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Friday, February 8, 2019

Discussion about quarantine(s) on Earth that was mentioned in the Fulford/Parkes interview; what was message of Chinese probe landing on dark side of Moon; opened indictments need to be made public so people can see how the elite exploit/abuse/sacrifice vulnerable people, as Cathy O’Brien’s interview confirms; Brexit yeas and nays; Trump to visit Britain in December, could possibly make trade deals; mass media organizations rarely ever cover or only show short blurbs on demonstrations held contrary to the control system; off-planet entities, both good and bad, plus humans involved in the Paradise, CA fires; strange massive tornadoes on the ground may actually be battles between ET factions; without state of emergency indictments probably won’t be opened publicly; elite treat humans as slaves, but because we’re paid slaves we’ve been tricked into thinking we’re free.


Ted Mahr: And with that I’d like to bring on my friend Simon from the United Kingdom? Simon how are you doing today?

Simon Parkes: Hello Ted, I’m very well thank you.

TM: Oh good.

SP: Delighted to be back and talk to you and the audience.

TM: Oh good, and how are you feeling. I know you weren’t feeling well last week Simon. Are you feeling better today?

SP: Yes, still nose is a bit nosily.

TM: Okay.

SP: I have a bit of a cold or flu thing which caused me to miss a few things and, you know, missed the show, but it’s just been doing the rounds and I’ve thrown it off now, so here I am, back on as usual.

TM: Well I’d like to ask everyone to please send lots of love and light to Simon so that his nose thing will not be so nosy any more, and he’ll feel better, because those positive thoughts do help. I know they do and so it’s, and nobody, I’m sure everyone here wants you to feel better Simon so …

SP: Thank you.

TM: Well I interviewed, I listened to your interview last week with Benjamin Fulford. What a fascinating interview you gave. That was fascinating and the reason is, is because you said your sole purpose was to get the truth out to people because this was not being done and that the power elite or whoever controls this planet and many governments treat us like children who can’t seem to handle the truth. I’d love some more comments on that Simon if you don’t mind.

SP: Well sure, I mean I approached Ben Fulford because I noticed that a lot of his news matched quite closely what I had, although coming from different sources. And some of the audience may know that I set up an organization called Connecting Consciousness, which is a group of people in each country who support each other and work together, and I have coordinators. It’s totally voluntary because I don’t have any money to pay people unfortunately.

TM: Sure.

SP: We just established a group in Japan and that’s where Benjamin Fulford is based, so one of the Japanese coordinators was able to have a chat with him and test out the water and see if he would be prepared to do a sort of a chat or a sort of a question and answer session and that’s what we arranged. And that was great. It was one hour of us just basically having a bit of a roundtable discussion about some of the key issues that we thought, you know, might interest people.

TM: Oh absolutely, well I urge everyone to please go and check that . . . please listen to the interview. It was fascinating and both Simon and Benjamin brought up a lot of really interesting points. One of the things I’d love to ask you about, you mentioned on the show with him that there was a quarantine here on the Earth, one by the Reptilians to keep other people out and also by the good guys. You call them the good extraterrestrials. Are those quarantines still in place now and how are they enforced?

SP: Right, originally the Reptilian quarantine was the only one in operation. Then a, I don’t like the word Federation as such, but a group or a Federation, whatever you want to call it, of more humanlike extraterrestrials who have a strong connection to humanity on Earth, they then enforced a quarantine on the Reptilians.

TM: Oh, interesting.

SP: So that . . . most of the portals are being guarded or blocked. There are portals on this planet that go from one part of the planet to another, and there were portals that went from the planet to a completely different star system. Now all of those have been blocked or guarded, which is meant that it has been impossible for anything to come in from the 4th dimension.

TM: Oh, interesting. Okay.

SP: That is the blockages. That’s why of course CERN was really sort of ramped up because they were trying to open an unregarded portal into the 4th dimension so that these bad guys could, you know, have a communication. So that is the embargo for want of a better word. But the Reptilians put an embargo on because they said they owned the planet.

TM: Oh really.

SP: So . . .

TM: Oh.

SP: So if you go back maybe a hundred, a hundred years or fifty years, then there was an embargo but it was placed by the Reptilians, but that now has been completely switched around. The difficulty is we still don’t have a green light. In other words, it’s not permissible for any group regardless of whether they are good or bad to actually make a public statement. What we would call disclosure, that’s still not been allowed yet.

TM: Interesting, even if, like I’ve heard in Paradise, California for example Simon that there were many tens of thousands of people who were killed there by direct energy weapons, which were fired by some negative elements in violation of a treaty and as a result of that I’ve heard the Pleiadians here are now circling the planet as well as trying to help us out. I know there’s a lot going on right now and things are changing but I didn’t know whether you’d heard that or not.

SP: Yeah, it’s still the fact that, you said it yourself Ted, that they’re circling. They haven’t come down overtly. There are elements covertly down on the planet, but still haven’t received the okay to make a worldwide disclosure. So that’s the problem that we’ve got. We’ve got both sides, the negatives and the positives not actually declaring in an official way that they’re here.

TM: I see.

SP: So that’s the problem we’ve got at the moment.

TM: Okay. One thing, fascinating topic you mentioned, what was the real message of the Chinese probe on the other side of the Moon, and you mentioned in your interview with Mr. Fulford you mentioned that? They couldn’t have gone there without permission to land from the ETs and they’re there now.

SP: Yes, we sometimes call it the dark side of the Moon, but of course technically it’s the far side of the Moon, and you know, your audience [is] pretty clued up, and they’ll know that the Moon is the only celestial object that keeps it’s same face pointing toward the Earth. Every other object in space spins.

TM: Right.

SP: So you see all of it. Now that meant that there was one part that nobody was supposed to see. The Chinese landed this sampling probe, although the machine itself is pretty primitive, that’s not the point. The point is it didn’t get shot down. It was allowed to land which tells us everything. It tells us that they were given the green light, and so whatever deal the Americans may have had, someone else now has gone and given the Chinese the same deal, because the Chinese are now saying we are claiming a right to the far side of the Moon. We’re gonna start exploring it. Now they would not dare do that unless they were given an okay from somebody.

TM: Sure, that makes perfect sense, perfect sense. I had heard from Randy Cramer or Corey Goode that the dark side of the Moon Simon was like a little Switzerland, that every different ETs from different races had like an embassy or a little station on the far side of the Moon, and it was a place where people were supposed to or entities were supposed to get along, so they wouldn’t fight each other even if they were warring. And now the Chinese apparently are part of that as well.

SP: I agree with that. There’s just one slight very very important piece missing.

TM: Okay.

SP: Because the question is well why the moon?

TM: Yeah.

SP: Why wasn’t it Mars? Why wasn’t it Jupiter, Saturn, and the point is that all of those entities whether they’re ETs or extradimensionals, all of them claim to have some ownership. That’s a very hard word, but [14:30][bishop] or business with humanity were based on the far side of the Moon. So it isn’t just lots of different groups. It’s groups that claim to have a dealing with the humans. And that’s why it was the Moon because if there were any issues or problems in how they were interacting with humanity, then it was able to be sorted out fairly quickly. So these groups on the far side of the Moon are purely there, or there’s fewer now than there were, but they were purely there because they had staked a claim in humanity.

TM: Oh interesting. Wow that’s fascinating. You know Simon I have been asking you lots of questions and forgive me, I’m sure you have topics you want to talk about too so I want to open this up to you now. So please go ahead.

SP: I think one of the main things I’m gonna sort of be pushing now is because I know that certain people, you know, listen to these shows and I was sorta pushing the fact that it’s all very well indictments being opened in secret and, you know, tribunals being, they call in camera, in other words behind the curtains. I don’t want that. I actually want the indictments to be seen by the public. I want them to be opened and dealt with. I do appreciate there are some very high-ranking people who are indicted and for whatever reason, the system doesn’t want them publicly to be known, like I’ll give you an example. In the Second World War, a large number of the German military tried to assassinate Hitler in 1944 and it didn’t work. The bomb went off but it didn’t work. Now one of those people was the very famous field marshal Rommel.

TM: Right.

SP: And Rommel was an absolute star in for the German people. He was an absolute hero, so rather than take him to court and do it, they just gave him a revolver with one bullet in it. And he did. He committed suicide rather than the disgrace. The point is that there’s a precedent on this planet. This happens time and time again. So I do accept there have been some key people who have supposedly died of natural causes, but what I’m saying is that doesn’t show the public that the good guys are winning. It’s no good dispatching these bad people all quietly. People, ordinary people, need to see a democratic process, a legal process, and I’ve said it. I don’t wish to go on but I saw three options for these people in the court. One would be total exoneration. Another one would be guilty but a reduced sentence because of mitigating circumstances such as they might have been blackmailed or have their family threatened. And then another category which was, you know, entirely guilty and therefore should face whatever the penalty is.

TM: Sure.

SP: Now that’s what I think needs to happen. It needs to be in the public eye. Otherwise, how does anybody know, you know, that this happened. I mean George Bush Senior was nearly a hundred years old, and they put the story out that he was executed. Well, you know, hundred-year-old people do die.

TM: Right, sure.

SP: So there’s got to be more to this than just this whisperings. That’s my point. I’m really passionate that if humanity is to move on it must see these things happen.

TM: Well I agree with you because if people don’t Simon, then it’s just going to continue. There’s not going to be any cleanup, you know, and I guess that brings me to my next point, because on your website you mentioned that, you had written that George Soros is finally arrested.

SP: Ah, Ted, what I said was there are claims that he has been arrested and there’s some counterclaims. We don’t know. That’s the problem because there are stories on the internet that the Obamas have gone off to Guantanamo Bay.

TM: Right.

SP: X, Y, and Zed. Well, you know, we need to see some evidence. We need to see the proof. If there are indictments regarding these very high illustrious politicians, then they should be opened for everyone to see the charges and see it play out. That’s what needs to happen because otherwise my great concern is that one ruling elite is replaced by another ruling elite.

TM: Sure.

SP: Because if the public aren’t involved, they don’t actually know that the brokerage has changed.

TM: Right, right, and this . . . I think that this part of it, you’ve got a lot of claims of pedophilia, child sex abuse claims as well beginning to emerge, but again it’s being hushed up. It’s not really being publicly presented.

SP: It’s not. You’re right.

TM: You know.

SP: Yeah.

TM: I have to tell you this. This was back about two-and-a-half years ago, three, two-and-a-half years ago. It was during the presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and I was contacted by Cathy O’Brien who said that she had been a sex slave to both Hillary and Bill Clinton.

SP: Yep.

TM: And it was a prerecorded interview. I did it just before going on air that day and frankly I couldn’t play the interview because it was just so negative, but at any rate, right after the interview we had drones flying outside the station window here like they were looking at us and checking us out, but I’m sure they were. I’m sure they were. But, and then there was also, I don’t, you probably heard about this, Anthony Bourdain last year, who was a travel writer, and some say he was killed because he was also about to expose pedophilia rings, so there’s these consistent rumors coming out, but nothing, no hard facts yet.

SP: No, I mean I got sent, somebody sent me something what they call the dark web, which purported to have a senior American politician torturing a child.

TM: Oh yes, right.

SP: So I didn’t know that this had been circulating for a couple of years. I’d not seen it and someone sent it to me. They didn’t know either. They just found it. So I sent it off to a contact who sent it off to some very trusted CIA operations, and within two weeks I got a reply back saying that actually it is genuine, and it will make up charges that are already being done. Now my understanding was they’d already got that. So that’s why they were able to turn it around very quickly because I’d ask for a voice recognition, for them to do voice recognition software, but apparently they didn’t need to do that simply because they’d already got it. Now that gives me hope, because if I’m being told yes that’s genuine, you know, and it’s going to be part of prosecutions that’s taking place, that does actually give me hope. But then people have written to me afterwards saying oh well that’s been, you know, around on the internet for two years. Well I didn’t know that, but as soon as somebody sent it to me I sent it straight off to people who could do something about it. And at least we’ve got that. At least we’ve been told. I’ve been told that it was genuine and that they will actually take action on that. So, I don’t know, it may have been going around for two years, but I don’t think anyone else has actually sent it to the CIA.

TM: Right.

SP: And that’s how the message back from the CIA saying yep, it’s genuine and yes we are actually going to be taking action. So that, I’m really pleased with that, because otherwise what are we fighting for? You know, we’ve got to have support from these good guys in the positions of power and that was a little glimmer of hope for me.

TM: Well you know I have to tell you somebody sent that same video to me or audio to me as well about a couple of months ago. I could not, I couldn’t watch more than thirty seconds of it, it was so disgusting and I turned it off, but I’m glad you sent it to the appropriate authorities and that he’s now going to be charged with crimes and he should be thrown in jail.

SP: Well that’s what they’ve said to me that they’d already, part of whatever they’re doing, so you know, that’s really heartening news. But, you know, I want to see that. I want to see that on the main news, you know, CNN, Fox. I want to see it, the BBC news, you know, high ranking politician charged with, you know, I want to see that because otherwise why are we fighting? I don’t want these things behind closed doors. So that’s my message. So I know that a lot of people listen to this who have very powerful jobs, so I’m hoping they’re listening to that.

TM: Uh-hum. Yeah good, good, good. You had an interesting little spot on your website Simon about quote, quote, “special places in Hell.” European leader tells some British politicians to go to Hell. Love your comment on that.

SP: Well look, I voted to leave the European Union simply because I’m old enough to remember in the early 1970s the British people were asked to vote to join Europe, but they weren’t actually asked to vote to join Europe, they were asked to vote to join a common market.

TM: Oh I see.

SP: A marketplace where people could swap, you know, Ford motorcars could be made in say Belgium under license from the U.S., and then that would . . . and that was the way it was sold. Well of course people went for it because it sounded a really good deal. Well many years later we have a government. We have a government. You have politicians. You have not just a common market, but you have a one world government for Europe, and when the British people realized that the trick had been played, they fought it. And so Donald Tusk, Mr. Tusk who said basically that he thought that there was a special place in Hell for those people who wanted to leave Europe, he really shows his anger because Britain is one of the largest financial contributors to Europe. We put as a country more money in than we get out, and they’re very very angry they’re going to lose all that money. And that’s what it’s all about. And also, look at the situation now with France and Italy, Italy now refusing to talk to France and France has pulled its ambassador out of Italy. So what’s happening, Europe is fragmenting. The political system of Europe is fragmenting. The people aren’t fragmenting, but their politicians, if they are the usual rather unhelpful politicians, their days are numbered, and so what countries are doing is electing people who may be very odd, but they’re not the Old Guard as usual, so I think with Britain leaving Europe and the vile and the nastiness coming from these European politicians, I think that the mask has slipped, and people will say well thank goodness Britain got out of it. When do we leave it?

TM: And I think the other countries will get out and that leads me to the next question. We don’t get much news here on much of anything on the mass media here in the United States Simon, but what’s happening in France now with the riots there? Are they still continuing?

SP: They are. This is one of the problems because what happened was the Deputy Prime Minister of Italy crossed the border into France to hold [27:23][unintelligible] discussions with the demonstrators, and the French were absolutely furious.

TM: Wow!

SP: Well the point is you see that the President of France is a banker. He’s a [27:33][?Rothschild-politician-investment?] banker. He’s part of the problem, and the French, large numbers of the French people, no longer want a banker to be their president. They’d much rather have somebody who had a more everyday regular job, because bankers don’t identify with ordinary people. Bankers don’t buy food from the same stores. They don’t go to work in the same way. They have very different lifestyles, so the French people have decided that their president is not very representative of France, and I think that Italy, who have created this new five-star government movement, which is anti-establishment, are now talking to the French people and saying, well if you want to get rid of him, this is how you should do it. So this is it. Europe is at its throat and I think Great Britain is very wise to leave and I think that we’ll, you know, we’ll look back at this in a few years’ time and think we got out just in time. I mean, you know, President Trump is coming to visit Britain in December.

TM: I was going to ask you about that, right.

SP: Yeah, so no let’s get some good trade deals, good deals for the U.S. and good deals for Great Britain. Yet we’ve got our hands tied by these rather nasty people in Europe, we can sit down with the U.S. president and say right, this is what we make. Do you want to buy them? We know what you make. We want to buy that. Let’s do it so that we don’t hurt each other’s economy. Fantastic opportunity. Fantastic opportunity.

TM: We . . . there was a rumor a couple of years ago Simon over here in the U.S. that what made people really upset in the UK was that EU officials were telling people how much electricity and how many times a day they could make hot water for tea as part of this EU government and people flipped out. Is it, I heard about . . . was that a true story? Is that . . .

SP: I haven’t, listen I haven’t heard that.

TM: Okay.

SP: I don’t think but I’ll tell you what they did do, which had, which they did so many things which caused Britain to leave.

TM: Sure.

SP: For instance, before this horrendous European Common Market, a man or a woman or a family who had some land could grow, let’s just say apples. They grew apples and they take it to the supermarket and say we’ve got five ton of apples. What will you buy? So the supermarket would buy them. Then Europe came in and said we just measured your apples and they are not the right size.

TM: Oh no.

SP: So they produced laws preventing, they had to match, so an apple had to be between a minimum size and a maximum size.

TM: My gosh.

SP: But as for instance, bananas have to have a certain angle to them, a certain bend. They won’t allow fruit and vegetables that doesn’t conform to a pattern. That’s ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous. So no wonder British people decided that they were no longer going to be told what to do in their own country.

TM: Oh my God.

SP: By officials we don’t elect. You know American people have got no clue because why would you?

TM: Right, sure.

SP: But if you go to through to Strasbourg, which is where the European Parliament is, you’ve got, there’s a plaque that says the “Home of Europe.”

TM: Really, interesting.

SP: They believe themselves to be the government of Europe. Now that just shows you, and it’s all in the major newspapers two or three weeks ago where the European Union decided it wanted its own army. Now we know that’ll never happen.

TM: Really, oh.

SP: Oh yes. This is the danger because they don’t like America. The Europeans do not like America. The only country that likes America is Britain. British people basically like America, but most European countries do not like America, but Britain has always had a special relationship, so what happened was that the leaders of this European supposed government said we need our own army because we don’t trust the Russians. Fair enough. We don’t trust the Chinese. Fair enough. But you what then they said? We don’t trust the Americans.

TM: Sure, right.

SP: Now, it’s disgusting because the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO, is about 75 percent funded by America and has been ever since it was created. It’s American men and women, American tanks, American money, American aircraft that gives NATO its backbone and here you’ve got these jumped up horrible European people saying we don’t trust America. Well after all that America has done, so no wonder President Trump is sticking his finger up at the Europeans, because he’s saying we’ve given you billions and billions and now you’re saying you want an army only of Europeans. We don’t want any Americans, so I want your listeners to understand that there are some very nasty people in Europe and Britain is not in that group. Britain likes Australia and Canada and New Zealand and India and America, and believe it or not, Russia, because it’s not part of the European Union. And if guys can get together, we can have a fantastic trade deal. Brilliant.

TM: I hope so. I hope so, and I think we will actually. And I think we will because good things are on are way and this brings me to my next point. You know I’ve been talking about for years, Simon, that we are on the path to ascension to a beautiful new Earth, but I try to be realistic like you too because we are facing challenges, and we just can’t sit back and watch old movies, watch TV and expect, and eat chocolates and just expect things to fall in our lap because we have to work for it.

SP: I like, yeah I do believe in chocolate.

TM: Yes, it is good. Eating chocolate is great. I agree with you. I agree. I agree with you, and this brings me to several points and one is that it is important that the media and getting information out in a positive way to empower people to make this world a better place. You mentioned in your interview with Mr. Fulford that your daughter had gone out in this protest in London. Over a 100,000 people, yet the media in London only gave what? What, 30 seconds to this huge, to this huge demonstration. They’ve done the same thing here in the states too.

SP: Yes, but it was very very sinister. This was a few years ago. It was very [sinister], because the demonstration was really about how those one percent of the world’s population own 90 percent of the planet. So it was about fairness and although everybody said there was only a very small number, we know for a fact there was nearly a 100,000 people who demonstrated because of the aerial shots from helicopters showed street after street packed with people. Now the reason I made the point was because it was, and I don’t know that your audience actually know this, so this will be a first for them. This huge demonstration only received something like 30 seconds of news. Now that in itself isn’t surprising because the last thing the establishment want is to promote the fact that lots of people are beginning to rebel against control. Now this is why I brought it out. Of the 30 seconds they just showed one person in the demonstration, so they zoomed in, you saw the whole demonstration, they zoomed in to one person of the 100,000 people and that was my daughter, so a 100,000 people demonstrating they zoomed in on my daughter and then three days later my daughter lost her job.

TM: Oh my goodness.

SP: Because one of the shareholders was one of the [35:59][richling] and so he wasn’t going to have somebody demonstrate, because she had a placard which said, you know, “One percent owns 90 percent. How can this be fair?”

TM: Right, right.

SP: But the very fact that they picked on her is, you know, it’s a message to me.

TM: Right.

SP: Obviously, you know, if they . . . bless her you know, if she hadn’t had the dad she had she’d still be working there. She probably wouldn’t want to work there.

TM: Sure, sure, sure

SP: But that was a message to me, so I know that I’m looked at. I know I’m watched, but you know, so what?

TM: Yeah, yeah.

SP: So . . .

TM: Well here in our, in the United States if you mention, Fukushmia is not mentioned anymore in our media even though plants are still, it’s still a problem in Japan with the radiation and back when Obamacare was being pushed through our Congress over one million people I’m told demonstrated against it in Washington D.C., yet not word, not even one second on the mass media did they mention the demonstrations. Nothing. Nothing at all.

SP: There was a, some years ago there was something like 250,000 people demonstrated in Venezuela wanting peace . . .

TM: Wow.

SP: . . . and completely blanked. The only way we know it happened is because people took photographs with their cellphones and put them on the internet. That’s the only way we knew there’d been a massive demonstration of a quarter-of-a-million Jewish people saying no more war with the Arabs. We don’t want war with the Arabs.

TM: Uh-hum.

SP: You know, and that’s, you know, that’s not what’s . . . it’s not coming out. It’s just . . . it’s just doing us. So we do need a huge shakeup on this planet. Perhaps we need to start again really and have decent values and built it up, from the ground upwards.

TM: And I think most people have decent values, because the nature of humanity is to be loving, kind, sweet, benevolent and caring about each other, not to be fighting all the time, not to be interested in death and destruction, so, and I know eventually we’ll win out, but like you pointed out in your interview with Mr. Fulford last week, we have to meet these challenges. We just can’t sit back and let other people do the work for us.

SP: It’s really important because we need to show the Earth that we’re not taking everything for granted. We need to show the Earth that we can do something because you see the Earth is a solid object. It can’t actually move as we can. It can’t go and vote. It can’t go and show its displeasure. It can’t write to its lawmaker. It has to work in one way and it looks to the human race to provide protection in another way. And so this is why people no matter what they do and no matter how little it is, every little helps.

TM: Absolutely.

SP: And that’s what’s so important.

TM: Absolutely, and this brings me to my next question Simon if you don’t mind. You mentioned in Mr. Fulford’s interview that it’s all down to the U.S. military to change the world because they’re the only ones with the capability to take on the Cabal and especially if you combine the military of the United States, China, and Russia, this could be a very powerful force to do good on the planet.

SP: Yes what we were talking about you see under the days of Bush, private security firms like, they were called Blackwater were built up and foreigners were being brought in and it was deliberately done to threatened the regular U.S. military. There were literally hundreds of thousands of these so-called security people who were paid money and given a uniform and they were supposedly loyal to their employer, and their employer of course was loyal to the Cabal. So we’re seeing that breaking down now and therefore the United States official military is clearly in control now, clearly in control, and we saw that during the presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, when in a number of states the National Guard were, not just put on standby, but were activated. And there were a number of drive-thrus where hundreds and thousands of troops drove through different states, and this was the U.S. military threatening the Cabal saying we can put tanks on the street. Yes we are calling it ambulatory exercise, but we can do this, and this isn’t to threaten the public. This is to actually reassure the public. And so the military, the United States Military is now largely independent of Satanic control.

TM: Excellent.

SP: That’s a very important point to make.

TM: Oh, that’s excellent. I know that after the Paradise fire, they weren’t fires. They were directed energy beams directed at those poor people where tens of thousands of people died, that the military has stepped in and taken control of the situation but I haven’t heard anything of course in our media about it. Do you know much from your end Simon, what’s going on there?

SP: It was very difficult because my understanding was that it wasn’t just humans involved.

TM: Right.

SP: There was something off-planet as well who were supposed to be supporting the Cabalistic forces.

TM: Uh-hum.

SP: And there was a bit of a fire fight, and then these rather crazy people thought they would use that as a cover to burn houses.

TM: Right.

SP: And you know yourself, and so does the audience that the pictures you’ve seen, the fires started in seven, eight, nine multiple places.

TM: Right.

SP: And started and done to cut off people’s escape.

TM: Right.

SP: So what I’m saying is that under a real operation that was taking place some very negative people have decided to use that as a backdrop or a cover to cause more problems. That’s what that was, and then what’s very interesting when some of the most wealthy in Hollywood suddenly had some of their houses burned down, isn’t it amazing how all the fires not stopped immediately, but how it all began to reduce. As soon as the super elite, the super-super elite, their houses were being burned and not just your ordinary people, suddenly the fires seemed to stop. Now the fire crews were fighting tirelessly to bring the fires under control, but as soon as you stopped lighting them, then these guys can get the fires under control. There’s a reason they couldn’t get them under control because every time they put one out, somebody set another one up in the other corner.

TM: Right.

SP: As soon as they stopped setting them, the fire brigade, the fire fighters got it under control quite quickly.

TM: Right, right, amazing. Amazing. What’s instructive and I’ll just share this little story with you Simon, it’s instructive, it’s amazing how much control however the mass media still has on much of the American public, and I’ll give you an example. I talked to a lady down in, she lives close to Malibu where the directed energy beam weapons were used there too, and there were cars out on the beach there, beaches in front of Malibu, which had been systematically hit with these directed energy weapons where they had been totaled from the inside with, forgive me for saying this, skeletons and people’s ashes were inside these vehicles, but there wasn’t any fire around yet they were calling it fires. And yet people 20–30 miles away living in Los Angeles, these people I talked to before about, I asked them if they had heard anything, completely clueless. Completely clueless. They thought it was caused by . . . I think the story that came out in the mass media that a [44:05][farmer] had been building a fence and he hit his hammer on a piece of metal and it sparked, and the spark suddenly destroyed all these homes and killed over 50,000 people. It doesn’t make sense but that’s . . . that shows you how much control the mass media has on some people here in the United States.

SP: Some of these weapons were being fired from drones. It’s not just, some were drone operated and they have some pretty sophisticated drones now.

TM: Right.

SP: So I still to this day, I don’t know whether I will ever get the full story, but I’m not sure who was fighting who. You know there were good people fighting bad people but there were bad people fighting bad people as well. They were fighting their own selves.

TM: Right.

SP: We’ll never perhaps get the full story, but again it’s poor old California that gets it.

TM: Right. Exactly, exactly. Twice up here in the Seattle area Simon, in the past year-and-a-half–two years, we’ve had some strange massive vocalized tornadoes that come through, devastate an area, trees, a community and then they disappear suddenly. I’ve been told that those were actually battles between the good entities, the good ETs and the bad ETs, but I haven’t been able to find any confirmation, but that’s what I was told anyway, so . . .

SP: There’s a fantastic picture that somebody put on Facebook, and I scrambled to try and get that picture to put it on my website. It was a cloud but it hadn’t quite fully formed and it was a genuine picture, and it really did show an alien spacecraft creating a portal and then taking water vapor around itself to cloak it in the shape of a cloud.

TM: Oh sure.

SP: And YouTube took that down within two to three minutes of it going up. Couldn’t get it. So you know when something’s genuine when YouTube takes it down.

TM: Well absolutely, absolutely. We see pictures like that all the time up here at Mt. Rainier . . .

SP: I know.

TM: . . . on a clear day. We do, once in a while there’s clear days here. We get a rain, we get a lot of rain, but you do see the clouds in this circular pattern and you see it all the time at Mt. Shasta. They’re called lenticular clouds, but my friends on the other side tell me that those are in fact spaceships. And I guess this leads me to my next question is now the government was shut down. It’s back running now, open for three weeks until February 15th. What do you think will happen after the 15th Simon? What could happen?

SP: I’m, to say hopeful is not the right word. I absolutely want a state of national emergency declared in the United States of America. What I’ve been told, for what it’s worth, is that Trump wanted to call a state of national emergency last time round, but his advisors said the public won’t buy it. You’ve got to give, you’ve got to be seen to be making another effort. So the media sold it that he caved in to the Democrats, but he was quite happy to have that, because then he felt that if he does call a state of national emergency he can point to the fact that he had tried to compromise, that he’d given ground. Now I want a state of national emergency simply because that is the perfect backdrop to open the indictments.

TM: Ah, right.

SP: You see because we’re talking about part military tribunal, part civilian tribunal. Now you have a state of national emergency not only do you stick a bit, two bits of steel into a ground and say that’s my barrier. What you actually say is certain government departments need to be shut down, military and certain corporations, or certain this, that, and the other. If we don’t get a state of national emergency I don’t really see how we are going to have the opportunity to open these indictments in public. So that’s what I want. I want that to happen.

TM: Well I think that’s a good thing to want Simon. I think that would be best for the United States and the world as well, and what you said too, there was another point I was going to bring up. Oh right, on Benjamin Fulford’s interview a week ago you said that we need to cooperate with each other and find common ground and then create a better world. You said we are all living a lie. People know the truth but we’re being treated as slaves. It’s a very clever operation on this planet to make people think they’re free when they’re not.

SP: Yes what I said was when we think of slaves we think of a black man or a black woman picking cotton.

TM: Sure.

SP: But the reality is that it’s nothing to do with color. It’s a very clever operation because you know, we, the vast majority of us are paid slaves. We are paid and people can’t, people genuinely can’t understand that because they say well slaves don’t get paid. How can we be a slave because we’re paid? And I say yeah, but what do you do with your money? You actually give it back or it’s taken from you back to the same people who gave it to you in the first place. So if a person earns their wages, their salary and then go and do with it and it didn’t go back to the same people, then they would be truly free but they’re not. See we’re ashamed of this country. We’re ashamed in Great Britain because a hundred and fifty years ago we didn’t regulate the laws, the British land-owning classes were superpowerful. And what happened was with the Industrial Revolution, huge factories were opened in Great Britain, and what the factory owner would do is he would open a store, and instead of paying British people with real money, he would produce token coins, and so he would say this is worth five of these or six of these and he made these people, these workers spend their token money in his own shops. He paid them in worthless material, but it was worth something to the workers because they could go and get their food, but it was his shop, so that’s paid slaves, and what they’ve done now is just given us money with the Queen’s head on it or a president’s head on it, but it’s the same principle because the guy who is the stock and bond holder perhaps in a big car corporation might actually have a hold in the job that you actually work in.

TM: That’s true.

SP: People don’t realize that. You know how many telecom or communications or news companies are there in America? Hundreds and hundreds, but are there just now three, four, five men that own all of the media in the U.S.?

TM: Practically and that’s why alternative media, what the work you do and I would like to think my radio show as well and television shows, trying to get the truth out to people so that people can make their own minds up, to make this planet a better place. There was one interesting point that Benjamin Fulford made last week. We’ve got about three minutes left and I’ll just say this quickly. He said that there has to be an oversight of progress of people working for the greater good, and he lives in Japan where government means organizing festivals but in the United States and some Western countries government means mind control. I thought that was a fascinating point he made.

SP: I didn’t know that either.

TM: Yeah.

SP: That was funny. Yes, I think that we’ve got a lot to learn from them, but they’ve got a lot to learn from us and I think this is what you’ve always said Ted that if you put the best of everything together we’ll have an unstoppable project.

TM: Oh absolutely. And Simon we’ve got a minute left. I want to give you the rest of the time to wrap up your wonderful interview today. Thank you so much.

SP: I’m afraid we didn’t really take any questions from any audience. I’m sure I’m going to get in trouble for that.

TM: Yeah. We have some. Oops, maybe next week.

SP: I think you better Ted.

TM: Okay.

SP: Just that, you know, people are saying January was the crucial time. No it’s this February. This is the month. This is the month. I’m really hoping that something big happens for good. So let’s just all pray for that. Let’s just pray for something good to happen very soon and we can all get behind that and support it.

TM: Wonderful, wonderful, well and Simon can you come on next week? Would that work on your schedule?

SP: Yeah, that’s fine. I’m sure, I’m sure it is.

TM: Okay. Okay and then I’ll ask all the questions I prepped for today, and it slipped my mind. I was so focused on …

SP: Well I can say no it’s your fault Ted and not me. I’m absolutely okay with that.

TM: You can blame me. That’s totally fine. That’s totally fine.

SP: All right God bless Ted, and God bless to the audience.

TM: Well thank you so much for coming on today Simon. I really appreciate it. I’m glad you’re feeling so much … so glad you’re feeling better.

SP: Thank you, bye-bye.

TM: Bye-bye Simon, take care


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