interesting. Interesting. Once again, a wonderful insight. Thanks so much. And this fits into your, this goes in to your post on April 25th about North Korea and Russia where you wrote that the leader of North Korea just met with President Putin in Russia. The discussion centered around decommissioning nuclear weapons held by the North, and President Putin announced that the leader would need some international guarantees to feel secure enough to move his nuclear weapons, and you wrote this is hidden talk for: 1. Don’t let the U.S. attack me, and 2. You need me because I have great influence in regard to Dragon faction gold.

SP: The main cover I think is for the public and the established media to talk about, you know, nuclear weapons and all the rest of it. The more important aspect here was about who was going to be on the winning side from the economy, and we know that the talks broke down between President Trump and the leader of the North simply because President Trump cannot speak for the Asian bloc. He can’t, obviously not, but President Trump was saying look, we will put sanctions on you if you don’t follow the game, and Trump was really playing to his own domestic audience as well as to Europe.

TM: Right.

SP: But the reality was that he, in this particular match, he doesn’t have any influence. I mean all he can do is literally launch a war, and nobody thinks he’s gonna do that.

TM: Right.

SP: So, the meeting broke down because basically Trump, when the cards are on the table, he cannot bring Asian people behind him. He can only bring Western people behind him, and this is another sign of the huge divide that’s occurring between the East and the West in terms of money. You see, Russia is now part of America, absolutely it is. You know, it’s on the same side. Both Russia and America view the Chinese as the enemy.

TM: Interesting. Interesting. Interesting, wow! Oh once again fascinating. Thank you Simon for sharing that. You had another post and then we will go on to questions. Cape Canaveral and Space X. Elon Musk founded in 2002 a space vehicle called Space X, and a couple weeks ago Cape Canaveral reported it had suffered an anomaly. Usually you’re right, that means something alien or something not expected in this world. I’d love an update on that.

SP: Very difficult to get any further information on that. What we find is that scientists are more truthful than politicians. A politician, he or she, will have a whole bank of phrases or words to hide the truth, but scientists don’t have that, and so the scientists will go to what he or she finds is closest. So when they use the word anomaly, I think they were referring to an external force interfered with the computers.

TM: Interesting.

SP: All we know is an external force didn’t like what they were doing or what they were proposing to do. Now whether that external force is some, you know, secret, you know, intelligence agency on Earth or whether that is an alien force we don’t know, but what we do know is that there was . . . I’m gonna put it into laypersons words here. A better way to change the word anomaly is this following sentence, that there is no way to explain what they saw but the computers were telling them. In other words, they could not interpret the issues that the device was having. They had no way to fall back on it. They couldn’t explain it, so the easiest way is to say, “Look, we’ve got an anomaly.” So, but I don’t know any more than that. All I can tell you is they probably had to shut the whole thing down.

TM: Let’s say hypothetically Simon that there was a UFO from a benevolent extraterrestrial race and I know that they listen. Actually I’ve been told that they listen to my show, so they’re out there, and I have the support ... I communicate anyway all the time with the Galactic Alliance. So let’s say they sent one of their craft to shut down this space vehicle. They had some information that we don’t know about that it was going to be used for negative purposes. What do you think would have happened to Cape Canaveral and the government if they’d actually said that there was a UFO that shut down the vehicle, if that was the truth?

SP: What would have happened is they would have all have suddenly been retired. That’s what would have happened. They would have been reassigned or retired. It’s not going, disclosure is not going to come out at the moment. We were closer to disclosure I would say two years ago, three years ago. For the last five years we’ve been closer to it, but because of this dreadful infighting, it’s not between Republicans and Democrats. It’s much more fundamental than that. It’s between patriots on one side, well they’re calling themselves patriots on one side and then sort of liberal egalitarians who view the patriot banner as some form of fascist organization. So in other words it’s no longer a fight between Republicans and Democrats because what you used to get was a debate on television where the Republicans and Democrats would fight and shout and scream at each other. Then when the camera is turned off they go and have a drink in the bar. It was a big big game. But that’s not happening now. So now they no longer socialize together. So we’ve got a huge split which is not about politics. It’s about principle of where you think the United States is and where it should go.

TM: Interesting, interesting. Well, thank you so much for sharing that Simon. I have some questions I’d like to go to now.

SP: Sure.

TM: This is Rose from New Zealand. She said, Hi Ted, could you please ask Simon if our prime minister in New Zealand was or is being controlled and by whom? Thanks. Love, Rose.

SP: Oh hello Rose. Thank you. Well the answer to a lesser extent it is yes because New Zealand is part of what we call the Five Eyes (FVEY), which means you are basically run by the United States of America, you know, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Great Britain and the United States make up Five Eyes, which means that there are listening posts in all of those countries, very advanced telecommunications and passive listening posts, not just that it is passive either. So they are part of a club, and you don’t go putting trillions of U.S. dollars in infrastructure into a country and then let your prime minister run away and do whatever they want. So you can’t afford. That’s an investment. You’ve got an investment in that country, so you want to protect your investment which means you’ve got to keep those politicians doing what you want. I’ll give you a quick example.

TM: Okay.

SP: In Great Britain there is a, I can’t give any names away, but there is a very advanced military facility in Great Britain, and supposedly to the world it’s run by Britain, but we all know the Americans control it. And although Great Britain is a stanch ally of the U.S. I can tell you that if that they’re in this facility there is a self-destruct device, which the Americans can press thousands of miles away, which will blow, well it won’t blow up, but it will render the circuitry, it will render the chips in this computer, this device, it will destroy them. So the Americans even with their greatest allies place devices to destroy those objects because they just don’t trust anybody except America, and I understand that. So it doesn’t matter whether you’re Canadian, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the governments will be influenced by the U.S. very strongly.

TM: Interesting. Interesting. We have a followup question from Bridget here in Seattle, says Hi Ted, this question has to do with the giant Ferris wheels that many cities around the world have, for example, the London Eye or the Great Wheel here in Seattle. I watched an old interview with Max Spears before he passed. He mentioned that there is a reason why many cities have them, which started around 2012. He said that they are actually quote “stargates,” and he also mentioned energetic sun symbols and doorways. Could you please ask Simon to further elaborate on that and what kind of energetic effect these wheels, giant Ferris wheels have on people living in these cities. Thanks to you both, love the show.

SP: Wow! Thank you for that. I think they work in tandem with what I call Egyptian obelisks.

TM: Oh, okay.

SP: Not just the original Egyptology, which of course you have, I think it is in New York and we have the sister one over in our city in London.

TM: Right.

SP: In fact they were taken from ancient Egypt along the Nile, and it’s very interesting that our, we call it Cleopatra’s Needle; it’s an obelisk and we have it by the river Thames, and you have yours by your waterway, so they are replicating the fact that the original ones were by the original Nile River, so they’re trying to do that. Now these work with these what you call these Ferris wheels. Now I don’t know enough about it. I don’t know whether the wheel has to be turning for it to work or whether it works when it’s stationary. The problem is if it’s working when it’s turning it’s probably got people in the wheel going round, so that doesn’t work so well, so I guess it can work when it’s stationary. But I do know that they operate either architectural designs, and in fact there are a number of buildings that have gone up which mimic pyramids and I, they’re all partly linked with it, so yes. The answer is yes, but I do not know the technology behind it.

TM: Okay, great. Great. I have a question from Christian in Bucharest, Romania of all places, and Christian, I’ll ask Simon your question. I’m not, I don’t think I, this came in a couple of weeks ago but I want to follow it up. Would you please ask Simon the following question? I really had someone do a soul reading for me and I’ve been told my soul comes from the 8th dimension, and is amongst the 144,000 souls that that were exiled on this prison planet because we contributed to the destruction of the original planet. He was also told that he has been incarnating on this planet since the times of Atlantis and Lemuria and will not be able to return back where he originally came from until there’s no more life on this planet. Sounds like a very punishing sentence to say the least. Do you know anything about this? Thank you to both of you for all the work you do for humanity. You’re the best. Christian from Bucharest, Romania.

SP: Right, 8th dimension is a good dimension. It’s not an evil dimension. It’s one of the last dimensions where you have any form of a physicality. We would call it a light body in modern terms, you know, a person from the 8th dimension came with a light body. I don’t resonate with what you’re saying there. I’m concerned with the figure you’ve been given 144,000 because that’s very close to Jehovah’s Witnesses. Jehovah’s Witness religion says there’s a 144,000 people will be saved. Now if you’ve been told a 144,000, then I think that’s coming from the Jehovah’s Witness. I think it’s part of that religious group. You see Christianity got it right. They didn’t put a figure limit. They said everybody can be saved. So they were on to a winner. Because you see if you say, listen only a 144,000 of you are going to be saved, then, you know, I’d want a membership card because I want to see what number I am on my membership card, because if I’m 144,001, I’m not going to be saved am I?

TM: Sure, right.

SP: So that’s a problem, but in Christianity millions and millions and millions can be saved, so I mean Christianity is much more popular because the offer is you’ll all be saved.

TM: Right.

SP: So I think it’s all controlled. I think it’s all a control, so don’t ever allow yourself to be told that you are in a punishing cycle, that you’ve got to come back here and when everyone’s dead, then you, you know, can atone for your misdemeanors. Look you are alive on this planet. You must do the best you can with the time that you’re given. Don’t live in fear. Book a soul reading with me and you know I’m sure I’ll give you a much more positive outlook.

TM: What an excellent idea. That’s a wonderful idea. Well please go to Simon’s website at triple w dot Simon Parkes dot com. (www. Simon I wanted to ask you, we’ve got about two minutes left.

SP: Time goes quickly.

TM: Yeah, time goes by fast when we’re having fun. Real quick question from John here in Seattle. He asks about the storm-signaling change according to the Hopi prophecies. Now I just spent time with the Hopi last week, just flew in to Seattle this morning. I’ll be having a program the next hour with the Hopi Elders, but they talk about that we are already in the 4th station of the planet going into the 5th and these storms are mother Earth’s or Gaia’s way to alert us to what is going on. We’ve got about a minute and a half left. What do you think about that?

SP: Right I’ve got an absolute wonderful feeling for the Hopi, because remember the Hopi have a connection with insectoid beings and of course the Mantis.

TM: Oh right.

SP: It was the Hopis of course . . .

TM: Sure.

SP: . . . who understood about this particular alien group.

TM: Sure.

SP: Which they call Mantis. That would be of course why they understand about astronomy in a way that we didn’t till the last 50–60 years.

TM: Right.

SP: They’re right. The energy storms, the energy feelings are not about, it’s not about alerting us. It actually has to happen. This is part of the physical change that we all have to go through.

TM: Wonderful.

SP: So they have the prophecy. Remember the Hopis were given the prophecy. They were given a prophecy and they pass it down and they guard it and they pass it from one to the other.

TM: Right, right.

SP: That’s better than any Bible.

TM. Right, exactly. We’ll be talking to some Hopi Elders in about five minutes, so please stay tuned Simon, and Simon thank you so much for coming on today. The time’s gone by so fast, and I want to thank you so much again for sharing your words of wisdom today.

SP: Oh thank you. I love to be on the show. Take care. Bye-bye.

TM: Thanks Simon, bye-bye.


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