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Friday, November 2, 2018

Solar flare hitting Earth November 3rd–4th will possibly affect satellites and Schumann resonance; pole shift doesn’t mean land masses are going to move, just a magnetic shift, i.e., north is south and south is north; chemtrails galore pretty much everywhere but especially in Great Britain and U.S.; field generated by 5G will allow something not of Earth to survive temporarily and possibly inflict AI infection on humanity; using drugs, especially psychedelic drugs, for spiritual advancement often leads one into lower 4th dimension and interaction with negative entities; outside hand organizes paid migrant caravan to crash U.S. border; Mexico offers work visas to caravan; AIDS virus created in U.S. government lab; Ted thanks all those involved in making arsenic-free drinking water a reality for the Hopi Tribe; Simon considers cats 4D and dogs 5D; advice: vote for the American Constitution on election day.


Ted Mahr: And with that I can’t think of a better person to have on to raise consciousness than my good friend Simon Parkes coming to us now live from England. Simon, hi, how are you doing today?

Simon Parkes: Hello Ted, lovely to speak to you and of course to the wonderful audience. I’m fine, thank you.

TM: Oh good, oh good. Well for those of you who don’t know Simon he’s a fascinating gentleman. His parents were both in, who worked for both the American and United Kingdom Secret Service, and he’s had a lifelong contact, extraterrestrial contact, and he has lent a very unique perspective on world events. I have a lot of questions from my listeners and I wanted to tell people too as you’re listening today, if you have any questions for Simon the easiest thing to do is just to send me an email to outofthisworld1150 @gmail. com. I switched things around during the hour. We couldn’t get a, normally Simon’s on my first hour, but because of confusion with the time he’s now on for the second hour, so there are, there may be some people calling in to wish me happy birthday and congratulations on my show, and if that happens Eric, just give me a sign. We can have them on for a split second. But Simon thanks so much for coming on today. I really appreciate it.

SP: Thanks Ted, of course we’ve moved to, we’ve left British Summertime and here in Great Britain we’re on what we call GMT, which is the traditional Greenwich Mean Time, so because we’ve changed our time zone here, and of course that would throw everybody out.

TM: Yeah, but it’s okay. It’s okay. We’re easily able to handle it. I just realized this morning, it’s funny you know I realized, I said oh no, Simon’s gonna think that we’ll be calling him at 10:00 o’clock his time and we’re actually calling him at 9:00, so, oh well, I think we catch up next week or something like that, or I don’t remember now.

SP: Yes, it’s not too far Ted. Anyway, just quickly the only point I wanted to bring out of interest is the large, what the scientists call the solar flare.

TM: Okay.

SP: That was one of the largest eruptions we had a couple of days ago and the particles from that were due to strike the Earth either tomorrow, which is the 3rd my time, or some places it’s the 4th. So there have been a number of psychics on the planet who are reporting that they think there might be some issues coming from that. Certainly the mainstream scientists on… in Britain anyway are saying that some of the satellites could be knocked out and some of the communication systems on Earth could be knocked out. Now that’s coming from mainstream scientists.

I’ve had some psychics say to me that they are a bit concerned that there might be a false flag tagged on to this. In other words there might be some attempts to use this natural phenomenon and to blame it on to something else like an earthquake or something. So I had a few people contact me saying that they had premonitions of some form of earthquake at around the same time. I can’t comment on that because I haven’t had any information on that at all.

But what I can say here in Great Britain over the last three, four, possibly five years the utility companies have been going crazy and double earthing just about every electric pole or telephone pole that they get their hands on, and even in some of the most ruralist parts of Great Britain where you probably just see a man and a sheep once a year, they’ve have double earthed them. And I did get the chance to talk to someone who was in the know about a year-and-a-half back, and he said to me they had been warned there would be increased emissions from the sun and that they, all of these utility companies in Great Britain, were told to try and make the infrastructure as safe as possible. So it looks like that the companies or the corporations have been alerted to this and have for some time been trying to protect it, so that’s the only thing I wanted to say. Just keep your eyes open for that and see where we go with it.

TM: That’s an interesting comment. Thanks so much for sharing that and actually helps with another question I had from Louise here in the Seattle area. She had mentioned that she had heard that the date of November 27th was very significant and had to do with some Earth changes. Now that kind of makes clear that that may be a factor. I don’t know. It’s hard to tell. I hate to make any kind of predictions based upon date, but she had heard from several sources that the date of November 22nd might be significant. (background voice speaking) I’m sorry… right oh November 22nd, sorry, 27th all right.

The other thing too is that I watch Simon is what is called the Schumann resonance, which is the vibration of the planet. For tens of thousands of years the resonance was at 7.8 Hz. Then in September of 2016, it doubled to almost 13.8 Hz. Since that time it’s gone, well as recently as October 22 the Schumann resonance went up to… let me look at this graph here… 472 Hz, which is a tremendous run. It’s gone down since that time to just below 200 Hz, and I was wondering if this solar flare may have another effect on this as well.

SP: I’m sure it will. I’ve always maintained that the sun is playing a pivotal role in the evolution of not just our planet, but the planets that make up our group. The other thing to talk about is there has been some confusion when people talk about pole shifts.

TM: Sure.

SP: And it’s very confusing because a number of people who have been commentating perhaps haven’t quite understood what’s going on here. They talk about pole shifts, and the north pole will go to the south and the south to the north and they seem to be thinking about the geographical move, like the Earth tilting on its axis or continents shifting. I can absolutely tell you that’s not going to happen, because if that actually happened it would be the end of life on Earth. What we could very well have in our lifetimes Ted is a magnetic shift of the poles, so if you have a magnetic compass, what is north now would show as south maybe in twenty-five years’ time, vice versa. And the last time this happened was about 700,000 years ago. They know that because when a volcano erupts, it erupts a very mildly radioactive dust and they have been able to check that just over 700,000 years ago what is our north was south and what was south was north. So we are expecting that in possibly our lifetimes. So that’s not… if that gets talked up as I expect the scientists are I think they’re just on the verge of talking that up again. It’s not the Earth turning on its… shifting on its axis. It’s not continents moving. It’s just a magnetic reversal. What it will disturb are birds, bats, and bees, anything that requires a magnetic compass for itself, but in terms of life on Earth, it won’t be the end of Earth, so I just wanted to make that clear as well.

TM: You know I have to ask you this Simon. I was flying from London to Frankfurt a couple of weeks ago and in the skies above Britain there was just… it was, there were low clouds around England so you couldn’t really see upward, but on the aircraft you could clearly see all these chemtrails everywhere. You think this might be an attempt in a benevolent way to try to stop any kind of pole shift or a magnetic shift. Most of time with the chemtrails I view them as unnatural and harmful to health. I don’t know. I just don’t know. There’s no word…[10:40][inaudible]

SP: I don’t see them as positive because I think that if something was positive I would have hoped that they would have been shared with us. If you’ve got a very good reason for doing something then you would share it publicly. I do see… I totally agree with you and we have touched on this before and it’s a good subject to touch on again, that both United States of America, Great Britain, and increasingly other countries are now being hammered with chemtrails in a way that we have not seen maybe for many years, especially because, you know, I know the game of crap where you throw dice. The dice have nearly stop rolling, and so imagine your game of crap where you have thrown the dice. It’s hit the board. It’s about to stop and it’s got a couple more rolls of the dice and so everything is being piled on. That’s why certain countries are… I’ve never seen so many chemtrails. And you’re right. I’ve lived here all my life and I’ve never seen so many.

TM: Sure. Right, right. I know. I used to live in eastern Washington years ago and there the chemtrail planes would come literally within 70 or 80 yards to the ground and people were getting sick. The aluminium, the amount of aluminium particles in the air was like 10,000 times what they should have been. People were having stillbirths. They were losing children from the excessive amounts of barium and strontium and titanium being… and sulfur being sprayed into the air. And I know that none of those chemtrails seemed to be doing anybody any good, and the media wouldn’t report on it because they were controlled. It was only through alternative media sources. That’s one of the reasons why I started my show so that this information could get out.

SP: Right there’s one other thing that most people assume that the spraying is coming out through the engine somehow this material is being sprayed out with the engines. The truth is that there are some materials that would be killed or destroyed in the hot gases that come out of the engine, and you know there are reports of a pod that sits on the back of a passenger airplane towards the tail end. I presume it has to be aerodynamic. Otherwise it would make the airplane unairworthy, but I’ve had enough witness accounts now which say that this pod actually releases something as well, so that presumably is something that would be heat sensitive, so there is an awful lot of spraying going on of different types.

TM: I have to tell you too, I heard this from William Tompkins about a year-and-a-half ago before passed on Simon. He wrote a book called “Selected by Extraterrestrials,” and he was with the Secret Space Program for many years. He said something very interesting to me off the air. He said that many of the planes actually were not human planes. They were actually Reptilian or Draco planes that had shapeshifted into looking like U.S. military planes, and they were the ones spraying a lot of these chemtrails.

The second thing that he said was that the Reptilians were terraforming planet Earth to make it more friendly to their species and less friendly to ours because many Reptilians, our atmosphere is too oxygen rich, so what they were spraying was aluminum, barium, strontium and sulfur in an attempt to make our Earth atmosphere more like their home planet of Draco, which has an average Fahrenheit temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s the reason for the sulfur, and the other things they were spraying were to make it more like the home planet of Draco.

SP: I certainly think that part of the global warming is exactly the chemtrail spraying, part of it, simply that the chemtrails actually retain and control the sun’s energy to a certain extent and that’s [14:43][?sue beats], but I know as a small boy, I have no idea of my age, it’s so difficult, probably between the ages of six and eight, meeting a white Reptilian and under the Earth, but having to go into a chamber to be adjusted to the temperature. In other words the artificial, the artificial environment they live in is incredibly hot compared to what a Western European person would consider, and I remember having to go into this sort of a like a tank to have something done so that I could then go into this environment with them and not be overcome by the heat. So it’s got a long way to go yet. I mean let’s put it this way. You’re more likely to see a Reptilian in New York City or New York State than you are in the Sahara desert, so it’s not just about the temperature.

TM: Sure.

SP: There are other factors to it, but yes I’ve had other current American Intelligence people confirm to me that not just airplanes, this is where we get really into the whacky world where things like motorcars and trucks and rigs actually are not what they appear. They are something else, and if we accept that somebody has that level of technology then no wonder, no wonder our governments are cautious and scared and frightened because no matter how clever the U.S. government is, it doesn’t have technology at that level yet.

TM: That’s true. Absolutely, but one of the things that the Pleiadeans told me about thirty years ago when I first got interested in… thirty–forty years ago Simon. They said if we all work together we can beat any negative entity or any negative force, but we have… that’s one of our soul lessons, spirit lessons is to work together as a planet for humanity because we all have the spark of the Supreme Being in us regardless of our race, creed, or color, and if people realize that, the more people that realize that the better off we’ll all be here on the planet.

SP: I agree, and I’ve said on countless talk shows or conferences that the human race in relation to many of these other peoples may be technologically, not technologically stupid, but we may be technologically backward, but spiritually actually we either do outstrip most of these other groups or we have the potential to outstrip them, so yes technologically we may not be at their level but we have this potential connecting to divine source which many of these other groups have lost, and which does give us this opportunity if only we’ll just take it.

TM: Right, exactly, exactly. Along those lines, here’s an interesting website that was sent to me just yesterday. The website is https://Patriots4Truth. org., and they dedicated this month, November 2018, as shoot down chemtrail planes awareness month advocating U.S. military action only, because I know there’s good people in the U.S. military of course, and they’re asking them, the good people in our military, to shoot down the chemtrail planes, which is interesting… [crosstalk]

SP: Well, I don’t know… Ted we can’t do that.

TM: Right.

SP: Because of course these planes contain passengers.

TM: Okay, sure, of course.

SP: Innocent people. So I think that’s a very… it may be a joke but actually that’s something that we really shouldn’t be doing because these aren’t empty airplanes.

TM: Sure.

SP: These are chartered craft with real people in. What they’d be better off doing is saying to the military to take out the people who are organizing all of this.

TM: That’s better. Yeah, I agree. I agree. This leads me to a series of questions from Aldridge in Germany, sending me many questions for you today Simon and one of them was regarding the 5G network. Now there’s another gentleman named Bradley in London who also sent me a YouTube video on the 5G system, on its hazards. What was interesting when he sent it to me Simon, he could watch it there in London. He sent it to me here across the pond. I tried to open it up and it was disabled on YouTube. I couldn’t open it up at all, so I wrote him back and he said oh, don’t worry. We’ve still got it here. I’ll download it and send it to you, so I’m still waiting for it now but the 5G system, what’s your perspective on the 5G system?

SP: Well let me just quickly backtrack a little bit because that’s worth saying. When I work with some of my clients who need deprogramming I use some regular videos, but regular videos created by people who have a story to tell, people who have been in a perhaps an MKUltra environment, broke free, and then did a song or what have you, and, you know, put their life history into it, and I use those for part of my deprogramming.

Now under the time of President Obama, there’s one particular video that I use and nearly in half of the states of America during President Obama’s time in office this video was banned. Although the guy who was the lead singer still has a band in Europe and is mainstream on YouTube, so in Great Britain, European countries, you could just go on YouTube and you could get this, these important videos, but half of the states in America banned them. Now within three months of President Trump becoming the president, this video is obtainable in any American state. Now what does that tell you? So that’s the first thing there.

TM: Interesting.

SP: And the second thing is, well I never… there’s a particular video I use. I never had the privilege of talking to the lead singer but obviously in fairly high up circles, elite circles, it got out that I was using this video because this star’s manager Skyped me and then within two weeks of that his lead drummer Skyped me. And that’s just not coincidence, and they just sort of basically gave me the nod and said yeah go on, you know, use it for good purposes. That’s what’s it’s there for.

TM: Um-hum.

SP: Okay let’s talk about the 5G, oh my cat is calling. Hello darling.

TM: That’s okay. You take care of you cat. That’s important.

SP: Yes, okay. The 5G is an issue simply because it’s not been, (cat meowing) Yes, darling. Yes I know.

TM: Obviously your kitty cat has something important to say. Kitty would you like to come on the program. We’ve got time. That’s no problem.

SP: The 5G is an issue because I don’t care what any professional doctor or radiologist or anybody else says to me, I don’t believe it’s been fully tested on humans. I don’t think holding a rat up by its tail and frying it for twenty minutes and saying oh look, the animal is still alive. That wouldn’t satisfy me.

TM: Right.

SP: There are too many whistleblowers now who have worked or work in the industry who are now coming forward and saying look, there are some serious issues here. The problem that we have is that mobile phone masts, cellphone masts, or satellites aren’t an issue for the general public. They’re so used to seeing the cell tower that it’s no big deal anymore.

TM: Right.

SP: You know if you talk about fracking, well heck that could knock the house price. Your house price could come tumbling down or it could obviously turn the water red or brown, and so that’s very easy to campaign around, but an innocuous cell mast somewhere or a satellite in space that you can’t see is very hard and if you say to somebody hey look, you know what, at the moment with 4G you can download this file in five seconds, but with 5G you’ll download it in one second.

TM: Right.

SP: Now I’m old fashioned and I don’t care whether it takes me five seconds or fifteen seconds to download something. I just… really great, I’ve got it.

TM: Yeah.

SP: There are lots of people who want one second shaved off the download time.

TM: Sure, right.

SP: And that’s what they’re playing to. They’re playing to people who want toys.

TM: Sure, well one thing, you said something interesting too a couple of shows ago Simon. You said that if they are able to get this 5G network in, the current phones that use the older systems won’t be functional so everybody will have to buy new phones to hear.

SP: That’s right.

TM: It’s a new market for them.

SP: Absolutely. Ted, we should be stock and bond holders. It means at a stroke, you’re saying to people if you want this you can’t just get an upgrade.

TM: Right.

SP: You’ve got to get a new phone, so hey isn’t that a brilliant way to sell new products?

TM: Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely. Well I always enjoy your take on it. The other thing too that I’d heard some time ago was that the 5G system itself will blanket the planet in this new EMF wave, electromagnetic wave of dirty electricity that will allow some negative entities to come in too. I don’t know anything about that but I wanted to run that by you. That’s something else I heard.

SP: Well that to me is the whole reason for it.

TM: Sure.

SP: The side issue is corporations making trillions of dollars…

TM: Sure.

SP: …when they wouldn’t have otherwise done it. Now that’s… you always see these things go hand in hand and often the making of large amounts of bucks is the excuse or the reason that gets cellphone companies to put masts up or you know what’s not widely known is it’s not just cell masts. There’ll be satellites doing this and there’s a Russian billionaire who has a space program and he’s been renting out his own rocket for these satellites to be launched and they’ve been doing that for some time.

That’s not widely known. It’s nothing to do with the Russian government. It’s a private venture. And the difficulty that we have, as far as I’m concerned, is that 5G isn’t just one up on 4G. It’s a whole new ballgame. It allows 4th dimensional entities to survive or partially survive in an artificial environment. So as far as I’m concerned the electrostatic or electromagnetic, however I’m not the scientist, but the field that is generated by this 5G will allow something that is not of this Earth to survive temporarily, and I do believe that one of the options this plan of artificial intelligence is to try to infect humanity. It hasn’t worked up to now because we’re divine creatures and I don’t believe it will work in the future, but nevertheless, it is my job to warn people even though I don’t think humanity is going to die, I do think it’s my job to warn people that there’s an attempt by a negative force to try and trick us, and that’s the life on this planet isn’t it? We get tricked…

TM: Right.

SP: …and we either see it and respond or if we don’t but we still learn from it and we go forward. So I’m not doom and gloom about it but I certainly am warning people that 5G is not the advantage for 5G is terribly outweighed by the negativity that I believe is going to come with it.

TM: I want to thank you so much for that profound comment Simon because I know a lot of people wanted to hear your opinion and also get kind of a background. From my own background as a psychic, there are twelve different dimensions, but the 12th dimension being the home of the Supreme Being or God if you will who created all of this. The 3rd dimension is where we exist. This planet and humanity choosing the higher, the right path will ascend into the 5th dimension, and the 4th dimension is sort of an interesting area. It’s the 4th dimension of time but there’s an also part of the 4th dimension. There’s a lower plane of the 4th dimension which inhabits, which is a home, a haven if you will for negative entities, and for them and for what you said about negative or negative entities living in the lower part of the 4th dimension that this 5th, this 5G network provides, if you will, a home for them on this planet and a natural home, because they wouldn’t exist otherwise and it makes sense.

SP: Spot on Ted as always. The fact of the matter is you’re quite right. We refer to the lower 4th. Now these entities, whatever we may think of them, they are very very clever. And they have mapped the future, their own future and they can see they’re on a dead-end street.

TM: Sure.

SP: So if you’re in a dead-end street what do you do? You need a lifeboat. So their team have got together over thousands of years. They’ve waited for humanity to reach a level of technological advancement where they can then intervene, and that’s what Roswell was all about. We’ve reached a level, industrialized, but what we didn’t have in 1947 was microcircuitry, computer chips, microtechnology, so what happened in ’47 was we were given microtechnology which we could then marry to the industrialization that we already had.

TM: Sure.

SP: So from that moment onward we went into a digital age. Now if you are a negative entity and you are in the 4th dimension what do you do? You think I’m trapped. I’m going to be sealed in a box within a box. I need to get out. What we’ll do is we’ll try and jump across into the 3rd. If we can survive in the 3rd, when these humans move up to the 5th, maybe they’ll take us with them.

TM: I see.

SP: That is the plan.

TM: Interesting.

SP: It’s hanging on to our shirttails. That is exactly what their plan is.

TM: And for the corporate executives of companies like T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, remote cell companies here in the United States, they’re looking as a carrot, as the dessert for them, as an incentive is all the money they would make from it. They don’t probably care too much about the rest of it but as long as they’re making money they’re happy.

SP: They probably don’t even know about it Ted. They probably don’t even know. I would say that ninety-nine percent of the employees of these companies haven’t got a clue. It’s only the ones in the scientific level that are, have a knowledge of science, and are saying this high frequency isn’t very good.

TM: Sure, sure, absolutely. Would 5G affect children more than adults?

SP: It will do, depending on the age, I would imagine if the cells in your body are growing quicker and you are more responsive, then yes the effect could be greater.

TM: Okay.

SP: That’s why we see in radiation cases it’s the unborn child that often shows the deformities because they are growing at a much faster rate than an adult.

TM: Sure. Sure. Well before we leave this subject you touched on the lower part of the 4th dimension as a haven for negative entities.

SP: Yes.

TM: And from my own experience as a psychic, I’ve had people approach me in the past and said Ted you really need to use drugs if you really want to get to the spiritual. And I said nothing could be further from the truth and I’m not gonna smoke pot or take any drugs to gain spiritual advancement but then on the other hand the push, I mean hemp, marijuana, for example, some of it has very good uses. CBD oil I’ve heard has a lot of good health benefits, but you don’t smoke it to gain spiritual advancement and what happens when people smoke marijuana it leads them often into the lower parts of the 4th dimension where they run into negative entities and they don’t even realize it, so anyway…

SP: Right, I’d say it was psychedelic drugs that take a person into the 4th dimension. When a shaman uses something to send him or her on a journey I don’t think they are looking themselves for spiritual development necessarily, but they are on a quest for knowledge and which is perhaps slightly different form their own development. They’re actually looking for understanding or to sort out a problem. So when a person uses a narcotic, they should be very clear with themselves whether that’s to spiritually develop or whether that’s to sort out an issue or a problem or to see over the hill, to see what’s going on in the future, and my own advice to people is that psychedelic drugs take the human spirit into another realm. And if you go knocking on someone else’s door, then you’ve got to be prepared for who opens that door. It’s harder for these negative entities to come into our world. This is our world. So the energies are based here for us. If you take yourself off and you go into another realm, well you’re in their home turf and you have to deal with what you get. So I have a real problem with psychedelic drugs.

TM: I’ve had the same conversation with other psychics of mine and I’ll probably be bringing them on my show here soon, but thank you so much for that wisdom Simon. I’ve had a couple…

SP: Any more questions Ted?

TM: I do. I do. Here’s one, Julie from North Carolina. She writes, just came in, what does Simon think about the migrant caravan? Alternative news has shown that migrants are being bused deep in the United States and Texans are forming citizen militias. Could this be an extension of the riots that George Soros has tried to get started amongst Americans that never pulled off such violence?

SP: Well we can look at precedent here. Two, two-and-a-half years, three years ago in Great Britain there was a huge caravan of migrant workers. We didn’t call them that. We called them immigrants or refugees in Great Britain. The term now is migrant workers because that sounds more appealing. Hello cat.

TM: Your kitty cat has something important to say.

SP: Oh, he’s a new kitten and he just loves to talk.

TM: Okay.

SP: And so what we have is a situation where large numbers of people are paid or are sold a vision and they just form numbers and they go. Now let’s look at the United States of America. People in the early days came from all over the world. Lots of Irish people.

TM: Right.

SP: But they came mostly individually so individual men, women, families, said I’m going to make my future. I’m going to go to America. I’m gonna do it, and they would turn up with very little. Nothing. But that’s because they all made a vision to go themselves. What’s happening is that large villages, numbers of people are being rounded up…

TM: Right.

SP: …put into a truck and told, hey we can bus you over the border and it’s all gonna be fantastic. So there’s an external hand here and they did it in Europe. They tried to move, look they moved a million people, a million people into Germany.

TM: Yeah.

SP: Can you imagine that? A million migrant workers into one country, and remember Germany is not the size of America. So of course any decent politician regardless of whether they are Republican or Democrat, should be saying hold on a moment. If these people come across the border what sort of jobs are they gonna do? Are they gonna be able to afford healthcare? What’s the crime gonna be like? What is the schooling? How can we provide schools for these kids, and if they don’t get a job, are they going to turn to crime? Now that’s not being racist. That’s actually saying that a country raises tax. It uses its tax hopefully to provide for the citizenry. If you bring in hundreds and hundreds or thousands and thousands of people who don’t work, who don’t pay tax, and you have to provide in some basic sense for welfare for them, no wonder people are ticking off and of course President Trump doesn’t want lots of children coming across the border with no parents and then child trafficking gangs turning up, claiming these kids and then shipping them off. So no, I think President Trump’s exactly right. I don’t believe in the wall. I really don’t believe in a wall, but what I do believe is that countries should not participate in pushing their problems across the border. And I know privately that President Trump had a very strong conversation, I think it’s with the president of Mexico. You have a… is it the president of Mexico?

TM: The president of Mexico, um-hum.

SP: He had a private conversation with him and he basically threatened that the national guard in the border area would be mobilized and moved down and immediately what the Mexican government did was say they would offer employment visas to many of the migrant workers for jobs in Mexico because what the president of Mexico did not want was a military confrontation with the U.S., and Trump said if you don’t do something I’ll have one thousand national guard and they will shoot. And that’s what he said privately. That’s why Mexico is now issuing work visas and work permits to try to stop these people coming to the U.S., but I bet you that’s not in your news in America.

TM: No. No it’s not. We get the traffic reports, sports, which is okay. We get sports, traffic reports, weather and the cartoon channel. That’s about it. Sorry. Not much else. Not much else. Not much else my friend. And you know it’s funny, as you were speaking Simon there’s a beautiful angelic light came into the studio with lots of sunshine. It’s a beautiful day here in Seattle. I can just feel the good energy coming in. As you know we talked about this earlier. I talked about the 5G YouTube video which my friend Bradley in London can watch. I can’t because I’m on the wrong side of the pond. Here’s another example. Another gentleman has written me from Germany a couple days ago. He said that this is a YouTube video on the real reasons behind Hurricane Michael hitting the East Coast. I can’t watch it. It’s unstable. He can though so I’ve asked him as well to please send it to me, so I hope it gets through the censures and makes it across the pond.

SP: Sorry to interrupt you Ted. I very rarely interrupt you but I just have to say this and of course America is the land of the free.

TM: Uh-huh. Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate…

SP: Because you’re not. You’re not free. This is the joke.

TM: Oh okay. Yeah now I got it. It took me awhile, sorry.

SP: But you’re not free.

TM: The media is, well that’s why I started my show to get the news out there and to get the information out there. Did I ever tell you in 1979 I lived in London for the summer and I was going to school there and I picked up “The Times” newspaper on like the flight just before flying from London back to Seattle, and I picked up the paper and I read it on the plane. It was all about how AIDS was created in the U.S. government laboratory and that was responsible for all these deaths. Well I get to the states and nothing in our media is about that. Nothing. It was all silence, but it was fairly common in Britain. That story was the front page news in “The Times.”

SP: Yes it ran from 1979–1980 up to 1983, and it was very commonly held at that time that it was a warfare virus created in the U.S. to wipe out either gay people or black people and it was introduced into the monkeys in Africa and other areas, and the whole plan was to wipe out the black population, and if it took a lot of gay men with it then they were happy about that.

TM: Yeah.

SP: So we knew in Britain late ’70s, early ’80s that we accepted that as an American warfare drug.

TM: Wow.

SP: And then of course it clamped down and then by about 1985 it was no longer being discussed.

TM: Oh wow. Wow. Simon would you mind holding on just for a second. This is someone who I scheduled, who you know I said…

SP: Sure.

TM: …she could call in to wish me happy birthday.

SP: No worries at all.

TM: Yeah, just hold on. We’ll bring her on quickly and then we’ll come right back to you, so anyway go ahead and put Lori on. Lori.

Lori Spagna: Hey Ted happy birthday.

TM: Well thank you.

LS: Happy birthday Ted.

TM: Thank you Lori, you’re so sweet.

LS: If I really thought I had a nice voice, I mean a singing voice, I would sing you happy birthday.

TM: Well that’s kind of you.

LS: How is your day going?

TM: Oh it’s fantastic, it’s fantastic. We had to switch things around because I was going to have Simon, my friend Simon Parkes from England on the first hour but there was a time change. Anyway, so I’m having him on now, so but I’d glad you…

LS: Hello Simon Parkes, Lori Spagna calling.

SP: Hello there, lovely to hear you.

LS: …[crosstalk] AIDS virus being developed in a government laboratory and you want to know something really interesting? About ten years ago I was in Los Angeles and I was in the dog park walking my dog at like 11:00 o’clock at night and, or maybe not that late, but there was someone in there and somehow it just came out of my mouth. I don’t even know how it came out and it just came, I never knew it intellectually until we were talking about viruses and diseases and it just came out of my mouth that AIDS and other viruses, most, almost all of our viruses were created by the government in a lab north of like Plum Island, Plum Island, Nantucket [actually Long Island] which by the way is where I am right now. I’m in Amagansett, the Hamptons, and when that came out of my mouth I was like where did that come from and this was ten years ago. I had no idea. It wasn’t anything I learned. It was just channeled through me just came out of my mouth and so when I hear him say that I know it is true. I know it is true but it’s not anything I read anywhere, but I know he’s right.

TM: Yeah. Yeah.

LS: So fascinating subject.

TM: Well, yeah it’s absolutely fascinating and Lori do you have any questions for Simon since you’re on the air?

LS: Oh my God, Simon. Well I wasn’t prepared to ask questions and I didn’t really hear anything else other than that but I want to hear everything Simon has to say. (Simon says) What is Simon saying. He says, what does Simon say?

TM: Now listen he also takes pet questions too because he has a lot of cats there and he’s very fond of cats and dogs so if you have a question from your cat or dog he can maybe answer it.

LS: Well Simon are you a pet psychic too?

SP: I didn’t quite hear that. What did you say?

TM: She asked you if you are a pet psychic, whether you answer questions from pets?

SP: Only with cats, not with dogs.

LS: Only with cats, not with dogs. Why is that?

SP: Because I consider dogs to be 5th dimensional and I consider cats to be 4th dimensional.

LS: Hum, that’s an interesting perspective.

SP: That’s because of the connection with ancient Egypt. Cats have a very strong connection with ancient Egypt, the Great Pyramid, the last pharaoh of course was Queen Cleopatra and she used to keep a black panther as well as domestic cats, so the cat through that culture has always represented alien intervention, although by the time of the last pharaohs they had forgotten their history. They just knew that the cat was sacred. So cats have a strong connection with 4th dimension. That’s why, if you… the cat makes a fantastic guard animal. If you have some negative force that comes in from the 4th dimension into your home, the cat will pick that up. A dog very rarely will. A dog will pick up something coming in from the higher realms, 5th dimension, 6th dimension, but a cat will always spot something from the 4th dimension.

Very, very briefly I had a cat that lost its leg in a fight with something. Something came in, this is about a year-and-a-half ago into not this house, another house. I didn’t even see it. It was obviously a demonic entity and the cat attacked it and then we had to have the cat’s leg amputated because this was a cat that was indoors, not an outdoor cat, and it had its leg broken and shattered, but I believe that it attacked this entity and fought it, so yeah cats are more 4th dimensional than dogs.

TM: Well, amazing, amazing.

LS: Wow, interesting perspective.

TM: Yeah.

LS: Well yeah you know, I’m wondering did you try clearing the entity?

SP: Pardon I didn’t hear you.

LS: Or was it not an option? Was it not an option to clear the entity or the demonic and get it to go?

SP: Ted can you just repeat because I’m not getting it so good here this side?

TM: Oh sure, Lori you were saying about, could you repeat…

LS: I said was it not an option to…

TM: Oh I know what you’re saying, sure…

LS: Clear the demonic before the leg had to be amputated? That might have been my first thing to think to clear the demonic but if the leg was already wounded. I don’t know the series of events, but…

TM: Simon she was wondering whether it would be possible, would it have been possible to clear the area of demonic influence before the cat’s leg was amputated?

SP: Well what happened was that the entity must have entered the house. The cat saw it, attacked it and the attack by the cat drove the entity away, but the repulsion force was so great that I think it slammed the cat against the wall and that’s where its leg shattered, so the entity had gone so what we had to do was have a veterinary surgeon just amputate the leg.

LS: I see, wow.

TM: Okay.

LS: Yeah, too bad. All right. Well thank you for sharing that and yeah it sounds like you guys are having quite a conversation.

TM: We’re having a wonderful time and I thank you so much for calling in Lori and wishing me happy birthday for my show. I really appreciate it.

LS: Happy Birthday Ted and so nice to connect with Simon, and I’ll be listening in and I just wish you guys the highest and best, the highest and best. Okay lots of love.

TM: Okay, thank you so much.

SP: Bye.

LS: Bye-bye.

TM: Bye-bye. Bye. Simon we also have someone else special in the studio a wonderful lady named Martha, Martha Childress. She has her radio show here too in Seattle, and Martha do you have a question for Simon?

Martha Childress: Oh, it’s great to hear you Simon. Thanks for joining in even at the odd hour for all of us [46:19][unintelligible]

SP: Yes, no it’s fine I’m very happy to be here.

MC: Yeah well we just wanted to thank Ted for all this work and wish him a very happy fifth anniversary and it made me realize it’s five years for me too. We both joined the station the same year.

TM: Wow, wow, well that’s amazing. That’s great. That’s great. That’s great, thank you so much.

MC: Coincidence? Coincidence, Simon?

SP: No never.

MC: And I know Leon wanted to chime in if we have him.

TM: Yeah, yeah, but… yeah.

MC: So we wanted to thank him for all the work with the Hopi because that was really, talk about moving some great energy, and with the music and dance and everyone coming together for the fundraising. It reminded me of in the ’60s. Remember the happening Simon?

SP: Yes just about.

MC: Yeah it was all about people getting together with dance and artwork and everything…

TM: Yeah we talked about that earlier.

MC: Yeah creating [47:13][crosstalk] yeah.

TM: We talked about that just real briefly we had for years, for decades, maybe hundreds of years the Hopi Indians in Arizona Simon had been drinking arsenic flavored water, which is of course is carcinogenic.

SP: Right.

TM: And so Leon McLaughlin, Martha, myself and Michiko Hayashi here in the studio with us today, we all put out a private fundraiser to raise money to buy water filters so that the Indians could drink clean water. It sounds like a simple thing, but the U.S. government has refused to help provide any help so we are doing it privately and the money has been coming in. And real brief, I just want to talk to Leon real brief then I want to go back to Simon. Leon are you there?

Leon McLaughlin: Yes I am Ted.

TM: Leon has a private water foundation, The Clean Water Foundation that has been providing these water filters for the Hopi Indians, and I just want to thank you so much Leon for all your wonderful help with that. That’s great.

LM: Yeah we’re doing some unbelievable things and we developed water units to get the arsenic out of the water, and schools there, the clinics and we’re putting them in homes. And by the way, happy anniversary Ted.

TM: Well thank you Leon. You’re so sweet. You’re so sweet. Thank you so much.

LM: Yes.

TM: Well it’s been, this has been a definitely labor of love for me. I’ve worked on it now for five years and I’m so happy that I’ve have so many beautiful supporters around the world to help me in it so, and one of the people who also raised consciousness on this program of course is Simon Parkes. He’s on the line now. Leon do you have any questions for Simon?

LM: No I don’t. We’re happy to be on this mission to bring clean fresh drinking water to children around the world and also to the Hopi Tribe, and we’ll be down there next year doing our ceremonies with the Hopi Tribe and the inauguration celebration of clean fresh drinking water to the Hopi Tribe and the whole reservation.

TM: Wonderful, wonderful.

MC: Yeah and Simon when we were talking to the Hopi they said that part of the problems with the water was threatening what they called the umbilical cord to the entire planet, so to have this effort be with the Hopi and now is really pretty cool.

SP: Yeah well what many people don’t grasp is that the planet communicates with itself via water, and there is more water running under the planet than there is on the planet and communicational information as you well know is encoded into water and that’s how the planet actually talks to itself, and that’s why there’s been such an effort to frack and to kill whales because whales actually play a part of this in the oceans but that’s another by the by, but I want to quickly just say this because I think it’s important.

A good friend of mine, a brilliant friend of mine, an engineer by the name Win Keech a number of years ago entered a competition. It was the United Nations or UNESCO, who wanted to put out a bid for anybody who could find a cheap way to provide cheap clean drinking water for people in Africa or a part of Africa.

TM: Wonderful.

SP: And there was a large… well no, don’t get excited Ted. There was a large pot of money you could win this if you came up with the right invention and you could do it and not only would you be able to do that but you would get this cash sum because it was like a competition. Anyway he put something forward and I know the man and he is a genius and he put something forward which is pretty damn good and what did they do? They pulled the competition. They pulled it because maybe they were looking at having to give out a certain amount of money.

Now what I’m going to say now may sound really quite horrible but I believe there’s some truth in this. If a person or a company or a corporation or a government, it’s usually a government sets up a topic. Let’s… we’re gonna call it something. Let’s save the flower, just gonna call it that Ted. Let’s save the flower, and I have a load of advertising saying the flower is in danger and we need you to give us money so we can save the flower. The chief executive gets an assistant chief executive, and they get a board of management, and then they get junior managers and they get accountants and then they get photocopying girls and they get boys to do the messages and they build an empire and they raise millions of donations to save the flower and then someone comes along and says, “Hey I can save the flower.” Do they want that flower saved, because it’s the end of their empire. It’s the end of their work, the whole reason for being will just go. So often, you know, when people turn up with an answer, they don’t want to hear it because it would be the end of what they do. I know for a fact that there’s a cure for cancer on this planet. I know for a fact that there’s plenty of cures but to find a cure officially, then there’s no more fundraising. So this is again one of the huge issues on this planet, on… hey Ted we’re nearly out of time aren’t we?

TM: No my friend we’ve got about three minutes left, go right ahead. There’s always extra time for you Simon.

SP: Bless you.

TM: Well I was going to ask you in twenty-five words or less, what do you see things coming up on the horizon for the United States, the world and the rest of the galaxy?

Voice: That’s next week.

SP: Right. You’ve got midterm elections.

TM: True.

SP: I’m not gonna say how you should vote because that’s politics and I don’t want to go down that road but I would say to you vote for America, whatever is your version of America. Whatever fits your version of America, vote for America because at the end of the day America still has the greatest Constitution. It really does. Here people don’t get this, but in Great Britain we do not have a Constitution. We don’t have one. People make it up as they go along. I’m not joking with you. We call it precedent, so hey this happened fifty years ago, so that must be right. You guys have got something written down so that technically you can’t go against what’s been written down. That’s worth fighting for. Listen you guys, fight for it because you went through some bloody times. I don’t mean bloody as in loosing blood. You went through bloody times, some of that in fighting my country, some of it fighting others, but you fought hard to have something. Hang on to it, so whatever you vote, vote for the preservation of your constitution.

TM: And do vote. Don’t… and vote your conviction whatever that is. I urge everyone to vote.

SP: Absolutely.

TM: Not just stand by and let others decide for you, and you should do that. I want to thank everyone so much again for helping make Out of This World Radio one of the most popular talk shows in the Seattle area and the fastest growing metaphysical and spiritual radio program in the world with over 250,000 listeners in over 90 countries. And Simon, I appreciate your work so much. You are raising consciousness around the world with your work as well, and thank you again so much for coming on the show today Simon. I really appreciate it.

SP: A pleasure. I’m delighted to be on your show because it’s so spiritual and it goes in places that other radio shows are too frightened to go.

TM: Um-hum, yeah, yeah, and we’re also supported through private donations and if you would like to send a donation please visit our website at triple W dot out of this world 1150 (www .outofthisworld1150 .com) and with that my friends I hope you all have a beautiful and happy weekend and thank you so much for making this planet a much better and happier place. Bye-bye everyone. Thank you Simon. Bye-bye, Simon.

[End of Interview 54:59, 2nd Hour]

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