Podcast: Recorded Sunday, January 20, 2019

with Rebecca Parkes

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Connecting Consciousness Podcast: News, Questions & Answers

Recorded Sunday, January 20, 2019

A website has given the date of January 5th as when a new humanity will ascend into the 5th dimension and the Cabal will be no more, which can only realistically be understood as disinformation designed to cause people to drop their guard; Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg has cancer and will most probably retire in 2019; Nathaniel Rothschild is attempting to take the senior position in the Rothschild family; Some indictments are maybe starting to be opened, but if it’s in a military tribunal the person may have only two choices: a quiet execution or a way out, and the public won’t hear about it; the need for change of the whole economic structure is discussed at the CC meeting in London, especially doing away with the illegal taxing of people’s income; Russia, China, U.S. are beginning to position themselves for an economic reset; Putin may be behind the unrest in the Eastern or Central Bloc countries; if shutdown goes on long enough it can cause federal employees to be laid off and could remove whole departments; will Trump trade amnesty for the wall; Brexit possibilities, three as Simon see it; Question Topics: nature of souls as created by Source and technology that can forcibly remove souls from bodies; significance of unexplained markings on one’s body, who is responsible and why; dealing with jinn possession; need safe ways to treat a child diagnosed with Parkinson’s; warning to Simon that jinn are using him; invitation for Simon to join an upcoming meditation; why do we flatter ourselves to think evolved aliens would be interested in us or want what we have; writer states Northern Ireland didn’t back Theresa May, Simon says otherwise; Simon shows us one of his Christmas presents, a copy of a Haynes Manual entitled “Alien Invasion, Know your enemy (all extra-terrestrial life forms) Owners’ Resistance Manual,” which shows a photo of two sides of Her Majesty the Queen, indicating a rather blatant disclosure of truth being leaked out in unexpected places.

Simon Parkes: Hello, welcome to another Connecting Consciousness. It’s Sunday the 20th and we’re very late today. It’s been one of those days, so it may not go out tonight. it might go out tomorrow, but that’s always dependent on how Andy progresses it. Well, I don’t want to start with Brexit. I’ll try and start with something else. So we’ll have a look at some of the behind the scenes activity in the United States.

There’s been a lot of talk first of all about lots of Pleiadean light ships arriving on the Earth and themselves on the Earth and crafts around the planet - and that we are in early January have already gone into 5D and that the Cabal have all been arrested and got rid of and everything is fine. That’s an utter load of nonsense. However there are websites that went up just before Christmas which were reporting this to be true. And I looked through some of these websites and it definitely has real genuine information mixed in with fake information. It’s very very strange for an organization that’s wanting to put out disinformation to actually give specific dates, such as on January the 5th humanity will ascend into 5th dimension and by January the 12th, all the Cabal will be no more. It’s clearly not the case, and still like you very much in a 3rd dimension world and the rather nasty people are still very much in control. Although that control is not as strong as it was. So please be very very cautious of these websites that start telling you, you don’t need to worry anymore. Everything is sorted; it’s all good. That’s precisely their plan, to make you drop your guard and to not be so determined to obtain freedom. So that’s one thing.

Secondly, I really want to talk about the situation with this Judge. I believe we pronounce her name as [Ruth Bader] Ginsburg. She’s an American Supreme Judge, and again there was a number of debates around the December time saying - where is she? She has not turned up for work, and she’s obviously been killed because, you know, she’s part of the Cabal. And, you know, you’ll notice I didn’t post any of that on the website because I knew for a fact that wasn’t the case. And what is the case is that she’s actually got some form of cancer. She’s had an operation. She’s 85 and may or may not return to work. Now I don’t doubt that this person is probably on a - “I want to talk to you list.” I wanna say a hit list - I want to talk to you list. It may well be that the person, this judge - does take early retirement, partly because of illness but probably because somebody says that it’s time for her to retire, - in which case President Trump has yet another opportunity to appoint another supreme judge. So this is the danger about running away with ideas you know. Somebody reads something on the internet. They have no means of double checking it. So they want to be part of this great excitement, this ball that rolls down the hill, so they’ll stick it on, and before you know it there’s about 2,000 websites all carrying it. It’s actually not factually accurate. So they can actually do more harm than good.

It’s very cruel for anybody willingly or knowingly to either put fake pictures of UFOs up, to make promises in terms of the Cabal are destroyed, or, you know, all is going to be well. That’s actually cruel. I’d rather have the truth and I’m sure you’d rather have the truth. We know we’re in this for the long haul. So will this judge probably retire at some point soon? Yes, but she’s not dead, not yet anyway.

I want to talk about Nathaniel Red Shield, Nathaniel Rothschild. Very credible reports have reached me that he is keenly trying to take the position, the senior position within the Rothschild family. He’s one of these guys who has always had good ideas and bad ideas. He’s not frightened to put these good or bad ideas into practice, and at the moment he’s not the head of the family, but he’s attempting to become so. That will be something worth watching to see exactly what his take on the Rothschild family is in 2019, and how it should or shouldn’t react to the situations occurring around it. The very fact that there’s this power play taking place, I think is a good indicator of how desperate some of these groups are.

A big thing of course is the indictments and, you know, they just can’t start them soon enough. I don’t doubt that some of the indictments are being opened but there have been very few and far between, and the ones that are being actioned are so far the very easy ones in terms of reasonably middle-ranking people or some senior people who have defrauded or are into corruption. That’s the vast majority of those that have been opened and not the real key players. But there’s a pattern emerging and I wanted to bring it to your attention. I am somewhat uncomfortable with what’s emerging, but I’ll tell you what I feel and what I know, and then you can decide how you feel.

My understanding of the 65,000 odd indictments is that they will be opened. The individuals will be pulled to court, whatever that type of court is, part military–part civilian; and that they will have the right to protect themselves in terms of evidence and defense. That does seem right. Yes, if it’s a military tribunal it will be curtailed. It will be much shorter, but the individual surely has the right, no matter how guilty they are, they have the right to have their say. Now what I’m detecting is that some of these military courts appear to be opening indictments. Instead of subpoenaing witnesses or bringing that individual in, they are just literally, under the military aspect of the tribunal, ordering the execution of that individual or offering that person a way out, and if not they will be executed.

If you think back to the Second World War there was a very very famous German general. He was called - his nickname was the Desert Fox - and his name was Rommel. He was a hugely popular figure with the German people. He was one of the 1944 July bomb plotters who conspired to kill Adolf Hitler and it didn’t work. The bomb exploded but it didn’t kill him. Just before the end of the war Hitler found out that this guy Rommel, General Rommel was - I think he was a Field Marshal. He was implicated and so they couldn’t publicly, well they chose not to publicly, prosecute him because of the morale damage to the German people. So they actually gave him a loaded pistol with one bullet in it, and he chose that way out. That’s what he did.

So there is precedent in military throughout this planet for this type of action that does not reach the public eye. Now there may be some cases where, you know, there is a good argument for that; but personally I actually want to see these names brought into court. Because if all of these key players are dealt with in this fashion, then humanity doesn’t wake up. You know, it’s just faced with a large number of people who have suddenly got cancer or a large number of people who suddenly retired or dropped dead, whatever it might be. That is not part of the waking up process. That is still treating the world’s population as well, you know, oh you can’t cope with it, or we don’t want you to know for whatever reason. I’m hoping to goodness that this is a very minimal number, and that the vast majority will go through the courts so that the public can wake up. So that’s something that I’m not overly keen on. I’m not keen on certain indictments being opened and then sent to their death basically being authorized by this secret military tribunal. You know, maybe I’m out of step, but actually no I don’t think I would be.

This Saturday just gone I had a fantastic meeting with one of the CC groups in Britain. It was really great to see a wide range of people there. Thank you to everyone who participated and provided some of the food and the refreshments. That was very kind of you. Some of the questions that were coming up were quite interesting. We were talking about how does the Earth need to change in terms of the laws and the rules. There’s one aspect that appears to be gaining momentum within semi-secret societies in the U.S. It’s that the need to tax people has to be curtailed, reduced, or even stopped. And those of you who have been able to listen to me regularly will know that I have often talked about the tax here in Great Britain and actually it’s an illegal tax. Taxing your income is not legal and that’s why every Parliament in Great Britain, the first law they have to re-enact and re-enact and re-enact is the right to raise tax from your salaries. So it’s interesting that there’s a movement afoot and I don’t just mean with, you know, the people. I’m talking about those that really run the planet, that there’s a plan that you could possibly do away with tax on your wages and look at how you could survive by taxing commodities, but nonessential commodities.

Now during the meeting that I had with the Connecting Consciousness group in London, I talked a little bit about how I would love to see banks, you know, lending money and only charging one percent interest. It came about with… we were talking about was the Jesus figure real? Was he a real character, and I said that, you know, the reason that Jesus overturned the money lenders tables was not that Jesus objected to people lending money, but he objected to the extortion of a huge high rate of interest that they were charging. So that’s what he was cross about, and so there’s a fundamental point that runs here. If you lend money to friends and family you should do it without any interest. If you are going to lend money on a business or a nonsocial side, then perhaps you just charge one percent, because that one percent pays the wages of your staff and your administration costs. So it was a real interesting shock to me that there were some very hard bitten people in the U.S. beginning to look at the possibility of something that I, and I know others have advocated, a complete and dynamic change to the whole structure. I say the Western world, the world that’s built on the banking system, so that was something that I wanted to really talk about.

What I’ve also noticed and I’m sure other people are picking up on is that the three key players now, Russia, China, and the U.S., are beginning to position themselves for any type of, the word they use is reset. That word has been bandied about for many many years, but it does appear that these three major countries are beginning to stake their claim in hither to areas that are sort of no person’s land where no one country or no one corporation or company had a say in it. We’re noticing that.

There is an argument, slightly changing tact now, but there is an argument that some of the unrest being stirred up in some of the Eastern Bloc or Central Bloc countries like Poland is being organized by Putin, and I don’t doubt that. All I would say is he’s really doing what the CIA under Obama did in Ukraine. Until certain very unsavory characters are removed from office in Europe, Putin is going to continue to do these things. Putin has once said I don’t have a problem with the people of Europe. I have a problem with their leaders. He’s on record as saying that. So what we’re seeing now is Russia no longer being covert under the carpet, beginning now to come out and flex its muscles just as China is and America is in terms of trying to gain precious metals and resources everywhere. So that’s very interesting.

Let’s talk about the shutdown in the U.S. just will be on its 30 days. There are two points here. One is it is a political battle, but it’s not a battle between the Republicans and the Democrats. It’s not a battle between Trump and the Democrats. There’s a much bigger picture playing out here. They’re on 30 days. That means that a pink piece of paper, a pink slip can be issued to federal employees on the 30-day mark and although quite rightly they have many safeguards and protections, they can be let go. So that’s a useful too. If you’ve got anybody in federal government that you really don’t like, and they’re 800,000 of them at the moment not on the payroll. That’s just over a quarter. So there’s a good opportunity there for anybody who’s done a bit of child molesting, and a bit of murder and have been protected because they’ve been working in a federal agency. Well now is a good chance for Mr. Trump to get rid of them.

There’s also another point here that the corporate world of America is perhaps becoming attuned to sort of a default switch off, a reset, but I don’t mean in the banking sense. If this shutdown goes on for long enough, it will allow a number of departments to be cleared out. So if it went on for another 30 days, I wouldn’t be surprised - because what you’ve got then is not just individuals that are removed, but departments which are subsumed into other departments. One of the ways to cleanse a culture in a large sprawling organization is not just to get rid of people but to completely remove the offices. Remove the teams and break them all up. And, I’ll be very heartened if that is the game plan here and that’s what’s aiming for.

You know, I just want this to get going. How much more time does President Trump need? We need to see some action. And it’s no good sort of telling us that a 90-year-old man, ex-president who said, who’s dead, we’re told he has been dispatched by the good guys when, you know, he could have quite easily just died of old age. So we have to be very cautious every time somebody who we know has got a very bad history is dead. We cannot just assume that this is the secret movement, you know, there are… accidents do occur. And anyway, what use is that, as I said earlier, we need this to be out in the public. We need people to be tried for their crimes; not because I particularly want to see people tried for their crimes, but because I want the public to hear the charges and I want the evidence to be brought forward. I don’t want things done behind closed doors. That’s how the bad guys used to do it. I actually want the public to see it.

I was watching in my little spare time, I was looking at the documentary from the Nuremberg trials, and that was because of my podcast today. I wanted just to… I knew I was going to talk about this. There are some fantastic YouTube original footage of the Nuremberg trials and it said that, you know, the defendants were laughing and joking and it looked like many of them were going to get off. Seriously. And then what happened is they showed these pictures of all these dead people in these work camps and these concentration camps, thousands upon thousands of dead people, and this reporter said you know that the atmosphere just completely changed. You have to show people and they’re saying, you know, a lot of the press just couldn’t stomach it and were having to get up and go outside. They couldn’t stand it. But, you know, show the evidence. Show the truth. Show what happened and the fact that it was all about, this thing’s about Göring. You know Göring basically admitted to it, but until the moment it was pushed in his face, he was as large as life and many of these people have had such an easy time on this planet. They’ve been so in charge and so confident that you’ve got to push it in their face for them to get the realization of it.

Now what I want to do, I just wrote this down because it was very interesting about the wall, the so-called barrier that President Trump is arguing about. He was asked a question. I don’t know the ins and outs of it, whether it was a reporter or a politician. But President Trump was asked the question, “Will there be any amnesty for illegal immigrants?” Now the answer… nobody else so far has picked up on his answer, but that’s often the case, people just take it at face value. I’ve written it down and I’m going to read it out word for word because if it is what I think it is, it’s the greatest heartening news I’ve had in months, meaning that President Trump is going to do something. So he was asked something along the lines of will there be an amnesty for illegal immigrants, and his reply was and I’m going to quote, “That amnesty would be used only on a much bigger deal whether on immigration or something else.”

Now I believe what he’s saying is - I’ve got 60-odd thousand indictments, I’ve got 60-odd thousand people and of that there are… you could put people into categories but maybe I will give an amnesty to some of these people. When President Trump talks he often gives you one within a sentence. He’ll give you one way forward and then another way backward. It’s a very clever ploy. He’s not… he’s not like the original Bush whose English was absolutely dreadful. He knows what he is doing. I’m going to read it again. I know you can play it back but, it says - “That amnesty would be used only on a much bigger deal whether on immigration or something else,” so I’m hoping that he’s talking about getting started with all of the prosecutions that need to get started.

All right, Brexit. I’ve got to haven’t I? A good friend of mine sent me a text today and said okay, yeah, he’s not particularly spiritual - so he said what’s your money on? What’s your money on? What do I think is gonna happen and I think that there’s two very very strong possibilities as it stands with Brexit. One is literally leaving Europe with no deal, which means Great Britain saves 39 billion. It doesn’t have to pay that as a divorce settlement to Europe, although why we would have to pay 39 billion for leaving is beyond me. And the other one is a general election. The only other outside possibility is that members in Parliament completely disavow themselves of their political allegiance and vote to try to postpone Article 50. Which means delaying Britain leaving the European Union. So my money, for what it is worth, is on either a general election, which could come in May - or basically no deal at all. So fascinating stuff, really interesting, and I know people are getting sick of it but it’s one of the bigger stories this country has faced for hundreds of years, and it’s really important. So that’s it, so thank you very much indeed for bearing with me on that and it is important stuff that we’re dealing with now and I did say 2019, the first few, three months or so are going to be quite exciting, so fingers crossed. All right Becky I want to thank you so much for your patience and let’s have a few questions.

Rebecca Bannister: Okay. Hello, Simon. Souls are created only by Source, connect electromagnetically with bodies, and can reside or travel in nonphysical dimensions. Apparently, the soul loses 21 grams at death. Possibly indicating that the soul is electromagnetic, but if souls were electromagnetic, they could be altered or destroyed by artificial devices or nuclear explosions and could get lost in space. What is the fundamental nature of souls as created by Source?

SP: There are quite a few questions there and each one is important in its own right. To my knowledge in most cases if a soul is taken from one body to another, it’s an agreement, but there are some slight occasions when they can be taken against agreement. That’s obviously a travesty and is wrong but it does happen. When the soul leaves our body, travels up, and is captured by the grid and placed into the holding station it is struck with a very powerful burst of electromagnetic energy, and it’s that that causes that lifetime’s memory to be erased. All of your memory for all of your life is either totally erased or partially erased. That is for that one lifetime. So for instance, if someone has had maybe a hundred lifetimes, and they’ve come back here a hundred times, each time they’ve had that - but what is done to you on the fiftieth lifetime will only remove the lifetime of the fiftieth. It wouldn’t remove something on the twentieth, and that’s why people have past memories. They can remember a time in ancient Egypt, or you know, North American Indians because that element once it’s been retained, can actually be regained. Now I honestly don’t know whether it’s possible to default and go back to regain everything other than the Akashic records.

So a large blast of electromagnetic energy will not kill the soul. The nuclear explosion I think is a really good case in point. I really don’t know. I know that any craft that works on a gravitational field is destabilized because of the electro magnetic effect, and so it’s not possible to fly one of those advanced craft in the air or through a recent nuclear explosion. I do not know whether the soul survives that or not. If a soul is created by Source, a nuclear explosion is not Source destroying that. So I would assume that the soul would survive a nuclear explosion. There are a couple of other questions in there I’m sure.

RP: There are more questions to come. Why can technology forcibly remove a soul, insert it into another body, remove one’s will, keep souls captive, as in an [26:13][IVIS] program…

SP: I’m gonna forget all these questions. Let’s start with the first one, so why can it?

RP: Yeah, why can technology forcibly remove a soul?

SP: Well why does a screwdriver either turn one way to put a screw in or turn the other way to take a screw out? Simply because there are certain things that have an effect on another object. I’ve seen souls being transferred by two different processes from a physical body and one is a very mechanical process with a device that sort of lifts the soul and contains the soul so it doesn’t try and disappear somewhere else. I genuinely don’t know the technical procedure involved in that, but what I can tell you is yes it can. But the process I’ve seen was where the person had given an agreement. I haven’t seen the process where the person has not given an agreement, so that’s my answer for that. What was the second part, please?

RP: If part of removing it forcibly from the soul …

SP: From the body.

RP: … from the body can insert it in another body …

SP: Yeah.

RP: … and removing one’s will.

SP: Right, it doesn’t actually remove your will. That’s the point. If you’re saying it’s against your will, then yes I’m sure in some cases it is against the will, because you know, that’s what happens when you use some form of technology to overcome a person’s resistance. That’s what, you know, pentothal is isn’t it? It is a drug that overcomes your resistance to tell the truth, so that’s not surprising. Once an alien race has got the capability technologically to do this - the question is are they spiritually bound to responsibly use that technology, or do they not care at all? I think most of the alien species don’t care at all. So they’ve got a piece of kit and they use it. Okay, was there anything else on that?

RP: No, they just say thank you very much. Can it be that souls are more than just electromagnetic? Can it be that they, because they seem to be, they must be complex in some nature.

SP: Hugely. It was created by Source. It is a sentient living, it’s you, what you are. It’s a living creature. When we talk about… I’ve never actually said that a soul is electromagnetic. I’ve not said that. What I’m saying is that electromagnetic energy is used to wipe the memory of that lifetime. The soul is a living energy creation. It is what resides in you so I couldn’t tell you because I’m not God. I don’t know what’s in, only the creator, you know, knows what’s in that. So I can’t do anymore than that. It’s a secret that I’m quite happy not knowing; because it’s a secret that even - I think those negative aliens that do all this, they know how to do it, but they don’t really know what they’re dealing with. You know, that’s the point - that they’re technologically somewhat more advanced than we are, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are any further in understanding what they’re actually dealing with. Okay.

RP: Yes, okay thank you very much.

SP: Oh there’s [29:59][Storm be on]. Hello. (The cat)

RP: The next question is by Becky in U.S.A.

SP: Okay.

RP: Simon you have talked before about waking up in the morning with various marks or cuts on the body. In a Skype session I had with you we talked about different markings I’ve found on my body when I wake up; such as what look like needle marks on my veins, welts on my neck, vaccination-like marks on my leg or my arms, and bloody eyes. There always seems to be one spot that catches my attention and I feel it every day. It’s on the left side of my back under my shoulder near the shoulder blade. Sometimes there might be a little cut or scratch. Other times it might be just an itchy or irritated spot, but it always seems to be there. I know I couldn’t have scratched or cut myself because it is in a spot I can’t reach on my own. Is that area of the back significant for some reason? Do you know of other cases of people who have had the same experiences?

SP: Right. Let me preface this. Basically there’s far more people reporting just general interference with their body than even some of the researchers who have studied this field for some years have a handle on. It’s phenomenal in terms of the numbers. The difficulty that we have what we are trying to decode these marks on the body, is that the human body will respond broadly the same. It doesn’t matter, you know, whether you live in Connecticut or whether you live in London, if the same sort of trauma is put on the body, it will by and large respond similarly. Now that’s difficult because it means that it’s hard to pinpoint whether the person is being taken or interfered with by purely a human or a MILAB group; whether it’s a combination of MILAB and alien group, or whether it’s purely an alien group. Then if it’s an alien group, which group is it - because although when you are dealing with a mammalian body, there are certain tools or procedures you use. Different aliens have different levels of technology and therefore doing the same procedure on a person will leave remarkably different points. However having said all that, there are some basic guidelines we can look at. We’ll start off with the obvious ones, which is if you have scar tissue on the outside of your skin, you can be fairly sure that that’s MILAB. The humans have only just relatively recently obtained technology that allows them to do surgery that doesn’t show obviously, but they are still not at the level of some of these other races that can literally take an arm off and replace it and, you know, there’s absolutely no sign of it. So what about injection marks? These are little red dots. First of all you can find them as isolated dots. Sometimes they’re in groups, twos or threes. Sometimes they’re in circles or triangles or they make patterns. Now what’s important is that the culture of the alien group behind this has an interest in patterns and symbology, and so some of these patterns represent their culture. Maybe they wanted to use six or seven needles. Well they could put them in just a straight line, but they probably make some sort of pattern because it means something to them. There’s also other probable biological reasons they would want them within a certain distance of each other. So red dots generally mean a needle and they go anything within two to three days to two weeks.

A human one would be where, for the first time, somebody has been taken by a MILAB and they wish to take a sample of skin for DNA and this is usually a stripe or strip that’s taken. If we’re looking at some alien material then in terms of the way they would work it, then it’s far harder to detect. Greys leave bruising. Quite often if you have bruising it’s from Greys. It’s not just from the humans. The higher races in terms of technology like the Mantis or the Mantid very rarely leave any marks on your body at all. They’re not really into physical manipulation. They’re not trying to hold you down or tie you down. They use a completely different style.

So, I need to be furnished with photographs. I have to look at the photographs and then I might be able to say categorically I know that to be this or I might turn around and say I’ve never seen that one in my life before, so it’s huge. What would be really good is to have the finance and to have access to the world and to provide or produce a photographic record and then we could then work out and say well, you know, this is this and that’s that. But, there are many more important things in the world that we need to do. What we can say is that if you’ve got marks on your body or the bruising or needle marks, then somebody is definitely abducting you at nighttime. It’s incredibly common. If I said to you that maybe between three and five percent of the Western world are going through this program at the moment, I might be about right. It’s phenomenal, predominately women more than men, maybe on a scale of six to one. There are some men that are taken but it’s mostly females because of the divine feminine, the connection to Atlantis, the capability of the women through the kundalini particularly to access gifts or psychic abilities. The humans are just as much interested in that as are the Greys. Thank you.

RP: Okay thank you. Becky just finishes this off by saying. Thank you Simon I really respect your opinion and your knowledge in these areas. The planet is lucky to have you on her side. Much love to you both.

SP: Thank you. The planet, you know, we’re lucky to have the planet. We’re really really lucky to have the planet. Where else would we be? Where else would we be? Why would we be anywhere else? And everyone’s got to make a choice whether you actually sit on the sidelines and do nothing. Whether you, you know, take out the oil from the earth, or whether you try and campaign and do whatever you can. I think more and more and more people, you know, are trying to do their bit and it’s got to be good because it’s gotta put pressure on the people who make all the decisions on this planet. So thank you for your kind words.

RP: Okay, thanks. Deb says Dear Simon, I’m in a pickle. I had a perfect weekend planned that went sour, lost my job on Friday for complaining about a co-worker, estranged from my adult children; I was rudely informed that nobody visits me because I have a jinn in me.

SP: Jinn in you.

RP: I don’t believe it but they are trying to make me feel bad about myself. Can you help me please? I’m losing my mind. I’m about to walk away from everything.

SP: All right so first of all, you know, if someone’s telling you you’ve got a jinn in you, then you know, how do they know that? Do they, is that what they said, did she say that she’s got a jinn in her?

RP: Yes.

SP: Right.

RP: Yeah, I have been rudely informed that nobody visits me because I have a jinn in me.

SP: Right, okay. That actually is true in the sense that basically what happens is these demonic entities want to isolate you. They want to cut your connection to your family, to your co-workers, and so basically it’s just you and the entity, and it wants you all to itself. So if there is a jinn and it’s, you know, connecting with you then obviously it’s something I would like to try and help you with. It doesn’t say how long this person’s had it for?

RP: Well this is a very recent one. This is I’m just, I’m working right from the end to get a few recent ones at the moment.

SP: Okay, ah mix and match, okay it sounds like a good idea. One of the things that’s not fully, it’s very poorly understood about these creatures, is that if you suddenly become aware of them, the likelihood is it’s been in you for twenty, thirty, or forty years. They will be like a chameleon. They will lie dormant and they will only activate at certain times, and I’m not clear what causes that activation. It’s a whole host of things. But if you become aware of it, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you just picked it up, but you could have had it for years and years and years. Most of the clients that I’ve dealt with, I say oh 75–80 percent of them have had them for many years. So it’s difficult to say where did I pick it up from? Where did it come from? The way I deal with that is I ask my client to show me a whole host of photographs right back as far as they’ve got, and then I’ll look at the pictures and I’ll be able to tell if there’s enough pictures between the two pictures where there’s definitely a change. So, you know, please get in touch, you know, and then let’s see if we can do something to help.

RP: Okay, thanks. Ramon says since the last six months my son has developed a weakness in his right hand and leg as well. Walking is a bit changed. Doctor told it’s the symptoms of mild Parkinson’s. His normal physical activity has also changed. At present he is taking Syndopa Plus three times a day. Please help us recover by prescribing wellness products.

SP: Well I think this is a great opportunity for everybody listening to this podcast. If you yourself are taking, you know, medicine that you are finding really helpful or you run a little website or a little shop or you know, you know, non-types of moneymaking drugs, shall we just call it, the huge pharmaceutical industry; if you know something that would assist, you know, this questioner will you please get in touch and I will pass that information on to them. So if anybody has any knowledge, if you have any organic medicine or anything that could be of any assistance to this person, please get in touch, and you know, I’ll do my best to make sure we get that passed on to them. This is a great resource, you know, all out there listening and here’s someone calling for help. Let’s see if we can respond. Thank you.

RP: Okay, thank you. Merciful Servant says I am writing not to put a question to you but rather warn you about the danger you are getting yourself into. Jinn are using you. Use of magic will not be forgiven on the day of judgment. Magic is not permitted by God. This may sound crazy to you as you have a connection with some jinn, but when jinns exist it is impossible to believe in the maker of humans and jinn. You help people with their family star signs et cetera. You get this information from jinn whether you know it or not. Jinn also try to fly up to the heavens to listen to what is being said by the angels and they are pelted with stones. Jinn like humans are being tested by God. Do not ruin yourself.

SP: Thank you for reading that out like that.

RP: This is how it is written.

SP: No I mean thank you for, you know, reading it calmly and evenly and you know. Well jinns actually are created by God. They are created by Source. They’re not AI. They’re not something that was made in a test tube. They are created by the great creational force, so they have a right to live and that’s what free will is about. If I was controlled by jinns, I wouldn’t spend my time throwing them out of other people. I would be doing some very naughty things. In history there have been a huge range of people who have had the capability of, you know, removing whatever. And obviously Jesus is the one who stands out, but there are plenty of people today and in past history who have dedicated themselves to, you know, removing these creatures. That doesn’t mean that they are controlled by them, far from it. It’s quite the opposite. I’ll tell you who is controlled by them, satanic magicians.

A satanic magician makes a pact with a particular demon or jinn and that enters his, (it’s usually a man, 99 percent), enters his body and then he can do 4th dimensional magic. .but what it does is it destroys him. You know, most satanical magicians are very very very unhappy with themselves - and night after night they will like to sit up on their own with the lights out because they can’t face themselves. No, removing demons, removing jinn is what I do partly and I’m good at it, and I enjoy doing it. I’m not going to be frightened by any jinn or any demon. The connection to the great creator, you know, we are all judged by ourselves. You know we don’t necessarily need something to tell us whether we’re good or bad. We probably wouldn’t listen to it anyway. It’s what we decide on ourselves, and that’s part of the evolution, the evolution of it. What was the other bit?

RP: I think that was it.

SP: No, I want to answer it fully you know.

RP: Yeah.

SP: And it’s coming from a very religious, the energy behind it is incredibly religious - rocks thrown down on them from heaven. It’s a very strongly held religious view. I know that the questioner doesn’t mean that rocks literally are presumably not thrown down from heaven, more like thunderbolts coming down you know. Let’s just say one of these demons actually wants to change. One of these demons wants to, you know, go into the light in terms of goodness. Surely there wouldn’t be rocks thrown down because, you know, humans can change their course. Humans can make a choice for good and that’s all accepted. The church says you know, it doesn’t matter how many times you kill somebody as long as you come in here and I, as a priest, I forgive you. God forgives you. You know, that’s not me being cynical. That’s the truth isn’t it? Because you can be a great sinner and God can forgive you through a priest, and that’s the system on this planet. Totally mad, but that’s the system within the system. So I think that we need to say that all life has the opportunity and should be able to live. If it chooses to hurt others, then it’s using its free well to hurt others; and it first of all will not evolve, and secondly, it’s got to expect people or something that dislikes its penchant (was a French word - isn’t that for Sunday?) its penchant for hurting people and it decides that it will, you know, do something with them. When I do away with these creatures, I don’t send them to hell you know. I don’t burn them up or throw rocks at them. I send them back to where they came from. That’s the point isn’t it, because if something is hurting somebody, you know - you should use the minimum amount of force to stop that and send it back. Otherwise you become as bad as they are. So that was an interesting question. I did feel the religious energy next to that. Thank you for your concern for me, but I really think that, you know, I’ll be okay. Thank you.

RP: Okay thanks. Frank has written, Dear Simon we are humbly asking your participation and support for the return of light meditation on Monday January the 21st at 5:11 a.m. UTC, so this is tomorrow.

SP: Yep.

RP: Many people globally will meditate for change. Videos and instructions have been created in twenty-six languages.

SP: Yep.

RP: And then a website has been given, a link. You are such an honest and loving soul so appreciated and respected in the community. It would really make a difference if your energy would be part of the meditation. It is so time for us all to really join forces. So with great love and appreciation for all you have done and do, we ask you join and invite you into our community to join. Please consider this request. Thank you.

SP: Oh, I don’t need to consider it. I’m absolutely yes, no problem at all. What you haven’t talked about there is that there are certain cabalistic or satanic actions that take place on certain times and certain dates. It is appropriate on some occasions to counter that. And, it’s not a coincidence that, you know, certain very important constellation positions have a great effect on the way the cabal, the Satan group, whatever you want to call it. So yes, I think it’s something that I haven’t put a call out to the group. I’ve let groups do it individually. If the group wants to do it, if an individual wants to do it, that’s part of Connecting Consciousness that’s absolutely fine. I’m looking at perhaps possibly something else in the next few weeks which we will action as a group; but I will be taking part in this tomorrow because it’s a different time here in the United Kingdom. I do give my support to it and it would be a very useful block on something that otherwise would have a free reign. Yes, so thank you for your kind words. Thank you.

RP: Okay, thanks, yeah that’s the, it’s to line up with the wolf blood moon which is the wolf is to do with the moon…[crosstalk]

SP: Right, yeah, I wasn’t going to…

RP: The blood moon is to do with the…

SP: Fine, okay, I mean that’s great, yeah.

RP: A super moon.

SP: I wasn’t going to use that, but it is… now you’ve mentioned it. And fair enough, you know, it’s part of a control mechanism. There are a certain number of people on the planet who are under control of a certain force and there’s no coincidence that this particular phase of the moon, this type of action has got the name it’s got. We’re not gonna say that again, and it’s part of a program and one of the reasons I did not… I left it voluntarily; because there is sometimes some kickback energy from dealing with this type of thing.

You know, most meditations, you can do a meditation and you come away and that’s fine, but there are some meditations where you feel resistance and that’s fine too; but sometimes when it tries to follow you back and then tries to go through you, the type of force behind this is not particularly pleasant. So I’ve not said this is what we should do. What I’ve said is that it’s up to you entirely individually. I certainly will be putting through it because I rather dislike the people who, the evil people, who will try to use this natural situation. I say natural, the moon is not natural, but this type of action that’s going to occur, and I really don’t want them to gain any power or manipulate anybody with it. So yeah, it’s one for each individual for him or her to make that decision. Thank you.

RP: Okay, thanks. Samantha says, outer space is so vast it stands to reason that aliens are real probably and I’d imagine some species are more advanced and some less so, but obviously I don’t think they need to bother with us. Other species do not have the same needs and wants and desires as we do overall. So why would aliens want what we have? For all we know some could be so advanced they experience things we can’t even comprehend and don’t need what we have or want it. We flatter ourselves to think that they are interested in us. It’s like how long do you spend looking at a goldfish and pondering on how it is enjoying the tank wanting its life.

SP: Right we don’t…

RP: It’s a statement but that they are pondering about…

SP: We don’t need to speculate on it. If you do your Freedom of Information Act to your government, wherever you live, and just ask how many missing children the state or the country has registered that year in most cases you are going to get told that they no longer keep the records for that. You may be lucky and find that some states keep records in America and some don’t. When we look at the number of missing children and then we look at how many are found or returned, there is a huge staggering number each year across the planet that seem to vanish into thin air. I can assure you that there are some very evil entities, extradimensional, interdimensional beings, whatever you want to call them who have a great interest in humans and will take them and not return them. From a less vicious side, we have something they don’t have. We have spirituality. We have a connection or the potential connection to the 12th dimension. We have a genetic genome code which allows anyone who had the ability to take that and mix it with their own to be more psychic, to have a greater connection to Source, and to be able to evolve. Okay, and the next question now.

RP: The next question is by Arthur. It’s not really a question. It’s a statement.

SP: Okay.

RP: Dear Simon, you stated that Northern Ireland backed Theresa May. This is not correct. As I live there, I know that 55.8 of the population voted to remain in the EU. I can also inform you that the EU are doing a magnificent job with their peaceful program helping to bring the two communities together, especially the young people. Happy research. I admire your work generally.

SP: Thank you for generally admiring my work. Well what you’ve done is you’ve looked at the figures, the percentage of the voters. What I’m looking at is the DUP (Democratic Unionist Party), the Northern Ireland Members of Parliament who backed Theresa May in the vote of no confidence. So the members of Parliament for Northern Ireland do indeed back Theresa May because they proved it in the House of Commons when the leader of the opposition brought a vote of no confidence against Theresa May, they supported her. Even the major newspapers commented that had the Northern Ireland Members of Parliament abstained or voted against, then she would have lost. They calculated that she would have lost by one. So yes, I’m sure that if you look at the percentage of people that vote, but when we have a first-pass-the-post system or even some of the alternative voting systems, it doesn’t always represent the wishes of the people. The fact of the matter is in the House of Parliament in Great Britain I believe there are ten Unionists, Irish members of Parliament and they support Theresa May. So that’s a fact.

In terms of the EU, I’m going to be a little bit cynical and say that the EU’s money is doing a great job. One of the reasons that Southern Ireland is so determined to stay in the European Union is they get out of the European Union more than they put in. So they obtain more money through grants and gifts than they actually have to pay out. And I think that there’s a distinction between money, because there is a political, you know, handle behind that, and real wishes and wills to achieve something. If I look at Europe and the European Union I would just counter it with the plans they have at the moment now to create a European army. That’s not really going off my head. You’ll find that on the official regular news. They wish to create a European army because they don’t trust the Americans. They don’t trust the Russians. This is all word for word, and they don’t trust the Chinese. The point is we have something called NATO—North Atlantic Treaty Organization—which is the military arm of the Western world; originally of course designed to stop an attack by Russia, but that attack from Russia never came. So Europe actually isn’t a good force. It isn’t a good force for judgment and that is why the British people nearly in every constituency… remember we vote somewhat differently in this country - but every constituency, the vast majority of those people voted to leave Europe.

And I’m of an age, I can remember ’73 or ’74 when there was a vote to join Europe, but what we were actually asked to vote for was a common market. That was what it was called. We were asked to vote do we want to join the common market, and people were threatened with well if you don’t join the common market, you’ll be outside of the market and you won’t be able to survive. Now prior to that of course, we’d been doing trade with New Zealand, Australia, Canada, North America, India, and every other non-European country. Over the years, Britain wasn’t really asked to, as a nation, to do a referendum. It suddenly moved from being a member of a common market, to being member of a government. So when and where did it suddenly become a, you know, a government that was a market?

I’ve got very grave concerns about the European Union because these are incredibly well-paid fat bureaucrats. They’ve all been bankers or lawyers, who have no connection with ordinary people. They’re ferried around in the most expensive motorcars, their private aircraft, and yes, they have money to spend and they will spend it on Ireland because it is a political priority for them. How many farmers in Great Britain like the European Union? How many fishermen like the European Union? How many ordinary people who cannot now go and buy a standard light bulb because the law says they can’t. Now that’s the question.

You vote for your lawmakers to make a decision and what we’ve had in Great Britain is lawmakers based in another country imposing laws. That’s why Britain flipped. It went from a country that broadly supported the European concept to a country that didn’t. And there will be times when money from Europe is used for good purposes. It may well be that the European Union has some crazy idea with the money for Ireland, but very good local Irish politicians or members of the community said, well that’s not going to work. We’re the guys and girls on the ground. We know what needs to work. You give us the money and we’ll make it work. Now that’s great. So you know, that’s my answer to you, but thank you for liking some of my work and I’m very grateful to you, thank you.

What I want to do quickly now is to read out my list of thank-you’s. It’s smaller than normal because Christmas time is always difficult for everyone, but I really need to thank Valerie, Enrique, Bob, Rick, Imogene, Greta, Sue, Robert, [1:00:40][Para ma jo ti], Catherine, Christopher, Benjamin, Shamsa, Anne, Tina, Elisa, Sheryl, Isabelle, Nathan, Olaf, Robinson, Jane, Texas, Valerie, George, Xsane, Thomas, Ralph, Jennette, Nick, Warehouse, Margaret, David, Mary, Lars, Jennifer, Rhoda, Joan, Edison, Jeff, Catherine, Oliver, Ruth, and Charlotte. If I’ve missed you out I’m really sorry, but thank you ever so much for everybody who has been very kind and donated a little bit it’s been really good.

I’m having to use a large part of that money for a new computer. You know we’ve had some grave issues with the sound and the computer that we have been using was very kindly donated to me by a really great guy in 2015. So it’s run from 2015 to 2019 and then it’s begun to fail. So I had to use that money. Also the sound system wasn’t any good. The chair I had - many of you have complained that it squeaked terribly, so I’ve used again the remaining money to buy the chair; because, you know, I need for you to be able to hear Becky and I and to be able to come across to you in a professional way. We don’t have a studio but, you know, we want to try and do the best we can. So that’s what we’ve done.

Now what I want to do is to show you, a member of Connecting Consciousness in Ireland sent me this and I want to show it to you. Was it Ireland or Birmingham, can you remember Becky? Was it Ireland or Birmingham?

RP: I actually don’t know.

SP: I can’t remember so you’ll have to forgive me. But remember those of a certain age that there was the Haynes Manual. The Haynes Manual was a manual that was all about motorcars, and my very first motorcar was a Talbot, no - my second motor car was a Talbot Sunbeam. I remember having the Haynes Manual for the Talbot Sunbeam; but look here’s a skit on it [picture on the cover of the manual of three Grey-type aliens with title “Alien Invasion, Know your enemy (all extra-terrestrial life forms) Owners’ Resistance Manual”]. This is the Haynes magazine doing that.

Now we’ve always talked haven’t we about disclosure done secretly through the door. Now how they got away with this, I marked it with a paper. Talk about disclosure, so here’s the Haynes Manuel. [picture of Queen Elizabeth II with half human/half reptilian face]. How on earth have they gotten away with that? So there’s Her Majesty the Queen with her skin peeled away with a Reptile tongue and a Reptile behind it. The color’s not right but that doesn’t matter. That’s excellent, so I would recommend you. I don’t know if they’re still available but there’s a lot of truth being leaked out in the most crazy ways. That was a brilliant Christmas present, and I thank you very much indeed.

I guess we’ve probably done the time. Is it okay Becky if we call it a day there, yeah?

RP: Yeah, that’s fine and we’ll just pick up next time where we’ve left off.

SP: All right. Thank you very much, so I want to thank everyone. We always knew didn’t we - that 2019 would be a bit of a rollercoaster. If we look back over the last three years, it’s been ramping up all the time, but this has got to be the year when things are sorted. It has to happen this year. If it doesn’t, I believe we’ve lost a terrible opportunity to put right. We have a terrible situation on the Earth. It needs to be put right and 2019 needs to be the day. So thanks ever so much. Thank you for listening and speak to you soon. Take care. Bye-bye.


Transcribed by GSC January 24, 2019

Proofread by CJH January 28, 2019

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