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Friday July 6, 2018

Ted interviews Simon from Mount Shasta where UFOs possibly hide in lenticular clouds; chemtrail ramp up is to stop ascension by preventing increasing frequency of sun from reaching Earth; this wavelength of the sun’s light is raising core temperature of all planets in solar system and is natural global warming, nothing to do with humans; new Supreme Court Judge will hopefully free up Trump so he can take legal action against the bad guys; good government structural changes predicted to be coming in next couple of years; are chemtrails hiding the approaching Nibiru, no but government has technology that can hide it; possibility that some chemtrails are being sprayed by Reptilians cloaking their spacecraft to look like ours and in essence are terraforming Earth to make it more Reptilian friendly and less human friendly; Simon comments that this plan was on the drawing board as early as 1895 as witnessed by H.G. Wells The War of the Worlds; showing positive emotions to negative entities could give them another option; is there a California earthquake coming; extreme weather caused by high frequency technology fired into atmosphere will prevent earthquakes as long the activity continues; ways to create harmony on Earth; is ascension progress on target; deliberate immigration invasion of U.S. and child trafficking; President Trump is a figurehead, doesn’t have authority he needs to clean up America; as it stands now planet scheduled to arrive in 5th dimension by 2025; Brexit transition out of EU, easy or not; Merkel almost lost her job because of her immigration policy.


Ted Mahr: Okay wonderful Simon is now on the air. Yeah. Let’s thank the Skype dog and Bill Gates for letting him talk to us today. Simon are you there?

Simon Parkes: Hello Ted, yes, I’m here.

TM: Oh wonderful, it’s so good to talk to you Simon. We had some technical difficulties but it’s wonderful to talk to you again. Anyway for people who don’t know Simon Parkes he’s an amazing man. His family comes from both MI5 and MI6 British Intelligence. He himself has been an English politician and he’s had contact with many different extraterrestrial groups for so many years and he’s a wealth of information but the best thing that I like about Simon is that he’s got a good heart and he wants to help humanity make this world a better place, and with that Simon hi, welcome back to Out of This World Radio.

SP: Hello Ted, well I hear you’re halfway up the mountain.

TM: I am. We’re actually camped at about a 6,500-foot elevation and we’re at the base of the mountain here where the communications are better. We have some reception up in the mountain but as you go higher and higher up the mountain you just kind of lose everything, but we’ve got pretty good reception here today and I’m so glad that we’re able to get through. The Mount Shasta of course is a very spiritual place. Many times when you are driving past the mountain Simon, you see these, suddenly you see these circular clouds appear out of nowhere, and my friends from the Hollow Earth and other psychics tell me that the clouds are actually hiding UFOs, which are flying in and out of the mountain. Some of them are quite large. It’s one of the few places in the planet which does have these interesting-looking clouds and they are called lenticular clouds here, the weathermen have made a reference to them, but they never talk about really what’s inside of the clouds, and for those listening I do have a speaker on here, but it’s not very good reception anyway I hope you can hear me okay Simon.

SP: I can hear you fine Ted, yes once I’ve seen lenticular clouds, huge, huge and I’m absolutely convinced that they are hiding something inside. Mount Shasta of course is one of the few places with a portal that’s not blocked or guarded, so it’s a great place for you guys to be at today.

TM: Wonderful, wonderful, well I hope someday Simon you can come here and you can look at these UFOs flying in and out with all of us here. It’s an amazing place and the thing that I like about it too is that when you are here you can feel your vibrations rise, you know, and it always, the energy is so good around here.

SP: You are taking a group of people aren’t you on a tour. I hope you haven’t lost them Ted.

TM: No, no, no one has disappeared into the Hollow Earth although back in 2016 there was a group of six people from South Korea who did disappear for about eight hours and they did go into the Hollow, they went into Telos and then they took a shuttle bus they tell me to Shambhala and then they had two small children, ages four and six, and the kids got scared of being in a fifth dimensional place and they decided to come back early and they came walking out of the rock afterward their experience and then they, that interview is actually on my website at Out of This World at 1150 dot com, December 2016, but that was an amazing experience. Nowadays, the times that I have been here, it’s getting easier and easier to talk to them and also go into the astral plane and to go right into, and to visit them in a dream state, and I know that several people here might be going in this time as well. We’ll see, we’ve got some days left for some more exploration.

SP: Well that’s really good, well done Ted. How many days are you there for? You are coming back in two or three days?

TM: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Now if you don’t hear from me next Friday and if I’m in the Hollow Earth I will attempt to broadcast from the Hollow Earth. I know they do have spacecraft, advanced spacecraft and if possible what we could do, I know you don’t like flying in planes, would you accept a ride in one of their spacecraft to come here to [16:27][stay? We’d have to ask their cousins] of course. I’m not sure what port we’d land at but I might be able to come over and pick you up if they allow me to do it.

SP: I think Ted it rather depends on who the pilot is.

TM: Sure. Well that’s a good point, yeah, that’s a good point. Well I know that the civilization was started there about 12,500 years ago from the Lemurians who escaped there and they’ve lived there ever since. They’re fifth and sixth dimensional civilizations and you can feel their vibration and their energy around here Simon. It’s always a beautiful place so I’ll send you a postcard.

SP: Thank you Ted. Thank you, Ted I’d love that. Yes it was the refuge for a number of people wasn’t it after the great flood, so after the last deluge of water many different people from many different backgrounds went there and what’s amazing sometimes when I’m talking to my clients I can tell them that they have had past lives in the Hollow Earth and sometimes they’re brought to tears because they have a memory and I say to them things along the lines of, you know, many people took themselves off to the Hollow Earth because they couldn’t face what they’d done in terms of their choice and they couldn’t trust themselves or they couldn’t trust humanity at that time and so they took themselves away from civilization or what was left of it and disappeared for a long time in the Hollow Earth until they realized that they had a role to play. They had to come back onto the surface of the Earth and make sure that the mistakes that were made in the past weren’t made again. So people who come from the Hollow Earth have a burning passion to try and do good on the Earth.

TM: Well that’s, well that’s thank you for filling in those blanks. You know Simon everytime I talk to you on the air I always learn something and all my listeners learn something too. I get, I always get wonderful emails from people who always enjoy your input so thank you so much for sharing that. You had, on your website you had said that, you did a post, I think it was on June 21st that the chemtrails program was being accepted as a last-ditch effort to stop the ascension of the planet. I noticed that here at Mount Shasta on July 4th that we saw several planes spraying chemtrails back and forth across the sky, but believe it or not it is not as bad as it has been in the past. I remember back in October of 2016 I drove past Mount Shasta and there must have been fifty chemtrails in the sky. I mean the sky was so covered with these chemicals that the sky itself turned this strange looking, the colors were like orange, red and yellow, a combination of those three. I mean it would be great. It looked a little bit like one of the drawings of Peter Max in the ’60s but now you don’t, you do see the chemtrails but it’s not quite as intense as it was. One problem with all the chemtrails is that many trees here in the National Forest are dying from exposure to aluminium and of course this violates many different federal, state, and international environmental law but no one seems, the government doesn’t do anything about it. In fact the tests have come out showing the aluminium in the water supply and in the trees as well, as many are dying as the result of that, but I hope that it stops soon.

SP: Yes a couple of weeks back a number of groups across the English-speaking world and perhaps other speaking worlds did a world-wide meditation. The pope was doing a large outdoor mass in Switzerland 41,000 people, and it came to my attention and other people’s attention that where he was holding the mass was very close to the Hadron Collider, the CERN black hole antimatter device, and it also came to my attention that they were going to switch the device on during the time of his religious service, and so I and others organized a world-wide meditation to take place at the same time, but on my website I was talking about the ramp up of chemtrails. What we’ve seen is a two-week lull after that meditation. It’s reduced, hasn’t stopped, but it reduced. I do obviously expect it to pick up again, but human consciousness can bring good to the planet. We can make a difference, and this is the second time now that a world-wide meditation has brought some good that at least I’m aware of, so yes chemtrails at the moment are reduced. They’re not stopped, but they are reduced.

TM: Well let’s if you don’t mind Simon, let’s ask all of my listeners around the world in more than 80 countries to do a world-wide meditation now to stop the chemtrails if you like.

SP: Yes, of course. Anything good we must do.

TM: All right wonderful. I know that when I had Dr. Masaru Emoto on my show on July 25, 2014 we did a world-wide meditation for peace in the Gaza Strip and we meditated for a twelve-hour cease fire so the Israelis and Palestinians could stop fighting and so they could exchange the wounded and food and medical supplies and it worked. We did it at 3:30 p.m. Pacific time, Seattle time, that afternoon and it’s all on my website and you can listen to that interview when we did it and it took about five hours. At 8:30 p.m. CNN broke the news and the BBC broke the news that the Palestinian and Israelis had decided on a spontaneous twelve-hour ceasefire to exchange food and medical supplies for the wounded so it did work, and this can work too. So I’d like everyone around the world wherever you are and listening today to do a prayer meditation to stop these chemtrails immediately and more importantly to send love and light to the pilot of these chemtrails and to the military and private companies which are spraying these chemicals and have them realize what they are doing is absolutely wrong. It’s wrong for the planet. It’s not only hurting people on this planet but it’s hurting their families too, so they are basically committing suicide spraying this stuff in the air and there’s no reason for it, but I’d like to send lots of love and light to the pilots who fly these planes, to the governments which allow it, to the hidden secret security states that encourages this kind of what I would call criminal activity in basically killing our own planet with these chemtrails. I would like to take a minute and lots of love and light to the pilots who fly these planes and to the governments which condone it and allow it and that means that it finally be stopped. Thank you friends. I could feel that love and light going up to the planes and also to the government which allow it and to the hidden security state, which encourages it and to the pilots and their families, and I want them to realize that they are only hurting themselves by participating in such activity. The thing I wanted to ask you, is one of the purposes of the chemtrail program, Simon, to stop the ascension of the planet by blocking the sunlight?

SP: Yes I suppose over the last maybe twenty-five, thirty years the original purpose of chemtrails they have become quite advanced and over that period of time they have used them for a range of actions and the latest one is to prevent the high-frequency light from our star, the sun, which is responsible for our evolution. They are attempting to reduce or reflect back through the aluminum and other metals. That particular wavelength of light, which incidentally has been raising the core temperature of all the planets in our solar system, and particularly obviously the Earth. It’s not global warming in the way that the governments are selling it to us. It’s a natural global warming perhaps just one centigrade at the most is caused by burning fossil fuels. The reality is that this particular wavelength of light is being absorbed by the center of the planet and is being reflected back. That is causing the heat which is part of this ascension process. Now what the misguided elite think is that if they clog the atmosphere and the sky that will reduce this happening. Remember of course Ted that once we all make it through to another dimension there’ll be no control system on us. We won’t need the types of controls that other people think we need at the moment, so it’s their attempt at keeping the status quo

TM: Wow that’s amazing. I suspect that Simon and once again you have filled in a blank that I’ve wondered about. I used to live in Moses Lake, Washington. It’s kind of inbetween Seattle and Spokane, Washington on the West Coast of the United States and we used to see when I was living there Simon planes coming every other day spraying all these chemicals. People were getting sick. The sunsets were beautiful. I mean they were this strange multicolors of red, oranges, and yellow, but people were getting sick all the time and I always wondered when this would, you know, when this would stop. Yeah, thank you so much for sharing that Simon. I have some questions but I wanted to first ask you if you would like to give an update on current events.

SP: Sure, it’s always America because America is so exciting at the moment. Of course I predicted that there would be a change in the Supreme Judge, the Supreme Court and there we got the judge saying that he was going to resign because he wanted to spend more time with his family, which is a very polite way of saying I’ve been told I’ve got to go and this is my reasonable excuse. So, you know, if people will look at my website they’ll see that I predicted that two weeks before he made the announcement, and this is really important because everything has been put on hold while the Supreme Court Judges are sworn in. This means that President Trump will have a majority of one there which means that he then is more free to take legal action because he’ll be able to fight off any rebuttals that come his way. Now there is a real cat and mouse fight developing. I sadly have never been to America but I believe that it is quite difficult at the moment with people quite divisive. In the old days, you know it was you’re either Democrat or Republican. These days it’s you are either pro-Trump or you’re against Trump. That seems to be the way it has [gone] and that’s got to stop, you know, because that is divisive. I have never ever said that President Trump was a great man. I’ve never said that. What I’ve said was he was the right man at the right place at the right time and I still hold true to that. What we’ve got is a battle developing and that’s perhaps a bit strong, but there is a battle developing, not within the FBI, not within the CIA, but within the external organizations or agencies that have a contractual arrangement with the federal government, so there are a number of key players who are fighting, as we say in Great Britain, tooth and nail to stop President Trump from bringing legal actions against them. Now if I look back, I don’t know, five months, six months, the situation with the CIA, the NSA, the NRO is very solidly behind Trump now. The FBI now I would say three-quarters is behind Trump and a quarter against him. When Trump came into office it was the reverse of that. There are a couple of people now who are on the verge of being indicted and are to my understanding, from the information I’ve got, are prepared to, you know, do a plea bargain. So, really exciting time for America, really exciting time. There is going to be some big, big news in the next few weeks and I hope that President Trump has the determination to see it through.

TM: I think he will. I think he will. Two things I wanted to share with you Simon. You said months ago during a radio interview that this year is like, the next nine months is like a woman giving birth with all the revelations coming out and then after that beginning the end of this year there will be many structural changes, good structural changes happening in the United States and elsewhere around for the next two years and it’s going to be really interesting to see how this plays out and again we are far ahead of the curve Simon in predicting these future events. Thank you so much for sharing that.

SP: It’s a pleasure.

TM: Yeah, yeah, always interesting.

SP: Let’s do the questions Ted before the mountain gets too cold.

TM: Okay, all right, well I’m getting a [32:09][bump kin (goosebump?)]. First off to be fair with people I’ll do the first come, first serve. Do you think the chemtrail program is an attempt to hide Nibiru coming in to the planet, to hide that coming in, Simon?

SP: No they have some very, very advanced technology which they will attempt to use to mask Nibiru and the chemtrails are a very primitive technology. That’s very earthbound. It’s basically an aerosol, you know, and if your listeners do a proper search, you’ll find there’s a pattern for it some thirty-five years ago, so the technology there is very, very simple. It’s not a reflective mirror. I can understand how people would think that. It’s not a reflective mirror to hide something like an object coming in, so a reflective mirror aimed at a certain frequency of light. You know, your listeners are pretty clued up and they will know that when the bay of pigs was taking place in the early 1960s and thereafter President Kennedy who didn’t authorize an attack against Fidel Castro but did authorize some sort of spying operation. The word we have is Project Blue Beam. Right back in the early ’60s there was a device that the U.S. had, which could project a fake image into the sky. Well heck, if that was right back in the early ’60s, they’ve certainly got the technology to mask something like Nibiru, so yes it’s a real possibility once they detect that properly they’ll do everything they can to hide it from the public’s view.

TM: Sure and one thing too, and I’m sure you would have a lot to say about this too Simon is that William Tompkins about a year-and-a-half ago before he passed away, he told me in a telephone conversation that many of the aircraft actually are Reptilian spraying the planet with chemicals to terraform the planet to make it more friendly to the Reptilians and less friendly to humans. That was an interesting comment. He said that they used cloaking technology to make their spacecraft which was spraying chemtrails look like regular aircraft but they’re not.

SP: Well here’s what’s really interesting and backs that up. In 1895 a British author called H.G. Wells wrote a science fiction book called The War of the Worlds and in that book the aliens were spraying a black smoke over the cities that they’ve captured and when this black smoke drifted to the ground and turned to ash, then a red weed grew up and started to colonize the planet so it looked like Mars, so here we have in 1895 seemingly somebody stumbling upon the fact that they, we call it terraforming. They were trying in this book to turn this Earth into a habitable planet for aliens from Mars. Now it’s not funny because when you look into it, H.G. Wells was a member of the Illuminati. He was a leading figure, and so right back in 1895 they already had inside information. They didn’t have the technology to put it into place so what do you do, you write a book. You don’t have the technology but you write about it and you dress it all up as a science fiction story. So the stuff that is taking place under our noses today has been on the drawing board sometimes for over a hundred years.

TM: That’s amazing Simon and a very profound insight. Thank you so much for sharing that. We have a bunch of questions that have come in and I’ll [do] first come first serve. This is regarding Dr. Masaru Emoto. Dr. Masaru Emoto of course did the water research, researched water crystals used to say that those entities that entities, the negative entities need the love and gratitude most. In other words those entities need the love the most. Do you agree and why?

SP: Right. Fear and hatred are two energies that negative creatures can live off. Light, love, truth, happiness, joy are very high vibrational energies that low identity beings can’t manipulate. Now if you send joy and love and light to something you are forcing them to make a choice. You are showing them another way of living and when sometimes you get the hand in the face then you respond to it, so if you respond in a negative way you reinforce the trap you’re in. If you project hope and love then you are asking your oppressor to join you and break free together. Because the truth is Ted that the oppressor is as much a victim of the trickery as the victim is or herself.

TM: Ah, good point, good point. We just asked someone if you could repeat that please. Simon are you there?

SP: Yes I didn’t hear you. You broke up a little bit Ted.

TM: Okay, sorry my friend, if you could repeat that please because I think that’s very profound.

SP: Okay, I can hardly hear you Ted. Are you gone around the other side of Mount Shasta?

TM: No, no, no I haven’t. No I haven’t. I’m still here.

SP: Okay, can you hear me okay, that’s important.

TM: Yeah I can hear you just fine Simon, just fine.

SP: Oh, okay.

TM: If you could repeat what you just said because it’s very profound.

SP: All right, okay. The question was asking what’s the use or what’s the point or is it okay to send love and light to a negative entity and how would that help. And my response in a nutshell is if you respond in an angry, hateful way you are just reinforcing the status quo because that negative entity expects that from you. A negative person expects anger, hatred, fear and when you project something completely different you are showing them the way out. You are actually showing them this is how it should be. And if you do that you might help simply because the oppressor is as much a victim of the system as the victim is or herself because the oppressor knows no different, and it’s much better to free people and get them on your side than to keep having to have a war and fight them.

TM: Well, Simon thank you so much for sharing that. I hope the love and light we sent earlier to the pilots and the government who condone and promote the chemtrails spraying will help them free themselves from obviously their own shackles and their own tools and mechanisms. We have a, I have question here about someone concerned about, asking about whether you see a big earthquake happening sometime soon in Northern California.

SP: There is a possibility. I had given warning running up to the middle of July, up to the middle of this month that there was a low, low percentage chance of that occurring. What we’re seeing, I don’t know what’s happening to you guys but in this country, in Great Britain we have unprecedented weather absolutely unbelievable. The summer that we have now, the last time we had anything like it this was in 1976, and I’ve seen radar images which seem to show some high frequency interference being fired across the atmosphere and emanating in Britain. We have a huge heat wave here. Great Britain is the country of fog, rain, snow so when I tell your listeners that we have nearly 30°C (86°F), that’s the figure. I don’t know what that is in what you guys would calculate on, but it’s very hot here.

TM: Yeah that’s so hot Simon that restaurants can close and restaurants don’t need to cook for example eggs on their stove. They just simply put their eggs in a pan on the sidewalk and cook them so…

SP: You see that’s not… okay well it’s not hot for guys in Florida, but in Great Britain this is really, really something. Now that technology is being used to alter the atmosphere. It is not being used to subconduct material under the Earth. In other words, these waves are not being fired into the Earth. They’re being fired into the air and while they fire them into the air there will be no earthquakes

TM: Interesting, interesting. I have Michiko Hayashi here who would like to ask you a question if it’s okay, Michiko?

SP: You are breaking up Ted. I can’t hear you I’m afraid.

TM: Okay can you hear me now Simon?

SP: Yeah, you’re just a bit croaky.

TM: Okay, yeah, I haven’t croaked yet but I’m still alive so I hope you can hear me. Michiko Hayashi is with me and she wants to ask you a quick question. Go ahead Michiko.

MH: Hi Simon this is Michiko.

SP: Hello, hello, lovely to see you again, hi.

MH: Lovely to talk to you again, thank you so much for all the work you are doing for this planet Earth. We are here with a group of these wonderful people here at the Mount Shasta and Ted is not going back and forth between fourth dimension and third dimension. I have a question what would you recommend us to do most to bring this Earth a beautiful harmony?

TM: Form groups, form groups. Find people that share similar views, whether it’s on the internet or whether you physically meet up, join groups, form support groups, form networks, places where you can share your stories and your interesting experiences, and your values you know, help each other. That is the way you are working as a community level, a group level rather than keep it all to yourself and sit at home.

MH: Thank you, wonderful, thank you so much. We’ll do that.

TM: Brian I’d like to introduce you to a new friend of mine or sorry, Simon I’d like to introduce you to a new friend of mine named Brian. He’s a big fan of yours. He has listened to you for many years and as a result of one of my interviews with you with me, he flew all the way from Kosovo in the Balkans to here, brought him and his family to Mount Shasta and I think he just wanted to say hi and ask you a question.

Brian: Well thank you Ted. Yes, indeed Simon it’s a privilege to be able to talk to you directly because I think I have been listening to you for four years or more and enjoy very much everything you have to say. I wanted to first of all say thank you. [45:21][unintelligible] Thank you for your service to us all to the planet. It’s great to have an inspiring voice coming from you on that. My only question I guess is what is your projection on the progress we’re making in obtaining the ascension [45:38][unintelligible].

SP: Well first of all that’s very kind of you. Thank you, thank you for listening to me. Thank you for doing your own journey and asking your own questions and finding the truth. That’s great. The progress is okay. It’s behind schedule not greatly so, but we are behind schedule a little bit. We’ve got a nice time period now the next three months we can really push. The negative forces have used up a lot of their reserve energies. They are really hammering away March, April, May, June, of this year and they haven’t yet recovered from their issues. You’ll see a number of governments in Europe going through some changes and that is a sign of the control system weakening, so my answer to you is we’re still on target in the sense that we are moving forward but we’re not moving forward fast enough and therefore everybody who is of a good heart and a good clear mind needs to do that extra effort, do that extra bit and what that extra effort might be is when you just go to the local store you are particularly kind. You’re particularly helpful. When you’re tired, miserable, don’t show that. Try and think how lucky you are to be alive to be alive on this planet, to experience, so you know, we’ve got the battle on now. We’ve got to stick together. We’ve got to believe in this because good will triumph over evil.

Brian: Thank you Simon. Thank you for your response. I just wanted to say if you ever do make it to the United States I strongly recommend that you come to Mount Shasta. I know you’ll like it very, very much and find a lot of people that are [47:48][unintelligible].

SP: Thank you, God bless you.

TM: Simon we have, if you don’t mind we’ve got about six or seven minutes left but because we started a few minutes late would it be okay if we hold you over for five minutes past the hour, if that’s all right?

SP: Yes of course, happy to do that.

TM: Okay, wonderful, wonderful. I was going to ask, I remember in a radio program maybe it was a couple of shows ago when something suddenly happens out of the blue and there’s no logical explanation for it often that’s the work of the Cabal, and I have to ask you, I don’t know if you’ve been following this or not, but we suddenly have all of these immigrants coming up from Central America and Mexico to the U.S. border, thousands and thousands of people and then when they got there, the government separated many of the parents1 from the children and there has been a bit of an uproar about that of course here. What information do you have on that, and it seemed like the entire thing was sort of staged?

SP: What I’ve got to say has not been reported in the established media. I don’t know if anyone else has said this but I’m going to tell you what I know and it, right I’ll just tell you guys and then you can go with the information. President Trump is determined to stamp out child trafficking, and President Trump was informed that a lot of Mexican children and from other South American areas were coming into the United States with no paperwork. There was a very sophisticated collection device from evil people who were rounding up and collecting these kids and then selling them on for horrible purposes. By putting children in cages and prisons that obviously upsets people who look, but what Trump is doing is saying much better these kids in cages than in the hands of evil people who want to hurt them, and what Trump has done is he has put a stop to the trafficking that was coming in from Mexico and from South America of young children and he has put the gangs out of business. That’s entirely what that was about. It was not about preventing parents from having their children. It was literally about stopping the gangs working. Now President Trump isn’t coming out and saying this because he’s got to get his indictments sorted. He’s got a lot of other big fish to fry, but I can tell you that was the thinking behind that operation.

TM: Wow that’s amazing. Thank you so much. Yeah, that’s a good explanation. Well I have a followup question. A member of my group has asked why is Trump allowing pollution of the planet?

SP: Simply because he doesn’t have control over it. It’s shocking for Americans to understand that the president of the United States does not run the United States. The president of the U.S. is a figurehead. That’s all he is, just a figurehead, a figurehead who is told what to do but over time a number of presidents have refused to be pushed around and we know what happens to presidents who become independent. The only reason that President Trump has not been assassinated is because he has marine generals and the army behind him, so although he has the control he is not ordering the chemtrails. He’s not in charge of it. He probably doesn’t even know who’s doing it. He’ll have a good idea, but where does the money come from? Who is in control of these people? That’s the question, so that’s the point and he is the president but he, the president of the United States can raise the taxes with the Houses and Congress and Representatives, and you know, he can send troops to go to war but the control system that is the control system of chemtrails of all the other things is not coming through the White House.

TM: Interesting. Thank you so much for sharing that Simon. Please stay tuned. Simon if you can please hold on we’ll have you on for just a few more minutes…

SP: Okay.

TM: past the hour and thanks to everyone so much for listening today. We will be back on the air in just a few minutes. [end of 1st video 53:04]

[beginning of 2nd video]TM: Hello friends and welcome back to the second hour of Out of This World Radio with your host Ted Mahr and today I’m broadcasting live from Mount Shasta, California. Mount Shasta is one of the most sacred spots on the planet Earth and it’s such a beautiful place I’m so happy to be here. The signal of this interview is being sent, resent by KKNW on 1150 AM out of Bellevue, Washington just outside of Seattle and the purpose of this program is to raise consciousness and make this world a much better and happier place. I know that with everyone’s help we can and will make this Earth a much better place. I wanted to tell everyone I have a spiritual mentoring program where I teach people how to contact their angels and spirit guides and if you would like to get in touch with your spirit guides and angels please call me at 509-750-9793 here in the United States or email me at Out of This World 1150 at gmail dot com ( Also my next Galactic Wisdom Conference will be held in Olympia, Washington from April 12th to the 16th, 2019, and for more information please see our website at triple w dot galactic wisdom conference dot com ( If you register now before November 1st you’ll get the entire conference for just $55.00. We still have Simon with us from England and I wanted to have him on to ask a few more questions. Simon are you there?

SP: Yes, Ted I’m still here.

TM: Oh good, oh good. You mentioned that there was a lull that we were a little bit behind schedule and that one of my previous programs you did see the planet ascending into the 5th dimension by the year 2025. Does that still look on track for that?

SP: Yes. When I talk about behind I’m just talking in a matter of months. I’m not talking a matter of years. I think we have probably lost about the equivalent of three months, that’s all.

TM: Okay, well that’s not bad at all. That’s not bad at all. What kinds of things, we talked about current events do you see happening anywhere in the world over the next, the rest of the summer into the fall?

SP: Well I don’t usually talk about my own country when I’m talking to you Ted, but tonight I will. I think there are some big happenings going to come the way of Great Britain. I think we know that a choice has got to be made whether Great Britain leaves the European Union easily or whether it leaves it with difficulty and that choice has got to be made in the next very short few weeks. Now that will see a very big impact both on the economic markets but also on the political exchanges, so keep your eye open on Great Britain and how it leaves the European Union and there have been issues. You talked about refugees last week. The Chancellor for Germany, Angela Merkel, nearly lost her job. She came within one vote of her own cabinet to get rid of her and then the European Union, this is the Union of Great Britain has voted to leave, the European Union basically threw her a lifeline and helped her, so there are a number of non-American issues, European issues, which nevertheless are worth watching. So Great Britain is the one to watch in the next few weeks.

TM: All right, thank you so much Simon for sharing that. We don’t get a lot of news in our mass media here and it’s always great to get an update on what’s happening internationally. The cartoon channels, the cartoon necklace doesn’t cover everything like that so it’s nice to get an update. I do know that those who are listening in Germany and for Angela Merkel if she’s listening, I have seen signs here in the United States that McDonald’s is hiring, so if she wanted to come here and have a nice job flipping burgers I’m sure somebody would hire her, but maybe not, I’m not sure. Simon it’s always wonderful to talk to you and are there any parting words you’d like to give [4:26][my audience] around the world?

SP: Well no I’m just really really pleased and delighted to have the chance to talk to you guys halfway up the mountain. It is a very special place. It is a place that one day I would like to go visit. Obviously I look forward to you being back in the studio Ted and we can take more questions from the audience. I want to thank Eric for making this possible. That guy is an absolute whiz with the technology, and you know, we’ll get there. This planet will get there Ted. I have no doubt of that.

TM: Absolutely and one of the things I’ll be sending you soon Simon is some nice Lemurian crystals from Mount Shasta. It’s full of love energy and you hold it and you can feel the love vibration in your hand, so anyway that will be with my postcard. I’ll get it out to you next week.

SP: Thanks, okay, well listen have a fantastic time. It sounds like you are really doing it there, and yeah tell us all about it when you get back Ted.

TM: All right, all right, and any parting messages for the Sasquatch? They were at the campsite last night.

SP: All I can say is if you don’t see as many as you’d hoped it’s probably because you didn’t have enough chocolate bars for them.

TM: Well my friend Brian here, we went out to this very special spot and put cinnamon rolls all over and I got the message this morning that they were all gone, so they did like them. You know if you live out in the woods, think of this Simon, if you live out in the woods out here there just aren’t places to get cinnamon rolls, especially the white frosting. Sure you can get bugs, birds, and creatures like that but not cinnamon rolls. It’s a human thing so that’s what they like so. Anyway my friend I hope you have a beautiful and happy day and again thank you so much for coming up Simon.

SP: Pleasure.

TM: Can’t wait to talk to you again in a couple of weeks.

SP: Pleasure, God bless to you. See you, bye.

TM: Thanks Simon, thank you so much. That was Simon Parkes coming to us live tonight from the United Kingdom. He’ll be on. He’s on a regular basis on my show on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of every month and he’s always a fascinating wonderful fellow to talk to.

[end of Simon’s interview 2nd hour 6:40]

Transcribed by GSC July 9, 2018

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1 According to alternative news many of the adults who came in with these children were not their parents, and at least one parent who chose to drive across the border was discovered to be carrying approximately 140 some-odd thousand dollars’ worth of meth (so yes those criminal parents, if they were parents, got separated from the children—my emphasis).

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