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Friday, March 1, 2019

It appears the India/Pakistan conflict has been defused from a nuclear war to a local conflict; brinkmanship at play in U.S./North Korea meeting but Trump walked away because he knew about second hidden uranium enrichment plant; never ending treasonous impeachment efforts; national emergency declared in attempt to curb illegal invasion; Simon agrees with David Wilcock, who says deep state is trying to divide the spiritual community; Pope Francis has been demoted to figurehead status with no authority; Trump has been briefed about dangers of 5G but still wants both 5G and 6G, and is looking for solutions to block the negative aspects of this technology; purpose of chemtrails is to help ground radar to detect incoming off-planet spaceships entering Earth’s atmosphere regardless of the fact they’re causing health problems for humanity; Russia uses plasma-based Tesla-type technology for this purpose, thus eliminating negative health effects to their people; methods for higher dimensionals to project their consciousness into 3D; Iran preparing for Iran/Israel war; Yemen war not being reported; question about protection from or vanquishing dark forces; question about 3D experiences changing the soul; question about attracting financial stability, a necessity for living in 3D; extraterrestrials were in California fire areas to target negative forces starting the fires; Benjamin Fulford’s latest article regarding President Trump poses the question was he given disinfo; is prediction of weather manipulation true that temperatures will plummet to -70°C (-94°F) in Canada/U.S. this month?


Ted Mahr: And with that I’d like to bring in my good friend Simon from England today. Simon how are you doing?

Simon Parkes: Hello Ted, I’m very well, thank you. Lovely to speak to you and lovely to speak to the audience.

TM: Oh it’s so good to have you here today. For my listeners who are not familiar with Simon’s background, he’s a life-long experiencer of aliens, shadow people, elementals, UFOs, including some Mantis beings, Draconis Reptilians, Feline, and small Greys, Crystalline beings and other creatures that he says that can’t be identified, so it’s an amazing universe out there. Simon was an elected politician, served a full term of office, and both his parents worked for British Security Services, as well as the National Security Agency here in the United States. And with that Simon, we’ve had a lot of things going on haven’t we. It’s been an interesting time hasn’t it?

SP: Yes. Yeah, you guys have really been busy. I don’t think any of it is bad, but I think certainly there’s been a great deal to talk about. For those members of your audience Ted who do get a chance to look at my website, they will have seen that I, I don’t want to take any pleasure in this, but I predicted the battle between Pakistan and India.

TM: Right.

SP: And a number of people sort of contacted me saying that they were due to fly there and were asking what days might they miss out on. What we’ve had fortunately, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, a man called Imran Khan came on live to talk to India and basically asked them to, you know, not to make it too bad, so he interceded and that meant that the battle, instead of being a war was more of a local conflict and your listeners will know that a pilot was shot down has been returned. And the key here I think is both China and America put pressure on their respective countries not to escalate this, so I think we will be very very lucky, and I think that it won’t get any worse so that’s good news on that.

TM: Right, yeah, it’s an old conflict. Of course when India was partitioned in 1947, the Muslim religion, the Islamic faith went to Pakistan. Many of the Hindus stayed in India and they’ve had conflicts ever since. And I do hope they are able to achieve peace. I don’t think anyone on this planet really wants a war, another one.

SP: No, absolutely not.

TM: And I, you know …

SP: Who in their right mind would? What is interesting is my grandfather, who was a British diplomat, he was based in India and he was one of the diplomats, where the transition, working on the transition when India was ruled by Britain. We called it British India and it transferred to a sovereign state. Now he was one of the few civil servants, British diplomats, who remained in India during the transitional phase because he got on well with Gandhi.

TM: Oh yeah.

SP: And he actually reported back to the British Prime Minister at the time that the Kashmir, the environment, the area of Kashmir was a recipe for disaster and war, and my grandfather is on record as trying to warn the British government that the creation and the way they were doing it would only lead to war. And unfortunately they didn’t listen to him because they had the greater political timescale. So it’s just interesting for me that people on the ground could already see the problems that were going to come.

TM: Oh sure, right, right that’s amazing. That’s amazing Simon. I’ve lived a total of about two-and-a-half years in India. The most recent time was in 2002 when I was there on a Fulbright Grant and I had to end my grant early because of a possible nuclear war, again another war between India and Pakistan. I got my grant done and came back home early, but I hope the people, with the coming new age Simon and the increasing vibrations of the planet, that they’ll find peace and learn to live in harmony without conflict.

SP: Listen Ted, I think if this had happened 10–20 years ago, we would have had a full-blown war between the two countries, but I think because consciousness has risen so high and so speedily in these last few years it’s helping to defuse, so rather than a war we are just getting a local conflict.

TM: Sure, and that’s … I don’t like to see conflicts, but it’s good it’s a local conflict rather than a full-fledged nuclear war.

SP: Yes, absolutely.

TM: Because if there was a war, of course China would probably come in on the side of Pakistan. We would come in probably on the side of India. Also I don’t know where Russia would be. Russia has supplied India before with support, both financial and military support, so … but I think the planet itself it pretty tired of conflict Simon, so I think you’re right. I don’t think we’ll be seeing a war there because cooler heads have prevailed and actually I guess that leads me to my next, well I have a whole bunch of questions for you to answer. They have built up over the week. With the recent visit of President Trump to North Korea, I still see them working out an agreement in the future. I don’t know how you feel but I still see them working out an agreement.

SP: Yes, it’s just brinkmanship. It’s just how you play a game of cards. South Korea made a statement today saying that they didn’t see this as negative at all. They said it’s the most dialogue anyone has ever had with the North in fifty years. So the South part of the land is saying we don’t see this as an issue. We just see it as part of the game. Now what isn’t appearing in the news and I want to just give your listeners some extra bit of news that I don’t think they’ll find in the American media. President Trump made a statement and he said basically that the North had offered to decommission their enrichment plant. This is a nuclear facility that enriches uranium. And the deal was that North Korea said that they would decommission that if President Trump would take all the sanctions off. And President Trump made a public statement saying that there was no way he was in a position to give them that so he walked away from the meeting. Now that’s actually true, but I can add something to it which clearly he didn’t want to make public, was during the meeting behind closed doors, President Trump told the North that he was aware that they had a second enrichment plant.

TM: Oh.

SP: And that they were only offering the decommission of the first plant because they knew they would have the second plant to operate. Now apparently the meeting was totally stunned that the Americans had that information. The North did not think that the spy satellites of the U.S. had picked up the second enrichment plant. Now the reason that President Trump refused to play along with them is he said you have to decommission both your facilities. That’s why he walked away, because they were so totally shocked that the Americans knew that they had two secret bases. You know yourself, if you want to bug someone’s hotel room, you put the bug that you know they’ll find and then you put another bug that they won’t find. So when they find the bug that you want them to get, they say oh that’s great. We’ve got the bug. We’re safe now. So what the, the North, was they put an enrichment plant which they knew would be spotted and they had the second one hidden, but because the Americans found that, that’s why the meeting came to an end, but you won’t I think find that in the newspapers or on the internet for the U.S.

TM: Ah interesting, okay. All right. Okay, well that’s amazing. That’s amazing. Hum, wow, all these things that we don’t realize. We don’t realize.

SP: And then we’ve got the other situation of course where some people referred to it as the deep state or the cabal are looking now to see if they can impeach the president, so that’s back on the table, but what’s coming out is that the Mueller inquiry is not going to be able to shed any light or prove that President Trump had a collusion with Russia, so the difficulty is for those who don’t like President Trump, is that in order to get an impeachment, they would have to have concrete evidence or proof that there was collusion with Russia, and the investigation, although it’s not fully public at the moment, I am understanding that the investigation has not been able to uncover any evidence to show that President Trump himself was personally involved in any collusion. Now there are people around him who have been found guilty, but as the person, the president, he has not been found guilty, which means there will be no impeachment.

TM: Oh wow that’s amazing. Huh, that’s amazing. Yeah, I’ve heard that. I’ve heard those rumors around, yeah going on now. Yeah thanks for sharing that. They keep bringing that up, the Russian investigation keeps going on. I don’t know how much longer it can possibly go on Simon. There doesn’t seem to be anything there.

SP: Well I’m sure that there have been people around the president, who for whatever reason have done what they’ve done, and they’ve been found out, and that’s quite right and proper. But the investigation has been that thorough and that deep that you would have expected people of Mueller’s quality and the people around him with that high caliber to have uncovered everything by now, and the very fact that they haven’t found anything on the president of any worth, I mean, yes there’s this payment to shut up a woman from talking, but that’s very different from something that affects the running of government. That’s something very different and you know, we’ve seen people coming out publicly now saying that when President Trump was elected, American people of high office sat around and thought how can we get rid of the president. That’s actually called treachery. That’s actually un-American and I have said on my website British people and European people don’t understand the term un-American. They don’t know what that means. But I know what it means and an American knows what it means. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, you do not become un-American to remove a president just because you don’t like him. That’s actually treachery and if anybody is proven to have acted in that manner, they’re the one who need to do 20–30 years in a prison.

TM: Right.

SP: So I’m saying that it’s swings around about here. So we’re seeing that. We’re seeing the situation where President Trump called the state of national emergency and I did predict that and on my website I think I got it to within two days or three days when he did this. And he did say in his press statement that he consulted with some of the generals of the army and he said look, you know, is this a project that you are happy to support? And he said the generals said to him we think it’s very important and we support you. Now the reason he went public was he’s telling some of the very nasty people of America that the military are behind me, so don’t try and drive a wedge between me and the military because the military see this as important. So there’s really been dramatic happenings in your country over the last two to three weeks. It’s been …

TM: Amazing, amazing. I guess this leads me to my next question is Benjamin Fulford and David Wilcock. I read your post and I read what you wrote Simon and also too that you wrote that you agreed with David that there’s a new push by what David calls the deep state trying to divide the spiritual community.

SP: There’s been a massive attack right across the board of all spiritual people. The bad guys must have dredged every last dime they could of energy and they’ve hit out at a large number of us across the globe. People who are trying to bring the truth out are being put under the hammer at the moment. That’s just part of the course. That’s what happens, but what I was saying in my post, because I didn’t want to single anybody out. From time to time good people get fed information, and unless you are very critical of that information you have a danger of putting out something, which at a later date comes back to bite you as we say in Great Britain. In other words you have to be super cautious. Now I have always supported President Trump simply because I have no evidence that he has ever once abused a child. I am fully aware that other senior politicians in the United States have done that. I’m not saying that President Trump is an excellent person. I’m sure he’s done financial deals. I’m sure he’s done everything else, but I can live with that because that’s America, and that’s what America is. What I can’t live with is children being hurt. Now I know, the evidence I have received shows that he’s never been involved in that. Now whether he’s close to Israel or close to this country or that country, [21:11][unintelligible], but I don’t believe that the American generals who hold the Constitution of your country in such high regard would ever support a president who they couldn’t feel comfortable with.

TM: Sure.

SP: Any disagreements they’ve had has been on policy issues. When Trump, you know, President Trump said he wanted to pull soldiers out, some of the generals didn’t agree with that. That’s normal. That’s what arms do. They argue, but I can’t believe any of the generals would continually support the president. The whole point about supporting Trump was because he was different from everyone else. So I cannot go along with some of the statements that have been made about President Trump.

TM: Well thank you so much Simon for explaining that. That’s really important. I think the Cabal or whatever you want to call them are getting desperate. I know that I watched a YouTube video about three weeks ago with David Wilcock and he said that his life had been threatened, and Cory Goode as well, who is an insider in the Secret Space Program. Basically, I can’t remember who it was, whether it was the Rockefellers or the Rothschilds said that they wanted them to stop talking. They wanted, in particular, David Wilcock to stop talking or else they would eliminate him. Basically that’s what they said, but he’s still talking, so

SP: You see when David was part of Gaia TV, and he’s in his own words, I mean I’ve got a lot of respect for David Wilcock, I really have. And he said in his letter of resignation, and incidentally I was one of the few who got the letter given to me the day after it was written. And he said look I appreciate that I was somewhat trapped by Gaia because he said they paid me a regular wage. I couldn’t earn any money anywhere else and so I was therefore trapped in the system. I needed the wage, therefore I worked for them, and he said that. But what’s gone on here is that while he was with Gaia, he was going down a certain road, a road of marketing, and it wasn’t so much bringing the truth out about individuals or organizations. It was more about what I would call sensational material.

TM: I see.

SP: And just [unmasked] aliens for instance, which played very well to a television show. So when he left Gaia he was now a free man. He was a free agent and therefore there’s elite in the land who are now thinking oh, we thought we had shut him up. We thought we had given him a toy to play with, but he’s broken free from it. Now he’ll be coming for us. That’s why he’s now back on the hitlist.

TM: Oh interesting. Okay that makes sense, yeah. Yeah he was supposed to come to the Consciousness Life Expo last weekend in Los Angeles, but neither he, he refused to go. Both he and Cory Goode refused to go, so I was kind of wondering and now I know. Thank you for explaining that Simon. We’ve got a … gosh there’s so much going on today right now. We’ve got a bunch of questions and also I wanted to look down here. I took notes on your, oh here’s something from your website about the Pope fighting back. Pope Francis … I was amazed to read your post on February 23 about Pope Francis, that he was removed from exercising any authority from within the Vatican.

SP: Yes. Right, what happened previous to this was a Cardinal, the highest ranking Roman Catholic was, they called it defrocked or derobed. The Pope said that he was removing this Cardinal from the position of the Catholic Church, and it’s the highest ranking, for attacking children, this man was accused of hurting babies.

TM: Oh my God.

SP: Children. So the Pope bowed to pressure and removed him from the Catholic Church. Now I understand that this was the final straw for the people in power because they said the Pope is supposed to protect the Catholic Church regardless of what sins it does. No matter what we do we expect the Pope to protect us.

TM: Sure.

SP: Not throw us to the public. So three Cardinals got together, who all exercised considerable power within the Vatican, and basically they gave him a fait accompli, and they said that you can either stay as head for the public, but we will have the control or basically we’ll get rid of you. So he decided that he would stay. Now here’s the horrible part. I do believe that there was some form of sacrifice done by these three to bind this process together. Now the reason …

TM: Sacrifice meaning a human life was taken?

SP: That’s correct.

TM: Oh my gosh.

SP: Well what’s interesting is the Pope then fought back because the post that I then followed it up with was the Pope did a speech and the Pope, and I can’t quote him exactly but if people go they’ll find it. The Pope basically said that Satanism was like child torture or Satanism was child sacrifice. Now what he was doing was he was immediately attacking back at these people, saying I know what you’ve done, or I know what you’re doing, and unless you back off I’m going to use the medium of the television or the newspapers and I’m going to start spilling the beans. So that was a though his speech was a direct attack on these three cardinals who removed him from influence within the Vatican. So the Vatican is now at war with itself.

TM: Uh-hum. Interesting. Wow, that’s amazing. Do you know the names of these three Cardinals?

SP: I do have the three names. I’m very happy to email them to you simply because I think one is a German. One of the Cardinals is in charge of all the finances, which makes perfect sense. That’s why he’s so powerful.

TM: Okay.

SP: And I think only one was Italian. One was German and one was something else, but I’ve got the names and I can very happily let you know them. I just can’t remember them off the top of my head.

TM: Okay, all right. You can email me during the show.

SP: Sure.

TM: And I thought I would share that with my listeners.

SP: Well yeah, I don’t have a problem, you know, with them knowing, I just can’t remember the names.

TM: Uh-hum, uh-hum, okay, okay. Thanks Simon. Thanks so much. There’s a whole bunch of questions that have come in the last couple of weeks, and would you like to touch on anything else before we go to the questions?

SP: Let’s get as many done as we can. I think it’s so nice that people have taken the trouble to write in.

TM: Yes, okay great, great. This is a question from Marian. I hope you’re listening Marian. Here’s … I’ll read it. Hi Ted, hi Simon, many thanks to both of you. My question for Simon. Recently President Trump spoke on behalf of speeding up the availability of 5G and even 6G for making the technology available. It has been suggested that there is a connection between 5G and 6G and the wall, that together these will create some sort of frequency protection in the U.S. Simon what can you comment about this? I know we spoke about 5G I think a couple weeks ago, and you said that actually as people spiritually progress, they’ll be able to communicate telepathically so the whole need for a 5G system will not be needed anymore since we’ll communicate telepathically, but I would love your comments.

SP: Yeah if … sure I mean if we took everyone’s cellphone away from them a sizeable portion of the public would become telepathic anyway, because if you can’t use your cellphone, you’ve got to find another method to communicate. Right, what’s very interesting is that I am hearing some news that President Trump apparently has had a briefing from, I don’t even know who it is, but he’s had a briefing giving him the dangers of 5G.

TM: Oh, okay.

SP: Apparently he’s received a briefing that the hidden agenda behind 5G and he is now consulting with those he trusts as to how 5G can still operate with the benefits that people would expect with their cellphones, but blocking the negative use of those frequencies. So he still wants the 5G, but he’s now looking to see if, because I understand he’s accepted the briefing he’s been given. I understand he accepts it as truth. He’s not questioning it. And now he’s looking in motion to see how that negative aspect of it can be stopped or taken down. So that’s . . . I’ve had that confirmed now, but I don’t know the technical process or how long that would take. So that is excellent news. It means that if it can go ahead then we can actually have 5G and we’ll still be affected by the waves of 5G. Don’t misunderstand me, but the part I was concerned about was negative entities being able to masquerade within the 5G network. Now that’s the element that Trump’s been alerted to and that’s the element that he says that he’s gonna take action on. So whilst we would still want to protect ourselves from these ever increasing waves of energy, the real demonic side behind it I understand Trump has accepted and is gonna do something about it. And as I get more information over the coming weeks or months I’ll certainly let you know Ted.

TM: Okay, thank you. I really appreciate you briefing us all that. That’s something we don’t hear about here in main street news.

SP: That hasn’t been heard of in Britain either. That hasn’t [been] heard anywhere, so you’re the first guys to get that from me.

TM: Oh thank you. Thank you so much Simon. Do they … is there a 5G, is there an attempt to put in a 5G network in Britain as well?

SP: It’s worldwide, and absolutely. Its masts are already up, but they’re nonoperational in Britain except in three or four trial areas. But, the masts are there or they have been reconverting masts, so they are using the regular cell tower but they’ve been putting in whatever they need to do to put it up to 5G.

TM: I see. Interesting, interesting. And this next set of questions comes from my good friend Ulrich and he’s outside Frankfurt in Germany. He’s with your Consciousness …

SP: Connecting Consciousness.

TM: Yeah Connecting Consciousness group in Frankfurt. Hello Ulrich. I know you’re listening today along with Maria. He asks a lot of questions about geoengineering and about the chemtrails, and of course this has been going on for sometime. Do you know when this is going to stop? And from your sources, do the world leaders know about it? And do they care? Does President Trump, for example, know about chemtrails and is there any effort to stop that from his end?

SP: Right. Today I had a meeting with somebody who had come from Russia. They came to the house. We had a two-hour meeting. They returned back to their hotel and tomorrow they’re back off to Russia. This person had had a meeting with President Putin some three days ago. And I ask him to, I asked him specifically about, interestingly enough, to talk about chemtrailing in Russia, and his opinion was that there were no or very little chemtrailing in Russia, so that doesn’t surprise me but I wanted evidence. What I’d love is lots of photographs from people in Russia taking pictures of the skies sent to me because I would like to see how clear those skies are compared to the U.S. or Great Britain. Now to answer the second part of the question, we all need to try to get a handle on why they chemtrail. There certainly is an element of putting very horrible stuff in there, and I’ve never shied away from that. I have always accepted that there is stuff there which is not good for humanity. But the vast majority of this chemtrailing was not done to kill humanity. I want to make that absolutely clear. That was not their intention. Chemtrailing was not designed to kill people. It was designed to put heavy metals into the atmosphere, not so we breath them in and they kill us, because they weren’t even thinking like that. It was designed to allow ground radar to detect alien spacecraft entering from the 4th dimension or any dimension and coming in to this atmosphere. And when it did so all the particles of aluminium would be agitated and although the alien spacecraft wouldn’t show up on the radar, the agitation around the craft would show up, so on a radar screen they would get a return or a blip, but it would show like a ring doughnut, so there would be, appear to be nothing in the center, but this ripple of energy around the outside. So the chemtrailing in Britain, America, and Europe is designed largely to detect that. Now President Putin refuses to have much of this chemtrailing. He’s outlawed it. They have a different technology to detect alien spacecraft. They have a plasma-based Tesla-type of technology so that when the alien spacecraft comes into their airspace, they detect it in a different way. So the West went down the road of aluminium, heavy metals and Russia went down a Tesla-type technology to detect the craft. So therefore the Russian people, their health generally is much better than the health of the people of the West because we are breathing in these tiny minute particles of metal and the Russians are not. So I hope that answers your question.

TM: That’s a fascinating answer Simon. Thank you so much for sharing that. I know from first-hand experience living in an area where there was heavy chemtrailing by the U.S. Navy, this was in eastern Washington here in the Northwest of Moses Lake, Washington. The chemtrailing was so severe with aluminium, for example, that it was like 10,000 particles, it was like 10,000 times of what it should have been in any kind of background, background area. And it was the result that many people were getting Alzheimer’s, dementia. There was all kinds of health effects from the barium and strontium being sprayed. A lot of babies were being born stillbirth, dying because of the heavy metal spraying, which I think they’re still doing today as well. I left there about five years ago and I was very happy to leave. I was getting sick all the time, but thank you for explaining that. That’s something we wouldn’t get on CNN here. So I’ve got some more questions. This is from a gentleman named Steven. It says hey Ted, if you would please ask Simon about higher dimensional beings navigating our density/dimension by projecting their consciousness as a small roughly 80 millimeter diameter semi-invisible sphere.

SP: Spear, as in spear, as in a throwing spear?

TM: As a throwing … yeah, yeah sphere S-P-H-E-R-E. That’s right uh-huh like throwing a sphere, like a round ball.

SP: Right, okay, I have no, absolute no knowledge on that at all. When an entity from a higher dimension sends its consciousness here

TM: Right.

SP: It will normally arrive as a circle. That’s why I’m confused because we would say the word sphere. I’m just wondering if he’s made an error and he means a sphere rather than a spear. I’m not clear because generally the consciousness arrives here and it’s in a globe shape, a sphere, that’s how it normally arrives. It does not to my knowledge arrive in the shape of a spear.

TM: I see. Okay.

SP: There could be an issue there but anyway that is my answer.

TM: Yeah, I’m sure he’ll have more followup. Steven if you are out there listening just send me a followup and I’ll be happy to ask Simon the next time he is on my show. There’s another … I missed this, but there was another post on your website too. Iran Foreign Minister resigns. That was on February 25, and you write I’m taking this as the first playing out of a credible threat of war between Israel and Iran with key players Saudi Arabia and the U.S. in the wings. Love to hear you explain that a little bit further.

SP: Yes, it’s not always good news is it. The gentleman I spoke to today who had been talking to President Putin just three days ago, he’d also had a connection with Iran and the rather worrying news is that he said the Iranians are preparing for war. The Iranians expect to be attacked, and he said that when he was talking to these engineers, I can’t go any further than that, but he was discussing with these engineers and they said that they were, you know, the country was expecting at some point for a war. So that, I got that information today and if I look back at the post that you just pushed me up on which is the Iranian Minister resigning, yeah it’s rather backing up but I think that the countries, well I’m not saying that there will be a war, but they are preparing for one.

TM: I see, but in the current climate like between India and Pakistan, you think there will be other countries who will come in like Russia or China to try to mediate any kind of conflicts?

SP: The difficulty that we have is because America absolutely is in bed with Saudi Arabia.

TM: I see.

SP: Because they need protection for their oil. American did try a couple of years back to see how they could manage the oil situation and they realized that without Saudi Arabia they wouldn’t be in a strong position. So Russia is looking to have an oil pipeline that comes via, you know, via that area and they could then sell that oil to places like India and China. So Russia is actually quite supportive of Iran because they want to secure their oil. They don’t want a situation where the only oil coming onto the planet through the refineries is coming through an American position. So Russia is backing Iran and Israel is having partial backing from America, but Saudi Arabia is getting full backing, so the key here is how Israel will act to the government. That is the be-all and end-all here. That is the signal to be watching for. Any war that occurs we will see hotting up Israel first of all, so look for rhetoric, look for military drills, you know the usual signs that could preclude some sort of peace situation so that they are gonna move straight to a military position. I’m not saying that it will happen but I am saying that people on the ground are openly talking about this.

TM: Interesting, interesting. I guess this leads to my next question somebody just sent in about the war in Yemen, which they say is a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and again it’s just a religious war. Apparently they don’t like their religion in Yemen and they are trying to wipe the people and the country out. Would you tell us a little bit about that Simon?

SP: Yep and the problem is that these just doesn’t make the headlines.

TM: Right.

SP: And two reasons. One because it’s not downtown, and it doesn’t mean anything to anybody generally except those who have a connection to that country and that way of life. And also because America and the West is desperate to keep Saudi Arabia on board. When that person was murdered in that embassy …

TM: Oh that’s right, yeah in Istanbul.

SP: The Saudi government was not taken to task on it, and you know, I don’t like what President Trump said but I respect it because what Trump said is when I look at the difference between going for, you know, the legal side and the huge amount of money that America is going to make and the jobs it’s gonna have and the increased standard of living through all the arms sales, Trump said I was elected on making America great again. And, you know, I’m not going to turn down three billion dollars from Saudi Arabia. So basically he said I’m not going to investigate this. I’m not going to push for it because I don’t want to jeopardize this huge amount of money which I think will help to make America great again. At least he had the guts to come out and say that, whereas most other politicians would pretend to have a sham view. So what I’m saying is that there is a war going on. The person who has written in is exactly right, but unfortunately the world’s media is not picking up on it because they are being told not to.

TM: Sure, okay, okay. Great, great. We’ve got two different questions from emails from two different listeners. One is [43:34][Sausgale] addressed in Germany. Hello Sauscus you asked about your husband who seems to be being attacked by many many different demons. Is there a way that we can protect ourselves from demons or get rid of them? I know you’ve talked about that before, but kind of a general question.

SP: Okay, there are some ways. It depends on first of all the demon.

TM: Okay.

SP: It depends on the agreement or condition that means that that individual is being attacked by that being. The best way really would be to email, if the person wants to email me and then have a Skype consultation. I would be quite happy to do a five-minute free skype consultation to see if it’s the sort of thing I can help with. If I recognize the category of demon then I can do something about it for her, no problem.

TM: Okay, great. I’ll send her and her family an email and then they can get in touch with you. A followup to that is Marian. I’m not sure where Marian is but she says, no wait a minute, there’s another one here. Let me get this here. Questions. Here we go. This is Karalena who just came in. She writes, ten years ago I had a terribly sudden and scary feeling of not finding meaning for anything in life. It took me a whole year to reconstruct my mental ability or recover from a medically unexplained debilitation. Do you think my soul has changed or I could have integrated a part of my soul that was in another life experience? Thank you, love to both.

SP: There are so many possibilities. One could be your soul has changed. You’ve had what was called a walk-in. And I would know that if you had photographs of yourself before and after and I could tell you that straight away. The other possibilities are that you may have been doing something or you may have come into contact with somebody and that’s caused you completely to shift or change. It may be that you have undergone some form of memory change or soul change. Other than a walk-in it may have been some form of development. See sometimes on the 3rd dimension our bodies act in a way which we think is negative, but actually it’s just the body trying to adjust and recalibrate and catch up. But without more detail and information I can’t really tell you whether or what it was. If I was to sit and talk to you I would be able to tell you what had attacked you, when it attacked you, who it was, how it was, and how best to deal with it.

TM: Sure, sure. Okay, all right, thanks. Fair enough. This is another question from Lily coming in from Texas. She said, she writes why is it I do not attract money? For the last couple of years I have been in severe financial distress, I have a large credit card debt, and no income. How can I increase my financial well-being?

SP: Okay, I don’t have a problem answering that. Some people might say that’s not very spiritual to all you are concerned about is money and that’s not the right way to be. However, I don’t go with that because this is a 3rd dimensional planet and without resource, money, we can’t survive. Therefore I think that’s a legitimate question and I know a lot of new age people would be cross with that. I’m not. I think I understand that, and it’s very important. Right we can be attacked for a number of reasons. It could be that we have chosen to be a good person, a spiritual person, and therefore the status quo of the energy on the planet … The planet is good but the control system around it is negative. It might be that we are being attacked for that. It could be that you have a demonic entity in the house or the apartment, which is affecting you. It could be that there are members of the family targeting you again without sitting and talking to you I can’t be sure. So, but it’s not difficult. It happens an awful lot. It’s very common and there are solutions.

TM: Okay, okay, good Simon. I have someone named Christine from the U.K. who asked a series of questions. In the interests of time, we’ve got about eight minutes left. Please ask … love your show, love having Simon on. Please ask Simon what he knows about the rumors going around that there has been … is a group of extraterrestrials of inner earth beings living within the human community in California. I understand that they were in the areas where those dreadful fires were and they were there as an experiment to see if integration was possible. Could this be true? Thank you. Right, Blessings, Christine from the UK.

SP: Right, it’s true, except they weren’t there during the fires to see about integration. They were there because they were attempting to target the negative forces that were deliberately starting the fires. There was a … No I can’t say it was a war. It wasn’t a war, but there was certainly intervention from group forces, and that is one of the reasons why suddenly the fires, that the voracity of the fires died down remarkably quickly.

TM: I see. Okay, okay good. Another question from Christine, and it’s fine Christine if you want to send me many questions, so she writes, I think we talked about this already. Benjamin Fulford’s newsletter was extremely negative about President Trump and contrary to Benjamin’s previous newsletters. I was wondering if Benjamin was safe and well or has he been “got at”?

SP: Yeah, it’s a good question. I think it’s very difficult if somebody has been pushing a line for a very long time and then all of a sudden just completely changes course.

TM: Sure.

SP: That is very very disrupting and we would have to ask the question, why didn’t that person detect that earlier on? You know, I’ve been consistent over the last three months and said that I support President Trump, but I’m very concerned that we haven’t got the indictments opened in a large enough number or in the eyes of the public. I know the indictments are being opened but many of them are being dealt with in secret. And what I’ve said is that I’m not happy with this, so I do criticize the President and I do criticize the system, but I would never do a complete change, and I think it’s very very disrupting when people follow somebody and then get this message and suddenly it all turns on its head.

TM: Hum, interesting, interesting. We have one last question from Canada. This is a question, a gentleman in Saskatchewan. He is asking us predictions of a minus 70 degree Celsius temperature this month in Canada, and which would extend into the United States.

SP: All I can tell you is that I have been told that there is a large weather alteration program but I have not been told where it’s going to be held.

TM: Okay.

SP: But there is a plan to alter the weather again.

TM: All right. Well hopefully we won’t freeze to death. Is this, I mean it’s kind of a joke. We had a terrific snowstorm here a couple of weeks ago where we had to oh up to 18 to 20 inches of snow Simon, and that’s very unusual here. My friends and I were all joking that this was evidence of part of the global warming, you know.

SP: I saw the pictures. People very kindly sent me the photographs.

TM: Yeah.

SP: And I replied. You see I said President Trump is right to stick his fingers up at global warming. There isn’t a global warming. You’ve had some of the coldest weather that you’ve ever had.

TM: Well, yeah, I know, I know. Well I have a lot of birds at my place so what I did I made little caps for them. I put it on their heads to keep them warm. They liked that. I put out . . . and hot coffee and chocolate, but anyway, anyway … One last thing. Many people have been sending you, I’ve asked on my last couple of shows Simon to send you lots of love and light, you and your cats lots of love and light because of your tooth. How is your tooth doing by the way?

SP: The doctor/dentist decided to pull it out, so a few days ago I had it pulled out because it was just … I couldn’t do anything with it, and that’s the first tooth I’ve ever had pulled out in my life. And when I told them that they couldn’t, the dentist, the doctors couldn’t believe it. They said how come you’ve never lost a tooth? They said this is the first unheard of, and I just shrugged my shoulders and said well, I don’t know. And apparently that’s really, you know, really amazing that I’ve not, that’s my first tooth they’ve had to pull out.

TM: Wow, that’s amazing. Well I’m glad you’re feeling, you’re feeling better now? You don’t have any pain or anything?

SP: No, I had pain for the first two days, but it’s getting better now, so thank you to everyone who was concerned, and you know I always take love off good people. I don’t have any problem with that. If people who wanted to share their happiness or to send some light to me, then I’m very grateful. Because, you know, we all need help from time to time and I’m not too proud to ever say no.

TM: Wonderful, wonderful. Well Simon we’ve got about a minute left. I wanted to tell you I was going to have Marianne Williams on my show next hour but she’s … well I’ll have her in a couple of weeks but I have Erin Elizabeth. You’re welcome to stay on after the top of the hour if you like. I know it’s late there, and just introduce yourself to her briefly, but I know it’s late so I want you to get a good sleep too, so if you want

SP: It’s really kind. I won’t, not because I’m disrespecting your next speaker or disrespecting you, it’s just, it is late here now and, you know, it’s eleven o’clock in the evening. Now that may not sound late to your guys, but you know, I had this chappy over from Russia today and we were having a talk. So I’m quite tired now so listen God bless to you Ted and to all your listeners. You’re wonderful people and, you know, lots of strength to you and thank you so much for inviting me on today.

TM: Oh absolutely. It’s always fun to have you on Simon. We look forward to talking again in a couple of weeks then. I’m glad that your tooth is much better.

SP: Thank you. God bless.

TM: Thanks so much Simon. That was Simon Parkes coming to us live from England tonight.


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