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Friday August 17, 2018

Unusual weather; particle beams shooting from planes/helicopters are starting abnormal fires on West Coast; Seattle-Tacoma Airport employee taking plane for a joy ride and crashing it onto Ketron Island is another demonstration, along with particle beam fires, of the elite’s destructive West Coast agenda, probably a warning to President Trump, i.e., look what we can do; Mantis, Reptilian, and Grey beings have a written language but prefer telepathy; Turkey won’t release Christian minister so Trump makes Turkey’s stocks take a tumble; Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School named after woman who campaigned to drain Everglade swamp, Trump wants to drain D.C. swamp, metaphor too great for bad guys to pass up so school shoot up was a message to Trump; if powers that be legalize pedophilia, pedophile arrests will be cancelled; rumor of thousands of indictments against U.S. government criminals but news is quiet, hard to know if anything is being done; more attempts will be made to murder President Trump, at least two more before Thanksgiving; comments on Buzz Aldrin saying, “We didn’t go there”; word is dark side of Moon is already inhabited partly as a result of Adam and Eve of Eden leading an exodus from Earth of chosen people, i.e., elite/wealthy/professionals to a base on the Moon and a base on Mars named Adam and Eve.


Ted Mahr: And with that I’d like to invite my good friend Simon Parkes on the show. Simon how are you today?

Simon Parkes: Hello Ted, I’m very very pleased to be back with you. Yes, I’m fine thank you.

TM: Oh good, oh good. We were talking a little bit about the weather there. Have you had a hot summer there Simon?

SP: It’s been incredibly hot Ted. I think the last time we had anything like this was probably 1976, ’76, ’77, that’s how rare it’s been. It’s been incredibly hot.

TM: I remember as I look out from our tall building here, skyscraper here in Bellevue Simon looking over the Seattle area, there’s just a fog. You can’t see the mountains at all and there’s just kind of a haze outside. I remember when I, I used to live in India before, many years ago and I’ll never forget the day in, I was in Calcutta or Kolkata and I looked across the street and I couldn’t see fifty yards ahead of me because of the air pollution. Now it’s not that bad here, but we are getting a tremendous amount of smoke Simon from forest fires, both in our Cascade Mountains here and from Northern California and Oregon too. I’ve gotten several questions from people here who have… it’s the craziest thing Simon, I don’t know if you’ve seen this or not but they’ve actually had videos of U.S. Air Force planes using particle beam weapons shooting down into the forests around Northern California. Other pictures are just these weap… these particle beams coming down from the sky. You can’t see the planes and they’re starting forest fires, and in some of the neighborhoods for example around Redding, California, the pictures are really strange because it’s not a normal fire. The houses themselves will be completely burned up. There’s cars there and the bumpers are melted, but yet people’s gardens, and the trees, and the grass are completely untouched. So, I don’t know… I have a lot of questions for you today Simon and I’m so happy you could come on today, but from your sources, do you have any information or perhaps comment on these fires?

SP: Yes certainly Ted. The first thing to say is that your president is not involved in this. That’s the first thing I’m going to tell you. The president is not authorizing this. This is some rogue element and that’s all I know. In terms of the weapons, it started under President Ronald Reagan, the particle beam weapons, energy beam weapons, the principle of it had already been worked out by the late 1970s, but from the mid-70s onward they have been working on it, so by the time of the early ’80s, they actually had the ability to deliver such a weapon, so what you’re seeing now is portable weapons. I remember when my mother was working for the Intelligence Services, and I think it would be probably about ’77, something around 1977–78, one of the documents she was working on was an energy weapon, and they had them on tanks because they needed the size of the tank to produce the energy to fire this weapon, and they were working out whether it was possible to miniaturize it, so what we’ve got now in 2018 is weapons that can be carried on a helicopter. It’s not just airplanes, helicopters can do it. Now I don’t have any information as to who’s behind it or why, but I can confirm that the technology is out there, and generally in your country these are warnings to the state legislature. So in other words if a state has got a congressman or a city governor who is very active in one way or another, one of the ways they warn against this person is by attacking their constituents, sending a threat. So I hope to get more information on it. What I can confirm is that there are energy weapons and I can’t be sure whether it’s from an airplane or helicopter, but they certainly have got that capability so that’s what I can add to your debate.

TM: Okay well thank you for confirming because I have looked at the YouTube videos and I’ve seen the photographs, and I’ve told my friends about it here in the Seattle area, and they look at me like I’m nuts, I’m Out of This World, and I said yes I’m from not from this planet, but it’s just truly amazing that this would go on. You know I’m a psychic of course Simon and I’ve talked to President George Washington about this too and he said that they had a revolution of course on the tax, on a tea tax back in the 1770s, 1760s, led to a revolution of course and the founding of the United States of America, and this is so beyond the pale in terms of what, if this is in fact true, my goodness, we’ve got to do something about it, but again I don’t know. Do you think we’re getting help from benevolent extraterrestrial help on this Simon to help stop this madness?

SP: I don’t think we are necessarily getting help on that one particular topic, I think it’s… oh I think I would ask your audience to see what’s happening as part of a larger picture. You know, and it’s only a stone’s throw away from you, the situation with the pilot and his small light aircraft who crashed it into the ground.

TM: Right that was my next question, yeah.

SP: Okay, well I see them working together here. The official media is a whole host of stories, you know, but the main one seems to be that he was going to kill himself, and that was what happened. The reality that I’m getting, the information that I’m getting is a bit different from that. Now your government is on the East Coast and not anywhere near the West Coast. However, on the flight path and associated with the route of this airplane was a pedophile rehabilitation center. When your pedophiles go to penitentiary or to prison, when they are released they go to a half-way house, where they are rehabilitated back into society. They’re not just let straight out generally. There’s this program they go through. There is no coincidence that this airplane was on the flight path to this, and the information that I’ve received was that this was a threat to President Trump from the very group that he is after, basically saying we have the capability to fly aircraft into buildings, so if you go back to 9/11, you can see that they are just carrying on the same sort of threat, so basically my understanding is that that situation with that poor pilot, because I don’t think he was aware of what was going on, my understanding is that it was a threat against President Trump to say ease off, stop coming after us, because we can put airplanes into buildings.

Now add on to that the information that I have is that there are twelve of the sealed indictments that are more important than any others, and those twelve are on the verge of being opened, and therefore I know that, others know it, and I think that’s why that aircraft crashed when it did because there’s a certain group of people now who are absolutely terrified once these indictments are opened that they could be arrested and it will become quite public knowledge. So it’s to be seen [as] part of that. I also see the energy weapons from the forest fires to be part of this threat, and very quickly I didn’t forget. I want to go back to the point that you made that when you strike an area with an energy weapon the immediate area depending on the material, so if it’s combustible material, a natural material like wood that will hit and burn if it’s struck by the weapon but just a few inches literally or half-a-foot away from the strike, it could be left absolutely normal and then another foot away it can catch again. Now I ask your listeners to think back to the many images of the motor cars at the bottom of the Twin Towers. We saw hundreds and hundreds of burnt out cars, but I ask your listeners to, if they can’t remember, to go on YouTube and look at all the many pictures. You will see motor cars that are completely gutted on the inside and yet their windows are not smashed or their plastic bumpers are undamaged, or the adverse that the front of the car completely burned away but the interior which is a plastic or a leather upholstery is undamaged. That is because it wasn’t just a straight forward situation with the Twin Towers. There was a number of energies being used, and that explains why in one patch you have total devastation but just a few inches or feet away it’s untouched.

TM: Oh my goodness you just cleared something up that I had wondered about for many years. I had seen those pictures and I wondered the same thing. I have people I know down around Redding, California. It’s something called the Carr fire, the C-A-R-R fire, and in that area they have sent me pictures of housing developments where it’s the strangest thing Simon. You have a car and the car is completely demolished even with the bumper melted, but barely three or four feet away you’ve got grass, you’ve got trees, even people’s gardens, which are untouched. The house itself is a bunch of rubble, but you ask yourself how would a normal, a normal fire, so-called normal fire burn would everything up, and depending upon the intensity of the fire I wouldn’t see how bumpers could be melted with aluminium or steel, but it’s the craziest thing and people are asking down in California, are asking all kinds of strange, or questions about that. Now the thing that happened too in the fires around Santa Barbara, which is further close to Los Angeles and also the ones in Santa Rosa, California north of San Francisco is that after the fires there happened earlier this year and the end of last year, the local governments there were very interesting because Simon they prohibited people from rebuilding in that same area. A lot of people had home insurance, they had fire insurance, so they had the money to rebuild easily their homes, but the local governments were prohibiting people from building, saying that that was now a fire hazard and they wanted them to buy a condo or get an apartment in San Francisco or Los Angeles, and they said that this was part of Agenda 21. Now we’re going into a whole new area here but I’m trying to understand what’s going on and I want to thank you so much for sharing that.

SP: In some cases these prefabricated houses were already built. These are houses that America, Britain and other developed countries have to airlift out to disaster areas, and they’re like steel or aluminium blocks and they’re just like a building block that you just lay one cubicle on top of another, and they are meant to be temporary houses. Well my understanding is they wanted to move people from the rural areas into the city areas and as a matter to move it quickly they have this temporary housing. Although Agenda 21 is over and a new agenda has come forward, it is still the same principle that if you are in a rural area you are more likely to be independent. You can possibly source your own water and food. You are off the radar of the system, and they can’t control you as easily. And if we live in a society that wants to control you then it is better from their prospective to bring everyone into one small area so they can watch everyone easily. So it’s not so much they want to poison people, it’s they want to control people. They want to have everyone in one place so they can look at that group and keep an eye on them. But it’s odd because you could go to one state where the legislature was fairly pro the citizens, and they won’t have anything to do with that. You just go down the road to the next state and they’re all into it, so it’s a lottery in the sense of where you live. So I have seen the photographs. I have seen exactly what you are describing, and it is because weapons are being used, tested, practiced with, that the general public have no understanding of.

TM: My goodness, well for those of you in California listening today on my show I’d appreciate your comments on what Simon had to say if you like and also pictures too of the burned areas. If you like please email them to me at outofthisworld1150@gmail. com. Ah boy I hope, and I want to thank you so much for your comments on the hijacking here because the local media here in Seattle painted this hijacker as somebody who went crazy. He was gainfully employed as a mechanic, 29 years old at the Seattle Airport, had a good job and suddenly he goes crazy and he hijacks this plane, flies around and they shoot him down, so that the facts didn’t really make sense and there’s been very little information since that time except from, except to paint this gentleman as a crazy guy who suddenly went nuts. Ah…

SP: Yeah, sorry Ted, I want to just say that this gentleman, the pilot may be totally innocent. In 2012 I was driving in my car on what you guys would call a freeway, and I had with me a young woman who was working with the Rothschilds, and she was controlled by a very dark magical satanic elite organization and I was what we call deprogramming her, I was taking her away from their control and she didn’t live in this country, had been to visit me and it was the third, I beg your pardon, it was the first visit and I had been working with her to break her free, and we were hit on the freeway by a car hitting us from the side. It completely wrote my car off. The car that hit me only had one wheel left. We weren’t hurt but why I’m bringing this subject up is that the vehicle that crashed into me, it was a company car, and the logo on the car was an eye, one eye, and underneath that were written the words of the company logo, which was I and then the letter C, so ICU.

TM: Oh my goodness.

SP: And I googled ICU to find it’s a security company, American of course, who specialize, and they make a big point that they specialize in recruiting ex-FBI and ex-CIA agents for their private security firm. So what happened, and I met the guy who crashed into me, and had no clue of what had happened. So if you work for one of these very high-end organizations, they potentially can put a switch into your mind, and then they can take control of your mind and then switch it back off again, so you have no clue of what you’ve done. Now I know because I spoke to the guy who crashed his car into me at 60 mph and he had no idea of what had happened.

TM: Oh my goodness.

SP: So I’m saying of the pilot we need to hold judgement. We need to say, because if it’s the same instance, then that man is totally innocent.

TM: Isn’t that amazing. Thank you so much for sharing that, but the facts don’t add up. The facts just don’t add up of a guy who is gainfully employed, has a good job as a mechanic, excellent pay at the Seattle Airport, and suddenly goes crazy, goes out to another plane and starts flying it around. It doesn’t make sense, personally, and yeah so it causes me to raise questions. Yeah well thank you so much Simon for sharing that. I guess you could say the same thing about Sirhan Sirhan too, who doesn’t remember anything about shooting, allegedly shooting Senator Robert F. Kennedy back in 1968. He’s still in prison for that but many people say that he is actually innocent and he was mind-controlled.

SP: Well let’s go back even further to the days of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich. There was a guy called Rudolf Hess, and Rudolf Hess was the No. 2 in Nazi Germany. He was the Deputy Führer, Hitler’s No. 2 and for no apparent reason he jumped in an airplane, flew from Germany…

TM: Oh I remember that, yeah.

SP: Flew to Britain, jumped out of his airplane on a parachute, landed in Scotland, which is the north of England, and was captured. Now what’s interesting is that he was put in prison in Russia. He died in prison in Russia, and the point I think was had he been released he would have been able to name names and people would have seen that he had no clue and he was technically innocent, although he caused whatever, he actually had no conscious knowledge of it. So often when someone could name names or could win the media over these people are not released into the public, so I’m not surprised that guy is still in prison because he would just turn around and if he did a lie detector test, he’d probably pass it.

TM: We are getting some interference now. We heard a buzz on the line. The buzz is gone. Thank you Eric, such a good producer, anyway the buzz is gone now. Wow that’s amazing. We have lots of questions. I hope we can get it all in. I may hold you over, a few minutes over the top of the hour. I know it’s late there Simon, but this is another question about, from Jay, I don’t know where Jay is. He asks, “Do beings such as Mantis, Reptilians, and Greys use any form of written language?”

SP: Yes, but they don’t rely on it the same way we do because the physical mode of communication is outdated for them but they can still produce written, the best way to describe a Mantis a written format, people I think would be very familiar with Egyptian hieroglyphics. Perhaps people are less familiar with what I would call Sanskrit, so if people want to go and google Sanskrit you’ll find it’s an Indo-Asian, it’s like squiggles, and that sounds disrespectful but I don’t mean it to be disrespectful. It’s made of little squiggles. Now when the Mantis communicates, it is in squiggles but remember that most of the communication is telepathic, and so what they will do is use color as well as imagery because we have a saying on this planet don’t we that a picture paints a thousand words.

TM: That’s true.

SP: If I’m going to say to you Ted why don’t you join me and we will go down to Central Park, that took me what, a couple of seconds to say it, but if I was just to send you a mental picture of Central Park and you and me together, it’s done, and so they use that and they also use color to break up images, so we use full stops or commas to show that we are breaking our sentences up. They use a bar of color, which is telepathically sent, so their reliance on the physical is minimal, but they do have written language, and the craft at Roswell which was not a Mantis craft, it was a Grey alien craft; that had symbols and letters and numbers stamped on it, although it took them a long time to decode it, so there is always a written language but when you have telepathy, your written language plays second fiddle.

TM: Interesting, well my goodness, thanks Jay so much for sending us that question. That was an interesting answer and one that I had actually thought about before, but thank you so much Jay for sending that. You had some, there were other things, this is followups to your website about Turkey. The situation in Turkey has gone from bad to worse. The stock market [is] down quite a bit. I would love some elucidation on that Simon if you like.

SP: President Trump is a Republican and the Republicans have traditionally been stronger to the Church, the Christian Church in the U.S. than the Democrats, and in Turkey the Turkish authorities have been holding a pastor I think for about two years and Trump had a private and confidential phone call with the Prime Minister or the President of Turkey telling him to release this guy. The guy was innocent and that the pastor was a man of God and he shouldn’t be holding him. The president or prime minister refused and so President Trump launched an economic war on Turkey and as a result of that Turkey lost something like 17 percent of its stock market. It went down in one day. Inflation shot to 15 percent and investors are very spooked. So President Trump wants Turkey to release the pastor, who has been held. So far Turkey is refusing and so Turkey is in an economic crisis at the moment. So that’s what that’s all about.

TM: Okay, well thank you for explaining that. Thank you so much. This is another email from a question a very astute profound question I think. Let me summarize it. It is quite long. I’ll just have to summarize it given the time on the air. This involves the Florida shooting last, was it January, where there was this horrible high school shooting, where, a senior high shooting where this lone, so-called lone gunman comes in, I think fifteen-year-old student comes in and shoots up a bunch of people and the name of the school was named after a lady who campaigned in the Everglades in Florida against draining the swamp, and the man who is asking, Mike is asking this question, he said is that, was that a message to President Trump to not drain the swamp? I would love your comments on that. That’s kind of an old case but that was from January of this year.

SP: Yes the school was named after a woman who campaigned to drain the swamp because of malaria and other things with that and also to take back some of the land, and these people couldn’t resist the metaphor because President Trump had been talking about draining the swamp, so they launched an attack there. What’s interesting is that a number of the students actually reported gunfire from more than one location and since then we’ve had students in other of these terrible atrocities talking about people dressed, I’m using the word very carefully, dressed as cops, firing. And I do believe that some of these bad guys are dressed as cops in order to gain entrance. You have to ask yourself how are they obtaining legitimate uniforms? But anyway, let’s go back to the first point. The bad guys have consistently over the last two years sent coded messages to President Trump to back off them. They’ve given up the fight in terms of trying to change Trump. They’ve given up trying to threaten him. They haven’t given up trying to kill him, but they’ve given up the belief that they can stop him so what they are trying to do now is to try to alter his course, so they’ll say look he’s got twenty things on the go, let’s take three or four of them off him and one of the things they want off him is his insistence on finding pedophiles. Trump is absolutely determined to get pedophiles. He doesn’t like them, and a lot of these people have been blackmailed and have been caught in compromising positions and they don’t want their name coming out in the press. Even places like Fox and CNN will have to carry this information once it comes out in the press so they undertook a number of instances that were solely designed to send a message to the president. That’s what that was all about so the answer is yes.

TM: Hum, interesting. Wow, I don’t know a lot of times you see things posted on the internet Simon and you don’t know about their credibility, so I haven’t talked about this before but there has been, I can’t remember the name, there has been attributed to a Supreme Court, a U.S. Supreme Court justice and some other high officials saying that pedophilia should be legalized and have you seen the same thing? I don’t know, again I want to be respectful of the Supreme Court of course but is that, have you seen those kind of posts before and is that a way to try to legitimize a horrendous activity?

SP: Yes, you have to remember, you have to seem to remember that it was the CIA head office who said they saw Hillary Clinton as the antichrist, and there is no doubt in my mind that had Hillary Clinton won the election, she would have brought in legislation that would have legalized pedophilia. I ask your audience to go online and check. They’re trying to do it in France. They’re trying to change the law in France to make it legal. There are some very very nasty images now being shown of an older person and a little child and the word, “Love,” so this is part of a Satanic group. Now I think God for the Bible Belt. I mean that deliberately, thank God for that part of America that is very strong and has a very strong Christian point of view because they will fight that. There is no way that anybody could try and make that as a policy in the United States of America, but nevertheless these people are trying to do that and that’s an absolutely evil thing.

TM: Well I couldn’t agree with you more Simon. Yes, I couldn’t agree with you more. I know we spoke about this during our last broadcast a couple weeks ago but I wanted to ask you about it again. I keep hearing things about preliminary arrests taking place here in the United States. We don’t hear much about it on the media. Again there is not really much on the media about anything, but what do you know that has been happening recently on that?

SP: Right the reason that you’re not hearing it is not actually because the major news are refusing to carry it. It’s that they are being asked not to carry it because I should say that the highest in the land, the good guys are not yet ready to press charges. They are not yet ready to run a court case. My understanding is that people have had their passports taken away from them. They’ve been told they can’t go out of state. So there aren’t arrests in the true sense of the word. Perhaps arrests or [34:35][stage] arrests, that’s actually what’s taking place. Of the thousands of names in the can I don’t believe for one minute that the United States of America has the ability to prosecute thousands of people. I think they are going to choose those who are the ring leaders and I did speak earlier that there are to my knowledge twelve sealed indictments, which are, if they are not being opened now, they very soon will be, so not preliminary arrests, but preliminary warnings to people. They are being watched and they cannot move or they can’t leave. That’s what we’re looking at. The big deal is the Clinton Foundation and we will wait and see what happens there.

TM: Hum, interesting, okay, all right. I always get this question from many, from several listeners about what do you see happening in the short-term medium, term for the rest of the year, for not only the United States but elsewhere in the world as well?

SP: More attempts to murder your president. That’s absolute without a doubt there’s going to be more attempts. I see two more attempts before Thanksgiving, which I see not coming off, and there are more attempts to kill this president than any other president of the United States. That’s a fact and some of those are documented, even if they try and show it off as a deranged person doing this, that, and the other. In the short term it is going to be quite dynamic if it goes ahead and there are some arrests they will be incredibly high names. They will be very high names. The question, I was just chatting to a good friend today and we were talking and I said I don’t think the public will have a problem in accepting individual people are involved in pedophilia, and I think it will upset them but it won’t shock them. What will shock them is the network and the coordination. Don’t worry Ted I’m not going to name any names.

TM: Oh, that’s fine.

SP: But the point I’m making is that there is a vision among people on this planet that pedophiles sneak kids into a little old rowboat and then they row across the lake at midnight with a lantern and a little flashlight, and you know, they go and stay in some log cabin and then they move them across. The shock for people will be to find there are household names, I don’t mean individuals, I mean organizations, household names who are willingly involved in that. That will be the shock, not that X, Y, or Z was a pedophile but the control the organization and the network across the planet. That is what will absolutely astound people.

TM: Well I think everyone has a moral compass that tells them the difference between right and wrong and I know that all of my listeners around the world cannot condone this kind of activity, so, and I’m looking forward to the truth coming out eventually, you know I’m looking forward, I know many people are. And regardless of what station they are in life, whether they’re high political office or a very successful business person, if they have engaged in that then they should be sanctioned, prisoned, jailed, whatever, but maybe get some psychological help as well because I don’t see, I can’t see anyone condoning that kind of activity, so… [38:44

SP: I do understand your stand point. What I think and let’s, we’re just talking as if, you know, this is going to all come to fruition but if it does what I would hope that any legal proceedings would make the distinction between people who were drugged, mind controlled or hypnotized to do something and to make the distinction between that person and someone who did it willingly, because my information is that a lot of people who did it against their will or they didn’t know what was going on, and if you look at what happened in South Africa with Nelson Mandela, they had what they called Truth and Reconciliation Courts.

TM: That’s right they did.

SP: What the court did was to say if you can stand here and apologize and go through, as you said Ted, a training program, remember in Adolf Hitler’s time they had a denazification program for heaven’s sake, and they actually denazified people through special training sessions. Now there may be quite a proportion of people that actually fall into the category, so all I’m hoping is that when this comes to the head, they will decide between those who really are guilty and those who got caught up in it.

TM: Sure, sure, I’ve always thought that the South African model of the Truth and Reconciliation Commissions were really good because they didn’t necessarily punish people. All they wanted to do was have people come forward in South Africa and tell the truth what they did during apartheid and then they kind of let God choose the punishment for them and they didn’t necessarily end up in prison. That’s the kind of model I think would be very healing here for the United States.

SP: Yeah there’s a slight difference of course because what Nelson Mandela wanted to do was to heal Africa.

TM: I see.

SP: Which had been divided down the middle between white and black. That’s not quite the same in America but if what I’m predicting comes a 100 percent to fruition, your country will be split down the middle and it will need that healing if what I’m predicting comes to the fore and if certain absolutely household names, both individuals and organizations, not only are indicted but are tried and found guilty, the United States of America will say it doesn’t know itself. It will say it doesn’t recognize who it is. It doesn’t understand how this could have occurred, how it could have happened, people will need that healing, so I think there is a place for a more conciliatory court but where somebody is totally evil, has no compassion, yes absolutely they need to face the full court justice.

TM: Sure, absolutely, absolutely. I’ve got a question in on your post on July 27th. This is for Buzz Aldrin, and you write just seen an interview where Buzz Aldrin at a space convention was asked by an eight-year-old girl… the little girl says, “Why has nobody been to the Moon in such a long time?” Buzz replies, “We didn’t go there.” I would love your comment on that.

SP: Yes I put that up because it broached a subject that had gone off the boil. When I saw it I wasn’t convinced it was necessarily a 100 percent genuine. It could well have been altered and hacked by somebody but I put it up because I’ve got some association with astronauts. I’ve met a few of them. In fact I’ve got a signed photograph of one of the astronauts taken on the Moon and I’ve had Skype conversations privately with astronauts, and not so privately, some of them are on YouTube. You can go on YouTube and you’ll see that I’ve had a conversation with them, and so for me it was a very pertinent point because there’s so much misunderstanding and so much smoke around that moonshot that I thought that would be very good to bring that out and to debate. Now the reason that I think that that was out there was to try and get astronauts who are perhaps getting near the end of their life to come out and be more truthful, to try and give a bit more of a hint to the public as to what’s going on, so I put that out there because I wanted that debate. I found that was actually sent to me. I didn’t bother to check whether it was real or not because I was not putting it on my website saying this is real. What I put it on the website was this is what’s been said. This is worth a debate.

TM: Uh-hum. Interesting. I’ve heard that before. It’s been a rumor going around for years that, well if they didn’t go to the Moon, let’s carry this one step further, what did they do? Did they go to a Hollywood Studio and make some films, and then say if we didn’t go to the Moon, then where did we go, or did we go at all?

SP: When you talk to people in the know they will say no they didn’t go to the Moon, and then if you ask these people in the know well did they ever go to the Moon and the answer is yes. The next question is when did they go to the Moon? The reply is I can’t tell you that, and there’s a very very interesting reason for that. I’ll answer the questions Ted that you have put to me.

TM: Okay.

SP: The technology in 1969 was not capable of, in my opinion, of putting somebody on the Moon. Any of you guys who have been to any of these space museums, when you look at what they call the lander craft, and it’s just like kitchen, what do you call it, aluminium foil. It’s just, it’s like a tin can. It’s no way that could do anything. So even school boys and girls can look at it and say, “No that’s just not possible.” But, back in 1969 we didn’t have the internet. We weren’t as technically advanced and most people just accepted what they were told, so they were given a very very clever image and I talked a little bit about Jodrell Bank and how the NSA took over the only serviceable radio telescope, apart from the one you had in your country to see what happened. The answer is that this, that in my opinion, this spacecraft just orbited the Earth. It orbited the Earth. Then it returned for a splashdown. Have those astronauts been to the Moon? Yes they have but not on the Apollo program, not on the Apollo program, because the Apollo spacecraft first of all did not have the capability of reducing radiation once through the Van Allen belt. Secondly the thin skin of the spacecraft would be punctured by the smallest meteorite traveling through space, so the technology of the craft that we were shown was not capable, but those astronauts have been to the Moon but in a different sort of vehicle.

TM: Interesting, now I have a book. I purchased it back, way back in 1976. You have probably heard of it. It’s called UFO Contact from the Pleiades by a gentleman named Lieutenant Colonel Wendelle Stevens. Mr. Stevens has since passed away but in that book they say the same thing and one of the reasons why they faked the landing was because when they eventually went up there to the Moon we were not alone. There’s all kinds of other spacecraft surrounding our vehicles when we were landing and they didn’t want that information to get to the public here on planet Earth. I’d love your comment on that Simon.

SP: If… the best way is for the audience to listen to official communications from astronauts on the Moon to the Earth and there was one particular space flight where they were told if you see an alien or an alien spacecraft you refer to it as Santa Claus and there’s one famous section where the astronaut says that Santa Claus is early or something like that. The other factor to remember is that the National Security Agency on all genuine moonshots put a ten-second delay, so what the audience on Earth are hearing is ten seconds and you in the radio studio you will know and Eric will know all about that. So if an astronaut inadvertently shouted out, “Oh my goodness me, there’s a flying saucer,” they were able to get rid of that, and that was the National Security Agency, that was their job to do that. Now the only reason they were doing that was because these alien bases on the Moon and on Mars by the way are very genuine, are very real, and I think that the humans have known that since the 1950s, so I think they were dead sure from the 1950s onward that the Moon was occupied, yes.

TM: From what I’ve been told by my galactic friends some years ago, they said that the dark side of the Moon… this was fascinating, I have ever forgotten this Simon; I wanted to share it with you. The dark side of the Moon is like a little Switzerland where you have all these different bases from different civilizations and even if they are belligerent with one another, and they’ve been fighting in the past or present, they respect each other and they don’t get into an act of war there, and so when we sent up our craft up to the Moon, we were going in to like, it was like flying into Chicago or maybe New York City or Los Angeles, that there’s tons of structures there, all kinds of entities there, not necessarily human, but they’re all there and they didn’t want the public to know that the place was inhabited, which I think is a shame. I think most people on this planet, especially people who watch Star Trek are very open to extraterrestrial contact and I just wish they would tell us the truth, that’s all.

SP: The Bible is not quite accurate. We learned about the Garden of Eden and we learned that, which is absolutely true, I believe in the Garden of Eden. I have no problem with that at all. But we learn about Adam being expelled from the Garden of Eden because of the sins of Eve. What isn’t accurate, there’s a lot that’s not accurate, but what’s not accurate is that it was both Adam and Eve that lead the humans out of the Garden of Eden. The Bible says there was one man and one woman. Now my knowledge is that is not accurate. There were many many people but Adam and Eve were chosen to lead the humans out of Eden. That is why there is one base on Mars and one base on the Moon, and they are called Adam and Eve because the exodus from Earth, which at the moment is a controlled exodus, it is the elite, scientists, military, very wealthy people et cetera, et cetera and as in, not the Bible, but as in the history many thousands of years ago, a man and a woman formed two separate break out groups, for want of a better word to attempt to find a habitable plain, a lush plain that could support life so these two bases have taken the name Adam and Eve. Now one of those bases was a very very old base and was reactivated, and you’re right about the Swiss cheese. We call it the far side of the Moon and remember the Moon is the only object in space that doesn’t spin like every other object.

TM: That’s right.

SP: In other words all other objects in space turn to show over a period of time all of the aspects of that planet or that sphere, but the Moon circles but doesn’t change so it’s obvious that somebody wanted to hide something because that’s the side that is never shown to us. Now go back a hundred years, two, three, four, five, a thousand years, ten thousand years. It worked because humankind did not have the technology to get behind the Moon. As soon as we had the technology either through satellites or through spacecraft the whole game changed because now we were able to go into their world, their territory. Now they were allowed to do that and they could have been shot down but they weren’t, so they were allowed to there but the environment was made so hostile for them that they came straight back to the White House and said, “Whew, we don’t want to be doing that again.” Now they did do it again but in the future it was months and months and months of diplomacy to agree that that moonshot, that next moonshot or whatever it would be could go ahead and something could go and visit them. So the first time they just did it cold calling. After that they did it through diplomatic channels.

TM: Interesting. That’s fascinating. That’s fascinating. Simon we’ve got about a minute and a half left and I want to thank you so much for coming on today and to give you this time to wrap up your, as always wonderful interview today.

SP: Well first of all I’m always delighted that you invite me to the show. It’s great to predominantly talk to Americans but I know of course this goes throughout the world. People listen to it.

TM: Thank you Simon.

SP: And I’ve said… it’s a pleasure, that America is a very important country. There are some very good people in America. For every bad person there are ten good people and I just ask your listeners to just believe that actually we will come good. It will work out but unfortunately it’s going to be a bit dirty on the journey, but it will come good.

TM: Sure and I’m the eternal optimist myself. I’ve been shown the other side and my book Messages from the Masters, you know, I’ve spoken to Professor Albert Einstein, President Kennedy, Nostradamus on our future and they all say it is beautiful and bright. Now it’s not, we do have challenges which we will be facing, but I know that we have a much better and happier future ahead of us and you’re helping to make this world a better place, Simon, so anyway my friend thank you so much for coming on today and you are always amazing to talk to and I always learn so much whenever you come on so…

SP: Okay, well thank you and thank you to Eric as well.

TM: All right, all right Simon I hope you have a wonderful and happy weekend, and thank you again so much for coming on.

SP: Thanks, God bless, goodbye.

TM: Thank you Simon, bye-bye and goodnight.

[end of Simon’s interview, end of 1st hour]

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