Podcast: Recorded Saturday, November 17, 2018

with Rebecca Parkes

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Connecting Consciousness Podcast: News, Questions & Answers

Recorded Saturday, November 17, 2018

Simon discusses the project “Return to Life,” that would return money to the people by setting up some sort of equitable financial system; exotic weaponry appears to be used in burning California to a crisp; Brexit unraveling; Interpol looking at a Russian to lead its organization; Simon asks for volunteer musicians to send a demonstration of the difference between 440 Hz and 432 Hz tuning frequencies; Southern Ireland doing terrorist drill; Question Topics: what is the role of Columbia both on- and off-planet at present; why are voter fraud and child trafficking in California allowed to flourish; dark tendencies of current leadership in China; will artifacts/technology from Antarctica be shared with public; reports of underground cabal base raided in Ireland; do blood transfusions transfer soul memories; opinion on barbankar; seeing AI spiders; ways of attracting Jinn/shadow beings; canceled chemtrails still there; do Queen Elizabeth II’s grandchildren know the truth about her overlay; why does our artificial moon affect us emotionally?

Simon Parkes: Hello and welcome to another Connecting Consciousness. Today is Saturday the 17th, and if all things go as planned then this will be recorded and put out for tomorrow, Sunday the 18th. Well so much has gone on and I look back to perhaps five, six, seven weeks ago when I was saying that this run-up to Christmas would be perhaps some of the most busiest or difficult or most challenging, and that seems to be the case. Literally every three or four days we’re getting something that’s perhaps designed to keep humanity from grounding itself. Perhaps it’s just the way it always is but certainly it is very fluid.

So I want to talk I’ll go globally first of all. A couple of commentators have been mentioning that there’s some arrangement or deal at the highest level of banking, the highest level of Freemasonry, but not just Freemasonry, secret societies or secret groups. I certainly am picking up this information. The words that I’m being told and the project is being called a Return to Life. What that means is returning money to the people, returning money to the living creatures on the planet, but the terminology that or the name of the project that I’m being given is being called Return to Life. Depending on which organizations divided up the world into sections or groups, not just continents but groups, and each group is sort of deciding how it might best implement a more equitable financial system or a more equitable way of returning money to the people.

I mean in some places money has never been returned to the people at all, so anything that does that would be good, but this is part of a project that’s been discussed quite intently for the last two years, eighteen months, but has been on the cards for a number of years, So in America they’re tranche of money, they want to use that to do away with the Federal Reserve and have a financial reset. That’s their plan.

Difficulty at the moment in Europe because Europe has a very very dug-in entrenched satanic forces so there aren’t really very many voices for Europe to implement things, but ultimately it would be a named person in a particular location who would then decide how that money was distributed out. What we’re talking about is large amounts of money that need to go back towards the people and this is everything from a reset perspective right through to literally standing on the street corner handing out money. I mean that’s… obviously that’s not going to happen, but then in terms of projects that’s set up, so it isn’t just a case of setting up a project and not having any result to it. There certainly will be some very clear ground rules laid down, but the amazing thing here is that both East and West have actually come to some arrangement.

The Vatican believe it or not has also signed up to this. They’ve done so not perhaps because their heart is in it but because they know that if they don’t the destruction of the Catholic Church, which is already unfolding in front of us, would be exacerbated and sped up, so their signatures are to it as well.

All right, America, I want to talk about the fires. I do agree that there’s been a range of, I call them exotic weaponry, some of these weapons have been fired from helicopter. Some I believe are fired from drones, and some are a microwave type device that basically means that things cook or heat from the inside and burn outwards. Others are more of a plasma type energy weapon which does not prey like a microwave but still has an intense high heat. There’s a small nuclear facility that’s had some damage to it, a storage area that I’ve heard. It’s not a Fukushima. It’s nothing like that but there have been issues there. Also, I believe there is some validity to properties of the fact these smart meters pumping out all these microwaves. It is possible to hone in, because they are generating signals and it might be if anybody had the inclination to do a calculation of how many homes with smart meters were burnt to a crisp, and how many were not, I suspect we would find that a number with smart meters was appreciably higher, but that’s not proven. That’s just from the information I’m receiving.

Really interesting, I want to talk about the situation in Britain now. Brexit, it’s unraveling in two ways. Firstly it doesn’t look like Brexit anymore. It looks like we’re gonna stay part of Europe but as far as the public is concerned the document that’s gonna be sold or shown says we’ve left, but in reality we haven’t, so that’s a very serious point and why so many supporters of Brexit in Parliament are prepared to vote against Theresa May, the British Prime Minister, and indeed on the other side of the fence, those people who wanted to remain in Europe are feeling that we should have just stayed in Europe anyway. The deal being put forward it’s neither one thing or the other. So Theresa May can’t win, and I did put on my website two or three days ago, perhaps you know, the next few hours will be vital.

I understand that you do need 48 members of parliament from the governing party to write in to say that they want to challenge the leader. Now I understand that 48 letters have gone in, but some of them did not use the correct wording. If you write in and you say you’re pretty fed up with your leader and you wish that she would change course that isn’t using the right terminology, so I think there’s something like 35 to 40 letters in which are official and this weekend will be the deciding factor as to whether the remaining few will go in. If so we would have a leadership challenge as early as Tuesday. Nothing would be decided but the announcement would be made on Tuesday, so a very very interesting time for Great Britain, a very difficult time, and it’s very difficult to see how anyone could cobble together anything. My own view is the best deal as a general election. I actually think that we don’t need another referendum. This government is just… it doesn’t know where it’s going, so let’s have a general election and just see what would come from that. So that’s actually how I feel the best way out of this would be.

If we look at how the media, I just posted it on the website before coming on today, the media in America has continually tried to find President Trump guilty of sitting down with the Russians and trying to work with the Russians to remove Hillary Clinton. How everything and anyone who does anything wrong on a global scale must be Russian, and it’s absolutely laughable if unfortunately so many ordinary people didn’t fall for it. So I know that as I said on the website, people who listen to these podcasts and conferences and everyone else’s shows are awake and aware, and we do actually need to reach the people who are not awake and aware. Here’s a fact. This is what I went with, that Interpol, which is the international police forces, the police force of the world, so basically if you’re in Africa and you want to extradite somebody or you want to get a charge on someone who’s fled your country, and let’s say they’ve gone from Africa, excuse me, to America or to Britain or to Ireland, Interpol is the one that draws up that arrest warrant and that is effective in nearly every country.

Well they had a guy and he got off an airplane in China. He was the head of Interpol, head of the police force, the world police force, and he got off an airplane in China and was promptly arrested by the Chinese authorities. This is the Dragon Society who didn’t like him because this guy had been corrupt, and within a day or two days, he put a letter in resigning as head of Interpol. So that meant they had a great chance to recruit a new head of Interpol. So you look at the world scheme and you look at the way everything is and you think well who would they choose? Would they choose perhaps an American, probably, possibly a French person, or a British person? No they want a Russian. They actually want a guy who’s head of the interior ministry in Russia.

Now the interior ministry in the days of the Communist Party was half of a cover for the KGB. It was a Secret Service and I’m sure that although Russia is no longer a communist country, I’m sure that the ministry does have a lot of dealings with spy networks and that’s why of course Interpol are interested, because the guy’s got his secret police record. They like that, but it’s incredible that on one hand you’ve got Hollywood screaming about Trump about Russian involvement, and you have the world police force actually wanting a serving member of the Russian civil service to head them. And this is the ridiculousness that fake news, fake stories are sold to the general public, but if you actually look and dig, even as it’s just nonsense, because if this really was the case and the Russians were out to rule the world, you certainly wouldn’t have all the other countries who make up Interpol as the French, the Germans, Spanish, the Italians, and British, the Americans voting and wanting a Russian. So it’s just absolutely ridiculous isn’t it? So then I thought was… well it’s amusing, but actually it’s desperately sad because you’ve got this one hand of this huge game playing out. So on the other side it’s business as usual, so I wanted to do that.

I want to thank everyone who wrote in. We talked about the frequencies of sound, the modern change as opposed to the older change, and we’ve had a lot of responses and what I want to do is not gonna lose this or drop it. I’m going to have a word with Andy who does the website. I want to see if some of you might be prepared to do a short two or three minute feed which could come on to my website. Some of you who are musicians could actually play some notes in the old frequency and then the same tune in the new frequency, so we can have a look at that. I know there’s loads of stuff on YouTube, but I don’t want that. I want people who listen to this show to actually be involved in this. It would be very easy just go on YouTube and put some links on, but if there’s any of you who are very gifted like that, then, and you know, if you can just let us know and I’d love to do that, because that means that we’ve talked about the topic. It’s something you feel passionate about. You’ve written in. I’d like to go with that and respond to that. It’s really important because that good energy needs to be shared, so that was great. I wanted to thank everyone for that.

I’ll do my usual thank-you’s for the donations. Just to let you know that from the donations I got in, I did actually donate to a number of people who lost their homes, lost quite a lot in the California fires, so I did donate for that, and I just wanted to let you know that some of that money I used for that. I thought it was important. You know I don’t believe those fires were started by somebody knocking some hot embers out of a campfire and starting it up. I do believe there’s something more sinister behind that, and as always it is the ordinary decent people that are on the receiving end, and there are people who’ve lost their homes, they’ve lost their clothes, literally just got out with what they’ve got and they’re lucky that they made it with their lives, because as we know, the death toll is climbing now. So you know I just wanted to let you know that that’s what I did with some of that donation, so thank you very much for that.

Right that’s it really. I am expecting more issues. Somebody sent me a feed today which is really helpful. For the first time in my knowledge in Ireland, Southern Ireland they went through a practice drill as if somebody had driven a car into a group of people and rushed into a building and taken hostages, and they role played that out, the military, ambulance, police, the lot, and you’d have to think to yourself why would a country like Southern Ireland be wanting to practice that sort of scenario. So maybe they know something that we don’t know. So that again is official and you can find that out.

So okay I think we’ll go and say hello to Becky and hopefully we’ve got some really good questions to follow on from what we had last time.

Rebecca Parkes: The first question is from Manual who says hello Simon, first of all thank you for all the work you’ve been doing giving people light through knowledge. I’m from Bogota, Colombia, great coffee, finest emeralds and Pablo Escobar. I would like to ask you what’s the role of the country right now? Are there any alien species working here? I think all the drug issues was just a façade, that the [real and dark] came here for the resources. This land is very rich in terms of gold and emeralds, et cetera. It’d be great to listen to your point of view. Thanks a lot.

SP: Well thank you for listening to the shows and thank you for your words. I don’t think it’s just that. I think there really was money to be made, and we know previous American administrations have either turned a blind eye to their secret services or they’ve been heavily involved themselves, and the point about South America was it was the back garden of the United States, and if you could control the government, then you could have a cash crop of drugs. Then that was all for the good from their perspective, so there really were not just battles for hearts and minds but real physical wars you know. Think about Sandinistas. Think about Ollie North, El Salvador. Think of all the South American countries that America has had an involvement in, but you’re specifically asking about off-planet connections.

Off-planet connections can occur in any country. If an off-planet intelligence wants to work with a set individual, it, in most cases, doesn’t go through the government. In most cases it would just get directly to that individual, find where they live, they don’t go through the phone book, and they’ll work with that person for the period of time that they think necessary, but you’re asking about at a higher level in terms of government involvements.

So off-planet entities would be interested in a government if that government had a large influence over the planet, if it was a suitable operation for whatever they were looking for. There are three South American countries that hold a 4th dimensional frequency energy to them, and as a result of that Reptilian or 4th dimensional entities have for quite a while been involved in their governments, but most of the countries in South America there is no official ET involvement at government level.

You often get a scientific level intelligence coming in from off-planet wanting to work with scientists either for the good or for ill, and which is separate from the government or separate from the military, but in your country there isn’t a coordinated, to my knowledge, a coordinated off-planet engagement with that government because of the, and you’re quite right, the minerals in the earth are much more valuable to humans than they are to off-planet entities in your country, so therefore it is the usual story of mining corporations or American second, third companies removed involved in that. So you’ve got China, Russia, and America all vying for resources in countries that are not officially part of any one block. So to answer the question then, there to my knowledge, there isn’t an overall strategy, although I do know that people in the South American countries are being worked with on an individual basis. Thank you for your question. Thank you.

RP: Okay, thank you. Tom says I live in San Jose, California, and with everything that is going on here in this state I have a couple questions. First question: Is someone working on fixing the voter fraud and or would it be a good idea to leave this state? Second question: Why isn’t President Trump arresting top people who are running or have a large part in child trafficking deep state shadow government? I appreciate all you’ve done and continue doing.

SP: Thank you. Several questions there. Let’s take the easier ones first. For some unknown reason, we know the real reason, but let’s just, let’s some fun. For some unknown reason the American system uses 20-plus-year-old machines to count votes. The argument is that there are so many people in America casting their votes that they can’t do it by hand. They need machines. Yet they have machines that are really old and continually break down and have a problem so why do they continue to use them? They continue to use them because they’re very easy to fix, and I don’t mean fix as in repair. I mean fix as in alter the result. That’s the point. So one government that’s in power keeps the machines because it can put pressure on it, and then the people in opposition say this is a fraud. This is a fix, you know, this is wrong, and then when they get in they say, oh we can manipulate this. So you know they’re all as bad as each other really from that perspective, so the machines are easier to influence than they are human counting. That’s the first thing.

I do remember many years ago now so it seems on this planet, the battle between Bush where you know he was challenged legally by the Democratic contender. Bush said you know, you’ve got to do what you got to do. Do your legal challenges and there was a lot of legal challenges around the pin counting machines. For people who are not in America, what happens is that the machine punches holes in the ballot paper and it was called a hanging chad. So the piece of paper, if the piece of paper hasn’t been fully punched through, is that a vote or isn’t it a vote? I mean it’s just mind-numbing, but nevertheless there’s that. So that’s the easy monty here to answer.

Do you want… do you have to leave, no you wouldn’t leave because of that. I mean people are more likely to leave California because their homes have been burnt to crisp than any voter fraud. The real question you’re talking for me that’s the important one is, you know, why isn’t Trump doing things about it, the real issues, child trafficking, pedophilia. I’m going to be putting on the website in the next few days a list of all of the American states and how many sealed indictments there are in each state, and I was told about a week ago there’s now over 60,000. Those of you who are sharp-eyed and sharp-eared might remember that not so long ago I was saying 40,000, 40,000 that’s a lot. I’m gonna have to find out about that, and then I had the information and I was happy with that. Now there are 60,000 and I’m going to be putting the proof on the website for you to have a look at so it can’t… I won’t give any names and details, but it can show you how many indictments in each state and what’s interesting is if you take what we call a Rust Belt State, that’s a very depressed rundown area where the elite don’t want to go, the number of sealed indictments are quite small. You take a nice fanciful area like Hawaii the indictments are huge. They’re running at about 5,000 a month, so that tells us that, you know, there’s still a lot of work to be done. As soon as anybody starts legal action then the rats disappear, and I think that what Trump is doing is he wants to get as much of the net around his fish as he can so that he can net in as many of them as is possible. Now that’s my fervent hope.

I’ve always been concerned that an American president who wants to do good work but is so conscious of the fact that so many people want to kill him might go ahead and get loads of indictments done, sealed up, and say to people, tell you what if you don’t actually kill me, I won’t actually open the indictments. In other words a sort of an insurance policy, and I’ve always had a little bit of me which said I really want to see those indictments open soon, because I need to see this is not an insurance policy. This is really an effect of getting out the broom and sweeping the dirty floor clean.

With the results in from the midterm it’s as we expected that Republicans lost the house, but not just held the Senate but increased the strength in the Senate. That means that he’s there for another two years. He cannot be removed by impeachment. They can’t get rid of him. All these nonsense on websites about how they would get rid of him. They can’t. Anybody who’s writing that nonsense hasn’t actually understood the Constitution of America and what you have to do to get rid of an American president. You have to have both houses. They can’t, so whatever the house actually writes through and says, then the Senate if it’s controlled by Trump’s party, can just block it. So that’s not going to happen, and that means then from his perspective, that’s the president’s perspective, he doesn’t have to open these documents immediately. He’s got two years. I’ve always wanted them open before Christmas because I was really worried about the midterm elections. There was a possibility that, you know, that he could have lost both houses. I’m more relaxed now, but I still want those things opened, but I am persuaded by the argument that there are still many thousands of people who have not been connected yet. In other words let’s say somebody lives in New York State and they are involved in pedophilia, but there’s someone else in a separate indictment who’s in Louisiana. Well what they’re doing is they want all of these indictments done and remember that it’s not one name per indictment, so some indictments have five, six, seven names on them. So I might be looking at something like two hundred thousand to a quarter of a million names. That’s really staggering and not all of them are in America. Some of them are abroad, so my answer is I understand why he’s not acted yet, but I really want him to act soon. Thank you, it’s a really good question.

RP: Okay thanks. Mike says hello Simon, good to be in touch again. We had a Skype session back in early 2016. My questions on a current issue are could you give us please an honest unequivocal reflection on what is happening these days in China and with the current party leadership in China that behaves in a horrific manner, but reminding many people around the globe of a very nasty totalitarian dictatorship evolving seemingly worse than that of Nazi Germany. Why is everything turning into a fear-mongering instead of a continuous growth of peace? There are many more questions, but I believe that you’ll give us a comprehensive answer. I appreciate it and with a big thank you, Mike.

SP: Thanks Mike. I bless you because what you’re saying is I’ve got loads questions for you, but if I ask you one question I’ll get it more fully answered. I think that’s what you’re saying. Right listen cast your minds back to those images on television right back, what was it 1989, 1990, 1991 of the Chinese student standing in front of a tank in Tiananmen Square. Don’t forget that China has always, certainly since the time of the Little Red Book and Chairman Mao, had a very different attitude towards its people, and the people have by and large accepted that. So when we talk about this sort of what we call camera face technology that the Chinese are piloting at the moment, you know, face recognition, you really need to look on it as just part and parcel of a control system in China.

The real key here is the government is separate from the Dragon Societies, so the government of China, this isn’t very good analogy, but it’s more Freemasonry. The government of China is more controlled or control-like than some of the secret societies that are beneath them simply because the secret societies are not politicians. They are going to be there for another thousand years, whereas these politicians, like all politicians, are only there till the next election maybe, and so we tend to have in countries like China that has a huge population, a panic on how to control these people. I mean, you know, I wouldn’t think about how do you control people. I would think how do you set people free, but that’s not how these leaders think. They think my population is growing. My power base is being diluted. How am I going to control all these people and know what they’re doing. I want to know what they’re doing. I want to know what they’re saying about me, and so you’ve got a division in China between the government, the controlling party and the separate section, which is the underground secret societies. Then the military in China really do take their command from the politicians. There isn’t going to be a military dictatorship any time soon, but the Chinese government is out of step, excuse me, and they actually sort of made this decision that they wanted to rule the world, not by the gun, but by their financial system.

So the Chinese want to lock in and control their own country so that when they really, they haven’t started yet believe it or not, when they really turn their attention to the outside world economically they don’t fear a knife in the back from their own people, and so that’s what’s going on at the moment, but I will tell you this, that some of the senior people in the Chinese government are not at all liked by other very powerful people on the planet and they’re not really that safe, so I wouldn’t expect the Chinese government to be the same makeup in a year’s time. It’s a good question. We don’t often talk about China very much. It is becoming more in our face I think. Thank you.

RP: Okay thank you. John says will it soon be too late to recover artifacts from the Antarctic? Are the powers that be selectively destroying them? We may never know the full picture. Thanks, John.

SP: No, it’s not in humans nature to destroy things that you can control. It’s not in humans nature to destroy things you can control. I’ll repeat that deliberately. That’s a really important point. If a human is given something and they can make it work and they understand it, they won’t destroy it. The scientist might say I have discovered a really terrible bomb and it’s so terrible that I don’t want the world to have it so I want to destroy it. That’s quite a high view. Whereas military, government, all the rest of it would say, “Ah that’s really useful; we’re going to keep that.”

The whole point about the deal with Antarctica was trying to get technologies out which then could be filtered through the particularly, the American corporations, and also some other, not trade deals as such, but some understanding of what could and couldn’t be discussed.

President Trump was the only president to my knowledge who’s talked about a space fleet or a space force. Now we all know, those of us who are awake and aware, that there has long been a space force or a space fleet. People call it the Secret Space Program. I hope no one’s going to sue me because I’ve said SSP. I know someone’s trying to patent that or copyright that, but a secret program in space is long been the goal of many countries, but only a precious few were in a position to have the finances and the authority to do it. Now what happened was that Russians, instead of trying to create their own space fleet, went in with the Americans to some extent, although it is largely an American-backed operation, but by President Trump talking about it, he’s getting it in the minds of the people that there is or will be a space fleet. That’s a really big step. That’s a really big step, and a lot of the technologies that are coming out of Antarctica are, as we would say in Great Britain “dog old,” but they are hugely advanced. Many of these technologies, are more advanced than anything the Greys ever gifted to the United States government, and so it might be possible then for Trump to release the triangle one. That’s the first generation triangle black craft and sell that to the public in terms of PR as this is our space fleet, and we would see from a human point of view 20-year-old, 25-year-old first generational triangle spacecraft, but of course to the unaware and unawake this would be absolutely exciting. All the rest of us are saying well hang on a minute, we were talking about this a long time ago, but at least Trump is actually trying to open that debate by saying that he is going to start up a space fleet and then he can bring out these craft.

Now if he’s got this advanced technology coming through from Antarctica, then he will be in a position with the military to release stuff to the public and through the corporations of course, who then will do with it, so we should see huge increases.

I’m going to give you a little bit of a a point here. I recently went and saw “Fantastical Beasts” at the cinema and really enjoyed it, and that was in 4K and it was in 3D. At the moment in laboratories in America they are on the verge of launching 8K. Now you know we can go to a shop and pay through the nose for a disc, Blu-ray disc, which is 4K, but they’re actually working on 8K, so there’s a 20-odd year lag behind between what the general public get, what the corporations have and then there’s a further lag with what the military have, so when this stuff from Antarctica comes out, it has the potential to make America great again. That’s where Trump started his slogan because he knew that making America great again wasn’t just about the Dow Jones. It was about an injection of technology that the like of which have not been seen for perhaps a hundred years, well since 1947 and Roswell, but they messed up the way that they released that technology through to the corporations. They’ve learned from that and they’ll have it a different way. So that’s the point there, that humans only destroy what they can’t control and work, and if they fear that somebody else is going to get it.

And what the Knights Templars do is that they don’t like sharing with anybody and in some cases I think they’ve got it right, that they will hide such technologies from everybody because they don’t want others to get it and do whatever. So there are many factions on this planet, all with the different agendas and it’s down to each piece of technology what it does and how useful is it.

Think about a story I’ve told about my mother and the work she did, and how she would be typing up the documents from the German scientists who were back engineering this material from some spacecraft, and it was all about, you know, what can we do with it? How does it work? What application can we use it and that’s what humans do. That’s why I could speak with such passion because I’ve read document after document after document of military asking scientists what can we do with this? We’re not interested in what the aliens did with it because that’s just not, you know, relevant to us, but what can you do with it for us. What could we use it for, and in so many cases its application was just not viable on the Earth, but it left opportunities for other things, and in many cases if we take an output of a 100 percent for these devices, they were only getting 10 percent output from it, so 10 percent of its capability, but that 10 percent was greater than we had on the Earth at that time anyway. So it’s a real industry and a real business. That’s a good question and I hope that’s a good enough answer. Thank you.

RP: Okay Thanks. Scot says in Ireland, Kerry County recent reports stated that an underground cabal base was raided. What do you know about this, its purpose, ET involvement, unresolved issues? Thanks.

SP: This was probably back in the summer. I don’t think it’s a recent thing. No, I think I would be a little bit careful here because although it is a little bit old, it hasn’t broken into the public news yet. Perhaps it never will. The problem we have with a very strong solid Catholic country is that unscrupulous deranged men can create their fantasies which would be child trafficking, and if some of those individuals are not just localized but they have connections going out throughout the planet, then they bring themselves to the attention, and there have been a number of safe houses or facilities which have been raided by very small but select group working at some arm’s length from the American military to take out the facility and just to prevent it from operating. I don’t see this as an underground alien base. I see it as much more earthly and much more to do with the battle that’s being fought on the planet at the moment. That’s not to say that aliens or some faction of an alien group is not involved in it.

You know those of us who are not frightened to talk about such things will say that, you know, the Reptilian, certain arms of the Reptilian group, will trade people. They will actually murder people and then sell the bodies, and if you think right back to when Forrestal leapt out of that hospital window supposedly; we know he was pushed but supposedly he jumped to his death. The reason that he started to want to go public right back then was that he’d been shown a spacecraft and in the spacecraft were body parts, human body parts, which clearly had been dissected and taken off.

Now we’re not going off the topic too much. If you can try and watch a couple of YouTube shows from the Gerry Anderson serial called “UFO,” it was made in 1969–1970, a fictitious story but based on fact, and if those of you who have been watching me for long enough will remember that the very first episode of that one, my mother was instructed to make me watch, and what she actually said to me was you have to watch the first episode which was an extended version because that’s truth, and all the rest of the episodes is just nonsense, and you can watch them if you want but they’re all nonsense, but the first one is actually based on reality.

And that’s where there’s an American general, his attaché, and British minister in a Rolls Royce and is attacked by a flying saucer, but the point was that in the spacecraft in this story the pilots of these alien spacecraft had undergone transplants. That’s how they were getting around it. It would be too much for children’s TV show to say that the spacecraft had crashed and when they got there they found a bit of an arm and bit of a leg. That’s just too horrifying and also it’s too near the damn truth. So the closest the Andersons could get to the truth was saying these aliens were coming from a dying world. They were coming here, capturing humans, killing them but taking their organs, so in a couple of the shows they talk about what’s got a new liver or got a new kidney. That’s as close as they could go to it. So we know that occurs. That happens and so some of the underground bases are storage places for such bodies, and in the old days under different administrations there was an overt agreement. Now it’s a covert agreement because it’s no longer fashionable to work with these off-planet aliens because the consciousness on the planet has changed. It’s still going on, but it’s not going on in the way it was, so I can’t confirm that the underground base that you’re referring to was that. I can say that it was more to do with the more earthly issues that we’re now dealing with on the planet. Good question. Thank you for that.

RP: Thank you. Sydney says I was wondering if you could touch on blood transfusions. After giving birth I had a rare postpartum bleeding called subinvolution, the placenta site, which ended up requiring a blood transfusion. Anything that transferred over in terms of one’s soul to me? Thank you, shine on.

SP: Well thank you shine on oh bright one. Someone’s been reading my stuff. Thank you. No, genetic material yes, soul memory no. It’s very very… it’s really difficult one simply because we know that water can take a memory. Water can take information. That’s how the Earth transfers a lot of information of underground streams, but the Earth whilst it’s a living entity, is not a biological living entity in the same way that a human or a cat or a dog is. So blood transfusion won’t 99.9 pass that across to you. It is to do with soul memory. That’s really how you can do it. So for instance when we talk about past lives we are remembering that our soul had incarnated and been in a body whatever many years ago, and we saw with eyes, and we heard with ears, and it wasn’t just the brain that remembered it, but the soul remembered. The soul has a memory and so 500 years later, you know, we come back into this body, in this life, and we have these memories.

Now those memories can either come back in the day time or they can come back as dreams, but they’ll come back in some shape or form for some people and that’s a really important way, but a blood transfusion 99.9 percent would not transfer soul issue like that. I have to say 99.9 because I suppose if you’re an incredibly psychic person and if there was something you might just pick up on it, but I really wouldn’t want you to be concerned about that at all because I don’t feel there’s a concern. Thank you.

RP: Okay thanks. Bridget would like to know what is your understanding and opinion on haldankar, spelled H-A-L-D-A-N-K-A-R.

SP: I don’t generally sort of push one form of meditation or one form or astral projection or out of body experience. I tend ,when I work with my clients, I tend to ask them have you ever experienced out of body or astral travel, and if they have then I ask them to give me a little rundown of how that worked for them, and in most cases it’s spontaneous, and some of those people will then go on and do their own research and then find a discipline that works for them, and there are actually more books out there than you think or more articles out there.

The difficulty again I think for this is that when we are in our own body we’re in our home territory. We’re on home turf. When you leave your body and you want to go to another dimension you go into someone else’s turf, someone else’s realm, and so the big thing for me is people protect yourself. If you’re going to go on some sort of journey protect yourself, and so I’m not going to push one method or one discipline over another. People will find their own method that’s best for them. The important thing for me is that you do protect yourself when you’re away traveling. Thank you. This is a good question and you obviously know your stuff.

RP: Okay, thanks. Timothy says you have mentioned IT spiders. I think he might mean AI spiders that are visible between the sleeping and waking states. What is their purpose and should I do anything about them?

SP: Well that implies you’ve seen them. Should I do anything about them? I don’t know what you would do about them. I’m not being facetious. This is a real. It’s a real issue. When I work with a client who’s had experience with them I ask a series of questions because I need to understand what we’re looking at. Sometimes something can masquerade as a spider and it isn’t at all, and other things exactly are that, and so the questions that I ask would give me the information to help me to come to a decision as to what the subject was dealing with, and then I would best advise that person based on the answers they’ve given me.

Some people see these with their human eyes. Some people see them just psychically. The reason that predominantly, not exclusively, but predominantly we see them just when we wake up and to a lesser extent just as we’re going to sleep is that when your brain pattern changes when you’re sleeping these intelligences know that you’re operating on a different frequency and so they will then… they will appear. When you wake up unexpectedly to them that’s your higher-self alerting you to an intruder coming within your vicinity. That’s what that’s all is. That’s why you’re catching them out, and so many times these things are seen to run up a wall or a ceiling and then they’ll just vanish as if there was a hole, and they’ve just gone through it, so if you’ve seen them yes you need to take action. You need to be aware that something is interested in you, but until we can define what they are, defining what they are tells me where they’ve come from, and that tells me who’s controlling them and then through other questioning I could find out what they were after. So sometimes it’s random. They will just literally turn up, but that’s not a very useful method of resources. You tend to pinpoint and target individuals. If I said to you broadly they were observational that’s probably accurate but there are some of these things that are more than that and what I will say to you is that there are several people in Hollywood that have very close association with these things, so that probably will spark more questions than it answers, but I guess when I open the books and I’m going to be opening the books quite soon so that people can rebook, I would strongly suggest then that you do look for that. You try and get a booking because the sort of questions I’ll need to ask you would help, so thank you for that and I will be opening the bookings very soon and so hopefully I’ll get to speak quite quick. Thank you.

RP: Okay, thanks. Samantha says dear Simon, what are the ways that people draw Jinn and shadow beings to themselves? The only time I saw them physically was living at my grandmother’s house. She had an awful smell in her room that only I could smell. Later I realized it was because of these beings. One time I saw her send a shadowy figure toward me, not with my eyes, but my mind. It crawled across the floor and tried to choke me. My grandma is a very negative person. Her only daughter, my mother, died from an overdose and it seems mental illness runs in both sides of my family. I’m asking this because I can’t ever imagine my grandma picking up a magic book or an Ouija board. Is it possible to attract these things just from being so negative?

SP: Thank you. I’m unconvinced it’s demonic at this stage. It could either be demonic or it could be a Reptilian. Unfortunately you haven’t tried to put into human words the smell. You said it was a very nasty horrible smell, but sadly you didn’t elucidate on that. Now that may seem strange to you, but the different smells mean different things, so I haven’t got that to go on. Crawled across the floor and tried to strangle me, the crawling across the floor is demonic but the strangling is less so. The demonic creatures strangled …

RP: She says choked, tried to choke me.

SP: Strangled, choked, that’s less demonic. That’s much more Reptilian, so I’m unclear what we’re dealing with and again I would need to ask you several questions but let’s answer the questions that we’ve got here.

Can a person who’s in great depression or great negativity or great violence or anger bring these creatures to them like that? Yes but very occasionally. You have to be able to open a portal or at least to make it worthwhile for these creatures to open a portal to come to you. It’s generally through some form of bloodline or practice of a dark arts, magic arts. It could be through a curse. You talked about the Ouija board of course. It could be about a sacred object. Sacred doesn’t necessarily mean good, that contains a demon.

Think about Adolf Hitler and the Spear of Destiny. The entity lived in the spear and jumped into his body. That’s one of the reasons he invaded Austria. He wanted the Spear of Destiny, which wasn’t in the museum; stop the nonsense about that. It was hanging up in the church, the main church in Austria. It was hanging up from the ceiling. It was suspended in the church because it was the spear supposedly that had been stabbed into Jesus’s left side, so these entities, which are demonic, can exist in certain objects, and I have some personal experience of that and that’s very fascinating. It’s very interesting, but again unfortunately the information you’ve given me, this isn’t a criticism. Please don’t take it this way. If I was talking to you, the questions I would ask you would give me a lot more information than you’ve written and I appreciate that you’ve written from the heart, soul and you’ve told me what is important to you. It is important to you, but there’s so much that’s missing from that that we could gain from it.

I think that probably your grandmother had a psychic connection. I think that she had these experiences before. You’re clearly psychic because you can see them. The vast majority people can’t see them, so if you can see them, it means you’re psychic. You’ve got that from somebody. It is possible that it’s just happened to you but more likely you’ve come through a lineage line of people who are also psychic. So you are physically smelling something, that’s your 3D, but you’re seeing it as well, and we don’t just see with our eyes, we see psychically. They’re attacking you because you’re a good person. Bad people don’t get attacked generally. Why would you attack somebody who’s doing something you want. They only attack people who are not doing what you want, you know, so that again is a good sign, because you’re a good person. Yeah so many questions that I would love to ask you but I can’t so same answer as before. Look, gonna get these bookings open again very soon and it might be worth your while if you want to have a private chat. I can ask you the questions I do need to ask you. Yeah, I can’t do any more with that, but thank you.

RP: Okay thanks. Richard said in a recent video David Seaman of fulcrum stated that the chemtrail program was cancelled and yet I continue to see them in the skies over eastern Oklahoma here in the U.S. What’s going on? Love your radio show. Be well and be safe.

SP: Thank you, very kind of you. Right. Well it was cancelled over a year ago because the heads of the groups that signed off these operations resigned and left, and there was a three-month delay while they replaced them, and there really was a reduction across the planet of these chemtrails. There really was. Everyone was reporting that they were either stopped or reduced, and then they replaced it and they carried on. So if he’s referring to that then hats off to him as far as I’m concerned. He’s got it spot on.

If he’s talking about it’s all over with now that’s disinformation, because all you’ve got to do is go out of your door in the morning, look up at the sky; it’s obviously not stopped. You know we went through a period just a few weeks ago where the United States of America and Great Britain were being hammered, and other countries as well.

I have never seen it so bad in all the times. I mean I love my old my old films. I love old films and I particularly like films of the ’70s and the ’80s. Some of them are black and white. Some of them are color, and you know they’re not all filmed in someone’s front room. A lot of them are filmed out. You don’t see a single chemtrail. They show the sky often when, you know, they were filming. There’s no chemtrails. There’s a few vapor trails, but the skies are devoid of chemtrails. So you know it’s my generation and not quite, you know, twenty years either side that can remember a sky that’s blue with no chemtrails in it, just the odd vapor trails, but this generation, the modern, the last twenty-five years, they don’t know any different. They just see it and they accept it. Those that are unawake and unaware, but I have a memory of going to school, day in day out, and nothing in the sky, just the clouds. So we do have a situation where there is a corrupt satanic force detached from any elected government of any sort, which is following its program.

You know there is a, there is mileage in saying that all the aluminum, using the American term of course. We would say aluminium, but as it’s about America I’m going to use the American word. All the aluminum that has been sprayed over parts of California falling down onto the forests, they act like mirrors. You put enough highly reflective material down on the ground, and then you hit it with a weapon, you are going to get, and this fractional bouncing off in 20–30 different directions, and it’s going to be very effective to cause a fire.

It’s not dissimilar from how crop circles are made. Never mind all the stuff that you read about people who don’t really know what they’re all about. The reality is that in Wiltshire in particular in the soil substrata are millions of tiny tiny quartz grains, quartz crystals, not beautiful little gem crystals, just chips of quartz mineral, trillions of them, and they are a piezoelectric effect and so when they’re hit in the certain frequency they respond and reflect back. That’s a very large part of why the corn bends in genuine crop circles, and so off planet and on planet entities realize that if you seed the subsoil or the substrata with a particular reflective material or a material that can react to another action, you can get things occurring. So no we haven’t won yet. There are still chemtrails out there. One day that won’t be. Thank you, it’s a good question.

RP: Okay, thanks. Micky from Australia says do Prince William and Harry learn that their grandparents have Reptilian overlays? Do the princes also have them? Was the queen a normal nice person before she was overlayed and does her normal soul still exist in there?

SP: What, you mean the queen is not a normal nice person? It’s a really good question because it allows us to try to develop and try to, I don’t want to challenge anyone, but try to add another view to what’s perhaps the debate in the moment, and cast your mind back. We can’t forget David Icke who was instrumental in bringing the queen to the eyes of the public by saying that the queen had a Reptilian self and of course that was a bridge too far for very very strong loyalist people who were quite happy to say that the government was knifing them in the back, but to say that the queen was a Reptilian, that was just too much. So that was good from David’s point of view because he brought it out there. Yes he lost a lot of his readership, but he was the first one to be brave and bring that forward. So I want to develop that.

You couldn’t live with somebody like that and not know the truth. These beings are very very good at masking and hiding. That’s part of their deception. They are very clever, very very clever, but you couldn’t be living 20–30 years and not have seen that. I mean we know for a fact that a number of the bodyguards, close protection, have seen things, and many of them have nervous breakdowns and that’s a fact. You know you can’t bodyguard these individuals without seeing certain things.

The soul of Queen Elizabeth II, as far as I’m concerned, is the same soul as was in Queen Victoria and the same soul that was in Queen Elizabeth I and if you are willing to accept that, then you would accept that she’s a royal and I do accept she’s a royal, absolutely, no problem, you know. She’s a queen. She may not be my queen, but she’s a queen, and if we were to look and say okay she’s Reptilian, which she is, then we’d say oh right she’s coming from the Draconis Reptilian line, which means that’s white-skinned Reptilian. You know we talk a lot about Reptilians and green color or gray color, this, that, and the other, but the royal ones are white-skinned.

Now those of you who have studied your Queen Elizabeth history, you would probably be quickly looking on Wikipedia now, will know that Queen Elizabeth I smeared her face in a white paint because she wanted her face to be white. Well I think the answer is in the color. Why would the Queen of England literally cover her face in white paint unless she was trying to say I’m regal, I’m royal. I want to dominate my courtiers. I want them to be respectful of me. All of that is the soul speaking. As an aside of course what she didn’t know was that this white paint contained a higher proportion of lead which actually wasn’t taken out of British paints until the 1960s. That’s just an aside there. So this lead paint made her mad. She actually became like Alzheimer’s or what have you, but she actually went mad because of the lead paint. So we’ve got somebody who wanted to make themselves whiter than white, because they had this aspirational hook about being royal. She might not have fully understood it perhaps, but that’s what she wanted to do. So when we talk about a good soul becoming a bad soul, what I’d rather say to you is that the lineage of this soul is always a royal like that. So that’s all it knows.

The overlay is really interesting. It’s not an overlay in the true sense of the word. It is a Reptilian concept. It is the strength of mind projecting a human physical body and then the physical body stands there and the Reptilian overlay is over the top of it. That’s why these people, their arms can change. I mean it’s quite normal for more people than you’d think, for their eyes to change. That doesn’t mean that the body’s Reptilian. It means that they have a Reptilian soul, but when say an arm becomes scaly or a leg becomes scaly, that means that there is much more than just soul in that body has incarnated in Reptilian bodies in the past. It means that there is a physical… there’s a physical. It’s there. It’s hard to describe it because it isn’t physically there, but it’s intentionally there through intent, and so the Queen could do that. The Queen could actually change if she so chose.

Also it means that these entities require certain special diets to maintain their… the plan, to maintain who they are, to maintain the image that they have, and of course we get lots of stories about drinking blood et cetera, et cetera, but they certainly do have to do something to maintain their image, and often we see it. We saw it with, not this Pope, but the last Pope. The image was breaking down. I mean I remember four years ago doing conferences and showing pictures of him and it was just horrendous. That’s why he had to go, because you could see the human was dissolving basically and the Reptilian was like really coming through, but also it was very demonic as well. So you can’t live with someone and not know who they are, not unless you’re absolutely stupid, so yeah, thank you.

Now what I’m going to do is I’m going to just thank people because I need to thank people for their very kind donations, and I’ll look at the clock and see if we can squeeze another one in, so I’ll just do these, just read these now, so I want to thank everyone who has helped me. It is a Godsend. It really is, and I really appreciate what you do. Thank you to Sue, Katrin, Christopher, Ruth, Vesna, Tina, Elisa, Shamsa, Caroline, Kyle, Andrea, Anna, Isabelle, Hans, Cheryl, Pfitner, Nathan, Mark, Olaf, Amy, Elmer, Carl, Donnut, George, Virginia, Alexander, Thomas, Stefan, Sonya, Mary, Lauren, Gorilla, Little Warehouse, Margaret, Dave, David, Joan, Tanya, Linda, Rhonda, Jerome, Florin, Jeff, Oliver, Elena, Terry, Sandra, nearly there Charlotte, Stephano, and Candice, and if I’ve missed any of you I’m really sorry, but to those of you who supported, thank you, and as I did say, I did use some of that donations to give to some of those very poor people who, you know, lost so much in the fires, so thank you. What’s the time? Do you think we can squeeze another one in or

RP: I think we’ve gone over the hour but we could fit one more in.

SP: So although we’ve gone over the hour, we will just try and get another one in. Okay that’s kind of you. Thank you.

RP: Okay, so Whitney says if the moon is a satellite, why are we so affected by it? New moons and full moons affect our sleep, cause us to be more hungry, can alter our mood. Why are we so affected by moon cycles of an artificial planet?

SP: It’s a really really good question. We’re affected by it because that’s why it’s there, to affect us. So it’s there for two reasons. One was to provide a secure hidden part. People call it the dark side of the moon. Technically it’s the far side of the moon, so it’s a place where all the bases are, where you can have your operations without being spotted, but also it’s just set at the right distance from the Earth to affect the oceans, excuse me, which we understand, but it does affect brain patterns. Now this is really important. It affects the brain patterns and was part of the operation of a Reptilian group, a very very long time ago. Remember that the African tribe actually remembers in their songs and the stories of the original moon going and then the new moon, and I think translated into English, it goes along the lines of the new moon was rolled into place. That’s the way they look at it.

About a 150–200 years ago maybe, there was a German guy who did some very interesting research into sleepwalking and actually found that most sleepwalkers were affected by the light of the phases of the moon. It was moonlight coming into their room which actually cause them to sleepwalk, and so the doctors will say, “Oh don’t worry they’ll grow out of it.” Now just get some really thick black curtains and that should do it.

Poor old Princess Diana, as far as I’m concerned, she was murdered. Remember what the court said, if you stop people on the street, people say that the Princess Diana died in an accident. This is the problem with unawake people. It’s really really annoying. Princess Diana did not die from an accident and if you look through the official records and if you go on to the court line, you’ll actually see that the court’s judgment on Diana was unlawful killing. They actually said unlawful killing. It was the judge said to the jury that the best I can let you go with this, I can’t say murder because we don’t have any suspects and there’s no bullet holes in the person, no knife wounds in the person, but the best I can let you do is unlawful killing, and the jury of twelve men and women actually said we want to call it unlawful killing. That’s a fact. She didn’t die of an accident. It was a… she was unlawfully killed, so she was the moon goddess. That’s why it’s important here. She was the moon goddess and although her family may not have realized it, but she was destined to die before she was even one-year-old.

So we know through Babylon, through ancient Egypt, Sumeria, particularly Babylon and ancient Egypt, there’s a connection between the Divine Feminine and the moon. There’s also a connection with Celtic religions and other religions, but they’re not the sacrificial religions, not in the same way, not in the way that Babylon and the Assyrian one and the Egyptian one is, but it’s the Babylon that’s the big one here. It’s a connection with the moon and so some mood swings can be affected in females by the moon that does not affect the male.

I know we have the story of the full moon and then the werewolf and silver bullet and all of this sort of stuff, and we know in England through three hundred, four hundred, five hundred, years of history that there’s always the joke about the full moon and, you know, the local villages going mad. The reality is that anecdotally societies have worked out that phases of the moon have an effect on its people. Now look at Stonehenge, you know, quite really still to this day we don’t know exactly what the monument was about, but there are many many stone monuments in Britain and elsewhere which were to mark certain times, and the moon played an important role in that. So the moon is a control element. It’s a hiding element, but it’s also a control element on emotions. Now if you have a very advanced machine and you’re able to bounce waves off the moon, we know the moon is hollow because when anything’s landed on the moon, they’ve had a hollow sound back from it.

There was a bomb that was detonated on the moon. You won’t find that in your local bookshop, but they actually got a hollow sound back, so we know it’s a satellite, but you could use it as a reflective surface. We know light reflects off the moon really well, but you can reflect other waves off it and that can affect the emotions of not just people, but genders, male and female, depending on the frequency. It’s a really fascinating story. It’s part of the control system of humanity. Jupiter is another interesting planet to have a look at for this.

So listen I’m gonna wrap it up now because it’s been over the hour. I want to thank everybody for taking the time and the trouble to listen, but more importantly for your own research. The fact that you don’t give in, that you’re determined to find the truth, and I was really pleased to get such a good reception.

I talked about my alien experiences and people had said you don’t talk about them anymore and I generally said well I don’t know that people want to hear it, you know. I’ve done it all, but I have spoken about it in the early days. The people were saying well, you know, is it because it doesn’t happen anymore and, you know, you’re out of favor with them and all of this, and no it does happen, but you know, I’m so taken up I suppose with the modern events that are affecting us in a 3D world, so it was really lovely to have so many responses from you saying well we are interested in it. We would like to hear a bit more, and I, you know, I would be happy to talk it, but you know, maybe you want to let me know as to what is it that interests you. I don’t want to be talking about a particular experience or a particular alien race if you guys are not particularly fascinated by it. So you can give me some idea of, you know, what it is that you would like to hear, and then I can talk about it. I mean it’s personal to me and when I talk about my experiences I’m not saying that anyone else’s experiences are not valid. I’m not saying that well this is what happened to me so therefore you’re wrong, you know, what I’m saying is this is what I have experienced and this is what I can with real validity talk on. It doesn’t mean that the man or the woman down the road that has a different story is any less or more valid than me, but I am happy to share them with you. I’m happy to discuss it and you know if you want to ask questions more specifically about alien stuff, then I’m really happy to do it. I’ve not shied away from it. I’ve not become embarrassed, or I don’t want to talk about it. It’s just that, you know, there are so many other pressing things that affect our lives on a day to day basis.

These alien things do affect us. In some ways they affect us greater, but they are hidden and they’re unseen, and I’ve always wanted to reach out, not just to those that know the truth, but those that are on the verge of knowing the truth, and like David Icke, I don’t want to lose people who just don’t want to hear about the Queen being a Reptilian, but it’s the truth. It’s the truth. So people like me, you have to think well what do I do here? Do I tell them the truth and lose 90 percent, but do I do it gently, so what I’m saying is if you want to let me know whether you are interested and you want to hear a bit about it, then I’ll just add it on. I’ll just add on extra to what I would do.

So thank you ever so much. It’s a real pleasure always to meet you. I do it through my conferences, on the street, and supermarket, or when I do my one-to-one Skypes, and I’m reminded in so many cases why I do this work, excuse me, because I meet so many good people, and occasionally I meet some really evil, evil people, so when I meet good people I’m reminded that that’s really what the human race is. The human race is about progression and development and a spiritual journey and you know it’s fantastic. We’re all so privileged to be here. You know we really ought to be bouncing out of bed every morning saying hey another day. Isn’t that fantastic? We’re alive. Sometimes we don’t realize what we had until we lose it. Okay God bless to everyone. Thank you. Bye-bye.


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