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Friday September 07, 2018

Simon discusses his post about the questioning of Judge Brett Kavanaugh and the mention of military tribunals as a way to try Americans who betray their country; ridiculous political games being played out for the public are a distraction tool to keep people from focusing on the real issues; America needs to understand they are in a fight for their life to maintain their sovereignty; how do we stop weather control and deliberately set fires by particle beam weapons; implants can be both positive and negative; is it true that all nuclear weapons on Earth have been deactivated; are the Annunaki gone from the surface of the Earth; when celebrities know too much they seem to mysteriously commit suicide according to the system, but the public thinks they were murdered; pedophilia in the UN; 5G and all the new gadgets that run it and damage health are all ways to make money; if the light tunnel traps souls then maybe we shouldn’t send trapped souls to the light, but instead to Source or their star family; how the future looks to be shaping up..


Ted Mahr: And with that what I’d love to do is talk to my good friend, Simon. Simon how are you doing today?

Simon Parkes: Hello Ted, I’m doing very well, thank you. And you seem to be spending half your life up Mount Shasta.

TM: Well, you’re funny.

SP: Well I think, I’m just saying that it’s, you know, there are very few people who are dedicated to taking groups to spiritual locations, and, you know, it’s one of perhaps, it’s one of the most sacred places on the Earth and you know, it’s great that you’re actually able to do it. And you do it as such a reasonable price as well.

TM: Well, you know thank you so much for saying that Simon. It’s only two hundred dollars per person and the purpose of the program, is the trip to raise consciousness. And as I look around the people here today, we must have, what, at least a thousand, would you say two thousand people here. No actually we’ve probably got about twenty-five or so, thirty, but they have such all beautiful hearts and spirits and they’re all here to make this planet a better place and their heart is in the right spot, you know. But as my friend Anthony from Los Angeles just told me a minute ago, today’s your birthday Simon, so we have to sing you a happy birthday song. Simon are you there?

SP: Yes I’m waiting for my song.

TM: Okay, let’s sing, okay everyone… on the count of one, two, three… “Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday Dear Simon, Happy Birthday to You.” And many more.

SP: Thank you.

TM: We have people… right our pleasure, and we have people from, well Ukraine, Los Angeles, Mexico City, let’s see… I’m sorry, yeah Los Angeles, Seattle, New Zealand. Let’s see, what planet are you from Jason, what again?

Jason: Far away.

TM: Far Houston, far away, he won’t tell us the planet he comes from, Canada, but we’ve got a wonderful group of people here and we wanted to wish you a very happy birthday Simon, so…

SP: Well I just want to thank everyone for that. That’s so very kind of you, thank you. And it’s great Ted because over the course of, you know, the work I do through Skype, I often meet people who have been on your trips, and everyone I’ve spoken to has had something specific or unusual happen to them. So you know nobody that I have spoken to [7:40][has] said oh well that was boring or that was a waste of time. Everyone that I have spoken to has said well that was well worth it. I got something out of that. So that’s excellent that, you know, throughout the spiritual community there are people there who are doing a wide range of things, whether it’s going up Mount Shasta with you or listening to me or doing anything else, and that means that people are widely experiencing and that’s very important. The noise behind me if you can hear it is one of my new kittens who’s not very well and is in a little pen at the moment and desperately wants to come out and I might have to get him out in a minute.

TM: Oh well, poor animal. Well listen we want to wish our best to your beautiful kitten there and I wanted to tell you that we’ve had a lot, I’ve had a lot of people writing me asking all kinds of questions of course Simon for me to ask you on the air, and also too I saw your post a couple days ago, where one of the posts you mentioned the new Supreme Court nominee for the United States and about military court tribunals, and you had a very interesting comment about that if you wouldn’t mind caring to clarify.

SP: Right, if the audience [09:01][has] got a little bit of spare time they might go visit my website, Simon Parkes dot org (simonparkes .org), and if you have a look at that I’ve put up the second day of Judge Kavanaugh’s, it’s not an interview as such, but it’s his work with the Senate. The Senate asked him lots of questions so then they decide on the voting whether they want him or not. Kavanaugh is President Trump’s nominee for one of the supreme judges, and if people on the second day go to the official obviously post and you go to three hours, two minutes, and thirty seconds (03:02:30), and you watch and listen from that point right through to three hours and four minutes and fifty-three seconds (03:04:53), I’m only asking you to listen to two minutes worth, you’ll hear a very interesting statement from one of the Republican senators who is speaking to Judge Kavanaugh. Now within that timeframe, perhaps people can write it down, at three hours and four minutes (03:04:00) exactly to three hours and four minutes and fifteen seconds (03:04:15) exactly, the senator asks Judge Kavanaugh what is the understanding of the law is in regards to an American citizen in another country. And what they both agree on is that that American citizen in another country has the Constitution and Amendment rights that protect him or her against his own country, which is the United States, but doesn’t protect that person against the foreign government. But then between the three hours and four minutes (03:04:00) and three hours and four minutes and fifteen seconds (03:04:15), the senator says what about the situation where a person turns against their own government? Now this was a coded message saying basically that if you want to try to bring down the president, then there will be military tribunals. So I didn’t sit through twelve or fifteen hours of this simply because I didn’t have the time but I was told that the Republican senator was sending a message to what we call the deep state or the Cabal or who, whatever you want to use it. And I was given these times, that these were the times I needed to listen to, because it was the warning to the bad guys that if they wished to cause really serious issues this will happen, so I hope the audience [11:59][gets] a chance to go and listen to that. It was really really important. So that was what my posting was about.

TM: Okay, interesting, interesting. Also too, I say a posting about the British–Russian relationship has been the lowest since the late seventies and early eighties. I hope things improve, you know, because there’s a lot of good people in Russia, there’s a lot of good people of course in England, and there’s a lot of good people in America. There’s a lot of good people in Canada. Everywhere around the world there’s good people and basically there are more good people than there are people who want the conflict, so I hope things can improve between Britain and Russia.

SP: Yeah it’s all a ridiculous political game because, you know, while that’s going on, and Britain is a very big player in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and NATO and which obviously has America as the biggest supporter and amongst those countries, are France and Italy and Germany and Spain, many many others. You have the Chancellor of Germany doing a deal with President Putin to bring a very special gas pipeline directly from Russia straight through to Germany providing gas that doesn’t go through Saudi Arabia. So on one hand you have a NATO country basically attacking Russia and on the other hand you’ve got a NATO country doing a massive financial deal with Russia. This is the ridiculousness of the politics that is being played out for newspapers, television stations, other media outlets. It’s all part of a huge game and frankly, you know, I’m shocked that people who are supposed to be very busy in government have got so much time on their hands that they can invent all these stupid games. And there’s the rest of us who don’t get paid anything like this sort of wages running around half killing one another. So it’s obviously good to be a leader in government because you get all this free time to make things up. So I wanted to share that with people again simply because I wanted to say look, this is a drama that is being played out. It’s a television play. It’s just literally to take your attention off certain other topics. The real topic at the moment is the situation in the United States of America where two sides are squaring up to basically decide which side is going to be victorious. Will it be those who want to maintain the Constitution and go back to the good old Constitution or will it be those who want to rewrite the Constitution because they don’t want to be constrained by the laws of the Founding Fathers. And that is where it will go and that is why the military now is beginning to push President Trump to start being less covert and to be more overt and remember when Trump was interviewed, it was only a week ago or so and it seems much longer, where he basically said if anyone tries to impeach me, there will be a revolution in this country. And basically what he is saying is if anyone tries to impeach me, the military will declare martial law. Now it’s very interesting that after his statement the calls for impeachment almost stopped, because that message hit home. And what we’re seeing is a waste of government time. One side says something. The other side responds, and it’s actually not very helpful. But that’s where we’re at. It’s really important that the American people understand that their country is going through one of the most important changes that it’s ever had.

TM: Well that’s very profound Simon, and that’s why I love having you on my show. You always have the greatest insight on things. One of the things I remember that Benjamin Franklin said before he passed away. He said that we gave you a Republic, to the American people. We gave you a Republic if you can keep it, and so, and I hope that the people in this country, great country will keep the Constitution. It has served us well for over 200 years, and there’s no reason to change it. There’s good reasons why it was documented. I looked at the U.S. Constitution as an eternal document. Sure it can be interpreted in different ways but it has served the people well and it’s a sign of democracy that needs to continue. So, yeah, thanks so much for those insights. I appreciate it Simon.

SP: Sure.

TM: We have some questions here from my audience here and then I’ve got about a whole bunch of questions come in from around the world, so we’ll try to get to everyone as much as we can. Here’s a question from Maria in Mexico. Oh here’s one, okay, she says how can we stop the weather control and the West Coast fires here in the United States and I have to tell you I’m in Mount Shasta right now and this is a beautiful area. On a clear day like the beginning of my song from “The Who,” you can see for miles and miles. It’s so pretty. There’s a reason why I play The Who’s song by the way, because the purpose of my show is for enlightenment and to raise consciousness and so that’s a metaphor that you can see for miles and miles hopefully, see clearly about worlds, what’s going on in the world. That’s why I like the [17:48][work] so much Simon, but.… Anyway there’s fire south of here. They say the most recent fire was manmade from a, what was it, a mal-functioning car that caught a bale of hay on fire. I don’t know what the truth is. There also have been YouTube videos of particle beam weapons being used by the United States Air Force causing fires as well, which is quite disturbing because as taxpayers in this great country, we pay for that. And yet, they are attacking us, so you know it leaves you kind of wondering, but I don’t know if you have any information on that. I would sure love your opinion.

SP: Okay, well thanks Ted. The question was how do you stop it? The harsh reality is that unfortunately at the moment you can’t directly because it’s not accepted publicly that these things are under the control of any individuals. So, you know, if you want to campaign or demonstrate against the closure of a public library, it’s very obvious because you turn up to the public library building, and you walk around the block with all your other supporters, and you know you have a focal point and it’s very readily understood. But how do you campaign against something that nobody in the officialdom accepts as real. That’s the problem. That’s then difficulty. Now what you can do literally is get ahold of your senator, your congressman, and find out what their position is on this, and we had this on my other radio show earlier today, was that if you actually write to that senator or congressman and you say or congresswoman of course, and you say look, what is your stance on this? What is your position on this? Are you taking an interest, and if you don’t take an interest I won’t vote for you. Now somebody might say, look, they don’t care about one vote, but if large numbers of people wrote to their elected representatives, and said, this is a very serious issue, not just for the people of California, but for all of United States, because yes it’s happening in California, but hey tomorrow it could be in Oregon or the day after that it could be in Massachusetts. So it affects every state of the U.S. and either, you know, you guys are all separate states and you don’t care about each other or you are united, as in United States. So it doesn’t matter where you live in the U.S. you should be writing in to your congressman and saying you may be five hundred miles away, but you all go to the same house, you all sit there, you all drink coffee together, and I’m telling you that I don’t like this and unless you do something about it I won’t vote for you. Now if enough people do that the pressure is there. And that is, as it stands at the moment in the 3D world that we have, that is the only influence the ordinary person has in a physical way, because the media won’t run with the story other than this is all an accident. That is your power because you do elect your representatives. So that’s my best advice at the moment. Now when, fingers crossed, things begin to change in the U.S. later on in this year, I’m hoping to goodness that we are going to see a complete change in the way that California is continually being beaten up on.

TM: Well I couldn’t agree with you more Simon, a very very astute profound comments. I know that, I’ve looked at the studies done around Mount Shasta area and I don’t know who within our government has been doing it, but they have been spraying chemtrails in this area and are putting tons of nano-size aluminium particulate matter and that’s gone into the eco system and what has happened from what my little knowledge of it is that the fires, especially with the aluminium spread throughout this area, burn hotter and brighter and catch fire quicker as well, and so you’ve got that as a factor. There is a fellow named Dane Wigington, a wonderful man, a scientist, who has been campaigning and trying to educate the public about that here in the area, so that when you get a fire for example, or it burns hotter and brighter and spreads quicker because of that. And, it’s really troubling to think that they are doing that. Now I’ve been told by the Galactic Alliance that they have been working hard behind the scenes to stop the chemtrailing, and it’s a slow process they said but there are some areas in the United States where the chemtrailing has either stopped or slowed down. I’m not sure what’s happening here in Mount Shasta. It’s hard to get good information but… we have another, I have a question from Diana here from Mexico. She’s from Mexico and she’s here in the audience she said question for you Simon. Last night she had an experience on the way to Mount Shasta where two beings approached her in her hotel room. She felt their touch. One of them lifted her foot and when asked what he was doing he said he was planting microchips in her feet. She got angry at him and then he disappeared. What do you think that might be about Simon?

SP: Could we have a description of the being please?

TM: Yes, Diana could you please describe the being please?

DIANA: Well they were humanoid. They were white skin, no hair, kinda large face. They were male. I have that impression. One of them approached me and he told me his name was Paul. I awoke, this happened around 4:00 a.m. in the morning.

TM: Yeah, Paul is a typical alien name.

DIANA: And they woke up my two friends who were with me in the hotel room to tell them like… so… but I got angry when they said, this other guy who was near my feet and was lifting and I said what are you doing? He said I’m putting microchips. I said whose permission do you have to put microchips in my foot?

TM: Big question.

DIANA: And they disappeared, and they immediately disappeared Simon.

TM: Okay.

SP: Thank you. Were they five foot tall, a little bit taller?

TM: Were they five foot tall, or a little bit taller?

DIANA: How much is that in meters?

TM: About one and a half meters, a little bit more than one and a half meters.

SP: One-seven, one-seven.

DIANA: No perhaps a little taller.

SP: One-seven meters, one-seven Ted.

DIANA: Perhaps he was about one seventy centimeters.

SP: See. There you go. One-seven.

TM: Okay, yeah, that’s what they were.

SP: Yeah fantastic, so about one-seven. Right okay, we call them tall whites, but we don’t call them tall whites in the true sense of the word. They were Greys. They contain a soul. Under universal law when asked what are you doing, they have to be truthful, so they had to tell you what they were doing. That’s the way it works. And when the subject questioned their authority, they didn’t have that authority so they disappeared. The technology they would be using would be energetics. So they would be what they would call etheric implants, so you’re not going to find something the size of a grain of rice in your foot. They’ll be energy implants. We don’t have the time but if you were my client what I would be doing now is asking you about your background, your family, experiences and then trying to understand what their connection to you is, and then from that we could work out what the job of the chips were. We do have to be a little bit careful.

DIANA: I had an interview in February with you so I am…

SP: Yes, okay.

DIANA: [crosstalk] …later then.

SP: Okay, that’s fine. What I would just say for the audience is that not every implant is evil. There have been a number of my clients who have been kept alive because certain implants have been placed in their body because these beings can project the future and they will know that somebody is going to have a heart attack or somebody is going to develop this disease, and so some of these implants are designed to prevent that happening, but other implants are of a negative type. I just wanted to add that Ted.

DIANA: Thank you.

TM: Well thank you do much Simon for explaining that. I’ll work with her after the show too. So… oh my goodness. Well we have a lot of questions here. This first question is Eddie from Hong Kong. Let’s see it’s a two-part question. I’ll try to boil it down. He wanted to ask you about it. I had Zorra of the Hollow Earth on here recently and Zorra had said that all nuclear warheads from nuclear nations on Earth had been disabled, and wanted to know if you could confirm that and also that there were allegedly no more Annunaki left on this surface of the planet. He was interested in… that was Eddie from Hong Kong asking those questions.

SP: I can’t agree with either of those two statements. What I can agree with is that all nuclear powered nations have been advised that if they launch a nuclear weapon in anger then the electronics of that missile will be deactivated and the missile will fall to Earth harmlessly. So yes, in a way they have been deactivated. But I don’t want people thinking that the arsenal of nuclear weapons are just nothing. They are still just very much alive, but if they were launched and they have to reach a certain height above the base where they are launched from. This is like a no man’s land, once it reaches this independent space then they would be activated. We had this occur in 1979–1980, both to Great Britain where the United States has its major nuclear stockpile. This was in the days when they thought the Russians were going to steamroll us through Germany and they had a lot of what we call tactical nuclear weapons stored in Britain ready to be airlifted to Central Europe to be fired against the Russians. And the Russians had an equal store in a base in the Ukraine and on the same night, and I think it was 1979 or 1980, I don’t remember now, but both of those two bases, one in Great Britain, one in Russia; it wasn’t the Russian Federation in those days. It was the Union of Socialist Republic, the USSR. Both were turned off and deactivated. So that’s the first one.

The second one about the Annunaki, the true Annunaki are not on this planet, but the descendants of the Annunaki are. And, you’d be very hard-pressed to actually define the difference. I’m talking about something that is literally part human and part Reptilian that physically can change, and I don’t just mean the eyes changing. That’s quite common. I’ve met people that can, like an arm will change, you know, to a scaly arm. I’m talking about people who can completely change, their whole physical body changes. Or they literally become seven–eight foot tall. Now I know that sounds crazy to most people but that’s the reality. Now those people are still here on the planet. I’ll just give an example of this. If they weren’t, the control system on this planet would be different. We would be breaking free. The reason we’re still held down is because the same bad guys are still at the top. So there’s the evidence. If all the bad guys had gone we would be actually doing what we should do. So we’re not, so therefore it stands to reason that the bad guys are still there. They’re weakening. They’re losing their control, but they’re still there. Thank you Ted.

TM: Well good answer, Simon. I actually know some prime examples. I won’t discuss them right at this moment, but everything you said hit home with me that made it a thousand percent. Let’s see we have another question, I have another question, I’m not sure where. Bonnie from Philadelphia wrote in and two questions. This is about Anthony Bourdain. A general question: Was Anthony Bourdain murdered because he was about to tell about human trafficking? And did Kate Spade have the same thing? Was it the same thing that happened to her? Both Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain were found with red scarves around their neck. This is from Bonnie in Philadelphia.

SP: You mentioned two reasonably well publicized cases. There have been frighteningly a large number of newspapermen, women, investigators, or those who worked for child trafficking, and support groups or women support groups, people who have a reason to uncover the truth have been found in what the system would call suicide. There have never been so many people committing suicide investigating the government or an arm of the government. I don’t mean White House. I mean this hidden shadowy government. Never before have we had so many people or there have been people who were going to testify against the Clinton Foundation, and this is all documentary fact. It is in the public domain. A number of people over the last recent years who were subpoenaed to go to court to testify against the Clinton Foundation were found dead the very morning they were supposed to go to testify. And there’s an official investigation and it’s declared as suicide. The point is there are vested interests in many countries and some people are in so deep that they feel that they have, this is their feeling. They feel that they have no alternative but to keep doing these things because they don’t believe they’ll be forgiven. This is the key. If an individual thinks they have crossed the line and there isn’t a single court in the land that will forgive them, then why should they change? Why should they do that? And they will carry on doing this and this is why there is an argument that for some people forgiveness is possible, that there is a chance to reconcile and bring the country back together again, to break the division that exists. There are some people that perhaps that forgiveness cannot be given. It’s not in my gift to say either way, but I think as long as the perpetrators believe there’s no going back, then that’s when they’ll keep on doing this. And that’s a real big question that we have to think about as we begin to uncover more and more of this wrong doing, we perhaps have to decide how we deal with it. So yes the system says suicide, but many of us say that they were murdered.

TM: Sure, sure. That makes [sense]. Yeah, yeah, thanks so much for sharing that. I have another question from Ulrich, [Ultrich], Simon I’m sorry, Ulrich from Germany. It’s a long question but I’ll just paraphrase it to save time. He said that he had run across articles in a United Nations report detailing pedophilia among UN employees. I won’t go into all the details, but just any comments on that that would be interesting.

SP: Well it’s unlikely to be a public document. You wouldn’t come across a report talking about pedophilia that someone’s left on a desk. It just doesn’t happen. The only way it would happen is if you were involved in either protecting it or trying to uncover it. Somebody was leaking it. Now if you have come across a document like that then your life is in danger, bottom line. President Trump has been given a list from a secret coded database which was held at National Security Agency based at Maryland, Fort [Meade], Maryland, and that was decoded and passed to him and this was a secret database of high officials who were either being blackmailed because they had taken part in pedophilia things or they had been organizing them. And this was a list that was passed to President Trump and President Trump is holding it now as a sort of a bargaining chip in a way as part of the big game that is being played. Remember that the United Nations is largely funded by the U.S. and has been since it was created. If the United States of America stopped funding the United Nations, it would collapse. If the United States stopped funding NATO, NATO would collapse. The U.S. is the biggest paymaster, therefore it has the biggest say. And if you are a country that dominates structures, then if a bad person gets into a position of authority, that bad man can utilize the network that exists for legitimate purposes, but that bad man, that bad guy can use it to pass evil from one country to the next. And that’s what we’re seeing uncovered now is this network of evil is far more extensive than most people realize. It’s a really good question. Thank you.

TM: Well thank you so much for answering that and Ulrich from Germany for sending me that. Let’s see, I have a question from Jenny in Los Angeles. Let me see, it’s long but I want to get, okay here we go. This is about the new 5G systems that the telephone companies are trying to institute here in the United States. I think we may have talked about this before, but she had another question about it. It’s that the current standards here in the United States ignore people’s health, that if the system is instituted, it will have negative health effects on the American people and anywhere else that it is instituted. I’ve also, personally I’ve heard about stories about how the 5G system is actually a system to bring in negative entities, the Draconians, the Reptilians. Anyway any thoughts on that would be welcome.

SP: The United States is the greatest country in the world and it’s built on capitalism. And that capitalism originally started off as the guy selling horseshoes on the turnpike. And now it ends up as corporations controlling the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, whether they control their lives through the medicines, the pharmaceuticals, whether it’s because they control the television networks, whether it’s because they control the sports, or the news, or the finances. This is what we’ve got. Now when you get a country that’s built on that, then the creation of money and the power of money takes precedence over everything else. 5G offers a revolutionary way to make more money out of people. To those who are not aware, and of course everyone listening to this radio show and knows you Ted is aware, but there may be people who have just joined or tuned in and it’s their first time. Look, when a company makes something don’t think that they sit alone and they say I’ve made this. I’m going to go to market and I’m going to do something with it. What they say is okay I’m going to share with my friends and the corporations and they can make things on the back of this. So 5G is nothing unless you’ve got the latest cellphone that will run 5G, or the latest tablet, or the latest this or the latest that. So what they do is they present a package so everybody makes money out of the ordinary people. You don’t just go for 5G. You want all the gadgets that will work with it. So 5G is driven by money. That’s all it is. The difficulty is that the frequency of 5G is many many times greater than the frequencies that we have at the moment and I do not believe that it is safe for health. Now when somebody says to me, oh yes but these microwaves pass through your body and don’t cause you any problems, and I say I agree with that. But when you are walking next to something made of metal those waves are gonna bounce back and they are going to fry you. There are, and the audience can do their research, there are a number of people now, insiders, who are working for companies installing the aerials for 5G and they’re coming out and saying this is not safe. There are professional experts now beginning to raise doubts. So my kids are grown up, but if I had school age or college age kids, I would not be happy with this and I would certainly be knocking on the door of my representative saying I’m very very concerned, and I don’t, I wouldn’t accept some bland statement saying that medically it’s safe. I just don’t believe it. So what I’m saying to you is that 5G, we don’t, why the heck do we need 5G? I’ve got a cell phone. I can send pictures. I can receive data, I can make phone calls. You know, it’s about making money. It’s about corporations who for the last five or six years haven’t made any more money and I’ll just finish on this Ted, that the statistics, the cell phone companies of course have looked at the future and they have noted that the sales of cell phones are about to go down because saturation point has been reached. Nearly everybody who wants a cell phone has got one. So what they’re saying is how can we get all of these millions of people to throw their cell phone in the bin and buy a new one so we can make lots of money? I know, we’ll have 5G. It will be so revolutionary. It’s not just the new update cell phone. This is a revolution. You will throw your old cell phone in the trash, and you will go straight down and buy. It’s about making trillions of dollars. No other reason. Thank you.

TM: Wow, what a good answer. Thank you Simon so much for [answering] that. I have another question from Ambrosia, nice name, and she says she loves your shows and she also loves your new kitties. They’re beautiful and then she writes I am sincerely sorry about the loss of your dear friend. She asks a question about the light. She said that she’s heard you and others talk about the soul trap with the light tunnel. I wonder if it’s okay to send trapped souls to the light or are we actually doing them an injustice by doing so? And should we send them to source or the Supreme Being instead? Is there a proper way, and she would love your opinion.

SP: Thank you. Yes I was very sorry to lose Ingimar. Ingimar was only twelve years old and I had hoped he would last longer, but he decided quite clearly that his time here was gone and he had to go. Nevertheless, although we know that the soul is gone, it is the physical body that we miss. After all we are physical ourselves, and so we miss that physical interaction even though we truly know that the individual doesn’t die. All right let’s answer the question. Let’s be very very cautious of Hollywood. Since the 1950s, to my knowledge, Hollywood has shown images of people having near death experiences, and a tunnel opens up and the bright light… and they go to the bright light, and maybe there’s an angel there to meet them. Hollywood is just literally programming you. The white light is the trap. Remember all animals that live in the sunshine and that includes us, we have our daily life and then at nighttime when it gets dark, we go to sleep, so we are programmed by the planet, quiet rightly so, to sleep at nighttime and to be active in daytime, because the way our eyes work, we can’t see very well at nighttime, so therefore we are drawn to the light. So there’s the trap. We are already genetically programmed to respond to light. So you are drawn to the light. You go to the light. Perhaps somebody comes to collect you. Maybe it’s Napoleon Bonaparte. Maybe it’s Julius Caesar. Maybe it’s great auntie Edgar. Who knows what it is but someone comes to collect you, takes you up and before you know it, as we say in Great Britain, before you can say Jack Robinson, zap, you’re back here in another body, which actually is okay. What is not okay is we call it the mindwipe. Your whole memory from your previous lifetime is erased. That stops humans developing. If you could go on each time you are on this planet and you remembered what you did in your past life, you wouldn’t make the same mistakes. You would advance, and if you were a scientist or a doctor, after two or three incarnations here your processes, your practices would be unique. You’d be fantastic. If you were a historian, you’d be able to write the history in truthful fashion because you would remember over three or four hundred years exactly what happened, not what you read in a book. So the reason we have the mindwipe is to prevent humanity discovering who it is. If we discover who we are we throw off the shackles. We throw off the puppet masters and we become sovereign. And so please, if you are helping people, send them either to the source, to the creational force or to the star family. Many people incarnate here who are not Earth humans. Send them back to where they came from. Thank you.

TM: Wow! What a good answer. Thank you so much Simon. I’ve wondered about that myself actually, and it’s nice to get your opinion on that. Always interested in the future. What you see, what you see happening for the next five seconds, five minutes, five days, five years?

SP: I see many, I should put on my, I should get my crystal ball out and say I see many visits to Mount Shasta. I think what I would say to you is that on one hand this seems a very very difficult time, an uphill struggle for the Americans, but on another hand it is the most exciting time because boundaries are being pushed, new ideas are coming forward, and it’s forcing people to make a choice, and the way they make a choice is indicative of their own selves. So can they see beyond the partisan politics? Can they see beyond the simple control of dollars? What’s going to happen is more of the same at the moment because the human race is being tested, and it’s fighting to come through and be successful. So for the next three or four months there are going to be some very, very interesting happenings, all about America, and it sounds awful, because if you are in Canada or Australia you are thinking well when is that our turn? And what I would say to you is actually you guys you wouldn’t want be what’s happening in America because America is going through… it was very interesting when Judge Kavanaugh was being interviewed and a Republican senator was saying that he’d never known the country so divided, and you’ve got to go through this I’m afraid you guys. You’ve got to go through this to come out the other end. So what do I see for the future? I see more difficulty but ultimately I see job done, a success story, and finally the world the way it should be. But unfortunately, it’s the hard work at the moment.

TM: One of the things I’m curious about Simon, I know we talked about this before, about the completion of the ascension process into the 5th dimension by the year 2025, and then you said something very interesting. You said a few months ago that we had… our progress had slowed but we were still on track. Do you see that now as well? Are we making up for lost time now or are we still kind of muddling through everything?

SP: Between now, well it started about three or four weeks ago, until December, the 1st day in December, we are catching up. We are gonna go through a very difficult time in December of this year. We’ll slow down again, and then in January we will speed up again. So we were in my reckoning, we had fallen behind of schedule, but in these next three months we will regain, so we’ll be back up to where we should be. Then in December we will fall back a bit. Then we’ll… this is what is happening. It’s not a smooth gentle movement. It’s a move forward a little bit, and then stop, we’ll go back a bit, then move forward because it’s very stop-start. That is because energy waves are hitting us. We’re going through it and then the bad guys try to do something on the planet which conflicts with our own intentions, and it muddles us a little bit. We get very confused and then we’re knocked off balance a bit and then we come back again. So this is what we are seeing. It’s a general moving forward but it’s not as fast as it should be. I’m still going to go for 2025. It could actually be less than that, depending on what happens in the United States of America and the rest of this year.

TM: Okay, well thanks so much for sharing that. I just had another idea. Do you have a crystal ball Simon that you use?

SP: [laughs]

TM: No, no, no, no. We have about a thousand people here, well maybe thirty, our show, but what I was thinking of doing, there is a wonderful crystal shop here in town, and after the show I’m going to take my group with me and we are going to go over to a crystal shop, and we’re gonna, I think it would be fun to all contribute and buy you a nice crystal ball that you could use in your work. [crosstalk]

SP: That is really kind. That’s really, it’s really lovely, but I don’t, that’s really super and that’s really kind but no. I don’t use a crystal ball. That’s not how I communicate or connect.

TM: Sorry.

SP: I do love crystals. There are certain crystals that I’m drawn to. Remember that the really true aliens, the extradimensional aliens, not the ETs, not the extraterrestrials, but the extradimensionals, they use crystal technology, just as the women on Atlantis did all those thousands of years ago, and so crystals can be used and are used, but in my own particular way I don’t use crystals like that. I love chocolate and if anybody ever comes to visit me, then don’t bring me a crystal ball, just bring me some nice chocolate. Thank you.

TM: Okay, well if you could later, just go ahead and email me your postal address and we’ll find you some nice chocolate today. I can’t control the free will of the people who are in this room so that if we go to a crystal shop here this weekend, and if they see something they think you may like, if you can send me your postal address we may send it to you. This is a couple, you know, of things that I have to tell you so it may happen. I don’t know.

SP: All right. I’m very happy to do that. You know, any gift that is ever sent is always lovingly received in the way that it’s intended, thank you. So listen Ted, sorry Ted go on.

TM: Yeah, we’ll go to the post office here. We’ll hire a secret government agent in a blue uniform and have him or her deliver it to you.

SP: Okay, I think that they will have a problem probably delivering that, but thank you ever so much. Listen Ted, it’s lovely to speak to you. I’m really glad that you’ve got another group. You know, it’s a very special place, and God bless to you, and God bless to all your group, and God bless to all your listeners. Thank you.

TM: Well thank you so much. I want everyone to say Happy Birthday Simon. Now please say Happy Birthday Simon.

Group Response: Happy Birthday Simon.

SP: Oh how lovely. I’m sorry that I can’t be with you, but thank you.

TM: Well you’re here in spirit Simon and I hope you have a wonderful and happy birthday. Happy birthday my friend.

SP: Thank you. Bye-bye now. Bye.

TM: Bye-bye Simon. Take care. Take care.

[End of Simon Interview 54:02, 1st Hour]

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