Podcast: Recorded Friday, April 5, 2019

with Rebecca Parkes

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Connecting Consciousness Podcast: News, Questions & Answers

Recorded Friday, April 5, 2019

Simon tells us Planet X information he posted on April 1st was the real deal, not an April Fool’s prank; Sacha Stone’s 5G interview with Simon was quite exceptional with astonishing information revealed about the dangers of 5G to all living things; Simon is presented with an Air Force One hat from a visitor who had a meeting with President Trump and then wanted to bounce ideas discussed off Simon; invite to join Connecting Consciousness; protective border wall to become puny fence; harmful effects of 5G might be less in U.S., Brussels bans 5G altogether, and rest of world scurries along to implement it; 5G is part of the AI attack on humanity; Questions: wondering about origins of an alien the color of snow with eyelashes, bald head, and diamond-shaped skin pattern holding a metal gold-colored pole; Tartaria mud floods; effects of coming Planet X on Earth; purpose of low-flying helicopters; predicting timelines accurately; death of MI6 chief’s son is example of threats brought against those who fight the good fight; did robot that harmed/killed technicians do so because it became self-aware; AI to replace human workforce; 5G to replace/exterminate jobless humans; pros and cons of Brexit leaving EU; in-depth explanation of dimensions; pros and cons of Hadron Collider, FYI not run exclusively by humans.

Simon Parkes: Hello and welcome to another Connecting Consciousness. It’s the 5th of April. We seem to be getting busier and busier and busier, and each time I say that we still get busier, so at some point it’s got to slow down a little bit. Looking at the footnotes I put on the website I now realize with hindsight that my comment on Planet X shouldn’t have gone out on the 1st of April. Surprising as it may seem I had no context of the 1st of April. Of course I know that it’s April Fool’s Day, but when doing this sort of work I don’t really think about such things, and it is real. That’s my real post. I know looking out, for others have told me and other people have put fictitious posts out. I think Benjamin Fulford did one about Visa on April the 1st, so I can see the pattern there, but no genuinely the information I have there I have been given is correct, and in hindsight I would have put it out on the 2nd of April, but I’ve always believed if I’ve had something that I’m reasonably happy with I don’t sit on it. That’s what the elite do. They withhold information from the people, and so regardless of the fact it was the 1st of April, I put it out. So that’s on that one.

First of all thanks again to Sacha Stone who very kindly allowed me to do a sort of a interview. It’s a cross between an interview and a roundtable really, regarding 5G. I know that many of you have watched that. If you haven’t, please do. It was an exceptionally well prepared and presented interview that he did regarding 5G and then all the people he got on board, interviewers and clips they managed to get and some of it was, I found quite astonishing. I was totally astonished at lawmakers in the United States of America who were openly admitting on camera they had no knowledge of what 5G was other than it would just make things a bit faster. And here you begin to get the picture as to why these things have been steamrolled through, because those people who are entrusted to protect and to serve, just don’t have a clue. So that is very useful and please watch that if you can.

I really wanted to also talk about the fact that my volume apparently on the interview with Sacha Stone wasn’t so good, and that’s because we were using Zoom and the microphone was built into the computer. We use Zoom because it’s a little bit more stable platform for something like that, because Sacha was in the United States when we did that interview, and I’m sorry that the audio wasn’t as good.

We had a visitor who came to the house to have a visit and they brought me some presents and some of these presents were not political. I wouldn’t show political presents because I’ve always tried to steer away from being too involved in politics, but I have been given a present which is about the Office of the President. I’ve been told I have to put this on, so I’m putting it on for about ten seconds, and then it’s coming off again. Here it goes. There’s the hat, and it says Air Force One, the Presidential Crew, Washington. There, I’ve worn it. For the people who are not connected to the U.S. you might think well what’s so special about that? The person concerned, who came to visit and had a four-hour meeting with the person, had met President Trump on Air Force One, and I’m not sure whether the Air Force One was actually in flight at the meeting time, or whether it was parked on the runway, but anybody who has a meeting with the president is entitled to some freebies, and this person was given the cap, the hat that you have when you are on Air Force One, and this person said I have a friend back in Britain. Could I have one for him, and sure enough, got one. The person had had this conversation with President Trump wanted to have a chat with me over a number of ideas. They had some projects that they had in mind and it was very very helpful to have that conversation. I have some other presents which I’ll show at a later date, which again are not political, but just rather amusing, and I think you might find them quite quite good to look at. All right, so that’s the visitor side.

I want to talk about Connecting Consciousness a little bit. I’m very very proud that we are now in a position where all regions of the United Kingdom, Great Britain have a coordinator and we just literally managed to appoint someone for the South East of England, which I’m very pleased about. It’s obviously one of the big areas, so now all areas have a coordinator, which means that the individual members can now begin to receive their emails, get friendship groups going, coordinate them and attend both physical meetings and online meetings, and it was odd, because we thought it would be easier in Britain, but it actually was harder. Some of the other countries are considered a country, but in Great Britain with its county system, you know, people in Cornwall consider themselves very different from people in Yorkshire for instance. So it was quite a challenge, but we’re really delighted and pleased that that’s done. So thank you to all the coordinators, and if you haven’t yet joined Connecting Consciousness, please go onto the website and join and then you’ll be directed through to your local coordinator. We have also just appointed a French coordinator as well, not in post yet, but somebody that I know personally and he will be coordinating the French group, so please send a mail in and if we don’t have a coordinator in your area, but you’d like to be a coordinator, well then you can, you know, start and get one going. I wanted to talk about that.

The business with what’s called a wall, although it’s now becoming the fence. There is another backstory to this and those of you who were quite sharp-eyed or sharp-witted, when you were seeing the interview or the interview between myself and Sacha Stone, we had a bit of banter between us, and you may have picked up that we had some discussions, you know, on other topics, which we didn’t feel that we could necessarily bring to the table at that point. I’ve got far less concern for American citizens regarding 5G than I have for anyone else. In other words, from what I’m picking up, and it is early days, that something is being done to reduce or literally knock out 5G, the harmful aspects of 5G, which ought to protect the United States of America. Unfortunately, there isn’t another lawmaker anywhere else on the planet who is prepared to do the same thing at the moment, and so my concern is for every other country. One of the latest news of course is that Brussels, the city of Brussels in Europe, has banned 5G. I don’t know if it’s the first city, but it’s one of the major cities that’s actually come out and banned 5G. So the question surely is begging here is that why would one city decide to ban it and everyone else is saying how fantastic it is? So what is it that they know that other lawmakers in other cities don’t know? Or what is it that they’re allowed to do? Why are they allowed to ban it in Brussels and I think there’s, isn’t there a . . . Becky you can tell me, isn’t there a notice board when you arrive Saint Brussels the center of Europe?

Rebecca Parkes: That’s Strasbourg.

SP: Oh, Strasbourg.

RP: Strasbourg, center of the EU I think.

SP: Oh that’s right.

RP: Or the capital of Europe I think.

SP: Capital of Europe. Yes Strasbourg has the board on it now when you enter. It says the Capital of Europe, but Brussels is also a place where we do associate a lot of the elite high-end people within the European Union to be, and so it’s very very telling that the city has banned 5G. Also France has banned all Wi-Fi from all of their nursery schools. So why is it that one country is doing this and another country isn’t? So you know, these are questions that seriously need to be asked. I am concerned about 5G. It’s becoming the main issue. Remember that 5G is part of the AI attack. I consider it AI. I consider it as part of the rollout program that AI have, and I’ve always said for the last two years, three years maybe, that AI is a greater threat to humanity than the Reptilians. Goodness knows the Reptilians are a bad enough threat, but AI, AI has the potential to seriously undermine humanity. That’s why we mustn’t allow it to, you know, come to fruition. So that’s it really. I didn’t want to go on to a huge amount of detail, but I am hoping in the next week to have some more information which would be quite helpful and maybe not really well known, so I’m not trying to tease or hold anything back. I genuinely am waiting for something that I can have confirmation on, and I can be more open with. All right. Thank you. I want to get straight into the questions now.

RP: Okay, thanks very much. Just before we do it, I just wanted to say about the UK Connecting Consciousness membership is that we actually have about 750 members who are registered and this is one of the reasons why we have regional coordinators because we want our members to be able to meet up in person just like our London group can, whether it’s weekly or monthly or you know, whatever’s appropriate for this region, for the region, and this is what the regional coordinators are working towards. At the moment they’re just working with the new members and connecting them on Facebook or whatsapp groups and via email, and arranging meetings on Zoom or Skype, so that everyone is starting to get to know each other and some regions are slightly ahead of others but our regional coordinators also meet once a month on Zoom and can share ideas and what’s going on where, so it’s really very exciting.

SP: Thank you. Yeah, it is great.

RP: Okay thanks. The first question is from Jenny in Australia. Hi Simon, I recently woke up about 3 a.m. to see a white alien. It was white like snow. The alien had eyelashes and the eyes were larger than ours and slightly slanted around the face. It had a bold head with a diamond-shaped skin pattern. Only one row half way down on each side of the face. It was about four feet tall with a nose and mouth much like ours. It was holding onto a metal pole that had a gold colored tinge. It was looking straight at me and I didn’t have time, a long time to study it before it disappeared. Can you tell me where this alien comes from? A second question if you have time.

SP: Let’s just do that one first.

RP: Okay.

SP: I can’t, because I have never encountered anything like that. What would have been helpful to know was the, what you require, what you refer to as a gold pole, how was it holding it? Was it holding it as you would if you were steadying yourself on the ground? Was it holding it out like you would a sword? So that would have been helpful. The pattern again, this sort of diamond pattern on the skin, not clear from your description whether it’s running from top to bottom or from left to right on each side of the face and that, that has some connotations of a Reptilian history to it, although you’re talking about eyelashes. Either we’re at a complete fake creation and whatever it was didn’t look anything like that, or that is truly what it looked like, and I have never come across anything like that before. You’ve not said whether it was male or female or didn’t have any agenda to it at all in the feeling. There’s no, from your bit, whether there was any communication. The gold rod is the key here. If we could get more information on the gold rod, then that’s a technology, because it sure as heck isn’t a walking stick, and then we can, I could then have a much clearer idea of where it’s coming from. But no, that’s the first one on me, so thank you for sharing that. That’s really interesting. If anyone else has seen or experienced something like that then will you please get in touch and we can try and build a picture because I have no memory. I don’t know anything about that race at all. Thank you. So maybe we can have a second part of that question.

RP: Okay the second part is, is the information about Tartaria and the mud floods historically credible? And actually, this is something that quite a few people have been asking.

SP: So that’s the same question. Well right, what I focused on was the word Tar Tar Taria, Tartaria, and I’ve been thinking well that’s to do with the Tartars, a sort of China or the Russian border, and Chinese and all that sort of area there, but mud floods without taking out the Tartar and I have no idea why that’s there, but the mud floods and the finding of buildings below a certain level, buildings that appear to be of the same architectural construction or the architectural design, but for some reason the bottom layer or the bottom floor has disappeared, or in ancient history there appears to be some sort of covering. The question is whether you’re dealing with something that’s an outpouring from the great flood, the Ice Age, which doesn’t work if you’re talking about buildings that are maybe 200–300 years old. So if I think about mud floods rather than Tartarian, which means absolutely nothing to me I’m afraid, there have been a number of these I believe in history right back in time. Some of them considered to be such a local event that other than being reported locally, they didn’t ever make the national news, so I don’t believe that it’s been something that’s been like a flood in history where a great tidal wave of mud, you know, is swamped and engulfed lots of cities, but then I am open to the view that there are some locations where there has been them. I don’t consider it vital. I don’t consider it important to today’s events, but I do consider that there have been some movements of liquid soil that have engulfed certain buildings, but I have never seen any research from anybody talking about how many deaths or lives were lost from that. My understanding would be it’s more relatively recent than necessarily ancient, and you would think that was in the last five hundred years or so, it would be reasonably well documented. Maybe it is. So it isn’t something I want to spend too much time on simply because it’s, you know, it’s not impacting on the Earth in a great way that say 5G is, but thank you for the question because I mean it’s, you know, in line with some of the other more, say interesting debates, which we can have when we’re not consumed with 5G and AI and Reptilians. Thank you.

RP: Okay thank you. The next question just says CC America. Warmest greetings our dear friend Simon. A few of we CC members were discussing your latest website update about Planet X making yet another debut come 2023–24. Would you please elaborate on what we can expect during this tumultuous time, the various permanent and temporary changes of our own planet may undergo, how we can best prepare for anything that comes our way, and what daily life may look like during and after its passage. We know that you’ve slightly touched on this information before, so thank you for any extra details you can share, especially about a degree of flooding and destruction.

SP: Right, okay. I’ve never been, I’ve never denied Planet X. Never. What I’ve always said is that I would pull up people who were saying, you know, this year it’s going to hit and, you know, if I go back just between three and five years, there was a spate on the internet where every other post was Planet X is going to hit us tomorrow, and, you know, it’s going to impact the Earth, and North Pole and the South Pole will swap over and we’ll all be dead. And, there were just hideous stories that Planet X would be hit. Now, whether it was the same person cracking out fifty–sixty posts or whether it was bandwagon, I don’t know, but it wasn’t helpful, and each time I said no that is not going to happen, but there is a Planet X and I did talk about the Lucifer telescope, the telescopes...plural, that the Vatican operate. One of course is infrared and the other is a standard telescope and the standard telescope was always designed to try and pick up Planet X, and what I’ve been told is that although amateur astronomers probably are not able to see it, because it’s too far out at the moment, there has been a gravitational effect on some of the other planets in our solar system, the way the light is being bent, the way that these planets are moving, bodies are moving, and therefore it’s been assumed by those who have the technology and the machinery and the budgets that Planet X, or at least a very large body, has finally entered the solar system. Now I’ve received that information relatively recently, but on the back of that I was told that the elite had received this upwards of three years ago, and it could be one of the reasons that New Zealand has become such a hot piece of property for the rich, wealthy elite. Lots of film stars have bought second homes in New Zealand, and in fact if you get the time, have a quick look, because what they’ve done in New Zealand, the government, they’ve fast-tracked people with a lot of money. Normally you want to be a national, you want to get a passport, you want to become a national of that country, there’s a big bureaucratic process to go through. Well, I understand that the New Zealand government has said basically there’s a point about how much money you have, so when you have X amount of money, they’re fast tracking these people who are buying up tracts of land in New Zealand and buying houses. So you can imagine on one hand it’s maybe some of the filming from “Lord of the Rings” made it very popular, or maybe because so much of it is above sea level and the air is very good, and it’s quite a good place to be because it won’t be disrupted, as say some other places will be. And so the elite have known the information I’ve received. The elite have known for the last three years that this body is on its way in, and I now believe that that information is now be coming out to the rest of us. I do not believe it’s going to hit us. I never subscribe to the doom and gloom merchants, and the information I’ve got is that it will come close to the Earth, but it won’t hit the Earth. We’re more likely to be caught in some of the debris trail. This body will be, its gravitational field, will be pulling bits of rock and ice with it, and it’s highly likely that we will get caught in some of that. The information that I have received is that we can expect a large number of the satellites, electronic satellites to be knocked out through physical impact with these tiny bodies or indeed electromagnetic gravitational forces. We can expect a significant disruption to phones and computers on the Earth, and those of you who have had the chance to listen to me over the last few years, you remember that I reported that I’d been told that in Great Britain a vast number of telephone poles, electro pylons, communication towers were being double earthed, and this started about three years ago, and I think that program in Great Britain is over with. In other words, they’ve double insulated wherever they can infrastructure which was a, which we thought at the time was possibly an EMP blast, so more likely to survive an EMP blast if you have this extra insulation or conductivity on your electronic equipment, but it’s possible that it’s not an EMP blast in the sense. It’s to do with effectuation of gravitational waves. In other words, somebody somewhere had some information that there was going to be an event of some sort that could impact communications on the Earth, and so if we stick at that, then I think we’re fairly secure with that information.

So will the pole shift? A lot of confusion here. I’ve never said, I’ve never subscribed to the view that the physical poles would move, that you know, the two land masses would do a swap. What I expect is magnetic poles to shift, so north to become south and south to become north, and there’s a history of that on this planet. It’s irrefutable that 700,000 years ago there was a magnetic pole shift, and they know that because when they’ve looked at fallout from a volcano in Africa, these are magnetized, and when they’ve fallen, they can see that the poles are completely different. It will have effect on maybe insects and birds who perhaps rely on this, but like all living creatures they will adapt very quickly, and they will get the hang of that. So I don’t again see that as a problem, so any of you who are aspiring businesspeople, perhaps you want to start going into the geographical compass business, and then seeing you know, we can open a store selling the new geographical compasses. I expect the old ones won’t work very well. There will be some effect on water. You put a huge body that close, it’s going to , up the water, and then as it goes past it drops it down again. Again I do not expect the deluge. I do not expect the end of the world, but low-lying bits of land certainly could be covered with water, and if you look back over the last 20 years, maybe longer, there have been post after post. Think about looking glass. Think about all the projects that sent particularly children or remote viewers into a future on a particular timeline of Earth and came back and did indeed see parts of the East Coast of America in the West Coast of America, which had suffered some from a flooding. So if there was anything that was liable to do that, than a foreign object, let’s call it Planet X, is most likely. So, I guess I do agree that Planet X is on its way in. No, I don’t agree that it’s going to destroy the Earth. Yes, we should all be able to see it with the naked eye, certainly amateur astronomers should start to pick this up in about a couple of years’ time. So let’s see where we go with that. So I hope that’s helpful. Thank you.

RP: Okay thanks. Sue says, hello Simon, I live in a small hamlet in Mid Suffolk and lately have noticed an increase in helicopter activity over the last several months. However, lately, they have been flying very low to the ground below treetops and circling. I also hear them at nighttime but not as low. My question is do you think this is normal routine, or is there something else behind these exercises? Thank you, Sue.

SP: Well the, one of the advancements in radar has been able to bring it down lower. So, if you’re a ground-based radar, you in the not so long ago, you used to have to have quite a big clearance because the clutter from treetops and buildings, but with phased array radar you can almost bend it over the horizon. So it’s become harder if you’re a pilot to bring your aircraft to a point that the radar can’t discern you from surrounding clutter, and one of the things that the Royal Air Force have been practicing ever since the days of the Cold War was how you can conceal yourself behind a tree line. With the advent of the helicopter gunships this became even more something that was practiced because you could pop up, fire a missile, and pop down again, and so it could quite easily be legitimate practices. Suffolk’s quite a flat country. You’d be quite hard-pressed to find the hills to hide under, but I guess there’s the old hedgerow. In order to truly answer your question I need some photographs please. If you can get some pictures of these helicopters, I will be able to tell you very quickly whether we’re looking at a regular practice or whether these helicopters are associated with you. You’ve mentioned circling round. If these helicopters are just out and about, then probably that’s what it is, but if they are making a focal point of you, then clearly you might be the target, and if that’s the case, you need to have a chat with me please. I would want to know when this first started, what you’d been doing the day before, and suddenly this all activated. It’s very common for people to have an out of body experience or to do some remote viewing and then suddenly all hell breaks loose. They’ll have a really interesting experience and suddenly the helicopters start arriving or something else occurs, so there’s usually something that triggers it, alerts the people to your presence on another plane, another dimension. It’s not everybody that gets the helicopters, but when they do come, then they’re pretty annoying. So if you’d like to get in touch, please try and get some photographs if you can on your cell phone, on your mobile phone, and then I can best advise you. But it sounds to me as if it’s probably more about you than it is about them practicing for any 3rd World War. Thank you.

RP: Okay thanks. The next question is from David. it’s quite long but I’ll read it all through.

SP: Okay.

RP: Dear Simon, thank you for all that you’re doing for us. I am honestly baffled by some of your website’s current news postings. For example, why do you attach so much importance to predicting the time certain events will take place? I have huge respect for you and this would not be diminished if you said something like this event is going to happen, but without a timeline, and I wouldn’t respect you more if you got one of the dates correct. I have worked with many mediums and psychics over the years, and I know firsthand how difficult it is to predict the approximate date of future events. Also I’m struggling to understand how the loss of an MI6 chief’s son has any relevance to the website. Thank you.

SP: Okay. Right thank you. I appreciate it. It’s a fair question. Thank you, because those were the dates I was given. When I’m not given any dates I can’t be specific, but when I’m given a specific date I’ll give it, and I had two separate sources not related to each other give me almost exactly the same dates, and I understand that that’s, those are dates that have been worked out because of the speed of the object, and if it stays on its present trajectory, its present course, that is what’s expected. Now I remember other people had predicted a large spacecraft, which, some two–three years ago were expected to come into our realm, and indeed I think they were accurate, but what happened in those spacecraft is that they basically came to a halt or they decided to change course, which makes it very difficult for the person that’s actually predicted that. And you know, it could make that person look a fool, but what do you do? Do you say well I don’t want to give a date because if I’m wrong then people are going to think I’m a fool, but supposing that comes true and people will say to you, well, why didn’t you tell us? You knew when the date was? Why didn’t you tell us? We could have, you know, at least prepared something, so yes, it’s difficult because a person, each person has to make his or her decision as to whether they go public, and I’ve always said that if I get confirmatary evidence from a completely different source that backs up the first point, then I must—I’m honor bound—I must go out and say that. You know, and that’s why I’ve given the date. If I haven’t given dates previously, It’s because I never had those exact dates. So I hope that helps.

The point about the MI6, I was particularly careful on that. There is a secondary story there. It’s ongoing at the moment. There are certain people in, going back there’s some commentators refer to good people as White Hats, that’s quite a common usage. I haven’t really used that term. It just seemed a bit odd to me really, but I just call them good people who are being threatened and pressure is being brought to bear on a number of good, what the Americans will call Patriots. You think about the attack in New Zealand. You know, partly yes, that was to traumatize, but it was also to send a message. It was a message saying if you don’t do what we want this is the sort of thing that can happen. And you know, it’s like the Austin Powers films where the mad, the crazy madman, he wants to do a demonstration. Or think about the James Bond films where the crazy madman was going to do a demonstration to the world and show the power he’s got, and then he can ransom or blackmail the world, and so what we’re seeing here is what we’ve always seen by these megalomaniacs, which is I will do this as a warning to you, and in future you do what I want or you’ll get more of the same, and I put that out there because please don’t look at things as exactly as they’re sold to you. Please look at something and understand it as part of a bigger picture that’s going on. I’m also very sympathetic towards the people who suffered there, but there will be over the weeks ahead, there will be more information on this that can come out. Things a bit raw at the moment, but there is a war going on. You know it’s not a war with battleships and aircraft and bombs; it’s a very insidious part covert, part not war, that’s being taken and both sides are involved in that. You know there are a number of key people who’ve been taken out, and then under the guise of natural causes, just as the bad guys took out a lot of good people and the stock answer is suicide. You think of Princess Diana, you know, that was sold to the world as a tragic accident, but of course when it came to the court hearing in Great Britain it did go down as unlawful killing, you know, and that’s something really important to understand that even that the judge at the time, the highest that he could give, he couldn’t say murder. That’s how controlled and unfree the society is that we live in. The judge wasn’t allowed in the statute to declare it a murder, and so he directed in Diana’s case, he directed the jury to say well the best I can give you is unlawful killing. So there are a number of people who’ve been unlawfully killed, and so that’s why that’s on that website. Thank you.

RP: Okay thank you. Sydney says, Hi Simon and Becky, thank you both for all your efforts. I would like Simon’s thoughts on the alleged event that took place in a laboratory in Japan where robots turned on technicians actually killing some of them. The most worrying aspect would seem to be the fact one of the robots was receiving information from an outside source by satellite.

SP: Right I only have partial stuff on this. It became of interest to me because it’s AI, and I do take an interest in that because that’s one of the aspects that we are, you know, facing that could be quite serious for humanity. I’m aware that there was an accident. Let me just put it to you like that. There was an accident and it was Japanese I believe who were at the cutting edge of transmitting commands to an artificial brain and seeing if, you know, physical limbs could move, not the nonsense that we see on YouTube where some clumsy device, you know, is lumping towards something, you know, and it very badly picks it up and stumbles away again and everybody’s jumping up and down and saying that’s wonderful isn’t it. And it clearly isn’t. The one of the most dexterous tests is actually get a machine that looks like a person to actually use a keyboard, to actually give them a sentence to type out and then see if they’ll do that. My understanding was that this information was being received not from within the laboratory, but from a satellite, because again like 5G they were attempting to see how things can be done without wires. And I understand that one of these machines, something happened. Now I think the person who’s written this said two . . . did you say two scientists, but I . . .

RP: No I don’t think anything was named

SP: Okay, well I only heard that one person . . .

RP: That one of the robots was receiving information from an outside source.

SP: Yeah but two humans were attacked.

RP: Was it, actually killing some of them.

SP: Some of them, correct. So two of them, but I’ve only heard that one was either seriously injured or hurt, but so there is some truth behind that. But before we consider or worry that AI has affected it and attacked it as deliberate, it could simply be another instance where a machine literally becomes self-aware and looks at a person and says you’re not like me. I’m gonna terminate you, and I use that word deliberately. So you know, this is the bit that we’re not being told. We’re being told how wonderful all this is. It’ll save our life just like the Spinning Jenny or Arkwright’s waterwheel in the days of the early industrial revolution, what were sold as, you know, we don’t need people anymore, because you know, we don’t need a huge factory. We don’t need a huge workforce you know; the steam engine will do this and then the electric engine will do that. What we’ve seen is a reduction in the number of people employed, but an upskilling of those that have been employed, but as we’ve now gone into the last 10 to 15 years, we’ve seen the number of people required reduced dramatically and the number of technocrats or the number of very skilled people being highly clever in their own field being hugely reduced. In other words, during the industrial revolution there were lots and lots of people who were needed to feed the machines, but what we have now with this digital revolution is that we need a far smaller group of people to feed the machines. So therefore, it is wrong for the media to sell technology as a tool to make your life easier. How can this hugely advanced machinery make your life easier and open the garage doors for you, turn on the fridge to a higher setting, turn on the heating, turn on the television if you don’t have a job to be able to pay for these things because you don’t have the skills now required for this very top level, because AI has taken over so much of your work. You know if you go into a storage holding area and you were to go back 40–50 years ago, you would have seen lots of people physically putting boxes onto shelves. Well now you might have one or two people and everything else automated. Maybe that’s an over statement, but hugely automated. Or can you imagine the situation where you just don’t need people at all because there are artificial machines that will do it and control it. So what’s gonna happen to all these millions of people who no longer have a job? Oh, I know 5G wipe out all those people. You don’t need them. Then you just have a world that’s devoid of maybe most people, and then the elite, who have somehow managed to protect themselves, can enjoy a Sunday afternoon stroll without having to meet another single human being. Now that may sound very crazy to many of you, but reality is that for the last 30–40 years that has been the plan, and we thought, we’d hoped that the crazy people who had come up with that plan, that perhaps shelved it, but now we see with the rollout of 5G that actually that plan is very much back on the agenda. So thank you for that. My understanding is one person was either seriously hurt or killed. Thank you.

RP: Okay thank you. Adrian says, hi Simon and Becky why do you think that so many people in the UK think that it’s best to stay in the EU and from what I gathered why do you think the opposite? In your opinion what are the potential benefits of leaving the, of the UK leaving the EU? Greetings from Hungary.

SP: Okay thank you. Obviously, I try not to be hugely political. I try to go to threads or ideas that should transcend politics. It’s very fashionable for people to believe that they’re European. I mean I can both claim or suppose to be European but not be a part of the European government. My issue stems from the fact that I’m old enough to remember back to the early 1970s when people were asked in Great Britain to vote, and I suppose all the other countries had a vote whether they wanted to join a European Economic Community, a European Economic Community, and everybody said what is the EEC, and what we were told was it is a common market. It’s a market that allows you to buy and sell trade. So for instance, Great Britain had always done trade with Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and any other country that we've had an association with. But, being part of the common market allowed Great Britain to trade without difficulties with France, Germany, Spain, Italy, et cetera. So that’s what people voted for, and then without ever coming back to the British people, they suddenly created of government, a government within Europe, and suddenly we were electing members of parliament, lawmakers to go to Europe to make laws which took precedence over the ones in Great Britain. So you know, why are we voting for our own lawmakers to sit in our own country when we’re voting for lawmakers in another country who were giving us, telling us what to do? So I began to be concerned because I felt that this was a One World Government, and indeed some of these very senior presidents who are involved in this government have said that they see this as the great experiment. That’s their own words, the great experiment, and you know, for those of you who perhaps are not aware, the European Union is now creating its own army, literally its own army, and the the Council of Europe has said that they don’t trust America, they don’t trust Russia, they don’t trust China, so they want their own army. But what was NATO, North Atlantic Treaty Organization was about all the European countries and the non- European countries who were anti-communist aligning together and we are as Great Britain a member of NATO. So gone from the early ’70s voting to go into an environment that was basically a marketplace to now a place that considers itself the government of Europe now on the verge of starting its own army. That to me isn’t, that isn’t good. That is centralization of power. That is the organization which is very long long distance away from other countries making rules and regulations that are not necessarily beneficial to those people and your own lawmakers can’t overturn those rules. Now this is clearly understood by 17.5 million, whoever it was that voted to leave, and so although the leave number, I think leave only had about one and a half million votes more than the remain, Great Britain is not a proportional representation electoral system. We are a first-past-the-post system, which means that each constituency, each area is won or lost by a straight number of votes. So if you literally have one vote more or two votes more you’ve won. Now if you look at the huge parliamentarian map of Great Britain, nearly every constituency in England, nearly everyone voted to leave. So if you were to color code them you would see that maybe 90-odd percent voted to leave and ten percent didn’t. So that’s whether you believe in proportional representation or not, that’s not my point. The point is that from a historical point of view every election in Great Britain has been fought this way, and so clearly the majority of people expressed in this manner wanted to leave, and the reason for that was that people were concerned and worried that this central authority was beginning to take over Great Britain.

Now what will be the benefits? Well, the guy called King who was the old Bank of England director then, Mervyn King, the Bank of England director, has just come out and said actually leaving the EU is going to be a good thing. Now, that’s really amazing isn’t it because those people who are in the pension, they’re receiving their wages, they’re all under orders to say we’ve gotta stay in Europe, but some of these people who ought to know like the chairman of the Bank of England or the director of the Bank of England, you know, he’s now coming out saying actually, you know, it’s fine to leave. I think in the short term it will be difficult for this country, but I think in the middle term and the long term it would be very good because we can open up trade deals with other countries just as we did before we went in, and we will not be beholden to a club, because that’s what it is, a club of obviously Europeans. Let’s be honest. Lots of people in the French government don’t like the British. There are other countries that don’t like the British and there's a fair reason for that. The British have, you know, interfered in other countries over the last three or four hundred years, but that means that it’s not a very friendly club, and so we have suffered, and there’s factual evidence for that, we’ve suffered as a country in terms of the deals that we’ve done and that’s built pent-up resentment. So I think it’s better that Britain is separate from Europe, finds its own level, and then if the Euro collapses, look what happened to Greece. Look at these countries that now behold totally to the central bank. I think Greece is something like 25 years in hock to the European Central Bank. So children not even born, when they are born, they’re going to be paying these taxes to the central bank, and you know, it’s not good I think being bailed out by an organization that considers itself a separate political entity, because it can then say to you well we’ll do this, but this is the price you pay. So I haven’t changed my mind. I think it’s right for Britain to leave. Thank you.

RP: Okay sorry. Okay thank you. George says Dear Mr. Parkes, some time ago I was hearing some of your statements and interviews and now for about a month I followed your information and answers to questions. Many times when you respond you say dimensions and this is when I find it difficult to follow you. I really like to hear you, so I’d like you to explain to me please as detailed as possible what you mean and what you understand by dimensions. I thank you very much in advance, and I wish you the best and I hope that one day we will all be free.

SP: So do I. Thank you. Well I’ll give you the organic brain version first. Thank goodness for the Hadron Collider at CERN. People will be surprised to hear me say that, and of course I don’t really mean that, do I? But a year and bit ago they actually officially announced that a 4th dimension could be proven to exist. Hallelujah! So the CERN Hadron Collider officially has proven that the 4th dimension exists and they punched a tiny little hole about a millimeter across through into the 4th dimension. That’s really important simply because people like myself and many many many others who’ve been talking about dimensions can’t be laughed at anymore, because here we have the tie and shirt and suited brigade, all the white jackets and white coat brigade, the scientific brigade, pontificating that they have discovered that a 4th dimension really exists. Good so we’ve got that. That’s the 3D element of it. A dimension is a reality that might appear to a scientist as thin as a piece of paper, but because time doesn’t operate as we understand it, you might be able to get the city the size of New Orleans in there. The biggest jump in all of the dimensions is between the 3rd and the 4th, not between the 6th and the 9th or the 10th and the 12th, though the 12th is special, but between the 3rd and the 4th, because when you go into the 4th dimension the concept of time in the 4th is relatively similar to the concept of time in the 5th, 6th, and 7th. So, the big problem we have here in the 3rd reality is our understanding and our interaction with the physical concept of time and that means that time and space are split, whereas in reality they are part of the same thing, and time and space can be morphed and moved. So, without our understanding it’s very hard to grasp why these other dimensions can be so different from ours, and it’s very very very difficult to go up the ladder. You only go up the ladder to the dimensions when you have evolved, evolved not as a fish coming out of the water and growing legs and walking around, but evolved in terms of your spiritual development. So you don’t win the medal to the next level up because you’ve got a transistor that’s ten times smaller than the one that was invented two weeks ago, or a cell phone that, you know, is so small that you can lose it in your shoe. The reality here is that it’s about your spiritual development, your concept of who you are, and who you are to those around you, the responsibility you have to the planet and the life-forms on the planet. Now, that has been, not taken away, but it’s been totally deflected by this concept of materialism, by AI, by technology and the media push that it’s okay to, you know, basically walk over anybody just to get that latest device. You know, do this. Do that, and it’s okay. You know, we’re not rewarding . . . we’re not rewarding the people who do humanitarian things. We’re not rewarding people who do wonderful acts of kindness, because it’s just not seen as right you know. What gets all the hits on YouTube are the beautiful film stars and starlets who, you know, are having their champagne, what clothes are they wearing, you know, what television show do they wear, what makeup do they have. And then from the guy’s point of view, you know, we know with what football, what was the game like and this seems to take everyone’s time. Rather than looking around them and looking at the destruction and the sadness and the pain and the poverty and thinking well actually maybe I should be spending some of my time on trying to do some good here, and not just be totally fixated on one day I might win the national lottery. And if I win the national lottery, I’ll go on foreign holidays and I’ll buy myself this and I’ll buy myself that, and people creating a false life for themselves in the hope that one day they will pull themselves out of the very depressed situation they’re in and aspire to something that in reality they’re not going to get, because they are being deflected from focusing on what they can achieve and who they are and what’s important to them on this never-ending wheel of, well if I can obtain this and I’ll obtain that, and if I can get that I’ll go on and do this. So that’s the problem with this reality. Once we’ve broken into that we then have the chance to evolve. The 4th dimension is divided into two, although it’s not an obvious divide. What we call the lower 4th and then the main body of the 4th dimension. In the lower 4th are where the bad guys are, bad because they have stuck in a never-ending cycle of self, self, me, me, I, I, and as a result of that not only are they not evolved or stood still, they’ve began to sink back, where some of the other more human forms in the 4th dimension have begun to move up into the 4th. So that’s the 4th, and you’ve got the 5th and the 6th. But in order to get up there, we’ve got to be able to do this. When we make this move, and I do believe that we will, we won’t have to go into the 4th and stay there. You see this is a 3rd dimensional Earth but unfortunately the control system is not from this Earth. It’s been brought here. It’s been crafted. The energies come from the 4th dimension, so hierarchy is not natural to this Earth. Think about the police force or the army. Think about how we have marks and emblems to give us a rank. Think about in an ordinary job, how people have different positions. Think about how we look on people and artificially rank them so that person makes 100,000 dollars or pounds a year. That person makes 300,000. They must be better than that person. Oh I only make 10,000 or 20,000. I’m not as good as these people, and that’s the concept that’s been sold, and so when you understand that it is not natural to humanity. I mean when did the North American Indians have that? They didn’t. And that’s why they were partly exterminated, because they were resistant to this corrupt Satanic 4th dimensional energy. So, when we evolve we don’t need to stay in the 4th dimension. Once we break through, we don’t just break through the 3rd dimension. We break through all of the control elements which are 4th dimensional created. The evil AI is 4th dimensional in its concept. So we should go straight through from the 3rd to the 5th. You see in the 5th there’s no such thing as pedophilia. There’s no such thing as Satanism. They only existed in the 4th and were brought to the 3rd, so our concept of time will will ... staggering, absolutely huge revelation. It’s a concept of time that will change in space, but we will keep our physical form. We won’t even become a light body, but we will keep a physical form because the 5th dimension is the home of the Andromedans, the Pleiadeans, and the Arcturians, and there are other groups. Those are the three groups that have most affected on humanity, and so these are what people call the space brothers. It’s not a term I use but it’s a term that’s quite popular. This is the family that which we are destined to join and who will willingly accept us, but there’s no 7th Cavalry. You know you can’t blow on a bugle and someone’s going to land in a spaceship and say I’ve just waved my magic wand and you’ve all come up to the 5th. You know how do you think the Pleiadeans get to the 5th dimension? They didn’t get there because somebody waved the magic wand and took them up there. They got there because they overcome the tasks that were given to them. They saw through the lies and they progressed, and if we wish to do the same, we have to do that. So, no one’s going to come and save us. We, each one of us, contains the elements within which we can save ourselves. The point is whether we choose to do it, so perhaps not the answer you’re expecting, but that’s the answer I’ve given you. Thank you. Thank you for your question.

RP: Okay thank you very much. The last question of the day is by Paul who says Hi Simon and all of dedicated team for bringing up the minutes, sorry.

SP: Okay, that’s fine sure. That’s all right. You’re tired. You’ve have been working hard.

RP: Hi Simon and all of the dedicated teams are bringing up-to-the-minute truth what’s happening in our world today. My question is concerning the Hadron Collider, as I’ve heard so many stories about what it’s really doing and if you would clarify the pros and cons of the machine and does it have anything to do with the positive or negative outcomes regarding the balance of our planet. And is it only humans who are involved in its creation and purpose for future of science of evolution of the human race? Thank you.

SP: That’s a much harder question than perhaps people would think and expect me to launch straight off on it because it’s actually quite difficult. There are some benefits to it. The benefits are that very primitive understood science can actually advance itself. In other words it’s not that people are primitive. It’s the constraints on them, the rules on them. You can’t think here. You can’t do this. You can’t do that. If you think that you won’t get funding for it, so you have to do this. Otherwise you won’t get any money for it. That’s the control system. So when for instance, the Hadron Collider proved the 4th dimension that must have freed people, some scientists somewhere are good. Perhaps the majority are good, but they're just worried about the pension. So, when it proved to them the 4th dimension existed, it means that the the science books have to be rewritten. You know the books of 10–20 years ago have got to be rewritten now because they would only, you know, theorize that there was possibly a 4th dimension. They would scoff and laugh at it. But now of course, they can’t. Those books are completely out of date, so there are some benefits to it. The difficulty is that whenever something good is created something bad wishes to corrupt it. You know the Nobel Prize winner who created dynamite, and I was only talking to this the other day, who created dynamite because he really wanted to be able to save miners in caves and dynamite was a fantastic way of blasting and blowing up, didn’t for one moment imagine that someone would say 'I’ve got a great idea: we’re putting this in a metal casing and drop it from the air and kill people on the ground'. And often time and time again the 4th dimensional Satanic energy takes hold and takes what is a pure good creation and turns it for evil. As far as I’m concerned the Hadron Collider is a dangerous device. It is staffed predominantly by humans but there are some, as you would expect, underground chambers and there are some things under there who have been advising and directing, and I would like to basically, if I was in charge I would offer all of the staff in that facility a lovely holiday somewhere in Switzerland, and then when everybody had come out, I’d just pour 20 trillion tons of concrete down into it, because it's of no help whatsoever, and is being used for purposes that do not further the development of humanity on this planet. So thank you.

Now, there’s no list of thank-you’s today because I have been a lot busier than usual and I haven’t had the time to do that and I am really sorry, you know I . . . it is important to me to thank people, so those of you who’ve put donations in, I’m really grateful. A couple of points quickly. Somebody was saying, you know, oh you don’t monetize your channel, and it’s right. There aren’t any adverts in this, and I really don’t want to go down that road. That’s a personal thing. I’m not making any comment about anybody else’s channel. I personally don’t want to monetize it, so you know, I’m gonna resist putting adverts on these shows for as long as possible, and people’s donations, you know, they actually help me to make sure I don’t need to to do that, so that’s really good. I wanted to also say that the diary is open and there are a limited number of slots of a few slots but if you did want to have a booking with me, please book. The feedback I’ve had over the last few months is people just felt half an hour wasn’t long enough, and they really wanted to go to an hour because they felt there was so much more, so I’ve gone to hour slots now for people. So if you haven’t yet had a booking with me and you’d like to, please go on to the website and you can book there. Apart from that I just want to thank everybody, the small dedicated group of volunteers, and that means unpaid who’ve worked so hard to keep us afloat, to keep us going. All of the members of Connecting Consciousness who, you know, give us support, give us encouragement, they meet and they try and be spiritual you know. That’s so wonderful, and you know, we’ve just got to keep going and we’ve got to keep going until we come out the other end and we’re successful, and I’ve always believed that. I’ve never once doubted that we would not be successful. And yes, 5G is a real concern, but I think we’re going to come out the other end and be okay, but we may have some problems once 5G is around us. So all I’m saying to you is that it’s important to be aware of the issues, but please don’t let’s go into this “it’s the end of the world,” because I’m sick of these videos on YouTube that sort of purport to say that humankind is going to be wiped out. That is not the case. Do you really think that whoever created us, whoever it was and let’s say that Source, and I believe it was Source that did that would allow all of this beauty to be destroyed? So I just want to thank everyone then. Thank you for listening. Thank you for supporting. I think we’re seeing more and more the importance of discernment, asking yourself truly, you know, the news you’re hearing does it sound right? Does it seem true to you? Please don’t get overly concerned or worried, and if you can take a part in anything that could bring about change on the planet for the better then do so. You know we had this discussion with Sacha and that I said quite clearly that, you know, we don’t want to incite people to violence, but when you look and see what’s going on in France then you can see that people are expressing themselves through frustration. Remember that people generally take to the streets because they have exhausted every other avenue, and as an ex-politician I know that just because a petition of a hundred thousand lands on your doorstep doesn’t mean you take much notice of it. I have seen with my own eyes where politicians have payed lip service, but I’m not bothered one way or the other. And so you know, part of Connecting Consciousness, setting that up was to show a different way. I actually believe that if you look at the court system, the police system, the school, the education system, the hospital system, everything has been designed for the organization and the system.

I am NOT attacking those men and women who work in those services. What I’m attacking is the structure, those at the very top who create these. They create it to make it easier for the system and less easy for the individual. For those of you who have gone into an accident and emergency ward or a waiting room, from the moment you walk in you’re not important. What’s important is the process and the organization. Those school children that go to school, is the education important, or is it the fact that that school receives an amount of money for each pupil it takes? If you think about the court system, is it they’re ready to protect you, or is it there to protect the very wealthy and the corporates? So what I’m saying is that the change we need isn’t about throwing a petrol bomb. The change we need is a complete revolution from the ground upwards of the way that humanity views itself and not to replace one tyrant with another tyrant, a complete and utter change in the way that the system relates to people and the people relate to the system. Now I’m sure that that’s terrifying for large organizations. It’s terrifying for governments, but are these organizations there to serve people or are they there to exploit people? So when a train service or a bus service is there, is that there to serve people or is it there just to take the fare off then? When you buy something from the supermarket is that really there to feed you and nourish you and keep you well, or is it to take the money out of your purse or wallet so that it goes to that person who runs that organization? So through an insurance company really care about insuring your car because they want to keep you safe and they want to give you good cover or are they concerned that hey once you make a claim, we’re not going to give you that insurance again because you’re eating into our profits. In other words, the difference between the individual and the organization, and so Connecting Consciousness is an effort by me to try to show in a very small way how we need to relate to each other and I would love the opportunity to roll that out on a wider line.

Finally why should we vote for political parties? I’ve always said the best way to vote is for an individual to say what he or she will do for a location. So if one person says you know I will campaign because we need a new hospital or I will campaign for a new swimming pool or whatever it might be, it doesn’t matter what it is, and then the cycle comes around three or four years’ time, that person comes back in front of the audience and they’re asked did you do what you said you would do? And if they didn’t they’re off, finished. You don’t vote for them because they have a particular color or they have a particular badge. You vote for them because you like what they’re putting forward, but you can remove them from office because they did not deliver. And the problem with the system we have is that no individual in this country gives out a statement about what he or she will achieve for their local community. What they do is they have a leaflet that’s produced centrally which gives the broad policies of particular party throughout the country, so you can’t tie any member of parliament or lawmaker down because it can be lost in great argument about well that was at Westminster, and you know, this happened and that happened, and I think there’s a lot to be said for bringing things to a local, a local diktat, to a local way where a group of maybe 100–200 people form like a cooperative and they put forth somebody and that’s the way it works as a group up. So, you know, we have some changes coming there’s no doubt about it, and you’re either going to be on one side of the fence or the other side of the fence. The day when people could sit on the edge of the fence and play both games, that’s over. So thank you very much indeed for listening and I look forward to speaking to you soon. Take care. God bless. Bye-bye.

Transcribed by GSC March 27, 2019

Proofread by CW April 30, 2019

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