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Out of This World Radio, Friday, March 15, 2019

Italy passes forced vaccination law for children, i.e., no vaccinations, no school; possible causes of Ethiopian airline crash: AI software problem, engine fire, or something else; energy behind the mass shootings in New Zealand and Australia; packages placed in British train stations and airports have IRA code word but might not be from IRA; Britain’s policemen police without guns; Questions: significance of 11:11, a symbol representing portal technology meaning movement from one stage to the next stage, can be either positive or negative; is the John Podesta/Hillary Clinton visit to New Zealand connected to false flag in Christchurch; because Switzerland is not a constitutional state, elite people in high places are above the law; why doesn’t media release name of politician who’s molesting a child on the audio/video that’s surfaced on the internet; are 5G, 6G, and the Wall all connected for frequency protection or frequency weaponization or both; rule of black magic is to tell people what they’re going to do before they do it, but in such an obscure way that it probably won’t be picked up, otherwise, they won’t be permitted to complete their task.


Ted Mahr: And with that I’d like to welcome my good friend Simon to the show. He has been patiently waiting here to get on the air? Simon how are you doing today?

Simon Parkes: Hello Ted, I’m very well thank you.

TM: Oh good.

SP: I hope you can hear me fine. You’re coming through a little bit crackly.

TM: A little crackly. Well hopefully, is this a little better I hope?

SP: No that made it even worse.

TM: I’m sorry, okay. Well I guess as long as you can hear me, let me ask Eric. Eric, does the audio sound okay from Simon? He says… he gives a big thumbs up. He says it’s good, so we’ll continue with that. Simon has an amazing background friends, for those of you...

SP: Unfortunately I can’t hear you Ted. It’s so distorted, I can’t make out your words.

TM: Oh I’m so sorry, well is... let me try this. Is this better here if I back away from the microphone?

SP: Yes that’s quite a lot better.

TM: Okay, maybe it’s just because it’s amplified. Is that… can you hear me now okay Simon?

SP: Yes, that’s far… that’s what it normally sounds like, yes.

TM: Okay, well I do like to sound normal, so...

SP: [Oh dare a terrible.]

TM: So anyway I’m glad I hope you, I hope you can hear me normally. Well good. Well good. Well for those of you who don’t know Simon, he’s a wonderful fellow. He was an elected politician in the United Kingdom. He has an amazing background. Both of his parents were with British [Intelligence] and did work, did some work with the CIA and American Intelligence and he lends a perspective that’s really unique to the world, and I always enjoy talking to him. He’s got a wonderful heart and he really wants to make the world a better place. Simon there’s all kinds of interesting things going on isn’t there? It’s like, it’s like if you have a television channel with Cable, there’s like two hundred different channels going on all the time and you want to watch all the programs all at once.

SP: It’s incredibly busy. But we, you know, we, that’s you and I and many others, we sort of foretold this. We said that as we approached these latter years, things were going to get very very difficult in some ways but good in another way. So yes, Ted there’s a great deal going on and sometimes it’s quite hard to keep a handle on everything.

TM: Sure, absolutely, absolutely. There’s a lot of topics coming up now. I notice, I always review your website and your posts before I go on the air and on March 12th you had a new post about Italy’s new law that only children who have been vaccinated can attend school. I’d love your comments on that Simon.

SP: There’s a huge push going on amongst the elite, and there was an awards ceremony recently, and it was totally bizarre that people were, this was an awards ceremony live on television, and people were sort of going up and then saying that they had been vaccinated, and it was just what on earth, where is this coming from? Absolutely mad. And then we hear that Italy is saying that no school children can attend unless they’ve been vaccinated. There’s lots of articles now on the official news about vaccinations, how good they are. Now this is in response primarily, I’ve only got the British figures, but I bet you it’s right across the world. They were reporting that the official news, the established news were reporting that vaccinations in Great Britain were down for the first time for a number of years, and I think that this has been replicated all over the Western world, and I think the elite are spooked by this and they’ve got their friends in the media to start pushing vaccinations. So, that’s what I think happened. There was the official reply, I beg your pardon, the official report that in Great Britain vaccination numbers were the lowest they’d ever been in modern age, and then suddenly all the established media start talking up vaccinations. It’s pathetic, but again as I said on my post, it just shows that these people are still in control.

TM: Right, right, absolutely. Well that’s interesting, Simon for mentioning that. Thank you so much for saying that. I’ve been following the Ethiopian airline crash. I listened to a newscast yesterday, and in the crash, how they mentioned the crash, it was a long analysis. The gentleman kept going over and over about safety and how this is probably a software problem by Boeing, but in your post you said that quote, “In relation to the Ethiopian airline crash the one thing giving worry is the eyewitness statement saying that the plane was already on fire before it hit the ground.”

SP: Now what’s very strange is that that hasn’t been followed up on. They’re continually talking about the onboard computer, which is, it’s a revolution within that new aircraft. It’s a sort of an anti-stall device, so that when it detects the aircraft is potentially going into a stall, it takes over and the unspoken chatter is that what’s happening is this computer’s detecting a stall when there isn’t one, and therefore it’s compensating and basically it’s fighting the pilots. So that’s the official line under the table, but there are eyewitness statements which have been taken by the police who were first on the scene, and these eyewitness statements say that the airplane was on fire before it hit the ground. Now legitimately it could be an engine. It could have been an engine fire. That’s perfectly possible, but you know I don’t, I personally don’t understand why they’ve got witness statements, and I know they have to that effect, why they’re not talking more about this, so that set alarm bells ringing for me because either they are totally discounting the witness statements or somebody was behind this action and they don’t want to bring that person or that organization into the spotlight, so that’s why I post it because I’m very concerned that there may be a bit of a coverup going on.

TM: I don’t know Ethiopian history really well Simon. You probably know more about it than I do, but I know that they’ve had like discontent, civil discontent. Are there, do they have like domestic groups there that do try to disrupt the government? I know a lot of countries have that problem. I don’t know a thing about Ethiopia though.

SP: Well of course if we went back a number of years we would say Emperor Haile Selassie was the target wouldn’t we? I think the important point with any passenger aircraft that goes down is to obtain the lists, the names of the passengers, because my understanding and experience in these matters is that when an aircraft goes down in suspicious circumstances, then it is better to look not for terrorist groups, but to look at who was on that airplane.

TM: Oh, okay.

SP: Now we have had a list. I’ve seen a list of numbers but not names. There have been in the last five years a number of very suspect losses of aircraft and when the lists were finally got out, it became very obvious why those airplanes just vanished because of the individuals on board. So I’m waiting to see what comes out on this one.

TM: There are rumors too with respect to the Titanic sinking back in 1912 I think it was or ’11 or ’12 Simon that there were several U.S. politicians who were interested in, what were they were going to do? They were going stop...

SP: Well it was the gold. It was the gold, and it was the Federal Reserve.

TM: Okay.

SP: And it would have hurt J.P. Morgan.

TM: Oh, okay.

SP: So there were people there who did not like the idea of a Fed starting up. They wanted to keep on the gold back system and that would have hurt J.P. Morgan, because J.P. Morgan was one of the big movers behind, you know, the change from the gold back. So and you know when the Federal Reserve was opened and started, so there are links between the manifest, i.e., that’s a technical term, name, for the people on the crew and on the staff and on the passenger list and, you know, what jobs they do. So I’m just holding back. I’m waiting to see if we can get some clarity on who was on that flight. You see people will say, well that’s a country that’s at the back of beyond, you know. Why would anybody be there, but you see there sometimes are very important meetings held in these very strange countries in terms of, you know, they’re off the beaten track and it might be also that friends or family were on that airplane. So sometimes it isn’t the individual that’s being got at, but sometimes it’s their family that are being got at. So I’m just waiting to see what comes of it.

TM: Well it’s on the show now, everyone listening today. Let’s send prayers to all the people that perished in that tragic crash as well as to their families too. I know that the spirits now are on the other side. I’m actually getting a message from them to send lots of love and light to them, so hopefully they’ll be able to, they’ll heal and love and energy is always always welcome and that brings me to your next posting on March 15th regarding New Zealand and Australia. You write I’ve asked the New Zealand and Australian Connecting Consciousness coordinators to organize meditation sessions to combat the nasty streak of energy leading to mass shootings there. Do you have any updates on that Simon?

SP: Not a huge amount. We have some very active Connecting Consciousness groups in Australia and New Zealand and my first act was to, you know, email and what we’ll be doing I hope over the weekend is working with the coordinators to get their groups to, I’ll give them some focus, but for them to do the work. The first thing I had thought of when the results of the shooting were first made available was that it was some sort right-wing fanatic.

TM: Right.

SP: But the question for me was what is in that person’s head, so I’m going to be looking tomorrow very carefully at any photographs that have been released of the person. What I’m looking for is a trauma and mind control. A number of shooters have clearly been under some form of mind control. Some very clearly of demonic, you know, not every shooter is a false-flag. Some shooting is absolutely what it purports to be, so I’m looking for any demonic entities in the person. I’m looking for any signs of mind control, you know, it’s obviously genuine. This is not a complete fake. This is really genuine. People have suffered and so we, you know, our thoughts and minds are with those people who’ve lost their lives and those who are left behind, who are going to miss very close people to them. So my first act actually is to do this, to get this meditation worked out because I want to try and make sure that whatever energy caused that in that country we can try and put a stop to that.

TM: Oh absolutely. You know there was a, on my way to the studio this morning Simon, here in Seattle, I heard a broadcast about a tragic shooting of like forty, what was it, forty, forty, forty-five people in a mosque in Christchurch. I didn’t even know Christchurch, forgive me, had any people from the Islamic faith, but there it was on the newscast and I know that 15–20 years ago a Christchurch had, it was one of the safest places to live in the world too. It was rated, rated [that way].

SP: Well Ted before we move on to the next one, sometimes places that are the safest to live, sometimes are targeted. It’s one of the best ways from the negative point of view to break up stability and to weaken humanity’s trust, is to hit areas that up to now have not seen anything. So if it was a shooting in downtown New York, it wouldn’t have that much effect. People would just shrug their shoulders and they’d go on, but if a shooting occurs in what has been the most peaceful place, then the effect is greater, and that’s why when the false flag attacks are done, they’re sometimes done to create that huge feeling of fear, and you get more fear if you have an incident in a hitherto peaceful place than the place that’s continually full of gunfight.

TM: I don’t want to talk too much about this today, but if you look at the assassination of great late President John F. Kennedy, that was done in wide open in middle of a presidential motorcade and they were, I mean if you look at it back then, Simon in 1963 they were so trusting, they would never thought that a sitting president would ever been assassinated like that in open public, but yet it was, so...

SP: Yes, I think that what we can add is that nowadays of course the whole route is completely scanned so any tall buildings or buildings that overlook a motorcade, those buildings are thoroughly checked beforehand, whereas back then they didn’t even bother it, you know, you just didn’t do it, and so, you know, but this is how the world is now, changed remarkably.

TM: Yeah, yeah, well I long for those days Simon when the world was a more peaceful and harmonious place, but I know we’ve talked about this many times before Simon, but I know there’s a better future for humanity and that’s why I know you work as hard as you do and I do too, and many lightworkers around the world; we’re all working very hard to make this planet a better place, so we will have a beautiful harmonious future.

SP: Yes.

TM: And with that, there was another post on your website Simon on March 5th about...

SP: Oh Ted I can’t hear you again. You’ve gone all crackly.

TM: Sorry, can you hear me now? Is this better?

SP: Yes that’s a bit better.

TM: Sorry, it seems like if I get like more than four inches close to the mic, it starts getting crackly, so anyway you have a post on your website on March 5th about three combustible devices placed at British airports and train stations appear to be the work of an amateur, possibly a right-wing group, but so far very little to go on. Any updates from that Simon?

SP: The only thing to go on was a code word was given when the devices were placed to, I think, a media company and the code word was a code word that was still an active code word used by the IRA.

TM: Oh, okay.

SP: But we mustn’t jump to conclusions because other people may well know the code word and use it. The devices were not designed to kill. They were just designed to make a lot of smoke and flames and cause fear. So I’m not jumping immediately for a breakaway faction of the IRA. I’ll just wait and see. You know, it seems every major country in the West has these strange letter bomb-type devices, or these devices that don’t actually go up with a great big bang, but they go up with more smoke and flame than anything else. I’m looking to see if there’s a thread linking some of these things, but you know, yes it could certainly be a breakaway group of the IRA, but at the moment I don’t understand what the IRA would have a problem with, because you know, they are in a fairly strong political position. So we’ll have to wait and see on that, but certainly it was important because it was, you know, a major airport in Great Britain and other key locations, so I think there’s a message. It wasn’t so much what this device could do, but what the message behind placing that device was all about. So, I actually believe it was more political than anything else.

TM: Yeah and what I’m getting from my spirit friends on the other side, it wasn’t the IRA at all. It was simply using their code word to implicate them to give them more bad press, something, I don’t know but...

SP: Right, yeah.

TM: Yeah and this also goes back to your earlier comment too is that negative elements often find a beautiful peaceful place like Britain. Britain is a beautiful peaceful place, beautiful country with wonderful people, but they pick a place like your country to cause disturbances to their further their own negative agenda, but, well that’s too bad.

SP: I’m amazed here in Great Britain 2019 and we don’t arm our policemen.

TM: That’s right you don’t.

SP: Our cops are not armed. I mean obviously there are, every area has a specialist team, sort of in their cars waiting with [24:05][unintelligible], but the ordinary cops who do the patrol, they’re on the beat don’t carry guns and you know it’s amazing, that 2019.

TM: Right.

SP: And the reason we haven’t gone down that road is simply because the number of homicides per portion of the population is very very low.

TM: Right. Wow. Wow that’s amazing. That’s amazing. That’s wonderful when you think about it.

SP: Well I mean you guys obviously, the cops have guns. In Germany they do, Italy they do, France they do.

TM: Right.

SP: You know, there’s not many countries that the police don’t have a gun, and you know, on one hand you think well that’s not very good, but when you talk to police officers, when you talk to cops in other countries, they actually say I wish we could be like that, but they say that we can’t go back to that now because the level of guns are so high, we can’t. We can’t go back to that point, so far from sort of laughing at Britain, other countries are saying that’s just incredible.

TM: Yeah.

SP: They just don’t get their head around it.

TM: Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s amazing really and yeah, well you live in a beautiful country Simon, and my hat’s off to your police for not having guns, not having guns. Before we start I’ve gotten in a whole bunch of questions from many listeners Simon. Are there any particular topics you’d like to focus in on before we… I go on to the questions from our listeners?

SP: No, I’m fine tonight, thank you. I thought we’d try and get through some of those questions. It’s so good of your audience to write in.

TM: Oh right, right, thank you so much. Thank you so much. I have a question I just got in from Bridget. I’m not sure where Bridget’s from actually, but she writes in the past few months I’ve been seeing the numbers 11:11 on my clock every single morning with few exceptions. On some occasions, if I miss seeing it, I will see one 11 instead. There are even days like today, for example, where I see both. Can you ask Simon what’s the special meaning behind this, and I have to footnote that is that my conference next month on April 12th, 13th, and 14th of which you’ll be giving a Skype presentation on Sunday morning April 14th is just off of exit one, one, one, off the freeway here, so I see exit one one one too, so anyway...

SP: Right Ted, you know through the power of numerology numbers are assigned actions and not just that when you put series of numbers together, their actions, it’s a bit like tarot cards. You read one tarot card on its own but when you look at it in a suite, a suit of cards, it begins to tell a story. Now the Freemasons have portals, which really quite features heavily in all of their artwork and they call it a Jachin and Boaz, and these are the two pillars that stand either side and Solomon, King Solomon’s Temple indeed had the two pillars, and this is one-one. Now before the audience start jumping up and running around mad, it’s not actually negative. It’s just the symbol representing portal technology, so if you’re seeing one-one, and one-one, that’s actually a positive sign. It is not a negative sign. It is meaning that there’s the movement of transference, the ability to move from one stage to the next stage. Now with 9/11, it was one-one because it was the Twin Towers, one and one.

TM: Oh I see.

SP: It wasn’t evil, the fact it was one-one, but it represented moving from one stage to another stage. Now in this instance, it was a negative movement because we went from a semi-free place to an absolutely not free place with all the rules and the laws that were brought in.

TM: Right.

SP: So one-one is merely a signpost on the freeway telling you that you be ready to make a move, and if you’re a good person you’ll move in a good positive way. If you’re a negative person, then you’ll have a negative movement, so that’s what it means.

TM: Oh fascinating, thank you for sharing that. Here’s another question that just got in from Rosemary. I’m not sure where Rosemary’s from but she says, Hi, Ted, could you please ask Simon about the recent visits of John Podesta and Hillary Clinton to New Zealand. They are welcomed by our government, oh she must be New Zealand, advising them to watch out for Russian interference in their New Zealand elections. Many are linking this to the recent false flag in Christchurch. Please, and also please advise on who to contact for Connecting Consciousness meditation.

SP: Okay, this is a subject I didn’t really want to talk, to touch on.

TM: Okay.

SP: Ted, I’ve got to say something now because...

TM: Sorry about that I didn’t know.

SP: No, it’s fine.

TM: Okay.

SP: Before President Trump was elected we had a President Obama.

TM: Right.

SP: And a number of people went to Antarctica to have a visit and they had a chat and they got what they wanted, so nothing negative followed, but what happened was President Trump won the election and the whole deal that had been negotiated had to be renegotiated. Now sometimes when governments are engaged by something or someone and the government does not do what that individual or organization wants, then there is usually a payback, so that’s what I’m going to say. So that’s why I want to see some photographs of the shooter. I want to see if this person is mind controlled, but it is no coincidence that key people go to a country, meet high-ranking people and then of course there is a very tragic situation [30:36][up close].

TM: I see. Okay, okay, well thanks Simon, and again, I didn’t mean to ask you a question you’d rather not go into, but that’s fine.

SP: That’s okay, thank you.

TM: Yeah, that’s fine. This is an email I got last week, received from Juliano in Switzerland and it’s a little cryptic, but perhaps you know a little bit about it. It’s one directed to both Benjamin Fulford and yourself.

SP: I can’t hear again, you’re a bit crackly.

TM: Okay, can you hear me now okay Simon?

SP: Yes, that’s fine, that’s fine.

TM: Okay, all right. This is an email from Juliano in Switzerland. I’ve received it about a week ago. It’s addressed to both you and Benjamin Fulford, but it’s a little cryptic. Maybe perhaps you know what he’s talking about. There’s a YouTube video that you talked about Switzerland and he writes Switzerland is not a constitutional state. It only acts as if we were a constitutional state and he says that the Swiss press has not been truthful with the public for thirty years and doesn’t write anything about my pending trial in the whole truth. Could you please address my complaint, but again, it’s not real clear. I don’t know what he’s really talking about.

SP: Right, all I can tell you is that there are certain places on the planet where the elite have disengaged themselves from any legal control and your audience might be surprised to learn that the, that obviously they know Switzerland because they’re absolutely right, but Germany has no real constitution, deliberately. You see when the West and East existed separately, West Germany had a constitution and then when the Berlin Wall came down and the West took over the East, they did not rewrite the constitution. So in actual fact it means that certain individuals can operate outside of the law. The other place of course is the Vatican. The other place of course is the City of London. There are one or two places in America that are separate from the state and the federal courts around them, and you’ll know those, so I honestly don’t know quite this gentleman, quite what he’s referring to.

TM: Right.

SP: But if you are in one of those key locations and you have a legal or a difficult ongoing with the elite, then you don’t have any sort of law to fall back on, because the law is not designed to protect you. I mean Switzerland was, you know, I sometimes wonder, people who listen to this show and other shows, they got it, but the vast majority of people who don’t listen to these shows, they don’t get it. And I don’t understand why people don’t question why Switzerland was never invaded, and the reason Switzerland was never invaded is because all of the elite in every country sat down around a table and said look, we need somewhere to put our money. We need somewhere to put everything that we’ve got, stolen, or robbed, or whatever it is, and I tell you what I won’t invade if you don’t invade. So Switzerland’s neutrality is not because they run around bandaging people up, because they’re really humanitarian, it’s because they hold money from just about every despot, just about every corporation, just about every individual who doesn’t want to pay tax, and who doesn’t want anybody asking questions. So certain countries are above the law and if you are in a conflict with the elite and you’re in such a country, you do not have any grounds for defense.

TM: Interesting. Wow. Yeah thanks for the Out of This World explanation Simon. I really appreciate it. I really appreciate it.

SP: Thank you.

TM: Yeah, that’s something I hadn’t thought of. Thank you for listening, for sharing that. I have this… I have a funny email from a Gidget in Africa. She doesn’t say where, but she’s somewhere in Africa and actually she goes on, she says I just have a question, quick question and she, then there’s like four that follow that, but anyway I’ll try to summarize them. The first part was that earlier, this must have been a week or two ago a couple weeks ago, you were talking about high-ranking politician on a tape or video molesting a child, but I’ve noticed that the press usually doesn’t say the name of the politician. Why do you think the mass media doesn’t include the name? Obviously they’re trying to cover it up. I don’t know but that’s what she asked roughly about.

SP: Simply because you are either on one side of the fence or the other, and if you are an established mouthpiece for the elite and you’ve been going for 25–35, whatever years, you are under orders, and people tend to think of these huge media corporations as so powerful that they can do what they want, but that’s actually not right. These huge powerful organizations are still on the end of a telephone to somebody else who is more powerful than they are, and there are certain key individuals who the elite do not want to lose, not because that individual is important to them; that’s not the reason. The reason is if you are seen to give up one of your key left tenants, then everybody else thinks it’s open season. If an organization does not fight tooth and nail to keep its key people, then everyone else below them starts to jump out of the ship, and so that’s why they have done everything they can in the media to hide the truth, because once the dam is broken, then the dam is broken. And so what they do is they attack President Trump, and I’ve always said this, that if President Trump was really a guy secretively working for the bad side, the newspapers and the media would be supporting him like crazy, talking him up, saying how well he was doing, but they don’t. They attack him at every opportunity they have.

TM: That’s true.

SP: And the reason is because they don’t control him. So they don’t black, can’t blackmail him. They haven’t got anything on him to make him do what they want. The only thing, and I’ve been consistent with this, is his families’ children are Jewish. So he does have a strong connection to the Jewish state, you know, and there is a link there. There’s not doubt about it, but, you know, show me many U.S. presidents that don’t have an interest in one aspect of something or another.

TM: Sure.

SP: But at least with President Trump there’s nothing on him to blackmail him, and if there had been collusion with Russia, surely to goodness me he would have been charged with it now.

TM: Oh yeah.

SP: I mean looking at the paperwork now and he just sent a Tweet out didn’t he saying well, okay, I’ll just veto you, and even the established mail, newspapers are saying we don’t understand what the Congress is doing because it’s pointless, because first of all you need two-thirds in each house to stop a president’s national emergency decree. But then even if both houses give that, the president can still veto it.

TM: Right.

SP: So what even the established media is saying, well this is a dead-end street. What on earth are you doing? So there are some journalists now who are beginning to question, it’s not about the Democrats and Republicans. It’s about this fanatic hatred of President Trump.

TM: Um-hum.

SP: And you know, let’s have some evidence to show that he’s done these things. I mean, you know, I’m waiting for evidence about Hillary Clinton. I’m waiting for evidence about Obama, and I’m waiting on Podesta. I want this evidence out because then, you know, paying hush money to a very attractive woman will pale into insignificance if evidence comes forward of senior politicians hurting children.

TM: Sure, absolutely.

SP: So it’s about a balance here. It’s about what’s relative in our life, you know, there are American people getting hot under the collar because of a wall that is proposed to be built on the border of Mexico. Why don’t they get hot under the collar about all of the thousands of children in the United States that suddenly just disappear and no one seems to know where they go? Why is it okay just to say, oh well, that’s the way it is in a big country. Why this throwaway attitude to human life, so, you know, I want the truth out there. I want these indictments. I mean I’ve just received some evidence about the guy who’s now being tried at the moment, I think you call it Gitmo don’t you?

TM: Gitmo, yeah.

SP: Yeah we don’t call it that in Great Britain. We use the long version. We say Guantanamo Bay, but there is a case going on and I’ve been sent some stuff, and I haven’t had time to look at it because I’ve been worried about the shooting, but I’ve been consistent. I want the lot out. I think people deserve to know the truth. I have never ever held the view that somebody says, well I don’t think the public are ready for the truth. I’ve never believed that. I think that you don’t have the right to say I will give you this, but I won’t give you that. I think you have to say here’s the lot. Here’s the evidence. I’ve opened the drawer. I’ve tipped everything out on the table. There’s the cards. Have a look at it. And that’s what I want those people who are the good guys to do, and let the public wake up. But as I’ve said before, and I don’t mean to go on, but I’m very passionate about this, that my concern is that President Trump is terrified of collapsing the house of cards. You see President Trump stood on that platform and he said to the American people elect me and I will make America Great Again.

TM: Sure.

SP: And I’m sure that in the back of his mind he’s worried that if he does what I and you, Ted, and many others want maybe the whole guts of the U.S. falls out in terms of confidence, in terms of prestige, in terms of money. Maybe America collapses, and so he’s just terrified that if economically America collapsed he can’t make good his election pledge, and this I think is the battle going on in his mind. How much truth can he give to the United States public without crashing the economy, and that’s the battle that’s going on at the moment.

TM: Fascinating. I always felt in his speeches and what’s going on in politics in this country that there is a battle going on of course, but it’s like he can only... people sometimes can only go so far because they don’t want to destroy everything in the process. It’s a very delicate process and I certainly wish him well. It’s not an easy task. Gidget I’m so sorry, if you’re listening now, you have several more questions, but in the interest of fairness, I’ve received other questions as well. I’ll go on to those and if I can, I’ll ask Simon your questions and if not then the next time. I have a request from New Zealand, and I...

SP: Ted, I can’t hear you again I’m afraid. I think you’ve just gotten a bit closer to the mic.

TM: Okay, sorry about that. I got a request, can you hear me now Simon?

SP: Yes that’s better, thank you.

TM: From Julianne in New Zealand and she sent me this picture, this adorable little baby who is fighting for his life. He is very ill and she wanted me to read this out on the airwaves, so I’m going to do that. His name is Archie and make him smile again. They need money for some medical expenses and if you want to donate to a good cause, please go to triple w dot give a little dot co dot nz (www.givealittle .co. nnz), so they’re asking you and Simon you and I and everyone around the world to send them some good love and light, so that’s a good thing to do. The other question I’d like to get to Marian in Rainier, Washington. Hi, Ted, hi Simon. Many thanks to both of you. My question for Simon: Recently President Trump spoke on behalf of speeding up the availability of 5G and even 6G towards making the technology available. It has been suggested that there’s a connection between 5G and 6G and the Wall, that together these will create some sort of frequency protection for the United States, I guess on our border. Simon what do you think about this? Have you heard of this?

SP: Yes I have. It’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that these sort of high levels of microwaves are weaponized 5G–6G, whatever you want to call it. It’s a frequency that is weaponized. Now what’s really interesting for me is that there are, if I say rumors that sounds pretty awful, but I can’t put it any more than that at the moment because I haven’t had a sit-down chat with somebody directly, but there are rumors coming out that President Trump has been made aware that the concept of 5G, whilst in it’s paperwork side is pretty good, could be used either to weaken humanity, either deliberately or not deliberately, and I understand that there is some think tank or somebody that he’s... a group of people he’s got together to research it, because he’s quote open. He’s not a scientist, as he says, he doesn’t understand these things. He’s quite open about them. I don’t understand these things, but I’m going to ask people who do understand them and report back. Now that’s very because I’ve never known a president like President Trump for organizing inquiries on the private. He does absolutely loads of inquiries that are not reported. He does it in secret. He gets group of seven or eight people together and they go and research stuff for him in a way that no other U.S. president ever did, and he does this because he can’t trust the media. He can’t trust the certain groups and so he’s doing this. Now I’m hoping the information he’s going to get back will shake the pants off him, because I’m hoping the information he’ll get back, he’ll say wow! I didn’t know this, and therefore we might see a tweaking, a difference to the rollout of 5G, but that’s if this report comes back as we hope it will do, and it’s worth before I finish, it’s worth just saying that there are certain countries that the elite, the real elite love to go and have a holiday.

TM: Really.

SP: And they take their wives and they take their kids with them and it might be a place where say in south, Southern France, there might be a place where there’s a lot of horse racing. There might be lots of other places and it’s interesting that the local government in these key locations have been told not to put up, and they don’t have any cell mast coverage, so there are a number of key places over the last twenty years where the elite go with their families for their summer holidays, their vacation, and there are no cell masts, so what do they know that we don’t know?

TM: Interesting, interesting. I know they did a test of 5G in Amsterdam last November and all these birds and all this wildlife died. Everywhere people felt really dizzy. There was also another test of 5G putting them on top of fire stations in California and the place that it tested it out all of the firemen ended up getting genetic damage, all kinds of health problems, cancer, so the firemen’s association protested. Now they’ve stopped 5G in California fire stations, so it’s certainly an area that it’s a technology that perhaps has not been fully tested on the health effects and that people have to be careful with it.

SP: Well you see this is the key, that the elite get bombarded with these waves as well.

TM: Right.

SP: So it might be that if you weaponize a phased array, what I mean by that is a digital beam that can move without actually moving the antenna, you can phase the array without actually moving the metal parts, it might be that you can concentrate it into a beam even though it’s in a city and it can become a weapon, but it might be that when you fan it out, it’s not a weapon, so you know, this 5G is not what it seems. There’s a real drive. I mean look at the desperate push to get this across it’s… I’ve never seen it before. I wish they would build hospitals with the same determination. I wish they’d build, you know, proper drinking water places. They’d do that. I’ve never seen such a determination to get something up and that should make everyone’s alarm bell ring.

TM: Well, or build new schools or hire more teachers or protect the environment or clean up Fukushima. I mean you name it. The list goes on and on and Fukushima, by the way, was what was it 3/11. It was seven years ago, no seven, eight years ago now, but interesting. I’m gonna go back to one of Gidget’s questions now. She’s got several here, but I think this is an interesting one. Many people, she writes, have said that the dark forces are now some, are somewhat, are somehow obligated to let the masses know what they’re planning to do before they do it, and then once they let us know, then it’s okay in their minds, she writes, like the way they announced 9/11 in “The Matrix” film before 2001 where there’s a nanosecond shot of the passport of Neo, where the expiration date is 9/11, 2001. I’ve heard this before. I’d love your comment on that.

SP: They’ve always had to do it. It is called, you see when I use the word black magic, it conjures up in people’s mind’s evil magic and this is not accurate. Black magic merely means occult magic. Black magic and occult magic just, it means hidden magic, and a good man makes good magic and a bad man makes bad magic, so I prefer the word Satanic magic when I’m trying to get across in a debate or an argument about evil magic. Now these Hollywood studios are very much into occult magic. Remember yourself that Walt Disney Senior himself was an occultist. Some say he was a Satanist. So these studios understand and they are under orders to put out information, but in such a way as that it is not going to be understood by the level of consciousness at that time, so the great, the great one, I know, you know, you just read some out, but the best one ever was Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Terminator 2.” That was the best indicator of 9/11, and that was made, that film I think was made in 1991 I think. So we knew obviously at least since 1991 that the towers were going to come down, but the reality is they were already designed to come down when they were built it.

TM: Really! Wow, fascinating.

SP: All the architects, the architects and I hope some of your enterprising researchers can find the time to have a look at this, but the architects who built the Twin Towers, their street address, their number on their street address was 666.

TM: Oh, goodness, my goodness, yeah.

SP: So understand that, understand the magic, so in the Terminator film what are we doing for time? I’ve got about a minute left haven’t I.

TM: You’ve got about a minute and a half left, yet.

SP: Okay in the Terminator film Schwarzenegger playing the good robot saves the young boy and puts him on to his motorbike.

TM: I remember that, yeah.

SP: They’re going under these storm drain things. In California you have these great big thingies where it is... anyway and then it’s under this low bridge thing and of course the height of the bridge is 911.

TM: Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness.

SP: So get the DVD and you can all watch it on YouTube. You can get that moment and the bad guy, you know, smashes into it because it takes the top of his truck off, so they are obligated to answer the question. They are obligated to tell us what their plans are because if they don’t do that, they’re not allowed to do it. That’s how the magic works, but they do it in a way that we don’t spot straightaway.

TM: Sure, sure. We’ve got about 30–40 seconds left Simon. I want to give you the rest of the time to wrap up your wonderful show today.

SP: Oh well thank you. It’s your wonderful show Ted. I’m just invited on here to talk,, so it’s just basically to say that if your listeners and your audience can, just keep an eye on what’s happening in America. Don’t get bored with the politics and remember it’s more than just Democrat and Republican and please ladies and gentlemen, don’t get into this fight between Republican Democrat. It’s far more serious than that.

TM: Yeah, absolutely Simon, I hope you have a wonderful and happy day and thank you again so much for coming on my show today. I really appreciate it.

SP: Thank you. Thank you Ted. God bless.

TM: Okay, take care my friend. Say hi to your cats for me.

SP: Bye-bye.

TM: Bye-bye, take care, yeah. [END OF SIMON INTERVIEW 54:37 1st hour]


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