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Meeting between U.S. and North Korea takes place with an agreement; Bilderbergers invite Vatican rep to discuss people control issues; unofficial news that some people are being told not to leave U.S. because of possible upcoming indictments; President Trump is not playing ball with European elite, trade war still on; if there are future natural disasters they will probably be localized; control system is breaking down partly due to increased frequency on Earth; mainstream media is beginning to report pedophile arrests; comments on Tommy Robinson aka Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon; was lack of rescue effort of capsized Sewol Ferry a deliberate student sacrifice by a religious cult; suicide or not of Anthony Bourdain; Kennedy family targeted because their goal was to color outside the establishment box; did Hillary Clinton want NY Senate seat badly enough to cause mysterious demise of J.F.K. Junior, many think so; might see a return to spiritual values of Christmas this year; some historical truths won’t come out until people involved have left office.

Ted Mahr: Hello friends, welcome to Out of This World Radio with your host Ted Mahr broadcasting live from the studios of KKNW on 1150 AM here in Bellevue, Washington just outside Seattle in United States. The purpose of this program is to raise consciousness and make this world a much better and happier place and I know that with everyone’s help we can and will make this Earth a better place. I want to thank everyone so much for making Out of This World Radio one of the most popular talk shows in the Seattle area and the fastest growing metaphysical and spiritual radio program in the world with over 200,000 listeners in over 80 countries and as I stepped into the studio today it lit up again and I think it just lit up because we just got Simon, Simon Parkes live from England on the line. We will be going to Simon in just a minute but during the first hour from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. Seattle time I will be interviewing Simon live from England to talk about North Korea and all kinds of other amazing Out of This World topics. He’ll also be taking questions on the air. We have a lot to ask him. To send Simon a question please email me at Out of This World 1150 @ gmail dot com ( and time permitting we’ll be happy, he’ll be happy to answer any questions. During the second hour 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Pacific time I’ll be interviewing a wonderful lady named Kerry Cassidy. Kerry is a documentary film maker and an investigative journalist and a well-known host of Project Camelot. Her YouTube channel has over fifty-eight million viewers worldwide and over one hundred and ninety-six thousand subscribers. She’s an amazing lady and I can’t wait to have her on the second hour.

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Simon Parkes: Hello Ted, I’m doing very well, very nice to be back on, let me just turn my cellphone off, very nice to be on the show and, you know, I always enjoy talking to you and to the listeners and I think it’s wonderful that you’ve got Kerry Cassidy coming on after me.

TM: Yeah she is. She is a wonderful lady and then I enjoy talking to her so much. I did a prerecord last week and we kept, we ran over the time and I said Kerry we’ll just have a couple of shows with you, no problem, [there’s so much of a good thing], so she’s a wonderful lady and you interview with her too don’t you Simon?

SP: Yes she’s over to Great Britain next month and she’s running a conference and she’s asked me and others to speak so I’m going to be speaking at her conference in High Wycombe, Awake and Aware, that’s North London. I’ve done it for about three or four years now so that’s nice and I do a couple of interviews you know when she gets me on her show from time to time. I find Kerry one of the very few researcher interviewers who’s very strict. In other words she doesn’t let people get away with things when she is doing her research interviews. If she hears something that’s obviously wrong she will challenge the person and there are not many like that so I’ve got a high regard for her, and I did actually say to somebody close to Kerry recently, I said to her you know I haven’t actually disagreed with anything that Kerry has said over the last five, six, seven years, and this person sort of thought about it and said actually you’re right and yet we get our information from different sources, so no I've got a lot of respect for her.

TM: Well she’s a wonderful person and she’ll be coming actually to a conference here in the Olympia Yelm Seattle area at the end of July in Yelm, Washington. I’ll be there, it’s called the UFO Fest and we’re probably going to have lunch together when she’s here but I’m looking forward to meeting her Simon in person.

SP: Well please say hello to her for me won’t you.

TM: I will, I sure will Simon.

SP: Thank you.

TM: Yeah she’s a wonderful lady and we went into lots of different areas on the interview. If you can please listen to her next hour.

SP: Oh, great.

TM: Yeah so it’s going to be very interesting to bring her on and I think I’d love to have her back again as a regular guest on the show too, so…. Well Simon it’s been an amazing last couple of weeks hasn’t it. We’ve gotten President Trump and Kim Jong-un have met in Singapore. They signed an agreement and you have a post on your website a dateline Tuesday, June 12 as the doom merchants talked up World War III with North Korea in late 2017 and 2018, but you stayed on the same tune and they must feel kind of funny now or maybe they don’t feel anything, I don’t know. It’s hard to say.

SP: Well I wasn’t the only one but I was one of the very few people right back, it was November of last year. It was past fall. It was approaching Christmas, and the establishment were completely out of the loop. Trump really keeps the established media out of the loop. And of course this is the first time in goodness knows how many years the media don’t know how to handle this. They’ve always before sat down with previous presidents a day or a week before hand and they have agreed not just how they will handle a story but they have been told what the story will be. Now with Trump that’s not the case. He will do everything by Twitter and so the media starts to implode on itself, so the stories that were coming out the backend of last year were literally there was going to be a war. The South and the North were going to fight and China was going to come in and America would be involved and it would be World War III, and that leaps across into the social media, the alternative media and so it was rife with that. So I basically said no that’s not the case. They will sign an agreement. There will be peace and, you know, that was proved right simply because the information that I was getting was accurate. It was not the information that was being generated by all these war mongers. So I’m… it’s the first stage. There are going to be many signings but it’s excellent and, here’s the exciting news, think about all the people in the Satanic element who don’t like President Trump.

TM: Oh yeah.

SP: Well it is likely that President Trump, if this plays out, it’s not a done deal, if it plays out it’s likely that President Trump will be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Now then how’s that going to be with people like Clinton and Obama, all these presidents who sat through one term of office, two terms of nuclear weapons, yet here is this man that three-quarters of the established media attacked who appears to be on the verge of bringing about peace in Korea. Now that’s what’s excellent so there are people now who are beginning to sit up and think well I might not like the man but hey, his policies seem to be working, so that I think is interesting Ted.

TM: Yeah it’s an amazing time. My spirit friends on the other side told me two years ago also and I’m sure that your sources were telling you the same thing Simon years ago, that there wouldn’t be any war with North Korea and that there would be a negotiated peace and the military industrial complex must be pretty foolish right now because they, I think they actually tried to get us into a war with Russia here two the last couple of years but that’s failed as well because we’re not going to war with Russia either, thank goodness.

SP: Yes they wanted that and they wanted a war with Iran. They will want a war with just about anybody. I guess the warehouses are filling up with bombs and there’s no more room so let’s drop a few. Let’s make some space and then we can go and buy some more.

TM: Right.

SP: Let me just talk a little bit about Europe.

TM: Okay.

SP: In Italy we just had the Bilderberger annual conference.

TM: Oh, okay.

SP: The Bilderbergers travel from one country to another. They’ve been in Great Britain. They go around the world. They’ve been in Italy and normally they talk about business, corporations, the presidents and prime ministers and how they can influence those people to further their business interests. What was interesting, people talk about the Mandela effect. I actually thought Henry Kissinger was dead but no he’s not dead. He’s still going strong and he chaired the meeting. I mean that man must be nearly a hundred. If I live to be as old as Henry Kissinger I will have done very well. So Henry Kissinger is alive and kicking and he chaired the Bilderberger meeting. Now what is unusual here is for the first time the Vatican was requested to send a representative. I don’t know the guy’s name. He was a Cardinal and he turned up. Now the reason they wanted the Vatican to be represented, that’s the first time, because bear in mind Bilderberger is a money organization. It is not political, but they are so concerned about their financial position they wanted the Vatican in and one of the topics, I haven’t got the agenda right in front of me so I’ll paraphrase but one of the agenda items was the fact that they are losing control of the world. They are losing control of humanity.

TM: Well my goodness.

SP: They wanted the pope there, not the pope, the pope’s envoy because the Vatican is one of the key pieces of the control network and so it was such a high level that he had to be there representing the pope so that I thought was very interesting. Quickly then moving on a little bit. Your country good U.S. of A. and my country, the old country, Great Britain, politically take a holiday in August. It’s tradition. Everybody goes on a holiday. Not this time for you guys, the White House is going to stay open, skeleton staff, but they are going to work through the holiday period because they are going to swear in the federal judges, the high court judges.

TM: How interesting.

SP: And President Trump has insisted that they don’t delay it so that they don’t have to wait for the holiday period to come over, they’re going to run, the House is going to set, they’re going to run through and make sure that these judges are legally sworn in. Now that’s really important because of the signed indictments. There are over thirty thousand now and they have been waiting for these judges to come in so that again is a very important point. I am hearing and it’s only unofficial, I am hearing that people are just starting to be, are getting a knock on the door so not a formal arrest but a knock on the door, possibly taking away a passport saying you know, you’ve got to stay within five miles of your place of work et cetera, et cetera, so even though my understanding is these indictments are not being opened, there are a number of people who have been told that they are not allowed to leave the U.S. Now that’s unconfirmed but I’m hearing that.

Okay let me quickly move on. President Trump did meet the president of Italy. He also met the president of France well and in a chat, he was asked to support Europe more because the main enemy was China. This is the Italian President basically saying that look the big enemy is China and, you know, would you please be more supportive, we’re talking about the trade war. Now I’ve got two versions. President Trump apparently turned around and said look the Europe, the European Union is more evil than China. The other thing that I have been told is he said that the European Union is worse than China, but in other words President Trump is not going to play ball and is not going to weaken the trade war with Europe because he believes that the people in charge of Europe are pretty negative so he’s doing that, so it’s very exciting at the moment. There seems to be quite a swing back toward the powers of light and love. Okay, it’ll swing either way but at the moment I’m feeling pretty good about things.

TM: Simon in my own life I came here fifty-two thousand years ago and it’s been seven hundred and twenty lifetimes. That’s how long I’ve been waiting for this moment. So it’s been a long time coming and to be more precise actually I also stemmed from Atlantis during the Atlantean times just before that civilization imploded upon itself. I and other light workers way back then twelve thousand five-hundred years ago tried to turn things around but we failed and many of those spirits I’m told Simon are out doing their thing again today, but the difference is that, the big difference, is that many of those spirits back then who made a wrong choice are making right choices now to help humanity ascend and we’re getting help off planet too and I think from the Supreme Being, the creator, God if you will. The vibrations of the planet are rising and this time it’s going to be different. This time we are going to win. It’s going to be a very different, a beautiful outcome because this planet I think is destined to become a far better and happier planet. We don’t need to be fighting. We don’t need to be in misery. It’s destiny this planet, it’s my firm belief Simon that we are meant to live in peace and harmony with each other and create a beautiful happy world. I mean I know that sounds terribly idealistic but that’s the way I am and that’s how I look at the future.

SP: Well look, Hollywood usually ends with the sun setting and the happy couple walking off into the sunset. Why can’t we have the same ending?

TM: Right.

SP: I think the important thing from a practical point of view or a realistic point of view is to say why would anybody go to such a heck of a trouble to build the most complicated planet, the most beautiful planet, create all that just to see it be destroyed. That’s not what happens. You wouldn’t invest so much I’d like to say money because we don’t have that off this planet but so much time and energy into the creation of a human race just for them to either destroy themselves or for someone to come along and destroy them. It doesn’t make sense.

TM: Right.

SP: That’s not going to happen and that’s why I’m quite fervent about this. You know I don’t believe that seventy-five percent of the human race will be wiped out by the mad Illuminati. I don’t believe there will be a tidal wave that will destroy half of America. I don’t believe there will be a nuclear war. I don’t believe there will be an earthquake that destroys half of America. There may well be natural disasters but they will small localized events.

TM: Right.

SP: The one in China wasn’t a local, that was a manmade, I beg your pardon, Japan, that was a manmade event but look how help came in to contain that issue. So what I’m saying to people is as we approach these important months ahead, watch out for more and more people talking about the end of the world. We had it in 2000 and expect to see it again false prophets, false gods, the end of the world and I’m afraid it’s all nonsense. It’s all nonsense and I do agree with you Ted. We’re not idealistic hippies sitting around smoking pot and wishing the world well. We’re actually saying that the facts of the matter are that the cabal who have controlled this planet since the flood and beyond, they’re finished. It’s just a natural running out of time but time allotted to them is naturally running out, and it’s not just our learning journey. It’s their learning journey. They were put in that position of power so they could learn, and now that key phase is about to swap and change over and this is why it is a pretty good time to be here, so I do agree with you Ted. I have no concerns or worries about impending disaster. I just think we are going to have a good time.

TM: I have to tell you a little story. It’s a true story Simon. I used to listen to Art Bell when he was on Coast to Coast many years ago and back in 1999, I mean he was well meaning. He had a good show. Back in 1999 all he could talk about was doom and gloom and how the world would basically end on January 1st, 2000, and so I believed him and so what I did is I ended up buying a house way out in the middle of the forest out in the middle of nowhere, and I had been traveling and I came back from a long trip, and I came back to my place on December 31, 1999 and you know what happened the next morning? I woke up…

SP: The sun came up.

TM: The sun came up, the TV still worked, the radio still worked, the electricity, I put the lights on and I was able to make a hot cup of coffee. Everything was the same and I thought oh my goodness and then all my spirits, and then I had bought several thousand dollars worth of food thinking that Art Bell had talked about the end of the world and food shortages so I ended up giving the food away to food banks and it was a lesson for me and now if people talk about, or when they do Simon, talk about the end of the world, I take it with a big grain of salt so they’re of course welcome to their opinion and I wish them well but I don’t see the end of the world, I really don’t so…

SP: No.

TM: No.

SP: No, we wouldn’t… I do believe in God. I don’t believe in the God of the pulpit, but I do believe in a God and I certainly believe in off planet entities and why would they want to see the destruction of something which is absolutely amazing. They wouldn’t. If they are prepared to fly a hundred trillion, trillion, trillion miles to come and visit us, they certainly would be prepared to intervene and to do things that they needed to keep the holiday resort ticking over, so what I’m saying is that there will be times in the future now where people are going to start talking up the end of the world scenario. That’s going to come. I’m sure of it. We saw it last year. There was a big push to try to talk about revelation, the stars in the sky and there was a, there was a confluence, that’s true. There were a number of stars which did match the pattern but there again you see the satanic element coming out trying to talk about destruction and the end of the world so it’s not going to happen. It really isn’t. There will be problems and then there will be issues but that’s not the pattern and I just want people to understand that there are certain people, I don’t understand why, who have an agenda to destabilize and to talk about death and destruction and they get a kick out of it and I honestly think that’s a waste of their time. They should, you know, be more profitable and, you know, do more good things so I’m happy to be on your radio show Ted because you and I share the same vision, which is based on hard reality. This planet has been here for millions of years and will continue to be here for millions of years.

TM: Right, I agree with you completely Simon. One thing I, this fits in with some other topics but I am gonna to run it by you very briefly and I’ve been told this too as the vibrations of this planet go higher and higher and you said the cabal is finished and their time is running out, the time is running out isn’t it also for the Reptilians and the other negative extraterrestrials who have been here manipulating human behavior.

SP: Yes and they know it. That’s the problem because they know it but they won’t face it. For people who have never experienced the Reptilians, in other words for people who have never stood, you can’t stress eye to eye, because they’re somewhat taller, but for those who have only ever read about them and read about them from third-hand sources or fourth- or fifth-hand sources that may or may not be accurate, I can tell you that they are fearful, they are actually fearful, they’re fearful of what they cannot see and what they cannot control. There are beings who evolve to a point where they fear what they cannot manipulate, so if you are looking into the future and they can do that to a certain extent and they foresee a time in a world that doesn’t need them, doesn’t need them in the guise or the position that they are now and the only way that it will need them is if they change to something different than they are at the moment and it’s that inability to make the leap of faith to make that change and that’s what holding them up. And so unless they make that change they will become prisoners within a dimension well within a dimension within a dimension, a subdimension of the fourth and it will be very hard for them to get out of that so with those people now hunkering down battening down the hatches, the human elite are not getting the instructions from on high that they’ve always done and so they’re becoming a loose cannon as we say in Britain. They’re running around without instructions doing their own thing. This is the breakdown of the control system and that’s what we are seeing. So there is no chance of any negative off planet alien evolving unless they are prepared to make that change.

TM: Interesting, interesting, well we’ve talked about this before but, you know, my conversations I have I know lots of psychics and I get lots of information all the time Simon, and one of the bits of information I got recently was discussing the attacks on the Emoto office in Tokyo, and as it turns out two independent sources told me the same thing that the attacks actually come from several AI Reptilians in China, but it makes sense they don’t want the vibrations of the planet to go higher but as the vibrations go higher they have nowhere to go and they’ll have to leave eventually. I remember you said by the end of 2019…

SP: Yes.

TM: …that the vibrations will go much higher and…

SP: Yes.

TM: And I looked at actually in that vein the Chinese government becoming far more democratic than it is now and those negative, once the negative elements are gone or removed I see a democracy, a true democracy actually developing in China which would be very nice for the Chinese people.

SP: I think we’ve got some proof of that. North Korea would have never come to the debating table unless China had said to them, which they did last November, we’re not going to bankroll you anymore, so the moment that China said to North Korea you’re on your own that was the moment that North Korea had to do a deal with President Trump. Now the fact that China did that shows me that China is changing its whole stance. Yes the Chinese want to be economically number one, but they also realize in order to do so they’ve got to engage in a different way than they have now, so that is a step toward democracy.

TM: Uh huh absolutely and I think we’ll see more of those positive changes happening as well. I want to tell you that news of these arrests that you mentioned earlier is coming out a little bit here in the media. I’ll read you, this is from Charley in Lakewood, Washington; he sent me this yesterday. This is from mainstream NBC of a new station here in Seattle and it’s actually from that and also James Gilliland, this is his newsletter. I’ll read just parts of it, “Quote…

SP: [29:39][unintelligible]

TM: This is from, yeah this is from a mainstream source authorities, quote “Say 47 people in Washington state were arrested as part of a nationwide operation to identify those who produce, trade, and view online images and videos of children being sexually assaulted.” The Seattle Times, which is another mainstream paper here in Seattle reports more than 2,300 people were arrested across the country as part of an operation called operation Broken Heart the Department of Justice announced Tuesday. It’s a three-month of operation ending in May and there’s more to come so this is, it’s coming out a little bit now in the media. If you pay attention you can see it. You can get the news here, so…

SP: That’s excellent.

TM: Yeah.

SP: That’s excellent, that’s actually, it’s interesting because I hadn’t heard that from that source. I had heard it from a separate source and so that is actually corroborating that says that that’s definitely happening.

TM: Okay, I will send you the links, the latest links.

SP: That would be very helpful.

TM: Sure I’ll be happy to send that too, but that’s coming out. There was actually on mainstream, on the mainstream television station, I can’t remember which, I think it was FOX News two days ago here at Seattle they had like one of these little streamers at the bottom of the television screen that said that thousands had been arrested across the country for sex crimes against children, and my friend said he saw it. It was there and then it disappeared, and then the next day it was there again so it’s coming out finally and…

SP: What’s interesting is that many of these charges will be of a lesser nature in terms of what they are putting across. There’s a politics here going on but it’s expected that a lot of these people will be able to come up with other names and so they can work their way back through it, so what’s being got is not the top players. What I want to tell the listeners is what’s been taken out is the grass roots organizers, the troops on the ground, the people who do all the dirty dealing in the motel rooms on the ground floor. These are the ones who are being hit so the operation has been taken out and it has been taken out from the ground upward. That’s deliberate to put pressure as it goes up the chain of command, so it puts pressure on the people to, you know, break ranks and, you know, turn evidence. That’s very, very interesting. Thank you for sharing that with me Ted.

TM: Yeah and as I get more, as more stories come out here Simon I’ll be happy to send you the links and things that you are not aware of there. I’ll be happy to do that. We’ve had a bunch of questions. First off I’d like to go, is it okay to give you some questions now.

SP: Yeah, oh yes please, I like your questions Ted, your audience is great.

TM: Okay thank you so much. This is from Karen in Redding, California. She writes, I won’t read the whole thing. It’s a long email but I will read the pertinent parts. Hello Ted. It is so wonderful to have Simon, you and your radio show in my life. And then she writes, I’m not familiar with this but maybe you know something Simon. Could you please ask Simon about the activist Tommy Robinson and the movement against extremism to silence free speech under the guise of racism.

SP: Right.

TM: I don’t know.

SP: Yeah, I’m happy to talk about it.

TM: Okay, yeah go ahead please.

SP: Well I just did my little podcast today just before this show and I actually did have to address it on my podcast because it’s quite a point. Okay, there’s an awful lot in the media and there are some people who should know better standing up for this guy. They are saying that Tommy Robinson is a hero, that he has been arrested which he has by the system and he was trying to expose pedophilia et cetera, et cetera. Right Tommy Robinson is not his real name. He was actually born Stephen [Christopher] Yaxley-Lennon. He has four or five other aliases and the real truth here is that a Muslim supposedly I don’t quite know the ins and outs here, but a Muslim gang was into child trafficking and what this Tommy Robinson or really Stephen Yaxley-Lennon did was while the court was in session he stood on the steps of the court and tried to interview witnesses as they were going in to testify. Now it doesn’t matter whether you are in Great Britain or America that’s illegal because a whole court case can collapse if one of the guys who is going to give a witness statement in front of a court starts talking outside. The reason that this guy, Tommy Robinson, was put in prison for twelve months was because he tried to interview witnesses outside the court and in fact actually he came into the court building and started to talk to these people as they were waiting to be called in to see the judge. That is why he went to prison. Now there may be people, there may be people out there Ted who say well look he was trying to uncover pedophilia so we’re happy with that. What I’m going to tell you, you can’t be happy with. In 2005, actually it was the 18th of April 2005 members of the public called the police because Tommy Robinson was punching and kicking his girlfriend viciously.

TM: Oh my goodness.

SP: His girlfriend, his girlfriend was actually called Jenna, Jenna Vowles, V – O – W – L – E - S. The first police officer on the scene tried to get between Tommy Robinson and Jenna and he was punched and kicked, so they eventually they arrested Tommy Robinson who did twelve months in prison, this is separate to… this is back in 2005. He was sent to jail, prison rather for twelve months for violently beating on this girlfriend and a further three months for attacking a police officer. So whether you think Tommy Robinson, I don’t mean you Ted, I am talking to the audience, whether you think he was right to do what he did in front of the court that’s up to you but you cannot think it’s right for him to attack his girlfriend physically to punch and kick her, so I sent a message to all of my coordinators in Connecting Consciousness saying that we were not going to be associated with a campaign for Tommy Robinson. As far as we are concerned he is in prison for a very good reason and we don’t condone violence against women and as a result that, the other thing is that Tommy Robinson was a member of the British National Party which is a far right extremist party. He formed the EDL, the English Defence League, which is also a far right political party. He is well known to the British police and he’s well known to the police in Europe because he was one of those Football Hooligans at Luton Town, so I hope that answers the question and it really and truly anybody who is standing up for him hasn’t read the facts and it’s all on public record, it’s all there and people should shut up before they make real fools of themselves. You don’t align yourself with a man who beats a woman in public, thank you.

TM: Sure, sure, okay, all right thank you for explaining that.

SP: Pleasure, a pleasure.

TM: Simon I didn’t know anything about it. Here is a question from Eddie in Beijing, China and he writes…

SP: Oh right.

TM: Yeah he’s in Beijing, a good man. Hi Simon, I’ve been following your shows for years. Much gratitude for your efforts to free humanity. My question, in South Korea many parents of the over three hundred students who went down with the ship now believe the Korean government deliberately sacrificed the students. There was no rescue effort for 72 hours yet the Korean media and government lied about using all the resources to save lives. Many links were found about a religion called [38:18[A cet tra]1. What can you tell us about that tragedy?

SP: I tried to dig into this myself. It seemed to me that there was not a very good rescue effort and that’s what originally attracted my attention. I tried to get a list of who was on the boat but couldn’t get a list. I don’t speak the language I’m afraid. I’m English speaking so it was very hard. My understanding was that there were a number of key individuals on that boat who had set up some form of organization, set up some sort of group. I don’t know much about it but set up a group and it may have been that the teachings of this group were seen as very, very anti the present government in Korea and there is a suspicion therefore that something occurred. I haven’t got anymore information and I haven’t checked it with any of my other sources because it’s a localized event.

TM: Sure.

SP: That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t matter but it’s not worldwide shattering but it’s obviously shattering for friends and family of the situation there, but my understanding was that there was a group of people who had formed some sort of organization that the government of the day felt was threatening and therefore there’s something gone on. That’s all I know but it may well be that that means something to Eddie. He may think right, okay, Simon’s about right on that.

TM: Sure, sure, okay. Thanks for explaining that Simon. We have another, this is recent something happened. I believe it was last week or week before, Anthony Bourdain, he’s quite well-known here in the United States, he does a lot of travel programs. The police said that they found him at his home and apparently committed suicide, but his mom is now coming out saying that her son would have never committed suicide. He had a good life and there are allegations that the Clintons may have had something to do with his recent death. I don’t know what the truth is, but…

SP: Right, I’m also sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt you Ted.

TM: That’s okay.

SP: I have also been looking into this one.

TM: Okay.

SP: People are being very guarded over this. It is very hard to get information out. What I can tell you is that he, it may not be right to say he stumbled upon a piece of information, but let’s just use that. He stumbled upon a piece of information which was dynamite and I don’t know whether he was going to go further with that or whether he was going to sit on it, but my understanding was that unintentionally through part of his travels to who he was talking to, he was given some information which compromised some of the highest people in the land, so make of that what you will.

TM: Okay, all right, that explains it. Recently there was the fifty year anniversary of the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy. He probably would have become president. He won the California primary in June of 1968 and his son R.F.K. Junior said that he thought that Sirhan Sirhan, he visited him recently in prison, and thought he didn’t do it, and what’s interesting, I did some research on this at the prompting of my spirit friends and I talked to Robert F. Kennedy on the other side. Part of what he told me is in my book, Messages from the Masters, and he said, he told me that Sirhan Sirhan was mind controlled and that he did fire. Sirhan Sirhan, he was given a code word by a lady in a pink polka-dotted dress which caused him to start firing but Sirhan Sirhan was in front of Robert F. Kennedy, Senator Kennedy and the real bullet that killed was from the back of the neck which was fired according to Senator Kennedy from a CIA agent which had been hired the day before to provide security. He just walked up, calmly shot him in the back of the neck, left, and the guy has lived in the Philippines ever since under a government pension. That’s what I’ve heard. That’s what I’ve been told so I would be interested in your comments. What do you think?

SP: Right, the tragedy that seemed to follow that family, I know for a fact that British Intelligence, it’s funny obviously the main murder but British Intelligence spilled more ink and debate over the situation at Chappaquiddick Bridge than over anything else. Now that was the incident that I don’t fully understand why the British Intelligence were not involved in it, but they seemed to want to be involved in it, after the event. They wanted to get all the information out of it. They felt that there was something that wasn’t available, wasn’t coming forward and if you look at what’s happened around that family I think that what we can say is when a very special family incarnate on the planet with one intention and one intention only which is to take humanity by the scruff of the neck, give it a good shake and say right this is how we should do it. This is how we are going to do this. This is the right way to do it. You know, you need to wake up because you have been tricked and lied to. When that happens the system can do two things. It can either say yep okay we’ve had a good old time; you take over now or they can say we’re not accepting that and of course the system said we’re not accepting it and so you would either try and take out or control that family. That’s what happened there. Don’t just think of one person, the whole family to a certain extent came here to try to make change. Now some of them didn’t follow through. Some of them sort of went off the path a little bit but all of that family were a threat to the status quo.

TM: Sure.

SP: And that’s really what’s going on so don’t be surprised with anything around that family you know, they were really targeted.

TM: Yeah, it’s been one thing after the other for the Kennedy family and it’s been tragic even with, I know that there was a son of John F. Kennedy who died in a mysterious plane crash here a couple of years ago.

SP: Yeah.

TM: And the stories that I had been told is that he had been thinking of running as a U.S. Senator for the state of New York which is the same position that Hillary Clinton wanted to run for.

SP: Yes.

TM: Then he dies in this, I’m not making any accusations…

SP: Yes.

TM: …but then he died in this mysterious plane crash and then she runs for the Senate and wins the New York, wins the Senate seat in New York, so…

SP: Ted, Ted what generally happens is that, your audience may not be fully aware of it, but what tends to happen is that a potential Senator or Congressman decides or gets invited to run for a place, a seat and when that’s incompatible with decisions that have already been made in a very private place, they will always come to that person first and ask them to reconsider and they will make some sort of offer. It could be money, it could be, you know, next year we’ll do this for you or blah, blah, blah, et cetera et cetera. I understand in his case that he was made an offer and he declined it, so I know for a fact that these people once they’ve made the offer they say well we gave them every chance. We made them an offer, good offer, they haven’t taken it so what do they expect.

TM: An offer of what, of money or other positions if he doesn’t run, is that…

SP: Yes absolutely, absolutely, well what tends to happen is that most of these big players, established have a trust fund or they have a charity or something like that and so what they would tend to do is to say we’ll make a donation to your fund or, you know, we’ll do something like that. Rather than give the person money themselves nine times out of ten they don’t need money themselves, but the other one they do quite often is well look you know the president, would want you to be his special envoy to X, Y, or Z or the president is needing this or that, and you know we will put you forward and it’s like, what do we say in Great Britain, jam tomorrow, so you do what we tell you now and then you’ll get your rewards tomorrow. Well some people aren’t prepared to wait and they’ll say no I don’t trust you. I don’t think you will do that. I want to do this and then the elite say well we gave them an offer. They didn’t take it so this is what happens to those people who turn us down.

TM: I see so it’s a warning to others in other words.

SP: Yes, I mean when the mafia do exactly the same thing, what they’ll look at something and they’ll say is there more value in dropping someone into the sea and the effect it has on everyone else or do the damage that we do to that individual in terms of what we lose is too great and often they’ll actually target somebody and do what they do because it brings everyone else into line.

TM: Oh I see.

SP: So that’s the thinking they often have. They’ll think well look, we’ve lost someone who could have been very handy to us, very helpful, senior government official who in the next twenty, thirty years could be very very helpful to us but we get rid of him because there are ten other people who we are working with and they are at various stages of development and over the next ten or twenty years they’ll reach up to high positions, so if we make an example of this person now it keeps the other ten or twenty people in line, and that’s often the way they think about things.

TM: I see, interesting, wow that’s amazing. That’s… well thank you so much Simon for sharing that.

SP: Sure.

TM: That’s a perspective that…

SP: Well I’m sorry it’s not a nice thing to share with you but that’s the way it is.

TM: Right, right.

SP: But Ted when we come to end our show we always end on a good note anyway so we get the bad stuff over with now, okay?

TM: Okay, we’ve over, that’s right, that’s right. Tell us something good coming up for humanity.

SP: I think that this will be a very special Christmas actually. I think this will be a very interesting Christmas, The last ten, fifteen, possibly twenty years, let’s all be honest ladies and gentlemen, most of us have just gone through the motions at Christmas. We’re losing that enthusiasm, we’re losing that excitement and what do we say, we say Christmas is for the kids, and we like to stand there and watch the kids open their presents and that’s the fun and enjoyment we get out of it and our hearts drop when we go to the shopping mall and we’ve got to fight our way through people and the glitter and paper and it’s all… I think we are going to have what we call a Renaissance. We are going to go back, I’m not talking about Jesus, what I’m talking about is remembering the spirit of Christmas. If you actually cut away all of the corporational glitter and sparkly paper, Christmas should be a time for loving not just your family but learning to love others. It should be a time for not turning your back on poverty but actually recognizing that you have a role to play in trying to help in whatever way you can, so I’m looking forward to this Christmas because I think there will be more spiritual awakening in people, a rejection of the plastic fake excitement of Christmas and really drilling down to the message of Christmas, which basically is it’s a time to understand that what we are supposed to feel over those magical days the 25th of December and the 26th of December, we should have all the other days of the year so the fact that we are aware of poverty or we feel a bit guilty if we don’t give a few coins to someone who is down and out and we do it because it’s Christmas but it’s perfectly okay not to do it any other time of the year, that’s got to change and people have got to have compassion and caring 365 days of the year, not just because it is Christmas and I think we are going to start seeing this return to humanity.

TM: Well won’t that be wonderful and I think with the rising vibration of the planet Simon that’s going to happen. And you really hit a cord too because so many times I’ve heard people at Christmas here in the United States saying oh I’m glad it’s over with. It’s just for the kids, but they need to incorporate Christmas throughout the year loving and giving and treating each other and humanity with love and respect.

SP: Yes.

TM: Yes, absolutely.

SP: Okay great. Hey I think we’ve got some time for some more questions Ted. Have you got another, can we get another one in quick?

TM: Let me look really fast to see if anything has come in.

SP: A quick easy question maybe?

TM: Yeah. Let me look real quick.

SP: Or are they all long ones?

TM: Here’s one actually on the lines of J.F.K. or R.F.K., the Kennedy family when will the truth come out for the John F. Kennedy assassination? He writes I don’t believe that there was a lone gunman that killed President Kennedy either. I think there was a conspiracy with his assassination as well as his brother as well.

SP: These truths are going to be some of the last to come out simply because there are still people alive who can be traced and [had] involvement in it and it’s like the 9/11 situation. As long as there is a paper trail, as long as there is a connection to people who are still in office they’ll be the last, so it will come out, but it will be one of the last ones, yes.

TM: I know that President Trump was supposed to release all these documents on the Kennedy assassination, what last October, November but the documents he did release many of them were redacted and there really wasn’t much new information in the documents and then he held back the rest of them saying that he would release it later and later now is what six or eight months later, so I don’t know it’s hard to tell.

SP: Yes I think, well I know that if you think of the Second World War your country and my country were fighting with other countries as well against Nazi oppression, and the Germans were fighting on a two-front war. They were fighting the Russians in the East and the Allies in the West, and Germany was defeated because it was fighting two enemies at once.

TM: That’s right.

SP: President Trump can’t afford to fight multiple wars. He has decided that he is going to go for child trafficking and the Satanic element. All the other things will come out afterward.

TM: Sure, sure, Simon I’m so sorry my friend we just ran out of time but thank you so much for coming on today my friend. I hope you have a wonderful and happy day. Thank you again so much.

Transcribed by GSC June 23, 2018

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1 Also known as Guwonpa, Evangelical Baptist Church, Salvation Sect.

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