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Friday, September 21, 2018

Particle beam weapons being fired from helicopters, space, and the ground by both humans and nonhumans result in unnatural Northern California fires, which may be work of Agenda 21 and/or something else; fall 2018 is a critical time for humanity; much hinges on Kavanaugh surviving the attempted character assassination and being nominated to the Supreme Court; 50,000 indictments need to be processed against mostly U.S. citizens guilty of pedophilia, selling children into sex slavery, and/or use in sacrificial occult ceremonies; President Trump and Angela Merkel have animated conversation about Germany helping Poland; rumor is both Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel contain genetic material from Hitler; that rumored relationship of Merkel to Hitler may have been reason President Trump suggested Merkel help Poland because of atrocities Germany committed against Poland during Nazi era; chatter lingers as to why so many observatories worldwide close simultaneously, some say to stop the observatories from capturing images of spacecraft around Sun; can a person with multiple soul parts drop a part after birth to resolve a conflict; strange happenings concerning commercial flights—Boeing 777 loses flight control systems when approaching New York on 9/11, many people being poisoned on various flights—could be warning to Trump not to drain the swamp or else!.


Ted Mahr: To celebrate the fall equinox, I’d like to bring in my good friend Simon Parkes live from England on the show. Simon how are you today?

Simon Parkes: Hello Ted, every time I speak to you you’re up a mountain.

TM: I am. I am. I’m in a cloud forest right now and I can see… there are a few butterflies flying around. It’s partially cloudy. It’s a beautiful day and it’s funny when the sun goes down, this whole forest comes alive. It’s nothing like a quiet forest. You have all kinds of critters out there, crickets and grasshoppers probably, and all kinds of animals making all kinds of noise, so… but it’s a beautiful place. It’s very quiet and very very peaceful. Costa Rica itself abolished its military in 1947 Simon, so they don’t… they spend zero dollars on the military, and they spend the money instead 25 percent on education and 25 percent on the environment. So it’s a different kind of country. It has the highest standard of living in Central America, and it’s, I think it’s one of the nicest places to live on the planet.

SP: That’s really interesting. I didn’t know that. I think the world’s media goes out of its way not to tell people that.

TM: Um-hum. Well there’s actually an enclave of Americans living in Costa Rica. They refused to fight in the Korean War and also in the Vietnam War and they came down here and they established a community. They’re Quakers and they’re very peaceful beautiful loving people, and there’s about 5,000 now in a community down here, and many of them retain their American passports and they go back and forth between Costa Rica and the United States, but there’s a different feeling when you get to a country where no monies are spent in the military. There just isn’t the same kind of vibration, and the government has a lot more money to spend on education, on the environment, to create a much higher standard of living than if you’re if your monies are going into weapons and conflicts around the world.

SP: Hum. That’s really interesting.

TM: Yeah, yeah.

SP: And how long are you, how long are you in Costa Rica for Ted?

TM: I’m here through next week and then I come back to the U.S. and I’ll be back in the studio again next Friday, but I took your advice Simon that I needed a vacation so that’s what I’m having now, having a vacation, having a vacation.

SP: Good.

TM: And before we start my friend, I want everyone who’s listening today to please send lots of love and light and positive thoughts to Simon. You had some difficulties recently and I know that the good energy everyone can send to him today will really really help make you feel better.

SP: Well thank you Ted. It’s very fashionable in our industry to put down every negative force or piece of bad luck to say oh I was attacked, but I’m fairly competent that what happened to me was an attack, because it started at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday evening and didn’t let up until 6:00 a.m. on the Sunday morning. That’s two sixes, and I was in hospital for something like nine hours. And I get this maybe once or twice a year and somebody really doesn’t like, you know, what I do, and it was interesting that I’d just agreed to do the Kerry Cassidy radio show, to go on Kerry Cassidy’s radio show, and I had to postpone that because of the attack, but I did do it two or three days, two or three days back. So you know, I suppose it’s part of the world that we live in, and you know, we just have to keep going and say that it’s going to end at some point in terms of these attacks.

TM: Sure.

SP: That there will just be no place for them. If you can hear noise in the background Ted that’s just the young kittens just deciding to empty the wastebasket so don’t worry about the noise.

TM: I thought it was the cat’s when I heard that.

SP: Yes. So thank you Ted. I’ll accept any loving healing energy. Yes please, be very welcome, thank you.

TM: One of the things… oh I listened to your wonderful interview with Kerry Cassidy and one of the questions is whether JFK Jr. is alive, and so I did ask President Kennedy over that since I saw that this weekend. JFK Jr. is actually by his side. He’s alive in the 5th dimension but not in this dimension, so…

SP: Right. I was asked that question and I said I don’t know, but I know a man who channels JFK.

TM: Yeah thank you. Thank you Simon.

SP: Well I didn’t want to [use] your name because I hadn’t got permission to do so. But I did just mention you like that, you know.

TM: Oh thank you. Thank you. Well if you have any questions of President Kennedy please forward them on. He said he’d be happy to answer them for you. So I wanted to tell you I was in Mount Shasta about a week and a half ago and I got in touch with one of the spirits of one of the high priests of Telos which is underneath Mount Shasta, a fellow named Adama, and he healed my right eye. Did I tell you about that?

SP: Well you only briefly mentioned it and I said could we talk about it on the radio show because I wanted to hear more about it. But as you remember Ted that since you did… oh at least two or three visits there over the last few months, a number of my clients that I see have been on that tour with you and each person had a very striking story to tell me, which was great, but nobody had had an eye healed, so I did want to hear about that.

TM: Well I had, forty-two years ago in college, I had stared at the Sun in my right eye too long and the Sun burned my retina, and I’ve had blurry farsighted vision in that eye ever since that time. And one night I dreamt I was talking to Adama, one of the high priests of Telos and he asked me if I wanted a healing and I said yes I’d love one. So the next morning I woke up and I got the message look in your, just look, do some… look around with your, with your eyes and I noticed that my vision in my right eye was crystal clear. It was 20/15. It was like 20/30, 20/40. Now it’s 20/15 in the right eye, and before my vision was good, but both of them are actually really good 20/10, 20/15 on both, fighter-pilot eyes. So I can see crystal clear. I can see like when I was teenager and I am so happy. I can’t tell you how happy I am.

SP: Ted was there any discomfort in the morning? Was there any red marks or any pain or anything like that?

TM: Nothing, nothing. What Adama said… he said two things. He said you were ready for the healing, and number two, because spiritually you can see things clearly now, it was time for your third dimensional body to catch up and for your eyesight, because you can see things crystal clear on a spiritual level in the fifth dimension, he said it was time for you to be able to see crystal clear in the third dimension. So that’s why they fixed my eye. So now I can see crystal clear on both eyes 20/10, 20/15 in both.

SP: See that makes perfect sense doesn’t it? It’s about the physical body and the energy body actually working together to balance.

TM: That’s… yeah that’s right. That’s right, and what I’ve told people before when they, often when they have a physical problem, it’s always related to a spiritual issue, and if you can correct the spiritual condition then you can correct the physical condition you see. So that’s how it worked out, so I’m very happy. I can’t tell you how happy I am.

SP: I bet you are. Hey Ted I know you’re 4500 feet up a very beautiful mountain, but did any questions from the audience make their way up to you?

TM: Yes they did. Let me get them here. Let me get them out. Yeah let me get them out here or just a moment here. Here I’ve got a bunch of questions for you. Okay we have a lot of questions. First off this is about the fires in Northern California, a real quick one, that the fires themselves were caused by… they weren’t caused, maybe we talked about this before, but many of the fires were caused by particle beam weapons and they weren’t even… a lot of the fires weren’t even caused by humans. They were caused by Reptilians and mega developments trying to cause trouble in Northern California. I don’t know what you picked up on that, but that was kind of, it’s a long question, but it’s a kind of paraphrase of it.

SP: It did come up on Kerry Cassidy’s show. I jokingly say quite often I don’t know what it is that people have such a problem with California. Why do so many people have a dislike for California, because California seems to get kicked as often as the bad guys can get them. The California fires are very unique. Some of the cars that have been incinerated, the heat was so great that the aluminum hubcaps had actually completely melted, so you can just imagine a burnt-out car and then just pools of molten metal where the aluminum has [15:02][melted]. Now that’s not usually the case in a standard fire. So I do agree with an energy weapons. I think most these energy weapons were fired from helicopter. I think in some instances they were fired from space and in one or two cases from the ground. I’m aware of a… some years ago now, what we just loosely call a firefight in Africa between humans, in actual fact it was a mixed British and American military group, and what we call the Grey aliens.

TM: Oh, okay.

SP: That happened in Africa some years ago and I had the great honor of talking to one of the guys who survived that, and he was able to tell me a little bit about it. The battling in California does strike me as a little bit like that. In other words you’ve got two factions at each other and unfortunately the poor old homesteaders are the ones who get caught in the middle of it, and this describes why you would have a house burned to the ground, but then a tree and its leaves there, because an energy beam weapon actually for those who’ve not really come into contact with such a weapon, it’s not a hot beam. It’s what we call a cold beam. When it fires it doesn’t actually, it’s not like a laser beam. These weapons are different and therefore the heat is, or the effect when it strikes an object, that’s when it becomes hot, and it’s very localized. So you would get one car incinerated and the car next to it not touched at all. So the fires in California are not natural. They are the cause of, in my opinion, two factions fighting it out amongst themselves and it’s the first time in my knowledge that such a fight has occurred above ground on the U.S. I know there have been lots of battles on military bases on the ground, but to my knowledge it’s the first time this happened outside.

TM: Ah, it was very very interesting because there were neighbors, there was a fire called the car fire, C A R R fire, in Redding, California Simon where homes were like half of them were destroyed but half of them weren’t. Cars were melted. The bumpers were melted. License plates were melted, but barely just a few feet away you had trees and flowers. Everything was just fine, so people just… it was the weirdest thing and people were talking about it and asking what was going on here cause they just didn’t understand.

SP: That’s the big giveaway, that when a fire is not consistent it’s because huge amounts of energy are concentrated at one point, and then as you just go three feet away from that point, the devastating effect drops right off. And this is what, if you haven’t experienced these weapons, you wouldn’t understand it because if you throw a load of gasoline down on the ground and set fire to it, well if you hold a leaf from a tree near it the leaf will shrivel, but these energy weapons don’t operate like that. They don’t have the same physics, so therefore the object they strike is superheated and destroyed but something that’s not connected to it, there’s just no effect to it at all, and that is the absolute giveaway that something non-standard is being used. So, you know, and it’s just, and I would say that although I agree with the idea that Agenda 21 was trying to move people away from these properties and put them in a city, I actually think now that the local authorities at the top highest level want to get people out of that part of California because possibly there’s something running around there that, you know, isn’t particularly good. So I think the federal state and the states will seek to prevent homesteaders rebuilding because it might be that this is going to have another cycle of this. So it’s a very very fascinating time.

TM: Hum. Interesting. Interesting. Well I know there’s a lot of people in Northern California listening today and if anyone has stories, please email them to me at Out of This World 1150 at (outofthisworld1150@ gmail .com). One thing you mentioned earlier on Kerry Cassidy’s interview was that this time period, this fall: October, November, December, 2018, was a very critical time for humanity and we all need to redouble our efforts to help humanity ascend. Would you would you like to elaborate on that a little bit Simon?

SP: Yes I… for about maybe a year, a year and a half, I’ve always felt that the back end of this year, the fall of 2018 was absolutely crucial. You know we’ve had many crucial times on this planet, but I really feel that if what I’m hoping comes out of Washington D.C., either October, November, December, that will be the kickstart for many other disclosures of information. And with the Supreme Judge Kavanaugh now being accused of sexual misconduct, it just goes to show just how desperate certain people are to keep a supreme judge from taking his office, because as soon as that supreme judge takes his office, then the next phase of disclosure goes into overdrive. So there are certain people now who are, I use the word hell-bent, deliberately hell-bent on trying to prevent Kavanaugh taking his position because they’re trying to slow up what might come. You see I was quite happy to accept there were twenty-five thousand indictments, but I have been given evidence that there are in excess of fifty thousand indictments now. I’ve seen evidence and I’m actually now convinced that there are fifty thousand indictments of mostly U.S. citizens, not exclusively in the U.S. Some are abroad, but they are mostly U.S. citizens in the Americas. And if in October, November, December some of those indictments become opened and acted upon, then it opens the way for humans to begin to understand what’s really going on in the world. So it’s very important. If we don’t get something happening October, November, December, then it makes it a lot harder for humanity in the following year, 2019.

TM: Hum. Interesting. Well thank you so much for sharing that Simon. One last followup question from a listener. What’s going on now with Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination and how do you think that will turn out?

SP: I think that he… I think that he will be put into post. I think the votes will be incredibly low, you know, you would have expected under normal circumstances, I don’t know seventy-five, eighty-five. It would have been a shoo-in, but under the circumstances I think it would be quite close. There is a faction of the Democrats who are trying to push for everything to be frozen. When the Republicans clearly want to get this all sorted and Trump wants to get it sorted because he wants the judge to be in office. So how do I see it happening? I think that as it stands Kavanaugh will go in. I think he will be elected because on Monday he’s got another session with the Senators and the woman who has accused him of this sexual misbehavior has been invited to attend, which is very interesting, and President Trump has said that he’s very interested to hear what she has to say. He said he particularly wants to hear what she’s got to talk about. Now I’m not sure that she’ll turn up. The information I’m getting is that she may well not turn up. Now if she doesn’t turn up I think that speaks volumes. Anyway that’s the situation. We can’t have the American machinery grinding to a halt. We do need that Supreme Judge in. It’s nothing even in court. I mean this woman hasn’t even gone to court. All she’s done is go to the newspapers, so that’s where we are with it.

TM: It’s interesting isn’t it how these so-called witnesses show up at the last minute like a confirmation hearing and you don’t know anything about the credibility. I’m not saying it didn’t happen but it’s…

SP: Well as I said I think if you, look the problem I have with this is that she says she was 15 and he was 17, so why is she going public now? This man has been a judge for a… 12 years. She had all of this time to do something about it. Why now at the moment that this man is going to push President Trump’s majority on the Supreme Council by one, so I’m suspicious at the timing of this.

TM: Sure.

SP: I don’t have a problem with what’s happening and it should be investigated, but my problem is why now? It’s almost as if someone’s gone to her and said you know you need to do this or you need to speak out. If this is true I wish she’d done this over the last 12 years.

TM: Um-hum. Sure. Right. Yeah. Yeah why wait till now? Yeah.

SP: Yeah.

TM: Well I think he will get the nomination. It’ll be close but I think, yeah, I think people are ready for a change, and I think he’ll get the nomination. One thing that we talked about, I think it was last week. There was a picture of Angela Merkel and President Trump and Angela Merkel Prime Minister of… Chancellor of Germany was holding her hands up and President Trump was pointing at her. You said something very interesting about that. Would you like to share that?

SP: Yes I can do it. It’s not widely known. It’s very funny because I did one of my meetings in London and a person came up who was Austrian or German and they had also heard the same story that I heard, which was great because it was confirmation for me. Yes the photograph is basically a conference where the Chancellor of Germany was in conference with President of the U.S., and they were very animated and the information I have is that President Trump had said to the president, the Chancellor of Germany you should pay compensation to the people of Poland for what Adolf Hitler and the Nazis did back in the 1940s. You’re a very very rich country now, to Germany. You’ve got lots of money. I think you…there were some diabolical really bad things done. I think you should pay for that, and that didn’t go down very well.

TM: Oh, okay.

SP: That didn’t go down. The Chancellor of Germany was horrified at that. So what that tells us is not the exciting news snippet of the story. What it tells us is the mind of President Trump, where President Trump is saying here you are a very wealthy country. Here’s a very poor country. Poland is actually relatively poor compared to Germany.

TM: Right.

SP: I think you should help out. So it begins to show how Trump (a) has a great knowledge of Europe. He actually knows quite a lot about European history and (b) he’s got a conscience, and he’s basically saying you know I think that you need to do something about it. Now why that is particularly interesting is there are still rumors that will not go away that somehow Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany is related to Adolf Hitler. There is constant story that will not go away. They’re related and so it’s very interesting that President Trump said to her you have responsibility for what happened during the Nazi era in Poland.

TM: You know it’s interesting you bring that up Simon because I don’t know whether this has any credence or not, but I’ve heard that that both Angela Merkel and Hillary Clinton were actually daughters of Adolf Hitler, that they were smuggled into Germany and the United States to grow up. I don’t know if it’s true but I don’t know if you’d heard that or not, but that’s what I’ve heard too from the same, similar sources.

SP: What I’d heard was that some genetic material might have been saved and used or added. So I wasn’t of the opinion that they were daughters in the true sense of the word, but I was of the opinion that there was a strong possibility that there was some genetic connection, and it is very interesting that the President of the United States of America has put some emotional pressure on the leader of Germany, which is a very interesting statement based on, you know, what we’re talking about now. I mean maybe he’s heard the same sort of rumors possibly and he’s saying, you know, you should be helping out.

TM: Fascinating. Well if Germany did help Poland I think that would be a good thing. Yeah. I think that would be a good thing. We have another question Simon from many observatories being closed down around the world under strange circumstances where the FBI, I’ve read, where FBI came in and closed down an observatory in New Mexico without really much comment. What have you heard? Have you heard much about that by the way?

SP: Yeah it’s been quite hot on the internet, social media. It’s been made worse by the FBI saying that the reason that they closed the Sun Spot Observatory in New Mexico because there was some criminal activity taking place there, and then when people ask them well why did you evacuate all of the staff? They said, “well you know because we wanted to keep everybody safe,” which isn’t a very good answer. What we know is that some very very trusting people are believing the statement by the FBI. They’re saying oh well there you are then, it’s nothing to worry about. It was a bit of criminal activity. We don’t need to worry about it, and I’m afraid that’s a very naive view, because if you actually dig down what you find is that not only was the Sun Spot Observatory closed by the FBI, but two similar observatories in Hawaii were closed down, the observatory in Chile was closed down, the observatory in Pennsylvania was closed down, and the observatory in Australia was closed down. So all at the same time something like six telescopes ground–earth based telescopes were all closed at the same time. Now don’t tell me that there was criminal activity in all of those installations thousands of miles apart. It’s nonsense. And when you have criminal activity what tends to happen is that cops turn up in cars with blue lights on them and they go and do what they do. They don’t descend out of Blackhawk helicopters and that’s exactly what happened here. These men who we were told were FBI arrived in Blackhawk helicopters. We also know that the post office, the major post office in New Mexico which was connected to this observatory was also closed down. The reason for that was that there was some communications being passed between the staff at the observatory and the workers at the post office, and the reason was that these Sun Spot telescopes around the planet were picking up alien spacecraft, and that’s the only word I can give you, alien spacecraft, or if we don’t want to be so specific, we can say anomalies. The telescope at New Mexico is the finest Sun telescope in the world. It is the best pictures, the most wonderful clarity, and it was showing, I understand from what I’ve been told, it was showing some pretty fine pictures of things around the Sun that shouldn’t have been there. The workers wanted to talk about this and the best way for them was the post office, and they were telling people and trying to get messages out, and so you have to remember of course that most of these observatories are paid for by the American government. They may be in other countries like Australia and Chile, but they are paid for by the U.S., and the final point on this Ted is people are saying well hang on a minute. If President Trump is such a good chap, why is he closing all of these telescopes down? Doesn’t he want to tell the truth? The point is that I think like you Ted, and like many of your listeners that we need to tell the truth right now. But there are… most people in Washington D.C. want to tell the truth slowly. They want the truth to come out slowly, and what they were concerned about I understand, was that this would have blown the whole lid off it. If it suddenly had these crystal clear pictures of strange craft around the Sun then they would have lost their five-year plan to tell the truth. So that’s what I understand about it Ted.

TM: Interesting. Interesting. A friend of mine John Yan Eric in Norway sent me a link to a YouTube which I viewed just a couple days ago and it showed they were leaked images from one of the observatories Simon where they showed, it looked like spacecraft around the Sun, a whole bunch of spacecraft coming in and the YouTube video stated that the employees of this observatory thought that the people should be told, so they took the footage and released it on YouTube. I don’t know if it’s still available now, but I did see it a few days ago.

SP: Yes there’s more to this story. I would have to be a bit careful now.

TM: You don’t have to… don’t say anything that…

SP: No I won’t.

TM: …would get you in hot water just…

SP: No I’m sure. I just don’t want people, if I’m choosing my words carefully I want to explain to people why I’m choosing my words carefully. There’s a guy who oversees all of these observatories. There is a guy who oversees all of them and he is in an organization that is really well known to most Americans.

TM: Okay.

SP: And he wanted to forward the, what we call the disclosure plan, you know, telling people of Earth that there really are creatures you know, and humans like us but they don’t live here. They live somewhere else. He had a device which enabled communication. Now I’ve had the great privilege of meeting this man.

TM: Oh wow!

SP: A couple of years ago in a hotel, motel. We had the… and I was attacked heavily at that meeting and I spent most of the time vomiting blood.

TM: Oh no.

SP: Yeah, yeah, yeah that’s the way it is, but it didn’t prevent me from having some conversation with him and meeting him. He’s a really good man. He’s a very genuine man, but I did say to him look you are funded by the United States of America. Do you really think that they’re gonna let you go along with your plan? And he said, “Well you know I’ve got to go with it. I’ve got to do it. I’ve got to try. I’ve got to go with it,” so what I wanted to say was on one hand there’s that’s the backdrop to the story here.

TM: Sure.

SP: And on the bit that’s exciting is that these are evolution on this planet and the planet’s evolution and for that matter all of the planets in the solar system, certainly around us, are evolving because of the particular light frequency coming from the Sun. We tend to think of the Sun as producing heat but of course heat is nothing more than light energy. It’s a different frequency. Now it’s that frequency that is raising the temperature of the planet. Global warming, as told by those people who lie, and that’s why President Trump says he doesn’t believe in global warming and he’s absolutely correct. Probably one degree centigrade is the increase from burning fossil fuels. All of the rest of this increase is because of a natural interaction between the Sun’s energy light and the Earth and what these craft, alien crafts, were doing was tweaking the frequency of the energy because the human plan is slightly behind schedule. There have been some reports on the internet that the energy wave was coming in and was too strong and was going to basically fry us all, and then the aliens came along and they… no that’s not my understanding. My understanding is that the frequency had to be changed because the bad guys have done a reasonably good job from their perspective in slowing up or slowing down the development of humanity, and so we had a little bit of help with these crafts arriving to just change the frequency so that it’s gonna have more of an effect and break us free. So it’s been a fantastic couple of weeks. It’s been really exciting, nothing to worry about, nothing to be fearful of. It’s all good news. It’s all exciting, but of course we do see the dark hand, sometimes of evil moving in and out from time to time.

TM: Sure. Right. Right. Well whoever that person was that helped in the release of these YouTube videos of these spacecraft coming into the Sun I want to thank everyone. I want to thank him so much for doing that, and I know everyone listening today also appreciates him as well. You know my next question from the listener was how is the Sun responsible for the evolution of this planet, and you’ve kind of answered that in a way, that the vibration from the Sun is helping the ascension process on this planet. Is that right Simon?

SP: Every system, solar system, every system has binary star. One is a Sun that you can see with your human eyes and the other is a star that you cannot. Adolf Hitler, we’ve mentioned him already, we don’t want to give him too much of a storyboard here, but Adolf Hitler understood this because Hitler had strong connection with negative aliens. He and some of his troops, special troops, wore a special badge which was called the Black Sun, and for every light Sun there’s a dark star or a Black Sun, and the two are symbiotic like yin and yang, and the light Sun always raises the vibrational life force of the planets within its charge, within its locality. So throughout all of this dimension at least there are solar systems with binary stars, and one star acts as an anchor which is the Dark Star or the Black Sun, and the other star is the light star which evolves the planets. If we didn’t have the Sun we would not evolve. It is the sun’s changing a frequency which is actually kick-starting humanity. It does to our DNA, it does to our energy, nothing physical here. It’s all energy going on, and I want to give people before I finish an example of this. If listeners think back five years ago, just five years ago, think how much truth has come out into the public eye in the last five years, and if you go back a further five years and a further five years, how closeted and how blanketed and locked in people were. It’s in the recent time that people have got the truth out and others have accepted the truth, and you know, think about all this terrible stuff with the Catholic Church in America, all of this horrible stuff. Well that’s been going on for centuries, but it never got out. It’s coming out now because humans are asking questions, and that’s because the vibrational rate of the Sun is making this begin to look a little bit further afield.

TM: My goodness Simon that what you’ve said is extremely profound and I just learned something. Thank you so much. It’s several listeners asked this same thing about the how was the Sun responsible for the evolution of the planet. There was a wonderful astrologer I had on my show four years ago named Susan Miller from New York City, and she said this, she was an astrologer and she said Ted the planets are in alignment for a period of time of truth that from this time on 2014 through the 2020s and ’30s will become a time of truth for humanity on the planet where people will learn the truth of so many things, and you just said it now again, This is happening and I think it’s a good time. It’s a refreshing time and I know that the human resonance which is the vibration of planet Earth has dramatically gone from 7.8 Hertz to something now, 200, somewhere over 200 Hertz. And by the end of 2020 and about a little less than two and a half years, we will go, we will surpass the vibration of love, which is 528 Hertz and go to 800 Hertz as we ascend, as we shift into the fifth dimension, and as we do, people will be able to communicate telepathically, as language will become secondary, and it’s a fascinating time really. It’s a time to celebrate, to know that the negative entities, negative forces on this planet are on the way out, and their time is very short now.

SP: You see Ted most of the animals on the Earth are adapting very very well to this change in frequency. Now some aren’t, and there are some species that are dying out, not necessarily because of pollution or because of overhunting, but because their time is not now. They’ve had their time and the frequency is changing, but for most of the life on the Earth, what I call the dumb animals, and I don’t mean that disrespectfully to them, but they automatically change. It is humans that are struggling because it’s humans that have the right to choose. We have that higher consciousness to make a good choice or an evil choice. An animal doesn’t. It has to eat. It has to move. It has to sleep, and that’s its choice. So it doesn’t have to be tested, but humans are tested, and we can make a good choice or a bad choice, and so for us it’s a struggle in this development because we are… we’re being pushed along, and we are either going willingly or we’re not going so willingly and that’s the difference. So it’s much harder actually for humans on the planet at the moment than it is for animals.

TM: Well it’s interesting you say that because I’ve heard from psychic friends of mine Simon that cats and dogs and pets in this, this currently living on the planet now, many of them will become human in their next lifetime, and I’ve actually, I don’t know if you’ve talked to your cats about this, but I talked to my cat Fluffy recently and he was saying the same thing, that he understood the ascension and he was ascending with it, so I think many animals will ascend with the planet.

SP: Well in modern-day India perhaps not as much now but certainly was in the last three or four or five hundred years, the cow, the white cow had free reign to go wherever it was and it was wrong to to block a cow. Now if you go back to ancient Egypt it was the cat. The cat had the right to go wherever it wanted in the pyramid or in the temples, and if anybody tried to stop the cat then their right arm was cut off. And if you look back to the last true pharaoh, which was Cleopatra, she had a very well-documented history. She liked leopards and tigers and panthers, and the ancient history of ancient Egypt is very much one of connected with cats. So cats, I don’t want to miss dogs out here, but cats have always been seen as being not just of this Earth, so when the Earth goes through a change—we’re going through several changes at the moment—it is the cat, if you have a domestic cat, their mood changes. A dog is more even. A dog can cope with this more evenly, but a cat, you will see some very big swings around about. So, as I said, I’m excited about this time. For me it’s not a negative time. It’s a positive time, but it is a difficult time.

TM: Sure. Right. Right. I just got another question in from another listener Simon. This is such an interesting topic. Catherine writes, Hi Simon, can a person with multiple soul parts drop one part anytime after birth to resolve a conflict with other soul parts or families? If so how does this process work, in 20 words or less.

SP: Wow! That’s because you’re up a mountain. Right. I’ve never been asked that question before.

TM: Okay.

SP: The answer is yes, but only if that person has resolved to do that and only if doing so unlocks the key for others to evolve. In other words, I need to say that a bit more. If for instance a person’s got three parts to their soul or four parts, doesn’t matter what, and they incarnate into a family that is diametrically opposed to their soul makeup, so the parents reject the child, they hate it, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. If the child can get the parents to love it or if the parents can overcome their dislike for the child, then they’ve healed a multimillion year rift that existed between one star family and another star family and then when that heals, that segment or that part of the soul, I don’t think it goes. What I think it does is it doesn’t have to express itself in the same way, and it becomes part of the whole. So over the planet at the moment there are many people in a relationship that seem totally wrong. I don’t mean that somebody likes, you know, the football on one day and the other person wants to go do something else. I’m talking about deep-rooted spiritual perspectives based on star family. For instance a Pleiadean mother and father giving birth to a baby with a largely Reptilian soul in it; this has happened greatly, but it’s designed I think to see how humanity can work this out, how we work it out. So the answer is yes to the questioner, providing that (a) the person is voluntarily doing it and (b) to do so actually brings healing to those around you. It’s a great question. Thank you.

TM: Interesting. Okay thanks so much Catherine for sending that. Here’s another one from Rebecca in Olympia, Washington. It was a news story and I wanted to ask you about it. You probably heard about it. I didn’t even know what happened. It was actually on Russia Today News, RT News. It wasn’t in our media, where a Boeing 777 almost crashed flying into New York. It was flying from oh what was it? It was on… I believe it was an Indian flight from New Delhi to New York, lost all flight control systems as it just approached New York online. It was actually on 9/11 from India, and the article states that she asked about it, the article states that this was a possible replay of 9/11 back in 2000, 2001. Fortunately it was avoided and all the passengers landed safe. I don’t know if you’d heard about that. Perhaps it was an accident. Anything on that would be appreciated.

SP: We can add to it because around the same time flights from other countries were reporting a poisoning amongst the passengers and in three instances, I think Britain to India, Britain to Spain, I can’t remember the other one, they made not emergency landings, but when they landed the ambulance and paramedics were there. Fire was there. Basically the passengers were reporting a poisoning like, oh I don’t know, a food poisoning bug, and the information that I’ve seen was there was possibly a member of staff who didn’t really appear to be a member of staff, and I think what we’ve got is not too complicated, is that somebody is sending warning messages to President Trump saying we have the power to send aircraft crashing. We can do these things 30,000 feet up in the sky. Don’t push us. You talked about the connection with 9/11 and I think that’s not a mistake. That’s very deliberate, so I see that incident as part of a small group of people who wanted to send a message to the President of the United States saying stop this crusade that you’re on, because we have the power to knock aircraft out of the sky. That’s what it was all about.

TM: I see. I see Simon. Well my friend we’ve got about a minute and a half left and I wanted to give you this time to wrap up your wonderful interview today, and as always I really appreciate you coming on Simon. Thank you so much.

SP: Well now I’m always very grateful for you inviting me. I mean you’re just this globe-trotting postcard. If you’re not at Mount Shasta then you’re up some mountain with a monkey and a palm tree or something, and I mean that’s just fantastic because, you know, most of our daily lives we look at a sidewalk with concrete and cars, so you bring light and joy to many of us.

TM: Oh thank you.

SP: So I just say that, you know, this really is, it is a roller coaster you know, and everyone who’s listening to this, you are just so lucky to be here on this planet. You may not think that. You may have a friend who’s dying of cancer. You may have lost your job. You this, that, you know, I understand in the sense that that can give terrible terrible pain, but if you are alive, you’re here for a reason. Please, please, please don’t sit in your armchair and just worry your world away. Go out there and live your life and try and be a great example for everybody around you.

TM: What good advice Simon. Thank you as always for your wonderful advice. Please send lots of love and light to Simon because he wasn’t feeling well recently and I hope… please stay tuned for my next hour. Thank you again Simon so much for coming on today.

SP: God bless, bye-bye.

TM: Alright thanks my friend, bye-bye.

[end of Simon Interview 55:06 1st Hour]

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