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Friday August 3, 2018

News from Hollow Earth: mermaids/mermen are showing themselves; Sasquatch create peace mandala using rose quartz crystals from Telos; more dangers involved with persons who dispense ayahuasca than ayahuasca itself; Ouija board created by interdimensionals as a way to attach to humans; the seemingly never ending but decreasing chemtrails; driverless cars, a plan to force humans to accept automation/robots as superior to humanity; 5G not necessary to control driverless cars; long history of Reptilian influence in China and they could use Chinese as puppets to dominate entire planet through economy; Eddie Page sees timeline where China invades U.S. by 2028; climate alteration, artificial green algae, red tide; is Agenda 21 behind energy weapon fires or possibly a computer connected to a person using consciousness that visualizes cars and houses and then combusts them, leaving vegetation intact because it wasn’t part of the visualization; to complete the Agenda 21 plan authorities then forbid owners back on their premises to rebuild, giving them ultimatum to move to large cities and live in cubicles; more cheating as usual by financial institutions; meaning of Buzz Aldrin’s statement, “We didn’t go there”; McDonald’s in North Korea?


Ted Mahr: With that I’d like to welcome my good friend Simon Parkes to the show. We’re trying to reach him now. Eric, I’m sure will bring him on in a few minutes. Oh good, he just came on, good. Simon are you there?

Simon Parkes: Hello Ted, yes, I’m here.

TM: Good Simon, it’s great to see you. We’re on both the radio today and the internet and also YouTube. We just started that service two weeks ago.

SP: Great.

TM: So we’ve got as many media sources, now if I can contact my friends in the Galactic Alliance and they can broadcast your interview galaxy wide then we will have a large audience, a really large audience.

SP: That would be wonderful.

TM: Well I have this script where I always read about your background but if I read the whole thing it would take the rest of the hour and then we wouldn’t have any chance for questions except to say that you are an amazing guy and you have been in touch with benevolent extraterrestrials your entire life. Your family comes from the security services in Britain and you always have interesting things to say so with that I will just summarize by saying that Simon and how have you been by the way?

SP: I’ve been fine, thank you Ted. It’s been three weeks. It seems that we have been away for ages. We just had a vacation so we were away for a few days.

TM: Oh good.

SP: And of course we work on a number of Sundays in the month. There were five Sundays in the last month so, you know, we didn’t have a radio show in three weeks I think, so I thought where’s Ted, where’s Ted, time for that radio show, so everything’s fine. Everything’s okay.

TM: Good, good, good. Well I told everyone, people were asking about you Simon and I wrote them all back, people who were sending me questions and I said on the air a couple of weeks ago, I said you were having a well-deserved vacation, which you’ve recommended to me several times in the past year to take, and I have managed to take some time off. I hope to take more time off next week and go to the ocean again, but one thing I wanted to tell you. I had Zorra from the Hollow Earth and his son, Billy. They [08:08][wittered] on the air a couple of weeks ago and he said that the people, that the mermaids and mermen are actually showing themselves more now along the coast as the planet’s vibrations rise. I don’t know if you have any information on that but that’s kind of a fun thing to think about I wanted to share with you.

SP: I don’t have any information but I’m not surprised because they are under the water or through the water and they would want to connect with those beings on the land. I think they are incredibly cautious but with the vibrational rate increasing they are probably, you know, taking I say a risk that chance a bit more by trying to connect. Listen I had one of my clients a week or so back before my vacation and she, I forget her name, and I probably wouldn’t say it anyway, but she was one of the people who came on your Mount Shasta tour.

TM: Oh.

SP: Yes and she was telling me what was really interesting was the crystals that had been found in the morning on the floor.

TM: That’s right. The Sasquatch had…

SP: And she was very very impressed with that.

TM: Wonderful Simon. I know for the sake of privacy I do know who you are talking about. They had… there were several people on my tour who actually called the Sasquatch in and ask them to construct a peace mandala, which they did and they created a circle. I’ll post it on the web, on my site. I’ll have it posted this coming week but the Sasquatch created this beautiful circular peace mandala made of twigs and in the middle of it they put a bunch of mostly rose quartz crystals, some clear and then they also put the crystals at seven, at the base of seven trees around the mandala and it was for world peace and I talked to the, telepathically communicated with the Sasquatch when we were there and I asked them where they got the quartz crystals and they said oh well we got them from the city of Telos, which is of course beneath Mount Shasta and so it was a very special event and I’m so happy they did that for us.

SP: Yes she did say, yeah was very impressed with that, so she really thought that it was great and that she did actually say that it was very reasonably priced, your experience, and, you know, that she said there were others things, people doing other things, five, six, seven, eight times the price you were charging, but she really felt that yours was the best.

TM: Oh well how kind of her to say that. Thank you Simon. I, you know, I charge like $200.00 for a week of camping at the mountain. I already paid for the camping sites. We all pool our resources and get organic food but I know there are some people, I’m not going to mention any names of course, who do charge a lot more for the same things and when you charge a lot of money for a spiritual experience, I mean that’s fine if you’ve got expenses, but sometimes I think people charge too much, and they make it into a profit motive rather than a true spiritual experience. But such as it is here in the 3rd dimension, you know, so, you know but anyway…

SP: Sure. Yeah. So listen you said Ted I think on a text to me you had lots of questions coming.

TM: Yes.

SP: I would be quite keen to crack on with those and see if we can answer some.

TM: Okay, all righty.

SP: That okay?

TM: Oh yeah that’s fine. That’s fine because people were expecting you to come on a couple of weeks ago when you took your trip and so the questions kind of piled up, but I’ll get the oldest ones first.

SP: Okay, correct.

TM: Let’s see, this is from a gentleman in Beijing, China and it’s asking about ayahuasca. I don’t know much about it but he writes is drinking ayahuasca as dangerous as smoking it in terms of jinn possession?

SP: Right, a very good question. It’s not the ayahuasca that’s the problem. It’s the people who organize it when mainly you would go to South America or a few other places where groups advertise this and you get a group of seven or eight people and they do it. If that group has been taken over by negative entities, then where they’re operating from becomes a haven for negative entities like I have not firsthand experience but second hand experience. One of the women who was interviewing me some seven or eight years ago, she had gone to South America for an ayahuasca experience. Afterward she recounted to me that she just woke up and she didn’t know what happened and she woke up in a pool of blood on the floor.

TM: Oh my goodness.

SP: And other people recount that the entities were sitting on the roof on the ceiling and on the backs of people. Now when you take any form of mind altering drug, like LSD or ayahuasca, what it does is it takes you into their world. So when you approach their world or you get close to their world you obviously go into their playground. That’s where their strength is, and negative entities, they wait for people to congregate and then they try to attach to their body, so it’s not the taking of ayahuasca that’s the problem, it’s the organization. There are some organizations that offer the service that are completely in control of negative entities. That’s my answer. That’s a good question, thank you.

TM: I was actually in Cusco, Peru in January and I went to a market in Cusco where they sell ayahuasca dream catchers and I was with a psychic, another psychic at the time and I asked him about it and he said don’t buy any because from that particular vendor there were negative entities attached to the, it was the physical ayahuasca plant that was made part of the dream catcher and not to buy it, so I didn’t but anyway…

SP: Ted that’s actually, because that’s just backing up what I’m saying. If you look at a negative entity it could spend its time going from one location to another location to try and find people. Why not take control of an organization, which is going to bring a bunch of people together. It makes your life a lot easier doesn’t it?

TM: Right.

SP: And that’s what, they’re not all are taken over but there’s quite a few that are so please be very careful. If you are going to do that sort of thing try and get some personal recommendations from other people who can…

TM: Sure, sure, sure. I just received another question, a followup to this one actually sort of fits. She writes what about Ouija boards? Now I’ve heard people, I’ve never used them myself, I’ve heard people getting attached by negative entities from Ouija boards. Is that sort of the same kind of…

SP: It’s the same in the sense that it’s… I’ve always referred to an Ouija board as the Trojan Horse. We accept the fact, I think most of us that very bad people got into positions of power in the developed countries, and it’s no coincidence that in high school or college that the Ouija board was almost part of the furniture. It was pushed in. Let me explain how the Ouija board works, and then our listeners can, you know, really think about whether they’ve got one and what they want to do with it. The concept of the Ouija board did not come from this world. The concept was given to humanity by beings from not the 4th dimension but the interdimensional space. That’s the space that exists between our world and the 4th dimension, and it was designed as a device that would bring in or allow these creatures to freely enter our world. You see the contracts that exist, it’s very difficult for one being from one reality to come into another one specifically if you are a negative entity, you have to be invited. Now what they’ll do is use a Ouija board and any person who comes within three, four, five, six feet you don’t have to use it, three, four, five, six feet of the Ouija board.

TM: Right.

SP: It’s like if you can imagine that the Ouija board is the shop window, big store and you look in the shop window and you say oh I like the things on that shop window, so you open the door and you go in and you have a look to see if you want to buy anything. The Ouija board is the shop window and you put your finger on the glass or whatever it is to activate it, that’s you entering the door, so from their perspective you have come into their world. You have seen the Ouija board, you have tried to make it work, therefore you’ve gone into their world, and if you’re psychic a channel opens, and they’re all like yellow cabs, these demons; they all queue up and it’s first come, first serve. So the first one in the queue comes through and will try to attach to the most psychic person in the room. Now when people use an Ouija board they usually say you want to talk to somebody or have questions answered. The problem is that because it is not a pure device, that’s why it’s tainted. It’s not like someone who is channeling pure thoughts. That’s completely different. We’re talking about a physical device that was constructed for the absolute reason that an entity could come through and attach. Now when these entities attach, they’ll attach to a person and may be dormant maybe for seven, eight, nine, ten years and now activate, so please don’t use the Ouija board, full stop.

TM: I had a, I knew a long time ago, it must have been about fifteen years ago or more I met somebody who actually played with Ouija boards when she was a small girl and then now she’s an adult and it turned out she had this negative entity attached to her that more or less completely controlled her life.

SP: Yes.

TM: It was very difficult to get through and I don’t know whatever happened but it can happen, so for those of you out there it is safe to say that just stay away from Ouija boards and if you have used them in the past, it would be good for you to contact Simon, me, or a psychic, a good psychic out there who can help you get rid of any negative attachments or entities.

SP: Yes I mean that’s great. Probably 10 percent of my clients picked up these things from Ouija board right back when they were anything from twelve years old to their early twenties. That seems to be the major point. The difficult thing is that these beings can be dormant for many years and activate and slowly but surely they try to take that person over, and it is difficult, so yes, you know, if people think that’s them they can get in touch you and if you have your hands full then I’ll take a few off you.

TM: Well thank you Simon for the compliment. Well whenever I deal with a negative entity I always bring in the heavy guns as much as I can because you really need all the strength you can to get rid of them and you also, is it fair to say too Simon, you have to have the agreement of the person you’re working with that they genuinely have to want to get rid of them too.

SP: Yes I mean sometimes some of my clients think they want to get rid of them but they don’t, in which case I say look you come back to me when you’ve really made your mind up. When I use the word good, I don’t mean it’s a bit of a misnomer here. Perhaps I should say a capable, a capable black magician will always have one of these demons inside him. You see to create what people call magic and I would just call it science, to take that in a 3D world most people need an element from the other world to negate the 3rd dimensional heaviness, so a black magician will carry one of these entities with him and it’s a quid pro quo. In other words the demon gives the black magician the gifts and powers to do magic but in return the demon takes from the black magician and I know black magicians who are so despondent, so miserable, so trapped, and just sit and, you know, in the dark with no lights on, they just sit in the dark and they are not happy people. And also those who have been infected with these things will also often sit in the dark with [22:00][unintelligible], so it’s a heck of a business and people don’t perhaps realize the depths, certainly the United States of America just how many people have got this issue.

TM: My goodness. Well, we talked about this before, about how this is the time of ascension Simon, how the vibrations of the planet Earth are rising rapidly. Do you think as these vibrations continue to rise rapidly Simon that these negative entities simply will not be able to stay here any longer?

SP: I think they’ll be one of the last ones to go simply because by being inside a human body they are not protected, it’s not the right word, but they, you see these particular demons they are like a chameleon lizard. What I mean by that is they can alter and change their footprints you see of that person that they’re with. That’s why people can’t detect them. You scan your body or if you’re a psychic or you’re not aware of them because these creatures take on your persona. They take on your energy so that it’s like a part of you. Now the perspective of the Earth’s energy frequency rising, it doesn’t have the same effect because these beings are part connected to the person, so in a set way, in a certain way it’s not such a big job to find these things which are standing on, you know, Madison Square and it wouldn’t be able to last very long now because as you quite rightly say Ted, the vibration is such that the negatives can’t risk to hang about too long but by connecting to a person they get some protection and that’s one of the reasons they are doing it now.

TM. I see, interesting. It seems like the negative elements on this planet, I think they realize that they’ve lost the war but they’re doing everything they can to hang on. Is that a correct observation?

SP: Yes what they have realized is that there’s no way can they turn the clock back. What they can do is try to slow things down or they can try to find, not a loophole in the law, but sometimes we look at it like that, but they’ll try and find ways that will just give them that extra day here or that extra hour, so they’ll do things that drag out rather than face the reality of it and try and come to the table and have a discussion and try and change. It just seems like panic now.

TM: Well it’s about time. It’s about time. It’s about time, my goodness. Well Simon I have to ask you this is another question actually from a fellow who just returned from England where you are and he says that the chemtrails here in the United States seem to be decreasing but when he was in, around London and out in the countryside recently there were chemtrails all over the the place. What do you, he’s asking what do you see the future of chemtrails worldwide and also in Britain?

SP: Right, he’s absolutely right. Since you got your president they have by and large reduced. You can’t say that they are reduced in every state, but if you from the evidence that I’m getting, people from many states in the U.S. are messaging me and letting me know, they’ve never seen such reductions as we’ve got at the moment. I think that’s broadly because you have a president who is not part of the Cabal. You have a president who doesn’t go around and attend private conversations, therefore they are finding it harder to find money. They’re finding it harder to operate, and they don’t want to do things that bring on attention and he will do something about it privately.

TM:. Right.

SP: So I agree that in the United States of America, there is a significant reduction. It’s not stopping, but it’s reducing. In the United Kingdom we have present leader who is part of the control system, so yeah they’re still going on. Any country that has loads of chemtrails it’s because your leaders are not effective in doing anything to stop it.

TM: I see.

SP: [26:33][unintelligible].

TM: I see, okay, all right. Well I have a lot of people listening in England now and that was an interesting question he asked. I have another question by Jay. I’m not sure where Jay is, but he writes recently there’s been several features on television about driverless or autonomous cars. It’s been suggested that if used wisely they could increase safety et cetera. But taking driver control out of the hands of the individual seems ominous to me. Moreover one source mentioned that 5G technology is needed to run the network of driverless cars. Can Simon please comment on why driverless cars are being promoted and whether this may be one of the reasons for the push to introduce 5G technology.

SP: Well when these driverless cars were being tested, originally they were not working because they weren’t using enough cameras in the cars. If you were on a negotiating bend because of the way they originally, the cameras were mounted, they were not getting the depth of perception, therefore there were some serious crashes. What they did to overcome that was to place more cameras in. Over the last twenty-five years, whether it be the metro or driverless cars, or anything else really, you’ve seen a push to removing the human operator from the machinery. Now the argument was given was its cost-effectiveness. I don’t believe that is the driving force. I think it’s part of a plan to force people to accept automation. I think it’s part of a plan to say that the robot is more trustworthy than the person. Now that flies in the face of humanity because, and, you know, you don’t have an airplane that goes up in the air and flies all the time. You have auto pilot but that is when you are up off the ground and you are flying on a straight course. To take landing, there isn’t an airplane in the world that carries civilian passengers to my knowledge that would have automation taking off and landing and they would have to insure that there was a pilot on board. So the question is what is insurance on these cars without a driver, that don’t require a person to drive them. What is the insurance? If they have an accident how do you say whose fault it was because it was a computer fault. You know it’s just nonsense. I honestly believe that technology should be there to make our lives easier. I do not believe technology is there to do away with us, but unless we are very careful these technologies will be used as an argument to do away with people except at the very highest level and that’s something we need to make sure never happens.

TM: I have to share this with you. I mentioned it before I think a couple of months ago but I think it’s worth saying again Simon. When I was in Peru visiting Cusco and Machu Picchu in January and February of this year and I was leaving Lima airport to come back to the United States, they had this huge billboard, it must have been, my goodness thirty feet long by twenty feet wide. It was a large rectangle about Huawei, I think it was a cell company out of China and they were saying this is the future, in other words a borg-like entity that wasn’t a man who wasn’t really fully human and he wasn’t fully machine. It was this mix between machine and human and he was holding up this cellphone where the guy was half machine and half human. I don’t think that’s our future but that’s...

SP: No Ted it’s not going to be and I would compliment the advertising company for doing us a great favor because nobody in their right mind would look at a half human and half robot device selling them a cellphone and say I want to be like that, so I would expect their sale of cellphones dropped dramatically. Part of the question was about 5G. It’s not necessary to have 5G to control these vehicles. 5G is not that sort of carrier wave. It is for communications. It’s not for something like a standalone vehicle so the 5G won’t be used, it won’t be piggybacking signals to motorcar. 5G is something completely different.

TM: One thing I will share this with you Simon is that one thing that David Icke told me when I visited him on The Isle of Wight in May was that the Reptilians have had China as a playground for them ever since the West isolated them after World War II and now they have greatly influenced the way the Chinese government is and it’s been kinda of like their playground and so you get, it’s no accident I don’t think that this company is from China and they are promoting the benefits of AI and a machine-like human, that interface, that’s not human, that’s not fully machine either but this half human–half AI entity.

SP: I’ve got the highest regard for David Icke. I’ve never met him. I was so pleased you were able to get some time to meet him. I have never met him. There is a reason why dragons are so strongly represented in Chinese or Japanese culture, certainly with the Chinese. There is a strong Reptilian-type history to China that goes back a very long time. So yes that is one of the other reasons that China sees itself as separate from every other country on the planet and why the thinking in China is that they want to dominate economically every other country, so if I was a, I’m not, but if I was a Reptilian more specifically in China, I would say well we’ll try and dominate the world through these people. In other words they will use these people as our puppets to get what we couldn’t get ourselves. That’s part of the plan and it’s another reason why President Trump is trying to put trade barriers on China, to make it harder for them to get money in, because a lot of that money is being siphoned off and used for other things.

TM: Interesting, I was at a UFO fest. I missed your presentation at the fest. I got up late that morning. I’m so sorry Simon. I know you gave a Skype breakfast to everyone there, but I ran into Kerry Cassidy and she was giving a presentation where there was a fellow named, I believe his name was Eddie Page who he says was part Pleiadean. Are you familiar with him and his work?

SP: Yeah a little bit.

TM: A little bit, okay well he was saying that he saw the Chinese invading the U.S. by 2028, but I don’t see that happening. I think the timelines have changed and we’re entering into a period of peace now.

SP: The problem I have with that is a very physical problem is that unless you’ve got a huge portal you don’t, from a physical point of view, you don’t see how you would, you think about D-Day when American, British, Canadian and Australian troops landed on France to liberate Europe from the Nazis, it’s the biggest armada in history. I don’t know how many hundreds of ships and boats and airplanes there were, that would be detected. If you are going to invade a country, China is a long way away from the U.S. You’d have to get a huge flotilla of ships and the Americans would spot that before they even left port, so the only way you would work is if you had some form of technology that allowed you to open a portal and literally deliver hundreds of thousands of troops, so I don’t think that’s going to happen.

TM: No. Yeah, thank you for saying that. Yeah I tend to dismiss… I don’t pay attention to doom and gloom anymore because I know the timelines have changed. Here’s another question. It just came in. Carolyn in Olympia, Washington writes she wants us to say some water prayers for what’s happening in Florida and your take on the release of green algae into the ocean, which is causing red tide and killing off the wildlife.

SP: Yes I’m aware of it. I’m not decided on it because we have such an unusual, not just a weather pattern in terms of winds or hurricanes but across Europe and parts of the States and other places there have been, there’s a very strange heat, which has brought in parts of Britain jellyfishes, in the beaches that have never seen jellyfishes. Suddenly we’ve got jellyfishes arriving on the beaches…

TM: Oh my goodness.

SP: Seaweed that some places have never seen before. This green algae I believe is part of the change in the atmosphere or at least the climate. Now whether that is artificial act, I believe it is artificial in climate alteration that is going on, so I don’t believe that this algae is carrying anything poisonous. I think it is to do with the very strange climatic conditions that are happening since, to be honest, about April and May of this year.

TM: Um-hum that makes sense actually, yeah that makes a lot of sense. We’ve had a phenomenon happening here in California in the United States and also Carolyn mentions about why, well there’s also been fires in Greece too and it looks like and she writes, I haven’t seen the footage but I’ll mention it to you. It looks like vehicles have been zapped by energy weapons, and it’s the same kind of phenomenon happening in California where Simon it’s the craziest thing. You’ll have a so-called forest fire and the authorities say it’s so-called natural and I’ll put quotes around “natural,” but then only the houses are burned or the cars are only, only the cars are melted and then all the vegetation around the houses and cars is intact and then after we had fires like this down in California last year, the local authorities said that people couldn’t go in and rebuilt their homes with insurance money. Instead they wanted them to go to cities like San Francisco or Los Angeles under Agenda 21 and live in these little cubicle apartments. I’d love your take on that.

SP: Yes I have seen the photographs of vehicles in a line completely burned. The official story is that the fires were traveling 50 mph overtook the vehicles. I was immediately suspicious to see lines of vehicles as if they had all been neatly parked in the middle of the road completely burned. I have been made aware that the burning is what I would call uneven. Whether it is, what the person is asking an energy type weapon or whether it’s, I’m going to take us into another realm here. Rather than energy weapon fired from a satellite, take us into another realm now, consciousness that visualizes a dwelling, a building, an apartment, visualizes something and combusts it, but doesn’t visualize just outside of that building, making it a computer connected to a person. So in other words just as a psychic can sit at a table and say to someone standing ten feet away from them, you are holding the Deuce of Clubs and then that person says well how did you know that because I’m not holding the card to you, and they will say well I can just see it. In the same way that person can visualize it, it is possible that very recent technology can do that. Now I’m not saying that’s happened here. I haven’t got the evidence. But I am saying that this uneven burning which your person is right, this was a previous fire last year. There was the same pattern where you’ve got a number of homes in a semi-circle and the grass is untouched and some trees are untouched. Now the moving, the Agenda 21, that’s important we’ll cover that. There is this evil pattern going on to move people away from places where you can be self-sufficient, places where you can escape, places where the system can’t watch you, and put you into the city which is nothing more than a sacrificial environment. So these cheap two up blocks and I’ve seen them I know what they look like, the emergency accommodation which suddenly becomes very permanent. So you get moved to an emergency accommodation, but you find yourself there ten years later, and originally designed for Africa or places of an earthquake, but it’s very interesting that they are being used in the U.S. So I think all of that is incredibly evil.

TM: Well I know I have a lot of listeners in California. For those listening in California and this, if these fires are directed energy beam fires have happened to you and you have lost your home and you go back and you’ve got… many home owners have insurance so they can build another structure, if the local authorities refuse to let you I would just go ahead and do it anyway. Who cares, because if enough people stand up to them they won’t be able to stop everybody from reclaiming their land and building their homes again.

SP: I think it would be very very interesting from a wider perspective to get the local authority to explain why they were refusing. Now if they were saying because it could be burned down again, if it’s a free country and you choose to build your house there, you know, why would the government take charge and say we won’t allow you to build there, so I think it would be very interesting to get the reason behind it.

TM: I will try to do that on a future program.

SP: Thank you Ted.

TM: I will try to do that on a future program. Here’s another question that came in about, you have a post on your website, posted today, or yesterday, August 2nd, Legal & General, a household name in the UK known to millions has…some of its customers have been cheated out of millions of pounds. Then it wrote that it seems that since the banking crisis of 2008 absolutely nothing has been learned and not much has changed in this most greedy of business sectors, and I can give you a couple of comments I have received on that too.

SP: Okay. Well basically what has happened here in Great Britain is that three employees blew the whistle, three employees went to what we have this I think the same as you guys. It’s called the Financial Standards Authority…

TM: Yes.

SP: …and the three employees of the Legal & General some time ago, but the news just broke that someone went and reported that they were very uneasy about what was happening and it’s being investigated so what I wanted to try and get across to people was that after 2008 Lehman disaster we had about two years where all of these financial people just hid themselves and then when they thought it had died down they just went straight back and did what they always did, and that’s what I was trying to get across that they haven’t changed not much has changed, therefore we could have a similar theme tomorrow.

TM: Well I hope, I hope, I hope eventually there will be some serious housecleaning done. I know this happened in my own family Simon, where my grandmother passed away in Canada in Alberta many years ago and her estate was managed by the RBC, the Royal Bank of Canada. It turned out, we discovered some years later, that her estate was worth 1.3 million but the bank itself only probated 39,000 dollars and they kept the rest illegally, so the police actually have been investigating it for quite some time and I think eventually there will be some arrests made because I think this is a time of truth but yeah they kept it hid all these years.

SP: You see what that shows is just take away the shock element of it, just take that away and let the audience just think about this. Somebody in a bank was so confident that they could break the law like this and get away with it. Now you only do that I guess, you only do that when it’s your fiftieth time, your hundredth time, your thousandth time. You’ve done it so many times you don’t think about it, so rather than get shocked let’s think about it that this particular, whoever it was, was so used to doing it, and that’s what’s so shocking, that organizations that we think are there to help us and support us are actually just there to rip us off.

TM: Right, right. This happened back some years ago when I think people trusted institutions more, but the bank itself, I’ve asked them about it and all they’ve done is stall me. They refuse to give me any information but I think eventually justice will be done, so like…

SP: Well it has to be done because then that’s illegal I think in your country, I know it’s Canada but it must be a felony, surely.

TM: Oh yeah.

SP: That amount of money is a felony isn’t it?

TM: Oh yeah, absolutely, absolutely.

SP: So the reason it’s taking so long is because somebody’s being protected by somebody very high up.

TM: Right.

SP: You know if two dudes go in to a bank with a gun and they steal a million pounds, they’re very quickly caught and locked away because there was nobody protecting them. There was nobody, you know, high up in government or wherever looking after them. Banks have those connections at the very highest level and they slow down police investigations, absolutely.

TM: Well it’s been a challenge. We’ll have to talk off air about it sometime.

SP: Sure.

TM: You have another post on your website on July 28th and I want to run this by you because it’s really fascinating where you had just seen an interview where Buzz Aldrin at a space convention was asked by an eight-year-old girl, Simon, and the little girl says why has no one been to the moon in such a long time, and Buzz replied, “We didn’t go there.”

SP: Yes, I was sent that. I didn’t say it was, you know, either genuine or fake or what have you, but I put it up because it opens the debate. It opens the debate up about why (a) humans have not been back to the moon. It wasn’t a case of money or technology, surely things have moved on since 1969.

TM: Right.

SP: [Why] we didn’t go back, I mean one of the things we were told about was might be rare metals on the moon and resources, you know, build living quarters out there, and we could mine for this and mine for that. So that, after all that, why didn’t that happen? And then there is the other very interesting possibility that in 1969 people did not go to the moon in the way that we were told. I will just quickly say that, you know, and I have talked about this before so forgive me if I’m repeating myself but maybe you people haven’t heard it. In 1969 there were only two radio telescopes in this world that could detect anything landing on the moon. One was in your country, the U.S., and guess what, the other one was in my country, Great Britain and ours was called Jodrell Bank. That’s the name of the radio telescope, Jodrell Bank, the only two telescopes you could verify if something had gone from the Earth to the Moon and back again. And it was a fact that the National Security Agency got the clearance, came in and sent all of the British employees home, all the technical staff home and the National Security Agency basically sat and manned Jodrell Bank during the period of the moonshot.

TM: Ah interesting.

SP: And then when the [48:48][unintelligible] the NSA went and the Brits came back in again. Now why would you want to do that? Well I guess you would do it because you wouldn’t want anybody saying that something didn’t quite make it as far as the moon.

TM: Fascinating.

SP: So regardless of whether the Buzz Aldrin one is real or half a fake or what have you, I put it on there because this is a debate that still needs to be had.

TM: Absolutely, absolutely. Yeah, absolutely, Simon. Well we’ve got about five minutes left, Simon, six minutes and I wanted to ask you, I wanted to ask you what do you, some more interesting things or things that you see happening this month, or this summer or this year.

SP: That would be about America hadn’t it?

TM: No, not necessarily, it can be anywhere.

SP: I think it should be, I think it should be.

TM: Okay.

SP: Okay, well this is the vacation period, you know you’ve got your supreme judge getting into position, the president of the United States came and visited the queen of England and kept her waiting, was late for his appointment deliberately not by much but he was deliberately late.

TM: Oh interesting.

SP: Because he wanted to show the world that, you know, he wasn’t going to do exactly what he was told. Not disrespectful, not rude at all about the queen, but was a little bit late and there’s a lot of lies going out at the moment but I can tell you that one of the journalists who was present actually saw the queen of England looking at her watch. She was wondering where the president was. Well that’s unheard of, presidents [late for] the queen just unheard of. I just thought that was so funny, so you’ve got a period of calm now in the U.S., and don’t be too stressed about this business with North Korea and you know the bad guys are now saying that North Korea is going to renege on the deal, still building nuclear weapons. Look this is a hardball. Your president is playing a very very very difficult game of cards and it’s a long haul but it will get there. In other words we’re not just going to rollover and say it didn’t go. It’s not going to happen like that. There will be a lot of brinksmanship, but it’s in the North Korean’s interest to come to peace now but it doesn’t mean that they will just get in easily. There will be a lot of hard plays to be had. Your president is very good at that and he has a pattern you know. He really says some bad things about you and then just before he’s going to meet you he says some really nice things about you, and then meets you. Now our leaders are not used to that. They’re use to the script that was written by the same person that writes their script. The person who wrote your script writes his script; we all know what everyone’s going to say and all of our knot ties are in all the right position and the shirt’s nice and ironed and we sit and the chairs have been organized, exactly where the camera, the camera knows where we are going to sit, all orchestrated, like something in Hollywood, not with Mr. Trump. Nobody knows what he’s going to do, where he’s going to sit, and that’s very refreshing and to a certain extent that was the same with President Kennedy. Kennedy used to change his routine and change the way he would do things and he was different so I’m not saying that Trump is Kennedy. What I am saying is that Trump has learned from Kennedy that you’ve got to keep people guessing.

TM: Well that’s incredible. That’s an incredible observation. Here’s a question that just came in. We’ve got a couple of minutes. It is probably the most important question of the day. When will McDonald’s come in North Korea and will they be serving [52:50][centipedes]?

SP: Right that’s a serious question. The serious question is that the Americans have been very careful not to name company. All they’ve said is a hamburger restaurant. I don’t know why you guys call a hamburger joint a restaurant. To me it’s a hamburger bar but I guess that’s the corporate name. To me a hamburger joint is not a restaurant, but never mind, I’m, you know, from Britain and we’re different here. But they haven’t said McDonald’s or Wendy’s or Wimpy’s or whoever, but they’ve just said hamburger. It’s got to be McDonald’s hasn’t it? Let’s be honest.

TM: Yeah.

SP: Yes I think McDonald’s will open in North Korea and so will other interesting North Korean foods come across? I’m sure they will. You know, look when I was a politician, when you get visitors from all over the world and they would come with their national flag with things that are very special to their country and we would do a swap. They would hand us their flag. We would give them our flag. This is exactly what’s happening. Instead of flags you guys are exporting McDonald’s called burgers and you are going to get something back. It’s just politics. That’s all it is.

TM: Sure, sure. I remember this quote. You probably remember the author Simon but “Where goods and services don’t cross, armies will instead,” so I’m glad that North Korea is opening up to the world. Well Simon thanks.

SP: Lovely to speak to you and your audience as it always is.

TM: Thank you so much Simon for coming on today. It’s always a lot of fun to talk to you and I look forward to talking to you again in a couple of weeks.

[end of Simon’s interview, end of 1st hour]

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