Friday, April 5, 2019

with Ted Mahr of Out of This World Radio 1150 in Bellevue, Washington

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Out of This World Radio 1150 AM in Bellevue, Washington

Friday, April 5, 2019

Simon shares with Ted that he received Air Force One gifts from a visitor who met with Trump on Air Force One; 5G a serious health issue which will be worse in some areas of the world than others; find linked 5G video on Ted’s site and please watch, do your research, educate yourself; Brussels, apparently in the know, has banned 5G; Planet X has entered the edge of our solar system, might cause magnetic pole shift but no land movement; unstoppable organized influx of migrants to U.S., and wall/fence needed to protect border not just from this influx, but other nefarious situations that could result from an open border; Monsanto in Mexico causes job losses and contributes to influx of migrants to U.S.; time/space concept in 3D does not work same way in any other higher dimension; several possibilities for black ops incident on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles; will life become easier as Earth’s vibration rises; those never ending chemtrails, will they ever stop? Answer: probably not as American military wants them because the trillions of tons of aluminum dumped into the atmosphere act as a radar blanket to detect incoming alien spacecraft; when 5G activates all the aluminum we have breathed in will make us shine and be like an RFID chip giving off a signal when we are struck by a phased array, making it possible to have a real time database of each person’s movement and whereabouts, far more efficient than Big Brother ever dreamed wouldn’t you say.


Ted Mahr: And with that I think I’ve talked enough and I’d like to bring my good friend Simon Parkes on from England now. Simon how are you doing today?

Simon Parkes: Hello Ted, I’m fine. I think you’ve gotta give your voice a rest you know.

TM: Well I think I will after the show. I’ll stop talking after 4:00 o’clock.

SP: Very good idea. Now I’m fine Ted, all’s well here. Thank you for asking.

TM: Oh good. Oh good. Oh good. Well, are you feeling better by the way? I know that you had a tooth problem here a few weeks ago, and I asked everyone to send lots of love and light to you to help you feel better, so . . .

SP: Thank you, it did work. I’m much better now, so I’m very very grateful. Thank you.

TM: Oh good, good, I’m glad. I’m glad. For those of you who are just tuning in for the first time listening to Simon’s interview, he’s a lifelong experiencer of aliens, shadow people, elementals and UFOs. These include Mantis beings, Draconis Reptilian, Feline, small and tall Grey creatures, crystalline beings and other creatures that simply can’t be identified. Simon was elected office, an elected politician and served a full term of office, and both his parents worked for British and American Intelligence Services. And so he’s got a fascinating background and I always enjoy talking to Simon. He’s got a heart of gold and his interest is in truly helping humanity. His website is www.simonparkes, that’s spelled S-I-M-O-N-P-A-R-K-E-S dot Wiks dot com and you can look up all his wonderful things on the internet there. Well Simon you had a lot of interesting things on your website and there’s so much going on. My goodness, I . . . what areas would you like to go to? I’ve also got a lot of questions from listeners too, so we can head the program anyway you like to today.

SP: Oh thanks, Ted. It’s

TM: Oh dot org. Okay, okay, good.

SP: I think you’ve got an old one there Ted.

TM: Okay.

SP: Well as, you know, you have an American audience. Let’s start off with something rather fun.

TM: Okay.

SP: I had a friend who visited from the U.S., and they were over for a number of meetings in London, and then they very kindly said that they would want to come and visit me before going back, and this person had had an interview with President Trump. He had had a conversation with him on Air Force One. Whenever you are with the president, apparently, whenever you are with the president in Air Force One, you are given one of these special Air Force One caps, and this person was given it and they said I’ve got this friend in Great Britain, in England. Could I have a cap for him please? And they said seeing as it’s you, we will, so I’m the very proud owner—it’s nonpolitical—because it’s the office of the president. It’s, you know, whoever is the president has Air Force One, so whoever, these caps are worn by all of the crew, whether they’re the pilot, the co-pilot, or the staff, and anyone who visits the president in Air Force One, so I have, I’ve actually got an Air Force One cap, which is really nice, and I got, and you’re gonna know more about this than I do, but the pins that the Senators and the Congressmen and women wear, which is the seal of the United States Seals. I’ve got those. I’ve also got, been given some CIA tie pins and FBI pins and a number of intelligence patches. So the person said to me you are loved in America. So I thought well that was really lovely for them to say that and I’ve got my little gifts. Now I’m treasuring them, so that was nice that somebody who’s had a meeting with the president wanted to come and have a chat with me about a few things and we could share a few ideas and then off they go back to the U.S. So that was rather exciting and I wanted to share that with you Ted.

TM: Oh how fun, how fun. Do the pins actually say FBI on them or CIA and are the pins made in China?

SP: This is really interesting you say that. Because can you believe it, the Air Force One caps are made in China. It doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t make sense. It’s a really lovely cap. It’s got, it’s brilliant, I mean, and in inside it says there’s a heart and it says something like I love D.C., which is hidden inside. You don’t see that. But yes that ladies and gentlemen, you know the others don’t say made in China, thank goodness.

TM: I wonder, I wonder what President Trump’s reaction would be if you pointed that out to him?

SP: I bet you he doesn’t even know.

TM: No.

SP: And I think if he did know he would blow a fuse and insist that they were immediately Made in America. In fact I might tell the person. Oh the person who came to London for a number of meetings and then detoured to see me last weekend has decided they also want to see me again. So this person is visiting me again before they go back to America, so I have a second visit with them, and I think I will just say do you think you would just let somebody know that, because I bet you nobody knows. Well, somebody knows Ted, but the guy at the top doesn’t know, so this will be very interesting and if there’s a change and it goes to a new manufacturer and it’s made in the U.S., I’ll tell you.

TM: Okay, that’ll be great. That’ll be great. Would you mind? You don’t have to share of course what he said but if you would like to share that would be wonderful, anything that you feel with comfortable sharing.

SP: There is only one thing that I can share, which I already did on my podcast today, which hasn’t gone out yet. It’s recorded today and will go out tomorrow but I, so your guys will get this first.

TM: Okay.

SP: I did a, I’ve been doing a lot on 5G in terms of the concerns we have and put out an interview with a guy called Sacha Stone and I attached a video that he’d done, a lot of that is fixed in America, and you might have seen that and you might want to talk about that, but basically having had a number of discussions with people, I am less concerned about 5G for the United States of America than I am anywhere else. In other words, I actually think that 5G is not going to be allowed to have the detrimental effect in America that it is elsewhere. So the only thing I can share with you from some of these conversations is that certain people are very aware of the dangers of 5G in the U.S., and are actively doing something about it. So I’m more concerned for the rest of the world.

TM: Interesting. I did a lot of research on 5G during the past week in preparation and actually working on 5G, and just because I was interested and want to learn as much as I can about it, and it’s the frequency and the intensity of the electromagnetic radiation from the cell towers which affects people’s health and the environment as well. So if, perhaps if President Trump realizes that the 5G cell towers are detrimental to people’s health and the environment that he might find a way to lessen the effects somehow, maybe turn down the intensity of electromagnetic radiation. I don’t know, but that’s just an idea.

SP: Well let me give you and the audience some things that are very concerning about Great Britain.

TM: Okay.

SP: A number of cities in Great Britain have trialed 5G, switched off for a period of days or weeks, and one city is Bristol, so that’s Bristol in the South West of England.

TM: Sure.

SP: I’m really really sad to say that during the trial period in one university, fifteen students committed suicide.

TM: Oh you’re kidding.

SP: It was just off the scale. When we look at these suicides, they were all during the trial period of this 5G in their city. The video that I’ve put out, it’s not my video. I’ve attached it to my interview video. I really strongly ask all of your audience please to find one hour to watch it because a lot of it is filmed in America, and I was, you know I’m fairly up with stuff, but I have to tell you Ted, I was absolutely, I was absolutely shocked when the cameras were in on one of these Congressional Hearings, doctors and scientists testifying, giving evidence against 5G, and they were Congressmen or Senators, but they actually are recorded as saying, well actually I don’t know anything about this. You know, I haven’t a clue. I just get my advice from X, Y, or Z. And the staggering lack of knowledge from these lawmakers, and that’s why these things have got through because lawmakers are not technically expert. So that comes out in the video and it’s well worth watching.

TM: If you could send me the link I’ll be happy to have it posted on my website, Simon, I actually . . .

SP: I’ll get that organized for you. It’s very well worthwhile watching. It really is.

TM: Okay, okay, that’s great. That’s great. I know there are groups here in Washington State near Seattle who’ve also been fighting a new 5G tower by Verizon. There’s a group called nonprofit, called “People for Safe Technology,” in Yelm, Washington. They filed an appeal with the county on a 5G cell tower. It’s incredible. They’ve been fighting it now for I believe about four years Simon. They’ve spent over 30,000 dollars fighting it. They’re not giving up. And, all the comments they had at a hearing back several, last year, 494 pages of public comments against the cell tower and the environmental health effects were thrown out by the local Thurston County Planning Department, so they are now in a court case with that now. But, I hope people will wake up because this is a serious issue and as you mentioned, so . . .

SP: It is Ted. The video is well worth watching because it explains that in America it is illegal. You cannot campaign against the cell tower either on health grounds or environmental grounds. So it was a shame we couldn’t advise them because that was not the right roads to go down. You are not allowed. You can’t win a court case in America if you campaign against the detrimental effect on the health or the environmental impact. That doesn’t work. They changed the law. You can’t do it.

Now what is interesting, France has banned, that’s the French. It’s a big country. It’s bigger than Britain. France has banned all Wi-Fi from their crèche’s, their kindergartens. The first city in Europe, Brussels, a city in Europe has banned 5G.

TM: I saw that on your website. That’s amazing.

SP: Yeah.

TM: Good for them.

SP: It’s important because there are two questions that come from this. What do they know that other lawmakers don’t know. That’s the first question.

TM: Right.

SP: The second question is how have they been allowed to do that, because I’m sure there are a number of lawmakers that want to ban this and they’ve been told, absolutely you’re not allowed to. But they somehow have got through with that, so there’s a lot of information out there, and it’s perhaps one of the biggest things we are facing. So that was one, that was one aspect that I’ve been concentrating on.

TM: Interesting, interesting. I did see that post and I did read the website, and Céline Fremault is her name. She is the Minister of Environment for Brussels. She’s says, quote “I cannot welcome such 5G technology if the radiation standards, which must protect citizens are not respected.” She spoke and said, “the people of Brussels are not guinea pigs whose health I can sell at a profit. We cannot leave anything to doubt.” So she’s banned 5G from the city of Brussels now in Belgium and Europe.

SP: Good for her and in Canada one of the engineers who was tasked with, you know, putting the cell towers up, and there’s a little clip of this, he was one of the engineers doing it, and he suddenly because of his technical background, realized what 5G was.

TM: Right.

SP: And tried to campaign against it, was sacked from his job, not surprising really. Couldn’t get anyone to listen to him so he broke, this is all true, he broke into an army barracks, stole a tank, and then smashed down five of the towers that he put up.

TM: What?

SP: Yes. He drove the tank over five of the towers that he himself had put up when he was working for the utility company. And the local Canadian television managed to get out there and film some of the towers he was knocking down. So the point is Ted, there is a wealth of evidence, and you know, a lots of people know the truth about this, but there is so much money involved that they are just keeping their mouth shut, but I think what’s gonna to happen is it’s gonna just, the dam is gonna to burst. I mean if Brussels has banned it, then every other city has got to ask itself why? So that’s really fascinating. So I don’t want to hold up the show anymore with that.

TM: That’s okay.

SP: But please get a chance to look at that, because I think the fight back is starting to be honest. It’s very good news.

TM: Oh yeah, absolutely. One quick footnote on that. The president of the Los Angeles County Fighters Union, Local 1014 in Los Angeles opposes cell towers because a lot of their members, where they have been working at various fire stations Simon, have suffered severe neurological and genetic damage from 5G cell tower right next to their station, so . . .

SP: I didn’t know that. That’s interesting Ted. That’s good news.

TM: Yeah, and I think as more people are harmed by these, by this technology, then it’s . . . people are going to speak out and they’re gonna wake up, you know. I, personally Simon, I’m not against technology. I’m just against technology that harms people. That’s all, and the environment. So, wow! Well let’s go on, we could talk easily for the rest of the hour on cell towers, but we have a lot of other topics I’d love to continue with. You had a post on April 2nd on Planet X.

SP: Yup.

TM: And what is that? You said that Planet X will make a return to our location at some point in 2023 or 2024. You don’t think it will impact the Earth. It could fly by and cause some damage from sea water and a loss of communications is pretty much guaranteed. Do you have an update on that? A lot of people have been asking about that.

SP: Right. The mistake I made was to put that out on the 1st of April, because so many people thought it was an April Fool’s joke.

TM: Oh that’s right. They would wouldn’t they.

SP: Yes, and of course I just don’t think like that. I know April the 1st is April Fool’s Day but I just don’t think like that, and I get information and I must put it out. That’s what the elite do. The elite hold information back from people, so in hindsight I should have put it out on the 2nd of April officially, but basically I’ve never denied Planet X. I’ve always denied that it would strike the Earth. About three or four years ago there was a great upswing in posts on the internet, that Planet X had come back and it was going to hit us in about, you know in about 2015 or 2016 and it was the end of the world et cetera, et cetera. Doom and gloom. I’d always said, no that’s not the case, and I had reminded people that the Vatican had a couple of telescopes. One of them was designed specifically to pick up this Planet X. Now this object I have been told has entered the far reaches of the solar system, and the reason they know that is not because they are seeing it with an optical telescope, but they are measuring the gravitational effect on light and on other planetary bodies in the solar system are beginning to be affected and they are drawing the conclusion that the only thing that could affect them that has this huge mass of a gravitational field is the return of Planet X. Now based on their looking at how it’s traveled over the last few months, I’ve been told 2023–2024. It will probably come within a million-and-a-half miles, so it won’t impact the Earth, but what will happen is the debris trail, which is made up of bits of rock and ice, we’ll probably get showered with that. The gravitational pull of the planet will cause some flooding. It’s not the end of the world, but there will be some flooding. Now there’s always a varied confusion Ted about the poles shifting, and unfortunately most people imagine that physically, geographically, the planet is going to turn on its axis and the poles are going to swap over. That’s not what’s going to happen. What I believe will happen is that the magnetic poles will switch. So what is presently north will become south, and what is presently south will become north. Now that has happened on the Earth before about 700,000 thousand years ago. They know that because they have been able to look at volcanic ash. And they’ve seen . . . the only thing that’s going to struggle are insects and birds, which use the magnetic poles, but they will come back to [clock bongs in the distance]. That sounded like a clock striking.

TM: It did.

SP: Okay, well are you doing your radio show from a clock repair shop? Yeah you are a wonderful man Ted. You’ll do your show on top of mountains, under basements and in repair workshops. I think that’s, that’s . . . so basically what we’ve got is a situation where it is not doom and gloom.

TM: Okay.

SP: That’s important to get that across.

TM: Well thanks so much for telling us that. It’s interesting to think that South America could become North America and North America could become South America if there was a pole shift, but I’ve been told by my galactic friends many years ago that there wouldn’t be a pole shift, so maybe they’ve got the technology and the help we need to keep the Earth pretty much stable during this time, so . . .

SP: That’s, Ted, Ted, that’s the point. It’s not a pole shift like that. That’s not the pole shift I’m talking about.

TM: Okay.

SP: The pole shift I’m talking about is what we call the magnetic poles shifting.

TM: Oh, I see. Okay.

SP: The magnetic poles. At the moment if you stand in Times Square with your geographical compass, the one with the needle that moves, the old-fashioned one or a digital one. It goes . . . it shows north and it gives in degrees, like north 32 degrees. Okay well at the moment north points in a certain direction. If Planet X comes as we think it will do, it just flips. So at the moment where the needle is pointing to north, it would point to south.

TM: Oh interesting, wow.

SP: No geographical movement at all. No Earth movement at all, just the magnetic poles flipping.

TM: Wow! Interesting, interesting.

SP: So no loss of life at all. No loss of life, just magnetic flip.

TM: If I may ask some further questions quickly on that, is Planet X Nibiru, which is, or a different one or is this the planet of the Annunaki and does it have an elliptical orbit from what you know of 3600 years through the solar system?

SP: That’s a really what do you guys say, the million-dollar question or perhaps they used to say. A million dollars doesn’t buy you much these days does it? But I think that it may not necessarily be the same object.

TM: Uh-huh.

SP: The Vatican have their telescope specifically to find this planet.

TM: Right.

SP: And potentially, I mean we don’t know enough yet literally about what . . . all we know is an object has entered our solar system that it is so huge that it’s exerting a magnetic and gravitational effect. Now it’s not a spaceship. That’s for sure. It’s far too big and the density of it is too huge. It could well be Planet X as Planet X, or it could well be Nibiru. There was always some confusion whether we were dealing with one object in our ancient history or two.

TM: Huh. Interesting.

SP: The jury’s out on that one at the moment, but certainly we’re expecting some object, you know, to make a flyby around 2023–2024.

TM: Uh-huh. Wow. I know that friends of mine have seen, have looked at the sun and they’ve actually seen another planet next to it, like it’s coming in and that could be related, I don’t know. I haven’t seen it myself but that’s what they told me so . . .

SP: I’ve seen pictures, and again the jury’s out. I think that if this object was as close as we would like it to be in terms of evidence, I think so many amateur astronomers would have picked it up. You see, the official boys, they’ll lie, so we can’t rely on them. What we can rely on are all the individual little clubs and groups and guys and women who have a telescope in their back yard. And they are the ones who are gonna inundate the radio stations. They’re the ones who are going to inundate the TV stations.

TM: Right.

SP: To the point that it can be hushed up anymore. Now when that starts happening we know we’ve got the real deal, but at the moment what I and others are relying on is a very rarefied channel of information, which we can’t verify. I can’t go out into my yard and look up and say oh yes, that’s right. But, I’ve had two separate feeds of information who are no related to each other both giving me this information. Now that’s why I’ve gone public with it.

TM: How interesting. Well okay, thanks so much for sharing that Simon, and it’ll be interesting to hear your updates in the future.

SP: Sure.

TM: You had another post on Saturday March 30 about the migrant flux into the United States from the Mexican border. Figures from March show nearly 100,000 tried to get in. President Trump has proposed closing the border unless the Mexican government does more to stop the surge of people coming in to the United States. There’s a couple of questions related to that too, but I’ll let you, if you can give us an update on that, it would be great.

SP: The Mexicans could do more. The problem is that Mexico is not a rich country. It’s not. It’s an impoverished country. It’s also got to play a very careful political game because it’s got the United States as its neighbor.

TM: Right.

SP: But the politics that are being played behind this are quite in depth. Look, this relates to the meeting I had and I’m in a bit of a peculiar position because I can’t be as open with you as I’d like to be.

TM: That’s okay.

SP: Yeah, I’ll . . . so I’ll do my best.

TM: Okay.

SP: The . . . well it’s not going to call it a wall anymore. We’re going to call it a fence.

TM: Okay.

SP: There is a real need to protect an area. All I can say there’s a real need to protect an area and the fence is not just about keeping out migrants. There’s another reason for the fence, which is far more justifiable actually. For, oh you know, when this all breaks, as it will do in maybe six months’ time, or less time, then I think people will say oh now I understand why that was what President Trump wanted.

TM: Sure.

SP: So what I’m saying to you is that there is an issue with security and it is important that the border is protected because something special could well be happening there at some point.

TM: Right.

SP: Therefore it is vital for the United States literally that this border is there. So I’m not saying that the migrants are the issue. What I’m saying is the fact that anybody could easily get over the border unopposed could in the future be very detrimental to the U.S. So Mexico has got to do more to regulate what it’s up to and I think you’ll find that they will do.

TM: Sure absolutely. You know there’s a book out called “Conversations with Nostradamus” by Dolores Cannon which was published, three volume set that was published in 1986, ’87 and ’88, and in those books Simon, Nostradamus talks about the influx of people coming into the United States from the southern border and he predicted that back in 19, I think it was ’87 or ’88, so it’s interesting to, if you do get a copy of that book, to read the book because many of the things that he talked about are coming true. He also talked about World War III and Armageddon, but that’s not happening because most of us have made the right choices to make the world a better place, so we’re not going to have a World War III Armageddon, but his prophecy about an influx of people coming from the southern border has turned out to be true.

SP: It is amazing. I mean I think he was writing, what 500 years ago wasn’t he, something like that, 400–500.

TM: Yeah, yeah, amazing.

SP: And I think what’s happened is that all I can add to this is that his early predictions came true because human consciousness had not been strong enough to change the timeline, but the advanced predictions that he looked at have not come true simply because human consciousness has decided it didn’t want the negative path, but when Nostradamus was doing his predictions, he was obviously working them from the point that he and humanity were at. So in other words, he got the Second World War right. I mean most people don’t know that Nostradamus was only one year out for the Second World War, so he wrote this something like 450 years before the Second World War. He was only one year out in the prediction and we all know the name Adolf Hitler.

TM: Sure.

SP: He wrote the name Hister.

TM: That’s right.

SP: Now to be able to do that 450 years before the man actually was here, it should shatter anybody’s belief that the world is just purely a black-and-white 3D world and that’s all there is to it. The very fact that we have absolute proof that somebody had the capability to send his mind forward or have something come in and talk to him proves that the science that we are being fed is all BS.

TM: That’s right, and you know in one of those books from Dolores Cannon he mentions us talking and you being on my show today, just kidding, but . . .

SP: You mustn’t do that Ted because I believe what you tell me.

TM: Sorry, sorry.

SP: Well there you go then. You are very naughty to me.

TM: Sorry, sorry, sorry Simon, but Nostradamus is an amazing fellow. I talk to him now and he says that the timeline has changed because we’ve made the better choices for the future.

SP: That’s right, good.

TM: Yeah, yeah, and there’s a lot of good things to come in the future. One last thing about the, you know, the flux of immigrants coming into the United States, people don’t talk about this very much, but I think it’s a factor. In the 1990s Monsanto went in to the Mexican agricultural economy and introduced GMO corn. Of course corn was a big staple and is a big staple of Mexican economy and the farm. Most of the farms back then were not big farms. They weren’t like the petrochemical farms that we have here in the United States, and they didn’t use any GMO corn. All the corn they used was primarily just organic corn, but that was transformed in the mid-to-late ’90s with GMO corn, and with that mechanization of agriculture in Mexico I’m told by friends who lived there that many family farms and organic farms, small farms were all wiped out and they increasingly became consolidated like they are here in the United States and as a result, many many people lost their jobs and there was a huge unemployment in Mexico, in the agricultural center sector, and if you’re living in Mexico and looking for work, you might consider coming north to the United States to find a better life, so I can understand that, but people don’t talk about the effect of Monsanto on the Mexican economy and with the migrants coming in.

SP: Well the interesting thing is that there’s not a lot of difference. People would, you know, shout me down, but there’s isn’t a lot of difference between that and the old communist Russia, because Stalin who was the leader of Russia for a long period of time, he sort of nationalized, or he took control and created. They were all farms in Russia, each run by a little family or a little group of people, and he just basically came in and just took them all into what he called a collective. It’s a very common word, a collective, and the result of that was a total collapse of the economy because what happened, there’s no competition, because if you just come in and you just take it all so that one company or one man is owning 75 percent, three-quarters of the output, well there is no competition and therefore that organization can start to extort, can start to cause aggravation. So in a strange way what happened to communist Russia you begin to see happening, where power is dissolving into the hands of just a very few people who are totally isolated from the ordinary man and woman on the sidewalk.

TM: Well I have to tell you just a quick footnote on that. I know from Russian history in the early 1920s when Vladimir Lenin was the premier1 of Russia, he collectivized farms too, but it was a failure under his administration, so then he allowed what’s called the NEP, or New Economic Program, where he allowed people to raise produce and sell them at markets throughout Russia on these small family plots and small family farms and was a huge success, and it was a big success until Stalin came in and recollectivized everything. So it’s an interesting, very interesting history of what happened there. Yeah, well great. Well great. I have some emails too, or would you like to talk about anything else Simon? I know you had some other postings and I’ve got like . . .

SP: No let’s have some questions because otherwise we miss out.

TM: Okay, okay. This is Nathan from the United Kingdom. He has a question for you. He writes if you have a father and son and the father dies of old age, then forty years later the son dies of old age. This sounds like a test question. Was the father waiting in the spirit world for forty years for the son to arrive or because there’s no time in the spirit world does it only seem like a second has passed, or is it because the past, present, and future are one and is the son already waiting for the dad? I’m trying to get my head around this, and was wondering what your thoughts are. Thank you for your time.

SP: Fine, it’s not as difficult as the question . . . the question makes it difficult and I don’t mean to be rude because from where we look at it, these are the way we ask our questions because we only have one aspect. It’s . . . if you are living in an apartment with two rooms but you only live in one room, you have to create your life from one room, but somebody who has two rooms sees life completely differently. So the time and space in this dimension, the 3rd dimension is remarkably different. If you were to go from the 5th to the 9th dimension, the shock or the change would be less than going from the 3rd to the 4th. You see what we’re missing here is time. Our concept of time is linear, but when you go into the 4th and higher dimensions, the time is different and they’re all the same. It’s a figure-of-eight or elliptical. It means that time and space bend. So the answer to your question is that 40 years on this planet, and I can’t be exact, but if I said to you it is probably three seconds . . .

TM: Right.

SP: . . . that would be about right. So in other words, the concept of time here in the 3rd dimension, it does not work in any other dimension higher, and vice-versa, so for instance, [suppose] an alien spacecraft crashes. Let’s just say it crashes on the 1st of June 1950. Let’s just give it an arbitrary date, and you go right through 50–60 years, and those creatures from that spaceship wonder why no one’s come to collect them. The fact is that they’ve only just been discovered as missing after 50–60 years of our time.

TM: Right.

SP: Because the time doesn’t work in the same way, so we can’t try to equate or understand that concept until we are there ourselves. So the answer is that 40 years on this planet and then you go to another dimension is just nothing.

TM: That’s an interesting point because I’ve read accounts of . . . and actually there was a group of people that came with me to my visit to Mt. Shasta in September of 2016, and they were a group of Koreans who they prayed and meditated and actually went in physically into Telos and also visited Shambhala as well. They were gone Simon for maybe seven or eight hours.

SP: Wow.

TM: But to them it was only minutes in that and that’s in this higher 5th dimension.

SP: Yes.

TM: And they would have stayed longer but their children were not used to it and they wanted to come back, so they came back, and I’ll never forget them wandering around dazed a bit. They were sort of a little bit dazed, a little confused walking around at this entrance to Mount Shasta where we picked them up, and it was pretty incredible. The interviews are on my website at triple w dot Out of This World 1150 dot com (www .out of this world1150 .com) for September 2016. You can listen to my interviews with them, but that was an example of how time in the higher dimensions passes, maybe minutes, and here it could be many hours or days or even years for that matter.

SP: Yes, and that’s very interesting to hear that and that sounds absolutely genuine because time and time again real genuine people who write books or they explain their experiences and we use the word missing time. It’s usually about alien abductions, but when a person is taken from this world and people don’t understand this, but they’re not just taken from this world somewhere else. They’re taken to another dimension, and this is what missing time is about. So you know, your watch might recognize you’ve been gone an hour, but you feel you’ve gone four hours or the reverse is true. But because if you leave this dimension, time has no hold on you, so what you’ve described is exactly the same as somebody saying I’ve had a missing time experience. My watch recognizes that I’ve been only 20 minutes, but I feel as if I’ve been 10 hours, or my watch says I’ve been gone 10 hours, but I feel I’ve only been 20 minutes. And so this is something we cannot get our heads around because we’re not able to experience it in the physical.

TM: Sure, right. That’s true, yeah absolutely. Absolutely. Thanks for explaining that Simon, always interesting to talk to you. I have another question. This is from Maureen in Kansas. She said that are you quote “in the know about the black ops operations helicopter landing in downtown Los Angeles, California,” and she said this was not a drill, and they landed on Wilshire Boulevard, which is a very busy intersection. They were dressed in HazMat suits and it was on YouTube. I’ve seen it but there’s no explanation for it. Anything you might have on that?

SP: All I have, I’ve been made aware of it, but I, all I can say is that you should expect more of these.

TM: Okay.

SP: And what makes it so unusual is they are in, you know, populous areas. We don’t usually expect that.

TM: Right.

SP: And sometimes, I haven’t got the answer for it, but I can give you a series of answers. It could be one of them. Occasionally something or someone gets loose. They are looking at, it would be very interesting to know if there is a subway underneath there. Many of these things that have occurred is because there’s been a subway, and they’ve been very interested in that.

TM: Uh-hum.

SP: And the other point is it was a demonstration to someone in an office block or a corporation that has offices along those lines who then all looked out of the window and saw this happening. So it’s one of those three. I don’t know the answer for your one, but it’s not the only place it’s occurred, and it’s going to happen again in different places.

TM: Okay, okay. Good, good. That’s an excellent answer. I have another question from a light worker in Oregon. Many of us struggle, financially struggle, to earn a living as we try to make the world a better place. Will our lives get easier as the vibrations rise on the planet and the planet shifts into the higher dimensions from the 3rd, going away from the 3rd dimension?

SP: This is the question that cuts to the fundamentality of why we are here. Let’s look at some people who’ve made it. Let’s talk about the Pleiadeans. The Pleiadeans sit in the middle of the 5th dimension. How do we think they got there? Did they get there because they became technologically superior? No.

TM: No, no.

SP: Did, did they get . . . yeah. Did they get there because some other alien force came and gave them a hand? No. They got there because they looked at themselves. They understood who they were in relation to the life around them. They understood their position and they made a conscious choice as to where they wanted to go spiritually. So it’s very hard to move up the ladder. It’s very easy to come down. Anybody, anybody who is alive on this Earth at this time has chosen to be here at (A) the most dangerous time, and (B) the most exciting time, and those who have volunteered, no matter what it is to take the message out and to do this work have chosen this course because they can’t do anything else. You couldn’t do anything else. You wouldn’t want to do anything else. You are driven to do this. It doesn’t matter what it is you’re doing, if you are doing something to educate or to be spiritual or to model or show, you as an individual, and we as a group are attempting to push the envelope so that people who have not yet woken up are faced with a choice, and it’s their choice whether they hear the message and act on it, or hear the message and decide they don’t want to act on it. So the answer about will our lives get easier, I think that’s not the right way to look at it, and I’m not hiding from your question. It’s a very good question. We’re in a very difficult 3D world, which is all about money, and without money the act of living, particularly in the United States of America and Canada, the U.S., is incredibly difficult. If you don’t have resource called money you are in trouble.

TM: Right.

SP: And often we say I want my life to be easier, meaning I don’t want to have to struggle financially, but you might be struggling financially but do you have two arms and two legs and two eyes. Then, you know, look at people who are physically disabled or mentally disabled who are worse off. So what I want people to understand is that the only way to evolve is to go through the test. If you have a million bucks and your life is fantastic, you are not actually challenging yourself. You’re not being made …

TM: That’s true.

SP: So we are doing this, but your answer is yes.

TM: Uh-huh.

SP: It’s gonna get easier, not because somebody’s gonna come and give you a million bucks. It’s gonna get easier because the control systems are gonna collapse, and we are going to live in a world where the values are based on what we believe in. And, it’s not about how much money you’ve got. It’s gonna be how much good you’ve done for the world. So keep at it. Don’t loose the faith. Just keep soldiering away and in the end we will win.

TM: Great, great, Simon. Thank you so much for saying that. We’ve got a couple of minutes left. A quick question from another listener in California. Chemtrails: when are they going to stop and will President Trump try to stop them or stop them?

SP: Right, very good question. The difficulty we have is that from a security aspect, there’s an element to chemtrails which the American military want. That’s not the deliberate poisoning of people. The military had a take in the chemtrails simply because when you dump trillions of tons of aluminum into the atmosphere, it gives you, it covers the world in a radar blanket basically, and if you have a phased array-type radar antenna, it allows you to detect alien spacecraft.

TM: Oh interesting, okay.

SP: So that’s the aspect. Now what we’ve got though, we’ve got some very very negative people who have also been on the back of that doing the poisoning and the nasty stuff. What I would say that’s not really coming out into the fore, it’s not really widely known and perhaps if I’m not the first to say it, I may be one of the first. We have all been breathing in these tiny particulates of aluminum. When 5G activates, we will shine. We will be illuminated because we have so much aluminum that we have taken on, that under the 5G we will be detectable. So it will be possible to know where every human being is. Every human being can be given a number.

TM: Uh-huh.

SP: And they’ll say well you know human being 460,000,000, and the computer will say who that person is, and they’ll know when they go to the mall. They’ll know when you go on the sidewalk. In other words . . .

TM: Oh, my God.

SP: . . . there is the possibility that the 5G which is not just . . . it’s a two way device, we become like an RFID chip. Because of the aluminum in our body, we begin to give a signal off when struck by a phased array. Now each piece of aluminum is a bit. It’s like an RFID chip.

TM: Sure.

SP: And acts with your own body, and therefore, one of the aspects of 5G is to have a database in real time to know where everybody is. And that was another ploy, and when you look over the last 25 years you can see that this isn’t just some chance operation. What they’ve done is they’ve said well in 10 years’ time we’ll have this technology. In 20 years’ time we’ll have this technology, so we’ll work up and assume that by the time we reach this point, we’ll have the next bit of technology to take it to the next stage

TM: Simon, we can’t take it further. We’ve got about twenty seconds left my friend. You’re welcome to stay over a few minutes to the first of my next hour if you like to finish your thought, or I’ll wish you goodnight. I know it’s late there, but you’re welcome to stay over a few minutes if you like.

SP: That’s really kind. I’m gonna go to bed because it’s late here.

TM: Okay.

SP: But listen, it’s always great to speak to you. I love America. I love the American people. I look forward to coming back on your show soon.

TM: Okay, all right Simon. Have a wonderful evening, and thank you so much again for coming on today.


Transcribed by GSC April 15, 2019

Proofread by DS May 27, 2019

1 Chairman of the Council of People’s Commisars.

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